i really hope someone likes these

Someone requested me to draw Raven some time ago and when I was going to post it I came across with the people shipping him with Blueprint xDU

I really love all the AfterDeath children, specially Goth and Raven uvu)

Hope you like it Anon! And sorry if It doesn’t look very good. I spend the day looking trhough the Naj!AU cuz I love it so much and I drwe this half asleep ;3;) Man, I wish I’d see Printy there someday! 

Raven @ask-the-gothfamily

(I really hope this works, its just showing me the title of my image but idk maybe that’s normal? Ive never  submitted anything before so :/)

I wanted to thank you for your unbelievable dedication to all your blogs, because, honestly, how do you have the time for all this? You have all these unbelievably well planned out concepts and storylines and all of you art just seems to ooze love and joy for what you do, and you put so much work into this. Like, someone sends you an ask about a funny thought they had and within five days it’s not only a meme but a whole comic and the best thing that has happened to most of us all year. And it’s honestly unreal how much you interact with us, your followers and fans. It feels like we’re all one big family, even if many of us don’t know each other, because we all interact with you, and you’re like that red silken string that ties all of us together. And whatever you do, it’s awesome. How do you do that?! Like, you tell us you’re gonna take a break and basically tell us you’re gonna go shitpost and it turns out what you consider ‘shitposting’ is the mutant AU none of us knew we needed in our lives. And, speaking of shitposting, your shitpost hours with the gang? Do you know how much I love those??? And you know, I noticed that all of the people who got their zines got a Legmon (Legfam saved my life™ through unbelievable wholesomeness, which is also the reason why I’m sending you this here and not on ask-kimdaily) thank-you card, and I thought if there ever was someone who deserved a thank-you, it’s you. So I borrowed a graphics tablet and drew you something. I know it’s not the prettiest (I downloaded the first free digital art program I came across, and it turns out the free version of Mischief doesn’t let you do layers) but I think the thought comes across well enough. I’d like to hug you in person, but alas, interscreenar travel is not invented yet, so Legmon will have to do it for me. 

Admin: OMG I JUST SAW THIS AND IM CRYING ACTUAL REAL TEARS THIS IS SO SWEET???? I’m so so so thankful you took time to write all of this you don’t even know how much it means to me. I was feeling a bit down ‘cause of life these past few days but this just made my entire week :’-(((((( It’s so rewarding to know that my work has brought such a loving community together. Like no joke, all of you are literally the nicest and sweetest and I couldn’t be any luckier to have found such an amazing group of people to share my art with. I’ll work even harder in the future to create a space that gives you guys as much positive experience you guys can have. Making people happy with my art truly really is one of the greatest joys of my life and you guys never fail to let me know. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Anyway, I LOVE THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY AND I WILL FRAME AND PRINT IT AND STARE AT IT FOREVER thank you so much ily and all of u guys :’-(((( 💖💖💘💖💘💗
Thoughts on BnHA 142

I pretty much bet (and HOPE) the next chapter will be a Kirishima Eijiro: Origins chapter (Horikoshi-sensei, please).

WOOOOO this chapter was really interesting.

AAAAAAAHH TAMAKIIII. I hope his face is just..a little paralyzed or something…Oh god please nothing permanent ; v ; Anyways..

How to be a man lesson 2 by Fatgum. 

I love how the manly characters Kirishima and Fatgum are working together haha. And that manliness is kinda getting to Midoriya too I see. PLUS THESE TWO ARE CUTE ASDFGHJKL

But anyways, it’s interesting that there’s someone who doesn’t entirely agree with the way Chisaki is operating things (there probably is more people like him from the looks of it). 

Do we have another manly character coming in?

