i really hope they play into that a bit more

Things I really liked about S4D&C

Window Seats

Cute matching outfits

We can hold smaller animals while sitting HELL YEA.

We can give dogs scrap food.

…There are too many furries on the ts4 team.

New fireplace.




…Is that a Santa hat? It’s a bit blurry, but I hope so.

These adorable af calendar and canisters.


This really cute version of the “Dogs playing poker” painting.

These boots

This cute ass rainbow ball. Oh, and the soccer one. (Sorry im more worried about the gay.)


This deco animal container



Cats can jump on fridges.

The statue.

But I’m sure there’s more! Add to it so we can spread some positivity!

Study Partner (Taeyong x Reader)

Rating: M, with a side of fluff

(A/N) How goes my fellow nut busters? I’m jumping right onto the request train by giving you some fluffy and a little smutty study partner Taeyong! While our resident being of perfection may have enough sex appeal to shut down a male stripper convention, I think Taeyong/s sweeter side needs a bit more loving too. So I hope y’all enjoy this one because it was really fun to write!!

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Staring out the window of your classroom like some angsty anime character was one of your favorite pastimes. You wished every waking hour you were in this hell hole of a school to be outside, riding your bike through the streets, picking flowers in the park, playing in the stream that ran through town, anything but this class.

It’s not like you were bad at writing and literature, in fact, you were exceptional, the brightest in your class. But you hated the teacher, hated what he made you write. You didn’t want to write about the characters in a Greek tragedy, you didn’t want to analyze Jane Austin, you wanted to write soaring stories about adventurers, magic, and romance. This class made you despise writing, and you loathed that, because writing was one of your secret passions.

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Drunken Confession


“You wake me up at four in the four in the bloody morning to cuddle?” and “I think I’m in love with you and it scares the crap out of me.” 

                                                         * * *

It’s not the burning in her stomach or pounding headache that finally wakes Y/N, but rather the vast, empty wasteland of mattress that stretches beside her. Y/N reaches across the bed, fingers blindly grabbing for something - someone but all she catches are the soft blue covers that dress the duvet she lies under. Her eyebrows knit in confusion as she searches for her favourite night time companion, a small chewed up teddy bear which once flourished with golden fur but now was a mangled mess after the years of being dragged through gravel and performing many, many fatal falls from climbing frames.

“Fuzzy Wussy?” Y/N whispers into the darkness, grimacing as her tongue quivers at the evil and bitter taste of residue alcohol painting her teeth.

The lovely effects of tequila were beginning to wear away and Y/N could start to feel a pounding surface at her temples. She was thirsty, Y/N knew that. She also knew her mouth felt dirty and her stomach was burning evilly and the bobble tying her hair was so tight that her forehead ached at the stress of her stretched scalp. She knew that her brain had been replaced by cotton balls which was why she felt so light headed and that needles were pricking her eyes, causing her to tear at the sharp sting.

Y/N also came to realise that she wasn’t in her room, and in fact the blue covers she found refuge in belonged to her best friend Harry.

A tired yawn escapes her lips as Y/N slowly pushes herself up off the bed till she’s sitting up right. All she can remember at this moment is that it was a Saturday night (or rather a Sunday morning which quick glance at Harry’s bedside clock confirms) and that after stupidly getting wasted, Harry took it upon himself once again to offer her aid in her drunken slur.

She calls out Harry’s name, or perhaps it sleepily falls from her lips as though he’s her only thought she can process during these deranged early hours - Y/N can’t remember how she says his name because at this moment she’s still on a slightly drunken high. Harry doesn’t respond, much to Y/N’s upset and so she decides to take it upon herself to find her best friend and invite him to cuddle because she was cold and could really do with a substitute for good ol’ Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Mustering all the will power she can conjure, Y/N sticks her naked legs out from underneath the bed sheets and places her bare feet on the cold wooden floor. An air of coldness surrounds her and Y/N wraps her arms around her waist and tries to draw in as much heat to her body as possibly before gathering her thoughts and bringing one foot in front of the other. She hauls her self out the room and stumbles down the stairs, trying not to leave scratch marks on the wooden banister as her manicured fingers grip it tightly.

“Harry?” She whispers again once she’s reached the bottom. “Harry, where are you?”

Eventually Y/N reaches the living room and an ever so fond, hazy smile tugs at her cracked lips as she toddles over to Harry’s lanky body which stretches along the sofa. His limbs (which are perfectly sculpted - may Y/N add) are woven in between a thick blanket and he lies on his back, feet dangling from the furthest arm of the chair because his body just consumes the sofas length.

“Harry?” Y/N tries again, snaking her cold hands out to tug on his arm and try and shake him awake.

“Wake up, you bean.”

Almost magically, Harry gives a throaty grunt in response to the pet name and his eyelids flutter, exposing the blood shot veins that branch across the whites of his eyes.

“Harry move along, I’m cold and I need a cuddle.” At that, Y/N decides to peel back Harry’s blanket and climb in beside him. Consciously ignoring the fact that Harry’s wearing nothing other than a pair of thin Calvins, Y/N slots her limbs into the jigsaw of Harry’s and rests her head on his chest as she lets her fingers wander and draw soothing circles on his skin. It’s a tight squeeze on the couch and Harry’s still a little out of it, alcohol yet to leave his system, but he pulls Y/N closer anyway and let’s her bury her freezing nose into the crook of his neck.

“What time is it?” Harry inquires sleepily, his eyes drifting closed once again.

“Four AM.”

“Four!?” Harry suddenly cries, jolting awake and consequently shocking Y/N out of her slumber. 

You wake me up at four in the bloody morning to cuddle?” He asks, disbelief evident in his tone because Y/N loved her sleep and wouldn’t just leave a warm, toasty bed for just anyone.

“Yeah, so what?” She says sleepily, eyes already knitted shut. Harry shakes his head, a little annoyed but mostly adoringly and he he tightens his hold on Y/N.

“You’re lucky I love you so much.” Harry murmurs lowly, annoyed to have been woken up but glad that Y/N can find solace in his presence.

“I love you too. Harry.” 

“Love you more, best friend.” 

“No I didn’t mea- Harry, I… can I tell you a teeny weeny secret?” Y/N huffs as she slows her tongue so that she wont trip over any more words, the warm mist drifting over Harry’s shoulder as she twists her neck to look him.

“Of course, you can petal.” Harry replies calmly but really his heart skips a beat and he’ thankful that Y/N isn’t sober enough to pick up his increasing heart rate in anticipation of the secret.

“I think…” Y/N hesitates. “Harry, I think - I think I’m in love with you and it scares the fucking crap out of me.”

At that, Harry’s already rigid body tenses even more and he inhales shakily as the news travels in waves through his ears, around his head and runs along his veins right down to the tips of his curled toes.

Harry was not expecting that.

But before he can question her, cute little snores are dancing from her throats and in that second, Harry knows Y/N will not remember what she just said tomorrow morning.

It should pain him, it really should hurt him that Y/N would not remember confessing her love for him but at that moment Harry couldn’t care less.

For him, the lovely effects of tequila were only coming into play now and with a drowsy Y/N in his arms and the secret promise of love on Y/N’s lips, Harry knew he would sleep soundly till morning.

                                                       * * *

PS. I hope you liked it! Thanks @onlyceci for the prompt lines and I’m also sorry because I changed one of the lines up a bit to fit the imagine more - I hope you understand! Anyways, feel free to request stuff guys and see ya’s soon X

“Do not watch this!” Breaking the fourth wall in a video message... the wheel turns, nothing is ever new...

Sleep No More, a Doctor Who episode written by Mark Gatiss.

Here we have a Professor Moriarty “who has been playing a long game.” 

(more Sleep No More/Sherlock parallels (before s4 aired) in this episode here). 

The Professor interrupts “THE END” of the story in a video message, looking directly at the camera. 

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They are all villains in control of the story:

“I do hope you’ve enjoyed the show. I did try to make it exciting: all those scary bits, all those death-defying scrapes, monsters, and a proper climax with a really big one at the end. Compulsive viewing. I did tell you not to watch.

^Directly showing the idea of a story being created, (the Professor’s ALIBI). aware of it being fictional (this is the story of Sir Boast-A-Lot)… a creepy glitchy noise very like the ‘Did you miss me’ videos… a video message with a poisonous message hidden inside ( “who you really are, it doesn’t matter”“he planted that doubt inside her head, that little nagging sensation you’re going to have to be strong to resist”). 

Compulsive viewing. Like a game show. With a time limit.

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And “I did tell you not to watch” rather reminds me of one of Mark’s friends… ;)

Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)
Romance (Theme of Ikemen Sengoku)

I really like the song that plays during the more intimate moments in the game, so I wanted to try playing it. There are two versions (the piano one and the slower one) but this is… somewhere between the two? Also I may have reharmonized it a little bit, idk lol I transcribed it based on memory. And I just made up a track title because I don’t think there’s an actual name for it.

uhhhhh okay anyway hope you ladies enjoy!!

(original soundtrack copyright Cybird)


My wife got sick when she was 35. Cancer. Terminal.

She was my other half and I couldn’t imagine life without her. So, I went to a crossroads and made my deal.

She would live and they would come for my soul in 20 years.

She was furious when I initially told her what I had done, but she understood that I needed her. We spent the next 20 years living life to the fullest. I never regretted my decision for a second.

