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BATB Songs In One Sentence
  • Aria: Yo look at this awesome party that the prince is throwing.
  • Belle: Belle's so pretty, what a shame that she reads.
  • HDAMLF (Music Box): Have some really vague exposition.
  • Belle (Reprise): Gaston sucks, this town sucks, I just want an adventure, is that too much to ask.
  • Gaston: "Who can make up these endless refrains like Gaston?" LeFou can.
  • Days In The Sun: Hope conquers all, except when it doesn't.
  • Something There: Chip's too young to know about love.
  • HDAMLF (Montmartre): No Beast, Belle's not trying to be a tourist.
  • Beauty and The Beast: Mrs. Potts ships them.
  • The Mob Song: When Gaston's jealous, he creates a giant angry mob.
  • Beauty and The Beast (Finale): Everyone ships them.

in all honesty, im super excited for season 3, especially sharing the experience with the fandom and my friends. when s2 came out the vibe and atmosphere was really nice, everyone hype-screaming & bonding over the show. it felt real nice to see the fandom happy and joking and im super pumped to go through it again during this season and more to come

Summer School (Jeff Atkins X Reader)

Request: You should do a Jeff Atkins imagine where he meets the reader the summer before their freshman year he just instantly falls for her but she’s just super oblivious to it and you can do whatever you want from there :3

~*Jeff’s Pov*~
Summer school fucking sucks. It’s honestly a waste of time, besides who cares if i failed a couple classes? In my opinion its no big deal buy yet here i am bored out of my mind when i could be doing something fun.

The only thing that doesn’t absolutely suck about summer school is (Y/N). Shes amazing and im pretty sure she doesn’t notice me. We both failed Language Arts in 8th grade so we have to make it up now.


“Uhm hi”

“Is this seat taken?” She asks pointing to the seat next to me.

“Nope” i lie. I was saving that seat for my best friend Troy, we were supposed to stick together throughout summer school, but i mean he’ll understand right? She put her things down and sat at the desk.

“So (Y/N) im really surprised you have summer school, you always came off as a good student.” I say trying to start some conversation.

“I am in most classes, not to brag, but Language Arts was really kicking my ass” she said giggling

Holy shit her laugh was so cute.

“Yeah but i think thats mostly Ms. Adams fault considering she spent most of class talking about how her son and her cat get in fights” I replied to her and we both started laughing.

After a few weeks me and (Y/N) got really close and i think i fell in love with her. Everything about her was perfect. Literally everything. I really doubt she feels the same way about me but im hoping that will change soon.

It was the last day of summer school and everyone was ready to leave. (Y/N) came and sat next to me where i was waiting on my dad to pick me up.

“Ya know Jeff these weeks have been really fun with you.” She says “I honestly don’t know why we weren’t friends back in 8th grade considering we had the same class”

“Yeah but I guess thats what i get for being the quiet kid, you don’t really just make friends.” I answered smiling.

I was kind of bummed that this was the end of summer school. I didn’t even get to tell (Y/N) how i felt.

“Hey my mom is here to pick me up, but we should definitely talk more next year!” She said

Then I realized that i had all of freshman year for me and (Y/N) to get close, and i couldn’t wait.

Zero to Hero || Veronica Lodge

Originally posted by quinnsfabrey

Requested : R is friends with the gang but in the background (shy, quiet, awkward) They think she’s a cinnamon roll, that’s why everyone keeps her out of the investigation/dangerous stuff. R likes V but doesn’t think she has a chance. One night, when the gang is investigating, they get attacked and R shows up in the badass clothes from the Serpents, leather jacket and all, along with people to help her and they save them. Afterwards everyone is just like ??? And somehow her and V become a couple?

[A/N] : The reader’s characterization is oddly alike me. thats really creepy anon but I dig it.. well I hope ya like it? Oh by the way, this is an AU where Archie and Veronica never got together, and Cheryl didn’t try to commit suicide..


