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It’s on days that I have to fight the hardest to stay alive that I remind myself that maybe, just maybe, it’s the ones who have to fight the hardest that God has the biggest plans for.

not to be rude but @ all the writers in the BoM fandom, I really appreciate all the fanfic yall are writing but like,,, write some more au’s please it’s hard reading about Kevin being sexually assaulted in every longfic

Don’t get me wrong they’re all amazing pieces of work but… I came out here to have a good time and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now

DISCLAIMER: if you wanna write angsty mcpriceley fanfic go for it, I don’t wanna discourage anyone but,,, give my boys some love please

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Hey there! I really love all your analysis and metas. It's very informative and interesting so I wanted to ask, what is your view regarding tododeku, bakudeku and todobaku? It doesn't have to be romantically (unless you ship them 😏) but more like umm...dynamic wise??? Lol am I even making any sense

Thanks Anon, I have fun doing those and if others enjoy it as well it’s even better (even if it’s nowhere near satisfying as I keep forgetting a lot of things, there’s just so much to consider in BNHA!). Regarding those relationships, where to begin? You gave me quite the ask! I hope I won’t offend anyone, it’s only my opinion and you’re obviously free to disagree with me.

1. Todoroki and Bakugou

Firstly, about Todoroki and Bakugou. I find their relationship interesting, and funny as well because of the differences of attitude they have. I’m curious about what it could become, and I’m still waiting to see some development before having a proper opinion on those two. After all, Todoroki and Bakugou barely talked at all for the time they knew each other. At the very beginning, Bakugou admitted Todoroki was strong (not in front of him though), but it feed his inferiority complex and anxiety, and continued to do so during the sports festival. Bakugou was angry against Todoroki because he defied Izuku but not him, like he wasn’t good enough to be challenged as well. For someone as proud and mentally frail as Bakugou, it really sparked dislike towards Todoroki because he was acting the same as Izuku from his perspective; he was looking down on him. Even though Bakugou learned Todoroki’s backstory, as he was eavesdropping (or just accidentally came at the wrong moment) at his and Izuku’s conversation, it didn’t change his behavior towards him. He knows Todoroki’s backstory, but unlike Izuku, Bakugou didn’t take that into consideration when they fought, because he wasn’t ready to support anyone else at the moment, as he barely could support himself. Bakugou was misreading why Todoroki won’t use his flames against him because he was sure Todoroki looked down on him due to his anxiety issues and his inferiority complex, and as a result probably disliked him even more. It seems to be a very one-sided rivalry Bakugou established between them. Bakugou is very displeased to be with Todoroki during the test of courage at their training camp, and as chill as Todoroki is, Bakugou is clearly struggling getting along with him. 

They’re not on the same page at all, as Todoroki clearly doesn’t care about Bakugou’s angry outbursts and acts like it doesn’t really bother him. He’s unfazed about Bakugou because he seems to thinks it’s just him being childish overall.

Though it doesn’t stop him from caring about him as a fellow classmate. He went along with Kirishima and planned with him to save Bakugou because he felt guilty he let Bakugou being snatched up just before his eyes. But it’s like Izuku said; it can’t be Todoroki either who helps Bakugou because he’s wary towards him and makes him feel threatened as well. The only one Bakugou trusts and feels comfortable with is Kirishima; from the moment it was confirmed and canon, I couldn’t really picture Bakugou being more emotionally involved with anyone else but him. But Todoroki and Bakugou’s relationship is interesting from another perspective. Like Bakugou, Todoroki is still sorting things out about himself. It’s not a coincidence both of them failed their provisional licence exam; they are both still struggling with their issues, and their identities as heroes. Todoroki and Bakugou are the only ones who didn’t really found a true hero name yet, something confirming their identity like everybody else. Bakugou still needs to awake to his urge to save, and we, and Todoroki as well, don’t really know what are his objectives as a hero either. As Todoroki himself realized during their provisional licence exam, he’s still far from having overthrown what his father shaped him into. 

