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Momma's Boy- Luke Hemmings Smut

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So here’s the Dom Luke smut I’ve been promising for a decade! I really hope you guys like it! I’d love to know what people think of it so don’t be afraid to stop by my ask box and tell me what’s what! Oh and if you don’t like smut, please don’t read this. You won’t like it. 

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Momma’s Boy

“Oh come on Lukey”, you laugh rubbing your boyfriend’s back as you stood next to him laughing, “we’re just joking around.”

“Yeah well it’s not funny”, he huffs, his eyebrows drawn close together in annoyance, “it’s not my fault that my mum still thinks I need her to wash my clothes for me. I didn’t ask her to! I can do it myself!”

A chorus of chuckles meets his frustrated outburst.

“Sure you can man”, Ashton replies sarcastically pushing past him into the elevator of the hotel you were all staying in, “that’s why you’ve been borrowing our underwear for the past two weeks until she came to visit”.

“I have not!” Luke protests but as per usual his objections fall on deaf ears.

His bandmates continue to snigger and jibe at him as the elevator makes it slow ascension to your floor. You can tell that Luke is getting more and more annoyed with every passing remark but you can’t help laughing along, mostly because of the fact that what they’re saying is completely true. Luke is the biggest momma’s boy you have ever met. But then again how could he be any other way? He was the baby of his family and now he’s the baby of the band. It was just his natural role. Regardless of how mature he acted sometimes or how sensible he was, he would always be the baby.

“Goodnight you two”, Michael chimes as he leaves the elevator along with the others to turn in for the night, “oh and make sure you take good care of the baby Y/N”.

“Don’t you worry Mikey”, you call after him as he heads down the corridor towards his room, “I will! I’ll even tuck him in!”

Still smiling at your own attempt at hilarity you turn towards your boyfriend fully expecting him to be laughing along with you. But he wasn’t. There wasn’t a single trace of a smile across his features. His jaw was set and his icy blue eyes were fixed on the steel doors of the elevator as it carried you both upwards. Shit. Was he actually mad? Nah, he couldn’t be. You guys joked about him being the baby all the time and although he’d get annoyed and be in a huff for a while he’d usually forget about it quickly. You never thought for a second he would actually be genuinely upset by it.

“Luke?” you implore timidly, tugging on the sleeve of his favourite red flannel shirt, “are you really mad? You know we were just joking around….”

“I’m fine”, he snaps, cutting you off and making a point of pulling his arm away from you.

The apology you were about to offer is stemmed by this sudden and uncharacteristic show of coarseness. For a moment you stand bewildered with your mouth agape. The soft ‘ping’ of the elevator door snaps you back to attention and you hurry to catch up with the lengthy strides your boyfriend has made down the hotel corridor. Luke had made his way into your hotel room before you’d even reached the door. Talk about using the length of his legs to his advantage.

“Luke? Do you want to talk about it?”

“Talk about what YN? You want me to talk about how my girlfriend and my so called friends just spent the past fifteen minutes laughing at me? How they think that I’m too much of a baby to look after myself? Or how about we talk about the fact that they think that it’s okay to make me the butt of their jokes? Well I’m sorry Y/N, I don’t really want to talk about any of that that right now.”

His back was facing you as he spoke but you didn’t need to see his face to know how upset he was. His broad shoulders were heaving with the effort it was taking to keep himself in check and his knuckles were white as he gripped onto the edge of the dresser he was leaning against. You’d never seen him like this before.

“We weren’t laughing at you Luke!” you protest, anxious to get the notion of a conspiracy out of his head, “we were just joking around and…”

“Joking at my expense Y/N!”

The sudden bang of the dresser hitting the wall as he pushes off it to face you causes you to gasp and take a step backwards. The expression on your face must have been one of genuine fright because as soon as Luke looked at you his features softened slightly.

“I’m sorry Luke”, you stammer thickly, you voice struggling to push past the lump forming in your throat, “I didn’t think you’d be this upset. Neither did the boys. I’m sure of it. We were honestly just joking around. I’m sorry baby. I really am.”

“I’m tired of it Y/N”, Luke tells you, running a hand over his face and letting out a long sigh, “I’m not a baby”.

“I know you’re not Luke and I’m sorry we said that. If I’d have known it hurt you this much there’s no way I would have kept teasing you about it, you know that right?”

A small smile tugs at the corner of Luke’s lips as he makes his way over to wrap you in a bear hug.  

“I know baby. Thank you. And while we’re on the subject of apologies, I’m sorry I got so mad. I guess this whole ‘lack of sleep on tour’ thing is making me a little bit grumpy. Am I forgiven?”

This was a lot more like the Luke you knew. Pushing yourself onto your tiptoes you reach up and pull your boyfriends face closer to your own.

“You’re forgiven Hemmings”, you tell him with a smile before attaching your lips to his.

Pulling back before the kiss has a chance to get any deeper, Luke looks down at you with a grin on his face.

“Does this mean we get to have make up sex now?”

“Well…” you tease, fiddling with the buttons on his shirt, “we did just make up so it seems like the next logical step”.

“Great. Because I think it’s time I proved to you Ms. Y/L/N that I am anything but a baby”.

Cocking an eyebrow, you step backwards to look at your boyfriend.

“What are you saying Luke?”

“What do you think I’m saying Y/N?” Luke scoffs, grabbing your hand and tugging you in the direction of the bed, “I’m saying that I’m about to fuck you so hard you’ll never have any doubts about my masculinity ever again”.

Your lips part in surprise at his uncharacteristically brazen attitude and without missing a beat Luke takes full advantage. Lunging forward he seals your lips with a kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth before you even have time to register what’s happening. His hands waste no time in finding the button of your jeans before sliding them down your legs along with your panties.

“Luke”, you pant, pushing him away momentarily to catch your breath, “slow down baby. We’re not in any rush”.

“Oh but we are Y/N. Have you any idea how many times I plan on making you cum tonight?”

You had no time to dwell on what he’d just said as a pair of soft lips on your neck causes you to moan out.

“Luke”, you mewl helplessly as his lips continue their assault and his calloused hands trace the backs of your thighs. How was it possible for him to get you this hot with one kiss and a few dirty words? By now your thighs were rubbing off one and other in a desperate attempt to gain some friction. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on which way you look at it, Luke was quick to catch on to what you were up to.

“Do you need some help there baby girl?”

Normally when Luke got a little bit cocky in the bedroom, no pun intended, you were straight in with a witty comment of your own to set you both on an even keel again but there was something in Luke’s demeanour tonight that told you any attempts to regain even the slightest bit of control would not bode well for you. Complete and total dominance was practically radiating off the man in front of you and it would be a lie to say that it wasn’t turning you on.

“Arms up babe. You’re not getting any relief until I can see all of you”.

The heat between your thighs had multiplied to such an extent you were frantic to feel his touch, so much so you tore your own top off, much to Luke’s amusement.

“Someone’s eager”, Luke comments as he pushes the straps of your bra off your shoulders, “who knew a baby could have this much of an effect on someone”.

A groan of utter frustration leaves you.

“Come on Luke. I need you now”.

“Get on the bed then”.

A smirk tugs at the corner of Luke’s mouth as he watches you push yourself backwards onto the bed, propping yourself up on the mountain of pillows every hotel deems necessary.

“Good girl.”

You watch as Luke pulls his shirt over his head before lowering his hands to pull his belt through the loops of his provocatively tight jeans.