Sure, times weren’t always great. There was that time we almost got caught in Albany. The bitch we lured into our hotel room escaped somehow. Luckily, she died at the hospital before she could tell the police what I had done to her. Then there was the time our neighbors called the cops on us when they heard a woman screaming. My wife explained to them that we had gotten a bit carried away with our role play. Her leather corset and whip marks really helped sell it. We left that night, our victim still bound and gagged in the basement.

I toasted to the good times and finished off the rest of my whiskey. I had sent my wife away. I didn’t want her to be here when they came for me.

I was definitely scared. A feeling that I wasn’t used to. I had hoped the whiskey would help with that but it just made me more nervous.

I heard a knock at the door and it startled me. I regained my composure and when I opened it, a tall dark creature beckoned me forward. I kept my face stern and walked through my doorway. I was instantly transported into Hell.

The stench was foul and almost made me puke. The screams of the tortured were deafening and I was blinded by the bright fires. As my eyes adjusted, I was shoved toward a table with five women strapped down. They were beaten and bloody.

The tall creature handed me a knife.

I began my work immediately.

Who ever said there was a downside to deals with the devil?


What was it like when you found out the news that Rostam won’t be in the band anymore?

CT: I had heard that, I’d knew that for a while. I personally felt bummed, I sorta liked the idea of the classic phase being the only phase, the original member sort of thing. Would never put things in his mouth or speak to the reasons why he made that decision. I feel like he had sort of said and brought it up and after this point had more serious talks and heard about it; I love that guy, I hope he does very well, and like I said I just saw him play and he seemed really happy on stage, but yeah that’s all i could ever hope for.

If you look at the tapes from - if you check the books on Bonnaroo ‘14, well then I was getting a little emotional that show because that was fresh for me, and you know this is maybe revealing a little too much, but I’m a bit of a crier, straight up. I just remember playing that show being like “fuck, man”, like this is weird, this thing has been a constant and like this governing factor for my entire adult life is gonna change and like change is weird and change can be painful, and you know, even when there’s nothing you can do about it and even if it’s the right choice for everyone involved. I don’t think I shed tears but I definitely was like feelin’ it. I was feelin’ it. So I have no idea what exists from that show in a video sense. But at this point that was now 2+ years ago, like he’s doing his thing, everyone’s doing their own respective things, there’s still a lot of collective stuff to come, but you know I think Rostam’s happy and he’s doing what he wants and that’s all I would want for him.

Overtime ~ Reggie Mantle x Jock!Reader x Archie Andrews

Request:  REGGIE MANTLE X READER X ARCHIE. OH MY GOD. so basically the reader is a jock and both Archie and Reggie like her and they both go crazy competitive to get her and at Cheryl's party she gets Reggie for 7 minutes and then her and Reggie get heated and then if your comfortable add smut because that’d just make this 100% better. - Anon

Word Count: 2.5k (I kinda went overboard, forgive me.) 

Warnings: Not really; there is a bit of making out at the end but???

A/N: I low key suck at smut so what happens at the end is the best I could do, sorry sweets lmao. But this was fun to write, and I hope it’s at least decent! Also; 

Under Read More-

Y/N tapped her pencil against her work as she listened to the music flowing thru her headphones. If anything; she was distracted by the music, but even knowing that didn’t stop her from listening to the tunes her phone played into her ears. In reality, Y/N was in the library attempting to do some much-needed homework that needed to be finished, and a few late works she had yet to hand it, thus why it was considered late. As someone who played in the girl’s basketball team, volleyball team, and the soccer team at Riverdale High, a basketball team, volley ball team and soccer team which you were particularly proud of and known for being a part of, you rarely had time to focus on your homework.

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Y’shenn’s looking for y’friends

Hello! Some of you might recognize me or my FFXIV character, Y’shenn Tia. However, I don’t really have many FFXIV friends, in-game or out-of-game. I’ve made posts looking for contacts before, but they didn’t always work out (admittedly, this was partly due to failure to follow-up on my part). Anyways, I’m looking for more contacts for Y’shenn and just more friends in general now that I have some more free time on my hands.

With Stormblood coming up, I do want to develop more of a story for my character, but it’s a bit lonely doing it by yourself haha. I’m also hoping this will get me interested in FFXIV again, since I haven’t been playing it much recently, having exhausted most of the content.

So if you ever wanted to meet Y’shenn, now’s a good chance! Read on for more information on how to get in touch! Thank you for your interest!

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (24)

Part 24 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23   Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 2,160

“Why are you standing up, sit down, this isn’t a joke.” You said, still in disbelief staring up at him, mouth wide open.

“This isn’t a joke. I’m well aware of that” He gave you a serious look, contrast to the expression he usually wore.

“But Baekhyun…” You whispered, still shocked. How could he be the son of a tyrant it just did not make sense, and now you found yourself questioning his motives. The men were staring at Baekhyun in surprise, Jongin and Kris in particular.

“I don’t fucking believe this.” Junmyeon rolled his eyes heavenwards, letting out an exasperated sigh. “All this time I’ve had my biggest enemies children in my unit and a traitor here too who we thought we all loved dearly, who the heck am I supposed to trust?!” He banged his fists on the table looking at Baekhyun, with rage in his eyes. “Who the heck are you Baekhyun and what do you want?!”

Baekhyun shuffled uncomfortably in his spot, but he was staring intensely at Jongin and Kris, maybe he was just really beginning to process the fact that they were his brothers.

“I’m here to get rid of Red too. My story is the same as their stories, The only difference being it was me and my sister, but he did to her what he did to Kris. He drowned her, unfortunately this time he succeeded. We were twins, we did everything together.” Baekhyun frowned angrily, banging his fists on the table tears coming to his eyes. “She was only 15. A part of me died with her, a part that I’ll never get back. Red is a fucking menace and he needs to be put down permanently.” Baekhyun flopped down into his seat, staring at his hands shaking in his lap.

“I’m so sorry Baekhyun, don’t worry we’ll get him.” Kris said bowing his head.

Jongdae stood up slowly walking towards the fridge. “I’m so baffled, I need a drink. I can’t believe you’re all related.” You were with Jongdae on this one; you were still bewildered by the fact that Jongin, Kris and Baekhyun were brothers.

“Wait Jongin I have a question for you.” You spoke up, you still weren’t one hundred percent sure about all of this and you needed to clarify every single detail. “I found a sheet of paper in your room; it was almost like a checklist. You said you had to kill Luhan because he knew more than he was supposed to, what does that mean?”

He nodded quickly towards your direction, clearing his throat he began to talk. “He found out that I was Red’s son, he didn’t know that at first, you see Luhan’s father was The Professor, that you…”

“The guy I killed…” You looked at the floor, disgusted in yourself, you tried so hard to repress that dark memory in the back of your mind, it made you feel like a monster, as though you were subhuman. Jongin gave you a sorry look but nodded nonetheless.

“Red and The Professor had been partners for a number of years. But I know for a fact that the professor wasn’t happy with the percentage of his share, so if Luhan had made my identity known it would’ve blown up, then I’m sure he’d have had me killed and blamed it on Red somehow and then he would’ve been publicly shamed and lost his half of the business, or all of it meaning it would be in the Professor’s hands. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t care about the damaging Red’s status part of it all, but I did care about him trying to take me out.”

“Okay well what about Tao and Kris, you said something about there being more to them if I remember correctly.” You continued to pry, you were making sure to expose him if there was anything that he was hiding.

“At the time, I didn’t know if they were genuinely on our side or not so I was trying to delve deeper that’s all there is to it.”

You nodded your head, but you still had one question left. The most crucial in your opinion.

“Okay so explain this to me. On the night of the hotel incident, Red initially acted like he didn’t know you, but then he acted as though he knew you were working for Genesis, but he knows your his son and…ugh i’m just so confused.”

Jongin sighed deeply, pushing his hair out of his face. “Look it’s hard to explain. Nobody but him and us know that Me, Kris and apparently now Baekhyun are his children, so he has to act like he doesn’t know me and act like I’m against him and working for Genesis. Ironic thing is though I really am working for Genesis, he just doesn’t know that, he basically thought me coming in the day of the hotel incident was to favour him, but in all honesty I ambushed him and we set his produce alight.”

It was starting to make a little bit more sense now. Jongin had to pretend to play undercover in Red’s company in order for him to be undercover in Genesis. You were just hoping everything was true.
You stood up from your seat and began to walk out of the kitchen, still trying to process everything. When you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned around slowly to see Baekhyun.

“Y/N, hey I…I know I’m Red’s son, but I hope that doesn’t change your attitude towards me, I’m still me and I promise I’m on Junmyeon’s side. I just hope you guys don’t decide to treat me any different than you have up until now.” You shook your head smiling at him softly; he looked so cute with a pout painted across his face.

“Baekhyun it’s okay I believe you, I’m sorry about what happened to you and your sister…” You hung your head slightly.

“Thanks. I –I just miss her every day you know. She was my best friend, we couldn’t be separated. And then she was taken, just like that.” He smiled sadly, gulping to stop himself from crying. “Will you excuse me for a moment please…?” Baekhyun side stepped you and continued walking down the corridor, you let out a sigh. Life just continued to keep on becoming challenging in this house and it was becoming quite suffocating.  
You crept into the living room; you needed some time to reflect on everything that had gone on lately. The revelation of who Jongin, Kris and Baekhyun were, Minseok’s death, his apparent resurrection and whatever was going on between the two of you. Also you needed to think about what you’d do with Yixing. Not bothering to switch on the light you let out a loud sigh and dropped down on the sofa behind you.

“OUCH! For fuck sake!”

You jumped up again, in complete and utter shock, looking down at the sofa.
“Oh my goodness, Sehun I didn’t see you there I’m sorry.”

