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I am having a really stressful week. I have to go on medical leave from work and there's a lot up in the air right now. Could I have some husky puppies to make it all better?

oh no, i’m sorry to hear that. I hope these pups cheer you up! :D


“You better run! She’s our friend, and she’s crazy!” 


Dustin’s ‘grrr’ are one of the best things about Stranger Things 2, am I right? 

Whoopsie I haven’t drawn or uploaded shit in forever. What a shame. Just… school work, ya know? 

Anyway I have some REALLY exciting news. Guess who’s seeing Hamilton in less than a month…? 


My mom got tickets for the London show as my christmas gift and I could not be more excited😭😭😭 also I’m skipping school for a week and travelling??? Like best christmas present ever??? 

Whatever, I hope y’all are having an amazing day, week and month. The year is almost over and wow— we all made it through again. Let’s all keep it up shall we?

see ya in my next post and thank you for keeping up with me, 

glory xoxoxo 


This is a redraw from the amazingly talented @chloevanbe . Her artwork is lit. Go check her out. 


Blackbird is Complete!

The epilogue has been posted. After over a year of dedication, my monster of a story is finally complete! I’m so happy! I’m so relieved! I’m soooooo tired! 

Clocking in at 250k, this story has taken me through the wringer, but I’m so proud of it and so thankful to you readers for loving the story and helping me get to the end. You’re the best! I really couldn’t have done it without you :]

Anyway, here’s the link to the epilogue. I hope you enjoy the ending. I’d love to know what you thought of the story!

Or, if you’d like to start at the top and work your way to the end, here’s the link to the beginning

I hope you all enjoy, no matter where you start :] It’s been a pleasure!

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Not You - Young!Sirius Black x reader

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Request: 19 & 24 with Sirius?


A/N: If you saw my personal blog when I was writing this, I was writing it at like 2 am, while I was watching Deathly Hallows, and it took me the entirety of both films to finish it because I kept actually watching them. Anyway, I enjoyed writing it so I hope that you like it.

Words: 2681

Warnings: Not really.

19: I’m just not right for you

24: I can lose anything, but not you…

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Its really nice to see someone else use pencil and paper for once :D. I don't know if you answered this already but how long does it take for you to complete a drawing or comic? Your art inspired me to make a few Cuphead comics of my own and I hope that you keep up the good work! Love you and your work!

Aw thank you very much! It is hard to find traditional artists as well! x’D
and it all depends on the piece itself! A comic page could take either a day, or a few hours depending on how much details go into the piece. Full colored pieces take about 1-3 days again depending on the piece. :) 
and oh my gosh that’s great! :D draw what you love and have fun with the comic!!
and thank you so much again!


Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Joe West and Harrison Wells.

Words: 1606

Warnings: -

Tags: @imabloodynerd 

Request: requested by anonymous:

“Can you do a Barry imagine where the reader can talk to animals and they meet when he sees her accidentally talking to animals in public and he comes to her as the flash asking for help then they start dating”

Notes: im sorry if this is too shitty. I didn’t really know how to do this request but I hope you enjoy it

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The night of the explosion literally changed your life. You worked at the Central City Zoo and that exact night you had been almost forced to stay until late to feed the monkeys. You did love the job, loved the animals and loved the place but you were exhausted. So much you didn’t even hear the explosion, all you remember is a wave that made you fall to the ground, unconscious.

When you woke up, you were confused. You didn’t know where those voices where coming from since you were still alone in the park. But there were voices all around you. Voices expressing mostly curiosity but also fear. You got up and looked around, trying to know where those voices came from until you realised it:

The animals.

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Hi ! First I wanted to thank you all for the amazing work and information you're always providing, you guys rock 😊 Also I wanted to ask you if we'll get any Caryl interaction this season ? After all the promo we got I started the season hopeful and now I'm a bit frustrated lol my only silver lining is the good amount of Carol we've had so far compared to last year. Anyway I hope you're having a great day and thanks in advance for your answer! Take care 💪🖤

With all the studio filming this year, it’s been really hard to follow exactly what’s going on. They were interviewed together during the filming of 810, so I’m hoping we see them together in that episode. 

