i really hope that is ezra

(Gif Credit to @thotsandprayers)

Okay so I’ve seen people saying this is Supergirl and I am 100% on board if this is true.

Given I highly Doubt those are Henry’s legs and there’s also that very small bit of possible blonde hair in the top left corner I am convinced.

But i think the biggest clue is the look on Bruce’s face, that is the face of a man who realises he has two Kryptonians to deal with now.

I know people have pointed out that if that is Kara then why does Steppenwolf say there are no Kryptonians to protect earth in the trailer? Well I believe Kara is still in hiding so Steppenwolf is unaware of her presence on earth and i think Bruce’s dialog in the new trailer sheds some light on the situation.

Throughout the trailer Bruce says the following lines:

“Each of us in some way has held back”

If Kara has been hiding on Earth since the events of the prequel comic she, like kal did, has most likely been holding back her power and is trying to live a normal life and not draw attention to herself.

“Superman was a beacon to the world, he didn’t just save people, he made them see the best parts of themselves”

Who better to inspire Kara to see the best parts of herself and become a beacon to the world that can make a difference than a fellow Kryptonian and (if she knows) her cousin?

then there’s the interaction between Jimbo and Bruce:

“How many of you are there?”
“Not enough”

Which to me is not only a reference to the ever expanding and changing justice league roster but could be hinting that the last daughter of Krypton might not be the only character tease we get

In conclusion I believe this scene where Bruce is looking at Kara’s hologram takes place at the end of the film and it’s purpose is to set up her much bigger role in the Man of Steel / Justice League sequels and maybe tease some other characters as well.

So long story short if this is Supergirl the question remains……Who’s playing her?

And then it hit me 

Katheryn Winnick is set to make a big announcement at SDCC about joining a new project.

And i know everyone wants her to play Black Canary (myself included) and she’s expressed interest in playing her but what if she’s playing the Girl of Steel?

This is not the first time her and Supergirl’s names were tossed in the same ring as back in August 2013 she responded to a tweet that had fancasted her as Kara with the response “Hmm..might be fun fighting Henry Cavill again”

Given the events of the Man of Steel prequel comic I wouldn’t be surprised if the DCEU Kara Zor El is a little older than what we’re used to but honestly i think she could do the role justice (pun absolutely intended) 

Well anyway that’s my theory and i hope that really is Kara being teased at the end and she’s not the only hero they have in store for us 


Draw him out. Your pain, your sorrow. It calls to him

as a comic reader I fucking loved justice league. I don’t care what the critics say if you’re looking for real dc character content the movie delivered. arthur was his skeptical, harsh self. barry brought perspective and life. diana grew and led. bruce was vulnerable and real. clark grounded himself in hope and brought the justice. victor said BOOYAH


This was actually a pretty interesting ask to me,  but I couldn’t really come up with anything, so I just started doodling this a few months ago. Not liking it much, I feel like I’m in between a massive artblock and an artistic regression tbh. But I hope you guys like it!

PS: Here are the kids without the holo effect

This is how I feel about the “new” Credence.

Tbh I’m a little scared. It’s only been maybe a year since the last movie took place (the new movie is set in 1927) So, I’m really curious to see how he could have made so much progress in that time. But I’m also scared we won’t get any of the Credence we got in the first one… like, he honestly looks pissed off in the new picture, and I’m really hoping he’s not “out to get Grindelwald” or looking for revenge or something. Because I really don’t see Credence being that type of person… Maybe I’m too hung up on the version of Credence that I’ve written, lol— but I still want his sweet innocence that makes him Credence. I know I just have to trust J. K. Rowling with it.. but I still have his unsettling feeling. What are your thoughts?


Warnings: NONE

A/N: This is not a request but I had had this idea in my mind, and well.. most of you know how much I love Ezra Miller and that I start to have this bad crush with Bill…  I hope you like it!, sorry for my horrible english. and if you have a crush on these two… pls let me know I’m not the only one

Pairing(?: Ezra Miller x Reader x Bill Skarsgard

Title: You should see your boyfriend’s face

You had been in the cinema industry for almost ten years now, you’d started with small movie roles and gradually the directors became aware of your ability and talent to interpret any character that you get. You started to gain fame in Hollywood and other cities around the country; your fame grew until you became a world-wide actress and not only that made you won some awards and recognitions, but your big heart and spirit.

This last year, you had been working on your new film where you were starring along with Bill Skarsgard. The film had big expectations and good reviews on websites as Rotten Tomatoes among others, everything indicated that would be a successful movie. Right now, a few days before the premiere, you and your co-star Bill were being interviewed. The interviewer was a young woman, maybe a few years older than you, she was in front of you both and after giving a warm welcome, the three of you begun to talk friendly while answering the questions.

“Alright” said the young blonde-haired woman “This one is for Y/N” you settle in your seat and listen carefully

“I’m all ears” you joked and the three of you laughed

“We all know that you’ve been in a relationship with Ezra Miller for the last five years” you nodded in agreement “and well… we heard rumors that in this film there would be a sexual scene between the main characters” you began to feel your cheek turning red as you chuckled playfully remembering what had happened “How did Ezra react when you told him about it?”

You took a big breath before started talking, you turned to see Bill who was laughing vigorously and then began to speak “You’ll see, It’s not a rumor, it’s a fact. There’s a sexual scene in the movie” you confess, scratching the back of your neck shyly “and there’s a whooooooooole story behind this, you know” Bill was still laughing next to you, both had become good friends after working for more than a year together, and there’s no doubt about his real crush on you, but he was always being respectful with your actual relationship “Do we have time to tell you?” You asked to the interviewer

“Of course! We always have time for good stories!” Replied the interviewer and you laugh a little.

“Okay” you stayed quiet for a few seconds, thinking about where to start “It was like… the third month of filming and Sam – the movie’s director – had told us that next Friday we would be filming the scene number thirty-five, and I thought ‘shee-it’ because we had, Ezra and I, planned that day he would come to visit me on the set. I stayed calm all week and will expected him to arrive and tell him what we would be fliming that day, because I know if I tell him before, it would be a little uncomfortable and he would want to postpone his visit, but he was in London filming Fantastic Beasts and if he didn’t come that weekend I knew we wouldn’t meet until… I don’t know uuhm, the production ends, maybe.”