Seems like this is a villain that suits these two heroes, in terms of that attitude to battle..or maybe it’s just me ;;;

My heart broke a little inside ( ; ___;) KirishimaaAAAAAAHH 


Kirishima remember’s his (best) bud’s words. Shows how much Bakugou’s words really got to him. And the mini theory that Kirishima dyed his hair is confirmed!! What if he really does have links with the mafia? What if he left/rebelled against them t become a hero? Dyed his hair for that reason, to not be recognized? Hm possible…

RED RIOT-FATGUM VS RAPPA-???? ! NEXT CHAPTER IS GONNA BE INTENSEEEEE. What if a new power awakens in Kirishima? I HOPE SO!!  

anonymous asked:

This might sound like a weird question, but what RP blogs do you suggest? I'm asking because you're a wonderful writer and seem pretty experienced, and I'd love to find more people like you! Sometimes it's hard to find RPers willing to write long paragraphs...

Hey! Iโ€™m afraid Iโ€™m not an experienced or wonderful writer or roleplayer at all! So Iโ€™m probably not the best person to ask, but if youโ€™d like suggestions for blogs that tolerate longer paragraphs, I guess that would be everyone Iโ€™m writing with, since people have been generally kindly tolerant despite my tendency to ramble. Or maybe theyโ€™re barely tolerating it and wishing it would stop already, haha. (If youโ€™re reading this and that is the case, please tell me.)

I think, while some/most prefer writing shorter length threads, they might make an exception from time to time, so itโ€™s always good to approach people and give it a shot anyway. Also, Iโ€™m not sure what you mean by long paragraphs, since that can be either 300-500 words or 500-1000 words :โ€™)

I must apologize. Itโ€™s kind of hard for me to suggest blogs because I would feel bad for leaving people out. But these are the blogs Iโ€™ve written with before or am writing with now (that are active and that I can remember). I wouldnโ€™t say that everyone would necessarily love long threads, however, and I think it would depend on the thread itself, and the interaction between the muses. Also, not forgetting that longer lengths isnโ€™t always equivalent to better writing ^^;

Iโ€™ll still end up missing people, and I do apologize for that as well.ย 

I hope this can help a little.ย 

(sorry for the tag notifications, those Iโ€™ve listed here)

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Honestly confused here, sorry But why do people say shaladin is pedophilia? The only minor is pidge, the rest are in their late teens 17-19. Shiro is at the most 23. That doesn't seem like that big an age gap. Sorry again

i hope this answers your question!! (also, sorry it got long.)

sh//ro is about 24-25. jeremy shada confirmed lance is 16, and someone else (does anyone have a source on this one? i can’t remember who said it) said that h//nk, k//ith, and l//nce are all the same age. pidge is 14-15.

also - anyone under 18 is a minor. an adult dating a minor is pedophilia. it’s also really unhealthy (i was in a relationship with the same age difference as k/h/l and sh//ro, so i can say with personal experience it’s unhealthy and there are a lot of power imbalances there.)

i, as an 18 year old, am not mature enough to date someone who’s 25-26. my brain is not fully developed, while theirs is. even if i’m “mature for my age”, we’re not on the same level. two 18 year olds, or an 18 year old and a 19 year old (or maybe even a 20 year old, depending) could date, and be on the same level. but a 16 year old and a 25 year old wouldn’t have the same maturity, which would be a power imbalance. and if a 25 year old is attracted to a teenager, a minor, that’s technically pedophilia. whether it’s sexual or romantic attraction.

if sh//ro was, say, 18, maybe he could date one of the paladins, but there’s still an age difference, and he in no way could date p//dge. but sh//ro’s not 18, he’s an adult, he was an instructor at the academy based on his outfit…. which segues into my other point.

teachers/students is inherently abusive. i mentioned the power imbalance before - a teacher, regardless of gender, and a student, regardless of gender, shouldn’t be together. a teacher is supposed to teach and mentor. students should be looking up to their teachers, their mentors. sh//ro, being a mentor, being the leader of the group, shouldn’t date one of the paladins anyways because of that. i’m gonna link some articles, which you don’t have to read, but these are reasons why student/teacher relationships (whether romantic or sexual, but they’re usually sexual) are bad. here and here.

to quote the first one - “The last thing teenagers need to worry about, on top of social pressure, financial pressure, schoolwork, standardized tests, peer friendships and romance, and everything else that comes along with the tumultuous stage of adolescence, is being a source of romantic pleasure for their teachers.”

right now, with the paladins saving the world, they really don’t need more stress on top of saving the world. on top of praying they get home someday. on top of everything else.

to quote the second one - “It doesn’t matter that it was consenting. It doesn’t matter that it was fun, or sexy. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were. There is no good reason for a professor to sleep with his student. Even if she, like I did, really wants it.“

(note: these are romantic and/or sexual relationships. a healthy, mentor-y relationship between a student and a teacher is healthy! and good for the student! they boost good behavior! which is why it shouldn’t become romantic or sexual.)