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BTS Reaction To You Wanting To Quit School

I really liked your Hoseok story! Can you do a reaction for BTS to you getting really stressed out and saying you wanna drop out of school? 

Uwahhhh you’re sweet thank you for reading my story :3 I hope you like this reaction!


Originally posted by jeonseouls

Namjoon would understand how stressed you were, school was hard for everyone in different ways. He’d most likely lightly scold you for thinking that way before offering to help with whatever you were struggling with. But if you were the type to get snappy when stressed (thats me LOL) he’d do his best to help you relax and let your mind rest before you continued. He’d draw a bath and play soft music. This precious boy just wants to help you relax and be happy.

“Calculus is a bitch, I know. C’mon, let’s go relax for a while. Your book will be here later.”


Originally posted by kim-soekjins

Not gonna lie, Seokjin would pull the “I’m just disappointed” card when he heard you. He is the resident mom, after all. But it wouldn’t last long, hyping you up by talking about how he graduated college on his own time and that if he could do it you could too. After pulling you away and cooking for you, he’d suggest getting a tutor or lessening your class load (if it was possible).

“If I can earn my degree, Jagi, you can finish the paper! I believe in you!”


Originally posted by dannismith

If anyone knows stress, it’s this precious bean right here. He’d had his moments of weakness in the past and knew how it felt. I’m sure he wouldn’t say anything when he heard your frustrated muttering. Instead, he’d press a kiss to your head as he passed by, maybe lingering a little longer than usual. A little while later, you’d get a long text from him encouraging you to keep going.

“I’ve been there. I know how much a pain in the ass stress is, but you can do this. You’re the smartest person I know, something this simple won’t knock you down.“

(I’m soft for him h e l p)


Originally posted by bestteamofsoulmates

Your #1 hype-man, he’d go on listing all of the things you were good at.You’d probably see the elusive serious-side of this sunshine, as your mental health was no laughing matter to him. He’d be sure to give you anything you wanted to help take your mind off of the stress, whether it be cuddles or food or listening to him rap/sing. If you were especially far gone, he’d blare music in the apartment and make you dance stupidly with him in the living room.

“No time to stress over Shakespeare when Red Velvet is playing! C’mon, dance with me!”


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Jimin, like all of the others, would completely understand stress. But this boy would be genuinely confused, simply saying “But you’re so smart!” He wasn’t trying to upset you or anything, he just saw you as such an amazing person that he would be amazed you were struggling. After the initial shock, he’d would just talk with you, letting you vent about your troubles to him. He’d do his best to offer help, not wanting to see you so upset.

“Maybe you should talk to your counselor, that’s what their job is right? Maybe they can help you with your workload. For now, why don’t you take a break?”


Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

You’d probably see his Taehyung’s serious side. He knew you had been studying for days over this test, and knew you were probably over-studying at this point. He’d simply shut your books and pick you up, carrying you to the living room where he’d do everything in his power to make you smile. Once he knew you were relaxed, he’d joke with you:

“If you ever need a partner in crime to burn your school down, I’m your man. Just kidding, Jagi, I don’t want to go to jail. I know you will do well on this test, so just breathe, hmm?”


Originally posted by sgfgdolans

This baby bun would know exactly how you felt. At first he’d throw his head back and mutter “I’ve been there” before taking your book from you. Instead of making you stop, he’d help you study even if it pained him. He just wanted to see you smiling, and he knew if you aced this test you’d be smiley for a week afterwards.

“For every question you get right you get a kiss, okay?”

