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Baby Bumps - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: pregnancy, miscarriage scare 

Request: hi!!!!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is having Jughead’s kid (they’re maybe still in high and you can decide whether he was involved with helping the reader through her pregnancy or not and whether they’re a couple) and jughead gets a call or is told something’s wrong but it ends up being a false alarm and everything is okay and just fluff ok that’s really all (that’s a lot I’m sorry…) thank you! 

Summary: Jughead and the reader are having a baby together during their senior year after a heated moment 7 months earlier. The readers falls down the stairs while at home and Jughead gets a phone call in the middle of class. 

A/N: I really liked this idea, thanks anon. I hope its everything you wanted and more :) 

Your POV 

You can’t see your ankles. Well, if you spread your legs out wide enough you could see where your ankles should be, but aren’t. Pregnancy is sooo annoying, first you need to pee all the time, then the baby decides to play soccer in the middle of the night and now your ankles have swelled to non existence. Its not that you not happy you’re pregnant, you’re actually really happy that you’re having a baby. Especially with my devoted boyfriend of 2 years, but you just can’t see your ankles. Well, now your ankles match the size of your feet you try to reason with yourself humorously. You move you ankles out again. Nope. Still too big and non existent. 

You spend about half an hour focusing in your enlarged ankles. You contemplate getting up before your baby decides to make that choice for you. Sighing, you try to sit up but even in your bored, distracted state you know it’s fruitless without Jughead. Manoeuvring yourself to the edge of the bed, taking up a total of 10 minutes (you were counting), you move your legs off the bed. 

Making sure your swollen feet are stable and you roll off the bed, falling into a kneeled position on the floor and pushing yourself up with your knee. ‘Well that’s my daily workout done for today’ you sarcastically think as you waddle your way into the bathroom. After doing your business and again using unusual methods that resulted in you feeling like you ran another marathon, you sit onto the bed and position yourself so you can get up again without exerting yourself anymore than you need to. 

After watching a couple of episodes of Jane the Virgin you start to get really hungry and crave burrito. You’ve never actually had a burrito but you love Mexican food and you you’re really craving one so you decide to get up and go downstairs to call around and try to find a place that makes burritos. As you’re waddling your way through your house, about halfway down the stairs you trip over your enlarged feet and nonexistent ankles and fall down the rest of the way. Grabbing your phone from your bra, you quickly text Jughead. 

Fell down stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

Jughead’s POV 

Jughead’s in the middle of his maths class when he feels his phone buzz in his pocket. When pulls it out he sees a text from you and quickly unlocks his phone, worrying that something is wrong. 

Fell down the stairs can’t get up pls call ambulance 

His senses go into overdrive fearing the worst for you and the baby. 

Babe, I’m gonna go call. Please hold on. 

After seeing no immediate reply he quickly gets up in the middle of class, asking if he can leave early because he doesn’t feel well, he packs up his stuff and races out of the school and to his and your shared house. After calling the ambulance, while sprinting to you from the school, he barges into the house and sees you lying on the floor, knocked out cold. Milliseconds later, he hears sirens and 2 nurses carrying a stretcher enter the house. In what felt like the slowest minute in his life, Jughead finally enters the ambulance with you, grasping onto your hand tight. 

“I’m here (Y/N), I’m so sorry I wasn’t with you to being with,“ he mumbles to you while he strokes your hair. He keeps apologising the whole way to the hospital. Once they reach it, they escort him to the waiting room while they run you into the ER, making sure everything with you and the baby are fine. 

Jughead can’t help but pace in the waiting room, worry overcoming him, only making him pace even more. He knows worrying won’t help, but he doesn’t want to lose the only things in the world that matter the most to him. Half an hour later Archie, Veronica and Betty run into the waiting room and sit down, watching Jughead as he loses his grip on his usually calm and level mind. 

“(Y/N)(L/N)” a voice loudly calls as the room falls silent. Jughead races over to the doctor, Archie, Veronica, and Betty all hang back knowing that Jughead should have some alone time with his girlfriend before they start fretting over her. 

“Doctor, is everything alright? With her and the baby?“ Jughead uncharacteristically rambles out, too worried to care. 

“Everything is fine, she nearly lost the baby, but we managed to keep them in and so she’ll have to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy." 

“Yes, of course. Is she awake? Can I see her?" 

“Yes she is, she’s in room 118," 

“Thank you doctor,” and he rapidly walks over to 118 and barges into your room, not caring about how loud he was being. 

“(Y/N),“ he breathes. 

Your POV 

“(Y/N),” you look up at the sound of your name and smile at you boyfriend whose disheveled hair peaks from his beanie, revealing to you his worried state. 

“Juggy,“ you sigh opening your arms for him. He doesn’t hesitate and walks straight into them holding you tightly too him, almost afraid that if he let’s go he’ll lose you. 

“I was so worried about you both,” he mumbles into your hair, kissing it between sentences, “we nearly lost them." 

“But we didn’t, and everything is fine with me and the baby. All that happened was that I tripped down the stairs. There was nothing to fear,” you try reassuring. Your words comfort him a little but he’s not so desperate as to believe everything you said. 

“(Y/N) your “little” fall could’ve cost you the baby and possibly you,“  

“You wouldn’t have lost me,” “No, but you could have been badly injured," 

“True, but let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the fact that our little family is alive and well- ow! and and still kicking. jeez,” chuckling at your statement, Jughead reaches down and places his hand on your stomach, starting to rub circles. 

“I know you’re glad I’m here too little one, but there is no need to keep hurting your mama,“ he says smiling at you. You smile back and realise that despite everything, nothing could ruin your little family. Almost as if he was reading your mind, Jughead leans towards you and kisses your lips. 

“I love you beautiful,” he mumbles against your lips. 

“I love you more,“ 

“Not even possible." 

A/N: Y/N = your name 

I hope I did your idea justice!!! Let me know what you thought of it!!

False Alarms and Revelations

Fist spideychelle headcanon!!! it’s gonna be kinda spideychelle and kinda not at the same time but more subtle???? anyway, i hope you like it cause I’m really excited about this!!! ENJOY

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(ALSO: not my gif, all credit goes to owner)


-Everyone is at the decathlon practice (shocker, even Peter), bright eyed and read to answer; while Peter sat there, hand under chin, mind somewhere else

- Michelle stood front and center, white flash cards in hand, while her honey brown eyes scanned over the classroom

- Michelle looks at Peter, happy to see that he’s here as it took a lotto blackmailing to get him here for one practice 

- Reading one of the questions, “Which of the following explains the vast variations of traits in organisms on Earth?”

