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Best Singing Compilation - Miyano Mamoru: Vocal King (~GENERATING!~ Edition). ♡

Please respect creators

One of my followers messaged me today, saying that someone stole my fanart of Mark, Amy and Chica and it was shown on @markiplier‘s Charity livestream yesterday.

I watched the footage of the livestream on twitch and indeed, it was my fanart with a different watermark/signature on it. My watermark was removed. Removing it was easy because I added it in a corner. I did not want to put it right in the middle. I thought that wasn’t necessary.

Seeing this on the stream was hurtful. I saw that someone actively removed my name on my work and added another signature on top of it. I have to admit, this got to me in that moment. I teared up. This was on my mind all day.

This is the original drawing:

Do I really have to add a big watermark all over my drawings to make it harder for people to remove it? I hope not.

Come on. This is not needed. Is it?

What is needed is awareness that taking someones drawings/fanart and editing it. Changing how the creator wanted it to look like or reposting it without proper credit is not okay. It never will be. I still can’t understand why this happens so often. I want it to stop.

I am not making this post to put the blame on someone. I want to ask you all to look out for each other. Let’s calmly explain to the ones that take artworks without persmission of the artist and educate them. Sourcing and giving credit where credit is due, is very important for creators. Please be respectful.

Dear @markiplier,

I know this takes time and you are very busy, but could you please consider to address this issue? I would love for someone to step up for creators and teach others to treat their work with respect and kindness. I don’t want anyone to think that this behaviour is okay. Taking somones work and saying it is yours when it is not, is horrible. We all make mistakes, but everyone can learn.

I for myself will try to calmly explain people who repost others creations without permission, that this is not the right thing to do. I will never get tired of explaining this matter. It is important to me. I value this a lot. Hard work should always be treasured and valued.

Thank you for your time.

I am sorry if this post isn’t in the best english and all over the place, but I had a long day of studying to do (and this situation did not make it easier for me today). Thank you again. Have a great day everyone. Be kind.

Kaddy Heart Star


I could get a hold of the person who reposted my fanart (they told me a friend of them said it was their art and must have removed the watermark) and the repost is now down. We calmly talked and I am certain that we understood each other. And it makes me really happy that we could solve this. :D YAY!

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 18 - Claire

Work is kicking my butt this week so just a quick painting for today. Tried to see what I could do with only one large brush… I know, I know, another b/w, but I do have some bright colors coming your way for next week, I promise!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far!
We’re a week closer to September!


Hi everyone! You might have noticed page 27 is a bit late today! Unfortunately I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with commissions and work and moving back to australia, and haven’t been able to keep as on top of Mimon as I’d like. I was hoping to get the page up for you all a little later today, but work commitments are interfering with that plan. As is, I’ve decided to postpone page 27 until next week, and post it alongside page 28, so there will be two pages next week, and I can get back on schedule. Sorry about that! I really didn’t want to have to postpone, but I’m realising it’ll be better for my mental health if I just put it aside for this week. If any of you are from Melbourne I’ll be at Oz Comic Con this weekend selling Mimon and a whole lot of other merch (which is partly why I’m so busy), so come along and say hi! 

Flying Glasses

Young!Sirius Black X reader // 1,070 words.

Summary: For all the time you’ve worked being a bartender, you’ve never met someone quite as interesting as Sirius.

Warnings: Light cussing, light drinking, flirty fluff.

A/n: HAPPY 20TH HARRY POTTER! I’m so glad i’m in this fandom, everything about it is just so… Magical. I made this fic just for today, and let’s just say i’m really proud, so i hope you like!! Have an amazing day Hogwarts students. <3

You loved your job more than anything. It was meant for you. It was hard to describe, but there was a certain liveliness to our kind of bars. Each night that you walked in, it seemed like the air changed, that the world you once were in just seconds ago disappeared. Wizard bars were so much different, and so much better.

There were so many things you could call your favorite, but that would just be unfair, wouldn’t it? The lights that floated in the air like stars. The music that seemed to be on an endless loop, but never tiring. The glasses which flew from the shelves onto the counter, and the drinks that did the same.

Then the people. The true hit or missers.