Thanks for sticking with us even when there’s not a lot of spoilers this season. If we hear anything more that we can confirm, we’ll definitely post. :) 

- dark sister

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I've just been through just about your entire blog, and I have to say...your art is so heartwarming and excellent. The style and all the characters and the pieces as wholes have a really nice energy to them that feels just genuinely good and full of wonder. Thank you for creating and for sharing this with all of us!

wow thank you so very much! I really try my best to put in emotion and lively energy in my work so i’m really really glad!! Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Since I’ve fallen way behind, I’m gonna divide this into 3 blogs. First is general feelings before presentation, second will be environment work, third will be parts! Bare with me, prof.

So the presentation is upon us! My team all have cloaks and horns and are ready to get on stage to showcase our game we’ve spent the past 12 or so weeks developing. Despite being really shy, I volunteered to actually help give the presentation instead of just standing there and being a pretty face. Hopefully I don’t fumble my words too much. Capstone’s been really surreal, I can only hope my team goes through because we really all did poor our hearts and souls into this little game. I hope everyone has as much fun summoning and fighting with demons as much as I have! 

Hi followers!

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed the activity on the blog, that was me (Mod Shouto) I was going through and filling up the quese (which has since ended) because it’d been awhile since we showcased some of y’alls work!

Mod Deku and I are still unfortunately really caught up with school but we’ve talked and there’s a likelihood we’ll be around to answer more questions and have a little discussion around December or January.

I know I promised a meta I haven’t yet released and that’s because I haven’t had the opportunity to really proofread it, that should be coming around then too.

I hope you all can wait for us until then!

And furthermore, for Wonder Duo Days:

I’m sorry for lack of prompts during the past few months as well, Wonder Duo Days is a free-for-all event! 

I might not be able to get a prompt set up until next month or so, but even on months where I get caught up you all are still free to post in the tag/search on the assigned days! I’ll look and reblog.

I know its probably not as fun without a prompt, but don’t let us hold you back from contributing to days we want to be dedicated to Bakugou and Deku to any degree!

Thank you all for your patience and I hope we can see y’all soon again <3

Welp, I’ve decided I’m not fast enough yet for comics. I’m still working on my McHanzo-kitty one but it’s around 20 panels and I’m so sloowwwwww!!! It is coming along, just … taking longer than I’d hoped. Luckily the idea I have for afterwards won’t be nearly as ambitious. I really hope working more on board revisions will help my speed. TT_TT

To All Who Are Exploring BTS

To all of you potentially new fans out there:

Hi! I’m Madison and you can probably guess that I’m a big fan of BTS- and i have been for a little over a year. If you saw the boys at the AMAs and were impressed by what you saw, Im really glad you’re looking into the boys! I hope you’ll appreciate them for all their talent and hard work and not just their looks (even though those are great too). Many ARMYs (bts fans) might not be too happy about newcomers, so i apologize for them if you encounter anyone rude. Just some tips, don’t hate on other groups, they all work hard. Be polite to everyone, no matter what. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! You can ask me anything you want to know about the seven lovely boys. I wish you the best in learning more about these boys and I hope you expand your horizons and stick around for awhile. 💖

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how do u edit ur in-game pictures? they're so pretty

thank you!11one! i don’t do much because my reshade does most of the work. but i do have a little topaz action just to soften everything and then i use my psd and sharpen a little too. i hope you weren’t asking for like photos of the process or anything, i’m not so cool as to do all that, and really the process is nothing special <3

güdbye frens

I’m getting rid of this blog (again, for the nth time) just because I wanna stay in my old & main acc. I feel like Hannah Montana here even though I’m not hiding my identity anymore. Also, I’m just really impulsive and indecisive that’s why I keep switching blogs.

But anyway!! Come find me at @captainjuvenile unless you’re not into what I post because that is my art, photography, and personal blog. Thanks to everyone who became my friend here 💖

I am going to delete all of my content here cuz for some reason, I can’t deactivate this blog. Something about it being tied with a yahoo account I created that I already deleted eons ago in hopes of deactivating this tumblr. If someone can tell me how to work that shit out I’d be grateful thank u bye take care and see ya 👋

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Hey Nini~! Thank you for all of your hard work, and I hope you're doing well ^^ Have you read the Manwha/Manhua(?) 'To Take an Enemy's Heart' ? I think the art is so beautiful, and even though it's really sad, I think it's such a good story! (Also I am beside myself with excitement for the NaoyaxAkira DJ!!!!!!!~~)

I’m sorry but I don’t read any manhwa or manhua except for 19 days. ^^’
Not that I don’t like them, I just barely have the time to read at all. I’m suuuper behind on everything and I still haven’t finished Blood Bank T__T 

That DJ will be glorious, I’m so hyped ^^


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By all means, rant away. I understand you completely. I try to remember to leave comments. Sometimes I’m busy and forget to and I try to do it. But I know how disheartening it could be to not get comments. I’m thinking of putting my Series Rewrite on hold. I work for 5-7 months on one season and I get hearts and stuff but rarely any comments. I love writing it but I hate that no one comments. I really hope people start t realize that we do this for free and we don’t have to do this.