- Seeing the confused faces, as they tried to recall the answer

- Ned rang the bell in front of him and Peter

- “Ned?” Michelle said in a monotone voice sighing 

- “Natural selection”

- “Very good Ned”

- Looking at his partner, Michelle noticed Peter was not in the zone 

- Michelle wanted to walk over and slap the boy for just sitting there

- His brown eyes staring blankly at the wall, his soft chubby face squished from his hand resting on his face; ‘he looked cute’

- ‘Ew, did I just say Peter is cute?????’

- Shaking that thought from her head. Michelle spoke up

- “Peter, the least you can do it pretend to participate, or you can get up and leave; your choice”

- Peter snapped from his blank stare as she started to scold him

- ‘she looked so cute while she was mad’ he thought

- “Sure MJ” he simply said 

- Michelle’s heart skipped a beat (??) when he called her MJ

- Clearing her throat, she looked back at the cards and read over the next question 

- “According to the article, “Jurassic Genome”, what is “junk DNA”?”

- And of course, Peter being the smart ass he is, he rings the bell before anyone else even had time to think

- “DNA that does not code for proteins” he says in an innocent tone

- Michelle and Peter stare at each other for a moment 

- Michelle raises her brow at him 

- Looking down at the card again she looks for the answer

- ‘Shocker, Peter got it right’ she thought to herself

- “Correct” Michelle simply said

- Peter being the cute son of a gun he is, he gets all giddy in his chair

-  Michelle fights back a smile looking at him 

- Behind her, Flash sat, his feet propped up

- “Penis Parker, being his know is all self, as usual”

- The class snickers at his remark and Peter’s cheeks flush

- Michelle turns around and shoots Flash a mean look and he rolls his eyes

- Looking over the next question Michelle starts to read aloud

- Peter tries to stay focus but a chill runs up his arm

- Soon his whole body has goosebumps???

- Confused, is Peter

- After the goosebumps, the hairs (or what little hair on his body he has) on his arms and neck stand up

- Peter looks around the room, but it seems to be moving in slow motion

- Looking to Michelle, he doesn’t hear her talk

- Instead, all he hears is white noise.

- Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, he looks to Ned

- “Dude, something is off”

- “What do you mean?”

- Michelle hears Ned talk, shooting them a look 

“Girls, yeah hi, save you gossip for later okay?”

- Peter looks at Michelle then back at Ned, just as Ned speaks, the same feeling washes over him and the white noise comes back 


- Standing up from his seat ready to say something the intercom goes off

- “Yeah hi, uhh, so not quit sure whats going on, but there is a man here with a gun and the police are on their way. SO, lock the doors, and hide until further notice”

- The intercom went silent and as soon as it did everyone seemed to loose their shit




- Flash chuckles

- “Aw Abraham, don’t worry, you’re still going to die a virgin

- Abraham and Flash start to bicker, some shoving going on

- “Everyone needs to relax” 

- Michelle looks at all of them annoyed

- Peter looks at Ned and brings him to the side

- “I need to go, I had a feeling something was off” 

- Ned nods and looks back to his classmates

- “What do you need me to do?” 

- “Just distract them, and ill sneak out that window and try and calm everything down”

- Nodding, Ned ran off and distracted them

- Peter looked to see a window and rushed towards it

- Climbing on the walls outside the school, he went back inside through another opened window

- Standing in the classroom, he strips from his regular clothes to his blue and red spandex

- Leaving the classroom in a rush, he hurries down the hallway to another open window to the front of the school where he can hear the wee woo sounds from the police. 

- Watching the police move in, he started to come up with a plan to go down there and take down the bad guy

- Michelle, Ned and the other students were visited by the principal, and were moved t the library

- OBVIOUSLY Ned being the guy in the chair slipped off to go find Peter

- And Michelle being the OBSERVANT girl she is follows behind him

- Cause i mean, why the fuck not????

- Ned quickly finds Peter

- Michelle not too far behind

- Peter got the weird feeling again and quickly turned around

- Shooting a web behind him, He shot Ned



- *Michelle is laughing in the background*

- Peter then focuses his attention to Michelle

- Clearing his throat he looks at her and Michelle slowly stops laughing 

- “It looks like you caught yourself a snack for later Spider-Man”

- Peter starts to chuckle, forgetting his friend is behind him struggling to get free

- “UM HELLO!!??11″

-“Sorry , Ned”

- *Tries to help Ned get the webbing off before remembering Michelle is there*

- “Ned, why did you bring Michelle?????”

- Peter gets freaked out and Michelle simply chuckles 

- “Oh i don’t know, WHY DONT YOU ASK HER?”

- Michelle looks at Peter and chuckles

“Come on Parker, Im not an idiot like these other people we go to school with,I notice the subtle changes, and the fact Spider-Man is always there when we go somewhere and you’re not, like DC”

- Peter stares at her with his mouth open, but obviii you cannot see it for it is covered by his mask

- Peter pays his attention to the situation at hand

- Stopping the gun man

- Thinking again, he tries to come up with a plan to save the day

- Deep in thought a loud THUD  booms through hid ear drums 

 - “Im just going to swing down there and check; make sure everything is okay” 

- “Go get em’ tiger

- Peter swings off, the nickname she gave him ringing in her head

- Following where the wee woo sounds were he found the police

- Landing beside one of the officers 

- “Psssst”

- “Hm?”

- The cop turns to face Peter a little confused that he was there but not really at the same time???

- “What’s the situation?”

- “We got a call from the school about there being a gunman on campus walking from the theater”

- Ready to go in, he was told to wait since there was people already in there 

- Soon the doors open and his theater teacher walks out?????

- “False alarm” 

- Word quickly gets around to the police, and it turns out it wasn’t even a real gun

- Someone called the police on the drama teacher bc he had the prop gun for the play in his hands and it looked real

- (Lmao, this is based on a true story)

- ANyway

- The police get to the office and everyone that was in the school was released

- Peter texted Ned to meet him behind the band room

- And to bring his clothes

- Swinging to being the band room he waited for Ned

- Playing around with his webbing he pushes a button that changes the setting 

- “What does this do?”