Thank you for requesting! My inbox is always open for more requests, everyone~


I’ve had these asks in my inbox a while ago. I wanted to reply but I kinda didn’t have the time and now I am busy with studying and… well… i’m sorry for taking so long. I’m super busy with university stuff right now and despite not having any lectures, I have to study a lot. I’ve written 31 pages to summarize the math script of this semester within the past 4 days and my handwriting is really small, so… eh. ;w;


@kagamin3ko thank you so much! I really don’t consider myself a senpai, but some people kept calling me senpai and I’m… just not used to people looking up to me like that. I appreciate it a lot ;w;

@space-star-kitten OMG your 2nd favorite?! That probably changed by now, considering how long I took to reply, ehehehe…? But I’m happy you think so, thank you <3

@sapphirescarletta123 OMG you are so lovely! I am sorry I haven’t drawn much lately, I hope I can draw some more ErrorInk and a lot of other things soon again! I have so many things I wanna draw, yet there’s no time… also your art is pretty cute as well! Keep it up plz! 

And of course, I am feeling hugged, dear anon! Thank you so much. I wanna hug all of you guys in return. qwq


Thanks to everyone for following me, all of you really! I’d love to make something cool to celebrate that I’ve recently hit 2k followers but… once again, I’m too busy and I’d hate to make promises I can’t keep. But I’ll think of something. I hope .w.

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Hi! So question (since I see you guys sometimes answer relationship questions). Do you guys think some people are destined to be alone? Idk I'm 23 and still have yet to have any guy show any interest in me that I am interested in. Only creeps or guys I have no sort of attraction to at all and Idk if maybe I'm not meant to find someone in that case. I just feel like my confidence has gone down and feel like there isn't much hope for me anymore because everyone seems to be finding someone but me.

Thats a heavy question! 

We do believe that some people end up without a partner in their life  because that is their preference. A soul mate is not FORCED on everyone. There are plenty of people who really dont mind and prefer being an individual, and thats amazing and great. 

However, it sounds like thats not a preference, you just believe it to be your fate. 

Let me just start off by saying. GURRRLRLLLLLL 23 is not an old, or late age. AT. ALL. You aren’t even old enough to RENT A CAR yet. You have TIME. So much of it. And just cause others around you are finding people doesnt mean those are the right people or the people they are with forever now. 

Things like love and relationships take time. Especially if they are right. And sometimes if they are wrong too! Just look at the parents in the generations above us. My mom and dad got married at 23, and divorced PROMPTLY at 26. They were noooootttttt made for each other, and it wasn’t until they were both 40, that they found someone they are much happier with. 

So relax. ENJOY YOURSELF. FEEL YOURSELF. Eventually the confidence you gain by focusing, even selfishly, on your self at your young age, will seep into those around you. 

You’re doing fine. Breathe, watch the Walking Dead, order a frappacino. You got time.


so deciding to do hourlies today was kind of a hard decision actually. 

ive been really ill lately, dealing w chronic and mental illness (hypothyroidism/fibromyalgia + depression/anxiety/ptsd) and it’s turned my life into extended sequences of lying in bed wishing i could do anything BUT lie in bed and also like feeling bad in ways people probably dont want me to describe, rock bottom kinda shit  

luckily, ive dealt with most of this before, and im pretty sure im on my way to some sort of recovery after only a month (first round w hypothyroidism took the better part of a year) and i DID have the energy to do these, but then there’s the issue of…showing everybody how i have to live my life lately

i always feel like the artists i admire are doing /so much/ and honestly i wish i could do as much, but its not feasible when im sick like this, and its been really getting to me lately. its frustrating, and embarrassing, and hard.

but its the way i have to live when my meds are off, or when im having flashbacks, or whatever it is that day. or several days. or months. and its the way other people like me live, too! 

and thats why i wanted to do it, i guess. to see that this is a valid way to live. to help show other people its valid, and to help show myself. to look at it with compassion and humor and try out just enjoying the fact of my existence.

so anyway thats a lot of text for it but i just kinda wanted to get those thoughts out there. thanks everyone

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Can you do another algee and Keith imagine. Pls. And I love ur blog 😍😍😍

Gifs & Pictures are not mine

Warning: Major FLUFF, you’ve been warned

Word Count: Keith’s Imagine: 4.0k & Algee’s Imagine: 3.2k

A/N: I hope you all enjoy the imagines, I hope it meets up to your expectations & thank you so much for saying that it warms my heart and makes me really happy.- XX basicKassandra