“Stupid bitch…” He mumbled, sitting up with a displeased expression on his face. You walked closer to the door to switch on the light so you could see properly.

“Don’t worry I won’t bother you.” You sat on a different sofa to him, hugging a cushion to your chest and staring at nothing in particular.

“So Baekhyun’s one of them too? I heard you guys talking from here.” Sehun muttered quietly, peering at you from where he was lying on his sofa.

“Yes he is.” You answered, not wanting to talk too much. You liked Sehun the least out of all of the boys, he still hadn’t given you a chance to like him yet. In fact you pretty much hated him.

“I know you’ve been hanging out with Minseok lately, you’re reaction to his death was way too emotional for someone that has tried killing you multiple times. I just want you to know that Minseok is my best friend so don’t you dare try and get too comfortable. Minseok is all I have left. The boys are great but Minseok is really all I have.” He looked at you through angry eyes.

“Sehun, I’m not trying to steal Minseok from you, but have you ever considered for a moment what it’s like being in this house for me. It’s really really hard, I’m trying so hard to adjust and to get along with you guys, but someone’s always angry at me. I miss home. I’m sick of seeing the same four walls everyday, but yet I’m just stuck” You sighed heavily resting your head into the cushion in your lap.

Sehun scoffed. “Do you think I wanted to be here? I’m in the same position as you Y/N. I was on the plane to Iceland for holiday, when my mum died in my arms.”
You gasped, sitting up and facing him properly.

“I literally sat there…with her dead body in my hands, and I felt her getting colder and colder. She was taking Supplements by Red then, that’s what killed her. It was only me and my mum, when I lost her I lost everything. I have an older sister, but she never really wanted to know she was too busy loving up her husband and chasing money, she didn’t take me in. So I ended up here. Luhan and Minseok practically raised me after my mum died, but Luhan…” He stopped, trying to recompose himself and to stop himself from crying again.
“You’ve not lost anyone Y/N, you’re the one who doesn’t know how it feels.”

“That’s not true Sehun, I’ve lost myself. I’m not the person I used to be I just feel like an empty shell. Besides, my family have lost me, you can’t imagine that I feel good about that do you?” He paused for a moment, looking at you in silence and then rolling his eyes.

“That’s nothing compared to having your mother die in your arms.” He got up and walked out of the room. You felt somewhat bad, trying to make it as though your issues were bigger than his, that was definitely not your intention. You were becoming really fed up with everything about your life right now, it seemed to be a burden instead of a blessing.

“Board now!” You heard Junmyeon shout, as if on impulse you stood up and made your way there. You didn’t need to, it’s not like you were part of the underground group but it had become something automatic now. Every single man was in the room this time, including Minseok, who decided to sit on one side of you, Chanyeol on the other side.

“I think it’s time we start planning how we’re going to take Red down, don’t you?” Junmyeon said, looking around the table at everyone’s faces. “We need all hands on deck. That includes you Y/N.”

Your eyes widened. You? Again? This was not going to end well, it never did.

“I’m not comfortable with that.” Chanyeol frowned, looking at Junmyeon and resting his hand on your shoulder.

“Chanyeol, we don’t have too much of a choice. Plus she’s capable she’ll be okay. She always has been.” Your face contorted, why was he putting you out on the front line again, it never went well when you were around, and you were not trained to take out Red, you weren’t trained for anything at all, you were just here by an unfortunate accident.

“Actually. I agree with Chanyeol, maybe she should stay.” Minseok spoke up to your side, he was defending you and it was making your heart flutter involuntarily. You heard Yixing scoff from across the table.

“Of course you’d agree with him.” You looked up him through pleading eyes, that were begging him to keep quiet, but he didn’t care. “You want to protect your girlfriend don’t you?”

“Yixing…”You whispered. The rest of the boys looked at you and Minseok confused, whilst Minseok was trying to kept a straight and unsuspecting face.

“Will you tell them or shall I?” He asked you spitefully, looking at you through angry eyes.

“Tell us what?” Jongin frowned, looking at you, but you were still looking worriedly at Yixing in silence.

“The fact that they’re sleeping with each other. I’m pretty sure I walked in on them prepping for sex or just finishing it up.” He raised an eyebrow, everyone turned around looking at the both of you in shock apart from Jongin and Chanyeol, who both seemed slightly disgusted.

“That’s not true is it Y/N?” Chanyeol nudged you in the side with his elbow.

“No it’s not! I’ve not been screwing Minseok!”

Yixing laughed sarcastically, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back in his seat smugly. “Well I definetly saw you two kissing, you couldn’t keep your hands, and lips off of each other for that matter.”

Chanyeol nudged you in your side again. “Y/N?…”

You stood up from your seat and walked out of the room angrily, calling back behind you.

“I don’t have time for this shit!”

“Why won’t you deny it then?!” Chanyeol shouted after you.

RFA + V + Saeran Kinks

Anonymous said:

RFA + V + Saeran kinks plS ^q^ <3

Here you go! Also I’m sorry that some are longer than others. I elaborated more on the people that had more kinks because I really feel like Yoosung,V and Jaehee are generally very vanilla. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

I also got carried away with saeran please forgive me but you're welcome saeran stans

NSFW below!!


 I honestly don’t see him as much of a kinky person. He’s pretty vanilla in terms of everyday sex. Occasionally spicing it up with a bit of role play. Even though yoosung isn’t the type, he’d be open to trying new things as long as it’s not tooooo crazy. He’d be open to things like extended foreplay is that even a kink i don’t even know


 bODY WORSHIPING IS HIS THING! He will never stop telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves every inch of your gorgeous body. especially if you wore lingerie. He is also into consent (obviously they would all need consent, but he like to verbally hear it many times) he would love to ask you vulgar questions just to hear your response. the way you would answer as he’s thrust into you just makes him nghhhhhhh- the beast™ 


rough sex. enough said He’d love the ddlg stuff. i don’t think he’s much of a sadist though. he’d just want to control you make you feel like he owns you. he’d like some minor bdsm play such as handcuffs blindfolds and silk ties you guys saw that coming he loves seeing you squirm in the binds as he continues to pleasure you, things getting more and more heated as he hears your whimpers. He’d also want to mark you but he’s gotta do it in places that aren’t visible to the general public out of respect to you and to spare you the embarrassment even though he’d really want to do it anyway (he’d probably just leave one on your collarbone bc he couldn’t resist) 


 I also really don’t think she is kinky. there isn’t much to say about her honestly. i think she might be an exhibitionist. the feeling of being caught gives her that rush that she can’t get anywhere else. She tends to follow all the rules so she gets really excited when there is a possibility to be caught doing something “bad" 


is a low key daddy honestly. He is a confirmed sadist so i don’t doubt he will drag out foreplay to tease you in every way he sees fit. He also has a roleplay kink. He’ll bring out costumes that he bought for you to get your opinion. I also feel like he’d be an experimentalist. He’s always down to try something new with the consent of both people. He also has a thing for sound. Hear me out on this. anytime in mysme when things got heated saeyoung never has his glasses on. i’m telling you right now his vision is sHIT. he just stares at a screen all day so it’s a given. since he doesn’t wear his glasses during sex, he’d probably close his eyes. which heightens his other senses. it's a reach I know I have an overactive imagination 


okay he is not kinky whatsoever. He is super vanilla. but i do see him being into body worshiping. he’d want to make you feel like the goddess he says you are. he also has a thing for taking pictures and videos of the intimate moments. 

 jihyun i swear to god if that click sound was your camera 


 like i mentioned before this dude is kINKY OH GOD PLEASE I KNOW IM GONNA GET CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS okay so first of all he has a major dominance thing. he always wants to be the one to dominate you but imagine him being bottom oh shit that’s going to the spank bank (i also may write a fic about this in the near future) he will dabble into light bdsm like blindfolds and handcuffs or rope. also he’s definitely a sadist, but he will only give you pleasurable pain because he’s afraid to hurt you although he’d never admit it. Overstimulation is his favorite thing. I even touched on this in my dirty talking headcanon shameless plug seeing your body writhe underneath him as you beg him to stop in between moans oH GOD I NEED TO STOP NOW

The Council [Chapter 3: The Estate]

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Mini Masterlist

The sun is hardly up as you sit anxiously on the couch, waiting for your ride.

The estate, as Bam Bam called it, is apparently where you’ll be residing for the time being and as the seconds tick by you become more and more nervous.

What are they going to be like? You’re more than aware of the connotations your new job entails and you’re committed to doing what you need to break this case.

At least that’s what you keep telling yourself.

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Fan account of Det Går Bra

Our translator, Anna, got a chance to see Tarjei’s play in Oslo! Her account is below the cut. We want to remind people that this play is an exaggeration of truths in the actor’s lives. Tarjei is playing a ‘douchey’ version of himself etc. We do not know the extent of the truth behind his confessions in the play.

Trigger warnings for mentions of rape, please proceed with caution. 

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blazing arrows | pt. 5

❝The majority calls me Cupid, but, you can call me Jimin—I believe I owe you some debts for a mistake now long overdue.❞

⌲ genre: fluff, angst, future smut, & supernatural, au.

⌲ member: jimin feat. jungkookie

⌲ word count: 7.2 k

⌲ warnings: future mature content & shit tons of swearing.

↠ description: Stuck in what seemed to be unrequited relationship with Jeon Jungkook who just so happens to be in committed relationship with someone else as well, your heart was fragmented beyond any repair. So what exactly happens when you enter your room at 3 in the morning to find the culprit of your hellish misery, counting his gold-tipped arrows on the foot of your bed—wings outstretched and all?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | ongoing

External image

a month later.

