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i love your art !! it's so bright and colourful and detailed !! if it isn't too troubling, could you draw zen ? i really love zen and would love to see him in your art style. but only if it's okay with you. 감사해요 !! (i hope it's correct,, im not korean, so please forgive me if my hangul is incorrect.)

Thank you for your kind message! I feel like being taken care of, and this makes me feel comfortable and happy. I hope you like my drawings about him. And you are actually good at speaking Korean! :D I’m really glad that you used hangul for me <3

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Hi, I'm doing some research right now in regards to fans imagining of harry potter. you were the first blog i found to suggest the idea that harry could be Indian. Do you have any specific headcanons in regards to this? Or what it means to you to have him be Indian? It's okay if you're not comfortable answering. Thanks.

This is a really great idea! I hope your research goes well. 

Well I began to imagine Harry as being half Indian because Harry as a character reminds me of my brother (who like me is half Indian). I always saw him as looking sort of like Dan in terms of skin colour and hair colour. 

It was only through Tumblr that I really started to look more deeply into it. A lot of people had Harry as mixed race in their minds and seeing all that art and those ideas allowed me to explore my own thoughts on it. 

Reading the books again (I read them at least once a year), I realised how meaningful it was that the Dursleys had never liked or approved of James Potter. They seemed to see Lily as having lowered herself by marrying him. To me, as a child of an Indian father and English mother, I KNOW that reaction very well. Sometimes it’s not said, but it’s implied and it gets to you. People called James lazy and basically hinted that he wasn’t good enough for Lily (Snape and Petunia mostly) which is a sure sign he was brown, because as far as I can see James was a good man who adored his wife and son. A lot of people will unfortunately always go out of their way to try and make brown men look bad. Not to mention that Snape’s superiority complex was so deep that I find it hard to believe that it just came from the fact James was cruel to him at school. I honestly believe it was partly because Snape held racist beliefs (at least when he was younger). He never could take it that Lily had chosen James over him. 

The stuff about Harry’s dark, messy hair seemed to fit too, because in our family we all have dark hair that curls. My brother’s hair curls if it grows long enough, and my dad has really thick dark hair as well. 

Then there’s how the Dursleys used to try and hide Harry’s appearance from the neighbours, which implied he looked noticeably different to his family. I always got the impression the Durselys and their neighbours were UKIP sort of people. You know, the sort who wouldn’t say they were racist but would be suspicious if they saw a brown person in a shop. 

I know the reason the Dursleys don’t tell Harry about James is because of the magic, but I also like to think that part of the reason was that they wanted to bring him up like a ‘nice English boy’ and keep him from his father’s culture. Everything about them screams trying desperately to make Harry ‘normal’ and to them ‘normal’ would probably mean trying to erase his links to his heritage. He might have found power and solace in that, and they wouldn’t have wanted that.

There’s also the fact that before James was murdered, he was making sparks of light fly from his wand to make baby Harry laugh. In 1981 (the year of the murders) Diwali would have fallen on October 27th, which is only 3 days before Halloween, when James was making the sparks. I personally feel this could have been to do with Diwali, since it is the festival of lights. 

Last (that I can think of right now) is how Harry’s eyes always stand out to people. They are obviously striking, and I think him being brown skinned and dark haired and having his mother’s green eyes would make that more prominent. My brother has green-ish eyes (inherited from our mother), despite the fact most of our Indian family (me included) all have dark brown. It’s definitely noticeable and something you might comment on. 

Thanks for the question by the way! These aren’t all my original headcanons, but I can’t really source them because they’ve come about through reading the ideas of lots of people and forming my own ideas for Harry through them. 


Who Hurt You? - Derek Hale

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Summary: (Y/N) confronts Derek about his tendency to shut everyone out. Derek then answers (Y/N)’s questions. 

“Stop pushing me away Derek!” I yelled as I followed Derek through his flat.

“I’m not pushing you away” he scoffed.

“You are! You’ve been avoiding every question I’ve ever asked you! I feel like… I don’t even know you at times!” I huffed and sat on his bed in defeat. He put his hands in his face and then slowly sat next to me.

“Ask me anything, then. I don’t care how dumb it is.” 

“Okay… whats you’re favourite colour?”

“Red. Next”

“What’s your favourite food?” 