“And you tell him about it? Or you wait until he arrived?” the interviewer asked while listen to you “What happened?”

“Yeeeah, Y/N, what happened?” Bill said in his playful tone and you hit his arm

“Well… One part of me was excited to see him and the other wanted to run and hide in a hole” you laughed together “mmhhn… on Thursday, he called me and said that he couldn’t make it to Atlanta, where we were filming, and I was like ‘YEEEEES, I WILL NOT HAVE TO TELL HIM!’, obviously we  had talked about it before,  he was aware that I was going to film something like that and wasn’t angry or anything, he knows it’s work. But that didn’t end there. The next day I woke up very early and was in the makeup trailer being prepared by my makeup artist and I could see him through the mirror, Ezra had arrived in surprise and damn it! I didn’t know if I want to hug him or hit him in the face in those moments” they laughed “I ended up hugging him because I could never hit his beautiful face” the interviewer looked at you with an ‘aaweee’ face

“So…after talking for a while I finally decided to tell him that that day we would be filming the sex scene and he was like ‘O-Okay, I can deal with this’ and a few hours later we continued to film the scene. We were just Sam, Ezra, Bill and I in the room, everyone’s very respectful and wanted to give us privacy, and I remember Sam telling Ezra ‘If you want you can stay, you know, that way maybe Y/N’s not nervous and blah blah blah’ Ezra turned to see me in approval, let’s be honest, I was nervous as shit, wearing just a silk gown, in the same room with three men” now Bill was trying hard not to laugh “But I thought: Well, if Bill tries to rape me, at least Ezra will defend me… or join him.. dunno” you said jokingly “so we started filming, everything was silent and I was totally exposed in front of Bill, who was fully dressed and I was supposed to undress him and those things, so I walked towards him, following the script, trying to keep my mind calm and hoping that everything went fine.  We were in bed and Bill was on top of me, that’s the scene you can watch in the trailer, where he says something in my ear and I starts to laugh, it really wasn’t in the script” you confessed

“What did you tell her, Bill?” asked the interviewer

“Oh well… Ezra was with his serious face and red like a tomato, he looked like if he was going to explode and was too funny…”

You interrupted him “ ‘You should see your boyfriend’s face’ “ you shout simply, laughing “Then I gave him a quick look and I laughed, I apologized to Sam for ruining the scene but he was like ‘no, it’s perfect, keep going what you’re doing’”

The interviewed laughed, It was amazing to see the real chemistry between you two “An indiscreet question” she said “did you enjoy it filming that scene?”

You began to feel the blood rise to your cheeks, giving them a cute blush “I don’t know if I should answer that…” you confess shyly.

“I did” Bill replied looking at you, he loved to tease you all the time

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anonymous asked:

If you are still doing the request thing can you draw Ezra in A4 or C1, please? And BTW I love your art!

Thanks a bunch man! also I hope you’re talking about that outfit challenge from a while ago cus Taylor almost has that exact jacket and I thought this was fitting

Am I the only one who is really looking forward to hearing more about the “report” that Aria was going to file?

I mean… as far as big blackmail worthy secrets go, it’s super weak…

But guys…this show is going to use the word “predator” out loud. In reference to EZRA FITZ.

I’ve been waiting so long for this.

Obviously Aria’s going to try and retract everything she said. And that’s gonna be hard for me… but hopefully being confronted with her past feelings about how much she hated him, will help her address the distrust that she still has laying under the surface. And then baby Aria can begin to unravel “EzrA”.

I hope that the unfiled report is full of really angry words that imply that for about ten minutes Aria was woke to Ezra’s game.

Also, I’m thrilled because that means that not once, but twice, Aria wrote a scathing criticism of her relationship with Ezra. Because she wrote that essay to get into college as well.

Even if the report doesn’t specify that they had underage sex, it could still get him arrested if it acknowledges that he was stalking and filming them.

I. Am. Excited.


Pairing: Ezra Miller x Reader

A/N: It’s SDCC season! and also I start to have a crush on Tom Holland! he’s so damn cute aushdasj you can make request about him! I would love to make gifs and ig-au’s so don’t be shy <3


I was at San Diego Comic Con, this year had been released Spiderman Homecoming movie, where I had interpreted Liz Allan. I had been upset all morning because Ezra had told me that he couldn’t come with me today, it was one of the biggest moments of my career and also our fourth anniversary, I had met him in 2012, when we filmed together The perks of being a wallflower movie.

-Just relax Y/N! Ezra must have a good reason to not being here – says Tom, we’d both become great friends on the movie set, even though I was a few years older than him.

-NO, He haven’t!  He should be here, tomorrow DC will be introducing the whole cast and director from The Flash movie – I exclaims angrily, he didn’t have any damn excuse, when I asked him he simply said he planned to take a flight until today.

Tom had been trying to keep me calm all morning, he was a good friend but he seemed to be giving up on me – Is she still angry? – asks Zendaya while signing a poster of the first person on the line, it was a little boy with his mother, Zendaya passed me the poster over the table and I smiled at the little boy while I asked his name

-Yes, she is – Tom answers – Hello buddy! – greets him and the child’s mom asks for a photograph

-Am I overreacting? – I ask to Zendaya while passing me another poster – Wouldn’t you be mad? He doesn’t even answer my messages –

- Honestly… yes, I would be more than angry –

-Thank you Zendaya, you don’t help – Tom says

I don’t know how much time had passed, but we kept signing autographs, taking some quick pictures and recording some video message that fans asked for, I loved to be with them, I tried so hard to be nice and treat them as they deserve, because if I were in their place I would like that my idol treated me the same way; In the line appeared a Flash cosplay.. GREAT!

-WOOOOOW! What a good costume! – exclaimed Zendaya while she signed a poster; that was an amazing costume, he reminded me of Ezra… damn guy.

-SEE! It’s the third Flash cosplay I signed an autograph today! – I whisper to Tom and he began to laugh. Zendaya passes me the poster – to who do I sign for?