“You look happy.”

If Min Yoongi’s looks could kill, there was no doubt Kim Taehyung would’ve been dead on the spot. Face planted on his damned two packet Splenda, two quarter teaspoon vanilla, and three spoons of cinnamon induced complicated ass coffee, you hoped to yourself as you stared incredulously at the boy across you, wondering how preposterous his previous remark was, no doubt a meme-worthy expression plastered on your face, own mug stopping midair.

“Well, I didn’t exactly spend my time moping and crying myself to sleep, Tae, for your information,” you rolled your eyes, putting down the glass on the table, Where the hell was Park Jimin?

“I just thought—y'know, it’s been like a month since—”

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung,” Yoongi groaned, “Doesn’t mean she got her heart broken she has to deal with that shit, crying and isolating herself from the rest of the human race, which, if I’m not mistaken, something you did when that girl from your university who you claimed to be your girlfriend asked who the fuck you were.”

Taehyung pouted, scooting himself closer to the window to distance himself from Yoongi who was rolling his eyes, the younger one protesting all his might to defend his close-to-none dignity. Throwing your head back, you were left with nothing to do but laugh at Yoongi’s mock expression to Taehyung who was muttering incoherently about how he ended up with friends that has a rock for a heart and another with a solid fucking ice.

What Taehyung said after all hit you. If the circumstances would have been different and whatever happened with Jungkook, well, happened, you would’ve been miserable as miserable could ever get—you wouldn’t have been happy and probably soothing your heartache away with nothing but series marathons that would probably run for three days without the word “sleep” in your vocabulary, enveloped in a sea of trash of junk foods and several tubs of ice creams, along the undoubtedly snot-filled tissues you would have thrown wherever and the long list of missed calls and gazillion unread messages from friends and family that wondered if you had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

And it really would’ve been like that if it weren’t for a certain sweet fluffball named Park Jimin.

Days ensuing that one shitty day, Jimin had tirelessly made sure that not even a drop nor a faint trace of sadness was made known to your haze-filled brain; cooking you breakfast every morning—despite your fervent request for him not to after finding the numerous stack of burnt pancakes on the garbage bin and how the kitchen was absolutely and utterly trashed—but you were really grateful for the mini pancakes that had whipped cream on top, shaped into miniature eyes and lips that smiled at you every morning, taking home take-out coffee from your favorite coffee shop that was not even remotely close to your neighborhood after his so-called “jog” that has fallen into his tight routine now, along the bag of chocolate cookies that was sold on the other end of town from where the cafe was, little notes attached at the bag with Jimin’s adorable scribble of a handwriting and the tiny animations he never forgets to put in the corner.

As much you deemed it corny and a little bit cliched, you can’t deny that the numerous random little notes that Jimin leaves every where in the house—may it be in the corner of the milk carton inside the fridge—the little notes now had their own little space in the corner of your dresser box.

“Have you ever talked to him? You know, since then,” Yoongi asked, biting on to his brownie.

“Twice,” you shrugged, “The last one was last night actually. He asked me about our Christmas party tonight. The little fuck actually asked if I was fine with him being around, like shit, we’ve always celebrated Christmas together, like hell would I let out little falling apart break that. And, this is where it gets interesting. He asked me about you two shitheads. Have you been ignoring him?”

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B.A.P: How they react when they’re talking about how good looking a foreign girl is, not thinking she understands, and her saying ‘thank you’ in Korean


Yongguk would find this situation so funny, even though he was a bit embarrassed. He’d play it off really well and probably end up using it as an opportunity to be even more straightforward. “Since you know I like you already, do you want to go out sometime~?” 


Himchan would be so embarrassed, he’d completely ignore you when you said ‘thank you’, hoping to play it off. 

You: Thank you~~

Him, internally: *dies, gif* Don’t make eye contact, Himchan. *casually gets up and runs away* 


Lol Daehyun would be shook! He’d be impressed that you new Korean so well and would be intrigued. Probably not that embarrassed, would just be completely more into you for it. 


Youngjae would be so flustered when he realized you understood what he was saying about you. He’d turn pink and just giggle a little bit, probably apologizing even though everything he said was nice.


Jongup would be so uncomfortable and awkward lol. He’d just laugh nervously after you thanked him and would just *gif*. “Oh…you speak Korean?…So you understood…You should have said…” 


Even though Zelo would want to react like Himchan, he’d play it off amazingly well. “Oh, you understood? So you’re beautiful and smart.” All the while he’s dying inside of embarrassment while the other members are laughing.

I hope you like it! I’ve got such a long list of requests for reactions I’m trying to get to. If it takes a while to get to a ship that is why!

Smash or Pass -Calfreezy

Anonymous said to simplysdmn:Could you do a Calfreezy imagine where you’re a youtuber and secretly dating so when he does the smash or pass video your name comes up and he gets mad/protective??

A/N: Hey! I hope you like this! I had fun writing this! I changed it up a little bit but I hope you like it anyways!

Cal’s POV

“Ok but Sarah only has like 600 thousand subscribers, this is so unfair JJ.” Lux said, putting his face in his hands.

“I don’t care what he says; it’s a smash from me.” I said, laughing along with JJ.

“Well, alright then, next one!” We played alone for a couple more minutes, Lux’s response being Sarah wouldn’t approve and so forth.

“Cal you really need to at least have one smash bro, you’re ruining the game!” Jide exclaimed.

“Ok fine!” He sighed while I laughed.

“Ok so Y/N Y/L/N, smash or pass?” My mouth dropped open and I had to cover it up by pretending to yawn. I looked over at JJ who was already saying stuff like “the things I would do to her” making me clench my jaw and ball my fingers into a fist.

No one knew that Y/N was my girlfriend and I really had no idea that she was going to come up within these girls. I couldn’t really get mad at JJ because he had already put Sarah in the girls and he didn’t know that we were dating. I looked over at Cal who was already saying something about subscribers and Sarah and Jide who was rolling his eyes.

“Oh my God, Cal are you listening to him?” He laughed. I cleared my throat, getting out of my thoughts.

“Eh, yeah.”

“So Callum, smash or pass?”

“Smash.” I could feel my face heating up , which Cal had noticed. It was a habit of mine when I talked about someone close to me.

“Wait! Callum do you know something about her?” Lux questioned sitting up.

“No, what makes you think that?”

“Nothing in particular.” He looked over at JJ and laughed.

“Honestly, I’d fuck her so hard.” JJ said. I looked over at him giving him a death stare. “What? I’m being honest! You can’t tell me she’s not hot and you wouldn’t want to? I mean look at her? And I know she watched these videos so Y/N, it’s a very big smash from me!” JJ exclaimed.

“I agree with JJ, if I wasn’t with Sarah of course.” I looked over at Lux, giving him death stare.

“Look at her Cal! Did you see the pictures she posted when she went to the beach? She look bare good you know.”

“Yeah, I saw.” I gritted my teeth. “I’d rather you not talk about her like that. I actually know her personally and I wouldn’t want ruin our relationship.”

“Define relationship?” Lux leaned slightly over JJ to get a closer look at me.

“Why does it matter?”

“Because, you’re acting like she’s your girlfriend.” JJ laughed.

“Well, maybe she is.” I muttered hoping none of them heard.

“Wait, Lux did you hear that? I heard that. ‘Maybe she is’? Maybe she’s your girlfriend?” JJ hit Lux’s shoulder out of sudden outburst.

“I’ll tell you if promise to edit this out.” He nodded frantically.

Y/N and I met at a Youtubers event last summer. At first she really didn’t like me, she thought I was obnoxious and stuck up but after a while these opinions vanished and she grew to like me. To my surprise she wanted to take this friendship further and I agreed. I was whipped and I fell in love with her. Once I explained it to them, they were dumbfounded.

“Well, well, well, who ever thought Mr Callum Airey would ever fall in love?“ Lux smiled at me.

“For real though, congrats man. I heard she’s a really nice girl so don’t treat her bad and it’s finally time you’ve settled down!” JJ laughed. We then went on to continue the video.


I sat down at my desk and logged into my computer. The first thing I did was check my business emails; answering a few and forwarding some to my manager. I then proceeded to check my personal email where most of it was just promo for shops and businesses but I also had one sent from JJ.

JJ and I had been friends for a long time, I’d met him at a gaming event a couple of years ago and ever since then we’ve been good friends. Knowing how JJ is he did have his sexual remarks and jokes but I always laughed and dismissed them because he was like a brother to me.

So when I saw this email, I really didn’t know what expect. I clicked it open and saw it was a little snippet of the Smash or Pass video he’d done with the two Cal’s. Callum had already told me that he had told them that we were dating because I had come up in the video. I watched the whole video out of curiosity and mostly because I was bored but it was quite funny to see Cal contain himself when JJ started talking about me.

I clicked onto the email and felt a bit wary of the message he’d left at the top which read ‘Enjoy’. Callum started explaining how we met at how i initially felt about him but how I grew to like him and stuff. He’d told me he told them that so I was quite confused why JJ would send me this.

“Honestly, I first saw her, I was completely in shock because I watched her YouTube videos before hand and it didn’t feel real. It was like love at first sight. She was literally an angel. She was and still is matter of fact the most beautiful woman I had ever seen so when she turned me down the first time, I was like nope I’m going to keep trying.” I teared up a bit when he said this because I never knew he felt like this.