“Uhh, I don’t know. I eat a lot of those 2 minute noodle things.”

“I’ve really gotta get you out more” I giggle. “Okay, what about you’re favourite memory?” He smiled and looked away from me deep in thought.

“On our first date where you insisted that I ‘didn’t know how to date’ so you took me to the lookout and we sat under the stars and you told me about you’re family, hopes, and dreams. You looked so full of hope and love. I’d never seen anything like it” I smiled and kissed him deeply.

“Okay, well then what is you’re least favourite memory?” I ask. His smile is immediately wiped away and he gets off the bed and starts to get changed. 

“Don’t know. Next”

“Derek, you said you’d tell me whatever I wanted to know. You know everything about my past. If it’s too much to talk to me about, I get it, but I’m sick of you constantly shutting me out. Who hurt you?” He stopped what he was doing and turned back around to face me.

“When I was 15 I fell in love for the first time. It sounds stupid now but she was everything to me. Long story short… She was given the bite but it didn’t work and so I had to put her out of her misery.” He says as his eyes flash blue. Even from his short reply I could see how much he felt from her purely from his face. He looked and sounded as if he were choking back tears. I stood up quickly and wrapped him in a hug.

“Derek I’m always here for you, okay? You did the right thing and you know that. I love you” I smile at him and kiss him on his chest, where my head reaches. “Come on, lets lighten up the mood.” I say and walk over to the bed jumping back on it. I play some music on my phone and pat the spot next to me. He slowly walks over confused until I pull him down and throw the blanket over us. “See, now we’re hidden from the world. Just us” I smile at him even though its too dark to see. I feel his arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me close. After a couple of minutes he pulls the blanket off our heads and laughs.

“As much as I like it being just you and me I also like breathing.” 

“True.” I laugh and snuggle into his side. 

“I wanna stay like this forever. Just you and me.” He whispers.

“Same. Y’know… maybe we could travel. Do it in every country?” I smirk and he laughs. I kiss him again and lay back down getting ready for a nap.

“God, I love you.”

“Love you too baby.” I say softly as we fall asleep intwined together. 

Quick warmup featuring Nico and his black fire from @gr33kg0ds’s fanfic Secrets because this idea intrigues me. Does black fire still cast light?? Does it cast shadows instead??? If it does cast light does the light look like it has no source since ya know, the fire’s black?????

Also I like the idea of shadows moving freely on/over Nico when he’s in the dark, and I feel like that’s portrayed pretty well with this colouring style.

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➵ characters: g-dragon x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 5140
➵ summary: jiyong shows up with a new hair colour and you’re happy. really happy.
➵ author’s note:this came purely from the weakness i felt when jiyong coloured his hair black after the fxxk it promotions. something about it every time he does has me putty. and this is my first post after at least four months. wow i’m really terrible, if you guys hate me now i don’t blame. but i hope this makes you hate me less. enjoy!

JiJi: You’re not at the studio anymore. Where did you go?

You: YG called me in to his office.

JiJi: Is everything okay?

You: Yeah, everything’s fine. Give me a couple more minutes.

From behind you, the door to Hyunsuk’s office creaked open as he entered the room once more after having taken an important call. You scurried to return your phone in your bag just beneath you, watching the man go around his large desk and settle in his seat.

“Sorry about that. So,” he sighed. “Will you be able to just keep Chaerin company on her US tour? You know, just so that she has someone there with her that she trusts.”

“Of course. She’ll be safe with me,” you smiled enthusiastically.

“Great. We’re still deciding on dates, but it’ll be within the next two or three months. We’ll keep you posted.”

You smiled again, nodding respectfully. As Hyunsuk rose from his seat, you quickly followed suit. You said your farewell, ensuring him once more that Chaerin is in secure hands.

“Oh, by any chance, are you going to see Jiyong?”

“Um,” you chuckled nervously, “yes, I believe so.”

“Do tell him he still owes me a dinner for losing that bet… he’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes… sir, I will.”

With one last polite goodbye, you left Hyunsuk be in his office and back to his work. The journey from the grand office back to the floor where most studios were did not take that long, taking just a minute or two to arrive at your destination. You had expected Jiyong to already be there, either waiting for you or deep into his work, but the studio was just as you had left it, empty.