“Now”, he tells you undoing his zip, “I know that you need me right now Y/N but before we go any further I need you to understand that there are some rules tonight”.

“Rules?” you ask, your voice quivering as you struggle to stem the swell of butterflies that have erupted in your stomach.

“Yes babygirl. There are rules. And if you want me to make you feel good then you have to obey every single one. Is that clear?”

You nod.

“Ah ah Y/N”, Luke scolds you, “that’s rule number one. You have to use your words. If I speak to you, I expect an answer. Got it?”

“Yes baby”, you pant, the thrill of this new dominant Luke leaving you breathless already.

“Now that’s rule number two”, Luke tells you as he sheds himself of his underwear and crawls between your parted thighs, “you don’t call me baby. I am not a baby. So instead you’re going to call me Sir.”

Sir. The sound of it alone causes a fresh wave of desire to wash over you. Your hips buck and a needy moan escapes you.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a problem with that rule is there Y/N?”

“No sir”, you groan, trying desperately not to scream out as Luke’s hands begin to trail across the flushing skin of your thighs.

“Good girl. Now, for the third and final rule; there is to be no touching.”

“But Luke….”

You’re cut of before you can protest any further.

“What did you call me?”

“Sorry babe…I mean Sir”, you stammer, completely flustered by the entire situation. A lust induced haze was creeping into your brain leaving you incapable of focusing on anything other than the throbbing of your aching clit. Fuck. You just needed to be touched.

“That’s much better darling”, Luke coos, lowering his head to peck you gently on the lips as a reward for your compliance before speaking again.

“I need to make sure you don’t accidentally break rule number three babygirl so I’m going to have to make sure those wandering hands of yours are tied up.”

“Luke wait!” you exclaim once the initial shock wears off. By now Luke has hopped off the bed and is fumbling around in your suitcase, no doubt looking for something he can use as a restraint.

“I’m not so sure about this Luke”, you tell him as soon as he turns to face you again.

Luke walks back over to you and cups your cheek in his hand gently. Leaning forward he rests his forehead against yours. His dominant façade is nowhere to be seen as he gazes at you tenderly.

“I’ll be gentle baby, I swear. And you want me to untie you then just say the safe word and I’ll stop.”

“Promise?” you whisper timidly giving in to his touch.



Happy in the knowledge that you trusted him Luke sits you up and gently wraps the soft material of one of your scarves around your wrists.

“Does that feel alright?”

“Yes”, you breathe, the anticipation growing within you once more.

“Good. Oh and the safeword is Spongebob by the way.”

A giggle tumbles past your lips. Typical Luke. The both of you were about to have the kinkiest sex you’d ever had and he was still thinking about cartoons.


Taking a deep breath you lift your head to meet the eyes of the boy kneeling between your legs. His eyes had darkened and there was no denying the animalistic hunger they held. He was biting on his lip ring and his cheeks had reddened ever so slightly. He wanted his just as badly as you did. It was high time you both got what you wanted.

“Yes sir.”

Your head flops backwards as you savour the sensation of his lips on your breasts as his hands traced their way along your thighs; steadily moving upwards until they reached the top before descending again.

“Fuck Sir”, you sigh, feeling yourself beginning to dampen again. How long was he planning on teasing you for?

“What do you want darling? Remember rule number one. You have to use your words.”

“I want you Sir”, you whine looking up at him pleadingly through your lashes, “I want you to touch me”.

“Where do you want me to touch you baby girl? I won’t know unless you tell me.”

A self-assured smirk was playing on his plump lips now as he looked down on your squirming body held completely at his mercy.

“I want you to touch my pussy Sir”, you whimper. Being a naturally shy person you were almost embarrassed by the words you were speaking, but such was your need for release you would have said anything to anyone if it got you what you wanted.

“I will princess”, Luke teases, “but not yet. First, I think you need to make me feel good seeing as you were so naughty earlier.”

Your gaze follows Luke’s downwards, landing on his red and swollen cock. He’d been hard for a while judging by the precum leaking from his tip.

“What do you say baby? Can you use that pretty little mouth of yours to make me feel good?”

“Yes sir”, you answer as sultrily as you can.

“Good girl”.

Two strong arms hoist you forward leaving you face to face with Luke’s straining erection. Unused to being without the use of your hands for this you take a second to plan your best course of action. Wiggling in closer you take kitten licks around his tip. A sharp intake of breath leads you to believe that Luke is more than happy with your tactics. Now even more keen to please than before, you lean in further and take as much of him as you can into your mouth. Bobbing your head, you swirl your tongue around his cock. His hands thread into your hair as you trace a particularly prominent vein with your tongue.

“Oh fuck Y/N”, you hear Luke groan from above you, “you’re so fucking good at that. You’re so fucking good with your mouth”.

Unable to resist acknowledging his praise you drop him from your mouth and grin up at him.

“Thank you Sir”, you quip before taking him back into the warmth of your mouth. Eager to make him cum you hollow your cheeks and suck as deeply as you can. The profanities and echoings of praise falling from his parted lips are only serving to make you wetter with every passing second and now, more than ever you wished your hands were free to relieve even a fraction of the tension that had been building between your thighs for ages now.

“Fuck. Stop. Stop it now baby girl”, Luke pants, pushing your away softly, “I don’t want to cum in your mouth. I’m not coming until I’m buried deep inside that pretty pink pussy of yours”.

Luke lays you back down before settling himself further down the king sized bed. Holding your ankles down he begins to kiss his way up your legs. His stubble is coarse against your skin but it, combined with the softness of his lips provides for the most delicious contrast.

“So fucking beautiful”, he mutters against your skin as he works his way upwards, “and all mine.”

His hands move to your knees and you see a renewed appetite fill his gaze as he pushes them apart. You can only imagine the sight meeting his eyes right now. The constant teasing and anticipation has left you completely soaked, so much so that you can feel your wetness dripping between your cheeks and onto the sheets beneath you and your clit is throbbing so forcefully it’s a wonder he can’t see it pulsing.

“Jesus Y/N”, Luke remarks, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this wet”.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet before Sir”.

You’re in dire need of some relief so you’re sure to remember the rules every time you address him.

“Please Sir”, you implore, “I need you to touch me. Please. I need you to touch me so badly.”

“Of course princess. How could I say no when you’ve asked so nicely?”

Your eyelids flutter closed as the warmth of his breath washes over your heat and you all but jump out of your skin when he places a feather light kiss on you. Your thighs begin to tremble as his calloused fingers spread your folds before dipping easily inside of you.

“Oh fuck!” you scream out, unable to control yourself as his fingers begin to curl within your depths. Swells of sheer pleasure were building and crashing inside of you so quickly your head was beginning to spin. Your lips were parted by a seemingly never ending chorus of moans and sighs which were only amplified as soon as your clit was sucked into the warmth of Luke’s wet mouth. You almost wanted to laugh out at how good you felt but a particularly well placed nibble causes fire to flow through your veins as your orgasm rolls over you. Your thighs clamp down on either side of Luke’s head and your back arches off the bed as his fingers continue to move inside of you, milking your orgasm for all it’s worth.

“Good girl”, Luke soothes once you’ve calmed down slightly and released him long enough for him to clean your juices from his chin, “that’s my good girl. You’re doing so well.”

Your body is still shaking from your first orgasm and you’re just about coherent enough to realise that’s he’s already rolling on a condom.

