i really hope she isn't dead

ok but kate’s reaction to if you chose to start a relationship with her is really cute tho??? she’s all like “wAIT REALLY?????” and she’s so flustered and aaaaaaaaaaaa i love her

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she's thinking: is there really not gonna be a Kill Bill Vol. 3? There's so much closure that needs to be had, first of all, Sophie Fatale and a lot of the crazy 88 are alive. They could try to get revenge. Nikkia, Vernita's daughter is now about 15-16(so is Bebe) and she deserves revenge on the bride for killing her mother. Is Bebe trained to be a fighter? Also lastly, Elle Driver was never seen dead. The last we saw, she was blind in a trailer bathroom with a black mamba, but we never saw her die. Ten years ago, Quentin said he would do the sequels ten years later. It's been 10 years and now he says he isn't, but there is so much potential for these storylines and I just really need something canon. I'm pretty sure he's considered making it an anime in the style of O-ren's origin story, and I think that could be amazing. Either way, I have to have hope that this story isn't over

There’s someone I literally hate and I’ve hated her for three years and I have literally no reason to hate her except she is pretentious as fuck and everyone worships the ground she walks on when she’s really just an annoying cunt and I hope she gets hit by a bus and dies (DOESNT survive or else she’ll write really annoying “”“"deep”“”“” poetry about it for the rest of her life goddammit I don’t care that you smoke and drink and sex all the time your life isn’t cool and neither are you) and also fuck her and her newly dyed hair and her fucking terf bangs