- *causally shoots a web grenade*


- ned…obvii

- “Peter, I’m going to kill you”

- “… Ned….”

- Michelle burst out laughing, pointing to him and laughing

- “Man, you guys ARE losers”

- Michelle pats Ned’s shoulder, touching the webbing and gets her hand stuck

- Looking at Peter, all amusement was gone, and was now replaced with annoyance as well

- “Fuck”

- Peter snickers

- Michelle takes her free hand and flips him off

- Fast forward and the three of the are at Ned house

- Michelle’s hand still glued to Ned

- And the boys are building the Millennium Falcon

- “ So…”

- Michelle and Ned look at him

- “Wanna get some Thai food?”

- Ned and Michelle look at one another and stand up and leave the bedroom leaving him alone

- Looking down he picks up the Millennium Falcon 

- “… Pew Pew…

False alarm

I’m sorry that I gave you a false hope about zootopia 2. I just got so excited when I saw the news on Google. And a couple of my friends told me about that. But I was wrong and I got excited for nothing. The movie takes time to get the animation right and the story and characters etc. But to everybody I’m really sorry about that I didn’t mean to give everybody hopes. 😔

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Also i hope we dont suffer like last time false alarm so im really hoping THIS IS THE ALARM. AND HOPE FOR OT7 BCS IF ITS NOT 7 ITS NOT JBJ SOMEONE HUG ME PLS

last night i felt 
real arms around me
no hope, no harm
just another false alarm

have been really in love with the smiths’ song lyrics and yeah | x

Win's Birth Story

On Monday, January 20th, I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I had really reached the end of my rope, and I was committed to doing whatever I could to help labor start. That morning Eleanor and I had a playdate with our friends. They came to our house and the kids played for a while, then we walked the few blocks to Whole Foods for lunch. Andrew came and met us there. He was home from work early because someone had stripped the phone lines for the copper near his office, so their phone and internet were both down. We walked home together and I joked that it would be a great day to have the baby since he was already home from work.

After we got home I spent a lot of time bouncing on my exercise ball, and at about 4pm I decided I really wanted to go on another walk, so we headed out, Andrew and I each holding one of Eleanor’s hands. We live in a hilly neighborhood, and in a few spots there are huge flights of stairs to give pedestrians quicker access up and down the hills. I walked those stairs a lot when I was pregnant with Eleanor and hoping to kick start labor. I hadn’t had the energy to attempt climbing them with this pregnancy, but like I said, I was at the end of my rope, so we made our way down the stairs, walked a few blocks to put some letters in the mail, and then back up the stairs. I had a few good contractions on the walk, but I didn’t think much of them. I had been having random contractions here and there—real ones, not Braxton Hicks—for days, including a false alarm the previous Friday. After being really disappointed by the false alarm I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to get excited about any contractions until they were strong enough to stop me in my tracks.

We headed home and started planning dinner. I was looking at Pinterest and saw a picture of waffles, which gave me a huge craving, so we decided to make Breakfast for Dinner (aka “Brinner”), with waffles, bacon and eggs. I ate an absolute ton. It was delicious, and a very appropriate meal to have as my last meal while pregnant. After dinner we put Eleanor to bed and settled in to watch the first episode of season 3 of Sherlock. It was a long one, and I was feeling pretty tired, so I told Andrew I would probably only want to watch half of it, but then I got too invested, so we watched the entire thing and went to bed at 11:00pm.

When I went to the bathroom right before getting into bed I noticed a tiny bit of spotting. I got really excited, thinking it was the first signs of losing my mucous plug. I didn’t think it meant that labor would be starting right away, but maybe in the next few days. Andrew and I high fived and got into bed. I started having pretty strong contractions immediately, but they were very far apart, some as many as 15 minutes apart. I figured it was just more of the same random contractions I had been having before, so I tried to go to sleep, but I couldn’t. I was starting to get excited. Something about the contractions felt different. They were sharper and definitely more painful than the ones I had been experiencing previously. I laid in bed half paying attention to the contractions and half trying to force myself to sleep until about 1am, when I decided to get up and time them with the app on my phone and figure out how serious I thought the situation was.

I went into the living room and bounced on my exercise ball while watching an episode of Downton Abbey and eating a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. The contractions were getting a bit closer, about 6-7 minutes apart. I was starting to feel more confident that this was the beginning of labor, so after about a half an hour I decided to try to go back to bed. I figured if it really was labor I could use the rest, especially since I hadn’t slept at all, and if it wasn’t really labor laying down and relaxing might make the contractions go away. Andrew woke up when I climbed back into bed and I told him that I was having contractions but that I wasn’t sure if it was labor or not yet. I only stayed in bed for a few minutes. The contractions hurt enough that I didn’t like the way it felt to have them laying down, and that is what finally convinced me it really was labor.

It looked like I was going to have a due date baby, and that alone seemed way too good to be true. I had a much easier time accepting the fact that I was in labor with Eleanor, but that process had been such a slow build in comparison. It started with losing my mucous plug, which was followed by two full days of prelabor contractions, bloody show, my water breaking during active labor. There were so many signs. This time everything seemed to have started so quickly, and all I had to go off of was the intensity of the contractions. It felt surreal, like I didn’t have time to process what was really going on.

I was laying in bed next to Andrew, breathing out slowly to get through a contraction, and I said to him, “Sorry, I have to get up again. I can’t do this on the bed.” So I got up and decided to get out the hospital bag. As I took the bag out of the closet I felt a surge of doubt. I thought to myself that this could very well be another false alarm, and that I might find myself putting the bag back in the closet the next morning, depressed, still pregnant, and really, really tired after staying up all night for nothing. This back and forth kept going on in my mind every step along the way, with one part of me being decisive and taking action, and the other part second guessing everything and worrying that I was jumping the gun. I was worried about calling all of the people I needed to notify and wake them up in the middle of the night for a false alarm. I was worried about getting myself all excited only to be let down again. But for whatever reason, the decisive voice won out each and every time.

At about 1:30am while I was putzing around the apartment trying to distract myself, Eleanor woke up and got out of bed. I took her back to her room and whispered to her that I thought her brother was coming that night. She perked up and said, “Really?” I told her yes, and that when she woke up in the morning my friend Morgan would be there to watch her, and that her Grandma would be on her way to help. “Will they take me to visit you and Tickley?” she asked. I told her yes, that has soon as Grandma’s flight got in Grandma would drive to our house, pick her up, and take her to the hospital. Eleanor went right back to sleep, and I went back to milling around the apartment and timing contractions.

