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Can I ask for how UT, UF Sans and US Paps react to their crush coming into their room and slips under the covers and doesn't say a word when the skelly wakes up but their crush starts tearing up because they just really needed a hug and hopes the skelly doesn't see them as a burden?♡ Thanks so much!!

(* No problem!  And might I say, thank you for all the likes.  It makes me so happy that you’re enjoying these! <3 )


Sans doesn’t even wake up when you crawl into bed with him.  He shifts toward the new warmth, and snuggles in deeper under the covers, becoming a tangled mess of limbs with you.  It takes a moment, but slowly, he becomes aware that something’s off about his bed, and he starts to wake up.  By the time his eyelights find your teary eyes, he has to blink several times to make sure he’s really awake, that you’re really in both his bed and his arms.  

… He didn’t drink too much at Grillby’s last night, did he?  

He feels the slight tremble in your body, and he can’t help but respond to the way your arms tighten around him.  He’s observant enough to know that you’re upset, and his SOUL clenches at the thought.  "you ok, buddy?“  His voice is still thick with sleep, and he’s a little groggy, but he holds onto you tightly.  Did something happen?  Was it his fault?  His mind is racing, trying to play back everything that’s happened recently, but he’s drawing a blank.  "it’s ok.  everything’s all right.”  They’re the words he always wanted to hear himself, so they’re the only way he knows how to help.  Well, that and just staying like you are, holding onto each other.  

He gently presses his teeth to your temple in a comforting skeleton kiss and reiterates, “everything’s all right.”


Red is instantly awake the second you enter his room, so as soon as you pull back the covers, his eyelights are alert and on you.  He’s tense because no one just comes into his room without warning for anything good, but.. when he realizes it’s you, he relaxes, a grin spreading across his face.  Heh.  He must still be dreamin’; why else would you be sliding in close and holding onto him?  Instantly, his arms are around you, pulling you against his chest, his face nuzzling into the crook of your neck.  "i could get used to this, ya'know?  feel free to wake me up like this more often.“  He sounds pleased, his smirk evident in his voice.  

He starts to fall back asleep, perfectly content to be tangled with you, when he feels something damp against his cheek.  Automatically, he freezes.. and slowly pulls back to look at your face.  He glimpses the tears and internally starts cursing.  Why didn’t he notice something was wrong immediately?  "sweetheart…?”  His voice is unsteady and soft, a stark contrast to its usual gruff tone.  "hey, what’s the matter, huh?  don’t cry, ok?“  

You don’t have to explain anything to him.  Red gathers you close and rocks gently in the bed, lightly rubbing his hand along your back.  After a while, he starts to hum, the sound vibrating through his ribs, and he hopes that it’ll help lull you to sleep.  In his experience, Bad Nights tend to ease up in the mornings.  And he’ll stay like that with you for as long as you need.  


Stretch grunts when he feels the bed shift.  He’s unconcerned with who it could be since he’s used to Blueberry winding up in his bed if his brother ever has a nightmare.. however, when he feels your arms wind around him, he knows it’s not his brother, and he’s suddenly wide awake.  It takes him a second longer than usual to process what’s happening, but when he does, he slides an arm around your shoulders and tries to locate a clock.  Whatever time it is feels too early to be sentient.  "hey hun.  so what’re yo–”  The query dies in his throat.  He notices something’s amiss right away, and he immediately rolls onto his back and pulls you halfway onto his chest.  Both of his arms wind around you.  "hey, what’s wrong?  you didn’t have a nightmare, did you?“  The question is light, though his lazy grin is lop-sided.  He’s trying not to make a big deal out of it because he doesn’t want you to feel like you’re being a bother.

“shh, it’s ok.  i’m right here.  just relax.”  The phalanges of one hand stroke the back of your head, while his other hand lazily skims along your back.  He won’t pressure you to talk about it; he’ll hold onto you as long as you want.  Though, later, he’ll casually mention that he’s always around if you need to talk, no matter what time it is.  