And Bakugou really needs to look back at his definition of what a hero is, or he’ll self-destruct before a villain may take him down. 

A hero can’t possibly shoulder absolutely every responsibility and win all the time, even less all by themself, the very fate and end of All Might proved it. That’s why they’re both going to supplementary classes, and who knows what they’ll be faced with? It’s possible nothing will come out of it as well. Those two didn’t seem to have any particular chemistry so far, and kinda like Izuku and Bakugou, they aren’t on the same page and struggle to communicate properly and understand each other. But the few similarities they have are interesting, and maybe they could bound about that issue over figuring their hero names and deciding who they want to be as heroes.

2. Bakugou and Izuku

About Bakugou and Izuku now. I already wrote a lot about those two in some posts I’ll link here, so if you’re curious and have some time to spare, you can always go and read. Their relationship is very complex, and to understand how it works, I think it’s essential to realize what mental issues Bakugou is facing, what they’re both representing in a super-hero obsessed lucrative society and what still needs to be addressed about Bakugou. I do think those two could very well make wonders if they could properly work as a team, I’m sure of it and I’m really eager to see that, but as friends, they really don’t have a good chemistry going on between them. They struggle to understand each other, as Bakugou immediately flares up against Izuku, and Izuku admitted he couldn’t talk to Bakugou without being reminded of all of his flaws.

Their fight against All Might after the Stain incident was really terrible; Bakugou was aggressive with Izuku and hit him out of nowhere when Izuku was just trying to talk to him, and as a result, Izuku also punched Bakugou because he told All Might he’d rather lose than win with Izuku, which would have been on total opposition with Bakugou’s core as a character and Izuku idealized image of him (he is the image of Victory in Izuku’s mind after all), and enough was enough. 

They were really the worst duo. Their dynamics are still flawed, and they need to sort out a lot of things. Bakugou needs to talk and apologize to Izuku, but he’ll do that once he’ll have settled down with his own issues. His mental state is still too frail to do any of that, but it’s improving as Bakugou already shown signs of being more peaceful around Izuku, but it’ll need time for sure.

3. Izuku and Todoroki

Now what do I think about Todoroki and Izuku? They have a very sweet and supportive relationship, I won’t say I ship it but I can definitely understand those who do. Izuku was the first Todoroki opened up to, and really, I won’t spent much time talking about the UA sports festival because what happened was so strong and important that it talks for itself. Izuku delivered Todoroki from his trapped mindset and encouraged him to break free and use his fire powers even though they were supposed to be enemies. At the time, Izuku and Todoroki barely knew each other but it didn’t stop Izuku caring for Todoroki. As it was very meaningful, it was only the beginning of their relationship, and what I like the most about their relationship isn’t this moment. It’s rather everything that happens afterwards and consolidates their friendship, because that’s truly how good relationships, friendly, romantic or any other ones, are built; by spending time with each other, growing to feel comfortable with them and trusting them. 

Todoroki came and helped Izuku and Iida during the Stain incident, talked and opened up to Iida as well, and as a result, the three bounded over this secret they shared. Izuku and Todoroki began to grew accustomed to each other because they shared meaningful moments where they were exposed to each other, and I’m also taking into account the time Izuku and Iida laughed because Todoroki seriously thougth he had a bad influence on others’ hands. Both of them realized Todoroki was also a kid of their age, something that was difficult to consider given how mature and serious Todoroki looks all the time. After everything that happened, Todoroki finally began to act like a teen his own age because he could finally be himself, but he was kept in a toxic mindset for so long by his father that he still needs to sort out who he is and who he wants to be. Sure, he doesn’t want to be Endeavor’s replica, but who does he want to be, what does he want to achieve exactly? Todoroki still has issues with that, as he’s still picking up pieces of him together and just began to go talk to his mother once again. Izuku already helped Todoroki, and did again during their provisional licence exam when Todoroki was trailing after Inasa and loosing sight of the exam’s purpose. 