At 2:00am I started making the calls, although I was still feeling very unsure of myself. My mom’s plan was to fly out from Phoenix as soon as I knew I was in labor and be with us as soon as possible, so I looked up the flight schedule for the day and saw that the earliest one she could get was at 7:10am. It’s an hour later there, and I knew that if she was going to book the flight and get to the airport easily I needed to call her right away, so I did despite the doubt lingering in the back of my mind. Andrew woke up right after that and got out of bed to be with me. I was ambling around the apartment, bouncing on my ball, and timing contractions here and there to see if I was making progress. They were about 5 minutes apart. They starting being strong enough that I had to stand up and sway or walk through them, which was a benchmark of active labor for me the first time.

I called my doula, Caitlin, at 2:40 and my midwife directly after. Caitlin said she would get ready and be over in about 45 minutes, and the midwife said to call her again when we were heading to the hospital. I called my friend Morgan, who lives nearby and had agreed to come stay with Eleanor if I ended up going into labor in the middle of thee night, and put her on standby.

While we waited for Caitlin to arrive I got a huge burst of energy and started running around doing all of the last minute things I could think of, ticking them off of the “Things To Do In Labor” list that I had written. I went downstairs and took Win’s car seat out of its box, put it in the car, and moved the car into the garage. I finished packing the hospital bag and got a towel to put down in Caitlin’s car in case my water broke enroute to the hospital. Andrew was fussing at me about doing all of that work, but I enjoyed feeling busy and told him just to let me be. When I ran out of things to do I started pacing the apartment like a caged animal. I had walked throughout my entire labor with Eleanor, and I hated that it was the middle of the night and I was stuck at home.

Caitlin came at 3:40. I hadn’t been timing my contractions very regularly, but I noticed right around the time she arrived that they had gotten a bit farther apart, and my burst of energy was totally depleted. I was really starting to feel the effects of having been up all night. I told Caitlin I was feeling tired and didn’t know what to do. She asked if I could rest, but I hated the way contractions felt when I was laying or sitting, so that seemed out of the question. I told her want I really wanted to do was go for a walk and see if that helped my contractions pick back up again. I was secretly afraid that if I did try to rest in any way that the contractions would go away. When I told Caitlin I wanted to walk, her response was, “Ok! Let’s do it.” I was hesitant about walking around our neighborhood in the middle of the night. I love it here, but it is Oakland after all, and we’ve been mugged near our house before. We decided that since it was almost 4:00am that made it close enough to morning to probably be safe, and we headed out. Andrew stayed back at the apartment with Eleanor.

Caitlin and I walked up and down the hill our apartment is at the top of chatting about TV shows and the ways women act during labor. I was having really good, strong contractions, but I was able to walk through them. Neither of us were timing them at all, we were just living in the moment. The cold night air was so refreshing, and I felt my energy returning. As we walked my contractions got stronger and stronger, and I started having to slow down through them, but I never wanted to stop. It just felt so good to be up and moving. I told Caitlin that I couldn’t imagine laboring in any other way.

During this time I still felt like the experience was very surreal, and I kept thinking to myself, “Is this really happening?” But at the same time, it was progressing exactly the way I always imagined it would. Somehow I just always knew I would labor in the middle of the night, when everything was still and quiet and Eleanor was sleeping safe and sound in her bed, allowing me to focus all of my attention at the task at hand.

We walked for almost an hour, until I started feeling my energy waning again. I realized I felt a tiny bit hungry, and I thought that getting something to eat might raise my blood sugar and perk me up a bit, so we came home and Andrew fixed me a bagel with a bit of cream cheese. I was standing up, swaying through contractions and munching on it between them, trying to get as much of it down as I could. I started feeling like I wanted counter pressure on my hips during contractions, like I needed help getting through them, and I remembered feeling the same way right before I felt the need to head to the hospital when I was in labor with Eleanor. When I started needing help, that’s when things were really serious. Then I felt a contraction with a strong amount of pressure in my bottom, and I realized we needed to leave as soon as possible.

We called Morgan and the midwife, and I put my birthing skirt on (another sign that I definitely mean business). We left right after Morgan arrived, at about 5:00am. I went through transition in the car when I was in labor the first time, and I was really afraid of that happening again. I knew I couldn’t sit down through contractions, so I got on my knees in the back of Caitlin’s car and locked my arms around the headrest. From that position Andrew was able to press on my hips when I needed him to. There was no traffic on the roads at all since it was still so early and we made all green lights, so I only had to suffer through a few contractions in the car. As we were arriving at the hospital Caitlin asked if we wanted her to drop us off at the entrance and go park, or if I felt like I could walk the distance from the parking lot. I wanted to walk some more, so we parked and started walking in. Andrew asked if I wanted to take the elevator or the stairs out of the garage, and I picked the stairs, so down three flights we went, contracting every few steps along the way.

When we neared the hospital entrance, Caitlin asked me if I wanted her to carry my water bottle. I have a 27 oz white Klean Kanteen water bottle that I had been clutching and drinking from all throughout my labor. I had done the same thing when I was in labor with Eleanor with an identical white Klean Kanteen (all that walking tends to make a laboring girl thirsty, after all) but I had lost it somewhere between exiting the car and getting settled into a delivery room at the hospital. I was determined not to lose my bottle this time, and I joke with Caitlin that the water bottle was my security blanket. But in all seriousness, I really did feel comforted by it, and I needed it near me at all times.

During the walk from the car to the hospital I started shaking uncontrollably. I thought it was maybe because it was chilly outside, but it was a sign that I was entering transition. By the time we got through the main hospital doors, I was feeling like I really needed to get into a room, so we booked it as fast as we could to labor and delivery.

As soon as the nurse at the check in desk saw me, she asked if I was Lindy’s patient. Hiring Lindy, my midwife, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could sing her praises all day. She was incredible. She was at every single one of my prenatal appointments, was always running right on time, and always took as much time talking with me as I needed. She was always so sweet to Eleanor, who accompanied me to all of my appointments. And during labor, she was exactly what I needed. The only time she left my side was when she went to put on her scrubs right before I started pushing.  