-To the love of your life – he says, I begin to laugh and sign the poster as he wanted it, I turned to see him smiling, he had removed his mask, it was Ezra

-Oh god – he was smiling at me, you fucking son of a bitch-  I stand up from my seat and walk over to embrace him – What are you doing here?

-I missed you too my dear – he says and kisses me on the lips – Actually, I came to ask you something –

-Why didn’t you ask me by the phone? Or by message? – He starts looking for something in his suit and takes out a small black box… oh my god. It cannot be… He kneels in front of me opening the small box and inside was a golden ring with a little bright diamond in the center –

-I doubt it’s appropriate to ask you this by the phone – he laughs -  Y/N, I know you’ve been angry with me all day, but…. Would you marry me? –

-OH MY GOD!,  YES! – he put the ring on my finger and stand up to kiss me,  I wrapped my arms around his neck and we stayed like this for a few seconds,  then I noticed all the cameras flashes and the fans clapping and crying… I turn to see Tom, he was recording with his phone – YOU KNEW IT! – I point at him while still embracing Ezra – You’re such a bad friend for not warning me… I could have fixed my nails or something –

-I’m really the best friend you’re going to have… - he says laughing with Zendaya


My english is worse than the last time,  Sorry about this! hope you like it :)

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It Just Felt Right

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Requested: By a wonderful anonymous person

Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Summary: Y/N has never appreciated her pushy mom, but this Christmas, she may have indirectly paid off.

Warnings: Pushy mom

Word Count: 1,201

A/N: I hope that you guys like the last post of 12 Days of Christmas! I will resume my usualy Monday Wednesday Friday schedule next week!

Leave it to you to fall in love with your best friend. Better yet, your gay best friend.

It had been that way for so long that you couldn’t remember a time that you weren’t in love with him. You had met him in elementary school, and there was just something about him that drew you in, and kept you there. Even though you had met at such a young age, the two of you had stuck together through it all. Even when you were still in college and he was off acting in movies, the two of you talked every night without fail. After you graduated, he insisted that you move near to him and you had never been happier. He was the kindest soul that you had ever met, unless you had managed to cross someone that he cared about.

You had caught him in the middle of a particularly rude response. “Ez,” you said, leaning your chin on his shoulder to read the computer screen. “You know that I don’t care what they say.”

“Well I do.” He huffed, turning around to face you. “I hate it when people are rude.”

“You don’t get bothered when they talk about you.” you pointed out.

He chose not to respond, simply turning around and erasing the comment. “We’re going to be late,” you pointed out, throwing your coat on and grabbing the bag that you had packed that morning. Ezra was constantly running late and you hated being late to anything.

“Do we have to go?” He whined, spinning around in the chair. You were supposed to be heading to your parent’s house for a Christmas party. Even though you loved them, your parents had a tendency to be overbearing, and they were constantly asking you about things that you didn’t want to think about. Like why you didn’t have a boyfriend. And even though you knew the answer, it wasn’t one that you were going to say out loud.

“I don’t want to go either, but we both have to.”
“Theoretically, we don’t have to go.” He said slowly, contemplating the ways that he could get out of going.

You handed him his coat and ushered him out of the door before he could convince you that you should just stay home and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the sixtieth time. The car ride there was wonderfully calm. You knew that a storm was coming once you got to the party, with your family.

His hand was on your leg, but that wasn’t something new. Ezra had always been touchy around you, and you couldn’t say that you were upset about it.

Unfortunately, the ride was over too quickly and you were quickly swept up in the craziness of your family. Before you knew it, both of you were sat on the couch, a glass of wine in your hand. Everyone had opened presents, and nothing had gone wrong, yet. It was going surprisingly well, as your mother had yet to ask about your love life and you were only about five minutes away from being able to leave.

“So, Y/N,” your mother said, her voice slightly slurred from all of the eggnog. “Have you met anyone new lately?”
And there it was. She couldn’t let you visit without bringing up your obvious lack of a love life. Sometimes you would try and avoid the question. Sometimes you would lie. But today, you were over it. You were going to tell the truth. “No mom, and I’m not trying to either.”

Her eyebrows rose over the rim of her cup, but apparently she got the hint that you weren’t going to be talking about it.

You stared her down, a newfound confidence coming over you. “I think that we should head home.” Ezra said quietly into your ear. You offered him only a small nod before standing up from the couch and making your way to the door.

“I don’t know why you let her get to you.” he said softly beside you. you knew that he was trying to make you feel better, but you couldn’t help but remember how you had said the same thing earlier. Maybe you should just tell him.

“Because it’s none of her business,” you said, hoping that he would leave it at that. But that wasn’t how Ezra was. He raised his eyebrows at you, knowing that there was more to what you were saying. “And maybe I already found somebody else.”

You may have been imagining it, but it looked like Ezra’s shoulders slumped. “Really?”

“I said maybe…” you weren’t so sure about your decision now.

“Who is it?” When you didn’t say anything, and after a few moments of silence, he pushed further. “Do I know him?” You could only bring yourself to nod. Where was all of that courage that you felt a few minutes ago?

You were shocked when Ezra didn’t immediately try to guess who it was. Usually he thought that it was funny to try and embarrass you by guessing who you had a crush on. Thankfully though, he had never actually guessed himself.

“Is it-”

“Ezra, it’s you.”
“I’m sorry, what?” you had spoken so quietly that he wasn’t sure if he had heard you correctly. You were only staring down at your feet, wishing that he would let the matter drop. “It’s me?”

You nodded, only looking up when you felt the car stop. There was no way that you were home already. Ezra had pulled over into an old gas station, but you had plenty of gas to make it home.

“I know that you are saying you found someone, but I have to tell you this, or I will never forgive myself.” You nodded. You had no idea what he was on about, but the sooner it was over, the sooner you could go home. “I love you.” he paused, but when you did say anything in return, he rambled on further. “I think that it started when we went to the beach that day, remember? When I convinced you to skip classes?” you nodded before he continued. “And you just looked so happy and… pure. And I think that I just fell. Hard. And I didn’t want to tell you, because you had never expressed interest, in me. Or anybody really, since I’ve known you.”

