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When Mon-el says “was it that bad???” in the opening scene tonight, you can literally feel his heart skip a beat. He’s never had a proper relationship before and he loves Kara so much he’s afraid at every second he’ll lose her. Because he doesn’t feel worthy of her. He was so worried that she up and left him because of course he’s not good enough. He has all this bravado on the outside, but he’s really a very fragile and vulnerable person. Poor Mon-el. I hope he gains some confidence in himself as he is constantly evolving into a better person. 

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You know why I dislike this hair color? Because Babs wears it so bad, it’s killing me everytime I randomize into her in cas. I’m sorry. 

@comfysim tagged me to do the mustard sim challenge and I just mixed two of my sims’ genetic and tadam! a cutie was born (imo).I hope I didn’t fail, you know, with the brown eyebrows and the greyish-yellow. 

I tag @nadinemaee, @stephanine-sims, @macandcheats, @adorablesimlove, @hickorysims so you too can use that horrendous hair color, even though it doesn’t look that bad finally, and make a good looking sim. Good luck :^)

Stressed Out (Yoongi x Reader)

Author Note: First of all, I’m sorry it took so long to write this. I hope the anon who requested this is still here to rear it ahahhah.

Request: Can you write a Yoongi scenario where he’s really stressed trying to write a song and you try helping him but he just gets upset and says really hurtful things to you. You get upset and run out of the house. He doesn’t get worried until you’ve been gone almost all night, so he goes looking for you and when he finds you you’re all beaten up and hurt (by bad “fans”) he feels really guilty and makes it up to you.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

It was almost two days. Two days that Yoongi didn’t put his nose out of his studio. Every time you tried to get him to go out he always told you he wanted first to finish that song he had in mind.
Yoongi was a perfectionist, and you knew that if he had something in mind he wouldn’t have been in peace with himself if he didn’t accomplish that first.

You decided to prepare pizza and then bring it to him. You thought it was a good idea since it was his favourite food. You spent all afternoon making it, and you were pretty satisfied with the result.
You eyed your watch, seeing it was almost 7 o'clock.
By feet, it would have took you thirty minutes so you put on your coat and went out. The air was freezing, your nose was red and you couldn’t feel your fingers anymore. The city lights were the only source of light which gave you the illusion it could give you warmness.
Completely frozen, you arrived at Big Hit building, watching the food you had prepared in your hands. You hoped it wasn’t too bad to eat. You know, it was cold outside…

You opened slowly the door of Yoongi’s studio, stepping carefully on the floor trying not to disturb him. You slowly pecked his cheek and lightly chuckled afterwards, posing the pizza on his desk.
“Look what I’ve-”
“Why the hell are you here?! I’ve already told you I can’t write and you come here! I need silence and I need to be alone, fuck! Why are you so stubborn? Couldn’t you wait a few hours more?” He yelled at you, making you flinch. You tried to keep your tears in, but you were so frail in that moment.
“I thought- I thought- You ignore me at home too! Only because you can’t write!! I want to help you, if you relax you’ll be more inspired! I was only-”
“Weel you thought bad! I don’t need you now, and I asked you not to come. I done want to see you or whatever you prepared. It won’t help me write. Get out.” He said, sternly. This was the side you most despised of Yoongi. He could be really sweet and caring for you, but he could not stop himself from being this straightforward when he was upset.
You didn’t wait any longer, you left the trail with the pizza and got out of there.

He sighed, not caring to turn around.

As you exited the building, numerous girls who you recognised as Armys came to you. You and Yoongi had gone official months before, so they knew very well what you looked like. Obviously, they were really angry at you because you were “stealing their oppa away from them”, as they said.
You quietly asked them to leave you alone, because you weren’t in the mood, but instead of listening to you, they started beating you up. You were starting to getting bruises everywhere, your nose was bleeding, and so was doing your mouth. Your leg hurt but you didn’t know if it was broken or if it had been the very hit.
It was really cold, no one walked by there at that time at night. You slowly closed your eyes, tired and destroyed both phisically and mentally, while your boyfriend was busy eating his hamburger at his studio.

