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I do have a lot of reading to do, to keep up with your amazing work. I'm getting there soon, I promise. :D I saw your post earlier of sending in concepts, so... you might, if I do? I am not really someone who's in 'Christmas- fever' before Christmas actually happens, but what if there's a Christmas party at work, that you have to attend for some reason. Harry's there with you and even he knows, it's your working place, during the evening, he starts getting all needy

Awwwww haha you’re so sweet baby. Hope you like it ♡

You stood on your toes trying to reach the tall Christmas tree to hang the red shiny glass ball on it. Being the youngest one at your work, the staff of your office decided to hand you the decoration of Christmas that you absolutely adored. Being a very excited person whenever it came to Christmas was very much known by the staff.

Though it was your office party you decided to bring Harry along, more like he begged you to take him with you. So you dragged him with you after baking a cake for the party.

In which Harry was the instructor as he used to work in a bakery…as a cashier.

“Harry can you please plug it in?” You asked him standing on the tool so that you could reach the top of the tree to put the lovely star on it. Your face lit up when Harry plugged the switch in illuminating the tee. Golden fairy lights made you feel so proud of your work and efforts.

A squeal left your mouth when all of a sudden you were lifted of your feet. You giggled when Harry nuzzled his nose in your neck. His breath on your skin made you shiver as you turned around to face him after he put you down.

“It looks beautiful petal” Harry said throwing an arm over your shoulder pulling you to him. You rested your head on your shoulder, thanks to the heel that made it possible for you to be at face level with him.

“Thanks boo” you smiled and kissed his cheek. Returning the smile Harry kissed your forehead and hugged you. His hands rubbed your back as you nuzzled your nose in his shoulder. He smelled like vanilla and cinnamon and for some reason like Christmas. Sweet and soothing.

Pulling away you glanced at his beautiful self. He was wearing a red sweater with his signature black jeans with white vans. His cheeks were shaved clean and tinted pink. He looked so cuddly and warm.

“You look so gorgeous Harry ” you whispered pecking his chin. Harry chuckled and rested his hands on your waist. He pulled you closer and his lips found the skin of neck to kiss.

“Not more than you doll” Harry mumbled as he showered your neck with kisses. You wore a red dress that stopped perfectly just an inch above your knees and back stockings beneath, though it was warm enough in the office for you not to get cold you stills decided to wear the light stockings. Your hair tied up in a pony tail with some natural make up.

“Umm Harry stop” you said trying to keep yourself steady. Your eyes fluttered close as Harry deepened the kiss on your neck.

“Need you baby” Harry mumbled in between the kisses. His soft hair tickling your neck.

“Harry the guests are coming” you said pushing him back softly when you saw your staff members entering the office. With a groan Harry pulled away and opened your ponytail letting your hair fall over your shoulders so that the hickeys that he just gave you were not visible.

“What the he-” you said with widen eyes when you realised why he did that. An evil grin covered his face as he kissed your nose.

“Sorry love, you just look very tempting and lovely”

“Oh shush” you hushed him pressing your index finger to his lips. Once he stopped trying opening his mouth, you introduced him to your friends. It was your first Christmas with Harry and you were already in love with the pre-Christmas vibes. Though it was an office party, your anticipation grew thinking about the real day and getting to spend it with the love of your life.

You were in your deep thoughts holding a cup of hot chocolate when you felt a pair of lips kissing your cheek from behind. Smiling to self you turned to face your lovely boyfriend.

“Having fun?” He asked as he took a sip from your hot chocolate and licked his lips.

“Yeah. can’t wait for Christmas already” you say softly and wiped some chocolate off his upper lip with him thumb. You never thought that you would ever love someone the way you loved Harry. Though he’s 23, he acted like a 5 year old who always craves attention especially in parties.

“Yeah. You?” You asked him as you caressed his cheek. He looked so beautiful, it made you wonder if anyone in this world was more beautiful than him.

“Yup!! Oh btw” Harry said before attaching his lips to you that you immediately responded to by kissing back. His kissed you with such tenderness and love that warmed you up.

You pulled away after a bit to catch some breath.

“What’s that for?”