“And the other day, I was with the guys and a few of them were like lusting over her Instagram and it took every fibre of my body not to beat the shit out of them because when you see guys doing that to your girlfriend it makes you mad, vulnerable and not good enough, you know what I mean?” Lux nodded and JJ muttered he agreed.

“So, I kept silent because I didn’t want to start anything because I know she wouldn’t want me to and honestly it just wouldn’t feel right. Anyways back to the point. I’m completely and utterly in love with her but she doesn’t know because I don’t know how to tell her.” I started sobbing quietly because I didn’t know he felt like this. I finished the rest of the video and wiped my tears and decided to FaceTime him.

“Hey! What’s up?” He answered immediately.

“Hi. Just been watching some stuff. Are you free to come over today?” I asked, hoping he’d say yes.

“Yeah! Wait, have you been crying? Oh God, you have. I’m coming over right now.” I began to explain to him not worry that I wasn’t upset it was more of a happy cry but he didn’t seem to want to understand, so I laughed at him and told him I’d seen him in a bit.

I made myself somewhat decent, just by fixing my hair and putting on a a cleaner hoodie. It wasn’t even 45 minutes until I heard the apartment phone ring. I opened the gates for him and opened the front door slightly so I wouldn’t have to get up to answer the door.

I heard him frantically take off his jacket and shoes at the front door and yell for my name. I called out for him and told him I was in my room. I got up and gave him a long hug and kiss before directing him to my bed.

Once we were comfortable, we started talking about our day and what we were going to do for the rest of the day. We then fell into a comfortable silence.

“Is everything alright? Why were you crying?” He broke the silence unexpectedly but I knew he was going to ask.

“JJ sent me something and it made me quite emotional,” he had already opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off. “Before you start saying you’re going to kill him because we both know you won’t it was a happy kind of emotional to keep it together Airey!” He grinned at me.

“Ok fine, so are you going to show me?” I nodded and grabbed my iPad off of my nightstand. I clicked into the email app and opened the email. I shuffled around a bit so he could see making sure we were both comfortable. Once he saw the thumbnail he gave me a weird look.

“I thought you watched the video.”

“I did but just watch.” I smiled. I played the video and all the emotion came back, tear falling out of my eyes but I wiped them away as quickly as I could but I had the biggest smile on face.

Once the video was done, I sat on his lap, facing him. “That was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard that’s ever come out of your mouth.” I laughed softly. He looked away which made me frown.

“Cal? Whats wrong?”

“I didn’t want to say ‘I love you’, in your bedroom.” He chuckled.

I shrugged because I really didn’t care. He could’ve said while we were in the bathroom I really wouldn’t have cared.

“Cal, I don’t care. As long I’m with you, I’m happy.” He sighed.

“Well, Y/N, I do love you, so much. You really do mean so much to me. Honestly, I do understand if you’re not ready to say it but I do love you.” I smiled and just kissed him.

“I love you too.”

Boyfriend Yamada Ryosuke
  • Actually the best
  • Lowkey possessive of you
  • The king of worrying
  • “Have you eaten yet?” “Are you feeling okay?”
  • Would buy you little gifts regularly he’s a sugar daddy
  • I hope you’re not scared of too many things because he is
  • If you are and something comes into your house he’ll probably call Chinen
  • Yes it is “our” house because his house is your house and your house is his house until you finally move in together
  • Lots of shopping together
  • Shopping would usually be followed by dinner dates
  • Probably your biggest supporter
  • Would love when you compliment him and would usually compliment you back straight away
  • This may initiate a compliment competition
  • You’d probably end up being close to Keito and Chinen
  • All four of you would hang out together quite regularly you x Yamada x Chinen x Keito, the new best ot4
  • Kind of an attention seeker to be honest, he just wants you to focus on him
  • You’d probably get a dog together eventually
  • Or dogs, more likely dogs
  • You’d both treat them like your children, they’ll be very spoiled
  • Cuddling at home, watching TV with the dogs next to you :’)
  • He’d slowly play with your hair while cuddling, or trace patterns on your skin with his fingers
  • Comfortable silences
  • Probably followed by long talks
  • He’d really care about your comfort, no matter what the situation is it’s always one of his top priorities
  • I hope you like games because Yamada definitely does! He’d love to play video games together
  • Might get a bit competitive while playing but it wouldn’t go too far
  • Honestly you guys will probably end up playing games for hours sometimes, he’d agree to do something else as soon as you want to though
  • Overall he’s a bit doting, but it’d mainly be a very comfortable relationship ^^

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No Longer Alone (Logan Howlett/Peter Maximoff Imagine)

Heeellooo everybodyyy!

I worked on this literally all last night, all day yesterday, all night the night before that, and all day the day before that… I’m gonna be honest, I played with A LOT of stuff here. It’s kind of a monster! Anyway, I hope you guys find some enjoyment out of my ramblings. 

WORD COUNT: 7, 442

Also FYI: I wrote this in first person, and because it’s so long… I don’t really have the patience to go back and change pronouns haha! But of course the classic (Y/N) is in there. 

In this story, Logan is sort of like the Reader’s guardian/mentor. And Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver) is her crush. The story takes place at a school dance, but there are a lot of flashback sequences throughout it. Again, I played with a lot of stuff. (I feel like for some reason I have a bit more fun writing when I don’t have like an exact “plan” for my story for some reason? XD

I hope you enjoy!! xo

It was beautiful. Like a prom. The one’s I’d seen on T.V. anyway… this was just a “Formal.” But still, it was beautiful nonetheless.

Streamers curled down from the ceilings in strings of silver, sparkling ribbons. The lights shone on them, making the room sparkle… like stars had fallen from the heavens for the evening and scattered around the dance floor just for us. Us mutants.

I loved dances. Or rather.. I suppose I loved the idea of them. This was my first one. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I glanced across the room at Logan, who stood all brooding and annoyed and aloof in the corner. Despite his expression, he still managed to look incredibly handsome in the new suit I’d persuaded him to buy the day he’d come with me to get a dress. I’m pretty sure he only bought it to stop me from annoyingly abhorring him over going to a formal dance with jeans and a t-shirt… and to stop from feeling flustered as I mentioned what Jean would think about seeing him in a suit.

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The Note Tree ❋ L.H. Pt.10

Part T E N 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 5.5k+

AN: blAH here’s part 10 for you guys! im making this finally a bit more eventful as it was going slow. but here you guys go and i really hope you enjoy it very much! remember, 100 notes pls and thank you :) xx 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

I M A G I N E 


“We are taking the seniors to a trip in the woods!” The principal announces into the black entity worth of a microphone. 

Everyone was told to file into the auditorium immediately when the doors were opens and the morning announcements echoed through the corridors. More specifically, the seniors were requested. So, you trotted into the large room with ease, your friends easily finding you in the crowd as you chose seats towards the very back, left corner of the theatre. 

It was an extraordinarily large theatre, might you admit. The cozy, cushion red chairs were ornate in rows of three, each horizontal row owning about 12 seats before going down to the next ones. Overhead was another floor of chairs, just for the sake of using more space and having a cooler, higher sight to see kids reenact the horrid tragedies of Shakespeare. Because, honestly, what other play writers do people actually know that deserve to be mainstream? 

“Y/N, are you okay?” Alexis hummed beside you, nudging your shoulder gently in pure concern. 

“Yeah, I’m alright,” you croaked, your elbow planted upon the arm rest as you leaned your cheek against your fist. You lied; you were actually sleep-deprived and starved. After the tutoring with Luke, you were too stuck in thought due to Luke’s damned words and shameless stripping as his way to learn. It bothered you so much so that you couldn’t capture one wink of sleep. You were up all night, wondering in the dark about this blonde, blue-eyed dolt. 

“You don’t look too well,” Des hummed, bringing her gentle hand to plant it upon your forehead. The coolness of her fingers sent goosebumps around your body, but you ignored it with ease. “Your forehead is a little warm…” 

“I doubt I have a fever, or any sort of sickness for that matter,” you said in a hush tone, your eyes focused on the principal, who (in your head) started to sound like a character from Charlie Brown. Des relieved her hand from your forehead, exchanging worried glances with Alexis as Des turned to pat Savannah to inform her. 

“A few of your professors are currently handing out permission slips, regardless to those who are already 18 or above,” Principal Michaels spoke, having you chuckle from the way he held the wooden podium. The pale-white, brown mustached, green-eyed authority stood at the podium all high and mighty like he was some sort of god. “I apologize for such short notice, but it’ll be for this coming Friday and we should come back by Sunday…” 

You sounded him out, unable to keep up with his annoying, raspy voice. With not even a hint of sleep, you couldn’t be asked with a monotonous lectured about a trip that only needed 2 basic sentences: “we’re going camping” and “here’s what you need by Friday.” You understood that nobody could religiously follow you in your energy conservation belief, but you knew as fact that your fellow classmates were bored out of their asses. 

“Nice sweater,” chimed a male, pretty familiar voice, behind you. The girls turned, with the Principals’s voice acting as background to find Nathan right behind you. Sweater? How uncultured. But nonetheless, you looked down at the new Linkin Park sweatshirt with ease and released a curt smile. 

“Thanks,” you spewed simply, slowly focusing yourself on getting a few minutes of sleep as your eyelids began to sink down. So sleepy… if only I could just doze off for a few minutes…

“Y/N.” Nathan’s voice spoke right into your ear, having you snap your neck away and open your eyelids. You divert your eyes over to your right shoulder, where Des sat and Nathan’s face appeared at your outer periphery. “Are you tired?” 