After three long hours of doing nothing, since he didn’t seem to find anything enough acceptable for his standards, he decided it was finally time to get home.
It was past two in the morning that he got home. Fondly sure you were already asleep, he quietly walked in your shared bedroom. However, once he noticed you weren’t in bed, a deep frown rose in his usually calm and relaxed features. Where were you? At home there was a deep silence, he knew you weren’t there.
He started panicking, his heartbeat increased with every minute passing. He was scared, but he had to find you. So he did.

He searched for you for about twenty minutes, only to find your weak figure on the floor, drained blood on your face, on your clothes. His eyes got wide, and he immediately felt a pang in his chest, together with the guilty feeling and the tears falling down his eyes.
He ran to you, trying to wake you up. He flinched at the contact with your freezing skin, getting even more scared. He picked you up bridal style and got home as soon as possible.
He cleaned the blood from your skin, he changed your clothes and tried to warm your body with blankets and clothes wet with hot water. He felt to useless, so stupid for taking is frustration on you; now he was seeing where it took him. He only hoped you could wake up soon, and while waiting, he started caressing your cheeks.
“I’m- I’m so sorry… Y/N… please forgive me” His fingers stroked gently yours, as your face that was gaining again his colour contorted in a pained expression.
“Yoongi…” you mumbled, trying to get up. He stopped you right then, and said “Oh my god, I’m so relieved now. I’m sorry, I really am, Y/n… If I hadn’t been a jerk to you this wouldn’t have happened, I’m so sorry, really-”
Now it was your time to interrupt him “Don’t worry, love. I’ll be ok. You understood your mistake, it’s ok.” You lightly smiled at him.
“You’re so precious it’s unbelievable” he chuckled, approaching to kiss the tip of your nose.

Since he felt extremely guilty, he decided to make it up to you. He took you to his studio, where you listened him trying his rap lines, composing and where you helped him. Beacuse yes, he discovered having you there with him was actually an inspiration for him, and it helped him not to get frustrated on everything. You helped him to find his peace and he was grateful to you beacuse of that.

I’m sorry it was short, hope you enjoyed!

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I had a really bad day today, so here’s a drawing of Chris Evans, hope you like it. 
by  Carolina Lta ( @littlemorrison // @mycrystalhorse)

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Hey Rythian, So I have decided to try my hand at Shadowrun: Hongkong and am so far proving that I am really bad at it, as in I have failed the first major encounter twice. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for Class/Race combos that are good for a beginner? Thanks

Riggers are really strong, but not really my thing. I tend to play a sniper/decker mix. I’ve heard that going full on melee Street Samurai is pretty damn strong.

Hope you’re enjoying the game, I’m still in the middle of Dragonfall, looking forward to starting Hong Kong. Too many games to play!

@reimeijennoir I wanted to join on the avatar thingee so….THIS IS MY AVATAR @///////@ PLZ DONT JUDGE ME >///< I DREW THIS WHEN I HAD NO ERASER AND I WAS TOO LAZY TO GET IT AS WELL XOX  Thats why i just overwrited all my mistakes u can see it if u really squint xD! >////< and lol xD. plz excuse my baka handwriting and bad pic quality :’)

Anyways nice to meet you all and I hope u guys will accept me here @//////@

@canthydefromthelicht Cuz she the waifu who i mentioned xD

Nothing Else Matters

* Ayeo Ladies and Gentlemen! So I decided to give this writing thing a shot. I personally don’t think my writing is any good but I gave it a go. With words of encouragement from @jeylovestoblog and @bangtanjaemi I finally wrote something. Now I know its probably not the best but I really hope you guys do like it!

Genre: Slight fluff and a bit of angst

Leaning against the closed door to your dressing room, you try to regain your breath. Adrenaline coursing through your veins preventing you from relaxing any time soon. You couldn’t believe that this day had come, you had worked so hard to get here. To even be able to audition for this prestigious showcase was such a huge deal.