Todoroki needs to settle things with himself before he’ll be satisfied, have some clear goals in mind and move on, but it seems it’s on a good path with Izuku. Given their chemistry, I won’t be surprised if he developed feelings for him; like Shinsou, he seems to think Izuku is quite the specimen and appreciate being around this curious straightforward boy.

At least he’s also a good source of support for Izuku, showing their friendship is mutual and not one-sided by Izuku trying to reach out desperately to him (am I being obvious about which relationship I’m targeting?), and I found adorable how he gave good advice and some of his food to Izuku to comfort him when he was feeling down, without forcing him to talk. As Izuku manifested support for him after their provisional licence exam, Todoroki also proves to be here and has Izuku’s back as well, because they value each other.

I’m curious to see their relationship progress, because there’s a lot of potential, and impatient to see them work together and support each other through meaningful moments once more when they’ll be more mature and powerful.

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Hey, I got another prompt! So, I'd like Stony for this one: Steve is ace, Tony is straight, but they fall in love anyway. Sometimes they kiss but mostly they hold hands and cuddle a lot, and Steve really doesn't mind Tony taking off occasionally to hook up to relive tension. The team is Very Confused and Doesn't Get It at all, and Tony is always being accused of cheating, but they're very happy in their queer platonic relationship!

Ahahaha I am not ace or straight so I hope this turned out okay! *wheezes nervously* God I hope I don’t offend anyone. Look out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

When he thought about it, Steve decided that their relationship had really started when Tony stuck his cold toes under his thigh during movie night after their second date. At least for him, it had. He leaned his elbow on the back of the couch and rested his chin on his hand. “Hey, Tony?”

“Ye-es?” the brunet drawled, face and Iron Man apron dusted with flour.

“When did you realize that you had feelings for me?”

“You’re gonna have to be specific, hon’,” Tony replied, squinting suspiciously at a liquid measuring cup. “I have had lots of feelings for you of varying degrees. Sometimes they weren’t even nice feelings.”

Steve couldn’t help a fond smile. “When did you decide you wanted to be my boyfriend?”

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Hello! I hope this doesn't offend anyone, they are not my true intentions, but I was wondering, since I seriously love all you're headcanons/whatever they're called I forgot lol, I was hoping you could do an RFA + Saeran and V react to MC coming out as Transgendered. I would appreciate it so much ^^

So I’m going to do these together, since they’re kind of similar (yes, I know they’re not exactly the same, but the reactions will be really similar) and because the first ask didn’t specify MC’s preferred gender. I hope that’s okay!

Anyway, here are their reactions~


  • he’s pretty shocked at first, but he wants you to know that he loves you no matter what
  • he’s fine with you being bi, he knows some other bisexual people and he’s comfortable with it
  • he isn’t completely sure what you mean by ‘trans,’ so you have to explain it to him
  • he’s really sad that you don’t have enough money to make a transition, and he wants to study really hard so he can help pay for it
  • “MC, I love you, and I support you no matter what! If we try really hard together, we can get through anything.”


  • she suspected there was something you wanted to tell her, and she was relieved when you finally did
  • in terms of your being bisexual, she’s more than okay with it, it’s the reason why you two could get together in the first place
  • when she hears that you’re trans, she wants to help you in any way she can
  • she starts working really hard so she can help you earn the money you need, even if you tell her she doesn’t have to
  • “MC, it’s very important to me that you are comfortable. I want the people I love to live the best life they possibly can.”


  • you seemed to have something on your shoulders for a while, so he’s glad when you finally talk to him about it
  • he listens patiently as words pour out of your mouth, and he gives you the biggest hug when you’re done
  • he’s so proud that you had the courage to tell him that you’re bi and trans, it must have been so scary for you
  • he supports you completely, especially because it’s your decision and I’m like 70% sure he’s bi or pan/omni
  • “MC, you’re very brave to tell me something like this. I am so proud that you can be who you are around me, and I will support you as best I can.”