She had told me over and over again to call her as soon as I knew I was in labor, no matter what time of day it was, so that she would have time to make it for the birth. She had beaten us to the hospital and had a room already prepared for us. She heard my voice while we were checking in and came down the hall to get us. It was 5:09am. Because I was her patient, I was able to skip going to triage. She held my hand and lead me to the room, number 11, where a nurse named Fe was waiting. At this point, there was still a part of my brain that couldn’t believe that this was really happening. I remember looking around that room, thinking that this was the place where my son would be born, and reflecting on how impossible that all seemed.

Lindy told the nurse right away that I didn’t need an IV started, didn’t want a hep lock, and that I prefered to labor upright (all things she knew about me from our prenatal visits). At that point I really needed to pee, so I asked if I could use the bathroom. Lindy said it would be fine as long as I didn’t start pushing on the toilet. I wasn’t feeling pushy yet, so I wasn’t worried about it. After going to the bathroom Lindy asked if I could get on the bed for a cervical check. I did, and she told me I was a good 8cm, and that it would be alright to start pushing even though I wasn’t fully dilated if I got the urge. After that I stood by the side of the bed so that I could keep laboring upright and swaying through contractions. Lindy raised the bed up as high as it could go so that I could lean over it. Caitlin got on the other side and held my hands, while Andrew stayed behind me and pressed on my hips. I was firmly in transition by this point, and starting to vocalize through contractions and focus all my attention on my breathing. Caitlin was needing to remind me to relax through my neck and shoulders. Every time she told me to relax I would let go of all of that tension, put my shoulders down and back, lift my face, and breathe out as slowly and as controlled as I could. Between the contractions I was shaking uncontrollably, and I hated it because it made me feel like I couldn’t properly relax the way I needed to. I kept telling everyone that I hated the shaking, and they assured me it was normal was would be over soon. 

The nurse got out the monitor and starting moving it around my belly, but was having trouble finding the baby’s heartbeat. She had been fishing around for a while and hadn’t located it. I was starting to get nervous about how long it was taking, so I told her that I had felt the baby kicking in the car, more as a way to reassure myself that he was ok than anything else. Lindy noticed my worry and gently said to the nurse, “Knowing this Mama, I would say that the baby is very, very low.” The nurse moved the monitor down but still couldn’t find the heartbeat, so Lindy took the monitor from her and held it way down low, right over my public bone. She found the heartbeat right away. The monitor had to be so low that they couldn’t secure it with the belts, so Lindy just crouched down on the floor holding it in place and assured me over and over again that he was doing great. “He doesn’t even notice a thing,” she told me.

Transition is a very emotional time for me. When I was in transition with Eleanor I kept tearing up and telling everyone that I loved them and hugging them. This time, my thoughts kept returning to Eleanor. I was missing her so much, and wanted her there with me. I was missing my mom and wanting her there with me too. My mom had just texted me to let me know that she was on her plane and about to take off. At this point during my contractions Lindy and Caitlin each held my hands, while Andrew kept pushing on my hips, and although I was missing my mom so much, I felt so surrounded by the love of strong, supportive women, and that gave me courage. And Andrew, my sweet husband, he was everything to me in those moments. Between contractions while I rested I held on to him, his arms wrapped around me from behind. Lindy actually had to tell him to stop hugging me so that I could focus on pushing at one point, but it was me who was clinging to him.

 I started to bear down every so slightly at the end of my contractions, and Lindy asked me to get on my hands and knees in the bed. She put the back of the bed up so that I could lean over it. I couldn’t stop thinking of Eleanor, and I wanted to see her sweet face so much, so I asked Andrew to give me my phone. I held it in my hands and stared at the picture of her that is set as my wallpaper through the worst of the transition contractions, focusing on her sweet smile and rosy cheeks, and reminding myself that I had done this once before and could do it again. I started to feel the urge to push harder and harder, and started bearing down more purposefully.

My thighs were getting really tired from supporting my weight in the hands and knees position, so I said I wanted to try something else. I did one contraction while side lying and absolutely hated it, so I settled in on my back, which is the position I was in when I delivered Eleanor. Once I was firmly on my back I felt like I could really start pushing. But I hate pushing. I really hate it. I can handle labor, the worst contractions, transition, it’s all fine until I have to start pushing. That’s when I just want it to be over more than anything. That’s when I start to feel like I can’t do it. The urge to push is so intense and powerful that I struggle to breathe. It’s like my body can only focus on that one task, and finding it difficult to breathe scares me. But it also encourages me to get it done as soon as possible. Andrew and Caitlin held my legs and every time I felt a contraction rising I felt a sense of dread, followed by the resolve to push as hard as I could so that I wouldn’t have to feel the start of another awful pushing contraction.

Even when I was pushing, in the midst of all of this, I was still thinking to myself, “Can this really be it? Is it really happening now?” My water hadn’t even broken yet (it never really did), and so I half expected the pushes not to work. I was surprised when I heard Lindy telling me that my pushes were very productive, and to keep going. I was waiting eagerly to feel the ring of fire, that undeniable sign that the baby is about to be born. It came soon. I started saying over and over again, “It hurts. It just hurts so much.” I remember staring into Andrew’s face and begging him to help me. I knew there was nothing he could do, but he would bend down and kiss me whenever he could.

Lindy told me that the baby was coming posterior, and that we would need to try to get him to turn. She had me do a few small, very controlled pushes between contractions, and then he gave me a swift, hard kick that made my belly jump, and twisted around. He did that maneuver right in the birth canal while he was crowing, and I felt every bit of it. It hurt like nothing else. Lindy told me later that she watched the little swirl of his hair making the twist. After he turned she told me to reach down and feel my baby’s head. I did, and that was all I needed to get the job done. I pushed with everything I had, my eyes wide open, focusing on the odd little peak of my belly button, bulged out from pregnancy, sitting on top of the round mound of my belly that I knew would soon be empty. I listened intently to my midwife, telling me “Push down. Push through the pain.” And then I heard her say, “Reach down and grab him,” and then the most amazing, beautiful, miraculous, incredible moment of my life occurred. Andrew and I both reached down, and together we pulled our son out of my body. Our love had created him, and together we brought him into the world.

It was 6:35am, the morning of January 21st, his due date. He was born an hour and a half after we arrived at the hospital, and after only 12 minutes of pushing, although those 12 minutes felt like an absolute eternity to me. 