You never allowed yourself to rest, you spent most of your nights practicing trying to perfect your dance. Earning annoying yet loving messages from your best friends every time you picked practice over them.

[Joonie]: y/n you should take a night off and come eat with us!

[Jungkookie]: Noona! Come bowling! You know I need some real competition, it’s too easy beating all of my hyungs in bowling! Please?!
[TaeTae]: (image attached) y/n-ah! We miss you! Look how sad I am :( you dont want your favorite to be sad now do you? Come out with us? [Momma Jin]: Princess? Please tell me you’re taking care of yourself. And that you’re eating right. Don’t forget we believe in you!
[JHOOOOOOOOOOPE]: You’ve practiced enough, you’re more than ready. Please allow yourself to take a break and come over for a movie night with us. We’ve got your favorite snacks!
[Jiminie]: We’re not taking no for an answer! You’re coming over…right?
[Oppa]: Yah! Pabo, come over? They won’t stop whining until you do.

Feeling a ping of sadness as you read their messages, you picked rehearsal over them yet again. Every once in a blue moon you would agree to take the night off and hang out with them. One night in particular you literally didn’t have a choice.

You nearly screamed when you opened your eyes at the sound of the music track being stopped, seeing Namjoon, Taehyung, Jimin, and Yoongi standing before you.

“Guys! The fuck? I was practicing!“ you stated with obvious irritation.

“Y/n, now is that any way to speak to your best friends?” Namjoon asked.

“Or to Yoongi-hyung?” you hated when they pulled that card. He was only four months older than you! Yoongi smiled his signature gummy smile at Jimin’s question.You rolled your eyes, not believing these boys.

“What do you guys want?” asking after you took a sip of much needed water, wiping the sweat from your face.

 “To hang out with you duh!” You laughed at the expression on Taehyung’s face.

“Sorry guys, no can do. You know the showcase is only,”

“Three months away!” They said in unison. “Yes we know Noona, but you need a night off,” Jimin pouted.

“I know I’ve been a bad friend but I really do need to prac-,” you couldn’t even finish your sentencebefore Namjoon threw you over his shoulder at Yoongi’s signal.

“You don’t have a choice tonight pabo,” Yoongi winked at you as he followed behind Namjoon. The other boys already ahead of you guys at the doors holding them open to let you and Namjoon through. You couldn’t help but grin at him and his cocky gesture. “Fine! I give up!” you grunted.

At the end of that night you were glad they made you take a break from dancing. Jin made a very delicious shrimp alfredo, which was your favorite. Hoseok and Jungkook picked out a few comedy movies for the night. You couldn’t believe what amazing friends you had.

You let out an audible sigh, realizing you now had to wait to hear back from the manager of the showcase, to see if you got the part. Replaying the audition in your head, you knew you could have done better on certain moves. But you had to admit, you slayed it.

Going over to your bag to retrieve the clothes you were to change into after the shower you desperately needed, you heard a faint knock at the door. You opened the door to find a stranger holding a bouquet of roses. They were the deepest ruby color you’ve ever seen, “Delivery for y/n?” he said with the kindest smile. Cute. After you thanked him, you were alone once again. Attached to the bouquet was a simple note,

“Sorry I couldn’t be there babe,” they were from y/b/f/n, the only one you allowed to call you babe. “I know you killed it. Now go have some much needed fun! Xoxo y/b/f/n”

You had hoped that she was going to be able to show up, but it was kind of hard to when she lived four thousand miles away for the time being. You couldn’t be upset, she was chasing her dreams, just like you were chasing yours. Your eyes started to water, you missed her so much. 

Finally you opted for a quick hot shower before heading home. You found it quite odd that none of the boys had stayed to congratulate you or even to ask you to go out for celebratory drinks, now that you could actually go out. You figured they would have jumped at the chance to take you out to a club or anywhere really.