Each person, amazing and unique, annoying and sloppy. Just as people are.

Oh yes, they had to be your favorite.

You knew people from the instant they walked in, and sometimes you could even tell their backstory from a glance (Only with the obvious ones). Along with that, you also learned fast to remember faces, but more importantly, faces that showed up regularly. You wouldn’t lie - you liked some more than others, but for a good reason. Just because you liked people in general doesn’t mean you had to like all of them.

But one particular person really piqued your interest, a man named Sirius. Sirius Black. You knew the last name, of course - it was a household name, one of the most famous Pure Blood families. From what you’d heard, he was an arrogant prick who went through women fast, but from what you saw, he seemed to be a nice guy, with more to him than a name.

He would come in at 1am, hair slightly messy, but in a rugged way more than a wind tunnel look. Flirt with a few people, get a few drinks, and sit there, admiring the beauty of the place. Sometimes, if he’d had enough drinks, he’d talk to you, asking an endless amount of questions. You knew his trick - for every five regular questions, he’d ask a personal one, but the thing was… you didn’t mind.

If he got through as many questions as he’d planned, and the bar was still not closed, he would talk about himself. He didn’t reveal much, though, just little things he probably thought you’d forget.

Why? You suspected that the bar was someplace for him to relax, somewhere that he could be someone else. But it was none of your business (but you sure as hell wanted it to be).

He wouldn’t leave until you told him it was closing (admittedly a few minutes after you really should have). You saw the slight disappointment in his almost constant smirk when he left, and you weren’t sure why exactly he felt that way, but you never asked.

This night seemed to be a change though - you could tell by the way he held himself, tired, but trying to pick himself up. (Terrible day.) Even though the lights were dim, you could see darker bags under his eyes than usual. (Less sleep than usual.)

He slid onto one of the seats, his dark eyes practically glued to the countertop.

“Stronger than the usual?” you asked, giving him a comforting smile you’d learned to perfect awhile ago.

“Sounds good to me,” Sirius said, his voice slightly lower and gruff. (Yelling? Maybe he just hasn’t spoken yet today.)

You nodded, letting a shot glass from below fly onto the counter and fill itself to the brim. You stared at it with narrow eyes. You thought you had mastered the perfect amount of drink, but apparently not. It slowly unfilled itself by the smallest bit, making it so it wouldn’t spill if picked up. You huffed in satisfaction.

You sat there in some silence, music humming in the background. Though it was loud, you had become so used to it by now that it seemed like white noise.

“Rough night?” you asked once again. This had to be a record amount of times you’ve asked him things.

“You can say that.” He slid his now empty glass over, nodding for it to be refilled.

“You’re giving me a hard time getting things out of you, hon,” you joked, and he let out a breathy laugh, his smile slowly getting wider. His eyes wandered to you, looking at you with a curious… something.

“You seem to care more about me than a normal bartender should,” he said, a little more of a question than a statement. It took you aback.

“Well…” You weren’t paying attention to the overflowing shot glass, which was threatening to spill over the counter. “Shit…”

You quickly gave the glass the dirty eye, making it remove all of the contents so fast it almost tipped itself over. You picked up a rag and wiped up all the remaining mess, without magic, since apparently it had been failing you.

‘I’m so sorry, let me get you another one.” You squeezed your eyes tightly, letting out a sigh as you turned around so he couldn’t see you, and grabbed the drink from above. (Why were you so nervous? It was just flirting, if you could call it that. People did it all the damn time. Pull yourself together.)

“It’s okay, love. Really. Simple mistake.” He was still looking at you with that smile, the one you couldn’t quite read, that confused you very deeply.

Some more silence filled you, but only for moments.

“Has anyone ever asked you out during work?” Sirius tilted his head slightly, strands of his hair falling onto his face.

“Yes,” you answered simply. You knew where it was going - the problem was if you liked it or not. You had a feeling it was the former. Okay, you knew.

“Has it ever worked?” You chuckled, a slight blush painting your cheeks dusty pink. “Not even close.”

“Could it ever work?” He was getting just a tad bit antsy, which surprised you. People like him didn’t get antsy, they knew exactly how to charm. And you had seen him do it perfectly. What was different this time?