“I- you like me?” He nodded, hoping that you would elaborate. “I thought that you were gay.”

You hadn’t planned on blurting out your assumptions about your best friend’s sexuality, especially since he had never vocalized them. You had always thought that it was just understood. Something that had always been.

“I’m not gay.” He laughed. “And if that was the only objection that you had about, this” he said, gesturing between the two of you. “I don’t think that it would be too presumptuous for me to do this.” And then he was kissing you. And it felt right. You had imagined this moment, late at night when your inhibitions melted away, you pictured the fireworks, the feel of his warm lips on yours. But you had never imagined how you would feel so completely whole.

My august playlist is finished and I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for writing 3000 words about it. It’s mostly for my own amusement so please feel free to scroll right past this. There’s a lot in here, from Grateful Dead covers to Sunn 0))) and everything in between so please enjoy.

The New Stone Age - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: This is the perfect album opener because almost every other song on this album is Orchestral Maneouvers In The Dark’s normal fare of great downbeat synthpop but this song is like a nightmare come to life and it really sets the rest of the album in a different light. The otherreason I love this song is that ‘oh my god what have I done this time’ is a constant thought so it’s nice to sing along to.
Buffalo Stance (12" Version) - Neneh Cherry: This song is an absolute masterpiece, the production is amazing, the synth riff is magic and this extended version is even better than the original because it has a lot more 80s scratching and also a bit in the middle where she says ‘WOT IS 'E LIKE??’
Wakin On A Pretty Day - Kurt Vile: This is a great example of why Kurt Vile is good because this song goes for 9 minutes and you don’t even notice. It just keeps cruising on and on and you don’t mind a bit
Turn Out The Stars - The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra & Jim McNeely: This is another ABC Jazz find, its a very beautiful piece of music but what I like most is the ending where it stretches out a long long note into a big mysterious chord for no discernable reason.
Downtown - Destroyer: I have yet to look up a picture of what Destroyer looks like but I from his music I imagine him to be a sort of mineral deficient vampire type of man who has just been wandering around New York for a hundred years. I had a big moment with this album this month, it’s really just perfect start to finish. Wow I just looked up a picture of him and I’m not far off.
Song For America - Destroyer: I caught myself singing the part of this song where it goes 'winter spring summer and fall, animals crawl, towards death’s embrace’ while I was walking around town a couple of weeks ago which was good.
Hoping For - Bad//Dreems: Bad//Dreems are maybe the best Australian band around right now. This is the first song I ever heard from them a couple of years ago and I listened to it probably 20 times in a row while I rode my bike around the school I used to live next too one afternoon until a cleaning guy yelled at me.
Mirrors - Justin Timberlake: My girlfriend called me a '20/20 Experience apologist’ once and I’ve never gotten over it. It’s a good album! And Mirrors is the best song on it! It does the classic Timberlake/Timbaland thing of finishing up a perfectly servicable pop song after 4ish minutes and then starting up on some bullshit for another 4 and I love it the whole time.
Speaking In Tongues - Eagles Of Death Metal: The guitar sound in this sounds like someone in honking the horn of their car in the studio. Eagles Of Death Metal are a wildly patchy band but their first album is a classic front to back and this song especially is a standout.
Pain - The War On Drugs: I cannot get over how straight up beautiful this album is. I’ve listened to it more than anything else this month and I think every time I have a new favourite song. It turns out I love this one a lot though because as I was putting together this post I realised it was on here twice.
Simulation - Tkay Maidza: This album was kind of unfocused and I really hope Tkay figures it out for her next album because when she’s on she absolutely kills it and this song is a great example of that.
Countdown - Beyonce: I’m not a huge Beyonce fan (don’t @ me) but Countdown is easily her best song (don’t @ me). It’s just so dense and agile and busy in every aspect it’s absolutely hypercolour.
New Dorp, New York (feat. Ezra Koenig) - SBTRKT: This is still such a flooring song, it doesn’t sound like anything else and it’s so left-field while still being incredibly cool the while time. Also about a year after this song came out I found out that New Dorp is a real place in New York further confirming my theory that America is a cartoon.
Three Mantras Of Bon - Phurpa: Sorry, sorry, I’m trying to remove it. I accidentally had a big moment with a few different drone things this month and I fell asleep listening to Phurpa for about a week which I don’t recommend because it is literally just Russian men groaning at you fifteen minutes at a time and it feels like death has come to take your bones away. This song is good because they stop groaning halfway in and start making interminable vuvuzela noises instead.
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire: When @grumsal came to visit us this month he was quite drunk one night and explaining to me that Neon Bible is Arcade Fire’s most underrated album and Sprawl II is their best song, opinions that I’m quickly warming to.
Boys - Britney Spears: This song made me burst out laughing while I was alone because the bass in it sounds so funny. It’s like a straight up standard MIDI bass sound in this professional pop song and it sounds so, so dumb. This song alse features in the Beyonce film, Austin Powers: Goldmember so that’s how you know it’s good.
Notwo - Autechre: I wish Autechre has more straight up ambient songs like this because they’re very very good at it. This and Outh9X which comes after it make a good pair because Quaristice is almost exhausting by the time you get to the end of it so it’s nice to have 15 minutes of wind-down that you can still get into like this.
Hundred Syllable Mantra - Phurpa: Sorry, sorry, they are back and they have more groaning to do. I got deeply into this song this month and even now listening back to it I just want to lay on the floor and fucking die because of it. That’s how you know it’s a good song: it wants to kill you and you want to let it.