“I can’t Luke”, you croak, fully sure that another orgasm of that level of intensity would cause you to pass out in your current state.

“Of course you can darling. I know you can take it”, Luke coaxes your legs apart again, “And don’t forget, it’s Sir.”

“Sir…I can’t….”

“You can princess. Look at your pussy. It’s still soaked. It’s practically begging for me to pound it. So that’s what I’m going to do. Sir is going to take good care of you.”

A whimper leaves your lips as you feel his tip pressing against your entrance. He meets no resistance as he slides all the way in, only stopping when his hips meet yours. For a second, neither of you move, almost too scared to breathe save you disturb the sheer bliss of the feeling of being this close to one and other.  

Luke’s lips capture your own in a fervent and fanatical kiss, moving in the way that his hips are only longing to.

“Move”, you command as soon as you have room enough to speak, “please move Sir”.

Deciding that the time for talking has long since passed Luke draws back before slamming his hips into yours. An obscenely loud moan erupts from you as his tip brushes the spot deep inside of you designed to bring you nothing but pleasure. Over and over, again and again, Luke pounds into you relentlessly. His fingers are digging into the soft flesh of your hips and his head is buried in the crook of your neck, its alignment allowing every groan and grunt and cry of your name to fall directly into your ear.  

Your own fingers are digging into his biceps and your legs have locked around his narrow hips, fully intent on making sure he stays right where you want him. Sex with Luke had never been dull but you never knew how much you needed hot, sweaty, rough sex with him until he gave it to you. You’d never felt so alive. Every nerve ending in your body was alight with pleasure. Your head was swimming with it and you could think of nothing other than the euphoria every thrust of his hips were driving you towards.

“Oh Luke. Oh god Luke. Please don’t stop. Please don’t ever fucking stop.”

As if he intended to. Moving with more finesse than you’d ever seen him move before Luke quickly sits up and untangles your legs from around his back. Throwing them over his ample shoulders he continues at his erratic pace. The new angle allows him to thrust even deeper into you and you can feel yourself approaching your peak.

“I’m close Sir. Oh fuck Sir, I’m so fucking close”.

Nodding, Luke brings two of his fingers to his lips and sucks them into his mouth. Once he’s satisfied with how wet they are he brings them to your clit and begins to rub frantic circles around your swollen and sensitive bud. The added stimulation is all the push you need to send you spiralling out of control. Your hips buck wildly as screams that would put the most haunted of Banshee’s to shame fly from you. Your contracting muscles clamp down on Luke just hard enough to send him into an orgasm of his own. His head falls backwards and his eyes scrunch shut, his grip tightening on your ankles as he finally cums.

For the seconds time that night, both of you remain perfectly still, unwilling to disturb the reverberations of each other’s orgasm. But as with all things, your perfect moment must come to an end. You lower your legs from Luke’s shoulders which frees him to collapse onto the bed beside you.

“Wow”, you remark as soon as your chest stops heaving, “just fucking wow”.

“Told you I wasn’t a baby”, Luke sniggers from beside you, still slightly out of breath.

“You more certainly aren’t Luke Hemmings. Can you untie me now though? I think I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Untie you? Oh no way babygirl. I’m not done with you yet.”


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Alright, this is my second (my apology gift, really, it’s over 5000 words of fluff) for Shay, in which I attempt to tackle one of her favorite tropes (characters A and B have to stay at a hotel and there’s only one room with one bed)

once again - thanks to @the-musical-alchemist​ for listening to me flip out about how to write this, I appreciate it always, Gio ;-;

I said it already, but I’ll say it again - Shay, you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, simply because of who you are - you’re always kind, passionate, thoughtful, and are extremely talented and witty.  In short, you’re just incredibly wonderful.  Thank you so much for being you, and have the happiest birthday possible.  Hey, now you can rent a car and come visit me!!!

“Are you kidding me,” Roy grumbles, tightening his grasp on his small bag as he stomps his snow-packed boots on the porch of the building.  “Of course Grumman sends us to the most remote town, in the dead of winter, splits up our team, and gets us reservations in what has to be the absolute filthiest looking place I’ve ever seen.”

“Relax, sir,” Riza responds.  She flexes her frozen hands to try to regain feeling in her numb fingertips as she switches her bag from left to right.  “You’ve seen the rest of this town; the entire place just doesn’t have a lot of money.  I’m sure the inside is nicer.”

“Whatever you say, Captain,” he retorts.  Riza sighs at his snarky-tone, but doesn’t challenge him, knowing that the last thing that she needed was to argue with her superior officer when they were both cold, hungry, and exhausted.

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Trapped (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: I’m not dead! And here is another request! 

Request: Barry x Speedster Reader (I decided to add a Earth2 spin to it hope you like it!)

Originally posted by thecwflash

             It was dark and creepy. Zoom’s lair was the worst shit hole, she has ever been in and that said something, since she used to date a lot of dodgy people. She sighed quietly really bored already. She was there for the past few weeks and if she didn’t take into account Jesse, the girl that was brought in few days earlier, there was nobody to talk to.

             The truth was, Y/N was terrified. She could pretend to be all tough, but demon-like speedster scared her beyond everything. He just snatched her up, while she was coming home from work. Just like that. She didn’t really know why as well, since she didn’t do anything wrong. She was just existing, living her day-to-day life, over-working herself and probably not getting enough sleep and eating garbage. She doubted, however that Zoom was too bothered by her life style.

             Every time he would come back, to give her food or threaten her some more, she would ask him why he was keeping her there. He just said that he wanted her speed and he wanted her to suffer because he couldn’t have it. Even if she could, she would never give it to him. Not only because it was hers, but also because she didn’t want him to get any stronger. Every time she would say, she couldn’t do it, he would get mad and things were going downhill from there.

             One day, however she saw her chance. Zoom ran into his lair holding another person. The guy, dressed in scarlet suit was thrown into a cell in front of hers. She stood up, trying to get a closer look at his limp body sprawled on the cold floor of his cell.

‘Do not do anything stupid, or I promise you will regret it’ Zoom said and with those words he was gone.


             His eyes fluttered open and he took in his surroundings. He groaned quietly feeling like he was just run over by a truck. And then he remembered. He remembered taking severe beating from Zoom and his mind went straight to his friends and he hoped that Cisco and E2 Iris were okay.

‘Hey… you okay?’ the girl’s voice stopped his thoughts.

             He looked up at the owner of said voice and froze. The girl was beautiful, her eyes sparkling, her nose scrunched in worry and her lips forming thin line. She looked tired and pretty banged up, but somehow she still managed to look incredibly pretty.

‘Yeah… where am I?’ he asked, his voice raspy.

‘Zoom’s lair’ she said, smiling bitterly ‘He brought you here some time ago…’

             Barry nodded and then he saw Jesse, after reassuring her that her father was coming for them, Y/N realised that this was not her chance. This guy was here to save Jesse, not her. He wasn’t going to worry about a girl who was stuck here. She was going to be there for all eternity, with literally no way out.

‘I’m Barry Allen’ he said.

‘I’m Y/N Y/L/N’ she answered not even looking at him.

             She tried to contain the pain that was slowly making its way to her heart. Zoom would never let her go, he would keep her here till the end of her days and since she was a speedster that could be forever. She slumped down, hiding her face in her hands and tried to push those dark thoughts aside. It wasn’t really working. The hope leaving her body in waves.

‘Heeey, Y/N, it’s gonna be okay’ Barry said ‘I’m gonna get us out of here.’