Keiths Imagine:

Dating Keith wasn’t easy for multiple reasons, he was ALWAYS late to every date because of work, ALWAYS gets stopped by fans but of course thats one of the reasons you loved him but importantly he was ALWAYS getting hit on by other women in the industry because you and him were a secret. Everyone in the media just saw you two as childhood friends, and it wasn’t a complete lie because you’d known Keith since he was 8 and you were 6 years old but it’d hurt because friendship doesn’t mean anything in the glam world. You were just a regular person, who went to school and worked your everyday 9-5 at the music store and he was super star hottie who had the voice that belonged to the angels above, it’s true that he could have any women he wanted and you never understood why he chose you but you stopped second guessing it sometimes. It was hard for you both to do romantic things without being caught by media, so you both settled for small things like you visiting him at the recording studio which you did every Friday but this Friday was a special one because today was April 28th which just so happened to be you and Keith’s 2 year anniversary and you knew he had completely forgotten but you couldn’t blame him because of how busy he was, so you brought his a couple of snacks and a gift that would make his day a bit brighter. You walked into the recording studio and just as you were about to step into the booth you heard voices “Keith, how come you aren’t off the market yet? You’re young, handsome, talented and most importantly famous.”you heard a female voice through the doors you imagined her paws all over Keith which sent your body into heated mood “Maybe because I’m not looking for anyone now, just being free for a while before I think of settling.” You heard Keith say in a smooth tone not letting her previous comment rattle him and even though you know his statement was false it still hurt you to hear him say the words, you gave the door a weak knock before hearing Keith respond “Come in!” you opened the door smiling at Keith causing the unnamed women to roll her eyes and sway her way out of the room closing the door behind her loudly “How much did you hear?” Keith said wrapping his arms around you which cause you to become nervous and start questioning how he knew you were listening to him the whole time “Baby, your face. I’ve been studying it for 16 years so I know when something is bothering you,” he said pulling you into his arms trying to bury you deep inside his chest but you were so affected by his words that you squirmed your way out of his strong embrace “Enough to know that you enjoy being free and aren’t thinking about settling… Is that why you haven’t mentioned me? Because you want to be free?” you said feeling the tears run down your face “Baby you can’t be serious right now.” he said letting out a frustrated sigh as he began to move his hands trying to calm his nerves before getting up. He slowly walked over to you and he grabbed you wrapping you in his arms holding you tight. “Baby, I didn’t mean anything I said and you should know that. I’ve loved you for 16 whole years, not a day goes by where I don’t think about you. I don’t put you out there because I don’t want people to know I’m happily taken, I don’t put you out there because the media and fans will and can do vicious things to ruin us or even hurt you and if something like that ever happened I don’t think I would be able to live with myself. Today marks 2 years in our amazing relationship, you loved me before all the fame and glory and you’re still with me now which means none of that matters to you and I would be a damn fool if I let you go. Plus I find our secret relationship very sexy don’t you?” he said laughing as he looked down at you kissing your forehead. You laughed and smiled “This is one of the reason why I love you, you goofball.” you say as you tip toe to reach his mouth and kiss him softly.