Melody 5 - Tera Melos: Tera Melos’ Untitled album is a masterpiece. It’s just pure creative energy, before they figured out you can sing on a song without itjust being yelling in the background. This song especially ecapsulates the spirit of the whole thing because it twists and turns forever without ever feeling forced or boring, it just goes on and on and on with new idea after new idea but still feels like a complete work as well. The sample at the end where she says “lucas[?] you are as beautiful as [?] and [?] [???]” makes me very emotional even though I have no idea what’s going on. Good song.
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah - House And Land: I found out about this duo because I’m a huge fan of the guitarist Sarah Louise but I didn’t even know she was a singer as well. This is great appalachian folk music without the watered down bullshit and WITH the sensibilities of modern composition. The calustophobically close vocal harmonies in this are just shocking.
The Day Is Past And Gone - House And Land: I saw someone on their bandcamp page saying they’d never fully appreciated the function of the drone in this sort of folk music before they heard this album and they’re absolutely right. Everything pivots around the guitar drone in this song for the first half, then when the guitar takes over the violin steps in and everything weaves around it.
Intro/Keep It Healthy - Warpaint: This is a great song but the intro especially made me think a lot about recording and the identity of albums and as inconsequential as it sounds I think the drummer fucking up and apologising at the very start benefits this album hugely because it immediately puts a very human face on music that could easily be quite aloof and distant to the point of alienation without it.
Vaseline Machine Gun (Live) - Leo Kottke: I love Leo Kottke so much and this is maybe the first song I ever heard of his and it absolutely blew my mind but this live version is very funny. This is solo acoustic guitar music, american primitivism from the bluegrass tradition, it’s not cool guy music by any stretch but Leo Kottke has somehow packed out an auditorium full of folks who are absolutely hanging on his every note and when the central slide melody of this song starts you can hear one guy in the crowd just absolutely losing his mind over it in a couple of long, distant “woooooooo"s and I like to imagine that that man is me.
Cavity - Hundred Waters: This song is so beautiful and so considered in every aspect. The frailty of her voice makes it feel like it could break at any second and the whole thing could collapse, the oscillating two note refrain that ties it together is so strong when it comes back and the percussion is so detailed in a way you wouldn’t expect from any other band but Hundred waters.
Metastaseis - Iannis Xenakis: Thankyou to @thoughtportrait for introducing me to the nightmare music of true oddball Iannis Xanakis, I was reading about him for a few hours while I listened through his music and Metasaseis is a good example of a piece of music that has a lot of context around it, and the concept of the composition being individually scored for every single player in the orchestra is interesting and innovative and everything like that but it’s not essential knowledge to understand this: you just listen to it and get overwhelmed.
For Organ And Brass - Ellen Arkbro: I am obsessed with this piece of music. It is absolutely transcedental but the first time I listened to it I heard a train horn honk in the distance outside our flat and thought it was part of the music, so it’s also that kind of music. It is twenty minutes of long, loud, organ and brass notes and I cannot get enough of it.
Bogan Pride - Bad//Dreems: “big muscles pumping in my sweatshirt/ big muscles pumping in my dreams”. Almost every Bad//Dreems song is about The Boys and either being one of the boys or how much you fucking hate the boys or how much you fucking hate that you are one of the boys and it’s so good.
Alice - Sunn 0))): The last part of my Drone Month was listening to this song a lot. This is my favourite from Monoliths And Dimensions because without any vocals or the choir of the others it feels very stripped back, the guitar moves in big waves and the brass follows. Also, I used this song to diagnose exactly which part of my car door was rattling when I played particularly bassy music this month, so it’s functional too.
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - Budddy Rich: I can’t believe I only found out this was a Beatles song this month when I was searching for this Buddy Rich version on Spotify. How embarrassing. I’ve listened to this album for years and this song is so melodically rich I wish it went for three times longer.
Obedear - Purity Ring: I watched Search Party this month and aside from being an absolutely amazing show that somehow balances incredible characters, violence and mystery while still being hilarious it reminded me how good of a song Obedear is. I wish it had a proper opening credits sequence because this song never goes for long enough in the show.
Out Of Line - Gesaffelstein: This song starts menacing and just gets more menacing the whole time. “a bitter sunken love in a bleach blonde submarine” is such a great line, and the voices barking on the offbeat near the end is so propulsive it makes me wish this song was longer.
Every Time The Sun Comes Up - Sharon Van Etten: This song gets stuck in my head whenever I wake up and have a news alert about whatever the newest calamity is, but it also makes me smile because having a line like 'I washed your dishes but I shitted in your bathroom’ in such a downbeat and serious song is so funny. “I shitted.”
Atomic Number - case/lang/veirs: This song feels like a folk song from another dimension where everyone worships the atom and the overlapping vocals in the verse are so nice. This whole album is just full of beautiful layered songs like this I really recommend it.
Black Gold Blues - Laura Veirs: the case/lang/veirs album reminded me how much I like Laura Veirs and how much of a moment this sort of Kaki King/Tegan And Sara genre was for a while. The karate noises in the background of this song really make it.
Golden Brown - The Stranglers: Will a song about heroin in alternating 6/8 and 7/8 featuring a harpsichord ever again be such a bop? Unlikely.