“Mistletoe baby. We’re standing under the mistletoe. Plus I don’t need a reason to kiss my baby. ” Harry said before pulling you in for another kiss.

Turning them on in public- BTS

(for anon)


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-big, shocked eyes the whole time.

-has you either stand or sit in front of him so his boner could be hidden.

-tries to act natural and okay in front of everyone but is really bad at it.

-”yah, why are you doing this baby?”

-”you want me to stop?”



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-won’t even accept it.

-”don’t act like that, we’re in public.”

-you start whining to get your way but he won’t budge.

-”but yoongiiii,”

-”shh, we’ll have fun when we get home. act right for now.”


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-very excited but doesn’t want to show it.

-tells you to stop but you know he doesn’t actually want you to.

-”what happens if someone sees?”

-you just shrug. “who cares, i know you like this.”


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-knows exactly what you’re doing from the moment you start.

-”no way. not right here, not right now.”

-you continue to try to turn him on but he only gets more frustrated.

-he continues to hold his ground and ignore your advances.


-”i love you too baby. now behave.”


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-doesn’t know if he’s okay with it or not.

-holds you to him and close in case he develops a boner.

-”what are you doing?” he whispers in your ear.

-”whatever I want.”

-he accepts and enjoys as you turn him on in public, trying his hardest to keep it hidden.


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-smiles and giggles a little once he takes notice of what you’re trying to do.

-is pretty much a giggle blushy cute mess.

-”ahaha baby! don’t do that, we’re around others!”

-you only smile and continue to work your magic, loving how happy he is.


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-doesn’t quite know how to handle you trying to turn him on in public.

-”dooooon’t. my hyungs will notice.”


-he only chuckles awkwardly when you try even harder to turn him on in front of the boys.

-”you’re lucky i adore you!” he whispers.

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hey! i really hope this doesn’t come across as rude, because i’m genuinely curious: how can someone be transmasculine and not male-aligned? it seems like the masculine part of transmasculine implies male alignment. obviously everyone’s gender identity is valid, i just don’t know how that would work. thanks!

Transmasculine is a term used to describe afab trans people who identify with masculinity to a greater extent than with femininity. This doesn’t mean that they identify as a male or male-aligned or boy-proximal, it just means they’re masc-leaning. I identify as transmasculine because I’m trans and my gender expression is masculine- I’m on testosterone, I’ve gotten top surgery, I pack, and I only wear men’s clothing. I am transitioning to a place that people view as being more masculine, and so I identify with masculinity even though I am not male-passing and most people who I interact with assume I’m a girl. I use the term transmasculine because it can be helpful in describing what my transition is, like where I’m coming from and where I’m going to.

Some people define male-aligned as identifying as partially/mostly male or as feeling a connection to malehood or masculine terms & language. I wouldn’t call myself male-aligned under that definition; despite my more masculine appearance, I am genderqueer and non-binary and I feel that my gender is neutral and not particularly masculine or feminine. I don’t understand what it means to “feel like” a boy/man, I don’t act particularly masculine or have interests or hobbies that are stereotyped as masculine, I don’t really feel comfortable around men and I don’t use masculine-coded words to refer to myself because I prefer gender-neutral language. If I had a choice between being in a men’s group or space and a gender neutral group or space I’d always choose the gender neutral one. I also don’t feel like a boy in any way, or that my experiences are at all close to those of a male. So even though I identify with masculinity and would consider myself transmasculine, I don’t consider myself male-aligned, and that’s how someone can be transmasculine but unaligned!

Feel free to ask any clarifying questions about this, or add on if you identify as transmasculine but not male-aligned!

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Any breakup fics where stiles is the one who shatters Derek's heart? I can never really find any most are always Derek breaking Stiles' heart. I would love if it had happy endings like derek finding someone new or Stiles and derek getting back together.

Some of these are more “heartbroken Derek” than breakup fics specifically, but hope you enjoy!  -Emmy

But Not With Derek by DevilDoll 

(73 I General I Complete)

“The problem is—the problem is during that year, Derek falls in love.” Do not read this story if you do not like unhappy endings.

