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Inhaled You by LYM

A remarkable bit of editing… is it hot in here or is just me?

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Hi! I was wondering if you had a master list of the 100 fics you've read or that you've written? (Particularily about the 100 finale because the bellarke scenes in the finale have me ssssSSSShhhhHHHHooooOOOOkkkkkKKKKKeeeeEEEE)

hello! i confess i’ve only read two fics about the finale so far, this future one by @ponyregrets (where bellamy meets madi) and this one by @wellsjahasghost (set the night before the death wave). both are fantastic, as Chash and Jade’s fics always are, so i’d highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t yet!

as for my own fics, ’after the bombs’ is the only one i’ve written about the finale so far. if you’re looking for ALL my t100 fic, it’s probably easier to check out my ao3 page! (be prepared for a LOT of modern au and a LOT of snarky-sweet fluff)

Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]
Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]

tfw voltron hits the Big Screen™. so here’s my attempt scoring some music for Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, as if it were a cinematic trailer. Some notes on composition below. Enjoy!!  

note: original VLD Opening Titles written by Alexander Geringas. This is most definitely a homage to his work.

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Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


magnus + favorite eye makeup looks (a.k.a. “i’m glad his colored streaks are apparently making a return, but when will his more unique makeup designs come back from the war”);

1x01 - smoky dark grey undereye // 1x02 - exaggerated inner corners // 1x06 - champagne shimmer undereye liner // 1x08 & 1x09 - iridescent black triangles // 1x12 - full black smoky eye

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Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective

Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️


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