Algee Smith

Finally you made it to the big leagues as they say in the reporter industry, you were at the BET Awards and trying to get the latest scoop on all the hot celebrities that everyone has been raving about but every reporter on this carpet was hoping to get the perfect interview with one of the cast members for “New Edition Story” it was a story everyone was after tonight and hopefully if you played your cards right that reporter would be you. You were wearing a plain black dress with slits on the side, plain doesn’t always mean ugly. You set up your microphones to make sure they were ready and working because of a busy carpet like this you never know what would happen and just as the stars were about to pour out your bladder hit you like a truck, it was so bad to the point where you couldn’t hold it and it made you so nervous because what if you missed you big moment you would never live that down. “Just go (Y/N). I’ll man the fort don’t worry.” The camera guy Phil said smiling at you while you nodded and rushed elegantly off to the bathroom, and once you had relieved yourself and started walking back you realized you left your phone in the stall causing you to hurry back, once you retrieved the phone and made sure you didn’t leave anything else behind you heard a voice echo down the hall “Well you look rather lovely.” The voice said causing you to freeze in your tracks only one name passed through your head. Algee Smith. You turned slowly facing him and looking at how his white suit contradicted with your black dress “You don’t look so bad yourself.” You say giggling a little once he noticed your reporter passed he became very wary “You’re far to pretty to be a cruel and heartless reporter.” He said in a sad tone “Well who said I was cruel and heartless , I’ll have you know I’ve been called quiet the opposite.” You say raising an eyebrow at him. He laughed holding out his hand gesturing you to take it “Be careful you wouldn’t want the cruel and heartless reporter to cut out your heart would you?“ You say teasing him and you accepted his hand causing both of you to laugh “As long as you keep it somewhere safe that’s always near you , I don’t think I’d mind that much.” He said smoothly looking ahead “Quite the smooth talker huh?” you ask looking at his face to see a slight smirk appear on his face “Maybe you’re a witch in disguise as a beautiful young heartless and cruel reporter, cause it seems like you’re taking my breath away.” He says stopping before the door “Here we must part.” you say walking towards the door and just as your about to open it you feel Algee’s lips skim your ear “I’ll let you interview me under one condition.” he said lowly so only you could hear which caused shivers to run down your spine you nodded slightly hanging on to his every word “We do the interview over a private dinner, don’t look for me tonight because I’ll find you Cinderella before the clock strikes 12.” he said opening the door for you allowing you to return to your spot in the reporter section as you watched him wink in your direction as he walked by ignoring all the other reporters. Your smirked devilishly and began to think “Sorry ladies and gentlemen but that one is mine.”

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Great, now I have to ufollow a blog I really liked because one of the mods is an anti. I hope you enjoy knowing one of yours tried to blackmail the Voltron staff with leaked images, and that the staff likes and shows more support for Sheith than it ever has for Klance.

First, put slashes in your asks, second I don’t ship K/ance that much I’m not into it and who in their right mind thinks that I agree with every K/lance shipper? I don’t give two shits about shipping because it’s pretty stupid how everyone gets so worked up over it. So bye I guess?

- Mod Keith

New doms

Today i thought id touch on the subject of new doms. This is mostly for the new doms that dont know where to start so this isnt really a post for littles but feel free to stick around. Now doms, hello if you didnt know im a little (who has a daddy). Some people are appallingly shocked by going from vanilla to dommy very quickly. So, im going to give you a few tips to help the transition. The first thing to remember is that your baby is a BABY depending on their little age which means that they are most likely going to act that age. If it gets to much you can always send them to go color a picture, watch tv, or send them for a nap if they get fussy. Another alternative is to play with stuffies but they might ask you to play as well also asking them to be a big girl so you can talk it out right then and there. Second be open with your partner once out of little space tell them what you thought, how you felt while doing it and what maybe they could change. Thrid thing is to remember you’re new you wont get it straight away in fact it may take a few months. Remember that Spankings are ok as long as aftercare is involved afterwards you dont want to leave them because they can feel very unloved. Remember spankings must always be deserved there are spanking for fun then spankings for punishments. Fun spankings is them walking (or'playtime’) and you tap their butt . Punishment is more of a bending over the knee. To many spankings can be to much try to limit to 10 a day and use time out or other punishments for the other time your partner is bad. On to eating habits remember your little is like a child and depending their little age they might want you to cook for them. If you cant cook yet order out but i suggest at least learning how to make nuggets. I do want to point out you DONT have to buy your little expensive gifts in order to be a good dom. I know you may see these doms with lots of money buying their littles anything and everything just know your little loves you and thinks your the best dom in the world.