I Had to Do It On My Own by MadnessofVoid 

(5,799 I Teen I Complete)  *band au, singer!stiles, drugs and alcohol addiction, breakup

And really, Stiles swept Derek off his feet after that. The love bug bit him and bit him good. Sure, Stiles had a vice called whiskey, but he wasn’t too bad with the whole drinking thing. And he didn’t do it heavily around Derek because of how uncomfortable it made him. Things were amazing, to be honest.

Then Theo, the new bassist, brought drugs into the mix.

Somebody that I Used to Know by PercyByssheShelley 

(10,379 I Mature I Complete)  *alpha pack

Stiles and Derek have been together for months.

The trouble is, they weren’t yesterday.

Impact by DarkAlpha67 

(13,522 I General I Complete) , FBI!stiles, single dad!derek, architect!derek

Derek ended things with Stiles before he left for college.

As much as it pains him, he tries to continue living his life without Stiles.

Key Word: Tries

And then… Stiles comes back.

(I Hate to Be) The One to Ruin the Night by wishingonalightningbolt 

(14,550 I Explicit I Complete)  *human au, high school au

High school senior Derek Hale only has one goal for the rest of his time left at BHHS: avoid Stiles Stilinski. He’s wreaked enough havoc as it is, having spent all summer breaking Derek’s heart. Everything would be better for both of them if they just never saw each other again.


Derek doesn’t plan on ever getting mixed up with Scott McCall and his little gang of idiot friends.  In fact, if he knew to avoid it, he would, but he guesses he just isn’t smart enough. Unfortunate, considering the consequences.

Vindicated by Firenation 

(39,445 I Mature I Complete)   *hunter!stiles, Supernatural fusion

AU. After Stiles’ dad died in the Hale fire, the Argents took him in, left Beacon Hills and trained him to be a Hunter. They give him weapons and tell him the family business- Hunting- is a lifestyle, not a job. Especially for them. Argents are Hunter royalty, as it turns out, so Genim has a lot to live up to, even though Allison- his sister, of sorts- won’t find out until later on. She’ll lead them, in her time, whereas Stiles will fight for them, a soldier. Stiles always did like Captain America, it has to be said.

Or the one where Stiles is a good Hunter that manages to fall in love with Derek Hale. This… is not his day.

(Once in a) Blue Moon by clarkoholic, skywardsmiles    

(60,051 I Explicit I Complete)  *mpreg, pregnant!stiles, magic!stiles

Stiles and Derek are getting along, but they’re not a family, and they’re sure as hell not mates. Christ, they’re basically just two stupid guys who happened to get pregnant because of a full moon and sheer dumb luck.

I am not in a good state of mind at the moment. I’ve been on the brink of a panic attack all day, I feel so alone and I feel like no one really cares about me. I was driving home and almost broke down because of terrible I’m feeling.

I know people have their own lives and stuff but shit I just feel so isolated from everyone. Does anyone really care about me? I don’t know, I don’t think so. If they did then why do they leave so often?

I’m still hoping for an accident to happen to me. It’s happening more and more each day, I just need a break from everything. I need someone maybe idk. I just want this to be over

omg y’all so during warmups tonight I was trying to take a picture of Nicky’s flow because, let me tell you, that shit is majestic right now. so I finally get a good angle, and right as I snap the pic, A WILD OSHBABE APPEARS

honestly this is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen and my brother had to ask if I was ok. I hope someone enjoys this pic as much as I did k thank u for ur time

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Heyo can I have something where Damian has a crush on the reader, the reader meets Jon and they really hit it off in a platonic way? Damian’s reaction?

(did it as a headcanon, hope it’s ok!)

  • Damian would still be in denial of his crush on you. It would take him a few teases from his brothers and his friend, Jon, for him to be able to finally admit to himself that he actually likes you.
  • The moment Jon discovers that his friend actually likes someone, he would insist on meeting them. He would follow you around places, trying to make sure you’re perfect for his friend.
  • It wouldn’t take long enough for the two of you to hit it off, and within a matter of days, you’ll find yourselves the closest of friends, talking and laughing to each other about all kinds of things.
  • Damian would immediately find out about the newfound friendship between the two of you, and he would instantly be jealous. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone but himself, but he would feel as though his chance of asking you out is threatened.
  • As soon as Jon discovers his friend’s feelings, he would be quick to reassure him that it wouldn’t happen, telling him that the two of you are merely just friends and nothing more. Damian would only be slightly reassured, and though he wouldn’t say it out loud, he’s thankful for his friend’s attempts to comfort him.