  • when you tell him you’re bisexual, he’s really cool about it, he doesn’t seem to mind at all
  • but when you tell him you’re trans and want to make a full ftm transition but can’t because you don’t have enough money, he nearly loses it
  • he’s kind of mad that you didn’t tell him earlier, because of course he would have paid for everything
  • even if you don’t want him to, he insists, saying that it’s his gift to you
  • “MC, please come to me with problems of this nature. If there is one thing I can help you with, it is your financial situation.”


  • after you tell him you’re bi, he nods like it’s nothing special, and he doesn’t seem to care much
  • and when you tell him you’re trans, his reaction is somewhat similar
  • no matter what you like or who you are, he loves you and to him, nothing else matters
  • when he finds out you want to make a ftm transition, he starts working really hard so he can help make money for it
  • “MC, I’ve said this before, but with you by my side, I feel like I can do anything! I want you to feel like that too when you’re with me, and I will help you do anything you want to do.”


  • he had suspected there was something going on, so when you sat him down for a talk he waited patiently for you to tell him
  • he listens quietly, not interrupting until you’re finished speaking
  • then he takes your hand and tells you he’s here for you, and that he’ll love you and support you through anything
  • he wants to host a gallery to sell some of his photos and raise money for your ftm transition
  • “MC, I love you and will never stop loving you, no matter what may happen. Thank you for telling me this, you can be sure that I will help you in any way I can.”


  • he knew that you were different from other females, but he had yet to figure out why
  • so when you told him, the pieces finally clicked into place and he was so relieved to finally understand
  • he doesn’t mind that you’re bi or that you’re trans, as long as you’re with him
  • he’s concerned when he hears that you don’t have enough money for a ftm transition, and wants to help you make some if he can
  • “You are very important to me, MC, and so is your well-being. I want to help you be the person you want to be, just like you help me every day.”

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Hey! Do you have any prompts with blind characters? I hope this type of request doesn't offend anyone, I really want to write a blind character but I can't have a single idea for an interesting plot with that.

• Character A goes blind after being with Character B for some time and Character B is there to comfort them and help them adjust to their new life. Tragically, Character B dies not long afterwards and it leaves Character A alone and heartbroken. When scientists develop robotic eyes that let the blind see, Character A refuses to get them, not wanting to see a world where Character B is dead. (Based on something Isaac said in “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green)

• In an apocalyptic world, Character A is abandoned by their group because they were blinded. They have to live on their own and learn to survive without sight or help from other humans. Luckily, after living on their own for a few weeks, Character A finds a group of other physically disabled people who welcome A with open arms.

• “I know that everyone on the planet is born with heterochromia, but I’m blind, so literally anyone could lie to me and say that they’re my soulmate. Why should I believe you?” AU

• Character A’s and Character B’s child, Character C, is born both blind and mute. Both of their parents refuse to abandon Character C, no matter what any of their friends or family say. Together, Character A and Character B raise, care for, and protect Character C.

Alright so, today a friend tagged me on this post reblogged by @drinkyourfuckingmilk and after discussing certain points and all regarding the ACWNR manga/ova/vn and making comparissons between them, I wanted to write this rant, and I hope it makes sense, i’m sleep deprived, my english isn’t good as y’all know and i don’t know what i’m doing

another reason why i hate the ACWNR ova: they cut out Hanji and levi’s first interaction.

As we all know, Levi and Hanji’s first interaction varies A LOT in both manga and OVA. In the manga, we can see this:

We have a young Hanji expressing her admiration and excitement over Levi, Isabel and Farlan’s recent titan kill and flawless team work. For those who read the manga, you might remember that the trio successfully took down an abnormal titan by themselves, working in unison and perfect syncronization which showed us the deep trust and bond they had. Hanji (and the rest of the survey corps) witnessed this, and she was THE ONLY ONE who made a REAL effort to talk to them to congratulate and compliment them. And as you all know, no one else, not even their squad leader, had shown kindness towards them. Nope, they all ended up treating them like criminal scum instead and showing some classist demeanors.

When they introduce themselves:

Hanji was actually the only one in the troop of soldiers who didn’t look at them as if they were about to kill everyone.