“Just a bit,” you spat simply. “But keep in mind it’s morning and I’m in school, forced to study and interact with the likings of you, Nathan.” 

“Yeesh, cold,” Nathan hummed in offense. You saw a bit of his fluffy chestnut hair bounce to the front of his forehead, having you smirk. You recalled how Luke said he had ‘stolen’ Ashton’s haircut, and he was very true on his similar it was. But then Nathan’s eyes met with yours and an influx of Luke’s ocean eyes came into your mind. “You must be real tired if you’re this crabby. Want a supplement?” 

As Nathan dug into his pocket in search of his offer, Des brought her hand up and slapped him on the back of his head. 

“Fuck, Odessa,” Nathan groaned, using his free hand to rub the future bruise. “The fuck was that for?” 

“If you drug Y/N, I’ll literally rip out your eyes with my nails,” Savannah hissed, flashing up her pastel nails with fake diamonds encrusted upon it in a rather adorable form. Des quickly grabbed the blonde girls wrists, muttering ‘down girl’ as though she were a dog. 

“Relax,” Nathan spoke quietly, throwing his hands up in defense. “I’d never drug sweet little Y/N here. Besides, I know she isn’t gonna take it anyways. I just decided to offer for the slight chance that she should.” 

Already annoyed, you pull on the hood of the sweatshirt over your head. You ensured every spec of hair left out was tucked it kindly before folding your arms over your chest. Alexis did you the favor of gently placing her hand on the side of your head and tugging you over to lean on her shoulder. You emit a yawn, feeling tears well up in your eye sockets as you studied the several shadows of heads in front of you, blocking the view of the Principal. 

Your mind suddenly began to wander over the whereabouts of Luke R. Hemmings. You hated yourself for a brief moment, but succumbed to the reality of things: Luke is now someone kinda important. You couldn’t really explain to anyone, moreover yourself, but Luke is so persistent that he’s managed to put himself in your small circle of people. Fuck me, you thought. This is so annoying. I never asked for this

“Now, for those who have attended this school since middle school know how this very trip works,” Principal Michaels hummed, having you roll your eyes as you forced yourself awake for his blabbering. It might be important. “But this year we have decided to… revamp a few traditional customs.” 

The camping trip, though annoying, was an infamous tradition in the school. It was a 3 day trip to hell in which you ‘become one with the woods’ and ‘get closer together with your fellow campers.’ But basically it was a trip full of boring activities that included getting splinters when climbing trees, doing a safer version of sky lining, and getting wet in some lake. There are groups of 4 with teachers as the leaders and each team tries to rack up enough points in order to get some ‘cool prize.’ 

Your guess was an sharpened pencil that said ‘College Bound!’ or some corny shit like that. 

“This should be shit,” you muttered under your breath, feeling Alexis snort from your response. 

“A few e-mails showed up in my inbox with a more fun suggestion for the trip,” Principal Michaels hummed excitedly, reminding yourself of an old grandma content to receive several rolls of yarn. “So we’ve decided to allow students to be the camp leaders instead of our staff.” 

Several quiet chatters and murmurs ensued as you allowed your eyes to droop shut. 

“Maybe I can be a leader,” Nathan hummed, leaning once again on your chair as you felt his eyes on yours. “Would you like to be on my team, Y/N?” 

“I’d rather choke on acorns,” you replied bluntly, your eyes still shut while nuzzling nicely onto Alexis’ shoulder. Des snorted, having Savannah, reach over to rub your shoulder in praise. 

“You never fail to break my heart, Y/N,” Nathan coos, having you snort quietly as you resumed paying attention to what the superior had to say. 

“Unfortunately for those who wanted to be leaders,” Principal Michaels says with little to no sympathy. “The leaders have already been chosen.” 

Annoyed banter ensues as several students begin to chant their ‘boos’ and idiotic complains. Nathan shouted ‘that’s not fair!’ right behind you, having you hiss at him for producing such ear cancer from his mouth. You sat up, relieving Alexis’ shoulder as you decided to see the leaders step up and pretend like they’re the shit. But your eyes widened in great surprise to see the 4 alphas of your class to walk across the large stage before everyone. 

Front and guiding the other 3 was Luke Hemmings, which honestly didn’t surprise you all that much. Luke was always off doing something to get the attention, even if he wasn’t trying. But there he stood, as lanky and covered in black as usual. His curly hair was even more messy than before, seeing it more damp that it should be. Probably didn’t bother trying to dry it and add the disgusting chemicals the businesses call ‘hair care products.’ 

Oh, and following them was the deliciously tan Maori boy Calum, the pale party-monster Michael, and the sweet, and only mature one of the quad, Ashton. 

And, of courses, while the other male seniors groaned in annoyance, the rest of the girls broke their voices in cheers. The most you heard was the chanting of Luke, obviously the favorite for being the lead dog and audacious man who was anything but tame. You heard girls squeal, ‘I hope I’m in Luke’s team!’ and other very explicit terms you wanted to ignore. Your eyes scanned the area to see the red-headed, blue-eyed monster stand excitedly, waving desperately to get Luke’s attention. 

But even Nadia couldn’t capture the attention of the pair of ocean orbs. He looked around, his rouge lips stretched to form a lovely smile as he looked around the auditorium. You watched as he slowly made his way to your row, having you being to sling down to avoid contact. But the blonde asshole was too quick and spotted you, his pearly whites coincidentally shining as he shot you a wink. You huffed, rolling your eyes as you saw a student dash from his seat in the front row to go to the stage. He offered his hand up for a slap, in which Luke stretched his arms in pleasant surprise before bending down to slap his hand. You looked away, closing your eyes in hopes to fall into some sort of deep, 10-minute nap. 

“Simmer down, all of you!” Principal Michaels scolded, forcing your eyelids up to see his old, wrinkly hands wave the flood of students down. They’re already riled up, you thought. How the fuck are you gonna explain this? “They suggested the idea– it was only fair for them to be the leaders of the camping trip!” 

“Do they even know how to be leaders?” A boy hollered towards the middle-center of the bottom influx of students. Several of his mates agreed, having them stomp their feet on the floor in protest. Waste of energy, you thought. 

“God, look how good Calum looks,” Des swooned, having you chuckle as she waved her hand to produce air for the crook of her neck. You had to admit: Calum was looking pretty good. Super loose tank top, skinny jeans hugging his thick thighs nicely, tan hands ornate with small, but evident tattoos. Calum was just eye-candy to all. 

“Okay, but look at Michael– he changed his hair color!” Savannah squealed, bringing her petite hands up to cup her mouth. You emit a small burp, indicating that you required food and immediately. Your eyes divert to the forest green-eyed boy, seeing as his hair was no longer a fiery red. It was a blonde– maybe not as natural and strong like Luke’s, but a blonde with brown wisps coming from the roots at his scalp. It also seemed much longer than before, though you couldn’t make that assumption as you barely looked at the light-skinned boy. 

“Not gonna lose your ovaries about Ashton?” You hummed over to Alexis, who was gnawing on her bottom lip kindly. 

“I don’t need to highlight how amazing he looks,” Alexis muttered simply, her eyes stuck on the brown-haired man who smiled widely at everyone. “That’s a given.” 

“Point taken,” you said with a quiet giggle. Principal Michaels continued to emit details over the trip, in which you deemed mutable. Then, the student in front of you turned around and eyed you, having you furrow your eyebrows curiously. He dragged his upper arm over the back of his seat, with his forearm bent up. 

“Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” The boy hummed, his voice rather high and evidently suffering slow puberty. You blinked a few times before nodding skeptically, having the boy reach over to offer you a small, folded note between his index and middle fingers. 

“Uh, thanks,” you emit quietly, taking the note from the boy as he turned around and became just another figure again. You sit up more properly, allowing the hood on your head to droop off as you felt the paper substance in your fingers. You saw the infamous ‘-H’ on the very top before opening it. 

“Secret admirer?” Alexis whispered beside you as the three girls began crowding you. You nodded, your eyes finally focusing to see the words scribbled on the paper. 

‘Every time I go camping, I always getting so terrified because I’m really scared of the dark. Keep that between us though! Oh, btw, no tree 2day, sry :(’ 

You giggled, quickly closing the note before lifting yourself up a bit to stuff it in the back pocket of your jeans. The girls eyed you, obviously slow readers who didn’t get passed the first 3 words. You remained silent, allowing Principal Michaels words to flow through as you grinned to yourself. Afraid of the dark, stalker? You’re just narrowing it down for me, you thought to yourself. It was an easy situation see: go on the trip, see what night activities occur and stare at those who seem the most terrified. Easy. 

“The boys will choose who they’d like on their team,” Principal Michaels. “You can try and plead them to choose you, but nonetheless it’s their decision. As for the boys,” he resumed, glancing over at the tall boy band before him, “you’ll have to choose 24 students each as the senior class, excluding you boys, is 96.” 

“Fucking yikes,” you huffed, calculating the numbers in your head. 6 cabins, 4 people in each one, gender mixture being a possibility. “I sorta don’t want to go anymore.” 

“You’re going,” Des insisted as she slapped a permission slip on your lap before passing the small stack along to Alexis. You groaned, having Des roll her eyes before placing her hands on your shoulders. “It’s only 2 nights and you always want nothing more than to be out of the house.” 

“Well sure,” you began with a grumble. “But 2 nights with pure strangers being idiotic and attempting to scare each other with Brothers Grimm stories isn’t exactly what I like.” 

“How do you know you’ll be with pure strangers?” Hissed Savannah, leering over at you with her blue orbs worth of eyes. 

