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Rain Drops

Draco Malfoy x Reader

a/n; I really like this one, so i hope you guys like it too! I enjoyed writing it, despite the fact that a bit of writer’s block made it difficult. 

Warnings: trigger warning! just a small mention of self harm! (Nothing actually happens tho) Bullying! 

         Pitter patter echoes throughout the halls of the old castle. Little droplets running down the glass panes, and along the walls. Rain drops make the funniest of noises, don’t they? Like someone tapping at the window, curious, inquisitive. What’s wrong? Are you ok?

         Fine, perfectly fine.

         Like any old storm, start off slow. Pitter patter droplets, then comes the thunder. It’s a beautiful art.

         Thunder rolling like a heartbeat, bouncing off the walls and ringing through the air. Feet meet the ground hard, rhythmic, at such speeds it’s difficult to see why she’s running. But thunder seldom comes without rain.

         A streak of flying hair vanishes out of the corner of his eye. The flash of lightning that you never quite catch no matter how long you try not to blink. Just to see for a split second, the complex detail of the light in the sky.

         (Y/n) stands in front of the Mirror of Erised, the door only slightly ajar behind her. The air is a tense melancholy, ready to snap at any given moment. She looks up into the mirror, expecting to see her tear-stained face and wild hair, and the irritated red of a hand across her face. But the image of what she desires most stares back. A version of herself who can fight back, and stand up.

She doesn’t even hear the door creak open. Back to the pitter patter, like clockwork.

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ovalnephrite  asked:

I love McHanzo because they're both characters who have gone through some really nasty stuff and currently, in canon, aren't in the best place, but together they have the potential to be happy and bring out the best in each other. As someone who can really relate to Hanzo as a character, who was raised with constantly rising expectations and suffers the issues that come with it, that gives me hope for my own future. Thanks for reading! I love your content!!

I am always happy to hear Overwatch truly gives hope to people! Like it should if it was more than a game! Feels so real sometimes! 

Either way, I am so happy to hear your thoughts upon McHanzo :3 Thank you!

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I'm here to just thank you for your art. Your draws are so smooth (although not having a nose is kinda weird for me, but dw, I get it! it's a style). Your draws are keeping me alive and when I don't feel good, I just return here to see your smootchies <3 So, thank you for doing art <3 Also, wish you luck with college! <3

aaaahh thank you for such kind words!! asks like these really make my day and i really appreciate that you took the time to send this in  (´▽ `๑) ♪

i’m worried about you though,, are you doing okay? if you ever want to talk to someone, i’ll be here for you!! ♥

here, yuuri drew a nose on for you! he hopes you’re okay too (๑•́⌄ •̀๑)

Servamp: Don’t Wake the Eve

Hey guys! Let me just say, the discord chat room is the most craziest place ever! But some hilarious stuff goes on in it! Anyway, this is for @crazyanime3 who I asked to give me a writing prompt. This is an ot3 idea for our ot3 Kuro, Sakuya, and Mahiru…aka Kurosakumahi! This is the first time I have written for them, so I really hope you enjoy it CA3! And same to all of you guys! Please enjoy! 

He was not going to get any sleep because of this. It’s not like he didn’t apricate the two bodies lying next to him, but…being stuck in the middle of someone constantly smacking him in the face, or kicking him in their sleep to his right, and then having to hear the soft snores to his left, Mahiru could not sleep for the life of him. Feeling Sakuya another kick to his shins, the brunet hissed, and softly sat up, glaring down at the green haired subclass. Sighing, the Eve pinched the bridge of his nose, and tightened his fist in sheets as Kuro let out yet another muttering snore. He also talked in his sleep…so this was not going to end well. Letting out a slow breath, Mahiru slowly laid down again, and buried his face into his Servamp’s back, while he tangled his legs with Sakuya’s. Maybe this would stop the other teen from kicking him. Feeling Sakuya shift closer to him, the Eve smiled, but soon yelped at he got head butted in the back of his head. Growling, Mahiru tightened his grip in Kuro’s nightshirt. If he was hit on more time, he felt like he was going to snap.

