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I haven't been feeling fantastic so do you think a ficlet on either McCree, Reaper or Genji taking care of their S/O who has been having really bad stomach pain is possible? (if requests aren't closed and if you aren't too busy)

Oh, anon. I hope you’re feeling okay now. This request is pretty cute, though. As always, mod Lamb and I are pretty busy but we will reply to all of the requests given to us. 

Also! I did all three! This ask worked like a stress reliever to me, though I did this quickly so apologies if it’s not that good or if there are any mistakes. I do hope that this will help lift your spirits up! - Mod Meep

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I got this interview from the Attack on Titan Junior High.
Hajime Isayama and Saki Nakagawa.

Tell us how you two met.

Isayama: Actually, we both went to the same design graduate school in Kyushu.
Nakagawa: He graduated before I did.
I: I went to visit my old alma mater at one point, and that’s where I first met Nakagawa.
N: I remember that I also had an editor from weekly shonen magazine, (F-Kawa-San), and we talked about our editors.
I: I had also met F-Kawa-San, and what I remember most is Nakagawa-San saying how there was a big difference between F-Kawa-San on the phone and F-Kawa-San in person.
N: D-did I really say something like that? (laughs)

How did “Titan Junior High” get started?

I: One of the editors asked the Bessatsu Shonen magazine editor if there could be a spin-off manga. A four-panel strip was a possibility.
N: F-Kawa-San said that I should enter into an “Attack on Titan” Spin off competition.
I: I hear they chose Nakagawa-San from a bunch of different entries.
N: I was pretty unsure when I was selected. I was like, “Are you sure?”
I: is that right?
N: Still I was an “Attack on Titan ” fan myself, so I went into it with a lot of respect.
I: It’s true that after the manga artist was selected, I suggested that we do something like “Blame Academy.”
N: Right! And I went out and bought it! I remember thinking, so Isayama-Sensei is a “Blame” fan too!
I: I know we’re off topic, but yeah. I’m a huge Nihei-Sensei fan!

Tell us about the first “Jr. High” chapter.

I: If I remember, at our first meeting. Nakagawa-San had a chart of characters and what kind of patterns they would follow, right?
N: I charted out three patterns, each with different head-to-body ratios. I was really into drawing them because I knew Isayama-sensei was going to see them! Then what happened next…
I: Huh? What happened?
N: You got up and left halfway through the meeting!
I: …Oh, that’s right! My tooth was aching like crazy, and I had to get to a dentist quick!
N: Here I was so nervous about it, and suddenly, “Huh? He’s leaving in the middle?” (Laughs)
I: When I got to the dentist, he said that all but two teeth had cavities…
N: “It’s hard doing a regular comic, huh?” I remember thinking that at the time.

Give us your thoughts on the spin-off.

I: It’s a wierd feeling to have a different Eren in the same magazine, but not in “Attack on Titan.” How do you feel, Nakagawa-San?
N: Up to this point, I was just a reader loving how cool “Attack on Titan” is!  But now, reading Attack on Titan" was a little bit of a scary experience.
I: Huh?
N: I’m assuming a lot about the characters when I read “Attack on Titan,” and if I’m wrong about them, I feel that’s a failure on my part.
I: You don’t have to worry about that! I was there while they were making some of the anime version of “Attack on Titan,” and I finally realized that these characters can be diffdrent from the characters I have in my head.
N: What do you mean?
I: These characters aren’t just mine. Everybody brings their own experiences to them, and that’s what gives them their charm! At least, that’s what I think!
N: I’m so happy you said that!
I: In Attack on Titan: JR. High, when Eren and the group all snuck into the titans’ classroom, I realized it was something I would never have come up with.
N: That’s deeply emotional chapter for me. I took the story to my meeting with my editor, and he give me an, “Okay,” without hardly any alterations!
I: Also the scene where Eren was sucked on by a titan then spit out left a big impression on me.
N: That was taken from your suggestion when you said, “Eren is taken into a titan’s mouth and by the time he comes out, his cell phone is waterclogged and broken.”
I: But since that joke turned into a chinese food joke, I have to say that I haven’t been much help to you, huh? (Laughs)

What comes after this?

I: This may sound a little weird, but I want Nakagawa-San to use “Titan Junior High” as a stepping stone. I know it came out really weird, so I want some original Nakagawa-San work to come out.
N: But more than that, I want to keep doing “Titan Junior High” as long as possible. Actually, I’ve learned a secret about Isayama-San, so after a long time working on this, I want to have a meeting where I reveal it all!
I: Wh-what does that mean? Now I’m all nervous… But however it goes, I’m looking forward to the next volume and the volumes following that!
N: Please support me, everyone!