TL;DR: teacher/student relationships, adult/minor relationships… both are predatory, both have huge power imbalances, and both are wrong. and sh@ladin romanticizes both, even if they age up the paladins, even if they “view” them as adults, even if they “view” sh//ro was a teenager.

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But like honestly though while this season was a mess seeing Sana as a main was the first time in my whole life I saw someone that represented me - I don't drink/drugs/have premarital sex bc of my religion. That first clip where vilde is talking about sex and Sana feels uncomfortable is my daily life like I don't think most people get that this season shed light on a group that similar to LGBTQ doesn't get represented often

THANK YOU! Honestly, your post made me sad because it’s exactly how I feel. And I know it’s been even more emotionally for some of my hijabi sisters. That first 2 episodes really gave me so much hope that people could write our story and do it justice. And while I am happy for what little we did get, I’m still sad about what more we could have had and celebrated with this fandom. And I wish people would see how badly we needed this kind of representation. 

anonymous asked:

I love your style so much. You've developed something so distinct and expressive, and everything you draw makes me instantly happy- like, I feel like a giddy school girl whenever I see your art, it's kinda pathetic. Your art is just really important to me. It's amazing.

AW JEEZ!! thank you so so much!! that means a ridiculous amount to me LOL

(if anything is pathetic, it’s how much i howl when reading messages like this T_T it seriously means so much!! i hope i can continue to be someone you enjoy! <33)

euargh  asked:


Alrighty! Here we go!

A Monster in Paris - For those not in the know, this is a song from the movie, Un Monstre a Paris (A Monster in Paris). I really like this song. In fact, I think this song, and La seine both played a big role in what first got me interested in wanting to see this movie in the first place. Well, I say these “two songs”, but the reality is it was the French version of this song that first got me interested. The one that my playlist landed on is the English version, and even though I like Sean Lennon’s singing alright, I prefer Mattieu’s singing a little bit more.

SAVE The World (Undertale) - I keep forgetting that SAVE the world and Hopes and dreams are two different songs.  XD Anyways, this song really knows how to hype someone up and get them ready to go and save the world. A great song for the end of a great boss battle.

Polkarama! - I love Weird Al’s music. I haven’t been keeping too much tack with some of his newer stuff, but I always have so much fun listening to these polka-style music medleys he makes. This one and Angry White Boy Polka were among my favorite songs from Weird Al when I was a kid. 

Blumenkranz (Kill la Kill) - I don’t usually remember villain themes from anime all that well, but man. I don’t know what it is about this one that manages to get stuck in my head whenever I listen to it. It sort of makes me think of like a fashion runway from hell. Fitting, seeing how a large theme in Kill la Kill is clothing and the meaning and importance society places on it. 

Pink Elephants on Parade (Dumbo) - Ah, one of the classic mindfuck songs. I never knew how to feel about this song and that scene when I was little. I don’t know what people in the 1940s though alcohol did to people, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t make you see Pink elephants. I’m half convinced the clowns that had the drink in the first place were probably on something a little stronger than that, but who knows. >>;

threehornedsoul  asked:

Do you have a Goodreads where you keep up with all the audiobooks you listen to? I need more good sci-fi and was hoping to draw inspiration from your list. If not, what are you listening to now?

I don’t!

But I’m taking a break and I will pull from my audible -

I’ve listened to pretty much everything by Peter F Hamilton. His work can get very dark, especially The Night’s Dawn trilogy. But I do like that even his good guy characters have serious flaws, or they go from someone you root for to someone you hope is stopped. Or no one is really made out to be a likeable character but the story is captivating. 