“Knowing the situation, I know as fact you’re going to be in Michael’s team,” you commented, receiving silence from Savannah as you snorted. “And then Calum is gonna take Des and Ashton is definitely taking Alexis so I mean… I’m not a genius but surely I’m good at reading the situation.” 

“…Except you actually are a genius and can read anything and anyone like a book,” Alexis points out, having you smile at her response. 3.9 Gee Pee Aye, just like Luke said. Oh fuck, I’m thinking about Luke. 

“Whatever man,” you croaked, taking the permission slip to fold into a small square. You stuffed it in the sweatshirt pocket, keeping your hands in there to gather some warmth. 

“Whatever my ass,” Des huffed, playfully hitting your forearm. “You’re going anyways and you’re going to have a great time in Luke’s team.” 

Oh-ho, I’m not on his team,” you spat. The girls all leaned forward to stare at you, having you scoff at them as you tugged on the hoodie in reassurance. “I don’t care if he chooses me. I’m in Ashton’s and that’s settled.” 

“You baby, you don’t get to choose,” Alexis cooed with a gentle shove on the shoulder. “Besides, it’ll be fun– Luke likes you and you get along with him best.” 

“That’s because I see nothing in him and he’s super persistent,” you growled. “He doesn’t know when to let up. So I don’t care– I’m not in his team. That’s final.” 

“Okay then, Princess,” Nathan said suavely from behind. You let out a heavy sigh, feeling a headache collect in your head as his head peeped once again beside you. “Want to join my team?” 

“Die,” you spewed quietly. 

“I wanna be on your team!”

“Pick me, please!” 

“Yay, I’m in Calum’s team!” 

This sudden, abrupt camping trip has completely punched the little desire to be in the institution. You dropped your head in your arms in defeat, attempting to mute the chatter with the MP3 you gladly stole from Des without any complaints. Blasting Tyler the Creator in your head, your mind wandered in the pitch black darkness to see if you could sleep for just 5 minutes. 

You allowed yourself to peek up to see a big crowd of seniors surrounding the table of the infamous quad by the name of 5 Seconds of Summer. They looked somewhat stressed out, seeing as several students were hollering their names and pleads to join their teams. Dumbasses, you thought to yourself. So desperate for attention, then when you finally get it, you’re stressed out. You shook your head as Alexis joined the table with a tray full of food. Des brought lunch, and Savannah accordingly ate a big breakfast. You didn’t have the energy to start walking through crowds for food. Especially not with the weakness you own. 

“They have pizza today, you know,” Alexis teased, flaunting the cheesy slice of life on her tray. You blinked a few times before hiding your face back in your arms. 

“I’m not really hungry,” you lied, your head vexing you as a headache was ensuing and brewing quickly. You hoped the lie would have placed a believable facade around you, but knowing your friends, one of them would take a hint and stuff something in you. But before any of them could chime, a loudness entered the lunchroom that was incomparable to the noise that was already blasting. So you plugged the earbuds back in. 

Forcing yourself to sit up, your eyes darted to notice the infamous blonde monster enter the lunchroom. Crowds of students (mainly women) tailed after Luke as he walked in. Smug smile and all, you wanted nothing more than to punch it off his face. Luke’s presence quickly drew his other friends as Calum, Ashton, and Michael escaped their table and dashed over to Luke. They were really testing your boundaries it seems. 

You increased the sound of the MP3, practically breaking your ears with rap as you watched the boys stroll around the lunchroom. Their combined crowds made them look like they were going on a school trip, seeing as they guided them around. But as you did, a sudden dizziness began striking, having you drop your head into your arms once more. Your vision was now tilted, having your eyes divert every which way to notice the girls looking at you with wide eyes. You pulled off the earphones and stared at them with wonder. 

“Y/N, you alright?” Des began worriedly, her hand coming to plant itself gently at the bend of your elbow. You nodded, your eyes struggling to stay open. Fucking fuck, you thought to yourself. This sudden weakness from sleep deprivation and starvation was really getting to you, and you didn’t know whether to be pissed at Luke or yourself or both. 

“Y/N, you seriously don’t look well,” Savannah chimed, moving from across you to stand behind you. You let her hold your chin to tilt your head a bit up. Her free hand resided on your forehead, listening to her silver bracelets clink against one another as she moved her hand. “You seem a little warm.” 

“I don’t have a fever,” you groaned, attempting to swat her away. But you were too weak to even dare wave your hand any sort of high velocity. You loved your friends– you do, but they sometimes fretted over you far too much for you to actually handle. “Seriously, I’m fine. I’m just tired, like I usually am.” 

“Yeah, but you’re incredibly groggy and you’re not jolting away,” Alexis points out. Right as she said that, a fairly loud growl emitted from your stomach, feeling a painful twist as you let out a hungry burp. “Y/N, are you hungry?” 

“I just told you I wasn’t,” you huffed. “What part of ‘I’m not really hungry’ do you guys not get?” The girls watched you as your eyes lightened up at the sight of Alexis’ pizza. You really wanted at least a bite, just to relieve yourself of this excruciating pain before you could get home. “I’m fine, really.” 

“Okay then,” Des hummed, her brown eyes looking down at her phone before looking at you. “Stand up then. Lunch is almost over.” Your eyes darted towards the large clock in the lunch room, seeing her words ring true as you saw there was only just 3 minutes. Reluctantly, you forced your legs straight to rise from the cold, circular table. Throwing your legs one by one over the seat, your bend down to grab your bag. But mistakes were very much made when you quickly rose again and found yourself go far too lightheaded. 

“Fucking hell,” you muttered, bringing a hand up to your forehead. The periphery of your eyesight was suddenly splotching black as you took one step away from the table. But then a jolt of pain hit your head and you found yourself going limp. Slowly, you saw your vision going sideways again while you were close to colliding to the ground. The last thing you saw was a black figure wearing a Cage The Elephant dashing to you, your name being yelled loudly in a masculine, accented tone before everything went mute and you drowned in the black. 


Emitting a croaky groan, your brain was finally regaining consciousness. Slowly, you allowing your eyes to flutter open. Your eyelids felt heavy, but you nonetheless forced them up to get shot by a very brightly lit ceiling lamp above. Feeling your mouth going very dry, you moved your tongue around and licked your lips, providing the moisture of saliva all around. Realizing that you just awoke from a slumber, you jolted yourself up to sit up and take in your surroundings. “The fuck am I…” 

“The nurse.” Oh, of fucking course. You turned to your right to see Luke Robert Hemmings sitting beside you, his elbows on his knees with his back slouched. His ocean eyes were no longer beautiful, and more dim and sunken. His hair was a little messy, probably from tampering with it anxiously. His rouge lips were normal, though his bottom lip was much more crimson due to the lip biting he’s probably been doing. 

Great, you thought to yourself. There goes my heart. 

“Why am I here?” You asked softly, slouching yourself to lean against your hand. That’s when you finally noticed. On your right arm, the sleeve of your hoodie was pulled up with your forearm exposed and being punctured by a needle. Your eyes dragged up the wire connected to it to see it connected to a big pouch of liquid. Artificial nutrients, you guessed. 

“You passed out in the lunchroom,” Luke replied, his stern face not faltered a single bit as you distantly stared at the needle in your vein. Luke sound a bit mad, like you did something to actually get him pissed. Not that you were an angel, but you doubted to have done a thing to get the blonde, pompous idiot mad. “Because you apparently were sleep, water, and food deprived.” 

“How’re school nurses accurate?” You wondered quietly, attempting to escape Luke’s information. You wanted to avoid being scolded, especially by Luke. You’d actually feel bad, and that would be very annoying, considering how tired and weak you still were. 

“Y/N, what the fuck were you doing with no sleep and no food or water in your body?” Luke growled, anger present on his tongue. You gulped, goosebumps suddenly crawling as you made sure to look away from the boy. You didn’t understand why you felt bad– it’s fucking Luke. Not even Sav, Des, or Alex. It’s fucking Luke Hemmings, Mr. I-Am-Too-Popular-To-Try-In-School. “Answer me.” 

“Cool down, blondie,” you hummed quietly, weakly raising your arm to wave him gently with your hand. You couldn’t move it too much, seeing as that was the punctured arm. You rose the other hand to cup your mouth to emit a yawn before crinkling your nose a bit. “I’m not dead and you’re not my guardian. I don’t see why you’re acting like some sort of worry warrior.” 

Suddenly, Luke abandoned his chair, the plastic dragged upon the white tiles as it was violently sent back. You looked over and flinched, seeing Luke look down at you with vexed eyes. His jawline was clenching, with veins dancing up and down his neck and temples. He then went and slammed his hands down on the bit of bed that you weren’t occupying, his face just a few inches from yours. 

“Stop being so fucking careless!” Luke exclaimed, practically barking as you stared at him blankly. The scruff ornate on his chin was collecting very small dews of his spit, you noticed. “You have to be more self-aware and give a shit about yourself because it’s not just you that cares about you. I fucking care about you, and you damn well know this because I’ve told you this before and I’ll say it again: I. Love. You. So stop acting like your damn choices don’t affect anyone else because my heart fucking stopped when you fell right before me.” 

You stared, somewhat stunned by Luke’s aggressive take. His blue eyes were so dark, the azure not sitting well with you. You noticed his under eyes seeming a bit pink– had he been crying? His lips were in a pout, not entertained and very unlike his usual smiley self. You suddenly took in his words and allowed your eyes to fall down to see his shirt. Cage the Elephant. 