Basically, Hanji didn’t give a damn about his past or his roots. Nope. Not at all. She just showed up and complimented him and his friends for his team work and actually wanted to be friends with them! While everyone isolated them and treated them like scum for their past, Hanji didn’t give a fuck and wanted to befriend them.

ALSO, may I mention that Hanji had a key role in chapter five? (when she first interacts with them) look at this:

She gives them a speech regarding their recent fight. She tells them that everyone watched them fight, she tells them that watching them take down a titan was ENCOURAGING, that their skills makes them have high hopes about the future and that humanity will not lose to titans. She tells them THEY’RE INSPIRING. And now, if you analyze it: three young people from the underground, who went through a lot of shit in their lives, who were treated as scum everywhere they went… they are suddenly receiving kindness and inspiring words from someone they have just met, from someone who’s not part of their little family… do you know how much that means to them? People who grew up surrounded by misery, hardship and people being mean to them just for being thugs from the underground? (Come on, even people down there treated them like shit) 

And now, quoting what @trash-god said on the post:

That I think Levi’s so ?????? because 1.) he’s not used to praise, 2.) he’s not used to people acting positively toward him or his friends, and 3.) nobody else thus far has made an effort to be nice or even cordial to him or his friends. And here’s this random woman coming out of freakin’ nowhere all excited to tell him how cool he is and how much she admires his skill and it’s like. What. Why. Who are you. Why.

There is no doubt in my mind that Levi will never forget that. Ever. People don’t forget kindnesses like that. Everyone else treated him like a criminal/leper and Hange shows up and doesn’t give a shit she thinks he’s pretty neato and she’s gonna tell him. And it’s not a dare or anything. She’s genuinely. Interested. In him. (And his friends but mostly him since he’s the one with the skill.) But like. UGH. She’s just so nice and friendly here.

Exactly. I mean, just look at him!

He’s all “uhhhhhh” because he doesn’t know how to deal with this. He has never received kindness from someone. He was already used to be treated like a miserable criminal by people down in the underground and by his own superiors in the survey corps. The fact that a random soldier showed up and bathed him and his family in compliments was just to… beyond description. I just can’t imagine what he had thought when Hanji started talking to him all naturaly and gently. Come on, just look at Isabel after Hanji tells them how inspiring they are! She’s TOUCHED!  She’s clearly touched! And she goes from glaring at Hanji, silently demanding her to leave, to be truly interested in her and her opinion.

And at the end, when Hanji leaves, both Isabel and Levi end up thinking about her words.

To summarize what the manga shows us: Hanji being the first and only character to show kindness to the trio and treat them like normal human beings regardless of their past and roots, complimenting them for their hard work and efforts AND giving them a speech that has a certain influence in both Levi and Isabel beliefs and thoughts regarding the Survey Corps. Not to mention that in this chapter, Levi meets for the first time a character he’ll gradually become close with, one of his most important bonds after the loss of Isabel and Farlan.

And then we have the anime cutting out this meaningful scene to show us this Hanji spazzing over his skills and not even complimenting him directly. 

While Hanji does have this reactions in canon when it comes to titans and stuff related to them, I think the anime studio focuses a little bit too much on showing this stereotype of her??? idk it’s my opinion, feel free to disagree with it, but I honestly have prefered to see the manga scene above and not a 10 seconds appearance where she doesn’t even talk to him.

While I get that they couldn’t animate 8 manga chapters, it would have been nice to keep the important moments and not focus merely on Levi. Watching this OVA, i had the feeling that everything was too rushed and fast and that Levi’s bond with Isabel and Farlan was left behind, let alone the beginning of his relationship with Hanji, a character he’d get very close to in the main manga.

I might have forgotten to add something important /sweats but I really wanted to voice my thoughts about this whole scene. I hope this makes sense tho???

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Hey, you're an awesome writer all of your drabbles and headcanons are amazing. If you are still taking requests I was wondering if you could make drabbles of MCL where it is Valentine's day and the Candy/Reader gives everyone something as a sign of friendship except the guy she likes because she wanted to give them a better gift then anyone else privately but the guy doesn't know and gets offended/sad that they didn't get anything. (If you can only do one you should pick Armin/Lysander.) Thanks!

