i really hope this is not so bad for you


In the letter: yoongi-hyung! Since I met you! I happen to really like you! Like alot..you know? I was a huge lonely freak but when I met you..I feel like I was no longer lonely.. So here is my letter confession! I really love you hyung! And I hope you’ll accept this bracelet..So it’s like couple bracelet between us!

-Love, jimin!!

P.S I was really nervous while writing this hyung..I hope you dont mind the rushy writings of mine. /(u////u)\


Yoongi on this inside: *internally screaming* 

Yoongi on the outside: S..sure, yea.. that’s cool i guess…

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Do you have any tips for self love? Starting to realize I might have internalized really bad thought processes and trying to undo them.

Hi, sweets! ❤ I hope this isn’t late but I have so many for you.

  • Here is a list of coping exercises I’ve found helpful.
  • Here is a list of self healing rituals and day to day activities, it’s lovely and even comes with cute art!
  • Here is a self love spell I did(also wrote) recently and found to be very helpful.
  • When it comes to intrusive negative thoughts, I like to face them head on. I spent years avoiding them and let them take the blame for my mistakes but now I can see a little more clearly and I realized something that helped.. a mantra I say to myself when I have anxious and irrational thoughts! (Again, I use this for intrusive, unhealthy thoughts.)
    • “Your anxiety is real but it is not rational.”
  • Tea! Drink a cup of tea every day if you enjoy the flavor, differently blends are good for different reasons but it’s a good way to take care of yourself and get antioxidants. Rose, lavender, green tea, or hibiscus are my favorites for self love!
  • Magic! This might be a weird suggestion, I don’t know but honestly doing anything magical is an act of self care to me. It could be as small as lighting a candle for some extra guidance or as a big as a full ritual! Whatever suits you and your practice! ❤️
  • Tarot is something I use pretttttty frequently when it comes to self care. I’d like to say I do it daily but at least a couple times a week I will do a self love reading for myself. It’s usually just a card or two but focuses on positive matters like good things that I have in my life, positive qualities about myself or the day ahead. Just something to make you feel good.

I hope this helped a little! ❤️

Hehe, I drew this for ya!!! I hope ya like it!!! Sorry that it’s bad… *hands you the drawing then runs away quicker than I’ve ever ran before*

Art by @theweirdothatdrawsyay

Response: *0* oooh- I love it!! What are u even saying? It’s not bad, it’s really good! I love the coloring most c’: a really cute style thank you so much for drawing this >w

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I respect the opinions of KuroTsukki shippers and don't show any hate, but I myself cannot seem to understand the ship that well? There doesn't seem to be a lot of interaction between the two and I understand part of it is "fan-service" based, but besides that it's hard to understand? I hope this question doesn't sound bad, I'm just genuinely trying to understand the ship >.<

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I totally get where you’re coming from, but I think I understand the ship! Don’t worry about it, you’re genuinely wanting to learn instead of just badmouthing something, so thank you! I personally didn’t really ship them until I started reading haikyuu doujinshi, where there is a surprisingly large amount of KuroTsuki! I think the ship came to be because of the subtle teasing in their interactions. The first time Nekoma/Karasuno played against each other we see Kuroo and Tsukki’s first real interaction. 

Then we go on to the Third Gym where Kuroo teaches Tsukki blocking techniques, teases him some more, imparts him with wisdom etc. etc. 

Based on these few interactions I think there is definite basis for the KuroTsuki ship! But I mean… This is coming from someone like me who ships characters who have either had no interaction (like IwaDai for example) or characters where we don’t really actually know much about them (Sarukui/Komi). I honestly think anything can be a ship if you want it to be, that’s why there are so many rarepairs that people enjoy. Hope this helped you understand KuroTsuki a little more! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hi! If you don't mind me asking, I was just wondering how you typically go about drawing bodies? I'm currently teaching myself how to draw (I'm hoping to go into the same program and school as you in a few years!!) and I struggle a lot with drawing bodies because I'm stuck in the mindset that I have to draw all bodies/faces the same way. If you have any words of advice I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!

hello!! i’m pretty bad at giving advice tbh but i’ll try my best!

just as most people would say, before you start trying to stylize, it’s good to get a good foundation laid out for yourself first through life drawing or gestures from real life. stuff like that really opens up your eyes to how different people in real life can look and it’s a good way to build up your fundamentals! i also try looking at artists from all walks of life rather than looking at the same 10 visually similar artists if that makes sense, to get a bigger idea of how others communicate the same idea in different ways.

when it comes to how i decide to draw bodies, i think about the personality of a character and how to make it more apparent in a design! (ex. iida is a very straight laced and has a bit of a loud personality so i draw him with a lot of straight lines/less curving and big!) of course you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover so you don’t need to do this but i personally feel like it helps accentuate a character and make them unique from each other! also starting with a basic shape to base a character on can help a lot with varying your characters from each other!

i also found this post as a whole to be very helpful! good luck with your art!