             She scoffed silently, knowing well that it was not as easy as he thought it would be. She tried everything. She tried phasing through that bloody glass, she tried vibrating it so it would shatter… She tried tricking Zoom into letting her go. Nothing was working.  Just as nothing would work for him.

‘You know what? I thought that too for the first two weeks’ she said bitterly.

             Barry looked at her, pain flashing in his bright eyes. He was here no longer than few hours and he was already going mad. She looked like she’s given up and he just wanted to get that frown off of her face. He didn’t really know why… But she seemed so inherently good, there was something in her eyes that called to him. And he really wanted to help her.

‘How long have you been here?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know… about month now.’

             He shook his head not really wanting to think about it. He saw the red stains on her once white shirt, the bags under her wonderful eyes and the dirt staining her face. She was here longer than anyone ever should be.

‘Why are you here?’ he asked, trying to sound as gentle as possible.

             Before she could answer, Zoom was standing in front of her cell, his mask turning into a wide grin. Y/N took a step back, leaning on the wall, her heart beating violently in her chest and she tried to look as small as possible.

‘Aren’t you full of questions, Flash?’ he asked, not even looking in Barry’s direction. ‘Y/N here has something I want and she is a stubborn little thing and she refuses to give it to me.’

             The girl shook her head and Barry was impressed. He saw her trembling arms, he saw the fear in her eyes and despite that she was standing up for herself. Which was probably not the brightest idea at the time.

‘Even if I could, I would never give it to you’ she hissed.

             In a blink of an eye she was pinned by her neck to the wall, Zoom’s vibrating hand too close to her chest for comfort. Barry stood up immediately, his heart beating rapidly. He would never forgive himself if something were to happen to her. He didn’t quite know why, since he literally knew her for very short amount of time, but there was something in her that was familiar, something that made him want to know her better.

‘Hey! Pick on someone your size’ Barry shouted wanting to distract him.

             Suddenly, the girl was laying on the floor coughing and Zoom was standing above Barry, throwing punches. In another ten seconds it was over and he was gone, Barry curled up in a ball, his eyes firmly shut.

‘Barry!’ Y/N croaked, her throat still hurting ‘Barry, please say something…!’

             He groaned quietly, sitting up and looking at her, his eye already healing. He smiled reassuringly and she felt her heart skip a beat. This guy, that she barely knew just took a beating for her. Why would he do that? Why would he put his life on line for hers?

‘I’m okay’ he said. ‘He might have just shown me the way out’


             She watched him running into the glass few times now and it reminded her about the times she did the exact same thing.

‘It won’t work, Barry’ she said, sitting on the floor.

‘How can you be so sure?’

             She looked at him for few seconds, deciding if he was trustworthy. She realised that she trusted him, for some odd reason she did. She didn’t know him at all and yet all of her instincts were telling her that he was worth it.

‘Because I tried that already’ She vibrated her hand showing him her gift.

             His eyes widened and he smiled. That was so cool, she was the first female speedster he encountered. And so far the only good one.

‘You are a speedster too!’

‘Yeah and because of that, I’m stuck here, instead of you know, living my life’

             Well that was a stretch. She didn’t really have a life, except for the job that she probably already lost. She sighed, trying to hide the pain from her eyes. She really just wanted to go back home. To her bed, to her apartment. To not being cold and scared all the time.

‘I’m gonna get you out of here’ Barry said, feeling the urge to hug her ‘I promise.’


             They were talking about everything and nothing when they heard people coming in, calling Barry’s name. He stood up, huge grin on his face.

‘That’s my team’

             Y/N stood up, her heart filling up with new hope. She was getting out of here. She was gonna be safe once again. She would probably have to disappear for a while, but at least she wouldn’t be in this crappy cell, rotting.

             Once Jesse was freed by Killer Frost, which was bizarre to say the least, another version of Barry, gave her Barry a pep-talk and he got out. Which, well, also was really bizarre.

             Barry looked at her through the glass. He smiled encouragingly and nodded.

‘Come on, Y/N, you can do this’

             She vibrated her body, trying to phase through the glass, but it didn’t work. She knew it wasn’t going to, but she wanted to humour him so badly. She wanted to see him smile, because she knew that in that short time they knew each other, she was slowly falling for him. In another reality, in another life and under different circumstances, she would probably want to date him. But the time was not on their side. She knew well that Barry had to go home, because he had people that needed him, because Zoom was coming back and they were running out of time.

‘Go, Barry’ she said, looking into his eyes ‘Go and once you defeat him, come back for me.’

             He shook his head, tears appearing in his eyes. He barely knew her; why did he care so much? His heart was squeezing painfully and he didn’t really understand. He needed her to be okay. They connected on some deeper level and it didn’t really happen to him that often. Okay, try never

‘I can’t leave you here, Y/N’ he said.

‘You have to, because you have people that you care about, people that need you and Zoom is coming back any second now and he can’t find you here. Please Barry, please Barry just go.’

             She felt the tears appearing in her eyes, but she just couldn’t care. She knew well, he would come back for her eventually. And as much as she wanted to be free now, she realised that there was no use if all of them were imprisoned or worse because of her. She wasn’t worth it.

‘I’m coming back for you, Y/N’ he whispered ‘I promise, I’m coming back.’

             She just hoped that it wouldn’t be too late.


Should I do Part 2?

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Just a reminder:  I’m taking requests for Barry, Cisco, Harry, Caitlin, Iris, Wally and Grant Gustin! <3 <3

“Is Solas immortal ?”

i wonder how weak he really is. like, he is immortal? but what dos that mean…
i mean before mythal gives him her like, life force

I’m sorry in advance as that’s way too much lore to dig up so I have nowhere near the energy to try to link the sources, I’ll be relying on your familiarity with the lore I’m sorryyyy, also omg it’s so long I hope it makes sense oh no

Long story short : memories, it’s always about memories

Short story long : Nothing in Thedas is immortal, or at least nothing I can recall of. People are killed, Archdemons are killed, Titans are killed, even Corypheus who had achieved effective immortality is eventually killed (it took two games but still). Then come spirits and the infamous All New Faded for Her quest. Spirits can be killed, but Solas tells you she might be able to reform. Solas actually tells us on several occasions that spirits form to mirror the thoughts and emotions from the waking side, and in the same way, if the feelings are strong enough, their essence is able to reappear after death.

Now bringing Arlathan in, the city full of magic, so full of magic half of it lies in the fade and spirits are somewhat part of the elven society. I believe in the headcanon that the original elvhen actually came from spirits and I’ll be using this in this post.

The Evanuris were using vallaslin to bind people to their will, some would wage war in the sole purpose of gaining more worshippers, and a lot of other obnoxious stuff we can read in codices, alright. But what if there was actually an actual practical purpose™ to this : the more people are devoted to you – the more feelings you gather – the more you’re guaranted an immortality of sorts, and I might extend it to ‘the more powerful you get’ just like this nightmare demon we meet and his fear. That would explain the whole godhood thing : they were generals at first, and upon victory people started liking them a bit too much, they got so strong overtime they ended up just the same as gods. They strove for power and they kept wanting more, more, to the point they were about to do something that would destroy everything and Solas had to stop them.

So Fen'harel was in Uthenera the whole time so him being alive is very easy to accept, but what about Mythal ? There’s been fusing with Flémeth and using bodies as hosts, but Mythal’s soul surviving so long is still questionning.

