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Imagine listening to Vernon talk about his aspirations as an artist and being in awe of him because his passion, despite his young age, is really strong.

Million Dollar Man

+Request: harry smut with harry as ur boss who’s been flirting with you and you’ve been teasing him a lot but u two haven’t had sex bc u know people would talk if they found out, but then he makes a really risky move that makes u change ur mind 

 A/N: Hey guys back with another imagine. I hope you guys like it because I worked super hard on this. I would love so much if you guys would leave feed back and tell me what you guys think of it. love you all and thank you! 

This one shot I based a bit off of and even named it from the original song called Million dollar man by Lana Del Rey. Go check out the song its so good, one of my favorites by her. 

 Working with Harry wasn’t as bad as it all really seems. Yes he may be strict and yes he may yell a lot but I just know that when you have to work with people that sometimes are idiots and don’t wanna do their work it is hard not to come off as a prick. Harry was a very smart man, he knew what he was doing and how to really become successful. I’ve only been working with Harry for about 3 months, it isn’t that long for you to base your perspective off of someone you barely know. But all of that aside, I has a crush on my boss. 

 He is so tall and strong and beautiful long curly hair. I just wanna run my hands through his hair and hear him moan to how good it feels. But there are a lot of other things I wanna do to him to hear him moan. I just wanna crawl under his desk and pull down his pants and suck his cock. I wanna hear him moan out my name so loud and to place his hand on the back of my head and push me down farther. I wanna look up and stare at his face while this is going down and see him roll his eyes back in his head and plead for more. I want him to finish in my mouth and to feel his cum run down my throat. But hes my boss so it would never happen.


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Do you have any Star Wars fic recs? Personally, words cannot express how much I love Obi-Wan, but I'll read almost anything. Also! I hope that you are having a wonderful day, and I really appreciate all of your hard work! Please keep it up and have all of my hugs!

Obi-Wan is a perfect amazing man and should be protected. I definitely have recs.  💕

A Star to Steer By


the family amidala


The Princess, the Smuggler and the Sith Lord’s Son

Wake the Storm

Immutable, or, Five Times Obi-Wan Kenobi Compromised His Jedi Ethics for Anakin Skywalker

Soldier, Poet, King

I’ll Be There For You

Second Chances


On Ebon Wings, Ere I Breathe

Tano and Kenobi

Return to the Point of No Return

Beekeeping and Husbandry

Ad Utrumque Paratus

I myself have torn myself to shreds

The World Ender (as a caveat, this is Kylux, but it’s an amazing fic and Obi-Wan does play a large part. Also, all asshole characters stay assholes, which is awesome)

who cares about your lonely heart

The Wisdom of Cats

Ashnar Urcir

Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed

Light Unending

There Goes The Atmosphere


Show Me, Tell Me

Take Seven

Waking Up Dead

Though I Never Dared Dream

Realign the Stars

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Your anon talking about bingeing on four crackers needs to breath as someone with a binge eating disorder, I would kill for a binge to be four crackers. And not to be rude but it makes us bingers feel shit when people use binge to refer to small portions Idk...

I feel you anon, but to be completely honest here aren’t you making that anon feel like shit? I completely understand where you’re coming from, but that anon came here for a safe space to confide about something that was a really difficult experience for them, and you’re trying to say that it’s nothing. I hope I don’t offend you with this, but all of us are clearly not ‘healthy,’ at least in the way we think. How about we try to work through this together instead of pitting ourselves against one another?

therapy went very long but i brought in all my life comics and my therapist and i are going through them all! she’s finding it really helpful. 

apparently therapy is first going to be her getting to know each alter and their jobs best she can, working on resolving their conflicts and processing traumas, and ultimately working to improve our functioning and reduce the severity of dissociation and trauma responses.

i really like this one. i really think she believes me and respects us. i have hope.

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NO!!! It's so unfair that we all have to suffer because of that idiots! I really, really, really hope you guys could reconsider this desicion. It's such a waste to mar your hard work in this way. T_T There are so many people who apreciate, respect and love what you do! And always look forward to your projects. Unfortunately there also always would be shitty people who neglect the rules.

I’m not going to play this shit, if they don’t take it down, I’m done… They even took Ii Mon Waru Mon. I have proof of this from someone close to them, so yeah. They can’t lie and tell me I better take my post down for “ spreading falsehoods” when it’s not… The thing is I never accused them of taking my scans… They jumped to that conclusion on their own. They stole Kokidens translations and I’m not even close to happy about it.


Boku no Hero Academia 131:

- All Might is really going to die. Hope they can stop that from happening.

- Ochako and Tsuyu are working along with Hadou under the number 9 hero: Dragon hero Ryukyu!  About time we see what the girls are doing.

- I wonder how Bakugo and Todoroki are going to play in this war against the eight precepts and the league of villans since they are still training to get their licenses.

And what about IIda and Kirishima? What have they been doing?

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When will the Kwami Requests be done?

when i get some free time aa

i work long shifts every night this week and go to class all day so i dont really have time for drawing at the moment but i’m hoping to finish them soon!

maybe i’ll livestream them again when i do get a chance

Thoughts on 5x18: Bad Blood

I really loved this episode because it had the type of quality Sharon scenes that send me into a fangirl frenzy! We had personal stuff, family stuff, team stuff, and case stuff that all involved Sharon in an organic, meaningful way. Yay!

- I’m really happy for Julio and Mark and their scene together at the end was really sweet. I hope everything works out for them.