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So I'm in the 8th grade, I have really bad anxiety, my teachers never seem to care if I fall to the floor crying when doing a presentation. I wanted to know how you feel if a student has a mental health issue. Do you help them out or just let them suffer though it. I know my teachers have and its lead me to depression.

That is terrible.  Have you talked to them about this privately?  I always try to work with each student and figure out what is best for them.  I hope you talk to them and also seek outside help too.

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hey gopher, Gary, my friend, my pal~ you're so loved and appreciated and you mean so much to me. i haven't stopped thinking about you all day, and I really hope you know how important you are!! I love you so much, friend! you're so strong and amazing and incredible, I'm really sorry for not being able to donate anything to you.

I think I’ll be okay! I could be at my worst place environmentally and physically but as long as I keep a good outlook on the world I’ll always be okay ; u ; perspective makes all the difference in a bad scenario and I think I’ve calmed down enough to be able to think clearly again. I’m gonna do what I can to make things better and try my best to find stability. At least by going to the hospital earlier I got a doctor!!! ♡ ; u ; I kinda ran away instead of getting help like I planned but I just got so panicked and light headed and ptsd hit real hard.. It felt like everything came down at once. My roommate pointed out to me that I didn’t start acting out like this (at least to this degree) until I switched up my medication.. so maybe that’s why I’ve felt so less controlled lately. Iduno I’ll figure it out. I’ll probably make an appointment at the hospital soon, switch my bed time meds out for my old ones, enroll in some wellness sessions and put some ointment on my scars in the meantime! Thank you for supporting me! Things suck but I feel back to usual mentally (which isn’t necessarily good but definitely a lot more controlled so woo!) I love you with all my heart aaa ♡

Okay so what’s up kiddos! Indie here, I know long time no see, right?! I’ve been really busy with College & work and the like not to mention the internet at my house is pretty much shot (I’m trying to get it fixed fam) I will try to be more active but honestly as much as I love you all and Alek my priorities lie elsewhere. I don’ really get on skype rn because I’m getting a lot of bad vibes so if you need to hit me up I.M. is good, Discord is better. Hope to be here later this week honestly so try to catch me then.

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JHMMMMmm okay so i love my datemate they're the best thing to ever happen to me but im always frustrated because i SUCK at words and need to show them how much i love them with ACTIONS but we're severely limited in how much we can talk and HOW we can talk and its hard cause we gotta wait at least 2 years before we're both legal adults and can move out of our shitty fucking houses but we're planning on living together and GOD i want to be with then in person so bad i love them so god damn much!!!

oh honey i feel you i used to be the WORST at expressing feelings by words. but as it’s the only thing i can do, i had to get better at it. i’d say practice it because it can go a really long way on ur s/o’s day. i hope u get to meet n move in together!!!

Pride is Beautiful / So are you xx















i got sick and decided to make a thing so here the thing is. i don’t really know what this is. i guess i just wanted to say that all kinds of humans are good and nature is good also so why not make them be good together. hope you enjoyed the thing. 

p.s. sorry for not including every pride flag, there are just so freaking many and tbh I’m still learning. Also sorry sorry sorry if any of these titles are wrong. my bad. i do not want to offend anyone i swear, just thought this was a cute idea!!! 

k bye. xxx \(’ o’)/


a few people (usually at gas stations, noting my hail destroyed car) have asked, “why do you storm chase” and the only good answer I have is “why don’t you?” 

it’s true I’m not a classical storm chaser. I tend to entirely different areas of the storm than most do (the part that still has some light if possible) and really, I’m a photographer chasing a photo more than a storm chaser but I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to scream across the prairie after some monster so big and alive you can hardly take it all in (even at 15mm). the complexity, drama, violence and power make almost anything possible. I’ve seen things that took my breath away, and cowered in my car praying my glass would hold and that nothing terribly nasty was living in that shroud of rain that pinned me to where I was. 

I’ve wasted entire days on hope. 

I hope that storm can organize itself despite all the science saying it can’t. I hope I can get to this spot on the map before it does. I hope the light holds. or the road hasn’t heaved too bad this winter. 

every year i commit myself to only chase the big bad boys that have structure, and form, and the rare magic of a fully formed super cell and every year I find myself rolling across the gravel roads after some pulse storm that maybe, just maybe has something pretty in it. 

so entering year three of really learning and chasing more seriously my answer would be, why aren’t you out there, living and dying with the gust fronts and hail cores and living creatures sucking up the prairie moist. really. why?


laila attempts to come out as bi(sexual), but her mom hears bai.

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trimberly dating in secret and the team finding out?

This became a oneshot length fic, I’m not sorry. I got lazy proofing so sorry for any mistakes.