“Only if the right person came ‘round, sir.”

“What are you doing after you get out?”

“Probably sleep, but I can miss that…”  He smiled wildly, shooting you a wink.

“Well, i’ll see you then.”

omg!!! i’m 5 people away from my next hundred??? Omg guys thank you so much!!! i really don’t know why you follow me because all i do is post my dramatic discourses, my crappy gifs and phanarts and paintings, and greek mythology moodboards that are all phan related bc i love them so much. but you guys are so lovely to spoil me so much with compliments that it flutters my heart and often bring me to tears and for that, i really am thankful for each and every single one of you for appreciating my work. it may not look like a big thing for some, but for me, it’s more than enough! i really am happy! i love you all to bits and i hope that you get all the love you deserve and not let the negativity of something get to your beautiful self because you are loved! you all are one the source of my happiness here in tumblr as well as phan; and you are all one of the best parts of my 2017 and as well as for the years to come. i’m sorry if i forgot to mention some but you all are special to me ❤   ・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.

to these lovely mutuals that i’ve known for quite a while, my heart flutters for you and you have no idea how  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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A scenario where Iida has a really big crush and he tries to impress them? 😍 Love your work!

I started writing this four separate times. I can only hope that this one is good enough for you all.

Iida was at his wit’s end with you, and you hadn’t even done anything to him. Perhaps that was the problem. He kept making advances towards you and you hadn’t noticed a thing. He had gone to everyone he could think of for advice; Uraraka had proposed something romantic like flowers, Midoriya had suggested something more along the lines of an honest confession, and Tensei hadn’t really been able to stop teasing about his crush to be of any help.

He watched you, chatting with your friends at lunch. The sight of you laughing and happy made his gut clench. He wanted to be the one to make you laugh, to be gifted with the sound. Gritting his teeth, Tenya stood up, slamming his hands on the table and making both Midoriya and Uraraka jump in the process.

“Is something the matter?” Uraraka asked, tilting her head slightly to the side. Tenya shook his head.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’ve just remembered something I have to do.” He quickly sped off, stray napkins blowing in his wake as he made his way quickly down to UA’s courtyard.

The campus had some beautiful flower bushes, and the teacher who cultivated them had said that if students wanted to use them that they could, so long as they deadheaded them for most of the usage, and Tenya decided to do just that. Quickly finding a spare pair of sheers, he set to work, gathering blossoms of every color and dismantling them, spreading the petals on the ground.

It had taken nearly the entirety of the lunch period, but finally, Iida stood back, admiring his work. He quickly sent a text up to Uraraka. Please get (y/n) to look out of the west windows.

He could only wait and watch for you, stories above, and hope that you’d accept.

You felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning in your seat, you looked up and saw Uraraka, one of your classmates.

“Um,” she looked a bit unsure of herself. “Iida wants you to look out of the west windows. He didn’t say why.”

Looking back at your friends, you shrugged, having no idea what was going on, and stood up to walk over to the windows. What you saw out of them brought your hand to cover your mouth, suppressing your emotions. There, in the courtyard, Iida had used flower petals to create a multicolored heart and inside it wrote, (y/n), please accept my feelings.

You could see him standing at the bottom of the heart, looking up at the windows where you were. When he saw you, he stiffly gestured with his arms to the heart, as if you could have missed it. You laughed. People were starting to gather around the windows, looking at the spectacle. You couldn’t wait to answer him when you saw him in class.

The Devil’s Backbone (E.D)

Ethan Dolan Series Part One

Pairing: Fugitive!Ethan X Reader

Word Count: 1,349

Summary: You find a bleeding man sprawled out on the pavement while walking home from work one night, and take him back to your home in order to fix him up. Only, you weren’t expecting him to be the fugitive that escaped his prison cell only 24 hours prior.

Warnings: cursing, violence, etc.

Based off of “The Devil’s Backbone” by The Civil Wars

A/N: I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, as I really liked the concept of it. I’m not sure how long this series will be, but I hope you all enjoy it! So without further ado, I present The Devil’s Backbone.” xx (Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes!)