- LOVED the way Ricky and Rusty teamed up to help give Sharon the happiness that she deserves. I also really love the way Rusty is always the cautious one who wants to honor Sharon’s wishes while her other kids always try to get around it like they know better than she does and/or they need to protect her. Rusty knows how strong and capable Sharon really is because he lives with her. I always enjoy the way this dynamic plays out, and I wasn’t disappointed this time.

- The RING!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys, it’s beautiful! And Mike pointing it out and admiring it was just the BEST! Also loved Ricky’s reaction, and Andy’s “I only wish I could have afforded to get one as beautiful as she deserves” just about did my poor shipper heart in. Swooooooon!!! These two, though. Their giddy little smiles and looks are killing me!

- Loved that Ricky let the cat out of the bag and the subsequent reaction from the entire team. And of course, I loved Sharon and Andy trying to play it cool, but being overcome by their own happiness at the exciting news.

- She said yes! While I had little doubt (thanks to Mary’s tweet), it was nice to get confirmation. But more than that, I found it really endearing and special that she said yes right away even though she had a few logistical concerns. Like, she knew that she wanted to be married in the Catholic Church, but their previous marriages and divorces would be a concern. She knew she could file for an annulment, but she didn’t know if Andy would. Despite these uncertainties, she said yes. Obviously, she wants to marry Andy no matter what, and I couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy about that. Of course, she wants to do it with the Church’s blessing (and thanks to that great heart-to-heart between Rusty and Ricky, we have a better understanding why, which, kinda made me a little sad tbh), but she said yes without knowing that she would have it. She’s all in, guys! ALL. Frakkin. In!!!!!!! Bye!

I’m sure the case was interesting, but honestly, I was squee-ing too loudly to notice (although, I did like that Sharon knew the victim and had a run-in or two with her in the past. “And she called me a ‘bitch’”. Lol! And then Provenza’s reaction made it even better). These back 8 have been infinitely better than the summer 13, so fingers crossed that it continues!

So random weird TMI fact about me is I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed OCD. And I also had to piss in a cup today along with the blood work which I just…don’t do. And in a public bathroom which I also don’t do. I took gloves. I gagged my way through it. And now I really just wanna burn off every single bit of my skin I have and hope I become Deadpool.

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You know I find you really annoying. All you do is fish for compliments and validation and it's so annoying, you're not even that good of a writer. You work constantly has mistakes, and to top it off you're not that good looking. So glad I unfollowed so I don't have to see all your dribble on my feed 👋🏻

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I hope the door hits you on the way out. Glad that such a rude and disrespectful person unfollowed me. My world will be brighter knowing you’re gone! 

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As I see, they will do all the drama in the next episodes. I mean, just they arguing while work, Voight will be annoyed with Jay and we will not really have any background story, this is bullshit, so in the season finale or in the previous episode, linstead is going have a conversation where them broke up for good or come back together. I just hope it's the second, because it doesn't make sense for them to be over, it's pathetic.

I think it will probably take the rest of the season to unfold because they will probably do something Burgess/Burzek-y for the next two episodes before she leaves and god forbid they have two personal stories in one episode. 

IF they do break up it will literally make zero sense at all so here’s hoping they don’t do that because that would be a new level of ridiculous.

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This isn't really an ask. I just wanted to say I spent the last half an hour or so basically downloading every sim you've ever made. They're all gorgeous! You do great work! Have a good day.

Thank you so much for making my day much better, you sweet person <3 I hope you’re having a great day yourself :)

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I mean they're not broken up yet.....he's just taking some space to deal with his issues. So hopefully they'll work it out. Cuz olmstead (I think it was him) said that voight is gonna give jay an ultimatum: fix it or be transferred out of intelligence. So I'm hoping they fix it. Cuz I don't see jay going anywhere any time soon.

YES! THEY AREN’T BROKEN UP! I just want to like shout that really loud…he left to deal with his stuff they didn’t end their relationship (yet) I think that really needs to be made note of. I don’t see him leaving either. It’s all about the angst and the drama to make things interesting.

15 million Bosses/Day 1

Hi everybody! My name is Alexis, lex or Lexii for short. I’m 20 years old I’ll be 21 in September. I don’t know what I can really say about my self xD umm I love to read and play video games. Watching jacksepticeye and Markiplier are my coping mechanisms when I have anxiety attacks. I have very bad anxiety and depression but I’m working on it everyday. I am engaged to a very lovely man and we hope to be married by next Christmas ^o^. Well that’s all I got see you tomorrow for day 2. If you have any questions about me or just want to talk you can inbox me I’m always up for chatting and making new friends!!

@starlightcrystalgem (this was her even idea the instructions are on her blog I also Reblog them too! )

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God like, fuck. U and ur GF deserve so much more then the shit that's going on in your lives. I hope you guys can get together soon and things work out :( This is all super shitty but everything will be ok one day. It might not feel like it but in the future your going to be so happy ❤️

awww thank you anon <3 that really means a lot to me

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Hello, I hope you're doing alright. Not that it's my business, but I'm curious, is there anything new about the flowers girl ?

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been around lately, my brain has been weird and I haven’t really had the spoons to be online at all, but I’m gonna try to be better!

Anyways lmao no nothing’s been happening with flower girl. Except she does know my name (less exciting considering everyone wears nametags at work, but she did make a point of using it when she checked out at my register so. Cool.) and she remains very pretty and very nice to look at when it’s slow in the store and I’m on a register close to the flower nest she spends all day in. I probably stare a little too much to be subtle at this point but w/e I think most of my coworkers still assume I’m straight (which is hilarious)


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