Honestly I am not trying to be bitchy but I don’t get the busy argument. If I spent 10 min reading I can spend 30 secs leaving a comment and less than 30 reblogging it to my q.
I think series rewrites struggle in general cause our show has so many eps. I know I don’t start reading any cause I don’t have the attention span for that. But yeah if you read it comment. It goes for everything and I wish people would reblog instead of reply cause the best stuff first is screwing all creators over too.

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Hey I look up to you a lot and while I can't talk for anyone else, you definitely haven't let me down, at all. I hope you feel better soon and that everything works itself out.

Thank you. This really means a lot to me, but right now my body feels kinda devoid of emotion so I’m having a hard time expressing it, please forgive me :(

nothing new but hob is honestly so driven nd motivated it’s so inspirational for me how he quietly works hard in everything nd seeing how he achieved more than he planned nd hoped for makes me so overwhelmingly happy. listening him saying, for him reminding himself to love himself is finding his dreams nd something he really wants to achieve. nd hes doing exactly all of that nd more. everyday is just him finding more goals nd dreams to achieve while being humble of all his achievements. he had achieved so much nd he deserves every happiness that came along w it. hes doing this for self-loving nd it’s so lovely to know how important all of these are to him. his motivation to always improve himself even in the field he’s incredibly great nd famous for is so heartwarming. how he said he wants to invite his friends to the next hots so he could learn dance from them how he wants to learn new dance genres bcs he said theres so many of them out there he’s so!! humble nd inspiring i love him 😢

Name or Nickname: Eliana (Elli)

Age: 25

Where you’re from: Massachusetts 

What do you study or do as a career?: I studied Japanese as an undergrad student and now I work at a bakery (lol). In January I’m going to start going to graduate school for Library Information Science. So Librarian is my hopeful career path atm :>

Any games you play besides Nancy Drew? ALL THE GAMES!! My main gaming fandoms are the Tales of series and Harvest Moon/Rune Factory. Lately I’ve really been into Life is Strange though. My favorite genres are anything Japanese (especially visual novels and JRPGs), adventure games, and indie games. 

What other fandoms are you in? I’d like to say I’m in every fandom known to man (cuz I am) but I don’t really actively participate in any of them (whoops!). I used to roleplay in the vocaloid fandom but it got too exhausting. The fandom I’m most currently active in right now is the anime fandom (specifically .Hack atm). My anime blog is here. I hope to keep doing cooking-blogs but I’m waiting for inspiration to strike (there is no food in .Hack lol).

What non-fandom interests are you passionate about? Studying foreign languages (I kinda have a studyblr), collecting (books, games, anime stuff), walking, eating and making good food, film, PG-rated adventures (I hate things like clubbing, bar crawls etc.)

Any hobbies? (Isn’t this kinda a redundant question?) Japanese is probably my biggest hobby. I’ve felt myself improve so much over the years and nothing makes me more happy. 

Which Nancy Drew character(s) is the most like you? I dunno why. But I feel a kinship with Mason from DED. He’s super blunt and honest about what he likes/dislikes. That’s me. I don’t really bother with pleasing others most of the time. At some point in my life I just said “Eh. I’m just gonna do whatever I want.” I also hate fake small talk. 

Favorite Games: It’s all about the atmosphere, baby. My top ranking games are WAV, DDI, HAU and DOG. HAU and WAV for the music (and the snow in WAV) and HAU and DOG for nature imagery. 

SAW, SPY, and SEA are all great too though. SAW holds a special place in my heart because Japan AND horror!!! SPY was really touching and SEA is really high-quality and a game I could recommend to people outside the fandom. 

If there was something you could change about an ND game what would it be? There was a part in Stay Tune for Danger where you had to use a card on a normal wooden door with a keyhole and no card reader. That was BS. 


Edit: I didn’t really realize this was only for new clue crew peeps lol. I still had fun answering it!