We placed him on my stomach to wait for his cord to stop pulsing, and I wrapped my hands around his tiny body, just as I had done with his sister, and I cried. Oh, how I cried. I sobbed and the tears streamed down my face. I was crying because I was so happy that he was born, because I was overwhelmed with that incredible love that comes with seeing and holding your baby for the first time, but I was also crying from sheer relief. I was so glad it was over. The pain was gone. I had done it. Again. Two beautiful babies, two perfect natural births. 

Lindy asked if Caitlin wanted to cut his cord (Andrew didn’t really enjoy the experience when he did it with Eleanor, so he took a pass), and once it was done I pulled him up to my chest. He was still a little purple and sputtering, so we rubbed his back and he let out a few big cries. His eyes were open the entire time, taking everything in. I delivered the placenta soon after, and my midwife cleaned me up and told me that I didn’t have any tearing, which I was really glad about. I didn’t tear with Eleanor either, but I was afraid that the second baby would come faster and increase my risk. At that point her job was done. 

Win and I lay together enjoying our skin to skin time and bonded for several minutes, then he started to root, and I decided to see if he would latch. I was nervous about it because Eleanor had lots of trouble latching–it was an issue until she was over two months old–but Win was born a nursing pro. He latched right on, sucked perfectly, and nursed for a solid 15 minutes.

It is such an incredible feeling to birth a baby. It is more earth-shattering than anything else I have ever experienced. In one instant my body is locked in the throes of the worst pain it has ever felt, and in the next, my baby is born. My baby is finally here, and my heart soars to its highest limit. I think of births of my children as my greatest accomplishments. The knowledge that I have done it and felt it all, from the first contraction to the final push, brings me more pride than I could ever begin describe. 

And That's Where Babies Come From

The what may have really happened story of Smogler’s origin.

Based on, then spring boarded, from this post http://ask-smog.tumblr.com/post/58833588234

DISCLAIMER:  This is a theory, people.

Funny trivia:  Story named after my favorite delivered line from American Dad.

Rated PG-13, however, I should warn you about this one tasteful sex scene…

Oh, and sburbox, welcome back.

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BMP Jp Gree Event Summary - Private Time with Butler - Louis

This event took place in Be my Princess Jp Gree in September 2013. This is a special event summary for drawthecurtainstarttheplay. I am also tagging otomesass, lookie here! This was the only complete butler Louis event I found transcribed in a jp website so I tried to put more detail than usual, so it’s long. Enjoy!


You had just finished delivering some clothes to Prince Edward in his official business destination. Louis is driving the limousine back towards the castle. 

MC: Thank you for getting our of your way to drive me back.
Louis: Not at all, Prince Edward will be busy so I have time.

Louis then suddenly hit the breaks. A puppy was crossing the road and you saw the little pet run after a ball, disappearing into the tall grass. You see a house in the distance.

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Put that thing back where it came from or so help me... - Jimin Oneshot

Got this idea a few weeks ago and I finally finished it today.


It was a dream come true when you had finally gotten together with Jimin. After a year of vague flirting back and forth, “accidental” bumping into each other, and the stolen glances that mostly ended up becoming spontaneous eye contact, he had finally confessed. Or, to more accurately describe it, he had blurted out “I love you” in the middle of what had seemed like a perfectly normal conversation. Of course, you couldn’t hold your own feelings back after a display like that.

Now that you two were “official,” not too much had changed except the flirting was more frequent and obvious, the “bumping into each other” had turned into hand holding and kissing, and the stolen glances… Well, now you didn’t feel so guilty letting your eyes linger. In fact, it was getting harder and harder to pull your eyes away from him when he was in your field of vision, something you thought was going to get easier. But in your opinion, it was kind of his fault.

Actually, you were pretty sure it was completely his fault.

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bummietears  asked:

HI first i want to say i love your minkey fics, i breathe them in all the time and they give me life, ty for writing im just so..happy to read anything minkey that you spit out! ive noticed sometimes you do requests and i was wondering if you could do a minkey fic based on this prompt!! "3am and the fire alarm in our apartment complex just went off let me lend you my jacket while we wait on the sidewalk." thank you again so much TT

afdasdfghsdfjg omg just, thank you so so so much for your kind words! ;;;; means a lot to me!<3 here’s a little something, I hope you like it! :D


Kibum tries to wrap his arms around himself tighter. It doesn’t really keep the cold out and he shivers, time and time again, as the ruthless wind blows, as if to spite him. Granted, it’s not really a great idea to go outside clad only in boxers and a t-shirt, but he hadn’t expected he’d need to run out of his apartment at three in the goddamn morning.

At least he managed to slip on his shoes, he thinks, but instead of being grateful for that he just frowns deeper as it feels like every hair in his body rises due to the cold. Under other circumstances he might be glad to get to watch a bunch of good looking firemen up close, but right now? He’d much rather be in bed, under the covers, and actually feel his fingers thank you very much.

“Here,” a voice comes from his left and startles him from his thoughts. “You can have this.”

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Sorry guys, looks like the information is fake…false alarm…TT^TT

I am really sad there won’t be a movie coming…

Stupid wikipedia….TT_TT

My hopes are crushed…..Im sad…..

Screw you whoever put that fake info on wikipedia about a movie coming……







Hello fellow Kpop fans,

I know you’ve all noticed it; lately there’s been a huge huge increase in depression and suicidal thoughts and even suicide in our fandom. And when I say ‘our fandom’, I mean the entire world of Kpop fans. We’re all in this together right? Right. 

This blog was made solely for those fans who are (or really anyone who is) struggling with life, between school and friends and family and every other aspect of life that could be going badly and the depression and thoughts or acts of self-harm that comes with it. There are two admins for this blog, and either of us are entirely open to talking to you about your problems, so please, shoot us a message if you think it might help, but do know that neither of us have been trained in suicide prevention. If you think you need to talk to someone more qualified than us, there are links on our blog to hotlines and chat services that help people who are having a hard time coping. 

There are also links to calming websites for meditation, talking about problems, and games to lighten your mood if that’s what you think you need.