TLDR: Damian would immediately be jealous of the newfound relationship between the two of you, and in that moment, he would even be grumpier toward his friend. He would grumble at him more often, though a quick reassurance from his friend would instantly change him back to normal.


So sorry for this bad english but I can’t think straight(😂) rn

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it was the tree lighting in town tonight and i just finished the busiest shift i’ve worked since starting with a line out the door the whole night

and everyone and their mom (really) wanted a hot chocolate !!! why !!

and ppl were taking other people’s hot chocolates left and right !!!

and we ran out of both white chocolate and mocha !!!

and someone lied straight to my face and said they paid for a drink that i know for a fact they didn’t !!! and i don’t appreciate being treated like an idiot 🙆‍♀️

hope ur son enjoys that vanilla blended creme full of deceit and unjust morals 🙅‍♀️

Bear with me, this is the first playlist I’ve ever made in my life, but because @bee-of-jars surprised me with the sweetest thing in the world today err, yesterday I really wanted to make her one too including, yes, some of the songs we’ve swapped already.

I’m terrible at aesthetic things, but I hope the music and the pictures that remind me of her somewhat go together.

Now to go to bed since it’s 4:30am and I really should’ve done this in the morning, aha.

So whenever i would watch movies and see The Badass Female Character fighting in various ways, something about it always bugged me. I just assumed it was internalized misogyny that made me dislike characters like black widow and Tauriel and tried to make myself like them.

Then I was rewatching Mad Max Fury Road the other day and I noticed that nothing bothered me about watching Furiosa fight and I realized the problem wasn’t watching women fight in movies that got on my nerves.

Watching the stereotypical Badass Female Character she always has these effortless moves and a cocky, sexy smirk on her face as everything is easy. Watching Furiosa, she grunted and bared her teeth. Her fighting was hard and it took effort and it hurt like fighting is supposed to. For once her fighting style wasn’t supposed to seduce the audience it was to be effective.

I wasn’t disliking these characters because they were women I was disliking that their fighting was meant to remind me they were women. High heels and shapely outfits and not showing effort or discomfort because it’s more attractive to effortlessly lift a long leather clad leg over your head rather than rugby tackle someone.

It’s the same with the Wonder Woman movie too. Fighting is hard and it takes effort, blocking bombs and bullets with a shield makes her grimace and bare her teeth with the effort it takes. She’s not flip kicking bombs she’s yelling and straining, not because she’s weak or bad at fighting but because that’s what it would be like.

I really hope we’re moving into an era of women having fighting styles designed for realism and not how hot it looks for the men in the audience.


“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡

The signs as science memes













BTS Answers Fans’ Biggest Burning Questions – And RM Reveals Why He Changed His Name From Rap Monster!

It’s all about ARMY!

ET’s Denny Directo sat down with BTS on Wednesday at rehearsals for their upcoming performance at Sunday’s 2017 American Music Awards, where they spilled on love, world tour plans, new music, and answered some of their fans’ most burning questions.

From what’s on their playlist, to pet peeves, to J-Hope’s upcoming mixtape, scroll down to get all the BTS scoop!

1. What’s your favorite song right now?

SUGA: “Havana” [by Camila Cabello]!
RM: Me and J-Hope’s favorite song [is] “Gucci Gang” [by Lil Pump].
JUNGKOOK: “Perfect” [by Ed Sheeran].

2. Have you been to In-N-Out?

RM: We did like, four years ago. The first time in L.A., we just arrived in the airport and then we had to go to In-N-Out right away.

3. You guys are like brothers. Is there a habit someone has that gets on your nerves?

RM: [V] always plays games, but with the microphone. He’s always like, “Ahhhh!” or something like that.
V: “Ah!” or “Yay!” or “Wow!” or “Uh!”
RM: He really does that, and I’m sharing my room with him. Yeah, it’s annoying, so I think we got to move onto a better apartment or something.