You plonked your bag on the spacious leather in the corner of the room, sitting beside it, allowing one leg to cross over the other. A long sigh was exuded before you let your head fall back onto the sofa’s top, closing your eyes, relishing in the silence. However, it was short lived, as you heard the glass door you had closed reopen, hearing a familiar voice.

“Hmph, that didn’t take long,” Jiyong commented.

“It wasn’t supposed to,” your eyes remained closed. “And YG said something about a bet?” Your head was lifted so you sat up straight, and even though your eyes were now open they still faced downwards to your lap. “That you still owe him dinner?”

“Ha, he’s still going on about that?” he chuckled. “Soon.”

“He called me to ask to go on tour with Chaerin,” your head snapped up. “You know, just to— “

Your facial expression which was once aloof and calm was now very much alert, with surprise becoming the new emotion, and it rendered you speechless.

Jiyong waited for you to complete your sentence, but when you didn’t he scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. “Just to what?”

“You coloured your hair?”

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BTS  reacting to their s/o being extremely pale and is bullied therefore in her/his hometown

It wasn’t easy to write this reaction but we tried our best. So we hope you like it.

And also both of us were shocked that people are still that retarded to bully others because of their skin colour. Stay strong and never let others define you. I’m always so angry when I hear that people just can’t shut the fuck up. 


You never told anyone about your insecurities. You always wanted to be seen as a strong person and nothing could bring you down. However it happened that one day your walls broke. Jin walked with you through the streets and placed both of you at a bench near the playground. Suddenly a child walked to you and asked about your visible veins. You tried to stop the tears, which formed in your eyes from falling and explained that you simple had a very thin and pale skin. The child simply nodded before returning to it’s friends. You watched it with glazed eyes and tears rolled  down your cheeks. Jin immediately reacted and hid your face in his chest. He waited until you were ready to tell him about your reasons.

“It’s ok jagi”

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Suga and you always understand each other without words. But there was one thing he never understood: whenever he said something about your pale skin you seemed to freeze before changing the topic immediately. Like today when both of you were shopping. You tried a midnight-blue dress and he told you how well it fit’s to your pale skin. Your smile disappeared and you turned around with no words to change back in your normal clothes. You leaved the shop, he followed you. When you wanted to wipe away the falling tears, he grapped your wrist and drew you to a bench. He wiped your tears away and forced you to finally tell him whats wrong. He observed you exactly as you told him that you learnt to hate your pale skin through bullying in your home country. He understood you and hugged you tight until your tears dried up.

“You are beautiful.”

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Namjoon was one of the most understanding persons you knew. You were able to tell him everything and he would never judge you or force you to do something. So it’s no surprise that he also knew about your biggest insecurity. You told him about that a long time ago and he understood you but also told you how beautiful you were. You often tried to cover most of your body with clothes, no matter how hot it was outside. You tried to stop this habit for him, but it was really hard. When he saw how uncomfortable you were, sitting infront of the small café he pulled you on his lap while hugging you and kissing your neck.

“If you’re not okay I can give you my coat. You don’t need to change for me. I just want you to be happy.”

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Hoseok really was your hope. You barely smiled ever before you met him and now one look and his positive aura would envelop you. But even his optimism couldn’t take the insecurities from you, which seemed to get worse and worse. Vou casually talked about your past a long time ago with him, but you didn’t thought that he really payed attention in this moment. 

You were out with friends when somehow the topic ‘skin colours’ popped up. Your whole body tensed up and you mentally prepared yourself for a hard conversation. But there was no need. As soon as they started to speak about it, they were stopped by Hoseok who started to complain about the warm weather, which already lasted for the last two weeks. You gzed at him thankfully and smiled about your cute boyfriend. On your way home you asked him how he did know and he simply hugged you while smiling.

“I pay attention to everything you say jagi. And I think your beautiful. Whoever told you other is just pitiful since he will never be able to see how amazing you are.”

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In things like insecurities, Jimin would be the most understanding out of all members since he fights them every day again. But you didn’t wanted to bother him with your problems too, So he never knew about your problems. Until one evening. 

You sat on the couch and watched TV while cuddling. Suddenly he started to kiss your skin and you flinched. He stared in your face, a big question mark formed on his face. You told him that you simply didn’t liked that, but he knew that there was more. But he also didn’t wanted to force you, since he knew he wouldn’t want that too.

