i really hope the timing doesn't mess up on this

a note about reposts

you’re probably looking at this title and thinking “leslie.. we’ve heard this speech like 87 times” and my friend i feel your pain, i do, and i’m questioning if this post will have much of an effect at all really, since reposts have just kind of become something that creators are expected to deal with on platforms like these. but that in itself is kinda messed up isn’t it? i know that a majority of people understand the importance of credit, but as someone who has been on this site and putting out content for ~1.5 years now, it wears you down a bit over time to see every edit you make spread across websites with no trace of who made it.

i could just keep saying don’t repost!! and hope people take my advice, but most of the people i come across are ones who find my edits and have no idea where they came from, so 1) understand that lack of knowledge of who originally made it doesn’t make it ok to post and 2) if you see someone post something that was clearly not made by them, don’t spread it

today my dan + nail polish edit spread all the heck over twitter through reposts, and normally it’d be something that i deal with and move on, but i started to think about recognition and the difficulty to have a big enough voice on platforms where you have less followers than the accounts reposting. on twitter, i have about 28 times less followers than i do here, and it gets increasingly frustrating when large accounts post your work with 3x the likes. i’ve become quite comfortable on tumblr, and the amount of reposts have decreased hugely for me from when i first started editing, but on twitter my circle of interaction is much smaller and not only results in lost credit, but also increased difficulty in finding those reposts. i guess my point for mentioning this is that if you see content being spread that seemingly came from nowhere, it’s because the original creator is being overshadowed by everyone else.

whenever i find a repost and ask them to take it down, specifically on twitter, i’ve had nothing but apologies and kind responses, which makes me realize that people don’t do it with bad intentions. they’re spreading my work because they think it’s worth sharing, and for that i am appreciative, but what they don’t realize is the erasure of the hours it took to get the coloring just right, or how much effort i put into the tiniest details. this is something that all creators face in the world of digital content, whether it’s gifs, art, edits, etc., and everyone deals with it in different ways. for me and many other people i know, reposts are seen as inevitable and not worth the effort of addressing obsessively, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a constant discussion. support the creators you like by respecting what they make, and never take content for granted <3

thanks for reading lov u x