I think thats it don’t worry i will be making a part two for long distance doms as well. I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any questions maybe ill make a third post on this if it gets enough notes. I usually dont touch on the dom subject of things considering my audience is mostly littles but we’ll see and littles let me know if this has help your dom. Theres definitely more i could touch base on but these were just basics no one really mentions. Everyone mentions rules, bathtime, nap time ect but i could do a post more in depth on that so let me know

That fic i wrote reminds me of when I fed the feral kitties and I got some of them to trust me to the point of letting me pet them or at the very least take food from my hand.

key: lots of food and lots of patience.

I came across this letter written by Jeff Mangum about why he stopped performing with Neutral Milk Hotel.  I found it really beautiful, so I thought I would share.

“i think its time that i made a few things clear.
first of all, i am not in hiding, as some have said. where i am i supposed to be hiding?
behind the coach? in the cat box? under the bed?

i wake up everyday, i walk out into the world and i say hello to the people i meet.
the sun shines, the birds sing, the dogs birth out of the old womans eyeball, the
afterbirth overwhelms me, swimming with strange creatures, etc. living in the great mystery
is enough for me right now.
also it has been said that i dont like people listening
to my music, that i dont like playing live, that i stopped playing because people heckled
me at my shows, called me names, etc. if you really think im that pathetic, then you should
burn my records, and forget about me. but its not like that. not that i thought every aspect
of being in a semi popular
rock band was totally healthy, but im not knocking it either. but when i hear people bitching about
being famous, i always wonder why they keep doing it. if you dont like doing interviews
anymore, then dont. its that easy.
but anyway, im getting off track here. what happened to me
comes down to two things.

1.immune system breakdown. i was getting sick every two months for a year, and finally in
the spring of 99 i got hepatitis and mono at the same time, which turned me into
a vomit tornado with yellow eyeballs for two months, and gave me chronic fatigue for the next
two years. which led to number two.
2.spiritual breakdown. this little nervous breakdown, which lasted about two years, was
one of the best things that ever happened to me. it turned out great in the end, even though
it was a living hell for a long time.
in our society, we are supposed to feel ashamed of ourselves when we breakdown,
were supposed to go to the shrink to “fix” the “problem”,
so that we can come out as smiling productive members of society.
what a load of crap.
we must live in the loneliest society on earth, one that has taken the spiritual
aspect out of becoming a healthy person.
in other cultures, spirituality, human
phycology, physical health and meditation are all one thing. you cant separate them into
compartments. i didnt know any of this a few years ago, and my breakdown forced me
to begin to see through the horrible mental boxes that our society imposes on everyone.
two years ago i was a mess, every belief i had was disintegrating, everything
i had based my life on seemed shaky. i was tired, confused, and i just didnt think
i could simply sing my way out of it this time. and i was right. the songs i did write
were confused, very dark and not anything i thought anyone needed to hear. they were
more for myself, to help me to work through my mental problems. so, doing shows seemed
inappropriate, since anything i would sing would instantly end up on the net, for
everyone to hear. im not knocking people sharing my music on the internet, but
at that point, it didnt seem right.

so where am i at now? well, all my belongings are in storage, and i am leaving for spain in a
week. dont know whats going to happen. life is better that way. my attitude has always been
to remain open to all possibilities. maybe i’ll write a song, a story, a tape piece,
learn meditation, capture a beautiful event on tape, make a friend, see something i’ve
never seen before. and if at some point, if it all adds up to be something worth
releasing to the world, i will do it gladly. i dont give a fuck if it
“tops aeroplane” or not. thats just another mental prison. anyone waiting for an album
to top the last one should look somewhere else, because you’ll inevitably be disappointed.