In the process of towel drying your hair, you hear a familiar voice rapping as your ring tone. “What’s up Yoongi?“

“Nothing much, I just wanted to call and tell you how proud we are of you,” you blush, thanking the heavens he can’t see you. “We would have loved to stay but we have such an early radio show to do in the morning.” You can’t help but feel a little sad that you can’t celebrate with them.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to apologize, but you guys definitely owe me a night out to celebrate,” you stand to collect your things and head for your car.

“Yah pabo we do,” he said in that sleepy voice of his. You reach your car and you can’t seem to find your voice for a second. “Y/n? You okay?”

“You guys are so dead! Why…the fuck…would…you guys wrap my car in cellophane?!” you can’t help but think it was Jungkook’s idea, that brat!

“Hmmm? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you can hear Yoongi try to refrain from laughing but fails to do so. “Sorry pabo gotta go! Bye!” and with that the line went dead.

These assholes! You find it comical yet frustrating because all you wanted to do was go home and relax. Laughing to yourself you get to work trying to uncover your car of this prank, and succeed about twenty minutes later. They are so dead! Even though it was only a ten minute drive home, you turn your radio on full blast as it played ‘Mommae’ by Jay Park. You find yourself singing along to the song, drumming your fingers against the wheel and before you know it, you arrive at your apartment. Turning down the radio, ensuring you won’t scare the crap out of yourself the next time you start your car, and stepping into the chilly air that filed the night.

Every inch of your body felt heavy as exhaust settled in, hating that you lived on the top floor of the apartment complexes. Why did you have to live on the top floor? You grab your duffle bag and head for the stairs leading to your place. Great.

After what seems like a lifetime, you reach your door and slip your key into the deadbolt and twist the doorknob. 

“SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIISE!” you drop your bag and clutch your shirt yelping. You were startled at the sight before your eyes. I swear I can’t with these boys! Frozen at the doorway, you look around to see that they have decorated your living room with streamers, balloons, and confetti, various food and drinks filled the table. Faint music plays in the background. Your heart swells with love for these dorks.

“You guys!” you start to say but an impatient Taehyung grabs your arm and pulls you into your living room. 

“You know we couldn’t just abandon you on your big night Noona,” you look over at Kookie who holds an empty box that used to contain the very cellophane wrap that surrounded your car. He chuckles.

“Oh you better believe I’m gonna get you back for that Kook!” you go over and hug the boy. Before you know it the other six members join in and make it one huge family hug. Your smile is still spread from ear to ear, “I love you dorks.”

“We love you too y/n. Now can we eat? I’m starving! ” Jimin whines as he pats his belly. You laugh. “Of course! Go eat!” All but one member heads towards the feast on the table.

“Did you really think we weren’t going to celebrate you tonight pabo?,” Yoongi leans close and whispers in your ear before lightly placing a kiss on your cheek. Your hand raised to cover your smile as your face flushes crimson from his affectionate gesture. What the fuck? Looking back at you Yoongi winks at you and heads towards the rest of the group. Min Yoongi you are such an ass.

 *if you stayed this long, thanks for reading! 

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Ayumichi-Me! I missed you! How have you been? I'm too busy with my life to draw anything, I miss it so much😭😢 But anyways, I hope you're having a wonderful life!❤️❤️

I missed you! Eh, really? That’s too bad. I hope I can see your art soon. But don’t rush tho. I’ll be waiting for it.
And thank you very much, I hope you have the same. ❤❤❤😊😊😊

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Hey friend so I'm bi/pan/idk labels scare me and I wasnt "out" yet but yesterday I just brought my girlfriend home (im a gal myself) and my family was just really cool about it? Nothing bad was said? I'm just really happy and I had to tell someone?

FUCK jfksdjfdkfjkd this is so pure and good i’m so happy for you babe oh my god!! i hope you and ur gf are super happy together awww this rly made my day tbh

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tbh i really really really love the fact that you made sporto narcoleptic. i don't have it myself, but i do have a different sleeping disorder and it's just?? so nice to see a character with one who can actually function well with one??? i've been trying to stick to a sleeping schedule too and it's so hard! i have a very bad memory so schedules in general are really hard for me, but reading your hc about sport kinda gave me hope that maybe i'll be able to do it if i just keep trying, so thanks!!

anonnn i am like happy-crying rn, thank you for sending this. <3

s ame re: bad memory and schedules tbh, but!!! you got this. we got this.