There’s that the evanuris worshipping has never really stopped. I have the feeling that it almost did and had weakened greatly before suddenly getting brought back to life but I can’t recall clearly and I’m terrible with years. There’s also this very suspicious dalish Keeper, Gisharel, who’s quoted as the author of a huge lot of important codex entries regarding the evanuris, there’s the possibility that at some moment one of them, either the locked ones or Mythal herself, used him to bring the religion back on its feet so that they wouldn’t lose their everything just like this. If it’s from a locked evanuris, it’s even easier to imagine how Fen'harel would be only depicted as the evil trickster.

Solas asks (begs) Cole in banter to remember Wisdom the way he would. In the fade, things are shaped according to everyone’s perception and there is no one single Truth™ in these, everything is equally real as it’s real for the people it was formed off. Feelings and memories are critical to allow a spirit to survive death, but their accuracy seems just as important, or the spirit would lose it’s original purpose and turn twisted. I believe that, when Mythal was killed, her numerous worshippers were grieving and raging to such extent that she reformed soon after, but almost fully as vengeance and not really justice anymore. This theory helps me greatly with understanding the ambiguity of Solas reactions to her, 'she’s great, the best, luv her forever but oh my god don’t you ever get bound to her that’s the worst thing that could happen to u omg no’ kind of thing (and regarding the well apparently he was supposed to protest even more in the game but these lines didn’t make it to the final product). This way it just makes so much more sense to me lol.

So now that I put all of this down I can finally answer (help me lol) : Solas can die but not Fen'harel. The dalish don’t entertain the memory of his battles, of his rebellion, of freeing the people : they only remember about tearing the world apart, breaking the eternity of their lives, weakening Arlathan to the point Tevinter could just march on it, and every single bad thing ever existing. Fen'harel is evil, so evil one just has to build a statue of him to chase demons away from the clan. It’s possible to ask for his help but it’s a huge risk as he always find a way to torment everyone, and he relishes it.

Now he’s got the lifeforce of Flémythal so his essence is powerful enough to keep living on for a while, but despite this, (and you asked about his time before getting it) if he were to die what kind of spirit could reform from this mess ? Certainly not Solas. Sure he’s got his agents and a bunch of ancient elves who were there back then, but could it win against millenias of a heinous projected persona ?

That could be the point of the current massive disappearence of elven people all across Thedas (even if up to now I thought it was only Mythal’s doing, but her lifeforce is with him so actually there’s a LOT of different possibilities there, I won’t detail it as it would take me way too far lol #da4HYPE)

But one thing’s for sure, WE MUST PROTECT HHIIIMMMM AAAHHHH :screaming internally:

PS : Now please take a moment to reconsider his « I’ll never forget you » line. You’re welcome.

Do you guys realize how devastated and angry Lila is going to be when the real fox miraculous holder is revealed? Sure, it’s likely she doesn’t remember being Volpina for that short period of time, but she remembers being humiliated by Ladybug for pretending to be her.

When the real fox superheroine comes to help Ladybug and Chat Noir, she’s going to feel so many emotions and get akumatizied again. I just…I feel so bad for Lila. She’s just an insecure girl who used lies to get people to like her.

I really hope that Marinette tries to befriend Lila and be genuinely kind after what she put Lila through. And I hope Lila gets a redemption arc.

When Dipper said he wasn’t taking ford’s apprenticeship I screamed.I knew it was going to happen, but I still hoped that it wouldn’t.

I know that it’s meant to be a good thing. It’s meant to show that Dipper and Mabel are inseparable, and that they have ultimately overcome what set Stan and Ford apart.

But this this ‘solution’ to their fight is basically the equivalent of Ford skipping out on a fantastic opportunity, his dream college, in order to make Stan happy. It’s not even a compromise, it’s just Dipper giving in again.

Of course, Mabel did say that if he really wanted, Dipper could take the apprenticeship. After he had just said that he wouldn’t, in order to make sure Mabel left the Bubble with him. Going back on that now would make that whole fluffy speech seem brittle.

The thing is, even if it’s not what the creators really mean, this ending implies that this is the correct choice. Somehow it has become a choice of dreams vs family when it shouldn’t have. Following your dreams doesn’t make you a villain, it doesn’t mean you chose them over your family. Ford deserved to go to an amazing college and have an amazing future. Dipper deserves to have his every dream come true and study the mysteries of the universe with a relative he genuinely connects with.

Fandom never should have made it seem like it was one or the other, because it never had to be. Stan and Ford’s situation was just a disaster of miscommunication and mistakes. It didn’t have to turn out that way. Dipper never chose his dreams over Mabel, because could you ever see them cutting off contact? He never saw Mabel and his dreams as mutually exclusive.

But Mabel did. (And some parts of fandom cause parallels I guess)

I mean, look at how happy the goobers are to play with someone.

Is it really so shocking that Ford would offer to teach Dipper, when Dipper loves the supernatural so much and might be the first actual friend he’s had in years? Dipper and Ford would have been so excited, solving the mysteries of the universes with a friend just as passionate as themselves

But as soon as Mabel finds out about this, she asks ‘But what about me, huh?’. I know it was a bad day for her, she’s twelve and she is really afraid of growing up, but does that mean she gets to ask this? Well of course she get’s to ask but should she? She’s asking him to give up something incredibly important to him and put her first. Again. And by now she should know that he always does.

In Time Travellers Pig, he puts her over his desire to spend the day with his crush Wendy, because she gets so upset over her pig that she sulks for weeks(as a joke for the audience tho). It’s not a bad thing, she lost Waddles helping Dipper. It’s just that it starts a trend. If she needles or sulks enough, Dipper gives in.

The Deep End. Dipper puts Mabel’s crush over his crush + his summer job

Sock Opera. Dipper puts Mabel’s crush of the week over something he really cares about, the mysteries of gravity falls. And then Mabel asks for more. More help after days of him helping her after she promised to help him.

And then Mabel puts her crush over Dipper ‘Can’t we wait till after the show?

And does so again. Even if just for a second, she gave up what they thought was dipper’s one shot at getting his body back. She put her crush over Dipper’s life and his most precious possession.

And now we have Mabel’s desires on display in the bubble prison, and what do we get? Dippy Fresh, a ‘back-up’ brother that supports her. Wow, a tad hypocritical there.

And now it’s all come down to this. Mabel refused to leave the bubble until Dipper gave in. Maybe this will change next episode, and Mabel will actually encourage him to do what he wants.

But even if she does, he’ll say no, because that would go against the lesson they just taught. A lesson I don’t agree with. It shouldn’t be dreams vs family, and family should never force you to make that decision.

as much as i love and trust studio trigger… i cant help but be a little scared about Little Witch Academia when it comes to Akko and that lame ass Andrew guy. i mean this is just my personal opinion but i was enjoying lwa for the growth of Akko and becoming a better witch and her finding inspiration in the toughest of times and striving onward… like i dont want there to be a love story mixed in with this, or at least if there is make it unique or something. this whole akko/andrew thing is like… so boring. the andrew guy is so fucking vanilla and plain and doesnt match with akko’s personality at all. i hope trigger proves me wrong and continues this anime in the direction it first seemed like it was taking. i really do have faith in trigger due to the other animes under the studio member’s belts. idk this is just my personal thought, some people probably disagree with me. i just want some kick ass witch and spell casting action, not a dumb rich witch-despising snob getting in the way.