when i wrote aeroplane, i spent 90 percent of my time screaming nonsence
into my little tape recorder, or chopping up sounds with my sound blender, or
just making noise,
and 10 percent of my time writing songs. it was very liberating,
because i never thought about what i was doing, and a week before we went to record i didnt
even think we had a half finished album. but i didnt care. i figured if we went the studio,
and only recorded one finished song, then that would be fine. creating just one minute of
something inspiring is an incredibly fun thing to do. so next time you hear that neutral milk
is recording, dont get your hopes up. it may only be one minute of music.
and if i ever release my korena pang peices for you to
hear, you’ll soon find that
its just liberated dada to free the mind. if you want more neutral milk, dont buy it.
you’ll hate it. i for one love music that makes my brain freeze, like the shags, or art ensemble
or maybe some chanting and
banging and confusion from bolivia that makes me forget myself for awhile.
major organ was just a bunch of friends putting music together for fun. it was a project
that changed hands at least a dozen times, and most of the time you didnt even know who was working on it,and you never knew where it would go.
released mostly to inspire other dreamers and home recorders to do the same with there friends.
we weren’t trying to create a masterpiece. trying to do anything is the of death of creativity,
and if we can encourage people to not try, but to just do, then we have accomplished our goal.
the jittery joes show should be out in august or september. it was a show i did in 98 before going
to denver to record. i think the video footage makes it worthy of release, since lance bangs
did such a good job. we’re putting it out to encourage people to stop paying alot of money
for second generation live shows. but again, dont get your hopes up. its really not a big deal.

so thats it. thanks to everyone for listening to my music. now i need to forget myself again,
so you may not hear from me for awhile. forgetting yourself is freedom, and i need to be free.
happy travels. jeff”

~For Ven, a very amazing friend who I will never forget…. I hope you’ve become a beautiful ray of sunshine, for you were the light that shined on everyone and gave others love, hope and inspiration… ♥ ♥ ♥

(thank you to @baselisc and @ladycynthiana for talking and helping me over the past week, you two are so lovely and kind….)


Hey everyone, I’m a new angelkin blog and new to my identity as well as to this community. I was hoping to find more angels, and would be willing to hear about memories or the like. Pray please dont be afraid to talk to me if you post:
Angelkin Related Posts in General
Angelkin Self Care
Angelkin Aesthetics
Christianity or Abrahamic Faith

Im still really new and dont know much about myself, even a name, but this just feels like ‘thats me’ identity wise. Im hoping as I become more familiar with this community i can learn about myself and eventually help others with their identity too. Please don’t be shy, although I can be formal at times, Im very warm and open up pretty easily and would be so so so happy to meet other angels.

T H E T W I N S W E E K. ~ D A Y 7 ~ the birthday

“Please find a way to forgive me and know that I love you”

“You can be brave and still be feminine, you can lead and still love flowers, and most importantly, you can be queen and still be a bride”


And thats a wrap! I just wanted to thank everyone for participating, loving and enjoying the twins week! I hope you all had fun! It was an honour to host it and I really liked seeing all this new and amazing content you all made! If you have any feedback, please let me know or drop me an ask or something!

Thank you so much for making this week an enjoyable and successful one! I love you all so much!

~theheirofillea 💕

  • I'm that person that makes comments or insults quietly and rarely does anyone hear me. But I got moved right in front of my English teachers desk because my last name places me weird places. I'm in 10th grade and my teacher was reading responses that he had us write down for the question he asked us on the first day which was, how was your summer? So this is what happened:
  • Teacher: so someone put down, "i was ho." They rather forgot the T or they were doing the dirty over the summer
  • Class: *laughs*
  • Teacher: Well, whoever was a hoe this summer, I hope that you're not that anymore.
  • Class: *laughs*
  • Me: But my mom said I could be whatever I want.
  • The timing was so great because everyone was done laughing and they were waiting to hear our teacher continue but then I made my statement and I didnt realize that everyone heard me until I heard my teacher tell me that that's not okay and that he hopes I'm joking so now my teacher always waits for my sarcastic remarks or insults because I'm like 5'1 with cute little bangs and I like Disney movies and I tell people to be quiet when the teacher is talking and I look innocent when really I'm like ready to fight everyone and for some reason everyone likes that and it freaks me out because I'm so serious when I tell someone to fight me and they just laugh and walk away like no come back here and fight me bitch
Why I like Scifell -rant (sort of, I’m not mad or anything but whatev.) - LONG POST WARNING!!!!