Hi hi!! I’ve recently hit a milestone that I never even thought I would ever get near, and I really want to say thank you to anyone who follows me, enjoys my stories, my graphics, my gifs, or even just for the reblogs. I truly never imagined I would reach any milestone of any kind and I keep getting surprised every time it happens. Thank you for sticking with me, through holy-jungkook and springtoday until now, for supporting me and for making this Tumblr my safe haven :)           

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Okay so this is where I get cheesy and sappy and just borderline heart-eyes, and I apologize for that but follow forevers make me very emotional and thankful so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

first and foremost, 

@btssmutgalore Dee you’re actually the first friend I ever made on this Godforsaken website????? and I’m always so so happy to have talked to you that first time. You really are like a sister to me, even if we talk less because of schedules or whatever, I’m always super happy whenever we do. I’m always thinking of how you are and if you’re enjoying yourself and as you know already I’m always worrying, but I truly deeply hope you’re happy because you deserve more than the world and I love you a lot <3

@petitmin where do I even begin with you??? the loml?? yup. I love you a lot Belle like you already know I’d do anything for you. You were there for me through a lot, I’m so so so glad you’re my friend and I hope you’re happy always :’)

@boyscoutstyle this child who I raised on my back for more than a decade, who I tortured my soul for while watching Suspicious Partner, thIS KID!! I won’t be soft with you because you have an ego as big as the galaxy but just know that I appreciate everything you do, every time we talk and you listen to me blabber about stupid shit but you’re always there for me and I’m :’) fuck I’m getting soft bye

@jeonjiah MY HYPE WOMAN!!! MY SWEET EMO KID!! THE ONLY JUNGKOOK STAN I’M COMFORTABLE WITH!! KAINS!! I love you a shit load even when you ghost on me for days and I’m always feeling lighter after talking to you so yeah i just ily

@hobipdmain Meggy. What can I say about Meggy? Meggy has a ton of dogs I squeal over. It’s said her beauty transcends the planet and can only be compared to Hoseok’s. One time she called me smol… It was awesome. Ok but no kidding I really love talking to you and seeing your awesome face blessing my phone screen and all the gifs you make of our precious sunshine so just <33333333333

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Head cannons for Genji acting like an older brother please? (Let's hope he doesn't end up like Hanzo *sniped*) anyway thank you so much!! I really love when you write fluff!!

plot twist: it does end up like hanzo. psyche, just messing with you. 

- He’s a protective brother figure and he’ll always be there for you whenever you need him. He’ll also do his best to keep you away from any sort of danger. 

- The cyborg enjoys spending time with you and the rest of the younger members, all of you often have gaming and movie nights together. Most of the time it ends up with Hana falling sleep halfway through the second movie while Lena and Lucio talk throughout it, laughing at Genji’s comments. 

- No one hides better than Genji that’s why he’s banned from using his ninja skills whenever he the game of hide and seek. Same goes for Hanzo (if they manage to get him to join, which is a very difficult thing to do). One time the team spent good two hours looking for him only to find out that he’s been following behind them sneakily throughout the whole time. It was hilarious.

- He’ll happily teach you his mother tongue and all about the culture if you show interest in Japan. When you learn enough he’ll talk to you in Japanese to see how much you understand, speaking slower and more clear when you ask him to repeat himself. He’s a very patient individual. 

- Whenever he’s out for a mission you can expect him to tell you all about it although the same goes for you. If you have a mission you have to promise him to try and stay safe- while he knows you can take care of yourself he’s still very worried. 

Code:Realize ~ Princess of Genesis ~ Affinity Chart 

Translated and edited by me. 

I never thought this would be as much of a pain as it ended up being (´×д×` ;) The image quality is low and the text was really blurry so I had a hard time reading some of the kanji… they looked like blobs. Thankfully a friend helped me out (THANK YOU SO MUCH) or else I might have never finished ;;;


OTP Challenge: 7 Scenes [4/7]
“ Not too much drama I hope. I’m messing things up for you Emma. Alright, I mean cops, street races. It’s bad news, okay? I’m bad news. I just, I gotta stop hanging out with you. ”