Bechloe Week Day 7: Sunday

And here is the final oneshot for @bechloe-week 2016! Hope you enjoyed these :) Getting back into recreational writing, after, like, 7 years was really fun!

“Is that seriously what it’s called? ‘Big Gay Ice Cream Shop’? This is gold.”

“Right?! Perfection. These Sundae Sunday’s are really popular. People all over the city come here for the 2-for-1 ice cream sundaes.”

“This is pretty cool, Jesse. But you know I don’t really like ice cream. It’s too cold.”

“You mean, just like your heart?”

“UGH. Why do I even put up with you?”

“Because I am the perfect lesbro. And I was your beard all throughout college.”

True. And to add on, Beca would’ve never moved out of Atlanta if it wasn’t for Jesse connecting her with Sony’s production company in New York City. She was thankful that her lesbro has been showing her around the city for the past four days, between all of his post-production meetings.

“Hi, I’m Aubrey. Welcome to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! What can I get for you?”

“Hey, I’ll have a scoop of mint chocolate chip and a scoop of chocolate in a waffle cone. Whaddya want, Becs? …Becs?”

The DJ, however, wasn’t paying any attention to her friend; all senses were focused on the redhead girl manning the cashier two stations away. The HOT redhead girl. An elbow to her side brought her out of her daze.

“Beca, do you want ice cream or not? Because we can get you a cupcake somewhere instead.”

“N-no… I’ll have a cookies n cream in a waffle cone, thanks,” Beca replied, eyes flicking back and forth between the redhead and Jesse. The other girl met her eye for a moment, smiled at her, then focused back on the customer. Still distracted, Beca nearly dropped the cone when Aubrey handed it to her.

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i feel like jas could be one of those people with really cute tiny sneezes. could you do one where she's sick and keeps sneezing and ant teases her because he finds it adorable?

this went a lot better in my head oh my god, but i hope you still like it :)

Anthony is woken up one morning by the sound of groaning coming from beside him, blinking rapidly as he rolls over.

He finds Jasmine spread out across her half of the bed, one leg out from underneath the blankets, the other buried underneath. The first thing he notices is her pale complexion and a thin layer of sweat covering her head, tentatively reaching over to rest the back of his hand against her forehead.

Jasmine jolts at the touch, pressing further into his cool hand as he pulls it away. “Baby, you’re burning up,” Anthony mumbles, pushing himself out of bed to grab the medicine from their bathroom so that she can take it.

“Just go back to sleep, maybe you’ll feel better once this kicks in,” Anthony whispers, waiting until she’s back asleep as best as she can be, setting out for the kitchen to make her anything that he thinks she’ll want to eat.

He hears a sneeze behind him over an hour later and bites his lip as he smiles, turning around. “That was the quietest sneeze I’ve ever heard,” He laughs, always loving the way her sneeze sounds. She’s wrapped up in a blanket and really looks no better than before, rolling her eyes as she slumps into a chair at the island in their kitchen.

“I feel so sick,” She moans, sneezing into the fleece fabric covering her, moaning again. Anthony only laughs, Jasmine attempting to protest but is instead met with her voice cracking.

“I can’t help my sneezes,” She mumbles, her throat just sounding as if it aches just by listening to her. Anthony just nods and slides her water bottle in front of her, Jasmine reaching out a hand to take it so that she can have a sip.

“I know you can’t, but they’re just really tiny and cute and they make me laugh,” He smiles, Jasmine laughing as she drags herself to the sofa, Anthony bringing her a bowl of soup for her to eat as much as she can.

It takes hours before she gives into Anthony’s persistent argues for cuddles, shuffling herself forward so he can slide in behind her. She settles against his chest only to sneeze for what felt like the millionth time that day, Anthony’s chest shaking with laughter from underneath her.

“Anthony, you finding my sneezes funny is getting annoying now,” She whines, her warm skin pressing against his t-shirt, seeping through onto his own skin. He rubs her back comfortingly, his lips pressing lightly against her head that had been aching since she woke up.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. They’re just really adorable and I think this every time, but you’ve been sneezing so much today that I’ve really noticed. I’ll stop laughing, I promise,” He smiles, Jasmine nodding as she wriggles her body, finally getting comfortable.

It takes a few weak jabs from Jasmine to the ribs for Anthony to finally stop calling her sneezes adorable and laughing at them every time she has to before he stops acknowledging them, settling back in to watching the movie.

When she sneezes again after she’s fallen asleep against him he stifles his laugh, wondering if he’ll ever get tired of hearing her sneeze when it had been so quiet and adorable, and not something he was ever expecting from her.

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I really like to play with the idea that gabi is somehow related to eren and she's gonna get to the walls and realize these people aren't evil and eren is gonna pass his power to her and she will be the hero of the story

mhmm, that’s quite interesting. I too am very much hoping Gabi will live to be disillusioned about the state of Paradis island Eldians, and be affected by that revelation. We have yet to come across a warrior actually willing to change sides, it’s about time though.

That said, her inheriting the attack (on) titan seems like a stretch to me. Having a protagonist swap this late in the story seems to be about the most ridiculous thing Isa could do at this point. I mean its not impossible that, by the end of it, Eren does pass his power onto her, but by then the story would probably already be more or less over. I don’t see it happening in any way before that (and I still doubt it’d actually happen at any point) 

Best Friends & Pregnant PT. 2

a/n: so at least like 20 people wanted a sequel to THIS, so I did it. Here’s the second and technically last part. it’s literally all fluff. like, 4,400+ words of cuteness. no one better complain about this… enjoy!

Simply put, she’s exhausted.

Pregnancy is a little (a lot) to handle, but luckily Killian’s patient nature and ability to calm her down is enough to keep her on track. She’s five months in, but the past five months have felt a lot longer than they’ve actually been. Perhaps it’s the lazy days spent on the couch or in the bed when she’s alone, having nothing to do but sit around or sleep. Netflix can only really keep her company for so long.

After trying to keep up her job as a bail bondsperson for two weeks, she figured out that it’s not the ideal situation. Exercise is good, but she’s not on top of her game when the times comes for it - and she’s all irked by it because she needs something to do or someone to hang out with. Ruby is busy with the diner’s recent fluctuation of customers and Mary Margaret is a teacher who needs to keep up with marking school work.

For some reason, Killian ends up returning home - yeah, home - with his suit jacket thrown over his shoulder, his tie all loosened, a puppy in tow and some groceries.

He changes out of his work clothing, returning with a simple t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants that always hang down a little lower than needed. “You clearly needed a friend during the day while I’m out at work,” he tells her, rubbing his hand over the puppy’s head. “He’ll be able to keep you company and give you all the reason to get out of the apartment to enjoy the weather. Besides, perhaps the baby will like him.”

“You really didn’t need to do this,” she says, glancing between the dog and him. He’s already thinking about the future of their child, that the son or daughter they’ll have will appreciate a companion such as this dog. She reckons it’s a black labrador. “Black lab?”

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Who has two thumbs and spent way more time drawing her favorite radio host than she should have???


Anyway, I’m still completely and utterly obsessed with Night Vale, and so I was planning to do another otp drawing, but decided I needed to draw the two of them separately first to figure them out before I went and tried to do them together! I’m really happy with how Cecil’s arm came out (the blown up version obviously :D). Like it legit is cool enough that I might even use it as a tattoo someday! 