4. Where do you see BTS in 10 years?

J-HOPE: Happy birthday, BTS!
RM: Maybe like, Bulletproof Adults or something.
JUNGKOOK: Uncle. Uncle!
V: BTS uncles!
JIN: Yeah!

5. Any plans for solo projects? What about J-Hope’s mixtape?

RM: It’s coming. It’s coming.
JIMIN: J-Hope!
J-HOPE: It’s coming home.
RM: There will be a like, huge surprise for everyone. Like, I know. It’s coming. [Jungkook] just got his studio room. He started to produce some beats, so maybe we can expect some stuff from JK.

6. If you could say anything to your younger selves, when you were just starting the group, what would it be?

RM: Please change your name! Please change your hair. Put away those sunglasses.
JH: J-Hope, you everyday awesome!

7. Why did you change your hair?

J-HOPE: I did it for AMAs! Red color, fire!
V: I’m grey hair color.
RM: He said his color just got some darker, so he did it again.

8. RM, you mentioned your name change. What does RM mean to you?

RM: [Rap Monster] came from a song that I made from like, 2012, there was some phrase like Rap Monster, and I just, I thought it was so cool. But as I grow up, and as I came to America, I think it felt like too much. So I just abbreviated it to RM, and it could symbolize many things. It could have more spectrums to it. I don’t know [what it means], like “Real Me” or something.

© Jennifer Drysdale‍ @ Entertainment Tonight


I’m obsessed with those “Draw your characters wearing–” Drawing Memes, So I finally made one myself full of super complicated Designs no one in their right mind would want to draw 8D

Inspired by this and this!!

#smut #nsfw #oblivious!harry

Prompts: @a-sisi-universe
Author: @queenofthyme

Warning: well, I mean just read the tags above. exactly as it says really.

There were pros and cons to being attracted to your boss. The cons, Draco wasn’t too fussed about. His reputation couldn’t get much worse anyway (he was an ex-death eater after all), and it’s not like he didn’t have the money to get by if he lost his job. The only reason he’d worked so hard to become an auror in the first place was because of Harry Potter.

And therein laid the pro - his boss was Harry Potter.  Gorgeous, delectable, dreamy, oblivious Harry Potter.

Draco certainly wasn’t the only one in the office charmed by Harry. He’d noticed some of the other aurors staring too - during the rare moments when he could pull his eyes away from Harry. And it wasn’t just Harry’s looks. If it were just that, Draco would have gotten over it years ago. No, Harry had to be brave too. And powerful. And a little wild. And above all, kind.

Draco knew it was sappy of him but, Merlin, did he find that kindness sexy. Harry was the type of boss who took responsibility in the media when you messed up in the field. The type of boss who would take over your reporting for you (despite his own ridiculous workload) when he could see you were stressed or affected by a particularly emotional case. He was the type of boss who never treated you as if he were your boss at all.

Of course, Draco wouldn’t have minded if Harry threw his weight around a little. The fantasies Draco had of Harry often involved him doing just that - albeit with a few orders that would be highly inappropriate for the workplace. But no matter how obviously Draco pined, Harry still didn’t seem to notice. He really had no idea of his effect on people.

So when Harry called Draco into his office - the start to many a fantasy - last thing on a Friday before he could leave with the other aurors, Draco knew Harry wouldn’t understand the thoughts that were running through his head. Empty Department. Friday night. Boss’s office. Harry Potter’s thighs.

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“They said go to LA and the Duffer brothers would want to meet you so I went and there was two other boys. There was Finn and there was this other boy. And you know, I had a great connection with the other boy but I really felt something with Finn. I think Finn and I have a fantastic bond that you really can’t find anywhere else. I’m grateful that we have a great relationship because I mean, I don’t want to be kissing someone that I don’t really like. I think Finn and I have a great bond and I’m really thankful for that.”

Red carpet Voltron. I wanted to draw the dresses in my fashion tag, so… I did. (x) (x)

Here’s a bonus since Hunk is tragically hidden behind everyone above:

And another, because drawing six dresses on people with real human proportions was sort of a nightmare, and that means i get to bullshit the seventh one