“You can tell me everything. You know that, do you?”

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Tae was your sunshine, he made you laugh and he made you happy. He was too pure for the world and you always felt like you need to protect him from the bad world. 

Concealing your past was part of it. Until that day Tae entered your apartment, nearly jumping on you with his boxy smile on his face. He had the day off and decided to go swimming with you. You didn’t wanted to make him sad, so you agreed. You were okay until you arrived at the lake. Obviously many people had the same idea. Taehyung already changed in his bathing trunks. You told him to go in, but he hesitated. He knew you to well. He knew that you wouldn’t follow him, so he walked back to you and hugged you. He asked why you wouldn’t come in and you said that you weren’t  comfortable with showing your body or your skin. He hugged you even tighter while peppering your whole body with kisses.

“My jagi should never be sad. I won’t allow that.”

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You and Jungkook stopped at a game store during your shopping trip. He wanted to buy this new game Tae told him about and since you were strongly against a new reason for him to come home late, you waited outside the shop. You enjoyed the last sun rays of this warm summer day when suddenly a little old grandma disturbed your moment of silence. She just stood in front of you and watched you before she said:”Yes enjoy it. You need it child you look so ill with your veins visible. I can recommend you a-” 

“I’m sorry but my girl is more than beautiful and doesn’t need any help.”

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Red Velvet’s Tumblrs

Irene: aesthetic, pastel colours (mainly purple), cute cats or dogs, cute clothes. She may post ootd’s or selfies if she’s really feeling herself. Has cute anons that compliment her and she loves them so much.

Wendy: PUPPIES and cute animals in general. She would also reblog political stuff, like gifsets of feminist quotes or anti-Trump stuff. Posts covers of songs once in a while that get like 3 notes at first until two years later they blow up somehow and get thousands of notes and drown her dash in notifications.

Seulgi: Bright and motivational stuff. Her theme is yellow/orange and she reblogs pretty flowers or cute gifsets of people helping the homeless or sticking up for gay rights. Built up a following slowly but when she hits her peak, she’s really liked. That’s bc she doesn’t involve herself in drama. Her blog is a happy, reassuring place and random anons message her about their troubles since she gives nice, understanding replies ~

Joy: Shitposts and memes and funny gifs. Somewhere in all this mess would be stuff about her favourite bands. Tries to make friends but ppl never reply to her. Finds pics of her fav member, screenshots a close up then posts it on tumblr, ranting about how SHE WANTS TO PUNCH THEIR BEAUTIFUL FACES HOW DARE THEY -

Her tags are a mess btw.

Yeri: Posts like mad for a week straight then disappears for six months. Pretty illusive. Doesn’t interact with others much. Mainly just reblogs pretty pictures of bands she likes or perfect makeup looks: #must try this #nvm I can’t do winged liner :/

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Aah sorry for not getting round to your asks until now, I got a few asking about tips so I thought I would do a nice big post to answer them 
I’ll include some tools that I use as examples, hopefully that’ll help ^o^


~ U s i n g   W a t e r c o l o u r s ~

Some general tips:

1.  Try not to mix too many colours. You’ll lose their vibrancy if you do and they’ll become muddy. At most, I only mix two colours. 

2.  Always have clean water. If the water is discoloured, this affects the colour of your paint. 

3.  Always have lots of tissue. Trust me you’ll need it! haha (for dabbing up paint when you’ve put down too much, mistakes, spilling water… etc)

4. Use a palette, any will do. Wash it often~

5.  Rubber: one that doesn’t smudge and is soft enough to not rip the paper if you rub out a lot like me. I think I use soft staedtler brand. 


~ E x a m p l e s   w i t h   p r e t t y   p h o t o s ~

T e m p e r a t u r e
Watercolours dry differently depending on how hot it is where you live (I live in the UK, it’s cold so it takes a while to dry. I’ve also painted in Thailand where it’s hot as well as humid, and takes just a minute or so to dry). 

This is importantttt
If the temperature around you is colder, it makes it easier to smoothly blend paints. Example:

And if the temperature around you is hotter i.e you live in a hot country, they can look blotchy-er? Basically some areas dry faster so they make a not so smooth pattern, but it makes nice texture. Example:

T i m i n g
For blending, timing is crucial because at what stage you add it, it brings out different kinds of blending. This is related to the wet-on-wet technique actually.