{Also I just didn’t feel like doing hands so that’s why he has ovenmitts XD}

@howtotrainyournana @llyrica @namesarehardforme @crossroadsdimension

ok lots of thoughts here bear with me (haha bears)
  • i cant think of a single thing that i’m scared of that isn’t. like. a concept.
  • i love rocks and especially climbing over them. climbing under them is good too
  • i forgot that i have a math quiz tomorrow and i cant remember what its on
  • it took me almost an hour to get to the airport on 101 today because it was raining ? i hate bay are traffic, it usually takes like 15 minutes :/
  • why do people like angst. like i love it. but why. like i’m awful to my fave characters and its such a weird thing
  • do people like my photos because i honestly have no way of telling if they’re good or not
  • someone took my old url and i really hope they don’t come across anything weird if they search their mentions oh boy
  • i really want to text someone bc she’s fun to talk to and i want to get to know her better??? but she never responds and its like :// dude c’mon
  • i really hope the cia doesn’t judge me for listening to total eclipse of the heart on loop for 3 hours
  • tomorrow’s a rally schedule so we have shorter periods, thank you japanese exchange students
I hope am not mean

I just unfollowed a lot or Norman gossip tumblers,
I don;t mean it in a bad way I just don’t really like getting on to star’s life if you know what I mean.
like I love Norman don’t get me wrong he an amazing man and he can do what he wants and date whoever he wants,

I just hate people going on about it all the time or posting stuff like look I saw him with this girl or that girl, or I want him with her and not her, 

You know where am coming from, at the end of the day if Norman is happy am happy 

also at the end of the day

he could just be giving a friend who happens to be a woman a lift some were on his bike. 

So yeah I don’t like getting into his life down to the last part, he is human after all and we all don;t want everyone to know all about our life whether we are stars or not.

Am just saying take it any way you want,

of toothpaste and cuddles

so @teenytinytony drew me, like literally she drew me and spent ages on it and it’s gorgeous and perfect and her art is just so incredible and there’s really nothing I can do in return but? I did write her a quick thing

inspired by her tags on a post: #give me play fighting that doesn’t become smut I long for it   #give me Gabriel pinning Sam against the floor and then just smiling and kissing his nose specifically (x)   

Exhausted, annoyed and sweeping the strands of hair that had come loose from his ponytail out of his face, Sam Winchester padded into the living room and came face to face with his boyfriend. “Gabriel?”

“Not now, Sam, I’m busy,” Gabriel said through gritted teeth, leaning forward, his knuckles white on each side of the Wii remote as he smoothly navigated Yoshi’s Mach Bike around a tight bend, hitting one of the powerup panels.

“Oh, you’re busy, are you?” Sam scoffed, striding round to the other side of the couch, deliberately blocking Gabriel’s view and grabbing the remote from his hands. “You, spending all day in here playing some dumb kids’ video game does not count as busy. You know what counts as busy? Me, trying to prepare a defense for a really important case in the morning! Against one of the top prosecutors in the county!”

Gabriel scowled, trying to tug the remote back from Sam. “Yeah, and I kept the volume right down so it wouldn’t distract you from work!”

“I don’t give a shit! You promised me two hours ago that you were going to go out and buy laundry detergent and toothpaste and some actual decent coffee instead of the crap we have right now, all things we desperately need, by the way, and yet your ass is still on this couch! You’re not even playing on hard mode!”

“Yeah, well, I can’t win on hard mode!” Gabriel countered, having no real excuse for the other things. Mostly because deep down, he knew Sam was right. He had promised he’d do those things, but then he’d got so caught up in the game, trying to place in the top three on Rainbow Road for once, and the time had flashed by and now he probably wouldn’t even get to the store before it closed.

“I don’t think I’m asking for too much, Gabriel! It’s toothpaste! Do you want me to have bad breath in court?” Sam was still pulling on the Wii remote, trying to wrench it out of his hands, but the truth was they they were evenly matched in strength and nobody was winning here. It had become a matter of pride, anyway, because Gabriel had long since fallen back down to Earth, the other eleven participants zooming over the finish line before he had a chance to move.

So Gabriel launched himself off the couch, grabbing Sam around the legs, sending him tumbling to the floor. The move usually wouldn’t have worked, but Sam was caught so off guard that he did, landing in some of the pillows that were strewn around the place, and he was so surprised that he couldn’t help but let out a startled laugh.

“You’ll be fine, you don’t even get bad breath. But I can check if you’d like me to,” Gabriel suggested, raising an eyebrow at Sam.

Sam groaned, turning his head to the side and burying it in one of the pillows. “Gabriel, no, you’re terrible, I’m trying to be mad at you!”

“Oh yeah? Try a bit harder!” Gabriel cackled, grabbing Sam and tickling his waist, doing his best to pin his arms down to the ground so that Sam couldn’t get any kind of revenge. And Gabriel was definitely in a more powerful position, being on top of Sam as he was, but Sam was making a pretty valiant effort at retaliating, his hands batting at Gabriel’s, his legs thrashing as he tried to unbalance Gabriel from his position. By this point the two of them had both dissolved into full on laughter, both of them gasping for every breath and squealing when the other landed a particularly good hit.

“What the hell is this, a play fight?” Sam protested through his chortles. “We’re too old, we haven’t done anything like this since… fuck, I don’t even know how long.”

Gabriel didn’t either. He remembered the two of them doing things like this when they were kids, up in Gabriel’s bedroom trying not to make too much noise because they always said they were doing homework and they didn’t want Gabriel’s parents to hear the truth - but somewhere along the way they appeared to have become all old and boring, and really, Gabriel refused to stand for that any longer. There had to be excitement in a relationship after all, and a good source of that excitement was probably never knowing if his partner was just about to sneak up on him from behind and tackle him to the floor before either putting his knee on Gabriel’s chest and declaring himself the champion, or kissing Gabriel senseless, whichever he was more in the mood for.

Gabriel totally thought they could get that back. And if the red-faced and tired, yet also grinning and blissed out expression on Sam’s face was anything to go by, then he did too.

The two of them calmed down, laughter becoming heavy breathing which then became exchanging dumb, dorky smiles, not even trying to fight anymore, just staring at each other. Even more of Sam’s hair had come loose from his ponytail, and it was fanned out all around his head on the pillow, a few strands sticking to the sweat on his face caused by laughter and resisting Gabriel’s tickle attack. They both felt loose and relaxed, having just got more exercise than they had all day up to this point, their heads buzzing with endorphins from having the other so close.

“I needed that,” Sam said, sounding surprised at his own words. “Think I might have needed that even more than I needed toothpaste.”

“You like me better than toothpaste? Aw, Sam, that’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

“Shut up.” Sam shook his head, smiling fondly. “You’re a dork and I love you.”

“Yeah, I love you too. Always have, always will. And you are going to do so amazing on your case, you’re going to crush the prosecution, and when you’re done for the day I will pick you up from the courthouse, and I will bring the gift of toothpaste.”

“That sounds perfect,” Sam agreed, and then he checked his watch. “Say, uh, I do have some more prep work I need to get done tonight, but… I can probably make this break last a little longer. How about you get down here and cuddle me? Maybe make out a little?”

Even after all these years, Gabriel still felt his heart race a little faster at the prospect of kissing Sam. He bit his lip and nodded. “That has to be pretty much the best idea I’ve ever heard.”

Sam offered him a soft smile, his eyes fluttering closed, and Gabriel took the opportunity to take Sam by surprise one final time. He bent down one final time and pressed his lips ever so gently to the tip of Sam’s nose.