Aquarian - Grizzly Bear: I’m still working out how I feel about the new Grizzly Bear album. It’s so dense and it always takes me a while to work through their albums but I like it so far and this song has really stood out to me so far. The drums especially make it, in the second half the dragged snare becomes the centrepiece that the rest centres around.
Leak -Truth, yesnotesnotes- - Boris: If you’re still reading reply to this post and tell me whether you think of Heavy Rocks meaning Heavy as a concept Rocks like it’s good, or Heavy Rocks like big boulders. Because I’ve always thought of it as the former and I don’t know why.
Speak In Rounds - Grizzly Bear: Here’s an easier Grizzly Bear song. I had it stuck in my head intermittently all month and would just sing it to myself constantly, to the point where I looked up the lyrics and it’s literally about drawing a picture upside down to distract yourself from tinnitus.
The Obvious Child - Paul Simon: It’s crazy that Paul Simon put out the Rhythm Of The Saints right after Graceland because it’s like the expanded weirdo version of an already out-there album. Like a sequel from a different universe.
Acetate - Metz: I was listening to Death From Above 1979 and then I realised I should stop fucking around and just listen to Metz instead. I love the loping rhythm of the bass that drives everything in this song and how absolutely noisy every single part of it is, it’s pure frustrated energy.
Talkin’ World War III Blues - Bob Dylan: I’ve been reading a book about the Cuban Missile Crisis called One Minute To Midnight by Michael Dobbs and it reminded me how much of a bullshitter Bob Dylan is cause he said he wrote A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall about the Cuban Missle Crisis but there’s recorded evidence of him playing it like a year beforehand. Anyway this is a far better song and the best kind of Dylan song where he just rambles on about a bunch of bullshit that happened in a dream for 6 minutes.
If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray: I’ve always sort of preferred Fever Ray over any of The Knife’s albums and as far as album openers go there really isn’t a better tone setter than this song and the huge throbbing synth that just sits there manacingly throughout while the organ builds walls over it.
Dust Bowl Children - Alison Krauss & Union Station: A few weeks ago we saw a double feature of Hail, Cesar and O Brother Where Art Thou at The Astor and I learned that Hail, Cesar is  masterpiece that I didn’t fully appreciate when I first saw it and I remembered how much I love Dan Tyminski’s voice. Incredibly good song from a huge voice about my personal passion: soil erosion and how we are all going to die because we haven’t learned from the sins of agriculture past.
Give The Mule What He Wants - Queens Of The Stone Age: I’ve listened to the new Queens Of The Stone age maybe 5 times through and it’s just not doing it for me, which is pretty disapointing. There is a bright side, however, and it’s that their first album has been re-added to spotify after disappearing for about a year. This is a song I regularly get obsessed with and have to listen to over and over and over but I can’t pin down what it is that I love about it. A huge part of it is definitely the propulsive groove of the verses and the way the drums and bass just roll forwards so heavily.
Thinking Of A Place - The War On Drugs: I’m so glad this song made it onto the album because when it was initially released I thought it was just going to be a Record Store Day exclusive single but it works so perfectly as a centrepiece to this album. It’s expansive and beautiful and it makes me so emotional!
Two Trucks - Lemon Demon: Two pickup trucks making love. American made, built Ford tough.
Atomic Bomb - William Onyeabor: This was another song that kept getting stuck in my head reading the Cuban Missile Crisis book, and also because of the news over the last month but probably mostly just because it’s a great song. There’s something about the vocal phrasing and the drum groove that makes this song feel really structurally strong for the jam that it is and I really can’t get enough of it.
The Scene Between - The Go! Team: The Go! Team are the most underrated band in the world and I’m dedicating my life to getting them the respect they deserve. For some reason their newest album has been removed from Spotify except for this single which I’m thankful for because it’s a great song.
The Werewolf - Paul Simon: Paul Simon is fucking 75 years old and he put out one of the best songs of his career last year! Who’s gonna stop him!
Tilt Shift - Mosca: “I never lost a fight [to camera: I have lost a few fights] but I will fucking shoot you bruv”
Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore Remix) - Mosca: Tilt Shift is an incredible song and somehow I only found out that Julio Bashmore had done a remix of it last month. It’s a great remix because it sort of sounds like he’s just done a mashup of Tilt Shift and the Wii Shop Channel Theme, which is fine by me.
Spit You Out - Metz: The riff in this feels like Queens Of The Stone Age’s first album if they were incredibly upset. I love how long this song is, they really wring every last drop out of it.
The Deadly Rhythm - Refused: It’s been years and the drums in this song still kick my ass. It’s crazy that an album whose first lyrics are 'I’ve got a bone to pick with capitalism, and a few to break!’ can be so legitimately cool.
Over Everything - Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett: I am so excited for this album. The two most relaxed songwriters alive finally collaborating to be incredible relaxed together. I wasn’t a hundred percent on this song when I first heard it because Kurt sounds like he almost can’t keep up with the song, but after listening to it a lot I’ve decided that makes it even better. Also a good 60% of this song is just them jamming out and I really hope the album follows the same formula.
The City - The Drones: There’s a great part in this song where the tape runs out during the recording and there’s a long break while they change it which as far as accidents go is an incredibly musically effective one.
Drive - Ainslie Wills: This song should have been a huge hit, I’ve been obsessed with it for two years now and it’s still incredible every time. Somebody sponsor Ainslie Wills and force her to make a new album already.
Me And My Uncle - The Lone Bellow: It’s truly crazy how much time I spent listening to a 5.5 hour Grateful Dead tribute album last year but it’s just that good. Please set aside half a day to listen to Day Of The Dead in full and have a massive Grateful Dead phase for six months after like I did.