Hello dear, thank you so much! I am still taking requests and wanted to get to this one because I have a weakness for writing these types of scenes. I hope you enjoy it! I only had the time to write one, so I did Lysander, hope it’s alright!

Valentine’s Day. Lysander never really thought much about it. He usually spent the holiday helping Leigh with whatever he had planned for Rosayla or he would spend it just having fun and hanging out at Castiel’s house. Yet this year was different. This year there was actually someone at school who had his interest. Candy. He knew more than anything that he had wanted to give her something for the romantic holiday. He had spent a full three hours just searching for the absolutely perfect gift, one that he was sure she would love. He only hoped that she would give him a gift as well, but as the day went on, Candy never approached him with any sort of gift; she only offered a quick hello in passing.

It wasn’t supposed to bother him this much. The feeling that she didn’t even think about him on such a romantic holiday. He supposed that normally, he wouldn’t think anything of it. He would happily give her the gift and not expect anything in return. Yet it become painfully clear to him that Candy had gotten everyone else a gift; Castiel had teased Lysander throughout the entire day about how Candy had gotten him a skull key chain (which actually caused Lysander to snap his pencil in frustration). Though she doesn’t think to get me something, Lysander thought gloomily. That was the real reason it was bothering him so much that he didn’t get a gift. Candy had thought about everyone else, and had put thought and heart into each gift, except she didn’t give him anything.

She must not really care.

Lysander frowned to himself as he sat down on the familiar bench in the courtyard. His eyebrows furrowed in thought as he mused to himself. His heart was sinking as it broke in two. She… She doesn’t care for me then. The thought caused his stomach to turn as he felt a strong sense of sadness wash over him. In his hands, he limply held her gift as his thumb brushed over the necklace’s smooth surface. He didn’t have the heart to give it to her. Not after it became clear that she couldn’t care less about him on this holiday. If he gave her the gift, it could cause frustration or embarrassment or even rejection on either of their parts. It wasn’t worth it.

He sighed deeply as he felt the headache start to begin. A painful throb went through his head, causing him to close his eyes with a deep breath. It wasn’t until he opened his eyes did he notice that a very familiar girl had taken the spot beside him on the bench.

Candy gave Lysander a small, nervous smile as she shyly held out a gift box to him. A blush dusted her cheeks as her heart pounded in her chest. Lysander’s eyes widened just briefly as he looked at her, his eyes glancing over the box and how well wrapped it was. The sight of her holding a gift out to him caused him to blush deeply as he refused to meet her eyes. I… I was wrong. A bubble of shame and guilt stirred within him. It was wrong of him to think that Candy didn’t even think of him when it was clear she had put a lot of thought into the gift; the fact that she even went through the trouble of making the bow on the gift the same color as his ascot was proof of that.

Candy mumbled slightly, her blush deepening and spreading across her whole face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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I heard from a lot of people and doctors that ADHD and autism are very close to each other and sometimes people will get misdiagnosed with either or. Do you think this is true? I've been pondering it myself for a bit because I'm unsure if I may have been misdiagnosed. Also, I really hope this doesn't offend anyone or cause fighting, I'd just like an outside opinion! X

yes, a lot of times they’re even called cousin disoders. a lot of symptoms overlap, and its very possible that you could have both adhd and autism. misdiagnosis can happen with anything, but if you’re unsure talk to your doctor or health care provider (if you can)! [followers, REPLY (no asks) if you have more to add!]


fuck me in the ass cause I love Jesus

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"Dad I think I like girls.." (Coming from his daughter.)

I could see Michael and our fourteen year old sitting on the garden chair on the deck, staring out at the night sky.

I’d had this conversation with her three days ago. I was so, so proud of her. I knew Michael wouldn’t react negatively, but how he reacted was so important to her.

He put his arm over his shoulders and squeezed her tight.