- if you add paint to water or paint on paper while it’s still wet - it’ll blend smoothly. (look at the first example picture)
- if you add paint to water or paint while it’s damp and about to dry, it makes a sort of snowflake appearance as it tries to spread. Example: 

B r u s h e s
Main brushes I can think of:
- spotter - good for small detail (I mainly use these)
- rigger - long and good for detail and holding more water/paint (and these)
- round - good for spreading lots of water/paint
- flat - standard brush
- fan - spread a light wash of water paint
- mop - spread a lot of water

In the photo are my brushes from right to left: Liner/rigger, spotter, round/mop, rigger, rigger.   

Synthetic brushes are good, but they wear out quickly. Animal hairs are more robust but expensive.

P a p e r
I can’t stress enough how finding the right paper for you is. Let me show you how paper can really affect your paints, and why there are lots of them around.


Same drawing, but different paper. The first is thin paper, the other is something like 200gsm. All paper are different. So it’s best to try them out!

The thicker it is, the more likely it’ll be ale to hold more paint/water. This 200gsm paper can’t take much water, however in small amounts it really shows off the vibrancy of the paint and holds it well and allows it to blend well. This is paper from a Muji sketchbook (photo below) and I also use Arches paper.

P A I N T S !!!!!!

Oh yeah this. Generally, the more expensive it is, the better quality/more pigmented (vibrant) the colour will be. So if you’re starting out, I recommend that you start with some cheap okay ones, then move on to the expensive ones (that way, you can appreciate the quality and also get used to them).

These are the paints I use:

Yeah I only use paint tubes (just preference really. I’m not sure if tubes are more pigmented, but I guess they might be since you’d have to add water to the dried stuff?)

I use from left to right:
- Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolours (really intense super vibrant watercolours)
- Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache (the flesh tint is great for skin)
- Winsor and Newton: Artists’ Water Colour brands (various colours and good quality)
- Winsor and Newton: Professional (same as above)
- Winsor and Newton: Cotman (basic colours and good quality)
- WHSmith watercolours: (student grade (cheap) and not very vibrant in colour, but has some colours that are good)

Apart from the WHSmith ones, I’d say they’re all good brands.


Okay I think I’ve covered most things. Sorry this is so long to read, but I hope it helps anyone (/^▽^)/ ☆☆☆

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How would STARISH react to waking up and discovering their S/O had started their period during the night? (Like the S/O got their period early and didn't use tampons/pads so theres blood everywhere?)

Okay this surprisingly took a while! I hope you like! :3


“It’s really alright, _____-chan.” His palms grazed against your cheeks and he pressed his forehead to yours in a sense of comfort.

You nodded, so embarrassed that you were as red as his hair colour. You expected him to be shocked out of his wits and disgusted. You didn’t think he’d act the contrary. Patient and understanding.

“I’m sorry..Otoya..” You mumbled and he shook his head firmly. “You couldn’t have known, _____-chan!! It’s perfectly fine!” He assured, patting your head. You smiled weakly in reply.

“Now then, let’s clean up! I’ll give you a hand!” He said with a nervous smile as he pulled off the bedsheets.


Without a word, he removed the sheets, taking them to the laundry. You opened your mouth, trying to say something, to apologise but no words tumbled out. You drooped your head, playing with the hem of your skirt.

Masato was the one who first spoke up. “It’s a natural process.” He cleared his throat. “You can predict when it comes but it isn’t necessarily correct. It’s okay, _______.”

You took his hand and he clenched your palm, his fingers stroking your skin. “Masato….”

“It’s fine, _______.” You looked up to see his amethyst eyes softening with concern and understanding. You tried to smile. He smiled back in response, kissing your fingers.

“Let’s work on cleaning up now.” He offered, motioning to the bathroom.


Surprise was evident in the blonde’s face when he awoke to the red mess beside him and you fervently trying to clean it up. He got off, helping you shrug off the bedsheets and he put the stained bedspread into a bucket of water.

“______-chan, accidents happen!” He said, in an attempt to console you. “I should have put on a pad…” You muttered under your breath and he frowned. He pulled you into a tight hug.

“I said it’s okay, _____-chan. I’m not irritated by this at all! Remember that time when I spilt my tea all over the bed?” He asked patting your cheeks.