If you know of someone who is depressed who you think might hurt themselves, either direct them to our links or our blog so they can talk. I really don’t know how much we can help, but we have to try. If they’ve posted a final letter saying goodbye, we can at least signal boost that and hopefully get through to them before it’s too late. If you know the person in real life and you think they are in danger please call 911. Do not hesitate. Even if it’s a false alarm, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Responders will understand.

I hope you won’t be too shy or embarrassed to talk to us or search for help. Please, we are here for you and so are so many other volunteers that really, truly care.

- Admin P

If there was one quality about me that almost everyone who knows me can agree on then it would have to be the fact that I always strive to be positive and that I consistently go out of my way to discover the silver lining of any situation regardless of how bleak things might look first hand.
Essentially I am a huge fan of HOPE and if there is any HOPE to be had chances are I’ll find it and broadcast it immediately.

After witnessing the utter breakdown and negativity TWD fandom has been experiencing in the last two days and having understood that the death spoiler and the filming schedule predicted the outcome of “Coda” for months now, I am having a hard time figuring out exactly why so many people who had information were so adamant about denying it.
The disappointment and outrage at having lost a favourite character is a normal reaction and my heart goes out to those that were devastated by it BUT the backlash and hate thrown around as a result is not just in bad form, it’s also embarrassing.

As a hope connoisseur I can understand not giving up until everything is shown on screen but the severity of the reactions and how widespread they are, is alarming to me.

At this point a fictional issue has become a real world issue and real people are either caught in the crossfire or getting hurt by all the hoop-la.

Looking back it’s quite easy to deduce what transpired and there really was a vast amount of evidence to support the spoilers and filming but foresight is always 20/20 and from experience I can see why people hoped for something different.

Hope is a beautiful thing and it’s something worth nurturing and keeping alive.

False Hope, however, is not!

In this situation judging by the original reactions to “Coda” continuing to dwell on the events and perpetuating theories and campaigns is only going to prolong the disappointment and hurt even more people in the long run. If something upsets you or your friends so much that a suicide hotline needs to be implemented and causes you to send hateful messages and tweets to real life people, then some kind of reflection and some sort of a reality check is warranted.

Allowing yourself to get sucked in to theories, predictions and causes, and hoping that what happened can somehow be undone, is not just pointless but judging by the state of the fandom today it’s also irresponsible and downright mean.

It’s hurting people now and it’s going to hurt people even more when this myth of changing the events you hated, falls apart too.
When that happens we will all have suffer through another wave of deplorable backlash and the people targeted will unfairly become under fire again.

The vast majority of Beth fans were blindsided and unprepared for this despite the spoilery information and one of the reasons it happened was because they were being misled by rumours and people who had no qualms about lying, misinterpreting things and passing off unsubstantiated possibilities as FACTS.
Whether that was done intentionally or not is not my place to say but nonetheless they too have responsibility in this mess and instead of trying to facilitate realism after a horrible blow like this, those people are once again feeding people “false hope” or leading the cavalry of hate towards others.

I am seeing people devastated, hurt and irrationally angry at the wrong people and it’s not OK.
What’s even more not OK is the fact that the “false hope” essentially guarantees that this period of anger and bullying will continue and more people will be hurt in the process.

Like I said HOPE is a beautiful thing BUT when someone can’t handle the breakdown of that HOPE without lashing out with hate and continued toxicity then is that HOPE really worth it?

I am not saying Beth fans are not allowed to be upset and disappointed with her story arc or her death because I know when it’s Carol’s turn I’ll be completely gutted BUT there are constructive ways to express your grievances without disrespect, name calling, ridiculing, death threats and emotional manipulation.
The tweets, messages and comments I’ve seen embarrassed me as a fan first and foremost and frankly the fallout has made the shipping communities the laughing stock of this fandom.

It’s not OK!
And it shouldn’t be happening!

Instead of trying to “resurrect” Beth and sending hate to the people who created a show we all love wouldn’t it be more productive and beautiful to find a way to honour Beth Greene’s LIFE and what she meant to the show and her fans.

What’s done is done and even I agree that her character deserved more than what she got BUT I hope her fans make an effort to at least try to make their reaction to her death not the thing everybody remembers her by.
Like I said - Beth deserves better than being the character whose demise soiled reputations, hurt feelings and turned people off shipping and TWD.
Because if this continues that’s exactly what’s going to happen!

RIP Beth -You will be missed!

kylemgrace  asked:

He wasn't snooping. He really wasn't. He just went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and there it was, plain as day. His heart started beating faster in his chest. Was this real? Was this hers? He couldn't even think as he stepped out of the bathroom. "Babe?" he called. "Uhm, is this... is this... is there something we need to talk about?" He didn't want to get excited. He really didn't. Kyle just couldn't help himself.

Sawyer had been outside the bathroom, hoping he would see it. She didn’t know how to tell him so she thought if he just happened to find the pregnancy test that it would be enough to get the ball rolling.

“Yeah, there is. I didn’t really know how to tell you so I thought if you just saw it…wow, that sounds so fucked up when I say it out loud and I’m sorry I didn’t just tell you but I was worried and thought that if it was a false alarm, there was no point in telling you because I know you really want a family so I didn’t want to get your hopes up…but that’s the third positive test so…” She trailed off and looked up at Kyle. She was definitely nervous for his reaction; she had no clue what to expect so she was trying to keep her emotions level for the moment.

Point of View

He was walking around the house shirtless and I watched him from the couch. He caught me. “Like what you see, Helbig”, he said walking in to the kitchen. “What, I didn’t see anything”, I said trying to play it off. “Well then stop staring”, Chester said smiling. “I wasn’t even looking at you, but nice try”, I said. Totally played it off. I got up from the couch and went to the cupboard to grab a cup. I tried not to walk too close to him or look at him but god damn, he was a beautiful creature. I reached up and grabbed a cup. Setting it on the counter I opened the fridge, looking for something to drink. Nothing. “Do you have anything to drink in here besides water ”, I ask still looking through the fridge. “I should. If not I think there’s beers in the bottom drawer”, he says. I open the bottom drawer and grab one. It’s a screw top, great. I try to open it and fail. I don’t want him to see me struggle to get it open because then he might try to do it for me. I try again and can’t get it. “Here”, he says holding out his hand for the beer. Fuck. I slowly hand over the beer. He wipes the top on his shorts and then opens it, the muscles in his arm tensing. Holy shit. I notice I’m staring again and before I can look away he notices too and steps towards me. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Breath Grace, act normal. He gets really close to my face and I am bracing myself for what is about to happen, when he reaches up past me and grabs a cup for himself. Okay, false alarm. I try to act cool like nothing happened and step around him.