listen here

I’m Sorry. Barry Allen x Reader

Pairing(s): Barry Allen x Reader

Note: I had this thought in my head for a while and I really hope you guys will enjoy this imagine. I’m using Grant’s Barry again cos his portrayal has a bigger sense than Ezra, but once we get more Ezra! Barry there will definitely be so much more of him. I hope you enjoy this and feel free to leave a request.

Request?: No

Word Count:1045

Summary: Barry and Reader have been such great friends ever since he woke from his coma, but reader has a crush on Barry and Barry loves Iris. Reader and Barry will get into a fight cos of his recklessness and she lets it slip. What happens when Barry learns that his other best friend loves him?


   Barry Allen. Where do I even start? Well, we’re best friends- not like him and Iris of course, but we’re definitely still best friends. The beginning of this friendship all started when Barry woke up from his coma. I know it’s creepy, but I had a crush on him when he was brought to STAR Labs. He was easy on the eyes, just saying. Although the second he woke up made it a lot worse for my small crush. He was a sweet, loving and caring person. When he came in after finding out he had super speed, he used it for good, and not bad like most of the people in this city. When Barry woke up we just instantly connected and became such great friends. That’s where we are. Caitlin and Cisco both know about this crush I have on Barry, but we also all know about Barry’s crush on Iris. It’s hard for me, Iris is extremely beautiful and I have to admit that I’m pretty jealous, but I also have to be grateful for Iris. If it wasn’t for her secret relationship with Eddie (well a secret to her dad) then Barry and I wouldn’t be as close as we are. In all honesty, I’m actually pretty grateful for the whole West family. Due to Joe’s duties as a father, he insists on Barry keeping the whole “Flash” thing a secret from Iris. That’s where I come in. Ever since he woke up from the coma, he had to keep so many secrets from Iris. For starters his crush on her has always been a secret to her (although I don’t see how), and his secret identity. He needed someone to just listen to him when something bothered him, and I let myself be that person. Which dangered my very tiny chance of being with him, but I hated seeing him so hurt. I was always there for him whenever he needed a pair of ears to listen. We have been through so much in the past months, whether it be his feelings for Iris, the rejection that we said was just a random symptom , metahumans or even his work stress. Which pretty much brings us to this common situation; Barry putting himself in extra danger. Barry has the tendency of carrying the city on his shoulder, he always protects the city, but when it comes to Iris, he puts himself in even more danger and it worries me so much. No matter how many times I tell him that he has to be more careful he never seems to do it.  Everyday he would come in with a new cut or bruise on his skin, and everyday I give him the whole “you need to be careful” speech. Barry has to juggle working as the CSI of the Central City Police Department and being the friendly speedster saving the city. Which I totally understand, he’s a hero in both of his careers; his excellent forensic brain helps the police know exactly what they are looking for and even how many people, and of course he saves everyone as the Flash being able to speed someone away from all harm. Although he is always Barry Allen, meaning he will always want to keep that one person safe at all times. Which brings us to the current situation. Barry Allen’s childhood bully being a metahuman, a metal metahuman, making it impossible for Barry to throw in an actual hit.

     We have been spending our time thinking of possible ways for Barry to be able to hurt him, but the only way would be if Barry runs fast enough and punches him at the right time and place, which is almost impossible. Although it wasn’t. There was only one reason why Barry attempted the shot in the first place, Iris West. Thankfully Barry was able to rescue Iris from him but it didn’t happen so easily. Barry was in the medical bay getting patched up from the first fight with his former bully and from the still very painful, yet very effective punch. He went down to the metaprison and when he came back up it was just us two.

“I thought you said the punch wouldn’t work”, a small chuckle left his lips, but cos of my worried state I didn’t chuckle back.

“Did it really work if your hand is temporarily wrapped?”

“You can’t seriously be mad at me? I was able to save Iris.”

“And I’m extremely ecstatic that Iris is somewhat safe, I heard she punched him too… but you seriously need to be careful Barry.”

“I was being careful, if I were to have messed up who knows what would’ve happened to Iris.”

“Barry, you were extremely lucky that you were able to go fast, who knows what would’ve happened to YOU if you weren’t able to.”

“Well I was careful and I’m alive, see?”

“Gosh Barry, you can be a serious pain, but you’re lucky I love you.”

     The words were never supposed to leave my mouth, but cos I was so angry my brain didn’t process what just came out. Barry and I just stayed quiet but maintained eye contact.

“You what?”

“Are you seriously that oblivious that you can’t see how I feel about you?”

      And once again, the silence rolled between us. Barry processing what had left my lips just made me so nervous. I know he doesn’t love me and I just need to hear it come out of his mouth. I need to move on and I need this rejection to let me go.

“Please, just say something.”

“What do you want me to say? Do you want me to lie and say I love you?”

“No. that’s not what I want. I want you to tell me the truth. To say you don’t love me so I can move on.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, Barry. It’s fine. I have to go anyways. I’ll see you Barry…”

      I just quickly left, and headed home. I wanted to be alone more than anything right now. I didn’t know what Barry did after, I just had to leave and go home and forget all of this. Which is exactly what I’m going to do.


I might do a part 2, but only if someone requests it cos I don’t know how I want this to go.

Rumors are flying around that Snyder’s Justice League is “UNWATCHABLE” and Whedon stepped in to “save” it. I can already tell that if the movie is praised by the critics all the credit will go to Whedon and if not everybody is going to hate Snyder. Either way I’m going to be pissed the fuck off. Give the man a fucking break. Do you really think that he would screw up something that means a lot to thousands of people around the world? I hope that WB are smart enough to not let Whedon completely change the tone and the feel of the movie. It would be a slap in the face to Snyder if they did.

They Are For You

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Requested: yes, by @tanovic54321 and a couple of anons

Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Warnings: n/a

Word Count: 1,322

A/N: Hope that you guys like this! Let me know if you have any other requests in my inbox!!!

You hadn’t wanted to date him. You told yourself that it was ridiculous, that there was no way that it was going to happen, and even if some miracle happened and he noticed you, nothing was going to happen.

And then he dazzled you with his smile and made you laugh, and you realized that he was a normal person, just like you. And then he left.

So, you pushed thoughts of Ezra Miller out of your head, because even though he waltzed into your flower shop one afternoon, if your experience had anything to say about it, he wasn’t buying that bouquet of flowers for his grandmother. It was unlikely that someone as amazing as him was single, or looking for a partner who owned a flower shop. He was going to be the Flash, and you just tied some flowers together for a living.

It wasn’t that you didn’t love your job, you just knew that it was irrational to think that you were living in a cheesy rom com. And then he came back.

Ezra Miller was in your flower shop on a weekly basis, and you were acting like a total fool. Not only did you blush every time that he would so much as glance at you, but you dropped things more often than usual when he was around, which was saying something, as you were and extreme klutz.

But eventually, you knew that you didn’t have a chance of not falling for him. You had been teetering on the edge for so long, and that day, you fell.

You were in the back room, putting together a bouquet that someone had ordered for their mother, when you heard the bell chime out front. Your heart leapt when you glanced at the clock and realized that it might be him.

You smoothed your hair, glancing in a mirror quickly before hurrying out to the front. You could admit that you were a little sad to see that it was only Lucy, here for her mother’s flowers. You informed her that it would just be a second before everything was all finished up.

You rushed around, placing flowers here and there before tying a ribbon around the center. You hurried back out with the finished product, only to find two people in your storefront.

Ezra was chatting to Lucy while he leaned on the counter, acting as if nothing unusual was happening. You felt a slight twinge of jealousy at the sight of how natural the two looked together, but you shook it off.

“Here it is!” you announced, wincing at the little crack in your voice. However, the pair didn’t seem to notice.

“That looks wonderful!” Lucy said, taking the bouquet from your hands and sliding you her payment across the counter. “Keep the change.” She said with a wink, turning to leave. Before she walked out of the door, you saw her mouth ‘he’s cute’, gesturing to Ezra. You sighed at her and waved her out the door. You knew that she meant well, but sometimes your customers got a little too involved.