I’m actually kinda confused on why Scifell is called a crackship. I mean, yeah, they’re the same person. But looking at the AU/ Roleplaying parts of the fandom, Sanscest is becoming more and more of a common thing. and it’s been getting more and more popular, so Scifell being called a crackship by that regard alone doesn’t really make sense to me, when other Sanscest ships aren’t called crackships at all. ( I’m saying I haven’t seen afterdeath, and most of the other popular Sanscest ships be called a crackship. if people call it that and I’m just missing it than please correct me, but I’ve only ever seen Scifell be called a crackship.)

I personally see a crackship as two people who have no interactions at all, and they have no dynamic. I am NOT one of those people where two characters look at each other and I’m like “ I SHIP IT!!”     I don’t do that. If I don’t see how something would be romantic (or even platonic, really) between them, Then I won’t ship it. (like, the character having no positive feelings for the other character.if its all negative than It’s hard for me to get into it) (the only real exception being afterdeath, and I only like it because I am thoroughly convinced that Geno’s just a tsundere. and that they would actually have a nice relationship if he opened up and saw deaths nice side, but that’s why you don’t see me draw them a lot.)  

but if you’re some one who’s like “ BUT EMME, SCI AND EDGE DON’T HAVE CHEMISTRY!” WELL YOU ARE WRONG SIR/MA’AM. I ship scifell because I love the dynamic between the two, I love how they interact with each other. If that wasn’t there, than I wouldn’t ship it. 

If you don’t see what I’m talking about than here:

  • Science is snarky and Edge is kinda an asshole. Sarcasm is a key part in their dynamic ( Example being their nicknames of “nerd” and “Edgy mc my chemical romance.”) they like joking around with one another and just being sarcastic with one another.
  • Edge genuinely doesn’t know how to talk to people. Science is awkward and anxious, but at least he socializes and tries to make friends with the others. ( even becoming buds with blueberry, even if it was short-lived.) Science helps Edge break out of his shell. ( examples: where Sci teaches Edge to turn off his eye, wants to help him and gets him to talk about his problems, and gets him to join the rebellion against blueberry. things I doubt he would do if he didn’t meet Sci.)

-that blush.

- Sci and Edge are both sinister in a sense. while not having evil intentions like swap, Sci is a minister of war, and believes in controlling the flow of information. while Edge, again, is kinda an asshole and likes to mess with people and be a jerk. even though its -mostly- towards people who deserve it. (they’re basically the perfect partners (or lovers) in crime.) 

- Edge is protective of his nerd.

- they are both awkward.

- you get on their bad side and they would both probably plot your murder.

- Sci is more reserved and polite while Edge is loud and rude.  ( I find it super interesting that these two can be super similar in some ways, while be very different in others.)

- Fell’s eyes go back to being white when he sees/ is around Sci. Meaning he finds Sci relaxing in a sense. like he can just chill and have a good time while he’s around him and not always having to be alert and ready for a fight all the time. 


-Sci is gay for Edge. 

-Edge shows some amount of gay for Sci. ( even though I think it will grow the longer CPAU goes on.)


- Nothing is better than two dorks who can be dorks together. 

That’s why I don’t think it should be called a crackship. I love their chemistry and how they act. if you wanna call it a crackship, than thats perfectly fine, you call it what you want to call it. I just don’t really understand why, when they have such an interesting dynamic and it makes perfect sense to me, why it’s referred to as a ship that (BY DEFINITION OF THE TERM “CRACKSHIP”) doesn’t make sense.

I think It makes perfect sense. it’s adorable. it makes me happy. and no one can change that.

(all pictures used belong to the crayon queen.)