I take my shirt off and walk in to the kitchen. She’s totally staring at me and I’m gonna call her out. She tries play it off and makes her way to the kitchen. I’m hoping she’ll brush against me but she doesn’t. She sets her cup down and bends over to look in the fridge. I don’t want to stare at her ass, but damn. She grabs a beer and I know for a fact she won’t be able to open it. I can barely open them myself. I catch her struggling to open it so I offer to help. I pray I can open it on the first try so I don’t look like an idiot. It pops right open thank god. As I look up at her to hand it back I catch her staring again. Ok time to put on the charm. I think I want to kiss her now and I think I might. She’s damn beautiful and I want her so bad. I step closer to her and I think I’m going to kiss her but I chicken out and reach up to grab a cup, even though I don’t need it. Fuck. She steps past me.

I pour my beer and start to walk out of the kitchen. I sit back down on the couch and start to edit one of his videos. I realize I am replaying a clip of the video over and over again and it’s a clip of him laughing but I can see the muscles in his chest and holy shit. I need to leave before this gets worse. I drink a few more sips of my beer and set it down. “You, know what, I gotta go feed Goose and let her out before it’s too late. She hasn’t eaten all day”, I say trying to make an excuse to leave. “Oh, ok. Is the video already done”, he asks. “No not yet, but I can finish it later, I say packing up my things. I grab my bag and start to head for the door. "Well, you’ll call me when it’s done”, he asks. I nod. I nod and stare at his chest. Ok time to leave. Why is he walking around shirtless anyway? What is he trying to do. I look at the floor and head towards the door. He walks up behind me. “What, no hug”, he says. I can’t give him a hug, he doesn’t have a shirt on and I’m a step away from being completely turned on. “uhhh..sure”, I say turning around. Dammit. Moron. He steps closer to me to give me a hug and I take in his scent. Oh my god. I can’t stand here any longer, I’m slowly losing it.

She takes her beer and goes to sit on the couch. I’m thinking of things I can say to start up conversation in hopes she’ll stay longer. As I’m pondering what to do she announces she has to leave. Something about a dog. Fuck. Ok, think fast. What do I say? “Oh, ok. Is the video already done”, I asks. I know if it’s not done she’ll have to stay and finish it, right? Wrong. She continues to pack up and tells me she’ll finish it from home. “Well you’ll call me when it’s done”, I say. She nods but is staring at my chest. Got her. Ok put on the charm. She goes to reach for the door. “What, no hug”, I say. Dammit. Shouldn’t have said that. She hesitates turning around and then says “umm, sure”. Technically it’s not a yes but it’s not a no either. I step closer to her to give her a hug and she smells amazing. Like brown sugar and vanilla. Fuck. I rub her back to be more comforting and I feel her relax. Oh yeah, got her. Now what. I think of something fast that won’t be taking it too far. I start to let go and slide my hands to her waist. Oh my god, what am I doing. She’s staring at me. She’s totally gonna slap me.

As I hug him, he starts to run circles on my back and it’s feels great. Friends don’t hug like this but I can’t help but to relax into his touch. He starts to let go but his hands find my hips and holy shit what do I do? What is he doing? I stare at him and he looks back at me. I’m breaking.

She’s still staring at me and hasn’t slapped me or stepped away. Her eyes are beautiful and I can’t stop staring into them. I quickly look down at her lips. Oh no.

His gaze leaves my eyes and goes to my mouth. Oh no.

Ok, fuck it. I’m gonna kiss her. At least I’ll know then if she wants me or not. I place my hand on the side of her face lifting her jaw up towards me and boom. I kiss her.

His hand leaves my waist and comes to my face and before I know it we’re kissing. I want to step away and try to play it off like what the hell Chester but I can’t. It’s like my feet are stuck to the ground. So I go with it. I kiss him back and leave my arms around his neck pulling him into me. I thought Chris Riedell was a great kisser but Chester tops all.

She doesn’t move away but pulls me into her and I have never felt more comfortable. I bring my hands back to her waist and kiss her harder. We’re moving and soon find the door. I want to this to last for a second longer so I press her body up against the door and kiss her harder. She bites my lip and I am beyond turned on. Don’t get a boner, don’t get a boner, I tell myself. Too late and as soon as it happens I find that I don’t care. I grab her leg and raise it up at the knee bringing it to my side. A moan leaves her mouth and she pulls me closer to her.

He’s pressing me up against the door and I know I’m not leaving anytime soon. I am extremely turned on at this point so I bite his bottom lip. I can feel him getting hard and I want to laugh but that would mean we would have to stop kissing. He grabs my leg and lifts it to his side and a whimper leaves my mouth. What the fuck!? Was that really me? I want to be embarrassed but he doesn’t skip a beat so neither do I. I pull him closer to me and I soon feel my body being lifted up. I tighten my legs around his waist and his mouth finds my neck. His hands are roaming on the sides of my legs as he holds me up against the door. This is not what friends do.

I grab her other leg and lift her up. As soon as I feel her legs tighten around my waist I make my way to her neck. I don’t know what to do with my hands so I place them on her legs. These legs kill me. I can’t help not to stare at them but she’s never caught me. Thank god. I find her mouth again and give her a few more seconds before I pull away. That was amazing. I need it to happen again. She’s catching her breath and leaves her arms around my neck. She pecks my shoulder and then my mouth. I catch my breath and set her down. She fixes her top and her hair. I try to make it so she can leave casually. “Well then, you’ll call me when the video is done”, I say looking down, still catching my breath. She pushes her hair behind her ear and nods. “Yepp. I’ll ummm I’ll call you..uh later”, she says reaching for the door. I smile at her and she leaves. I close the door and lean my forehead against it. YES! I’M THE MAN!! I tell myself. I need a drink.

He breaks away and I try to catch my breath. I kiss his shoulder then his mouth. He brings me down from the door and I try to fix myself before I leave. I tell him I’ll call him about the video and try to leave like nothing happened. I try to keep my cool as I leave down his front steps. I get in my car and drive a minute down the road. I pull over. I JUST KISSED CHESTER SEE!!! HOLY FUCK!! I say in my head while trying to calm myself. I need a drink.