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???: Shhh beautiful everything is going to be alright,well not for you so much but oh well we can’t all be happy right, ?!

???: Robby … Go and call Jason and tell him that we have got a job done.

Robby: Are you sure Ty maybe i should help you with this one here

Ty: Yes i’m sure,drug has already started to kick in ,now go and call him,and i’ll carry this beauty to the car,don’t want anyone too see us like this,do we now.

Robby: He’s really hot hope Jason will not mind us playing with him

Ty: I’m sure he will not.now go and call him you fucking idiot,do you really want someone too see us ?!

Robby: I’m going i’m going

Ty: *Sigh* What a fucking moron.Come on sleeping beauty time to go to your new home


16yo//From Washington~
Hi! My name is Hope. I’m really just looking for someone I can relate to! I’m really into the pastel goth/alternative style. And I like a lot of rock//alternative music. I hope to meet people with common interests as me! Don’t be afraid to shoot me a message! :)
Tumblr: kawaeex

i know this is like incredibly cheesy but someone out there is literally feeling exactly how i feel right now and there’s no way to really find them but i hope they can somehow know i am thinking about them rn

also i was reading this callout post and i noticed one of the criticisms of somebody was “said a csa victim was lying about someone being a pedophile” and like, 

that somebody was wrong in that case and deserved to be called on it, but that’s a really dangerous criticism to use generally because

aves used their csa survivor status to manipulate people into believing their bogus accusations of me are true

god i really hope im making sense here because not everyone is a trustworthy person and not everybody values the truth. you simply cannot trust people on basis of their identity and experiences alone

autoblocked  asked:

Hey! I just read your post analyzing the fight with Emma and Killian (I believe this happened in the latest epi) I'm a bit behind so I don't really know what this is about but I must say I absolutely love how you dismantled the whole thing and I agree with you, this is exactly how fights normally go for us mere mortals. Also *hugs* I won't kill you but I send you hugs and hope you get many more.

Ohh, thank you so much! I really felt that fight like in my bones and kind of flailed all over it haha

But I am glad it made sense to you and that you liked it and honestly, almost every fight I have ever seen usually comes down to people not being able to comprehend the other side because of emotion and it’s especially hard when you’re fighting with someone you love because you’re almost always feeling this sense of how could THIS person hurt me so?

It’s a mess but then again, so are most people lol

Thank you for the sweet message <3 and I hope you enjoy catching up!

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(1/8) Hey, Neko, dienw here. I hope I'm not going to bother you with this, but I just needed to get it off my chest. I’m also sorry it’s so long. I tried to be brief, but I also wanted to be honest, (and also give you enough information, I suppose?). Now, before I start getting into the whole thing, I’d just like to say that I know this will ultimately be my decision. I just really want someone’s outside perspective on this.

(2/8) So to start this off, I’ll have to say a bit (a lot) about myself. I’m one of those people who’ve yet to find their passion. Sure, there’s many things I like, and quite a few I love (see: drawing + writing) but I haven’t found that spark in anything; that drive that gets me up in the morning, and keeps me going. I honestly envy the people who have their own passion. I know it probably has it’s own downsides, but it would give me direction, and that’s something I’m lacking right now.

(3/8) But I mentioned my love for writing, and that brings me to this next part: I’m in college right now, first year, second semester, creative writing major. I thought this was my direction, that I’d found a path that would work for me, and I’d learn how to write—really write, with more than just self-taught, natural talent—then eventually graduate after four or five years and become… who knows?

(4/8) An author, perhaps. I’ve never had a dream of what or who I would become. I don’t have aspirations. I’ve never set goals in front of myself. I just go with the flow, and that doesn’t always work. It’s been the easiest route to just stay in school, even when the signs were apparent in grade 12 that I might not be ready for college or university; even when the signs were so very clear that no, I am not ready, when I did get into college.