You chuckled. “That’s not the same thing…”



“I’m so sorry, I’ll clean it up–” You felt the heat gush up your cheeks as you frantically pulled off the corners of your bedsheets, tugging them off more roughly than you intended to.


You bit your lip, bundling the fabric and making a run for the bathroom but your boyfriend caught your wrist, steadying you in place.

“Tokiya–” You started but he raised his palm, requesting you to not say anything. You stopped midway and shook your head, looking away.

“_______. Do you think I’m bothered by it? Yes it’s blood but menstruation is an entirely normal process for your body. Nothing about it is disgusting. If anything, please let me help you wash the bedsheets.” His lips curled into a reassuring smile at his last statement and you fought back tears that threatened to well up and fall over.

He kissed your forehead. “It’s completely fine.” He cooed, taking the cloth from your hands and dunking it into a bucket.


“I’m sorry…” You mumbled, burying your hands into your face. Your boyfriend made sure you changed and didn’t leave the couch as he quietly changed the bedsheets.


He didn’t reply, stretching his back. “Say it. You’re obviously pissed and eh..disgusted.” You pointed out, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. “I want to help you clean my mess at least.”

“Lady.” You looked up to meet his concerned gaze. “I’m not at all disgusted. It’s natural right? The only way to temporarily stop this is by..” He trailed off, his lips curling into a wolfish smirk. “Is by you and I having loads of–”

“STOP! DON’T CONTINUE THAT!” You said, your voice shrilly as you tried to fight down that red blush threatening to surface. He laughed, his eyes glinting with teasing humour.

“I appreciate you wishing to help but I want you to sit there. I’ve not done laundry in a while so this’ll be a good restart.” He hummed, sauntering to clean your sheets. You trailed behind him, muttering “Good restart, my ass.” under your breath as a curse.


He jumped at the sight of red blood, tinting the sheets in an odd shade entirely. “_____!! You okay?!!” He yelled, worried if you hit something in your sleep. You shook your head, embarrassed.

“Its uh…” You pulled off the sheets, cursing yourself for not putting on a pad or a tampon last night.

“WHAT??” He asked louder, unable to decipher your muttering.

“PERIODS, SYO!” You replied back louder and understanding dawned on his face.

“Oh…uh…” He scratched the back of his head, unsure of what to say. You rolled your eyes, feeling like utter crap. “I know it’s disgusting.” You grumbled, taking the cloth to be washed.

“Nah..it’s okay. Things happen.” Syo tried to comfort you but he was afraid if you already started having mood swings. You bit your lip.

“Really?” You asked, hating that helpless tone in your voice.

“Yeah. I promise. We men have issues too.” He patted his chest, puffing it up to emphasise his point.

“Oh.” You smirked. “Like what?”

“The sudden urge to kiss his girlfriend when he knows he can’t do much.” He said with a grin, kissing your lips quickly. He pulled away immediately, suddenly embarrassed by his actions. “I’ll help if you want.” He said, looking away.


“MY PRINCESS!” He shrieked, crawling to the edge of the bed to help you remove the bedspread.

“Oh shit.” You cursed under your breath, rolling up the cloth and making a run for the bathroom.

“Wait!” Cecil called behind you. “What’s wrong??”

You blushed, unsure how to reply. You toyed with your toes, pacing about. You sighed, deciding to tell him crassly. “Periods…its okay..I’ll clean up, Cecil!” The words tumbled out of your mouth like lightening and you shut the door immediately. He frowned.

When you got out, you didn’t expect to be embraced tightly by your boyfriend whose arms pulled you close until you felt his breath at your ears.

“My princess, did you think I would find that gross? It happens to all women.” He kissed the back of your palm and peered into your (e/c), his emerald eyes unwavering.

“Cecil…” He smiled before kissing you softly. “It’s fine, my princess. I shall make you feel better!” He said, kissing you again.

anonymous asked:

Could you do rintori, stingue, and fraxus with hurt, kiss, and surprise ((I really hope I didn't miss it))

Rintori + Hurt

“Ai? Ai?! Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Ai?!” Nitori blinked, the battery of questions slowly breaking through to him and he blinked, lifting his head to find Rin crouched down in front of him and watching with wide, worried eyes. “Ai?”