“I’m so happy you trust me enough to tell me that.”

“You don’t mind?”

“I don’t care, but that sounds insensitive.”

“No, no, that’s exactly what I wanted you to say.”

“Do you know what I really wanted to say?”

“What?” She asked, smiling up at him.

“I like girls too.” He smirked. I’ve never seen them hug each other so tight.

A note on compliments

This is something I’ve been seeing happen a lot recently to my fellow artists on my dashboard and I’ve received similar things in the past, and I’m pretty sure there are several posts revolving around this issue already but I really need to say something.

Now I say issue but it’s really not a big deal. Honest. It’s just something kind of delicate to address for certain people and I figure I’d just put this out there to raise awareness and hopefully understanding.

Bluntly put:

Things like “omg why are you so good” or “wow amazing so unfair I wish I was that good” or “give me your art skills!” or “ugh now I feel like shit” (I shit you not I have seen this before) are not really great compliments to receive if compliments at all.

Slightly more elaborate explanation:

Now I’m well aware that people who say things like these have nothing but good intentions in mind and they mean it as praise (except that last one. Idk why anyone would think the artist would benefit from a comment like that), and it’s very nice of them to actually take the time to comment on the artist’s skills.

But the truth is, “compliments” like these make most of us uncomfortable. How does one even respond to that? “Thank you?”, “I’m glad my art/writing puts you down?” To be honest it almost feels like a guilt trip, as if the end result of the hours and years we spent improving our skills with practice should be something to apologize for because someone else doesn’t feel like they are at that point in their progress yet.

S’pretty weird, right? But that’s how those messages come across. You might feel like you’re putting us on a pedestal but really it just feels like we’re being put under a spotlight we don’t wanna be under.

An alternative:

Compliment what makes you look up to the artist so much instead. Does their lineart inspire you? Are you amazed by their attention to detail? Their coloring style? Does their writing style impress you? Do you find their storytelling unique? I guarantee you an artist will be 100% happier with a certain aspect of their art being clearly noticed and spoken about than you throwing yourself a pity party in their honor ♥

Heaven doesn't seem far away anymore (2/3)

Modern World AU. Emma Nolan is in love with Killian Jones. Killian Jones is in love with Emma Nolan. There’s just one problem, he’s a priest-to-be and they can never be. Lieutenant Duckling.

part i ; part ii ; part iii ; epilogue

(Here’s the second to last part. It’s getting a bit steamy and yes there is a confessional booth involved but not the way some of you may think. Also I really hope I don’t offend anyone.)



ii. it’s only because I’m yours, body and soul

Emma tries to forget the way Killian has kissed her but even two months after the incident she can still feel his lips on hers, can still taste him on her tongue.

After the daze he has left her in after that evening she became aware of the consequences of that kiss (or well, kisses) rather quickly.

She’s in love with a man of god and he has some kind of feelings for her too, but they are friends, she knows why he is devoted to god - knows about the accident he and his brother almost died in and that this is why Killian believes in god and wants to become a priest. She could never take that away from him, it’s what he lives for - or at least he thinks so and she will never question him on this.

So she does the only thing she can and tries to stay away from him without withdrawing from him.

He still visits the diner, she still helps him solve his crossword puzzles and they still banter but when the Granny’s closes she throws him out instead of staying with him. She tries to spend as little time as possible with him alone because whenever their eyes meet, whenever their hands brush when he takes his cup of coffee from her she can’t help but want more.

She craves for his touch, for his very presence but she thinks that if they spend time together she’s going to ruin him and she likes him too much to do that to him.

It’s funny that she misses him even though she sees him nearly every day. But it’s not the same. The incident changed so much between them, she doesn’t look at him the same way anymore and he certainly changed the way he looks at her too.

When she looks at him she watches how his eyes grow darker, how something crosses his features that she feels in her very soul, she sees desire and yearning, longing and craving - and she sees the conflict in his too blue eyes.

His heart belongs to god but whenever he looks like that she thinks that maybe there is a part of his heart that also belongs to her.

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