(5/8) I started cutting when I started college. Also, while I doubt I have depression, I’m sure there’s been moments where I was depressed. I wouldn’t care for myself, I didn’t eat well, and I often ran for 2-3 days on a few hours of sleep. It got worse the more stressed I was, and I was most stressed around my english class. Ironic, isn’t it? Writing is something I’m good at, something I love. But I never even started the essay that was worth 30% of the final grade. I barely passed that class.

(6/8) Jump ahead to now. I took another english class, thinking that I’d learned from my mistakes and faults. Yes, I had learned, but I haven’t done anything to break myself out of this pattern, this rut of not writing essays (among other things) because it would make me stressed, which would make me feel horribly heavy and empty at the same time. I’m honestly scared that every time I do nothing instead of something, there’s walls in my mind that creep closer, shutting me in and closing me off.

(7/8) I guess, finally, this brings me to the actual topic. While I can’t “officially” drop my english course anymore, I can still ditch it. Not attend the last two weeks of classes (maybe I would, I do like the class) and not show up for the exam. I have, per usual, procrastinated to dangerous levels, leaving me with 2 essays due in 2 weeks, along with all the work from my other classes, and the exams coming up. If I was an idealist, I would say I could do it. And sometimes, I feel like I can.

(8/8) But to be perfectly honest, I can only see myself failing to do the essays, therefore falling into a depressed mood, which will effect my other classes and the exams, and it will all end up in me failing every course. I’d rather outright fail english and get reasonably good marks for my other classes. But here’s the problem: is this the adult, reasonable, mature thing to do? Or am I giving in? Am I being weak—just folding, turning away, and putting forth no effort? …I feel so lost. 

hello neko, it’s dienw again, pack with a surprise part 9 (this is getting ridiculous) because i realized i may have left something out: I’m not going back to college in the foreseeable future, since it’s clearly not at all good for my mental health. again, sorry this whole thing has been so long (also sorry to your followers) and thank you so much <3

Hey, college is not for everyone.

This “you need to go to college as soon as you get out of high school” stigma is absolute bull. I’d personally rather hire an experienced volunteer worker over someone who has a really expensive piece of paper.

But here’s the fun thing about being an adult…

Making a decision to accept failure is an adult choice. It’s really hard to admit something isn’t working out, even when you’ve tried your best. No one wants to lose.

Adults are just drunks trying to figure out where the bathroom is anyway. We’re hoping we make it through the right door and don’t miss the toilet.

And besides, if you are American, I don’t know why someone would waste all that money to go to college when they’re not sure what they want to do, so I’m all for people avoiding the college scene until they’re ready.

And I’m assuming you’re a rather young adult, so there’s plenty of time to make up your mind and figure out the right path. I was lucky enough to go into a daycare center and realize my passion in 8 hours. Heck, before being a preschool teacher, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was going to be a writer, then a vet assistant, then a student councilor, then back to a writer… all within the course of my senior year!

So, dienw, I hope you believe me when I say, if it’s in the best interest of your mental health, take care of yourself. College is not going anywhere, I promise.

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I really hate working on the express lane because it's so small and cramped so I always drop things. It's also super hard to get up to the scores they want because how it's set up. What really gets under my skin is when people come with a cart full of items. And when they see I'm out of room and struggling to find a place for things and they just stare without helping. I guess they're hoping to get a bagger to do it for them. Sorry express lanes don't get baggers. Go to a real checkstand

I’ve run into this problem often too! Sometimes people with 12 items will ask if it’s okay, but then someone with an entire cart load will just waltz up like they own the place. It’s not that I personally mind it, but then customers behind them get mad because it’s supposed to be quick.

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Hey just thought youd like to know that the url psycho-mantis-against-aphobes is taken

i got really excited for a moment before i remembered that tragically, im the one who took it

i should release it back into the wild in hopes that, someday, someone out there will take that url except unironically. maybe even use it

“The Mask”

TW: Death mention. I think that’s it?