You held back the urge to roll your eyes, figuring that Ezra would be asking what you were looking at, and you did not want to think about trying to explain that your customer was trying to set you up with the probably-already-dating-someone-movie-star.

“Hello,” you said to Ezra, taking care of slipping the money into the cash register’s drawer. “do you need another bouquet?”

“Yeah,” he said cheerily, flashing you another blinding smile. “What would you recommend?” he asked, glancing around the shop.

“Well, what’s the occasion?”

“I’m trying to ask this girl out on a date.” He explained, and you tried to ignore the feeling of your heart sinking down into your stomach. You knew that he was probably dating someone anyways, so why did the confirmation hurt even more?

“Oh, really?” you said, turning to fix a display behind you, hoping that a few moments to gather your thoughts would help you make it through the rest of this interaction. ‘Of course they are for a girl.’ You chided yourself. ‘Aren’t flowers always for some beautiful girl?’

“Mm-hmm, I have been trying to find a way to ask her for a while, but I just haven’t been able to work up the courage.” He said, pushing a few of the decorations that sat on the counter around.

“That doesn’t seem like you,” you laughed.

“What do you mean?” he asked, looking up from the counter.

“Well, I just mean, you-you are so confident and I would thing that any girl would want to go out with you so I- guess I just thought that-” you paused, trying to stop both your ramblings and the blush that was rising up onto your cheeks. “Ill whip something up and be right back.

You had to admit, a few tears might have spilled out when you got to the back room, but you simply wiped them away and proceeded with you work. After all, dating him wasn’t something that was actually going to happen. It was a pipe dream that you liked to entertain yourself with when the shop was slow.

“Alright, here they are!” you announced, trying to sound chipper while handing him the bouquet.

“Actually, they are for you.” he said, pushing your hand that held the flowers out back into your chest. “I was hoping that you were free sometime soon?”

“Well, next time maybe don’t have me make the flowers then, it’s a bit of work.” You said, before you could really process the situation that was happening. Then, your eyes grew big as the realization of what was happening dawned on you. You didn’t know what to say. You had been thinking about this from the first time that you met him, and then you went and blew it all because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

Luckily, before you could spiral any further down into your misery, Ezra laughed. And not an uncomfortable laugh, meant to lighten the tension. A gut bursting, hiccup inducing, full body laugh. You thought that his face was going to spilt on either side from his smile, and you could honestly say that you had never felt more relieved in your life. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking,” you said, trying to keep the laugh that you felt bubbling up inside.

“No,” he said in between laughs, “the thing is that you are absolutely right. But I have been coming in here for weeks just to see you, and I didn’t even think about you having to make your own bouquet.”

You couldn’t hold your laugh down anymore. It bubbled up from your toes and trickled out of your mouth, slowly at first, but after a few moments, it was roaring. The two of you stood in the middle of your shop, laughing like idiots. “I can’t believe that you have been coming in here all of these weeks just to ask me on a date. I have been hoping that you would ask from the first time that you came in.”

At that, Ezra’s laughter trickled off, a spark of something that you couldn’t identify lit up his eyes. “Really?” he asked, leaning into the counter. All you could do was nod. “Are you free this evening, by any chance?”

You nodded, unsure that this was really happening to you. you were almost certain that your alarm clock was going to wake you up at any moment from this wonderful, perfect dream.

“Could I pick you up around seven?” he asked, sliding a piece of paper across the counter, his phone number scribbled across it in a messy scrawl.

You simply nodded as you watched him leave the shop. Honestly, you were thinking about closing early after the wink he threw over his shoulder on the way out.


@eyeloch, I’ve found all of the known uploaded panels of “The Line of Duty”. The second image is from the Wook, the fourth is from Widermann’s IG, all the other ones are from her deleted tweets that were luckily saved by Wookiee Gunner.

I hope someone continues to get a hold of the new comics and upload scans of them on Tumblr or another site for the folks that aren’t able to obtain the magazines, especially now that it’s only being published in German. It’d really mean a lot.

I'm gonna gush a bit...

About the performances that Troian was able to pull from her fellow cast mates in this episode.

Aside from the excellent camera work, the thing I most appreciated about this week was how much less… soapy (?) the performances felt. It was much less “Teen drama” and much more “complex story about a lot of people who are really suffering.”

Everyone was really good in this episode, which I think has to be somehow attributed to Troian, because there are a few cast members that I can honestly say I’ve never felt that way about before tonight.

But since I always watch Ian’s performances a lot more closely than most others, I’ve gotta say…

Ian gave a good and complex performance. But I couldn’t read Ezra for shit in this episode. Which I hope, and assume, is intentional. I assume that’s because we are dealing with a character balancing fear, guilt and responsibility. And he seemed, for the first time to me… genuinely vulnerable.

When Aria confronts him about leaving her AGAIN, he actually seems less guarded than in other episodes. He seems like he’s really trying to keep his shit together, but that he is a man burdened.

That certainly doesn’t make him seem any less guilty IMO, but between seeing him show a smidge of frailty and seeing Lucy show some adult ferocity, it was like a totally different relationship dynamic for once. Stopped feeling like there is such a clear imbalance of power, and that maybe things are getting ready to make a shift.

At the very least, if I were a shipper, I’d be thrilled to see that relationship look like it’s matured.

Great movie, it’s getting so much hate by the critics & it’s only because of the plot. Which I would say the plot was simple it went from point A to B. I loved the movie! It had great acting by all the cast & great action !
The return of Superman was the best thing! & I loved it.
Zack Snyder did an amazing job! Love his work & I hate how much hate he gets.
If you haven’t seen it GO SEE IT!!! It’s great! & stay for the credits!!! 2 post credit acne’s!!!

Overall the movie was great!! I would give it a 9/10.
Only problem about this movie for me was the runtime. Which I am upset & really blame Warner Bros for making it mandatory to make a 2 hour movie. So I really hope they learn from this which I hoped they learned from BVS to not cut a film so much.