“Rin…” He trailed off, confused as to how he had ended up on the floor. What had happened? He glanced down and started to colour as he realised that his laces were undone and pooled beneath, remembering running forwards as soon as he spotted his boyfriend getting off the train and then the vague impression of falling. Groaning he buried his head in his hands, it had been a couple of months since they’d seen each other and the first thing he had done was go flying, and he muttered an apology, caught by surprise when Rin pulled him into a tight hug with a relieved sigh and more than a hint of fond exasperation.


Stingue + Hurt  

   Sting huddled in on himself as he heard people passing his hiding spot, flinching as they shouted for him, burying his head against his knees as he fought the urge to fall apart completely. He had hurt Rogue, something that he had never thought that he was capable of…something that he should never have been capable of, and he hissed, clawing at himself as though that would change the fact that these hands had done just that. Rogue had been struggling, fighting with his shadows…the lapses had grown more frequent and stronger, but he had never lost the fight yet and Sting knew that, he believed in him and cheered him on. But today…today something in him had snapped, his magic threatened by the shadows rising around them and it had lashed out, driving back the shadows, but there had been no sense of victory because then he had heard it…heard Rogue screaming, and when the light had cleared he had seen the burns, the pain in the dark eyes. He had done that and he had fled, Rogue’s voice following him although he blocked out the words…he had done this, he had hurt his mate.

Fraxus + Hurt

    Laxus stilled for a moment as he finally caught sight of his mate, thankful for his Dragon-slayer senses as he might otherwise have missed Freed as the Rune mage had managed to hunker down in a side alley, looking impossibly small as he pressed himself back into the shadows. His heart ached at the sight and the temptation to go back and show them that he was capable of far worse than his mate’s demonic side surged up, but he forced it back…Freed needed him now, and from the dangerous expressions on their team mates’ faces he knew they would deal with it. Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward, flinching when Freed tensed and his head shot up, the hurt in the turquoise eyes making his heart ache. Freed wasn’t supposed to look like that, and he couldn’t stop the growl that rose in his throat even as he closed the distance between them, dropping to his knees so that he could draw Freed into a tight hug. There was no sound, but he knew that Freed was weeping, could smell it and he drew him closer, letting Freed hide against him, pressing gentle kisses to his temple, waiting until he knew that he could control his voice before murmuring in his ear.

“You’re not a monster.”

Nitori + Kiss

     He had done it, the weight of the medal around his neck was irrevocable proof that he’d done it and yet he still found himself blinking, feeling as though at any moment someone was going to turn around and tell him it was a joke. He was strung out, exhausted after months of intensive practice and the nerves of finally competing in the Olympics and even as a smile spread across his lips as he stared down at the medal, all he wanted to do was curl up and sleep for a week. No…there was one other thing he wanted to do first, and he looked up, scanning the people waiting by the gate and it didn’t take him long to spy wide, blue eyes and silvery hair, grin softening when Ai waved at him. Ignoring his coach, he sped up, forgetting about the medal around his neck and paying no mind to the other people trying to catch his attention, shoving his way through until his searching hands found his boyfriend. For once he didn’t care that they were in public, even as they both coloured as he pulled Ai into a heated kiss, the only way he could thank him right now for putting up with the hours of practice, the weeks away on training camps and the cameras that even now were zooming in on them.

Stingue + Kiss

   Sting was trembling, tears rolling steadily down his cheeks as he pulled Rogue closer, refusing to pull back or recoil even as he felt tendrils of shadow wrapping themselves around his arms. They had known that this was coming, the shadows had been growing in strength for months now and Rogue had been lapsing more and more in his control over them, and it had been his mate who had forced them to plan for this…to make sure that he couldn’t hurt anyone. But now that he was faced with the reality of it, Sting found himself faltering…he couldn’t do this, he couldn’t…he jolted when the tendrils grew claws that dug into the tender flesh of his arms.

“Please…” Rogue pleaded, desperate, frightened…and Sting could do nothing but sob as he nodded, unable to refuse him, leaning in to kiss him gently even as he allowed his magic to flare out. Light, brighter…stronger…than any he had ever produced before surrounded them, burning brighter and brighter, engulfing them until there was nothing left.

Fraxus + Kiss

   Laxus hummed under his breath as he drifted awake to the sensation of gentle kisses being pressed to his chest, long hair tickling him as Freed traced the path of his tattoo. It was so gentle that he found himself beginning to drift, only to jolt as he felt a slight pinch, eyes shooting open as he realised that Freed had nipped at him.