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what have I done?
I’ve fallen in love with a man on the run
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I’m begging you, please
Don’t take that sinner from me
Oh, don’t take that sinner from me.

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what do I do?
I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you
He’s raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone
Oh I just wanna take him home
Oh I just wanna take him home

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, he’s somewhere between
A hangman’s knot, and three mouths to feed
There wasn’t a wrong or a right he could choose
He did what he had to do
Oh, he did what he had to do.

Give me the burden, give me the blame
I’ll shoulder the load, and I’ll swallow the shame
Give me the burden, give me the blame
How many, how many Hail Marys is it gonna take?

Don’t care if he’s guilty, don’t care if he’s not
He’s good and he’s bad and he’s all that I’ve got
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I’m begging you, please
Don’t take that sinner from me
Oh don’t take that sinner from me

”The Devil’s Backbone” - The Civil Wars”

You light footsteps reverberated on the dry asphalt of the empty streets of Los Angeles. You were still dressed in your work uniform, the faint smell of pizza grease present on your shirt. The sun had gone down hours ago, therefore in it’s place was the moon, which was barely visible through the clusters of clouds hanging in the night sky. It was practically pitch black, the only thing guiding you through the darkness was the dim hue radiating from the street lamps.

You were walking at a leisurely pace, taking your time to admire the beautiful scenery around you. You were more than content walking home alone, seeing as you didn’t live that far anyway. You loved the city at night; the usually noise filled, crowded streets were now deserted and silent.

Your phone vibrated in your back pocket, flagging you were getting a call. You quickly got it and swiped your thumb right, setting the phone against your ear, “Hello?”

“Hey baby, it’s Isaac. You weren’t picking up when I tried calling you so I’m using Brandon’s phone. Can I come over? I miss you.”

Isaac was an ex-boyfriend of yours, and the relationship both of you had wasn’t solid in any way. He would lay his hands on you and constantly be unfaithful, as well as scream and holler at you for the least difficult of things. You were tired of it to put it simply, so you gathered up all of the strength you could muster and put an end to the abusive two-year relationship. He, obviously, wasn’t happy about it, so for the last month, he’s been constantly attempting to contact you in hopes to fix what you once had.

You scoffed in annoyance, “Isaac, I want nothing to do with you anymore, I blocked you for a reason.”

You removed the phone from your ear and hung up. You rounded the corner, only to come across a man sprawled out across the pavement, shrouded in blood.

“Holy shit,” You muttered quietly. Bringing a hand to your mouth, you hastily ran over to him and began shaking him gently, “Sir, can you hear me?”

He groaned in response, mumbling a few incoherent phrases. He rolled over onto his back before bringing his hand to his chest. You gasped as you saw his face, not expecting him to be so attractive despite his cuts and bruises. His dark tufts of hair confined his tan, battered face. His eyes were closed but you noticed they were embellished with thick, long lashes. His nose was swollen and bruised, the blood trickling out of his nostrils driving a trail down to his full, pink lips. His jawline was what truly caught your attention. It emerged noticeably, the sharpness casting a shadow onto his neck. He was breathtaking.

You mentally reproved yourself before tucking a free strand of hair behind your ear, “I’m gonna get you up, okay? Do you know anywhere I could take you?”

You brought your arm beneath his and hauled him up off of the ground, your knees almost buckling as he leaned his weight on you.

The boy shook his head no and let out a few strangled coughs, blood sputtering out of his mouth and onto the pavement. You were too kind to just let this man suffer alone in the middle of the night, and you knew you couldn’t leave him here, as the guilt that would be weighing down on your conscience was something you knew you wouldn’t be able to bare.

All of a sudden, the stranger went limp in your grasp. He would’ve fallen straight onto the concrete if it weren’t for your strong grip on him. It would take all night to drag him to the hospital, which was nowhere near you at the moment; so instead, you began walking in the direction of your house praying the man would be alive by the time you made it.

The stranger thankfully gained some consciousness by the time you unlocked the front door to your home. You helped him walk over to the couch and laid him down.

This was not how you anticipated your night to go. You were originally planning on ordering some Chinese food and binge watch TVD, but instead, you were taking care of an unknown man who was slumped on your couch.