“You’re adorable,” Sam mumbled sleepily.

“Fight me,” Gabriel whispered back, but the fighting was over for now, and instead, it was most definitely time for cuddles.

I wish I were better at shaking funks.

I was already on a ledge before break. Was hoping spring break would help me get to where I need to be to finish this semester and get myself together.

but then…well, y’all know how this past week was. and it really really got me. Like, I’m glad I spent time with my mom but it should have been more. And I didn’t get to do anything else. I had people I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, heck even just food I wanted to eat. It just felt like disappointment after disappointment when I just needed a win. 

Even seeing my mom, which was awesome and I would not return for anything, was marked with sadness by hearing the news of them not coming to graduation. during the shitty stay in Philly I held on to the fact that I’d see them not too far away and that she’d be able to see my turf! I could take her around town! campus!


so, anyway, I’m pretty down in the dumps. but I can’t afford to be. But that actually makes me feel worse because I can’t get to where I need to be in time and I feel like a failure because of it. Like I’m not together enough or grown enough or responsible enough to shake shit off and get things done (and I know that’s irrational! I know that’s not how things work. But that doesn’t change how I feel).

i have so many feelings for mike wheeler. here you have this kid, who is a total nerd and loves dnd and star wars. His friend goes mcfreakin missing,and he meets some weird girl in the middle of the night and hes so kind that he lets her stay with him???? and when he thinks his friend is dead you can really relate because he breaks down after being really strong this whole time and having hope. And then he even FORGIVES the girl he thought was lying and admits he was wrong. And he puts all his faith and trust into this random stranger he met in the middle of the woods, and teaches her  simple things  she doesnt know because hes so damn nice. and when he finds out she lied, she comes and saves him? and then they all apologize to eachother??? like what next level friendship shit, like these damn kids are more mature than most people. Then at the end like she saves them all because she knows its the right thing to do and its the only choice, and even though hes heartbroken he is still just as nerdy and as kind and as strong. like wtf mike wheeler, i love him.

also mikes hair is A+, 10/10 would ruffle again.

im mcfreakin loosing it

friends dont lie am i right ladies?

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hi okay first ily and secondly i gotta ask for some advice. i really love taylor, she's probably one of the nicest and sweetest people ive met (i met her !!!! sjjdnsnsn) and like.,,,,all of my mutuals probs dislike her i get why they do but i honestly feel scared to reblog something related to her in fear of losing followers andnsnsb what should i do? ;-; i hope im not bothering u ❤❤

I can relate lol. But mutuals who unfollow u for that are lame anyway. Plenty of mine like stuff I don’t care for but I just scroll past like a normal person. Let losers who would unf u for that go anyway they’ll probably crawl up her ass when ts6 comes out and make some more with people who like the same stuff as you. I found it helpful to put that stuff in a queue because it helps the anxiety. N hook me up with m&g miss swift won’t take my coins

“Scaredy Cat”  ~  Draco x reader

“can you do a Draco imagine where you and Draco are dating and you’re a more extroverted ravenclaw ( like in the submission I sent below ) and you show him your “other side” where you’re more fun and outgoing and you kind of surprise him by not being a big rule follower like he assumed you were.” ~Anon

Hi! I’m sorry that it took me forever to get to your request! I’ve been so busy with school and homework and such that it’s been really hard for me to write like I’d want to. Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoy it as well!😊😘💕


The library was rather loud that day. Madame Pince had come down with a cold, and the shushing was not missed. But, to y/n, it was a little too noisy.

“UGH!” She slammed her quill down on the desk. “Could these people get any louder?”

Draco chuckled a bit. “Calm down, love. They’re just happy that old hag isn’t here.”

His words only made her want to fuss more. “The library is supposed to be a quiet place where students can gather information for projects, learn from the provided texts, and study.” She sighed heavily, rolling up the parchment that sat before her. “I’ll never be able to finish this History essay.”

As she shoved her belongings into her bag, she glanced over to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione all standing in the corner chatting secretively. She wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“Potter…” she heard Draco grumble under his breath.

As she watched them leave the library, she got up from her seat and smirked. “Come on.”

Draco stood up, giving her a look of confusion. “Where’re we going?”

“Don’t you want to see what they’re up to?”

The two of them roamed the corridors, unable to find the three Gryffindors they wanted to bust. Y/n sighed once more as she leaned against the wall and slid into the floor. “This is ridiculous. Where could they have gone?”

Draco took a seat beside her. “Who knows…”

“Maybe we should stake-out.”


She stood up. “You know, like, set up a fort in the hallway and keep an eye out for them.”

“Since when do you break the rules, y/n?”

She scoffed playfully. “All the time?”

He shook his head with a grin. “Like you’d actually set up a fort in the middle of the hallway to catch Potter.”

“Try me.”

Blankets, pillows, and a couple of books were grabbed from their places in y/n’s room, and the two left the Ravenclaw common room, making their way toward the Gryffindor tower.

“You sure about this?” Draco asked quietly, dragging a giant comforter behind him.

Y/n could tell he wasn’t too enthused about spending his night near the Gryffindors. “Are you scared or something?”

“No, I just…” He paused. “I just didn’t think you would actually go through with this.”

Giggling softly, she responded. “When you follow the rules for so long, people don’t suspect you of doing anything wrong. And, if you get caught, you have amazing excuses or get off the hook easily for never getting in trouble.” She shrugged as she laid blankets on the stone floor.

“But,” Draco continued on her thought, “this is a big rule we’re breaking. We’re out of bed, in the hall, with my each other, and we’re staking out the Gryffindor Tower to catch those three gits everyone fancies.”

“We’ll just say we needed a change of venue.”

“And what if they question me about my hatred toward Potter and why I’m here?”

Y/n rolled her eyes. “Just say you wanted to tell him he sucks before breakfast.”

Draco hung a few blankets from the hooks on the walls. “These are horrible excuses.”

“Then I’ll just cry a lot and say I needed Hermione’s help with my Arithmancy homework, and that you wouldn’t let me go up here by myself because of the rivalry you have with them.”

“Okay, that one was pretty good.”

Soon enough, their fort was finished. They sat inside, reading and taking notes on the more important matters of their text. Y/n yawned as she flipped the page.

“Tired?” Draco asked, lifting his head from his notebook.


Standing up , he started to take down the blanket fort.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Y/n questioned, sounding more awake.

“You need sleep.”

She huffed. “And what about our mission to catch the ‘chosen one’?”

He gave her a warm, loving smile. “It can wait.”

Maybe it was the way he said it, or the way he looked at her, but she agreed to go back to her dorm and go to bed. They packed up the blankets and headed back to the Ravenclaw tower in the dark halls of Hogwarts. Once inside the Ravenclaw common rom, Draco attempted to say his goodbyes, but y/n dragged him into her dorm.

“Do you actually want to get in trouble?”

She shook her head. “I just want to be with you.”

Chuckling slightly, he kissed the tip of her nose. “You’re cute.”

After much persuasion, Draco stayed and crawled into y/n fourposter, pulling the canopy curtains closed. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly. “Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight, scaredy-cat.”

Rap Monster: What Are You Wearing?

Hey! I decided to write an imagine. Also thank you for the support on the reaction. Looks like a lot of people liked it. Again tell me what you think of this one because I’ve never written a BTS imagine. Here we go!

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