“Freed…” It wasn’t really a protest, or a complaint…he doubted that he would ever be able to refuse Freed anything, not when he was looking at him with wide, innocent eyes and not when it had taken them so long to get to the point where his mate was comfortable enough in his own skin to be the instigator. Seeing the hesitation seeping in he pushed himself up, relieved when Freed didn’t try to retreat and easily pulling him into a heated kiss, grinning when he felt him melting into it before pulling away and earning a noise of protest that became a soft snarl, when he added mildly. “Good morning to you too.”

Rintori + Surprise

   Rin groaned, grumbling under his breath as he swatted at the hand that was currently shaking his shoulder, not even bothering to open his eyes. He had stayed up too late the night before cramming, and he was determined that he was going to spend as long in bed as he could…


“Ai, it’s too early…” He growled, burying his face deeper into the pillow before stilling, confused by the giggle that greeted his words and it took him another moment before realisation struck and he bolted up in bed. Ai! His boyfriend wasn’t supposed to be there until the weekend, and yet there he was perched on the edge of the bed and grinning at him. “Ai…”

“Happy Birthday, Rin.”

Stingue + Surprise

   They had finally won the Grand Magic Games, and Sting knew that he should be more focused on that fact, revelling in the fact that the crowds who had booed them years ago, was now shouting Sabertooth’s name with a smile on the faces. Instead he found his attention riveted to his mate, enraptured by the small half-smile that Rogue was unable to hide, and the light in his eyes as the other Dragon-slayer stared up at the stands with wide eyes. Sting couldn’t remember moving, even years later, but he remembered falling to one knee as he reached out to grasp Rogue’s hand. He remembered the surprise in his mate’s eyes, the startled whispers from their guildmates and the sudden silence that had fallen over the crowd, but more than anything he remembered the happiness in Rogue’s expression when he had whispered the question he had waited far too long to ask.

“Will you marry me?”

Fraxus + Surprise

   Freed sighed as he curled up tighter under the covers, trying to ignore just how large the bed felt without Laxus curled around him, hands clutched in the material of what had been the blond’s pillow as he brought it to his nose as if it would still carry some lingering trace of the other man. During the day, it was easier to pretend that he was okay, he had work too busy himself with, Ever and Bickslow to talk to and guild to explore. At night, especially tonight it was harder to fool himself, and by the time he fell into an uneasy sleep there were tears on his cheeks.

   He woke early the next morning to find his hair standing on end and he blinked, that had only ever happened when Laxus…his breath caught and he looked around wildly, half expecting to see the blond there and his eyes widened when he spotted the small parcel on the bedside table. A sob escaping as he scrambled to get it, his hand trembling as he turned over the label and stared at the familiar, messy scrawl with warmth blossoming in his chest….Happy Birthday Freed.

Educating the Victim - Act V, Chapter IV

Pairing: Jasper/Lapis, Lapis/Peridot

Rating: Teens and up

Warnings/Tags: threats, emotional abuse.

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ahhh okay so I dont art very much but I wanted to do a thing? For @callmearcturus and the fic with the frog boi Jake and this is the first time Ive done a thing based on a fic and posting on tumblr and yeeeee many firsts haha But like! The fic is hella good and just going to keep getting better and if you like extremely well written dirk x jake fics 100% worth going and checking out their AO3 and read the fic! :D 

(okay but did i do this right I have no idea what im doing owo;;)

((how the heck do you draw hands))

So here’s some fanart for this amazing fic called Meant to Be by @puns-and-fics and I would really recommend it bc it’s so sweet. Angsty (it honestly made me cry) but sweet. This is my first proper finished (well, finished without facial expressions) fanart and you can probably tell that by the fact that I put w a y too much effort into it (also I haven’t used this art style since my final Art GCSE project this time last year). I’m not totally happy with the colouring but overall I think I did okay ^_^ Hope you like it!!


Screenshot redraws. With some alternate color palettes.

I really love the lighting in a lot of scenes in this game. Also, yeah, sorry for -All the Bedman- I find him really relaxing to draw. If I redraw any screenshots from later scenes I’ll be putting them under a read more. Just in case.

I really wanted to see what 8% was going to be…