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Um, lets say Kakyoin and his s/o got into an argument... How would he make up to his s/o? Also, please don't feel bad about the match ups, we understand and we really don't want you to stress yourself out. Your writing is great ♥

BOI you have no idea how many Kakyoin requests there are in my request box. I find writing for Kakyoin very fun so it’s no problem at all  I hope you like this! (and thank you for understandingggg ♡)

EDIT: This was really bad I’m sorry…

Kakyoin (okay I really can’t think of a title)

- Despite having a fight with his s/o, Kakyoin would only be angry for a little bit and would realise that he had done something wrong. Immediately, he’d feel regret and would think of ways he could have rephrased things. (Like reflecting on his actions and words.) Depending on what he and his s/o fought about would change the way he thinks. If he was the one who started it, then he’d feel guilt and would be worried if his s/o would ever forgive him. If his s/o was the one who started it, for a few moments he would think that his s/o was wrong in the situation, but after taking his time to think about it he would forgive them. Mostly because he doesn’t want to be away from his s/o. Kakyoin would never accept ending the relationship with a fight.

- He wouldn’t make bold moves as soon as he decides that he wants to make up; he’d rather take it step by step so that his s/o can take their time with forgiving. It would start with an affectionate action like making them tea or putting a blanket on them if they were sleeping on the sofa. He wouldn’t exchange words with them because he fears that the fight would begin again and make things worse for the both of them. He’d be happy if his s/o accepts these actions and would think that he’s making progress.

- He’d then say the word ‘sorry’ as he shows his affection. JUST sorry. He’d still think that saying a sentence would be too much. As much as he really wanted to make up with his s/o, he wouldn’t risk having the fight worsen or rush things. *makes his s/o a cup of tea* “Sorry…” After saying this he’d probably just leave them alone and give them more time.

- If he notices that his s/o starts to be affectionate again, he’d be super happy. He’ll know that he had done the right things and would be quite proud of himself. He’d give his s/o a light hug and say sorry but would explain himself as he did so.

- Everything would be normal after the fight. Kakyoin would make an effort so that his s/o wouldn’t feel awkward about it by being the usual Kakyoin and normally giving them hugs and kisses. No matter how long it takes, Kakyoin just wants his s/o to forget about the fight and move on. He would want everything to go back to normal and when it does, he’d be very pleased.


happy holidays, mysme fandom!

nice canadian men, i fear that an angry orange child may soon be running my country… this is absolutely unthinkable to me. with this being said, i hope that one of you would be kind enough to undergo the small task of marrying me. i promise i’m not much of a burden, i mostly stay on my laptop and keep all my shit in one small area. i will gladly share my clothing and memes with you. thank you for your time, zack.

I̷s.̷̵ ̨L̶ea̶v͢͡è.̕ ̛͘P̷͡o͟s͜͝͡s̵͡ib̶l͟͢e҉̀̕. ̡

I don’t know what’s going to happen in this game, but I’m terribly excited to see it anyways. :D This game (and Jack) inspired me to make this, and I had a lot of fun doing so! Sorry if the nose isn’t right D; noses are hard 

@therealjacksepticeye, if you see this (which I really hope you do), hello! Thank you for helping inspire me and a lot of others (even when we’re having a bad day). 

Art belongs to me. Do not copy, trace, repost, or redistribute. Thank you~. Reblogs>likes

You guys wanted Kubo’s thoughts on Love on Ice? Here they are.

“I think that the foreign drama called “Love on Ice” is a completely different work from Yuri on Ice, and it seems interesting to me so I’m looking forward to it! Whether it is a movie or a TV drama, creating more stories centered around figure skating is important and I really want to support that effort!”

While we were busy freaking out over it, this pleasant lady says that she‘s simply glad to see more stories featuring figure skating. I think that attitude is admirable.

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