I started with the Void Trilogy, which is still my favorite. Though if I had started in order I would have listened to The Commonwealth Saga (which is two books, Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained) first. They are all in the same universe with some characters crossing over, and events referenced, but I didn’t miss much by starting with the Trilogy. After those, The Chronicles of the Fallers (two books) fit in next. 

A Window into Time is a super short one by him that’s kind of refreshing in it’s own universe. 

The Greg Mandel trilogy and The Great North Road (not connected) are neat sci-fi murder mysteries. 

I just started Fallen Dragon, another standalone book, sounds up to par with the rest so far. 

That’s 16 books all together and about 429 hours of audio, almost 18 solid days of space operas. 

I was going to list more from other authors next but I have to go drill mushrooms now…. if anyone wants to reply or reblog with their own suggestions feel free! My queue is almost empty. 


Operation: Surprise

Part 1 of 1


Right, so this is a very special post.

This is not a request, but it is for someone who’s important to me and someone I’m very proud of, and happy for.

My bean @taencream, congrats on finally being finished with your exams! I know you worked super hard and I told you I would do something special for you when you were finished and here it is.

It’s not either of the ideas you gave my when I asked for suggestions, but something I came up with the other day that I thought was super fluffy and that you’d like it. I really hope you do, because I put a lot of thought and effort into this to make it the best I possibly could.

Of course it’s with your man, your baby, your future husband – Taehyung, and I hope it puts a smile on your face and shows you that I care.

To every other Tae stan seeing this post, I hope you like it too!

Also, to anyone else starting or busy with exams, Good Luck and to anyone finished with exams, Congratulations!

I love you ALL, please remember that💖

My requests are open at the moment, so feel free to send one (or a message) HERE, I look at everything and if you make a request I promise it will get done. The last few texts from my Anxiety/Depression Girlfriend Series and my Weird 3am Texts Series are still coming soon, and so are the last 2 parts of Heartbreak Girl.

Enjoy my lovelies!😘

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Ssoooooooooooooo,,,,,, Rookstar is still gay, right? I'm in the middle of reading your creation because it's a lot to dig through, but I know Jake isn't an important character here.

You know, I was just talking to someone about this, and I want to say something that I hope I won’t have to say again.

I understand that people are concerned over sexualities, but I would really prefer not getting these asks anymore. I can confirm and deny, sure, and I don’t mind doing that now and then, but it seems like people are fixating on this singular aspect of a character lately, especially where Rookstar is concerned*. I’ve gotten more “is X gay/straight/ace/etc” than most other types of asks. I’ve ignored them hoping that would still the pool, so to speak, but that appears to not be the case. 

Do note that I’m not saying this with any vinegar. I don’t hold it against people for wanting to ask a simple question. I’m just very tired of receiving them. 

*Which stirs me up greatly, because I like talking about him, but everyone wants to focus on that particular trait instead of anything else about him.

missthingmessenger  asked:

Hey! I told you I was coming for a matchup, didn't I? LOL. So let’s see… my height is average, I’m brunette, dark eyes and curvy body. I’m bisexual and my star sign is Leo, and my Chinese zodiac sign is dog. My MBTI is INFP-T. And what else? Uhm... I like clever people with whom I can have smart, deep and a little witty convos, and I don’t really like being bossed around. I’m a little shy, but when I’m comfortable around someone, I can be really sassy and a little bit of a tease sometimes. 1/2

Continued: I’m not one to take initiative, so I would like a go-getter, but still a little bit introvert like me. I tend to romanticize and daydream a lot, and my sense of humor can be a little dirty sometimes :p I hope this makes sense and is helpful,somehow and I’m sorry in advance if this is too long. Have a great day, you wonderful person <3 2/2

Your Match: V

Since V can hardly see from one eye, he feels that he can appreciate your curves by touch instead of by sight. He enjoys those deep conversations with you, which can be about anything and everything - especially when those long talks are initiated by one of his photographs. There’s no doubt that when you add a witty comment, his chuckle will be there.

He isn’t the kind of guy to boss you around, and won’t dare keep your free spirit contained, considering it’s one of the reasons he fell in love with you. When it comes to photography, he’s as go-getting as ever, but remains a bit shy in initiating love with you. No doubt he’ll appreciate your sense of humor, he loves hearing everything you say (even if it’s a little PG-13). 

