i really hope that is not false alarm

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Apparently the gay character of La Fou in the new beauty and the beast is handled really lovely and done so well. My cousin saw it today and texted me. I was really nervous for how they were going to go about it but it's false alarm. Now I'm just really excited to see it.

mm i probably won’t have time to go and see it until after i get back from seattle but i hope i agree with this after i’ve seen it :’)

Ok false alarm I actually really like it, the shade is 100% perfect. I did spend about 45 minutes holding up boxes to my head in the shop though so I should fricking hope so.

When I was a kid I had white-blonde hair. It was totes adorbs and I wore it in a bob till I started growing it out at around 5 for no real reason.

When I was 10-ish my hair had begun to darken slightly at the nape of my neck. The rest had also darkened slightly to a light/medium blonde. But I remember tugging at the little locks of browny blonde hair at the underside SO EXCITEDLY shouting “my hair is turning brown!!!!!!!!” and I told my mom I wanted to dye my hair brown one day like Avril Lavigne (this was when she’d only released 2 albums lmao I was slightly obsessed with her) but that I wanted bangs like Dido. She told me I’d hate my hair if I did that. Three years later she takes me to the hairdresser, and my hair was bleached for the first time. Granted, the guy was brilliant, and I loved him to pieces, but he made me like a million shades lighter using very artful highlights. It was great but totally unsustainable. I’ve been half heartedly trying to maintain that colour since then, which makes it a decade, and I always loved the way it shone like gold in the sun.

But it started feeling wrong. Just the other day. Looking at this oddly light hair that didn’t seem to fit. So I did this. This is the first time since I was 13 that my hair is its natural colour. And I kinda like it :) I used to think it was dull and bleh and I still worry a bit that it is, but I’m going to embrace it.