“You were the one rushing to me,” you connected the dots, looking away to take this in. You wanted the silence, but Luke was obviously not going to give it to you. He moved and ended up in your view again, still quite aggravated. “Luke–.” 

“Also stop shutting down my feelings just because you believe I’m wrong about them,” Luke barked, having you blink a few times as he huffed. “I flipped my shit. I threw myself on the floor so your head didn’t hit the damn floor. I was not gonna let you get a concussion.” 

“You cushioned my fall?” You asked quietly, seeing Luke’s eyes soften as he revealed a curt smile. He stood up straight and turned around, clinging his thumbs into his jeans. Before you dragged your hands up to your eyes, Luke looked back at you with a sympathetic gaze. 

“Before you start, I’m not gonna moon you again,” Luke spoke softly, having you hesitantly put your hands down as Luke dragged his pants that resided towards the left down and showed his upper buttcheek to you. Your eyes widened a bit.

A large, black splotch was evident in the very pale skin. The outskirts of the bruise was red, the flesh obviously agitated from the fall. There were licks of purple and blue in there, resembling a night sky in a hilarious way. But you couldn’t help and feel genuinely bad. You were a burden to someone you didn’t ask to take your burden-causing ass. 

“Luke, thank you for catching me and whatnot,” you began quietly, having Luke pull his pants up as he turned to face you once again. “I’m also sorry that you did but… you didn’t have to. I know, you care about me and love me or whatever, but I didn’t ask for you to do that. You wouldn’t have gotten hurt and I wouldn’t feel bad and have to apologize if you just let me fall completely.” 

Luke just stared at you for a brief moment, before bringing his hand up to your forehead and flicking it. 

“Oi, the fuck was that for, Hemmings?” You spat, bringing your left hand up to your forehead to rub it. 

“You sound stupid when you rant invalid reasoning,” Luke said quietly, sauntering over to grab the chair back and sit himself back down. He winces. He folded one leg over the other, studying you wistfully. “Even as strangers, I wouldn’t want to see someone fall down, knowing damn well I could go over and prevent a way bigger damage that the bruise on my ass.” 

Your palm was tickled by the wool sheets of the gurney as you distantly studied your black leggings. Luke bothered you, but not only because he was a persistent pest. He bothered you because even when he was like this, he was only doing it out of genuine care and kindness. He spoke words of sentiment to you, about you, without any hint of embarrassment. His heart is real and soft and full of warmth and completely saccharine. It bothered you because if you weren’t so stubborn, this would be taken, with ease, as the first time someone has given you romantic love. 

“Where’s Sav, Des, and Alex?” You hummed, refusing to respond to his banter as you looked around to see the nurse vacant. It was just the two of you, it seemed. 

“In class,” Luke hummed. “There’s about 15 more minutes before school is over, so just regain your energy before you could go home. I can take you if you’d–.” 

“I’m good,” you quickly dismissed before letting out a sigh. You stomach grumbled, annoyed that you were still hungry. Your left hand subconsciously held your tummy, having you plot a plan to grab a sandwich before returning home. But it seems Luke was ahead of you on that. 

“Someone left you food, by the way,” Luke hummed, having you turn to watch as Luke grabbed a brown paper back from the floor and offered it to you. You grabbed it weakly, placing it on your thighs as you opened it curiously. “I didn’t look in it, I swear.” 

You snorted, digging through the bag to fish out a packed sandwich. You noticed it was from Five Guys, humoring you as you put it beside you before checking more of the bags contents. There was a Pure Leaf ice tea, lemon flavored and fairly cold. Putting that aside as well, you noticed a note at the very bottom. Picking it up, you tossed the brown bag away to your lower legs as you opened the note up. 

‘I heard what happened– please eat up! I almost had a heart attack tbh. Anyways, this place makes my favorite sandwiches so I hope you like it. Nobody knows this, but I used to be extremely fat. Like, really fat. But puberty did me good and I still eat about 2 boxes of pizza to this day -H’ 

“What a loser,” you muttered under your breath, rising a bit to stuff the note into your back pocket with the other as you took the sandwich and dropped it on your thighs. You opened it quickly to reveal a nice sandwich before you. Your mouth was practically watering, super excited to eat the delicious food. But before you could, you felt two large, calloused hands wrap around the one being pumped with nutrients. You look over and see Luke stare at you, his eyes warm and soft with a curt smile playing at his lips. 

“If I may, I’m going to use your invalid reasoning right now,” Luke hummed quietly. “You’re going to be in my team for the camping trip, and it’ll be my responsibility to take care of you. Don’t quote-unquote ‘burden me’ by being careless during that time, okay? But on a serious level, please don’t worry me. I’d hate for something to happen to you, especially when I’d be watching you.” 

“Luke…” you began softly but he was quick to let go of your hand. He rose from the chair and stretched a bit, emitting a loud yawn. He cracked his knuckles a bit, adjusting his hair as he continued to look down wistfully at you. He bent down again, his hands down on the bed as his nose was just a few inches from yours. 

“Get that permission slip signed, okay?” Luke requested calmly, giving you a blush-inducing wink. “A little birdie said you weren’t going, and I think that’s what you could do to pay back my services.” 

You groaned, realizing he was the reason you weren’t currently suffering a concussion and potential brain damage. 

“Okay, now shut up,” you growled, smashing the half sandwich again Luke’s lips. Luke chuckled, taking a bite before rising up again to make his way out of the nurse’s office. “Where are you off to?” You asked curiously, somewhat upset that he was leaving. 

“I’m off to tell Ms. Lee that you’re okay as well as to get your work for the day,” Luke chimed, walking over to the doorway. He then halted, turned around to lean against the right side of it. “Nice sweatshirt by the way.” 

With that, Luke Hemmings left you in the nurse, with food on your legs and your heart racing.

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anonymous asked:

do you think that james will end up falling for cordelia too? or that they arent going to be never really together? i hate this thing of the marriage bc if they arent in love they are most likely to be unhappy even if they are with other people in secret and i want them to be happy

this is such a weird timing for this question, bc i was honestly just thinking about this! i think it’s interesting you’re coming at this from the perspective that jordelia won’t be endgame, as it seems to me most ppl in the fandom seem to be on board with it? 

i think, ultimately, yes, james will have to fall in love with cordelia. and there are multiple reasons for this. 

1) they get married at the end of the first book. we know that this probably isn’t for love, but we at least know that they remain married, for the rest of their lives. it’s very probable that james may fall in love with cordy after their marriage. 

2) there are very many more pins on cassie’s TLH board for jordelia than there are for james and grace. this one v unmistakeably hints a jordelia sex scene of some sort (at some point), in which ‘to the last hour’ is ofc the title of the books and taken from pip’s declaration that he will love estella ‘to the last hour’ 

3) many of the snippets we’ve had so far seem to indicate that, yes, although james may be in love with grace, he’s also feels something for cordelia. we know that he thinks she’s pretty: 

[talking about how he gave her ‘daisy’ as a nickname] “Though I don’t think it suits me. Daisy sounds like a pretty little girl in hair ribbons.”

“Well,” he said. “You are at least –”

it’s quite obvious what he was about to say (before Grace walked in). 

that he’s given her a nickname, as well, seems to suggest at least a strong attachment to her. 

this snippet here, as well, where cordy walks in on james and he mistakes her for his parabatai – seems to parallel the moment where clary walks in on jace playing the piano in CoB (’alec, is that you?) and the moment where tessa walks in on jem playing the violin in cp (’will is that you?’). they were both endgame. putting cordy in this role would seem to suggest she might be too. 

4) lastly, if my theory is indeed right about james’ love for grace (ie that it isn’t a true love, but some sort of magically/forcibly-induced one) then that leaves cordelia as the obvious choice for when james finally falls out of love with grace, and realises that it is in fact cordelia who is his true love. 

so, i’m fairly certain jordelia will, eventually, be endgame. grace is the archetypal siren / femme fatale; woman who will bring destruction and misery (and from the snippets we’ve seen of her, seems like quite a callous character as well); in contrast to cordelia who is unassuming, loyal, sincere, kind. it’s obvious who the better person is, and often that choice essentially between a good person and a bad person can decide/translate into a love triangle (i.e. mal vs darkling; peeta vs gale). 

the only obstacle i see for jordelia is, essentially, them being endgame…is too predictable? i haven’t read chain of gold yet, but i’ve just provided some fairly irrefutable evidence that seems to be suggesting they’ll eventually fall in love. 

it seems to me, cassie needs a twist. otherwise, i can easily map out what james’ love life will look like in TLH: 

J falls in love with G; realises G doesn’t reciprocate – marries Cordelia for [unknown reason but not love] – J begins to fall out of love with G and realises that she is not a good person [here G may, ironically, begin to fall in love with J, as per Great Expectations] – J begins to see the attractions of C, falls in love with his wife.

that basic structure of being in love with someone not worthy and eventually coming round to the one who is worthy is a very old trope (so many love triangles have been centered around this!), and i sort of think….is cassie really just going to trot that one out? it would almost entirely adhere to what happens in GE as well. surely, she wants to play around with it, make it a bit more messy, less straightforward, less predictable? throw in some curveballs? otherwise, it could end up being (dare i say it) kind of boring? however cassie decides to complicate it: it may affect the endgame; it may not, but i hope she does something with it. contemplating this, i’m almost tempted to ship james x grace purely because (although it’s much darker and super problematic) it’s a bit more interesting from the angle? idk. 

i still think – at the end of the end – jordelia will probably end up together. but how they get there: i don’t think will be straightforward.