Going out with him, you can expect lots of photographic evidence of your romance. ♡

anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't know if I'm just to dumb to do it or what the problem is, but I don't get how exactly you can block a tag on tumblr. I'm really sorry if I'm annoying I really do like your art and feel weird asking you something that's not directly related to it. But since your last ask was about blogging tags I was hoping that you could help me.

I don’t know either xDDD I’ve never needed to block a tag so I can’t explain to you properly. I will make this ask public so if someone knows how maybe can help you and others who would like to know!! :) 

i haven’t made a sappy post about kihyun for a while so…. here we go hm I literally think about kihyun every day not a day goes by in which he’s not on my mind he just makes me so so happy I just smile when I think about him and my heart smiles too like i really can’t believe that someone as gorgeous and stunning and angelic and ethereal as him even exists??? how can someone that beautiful even exist he must be an angel or something like i really…. can’t believe he’s real… and out there…living his living smiling and laughing i hope he had a really great day today and I think he did bc he looked so smiley and adorable and happy in today’s pictures :( every day my heart grows bigger to fit more Love for him…. he’s my whole world :( i love a boy?????

anonymous asked:

I live for ur mpreg/abo :( u write it so well and ur writing in general is sososoo good I hope ur having a good summer

Why frown friend????


But yes, thank you! I try not to do too much Mpreg because I do know that there are a lot of people whose tastes do not agree with it and it’s not essential to my Brand but I really actually enjoy all the Baby!!! on Ice asks I’m getting, so like keep those coming folks. I don’t always respond to every one but trust me when I say I read all of them and have a heart-attack any time someone says anything about my characters because I love those children as if they were my own. 

I hope YOU’RE having a good summer! It’s just started for some people! I keep thinking it’s almost over but it’s only June!

i had a dream last night that i was reading someone’s post that i can’t really put into words but was something like “i hope this holiday season that you can find a healthy balance between the Geico gecko and spending time with your loved ones. i know the holidays are about anthropomorphic lizards but it’s important to know when to take time for yourself and your family”

Get to Know Me Tag!

Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people. 

tagged by @the-mockingbird-flies !! thank you, thank you! i miss you so much :cc i hope kcon is going to be awesome for you!! 


1. Drink: Sweet tea
2. Phone call: I think it was my Pappaw?
3. Text message: to my friend spence!!
4. Song you listened to: into the Void - Vixx
5. Time you cried: Today because I got overwhelmed by my summer work and like some other stupid things hnng

6. Dated someone twice: Nah.
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: Nah.
8. Been cheated on: No.
9. Lost someone special: uuuuh,,, not really. one of my favorite friends on here ended up deactivating tho and i don’t know where to find her :cc
10. Been depressed: nah. i’ve had like intense mood drops, but it’s never been as serious as depression.
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nah. i don’t really like drinking or being around it.

12-14: Black, pink, blue!

15. Made new friends: Plenty!!
16. Fallen out of love: Never been in ufufu 
17. Laughed until you cried: more often than not ;;
18. Found out someone was talking about you: hmmm,, i think so? it doesn’t happen often though. at least i hope not aghh
19. Met someone who changed you: i don’t think so!
20. Found out who your friends are: ooooooh you bet your ass lmfao may reconsider some yikes
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: uhh technically yeah ig

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: um,, hnng i have a rp blog so only like 7-8? 
23. Do you have any pets: 3 cats, 1 dog, and a turtle :o
24. Do you want to change your name: not particularly. i kinda like my name even though no one spells it right
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: probably nothing tbh? like i don’t really celebrate my birthday. i go eat dinner, get money as a gift, and then go home.
26. What time did you wake up: uuuuuh sometime around 3 pm
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: playing arms!! anyone else a min min main?
28. Name something you can’t wait for: getting my summer work done that’s for sure!! hmm also miitopia! i’ve been excited since the demo dropped

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: uuh just a little bit ago. she came in and took some watermelon out of the kitchen