The Signs As Emotions
  • Aries : Frustration - anger can sometimes become too much and turn into sadness, leaving you frustrated with your own emotions.
  • Taurus : Happiness - your effort with everything will always be repaid, no matter how big or small the deed is, leaving you satisfied with your life.
  • Gemini : Love - your dedication and passion towards people is inspiring to others so be careful to never silence your inner voice begging for affection.
  • Cancer : Sadness - there could be a million reasons as to why you feel a growing hole in your heart but do not be afraid to hold back the tears and know that you're loved.
  • Leo : Confusion - confusion may not seem like an emotion, but it can override your body and put it into panic mode but do not fret, my friend, as decisions only create short term circumstances.
  • Virgo : Excitement - it doesn't matter what you're excited for, just remember to not let that excitement turn into fear as life has a way of turning out not exactly the way you expected but it'll be for the better.
  • Libra : Fear - nothing in life is worth fearing so don't let fear hold you back from your dreams, amazing things are to come for you so don't shy away from them.
  • Scorpio : Regret - whatever you may regret, remember that the experience you had changed you as a person and you would not be as strong as you are today without it, learn from your mistakes and change your life accordingly.
  • Sagittarius : Pain - no matter how you suffered, remember to always lean on others for support as emotional scars are as hurtful as physical ones.
  • Capricorn : Hope - your dreams could be more easily reached than you thought and if you believe they aren't, remember to look at it from a new angle either metaphorically or literally.
  • Aquarius : Embarrassment - whether you wet yourself in front of the queen or fell over in front of your friends, no degree of embarrassment can determine your self worth as mistakes can help you grow.
  • Pisces : Jealousy - becoming absorbed in the things you don't have can often make you shy away from the things you really want or need in life, don't lose sight of what's important to you.
  • this is my first post so I hope this is okay but if you have any idea of how I can improve please message me or go to my ask box : )

The Doctor and Rose Tiny Adventures - going to the TARDIS

for @goingtothetardis

Part 1

Previously on The Doctor and Rose Tiny Adventures: an inspired (and enthusiastic) Doctor kisses Rose. And it’s fantastic!

“Oops, I think we clicked the mouse… Oh! Look, Rose! The TARDIS! That’s strange. How do they know about the TARDIS?

"And it isn’t the only thing they know about, innit? Sporting a nice stubble, huh, Doctor? How come I never saw that look on you? When was that?”

“Whoever he is, he isn’t me, Rose. I don’t know how, but they seem to know a lot about us. There’s a picture of us up there and another of me. ‘Farewell Ten’. Why? I don’t want to go anywhere…”

“Look! That’s what I said when we first met, remember? Let’s see, they’re young, married, have cats… and a great taste! I don’t know what a 'Moffat’ is, but… Oh, OH! They write fanfic! About us!”

“Fanfic about us? How’s that even possib– WTF! Doctor??? What am I doing there??? And why are you reading it? Gosh, this is so embarassing!”

“Now, Rose, don’t be so prudish! This is an excellent example of an 'adult fic’. Do you reckon they have another one? I hope so…”

“Goingtothetardis… Going to the TARDIS! Oh, do you reckon it’s a sign about the TARDIS? And… OHMYGOD! Doctor, look!! What’s that?”

“It’s the TARDIS! The Might Robotikunikt must have sent her here. But why… Wait. That’s not our TARDIS, it’s different, see? That white circular thing?”

“But if she isn’t our TARDIS, whose TARDIS is she? And why is she so small? And why aren’t you saying anything? Doct–”

But Rose never finished her sentence, as the Doctor showed her how good an inspiration fanfic can be…

Happy Birthday, Heidi!! I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world and success on your projects! <333

I hope you like this funko fic. It’s a continuation of the The Doctor and Rose Tiny Adventures I made for @tennyo-elf on her birthday.

As before, each picture has a caption and they, all together, form the story written above. You can read it that way or you can click on the pics for a better reading experience.

Snowed In-Ashton Irwin

wow guess who’s writing for the first time in forever. so basically this is smut where you and your boyfriend get snowed and and he takes the opportunity to show you some new things in bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The first thing you realized when you woke up was how cold it was. Seeking warmth you curled closer to your boyfriend, marveling at how Ashton could be warm even though it was probably below freezing out as if he was lit from within by a tiny fireplace. You movements roused him, his hazel eyes opening slowly and meeting yours. “Good morning love.” He said, his morning voice raspy and sexy.

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