“Do you need anything? Some Advil? An ice pa-”

He removed his shirt to reveal an extensive cut, causing your words to stall in your throat. He touched it and winced, “Do you have a first aid kit?”

You caught a glimpse of his muscular torso, your jaw almost dropping at the mesmerizing sight of it. “U-Uhm, yeah, I do. I’ll go get it.”

With that statement you hastened into the kitchen, rummaging through all of the cupboards. You placed your phone on the countertop and bent down, grinning to yourself as you hauled the first aid kit out from under the heaps of random objects.

You padded back into the living room, “Hey, I have the first aid kit. Also, what’s your name if you don’t mind me aski-”

You froze in your tracks. Your television was turned on and the spot on the sofa where the outsider was once positioned was now empty. You immediately began to wonder if this was all in your head until you noticed his bloody shirt was placed on the coffee table.

“And in other reports, police are still on the hunt for an extremely violent criminal tonight just 24 hours after he escaped the United States Penitentiary. The urgent manhunt is now expanding beyond Atwater, California where the prisoner broke free yesterday. Authorities are hoping a different photo of the inmate could bring a fresh lead to the case. But for now, here is the mugshot of the 20-year-old fugitive Ethan Dolan. If anyone has seen him, please report to the police immediately. He is armed, so please be cautious. Now to Ashley Cappadona with this week’s weather report..”

Your blood turned ice cold, a chilling feeling crawled up your spine and a staggering apprehension settled upon you as a photograph of Ethan Dolan’s mugshot showed up on the screen.

The hair. The eyes. The nose. The lips. The jawline.

It was him. It was the man in your house.

You bolted forwards and grabbed the TV remote, switching off the television. He purposely wanted you to realize the mistake you made, seeing as he deliberately turned on your TV to the news station that was reporting about his escape. But why? Why was he fucking with you?

That’s when you remembered; your phone.

Darting into the kitchen, your heart leaped as you noticed that your phone was still in the same spot you left it. You typed in the three numbers regardless of your shaking hands.

Just as you were about to press the call button, a sharp metal object was placed against your throat and a firm body was pressed against your back.

“I wouldn’t try that if I were you.”

Ethan’s voice was profoundly deep and gravelly in your ear, his words were bound with venom and maliciousness. The phone slipped out of your hand, tumbling onto the hard wooden floor beneath you.

“Wow, what a good girl. I didn’t even have to ask you to drop it.” He murmured in your ear, pressing his body harder against you. You were caught in the middle of him and the counter, the cruel stone pushing into your stomach. Regardless of how much you wanted to escape, you knew you proved unable.

He began to daintily tread the blade up your jawline and to your lips, following over their plump shape with the tip of his weapon.

“Please, stop.” You whimpered, turning your head to the side so the knife was no longer in contact with you.

He chuckled slightly, only to brush his lips up against the shell of your ear, “But sweetheart, we’re just getting started.”

Yandere au

Thomas is your local mercenary with the saddest back story. His backstory is that his family was shitty and tried to kill him and the trauma it left behind caused him to shut off most if not all if his emotions.

Alex is your local yandere who is pinning after Thomas who Alex is convinced loves him back. And tries to get his attention. Stealing his possessions, writing him love letters. Really creepy but romantic stuff Hoping to get his attention.

But it doesn’t really work so Alex starts killing Thomas’s targets for him and Thomas corners him. Alex is just like “we can finally be together! I love you and I know you love me!”

And Thomas is just amused but goes along with it. Thomas just does whatever Alex wants tbh.

john-sims  asked:

OMG NO....you're going to-to to deactivate? :( This is such a pity....I wish you the best, may you break free from the bitch drama of tumblr. I wish you the best. (Also sorry for not answering that question of yours, I'm working on a follow forever actually. Please forgive me) I hope you feel better soon dear <3 -Take care love! *see you again plays in the background*

haha ye i am:// i wish you all the best too. true tbh, tumblr anons are pretty bad… oh ye the follow forever!!! hopefully i will b able to see it!!!! really loved your blog, have a good day:)

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I hope your having a lovely day