30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: literally every time i fuck up and say something to someone that i didn’t mean at all hnng i do it a lot and then have to pretend i never said it in hopes they forget too
31. What are you listening right now: b-day - ikon
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:  my great uncle’s name was tom!
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: my summer work and like some other things 
34. Most visited Website: youtube and instagram probably. i come on tumblr a lot but im more likely to look through the other two  

35. Mole/s: i have one on my neck and i hate it tbh i rlly want it removed. i also have on my left titty hnng
36. Mark/s: ACNE SCARS GALORE BOIIS. i also have a deep scar on my knee and a long scar on my arm
37. Childhood dream: i wanted to be a photographer and go to london and take pictures with the boy who i thought i was going to marry at the time omfg

38. Haircolor: light brown

39. Long or short hair: short

41. What do you like about yourself: i think i’m funny!! and i’m really good at making friends!!
42. Piercings: ears and my nose
43. Bloodtype: B negative i think?
44. Nickname: ash, fish, lyn, uuuh i think that’s it :o @the-mockingbird-flies called me baby for a while
45. Relationship status: single single but … im workin’ on it
46. Zodiac: scorpio
47. Pronouns: She/Her
48. Favorite TV Show: Voltron, Death Note, and Weeds!
49. Tattoos: none :cc i’m hoping to get one on my finger eventually
50. Right or left hand: Right
51. Surgery: never had any!
52. Hair dyed in different color: um like all the time. i’ve had black hair, blonde, purple, red… i think blue for awhile?
53. Sport: //VOMITS
55. Vacation: Japan!! but i also want to go back to NYC
56. Pair of trainers: trainers are sneakers right,,, if so, then one

57. Eating: uh nothing rn
58. Drinking: nooothing
59. I’m about to: do my ap summer work even though ive been working on it since 4 and it’s midnight now
61. Waiting for: sleep tbh but also blackpink’s comeback
62. Want: uuuuuuuh to go off but if i do i’ll regret it so im,,, sitting in anger as ya girl does
64. Career: im…hoping to have one of those

65. Hugs or kisses: Hugs!! I feel less awkward and it just feels better anyways
66. Lips or eyes: hmmm,,, i was going to say lips but i rlly do like different eye colors and shapes. like i love bright blues ok
67. Shorter or taller: TALLER
68. Older or younger: i prefer someone older ngl
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: hmm tummy doesn’t bother me but i do love like a rlly good pair of arms (tho tbh im actually a leg girl)
71. Sensitive or loud: hmmm sensitive?

72. Hook up or relationship: relationship

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant. i don’t have the patience nor the mind to deal with anybody that’s w1ld

74. Kissed a stranger: No
75. Drank hard liquor: Nope and I don’t plan to
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: i don’t believe so!
77. Turned someone down: you mean like all the time?
78. Sex on the first date: nah
79. Broken someone’s heart: uuuh possibly yeah
80. Had your heart broken: lol nah
81. Been arrested: nope!
82. Cried when someone died: i cried when my guinea pig died
83. Fallen for a friend: uuuuuh yeeee 

84. Yourself: m…maybe??
85. Miracles: yeah
86. Love at first sight: nah. you have to work on that shit.
87. Santa Claus: u mean papi
88. Kiss in the first date: depends on the atmosphere and comfort level
89. Angels: nah

90. Current best friends name: @the-mockingbird-flies ♥♥♥ || @the-lonely-flute ♥♥♥ || @knkruinedmylife ♥♥♥ || @batl7 ♥♥♥ || @plsinx ♥♥♥
91. Eyecolor: blue!
92. Favorite movie: Spirited Away

uuuh ill tag the best friends who haven’t done it bc im lazy

anonymous asked:

THERES MORE: it's really sad how you dislike your art like what the fuck??? who hurt you?? you're so nice too and you have an awesome boyfriend who's lucky to have you?? like now all i hope is for you to wake up and instantly know you're surrounded by love directed towards you?? fuck i havent met someone like you in a long time,, and i just want you to know this stuff,,, youre art is great and thats even a compliment towards the person because art is a reflection of the artisT -Toby

toby is really gay u heard it here.
(side note: i’m the one that’s lucky to have tom js.)

The signs as science memes