It started out small, they would show up at each other windows late at night, after long, gruelling days of training, after tough battles, or even bad days at school, they would check in on each other, they would talk for hours, they were just there for each other, it became there thing, and as each other’s feelings for the other grew, every night was more tension filled then the last, so when they eventually kissed, they didn’t think much of it, so every night after that, there would be a lot less talking, and much more of something else, which neither of them minded.

The team also noticed a shift in their dynamic, they began to act different, Kim and Trini had always worked well as a team, they were the two arms of the megazord after all, but after the late nights spent doing a lot more than talking, the tension in the air around them was so thick, you could probably cut it with knife. Trini and Kim’s sparring sessions would get much more intense, their gazes only on each other, their eyes were filled with intense passion, rather than the usual playful, teasing banter. Jason usually had to force his gaze away, or he would most likely get much more than a fiery glare from Trini. The team noticed the changes, but they didn’t push or press, knowing that both the girls could kick their asses without a second glance, so they just let it be, but they noticed.

Zack being the closest to Trini, the two wild cards, the bees, black and yellow, which the team teasingly sang whenever they sparred or did anything as a duo, Zack and Trini both had an equal distaste for the names, but they knew it was just friendly teasing, it was part of the team dynamic, so it didn’t surprise Trini when he was the first to try and figure out what was going on with the girls. He dropped little hints and questions about Kimberly, vaguely asked about girlfriends, but each of his attempts failed, always met with a “I only want to spend time with you, bee” or “yeah, sure, me and Kimberly”. He backed down, but Zack knew something was up, he was the captain of the ship after all, he was determined to know if it was canon.

The girls knew the boys were catching on, the boys didn’t know exactly what was happening, but they did know something was different. They still hadn’t discussed when or if they were going to tell the boys. They loved the late nights, the secret glances, holding hands secretly when they could, they enjoyed just being, no ones expectations or worries clouding there mind, they were just them. So they kept it that way.

After a couple of months of them sneaking into each other’s rooms, kissing, talking, among other…activities, they knew they should tell the boys, whom were very clueless about what was happening, each of them asking non to subtle questions, desperately trying to figure out what had changed between the girls, but to no prevail. So the next day, at four o clock, the made there way down to the pit, arms intertwined, Trini’s small frame leaning against Kimberly, and for the first time ever, they were acting blatantly like a couple, in public, and they’d both be lying if they said it didn’t cause warmth to radiate through their bodies.

The boys were already down at the pit, the sound of pads being hit, gasps and grunts, a piece of rock dislodging from the structure “Zack” they both muttered. Trini could feel butterflies in her stomach, she was defiantly nervous, they both were, but these were their friends, their brothers, they knew they’d be accepted and safe, but that didn’t make it any less nerve wracking. They had agreed to be very subtle with there “coming out” it wouldn’t be the power rangers without a little teasing and fun.

As they walk down to the pit, their hands and fingers intertwined, no space between their bodies, the boys noticed, but they didn’t really bat an eye, the girls had been slowly becoming, much, much, closer, not just emotionally, but physically. So they returned to sparring, back to their norm, but the girls did notice Zack narrowing his eyes, a small smirk plastered on his face. They began to spar, circling around the other, jabs and hooks were thrown, roundhouse kicks, take downs, with each move, the girls gazes grew more intense and heated. As the girls circled around each other, the boys started paying more attention, getting curious again, which the girls noticed. Kimberly glanced quickly over her shoulder at the boys, while throwing a sloppy jab, which Trini caught, flipping her over, Kimberly falling to the ground with a loud thud, her breathing ragged and sharp. Trini offers her hand to help Kimberly up, while the boys are still watching, forgetting about sparring. Kimberly takes the opportunity and yanks Trini’s hand and smashes their lips together, carefully grabbing Trini’s small frame and bringing her to the ground, and flipping them around so Kimberly is on top, pulling their lips apart. The girls both gasp for air, while the boys looked like they’d seen a ghost, mouths agape. Kimberly helps Trini to her feet as Zack yells gleefully, “I KNEW IT!!!” Trini smirks, while Jason and Billy are still stumbling for words. The girls chuckle before returning to sparring, and moments later, Billy and Jason both exclaim. “WHAT!!!” Alpha finally speaks, “Humans confuse me.” leaving the power rangers giggling as they returned back to sparring, Trini and Kimberly both joyful beyond words, as they got back into a rhythm, the world fading away.


Happy national bean day birthday, @laiteevee ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

09.05.2017 // I had a test today and it went really bad, I got absolutely nervous and answered almost everything wrong, so I’m feeling a bit down right now. I also had my last class from conditioning, my favorite subject this year, and I’m definitely gonna miss it. Hope you guys have or had a better day than mine!

Btw, if anyone wants us to see their posts, please tag us with #Architstudy cause these next weeks we’re gonna be with finals and we won’t spent so much time around here, and we’ll try to check our tag every day! 


happy holidays, mysme fandom!