Oh thank you, anon! I actually had a really productive day. My time at work was well spent, I visited a new gym and I got a really good workout in, I delivered my coworker’s phone to her since she forgot it at the office earlier, and when I got home, my sticker subscription package had come with all types of cute goodies inside. I hope you had a wonderful day too anon ^__^

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Hey- I just wanted to thank you for creating and continuing to dedicate yourself to your wonderful webcomic. It's beautiful and sweet and I'm extremely grateful it exists. 7 years is a long time to devote yourself to a webcomic and most do not last nearly as long and frequently abandon their work much sooner- for a variety of reasons that I can understand, but I am really grateful that you decided to keep going and continue to put your wonderful work out there : ) So thank you for that.

Aww, this is such a thoughtful message, thank you so much! :) I’m just happy to work on it…like I just really enjoy writing it. If I didn’t enjoy it and y’all weren’t such awesome supportive readers, I probably would have abandoned it years ago! I really look forward to continuing it though. No idea how long that will take LMAO but I’m just enjoying the ride and I hope you do too :D Thanks again!

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Jeezeee, I wasn't sure about this, but just wanted to say I love your art style and honestly I really wish I were as talented as you! Keep up your amazing work and I hope all is well for you!

thank you so so much!!! i’m really thankful…!! i’m wishing you luck in your artwork! hard work can get you anywhere, you’ve just got to set yourself on it!

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Casual reminder that Hope is only going to have a few months' worth of memories of her father by the time that she's an adult :) casual reminder that Hayley put herself through hell to make sure her daughter had a father and she ended up raising Hope alone anyway :) casual reminder that Klaus changed for his daughter when nothing else before her had really worked and he still didn't get to be in her life :) Casual reminder that I'LL BE MAD ABOUT ALL OF THIS FOREVER


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it’s been ‘only’ two weeks from the last update, but it truly feels like ages, and as much as im trying to be patient because i know full well that drawing takes a lot of effort and time, im still having a hard time getting through the wait;;;;;; i just really miss our boys!!

but!! well, i don’t want to get anyone’s hope up, because i don’t know old xian and i can only try to predict what they’re going to do, so don’t quote me on this, but i feel like we might get a new chapter tomorrow?? the last mosspaca update was three days ago, and in the caption of the post old xian said that they were finally done with all the work they had to do. based on past patterns, it usually takes at least two or three days after a new mosspaca chapter to have a 19 days one: three days have passed, and old xian seems to be done with mosspaca for now, so maybe - just MAYBE - tomorrow we will finally get an update!!

we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for old xian to be merciful!! 🙏

Sometimes I wonder if its even worth it reblogging all these prompts and stuff at this point tbh. 

I know I’m slow as hell to reply at times, but I do try my best despite my hours of work and inspiration. I just…idk, is it really worth trying even if I already know barely anyone wants to interact me? 

Probably not…Oh well, just me being a whiny bitch I suppose :P

I should also add that like, I’m also terrified to send in asks or starters, let alone reply to any open starter for reasons that I might bother or annoy people. Ugh, I hate my mentality and I hate myself sometimes. 

We're on iTunes!

Thanks to @roguekraytdragon for pushing me, I’m proud to announce that Moe Moe K-Yun! is officially on listed on iTunes! Also, thank you so much for the reception I’ve already gotten with the podcast. It really makes it worth all the work I’ve been pumping into making this as great as possible, and I really hope i can continue it.

That being said, if you want to see more MMKy! in the future, please rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Follow this blog and reblog the episodes. Follow the twitter. Show all the support you can, it let’s me know that people are actually interested in this project and that I’m not just wasting my time making content for a seemingly dead fandom.

And for all of the support I’ve gotten, I also want to present another thing. In addition to podcast episodes, those who keep up with the blog will see the tumblr-exclusive MMKy! blooper reel, Not So Moe…!

This bonus content will only be posted on tumblr, and will be humorous cut-out portions of the podcast that did not make the episode cut. They’ll be released on Tuesdays following the episode release. Yup, that means the first one comes out TOMORROW. Keep an eye on it!

Thanks again for the support, and I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast and all I have to offer with it.