Word count: 2,691

so i had this assignment in class to write a narrative about anything and… well i might’ve taken it a lil too far.

the title has some form of significance but now?? it’s slightly less relevant. u know what im sayin? but yea i hope yall like this read.

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can you write a fic about someone murdering Zuko after he got into a fight with Katara when they're married and have kids and he angrily went to sleep in the car and he was murdered in the car by someone leaking c02 and katara is finding out after YEARS it wasn't a suicide it was a murder :((((( and can you also write Katara's reaction to finding Zuko dead in the car and the aftermath/funeral and then do a cutscene to the truth? THANK YOU

I’m sorry, I can’t write this one. This one makes me feel really uncomfortable. I’m really sorry! I hope I can write a different request, if you’d like? 

meganlikesalpacas  asked:

I just want to say thank you SO much for putting up the kind of videos that you do. I really do hope you go far. It's so endearing to see someone kind of just GO for it with food and film themselves enjoying and loving every second of feasting, when it's such a frowned upon thing to actually fill yourself. You've taught me to see food as fuel, have no fear or anxiety over it and just live freely with no controls or rules and we need more people like you in the world you little glowing bean!💛🌟

Thank you so much! Appreciate it❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

This might not mean much to you.. But I really look up to you as a writer. The stories you write ALWAYS have a really nice flow which is something I struggle with in my own writing. Not to mention you seem like an adorable sinnamon roll (see what I did there? 😏). I hope you are having a great day/night wherever you are sweet Nif.


Honestly, that is SO kind. I never thought I’d get messages like these in the first place so every time someone says something nice in general I’m taken aback, haha.

Thank you so much, lovely <3333 you made my day

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I have a confession to make. i know this is bad but sometimes i feel bad that you don't like a movie i like and i feel like my opinion is wrong and i know that's not your fault, it's just me being silly and stupid and then i feel bad because if someone pulled something like that on me i'd feel bad and idk, i just have a lot of respect for you and your opinions, i hope i don't make you feel bad, i just needed to get it off my chest.

everyone’s opinions are different! i feel that way too sometimes, especially when i have a different opinion on a movie compared to one of my friends. it’s disappointing on both sides, and frustrating when people don’t feel the same way about something you either really like or dislike. just don’t feel bad ok! having opinions forms your own unique personal taste in movies and that’s a good thing

So there's been quite a few negative posts from me lately, and I'm really sorry about that guys♡

Tumblr is such a wonderful positive fish community, and I’m sorry if some of my posts brought yall down♡**

So I thought I’d give yall some more positivity!
So I love marimos, and have been looking for some smaller cute tanks to house some more marimos in :D and I remembered that petsmart has this .5 gallon glass cube tank with a decent light.

It’s like 25$ tho ._. So I was hoping it would be on sale ^-^ It wasn’t :/ BUT when I scrolled down to see reviews, someone had written a short review about the tank being too small, the betta basics, and even a bit about cycling :,)

And 21 people found it to be helpful, and I’d like to think that those 21 people took that advice on cycling and proper sized betta tanks♡

I encourage yall to speak up when you see something on amazon or petco or petsmart, because people do listen and people do want what’s best for their pets most of the time♡

**If something ever bothers you, or if you’re not liking where a post is going, or where a post went, please message me and let me know so we can talk about how I can improve the blog for the future♡

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god uhhh this is just being sent to you but basically. any anti-shaladi/n. i want to thank you jdjejs god when i was young i was sexually harassed by someone. about shiros age when i was abt. hunk/lance/keith's age (i was 15) and any shala/din shit makes me feel super gross and anxious and terrible and depending on the content it can. send me into a panic attack lol but im too anxiety to really. take a stand for it so thank you

i really hope you’re doing okay, i’m sorry that happened to you anon!! shaladins need to realize that stuff like this happens irl and like…. it’s not healthy, or hot, or a good relationship. it’s fucking disgusting.