i really hope she isn't dead

Post Samurai Jack XCIX

Some fans: *Upset that Jashi happened.*

Other fans: *Whooping for joy because Jashi happened

Me:*Fist bumps Jashi shippers and pats the Antis on the back.* *Watches preview for Episode 9.* Wait. Where’s Ashi?!

ok but kate’s reaction to if you chose to start a relationship with her is really cute tho??? she’s all like “wAIT REALLY?????” and she’s so flustered and aaaaaaaaaaaa i love her

  • Acnologia: Ok so Zeref got a lot of information on his backstory and motivation. When am I gonna get my part? I'm the second most important antagonist.
  • Mashima: Ehhh... I'm not gonna put your backstory in the manga.
  • Acnologia: ...pardon?
  • Mashima: Yeah, I can't really make it work...
  • Acnologia: Can't you just... have me mention it in my final fight or something?
  • Mashima: Noo... you see, I'm gonna put your motivation in this new movie we're making
  • Acnologia: Oh cool. So like it's gonna play a big role in the plot of the movie?
  • Mashima: Well, kinda but not really we're only showing it a post-credits scene
  • Acnologia: What? That's bullshit! Ugh, I hope it's at least a good one..
  • Mashima: Ok so let me give you a run-down: You arrive at what's later going to be called Crocus and you see a litte girl being attacked by dragons. It looks like she died but she isn't really dead. And then you decide to start killing all the dragons.
  • Acnologia: What? I was fighting in a war, I probably saw hundreds of little children get injured or actually die! This doesn't make any sense. Why couldn't I have started killing dragons because of, i don't know, a flawed ideology or the belief that all dragons have the potential to be evil. Or just plain revenge for my probably dead parents?
  • Mashima: Nah, little girl it is. Btw the movie is just a cheap rehash of that other movie except there's more ship pandering in it.
  • Acnologia: ......Suddenly that time-lapse doesn't seem like such a bad place after all...
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she's thinking: is there really not gonna be a Kill Bill Vol. 3? There's so much closure that needs to be had, first of all, Sophie Fatale and a lot of the crazy 88 are alive. They could try to get revenge. Nikkia, Vernita's daughter is now about 15-16(so is Bebe) and she deserves revenge on the bride for killing her mother. Is Bebe trained to be a fighter? Also lastly, Elle Driver was never seen dead. The last we saw, she was blind in a trailer bathroom with a black mamba, but we never saw her die. Ten years ago, Quentin said he would do the sequels ten years later. It's been 10 years and now he says he isn't, but there is so much potential for these storylines and I just really need something canon. I'm pretty sure he's considered making it an anime in the style of O-ren's origin story, and I think that could be amazing. Either way, I have to have hope that this story isn't over

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i'm not sure if Eileen is really dead or not. I hope you're right. But if she isn't, there's a pretty good reason why Ketch might have purposefully faked her death like this: fast results. He started directly competing with Toni the moment she was back in the picture, and even before that he was competing with Mick. He just wanted a quick success to show off.

Yeah maybe, but I think it’s more likely that Crowley is orchestrating it if this is a misdirection. Given that as @postmodernmulticoloredcloak pointed out he is suspiciously absent and doing some strange things that suddenly came to light in 12x21 coupled with the fact that Ketch has been consistently shown to underestimate people in the last few episodes…

I don’t think this is a set up for Ketch to turn out to be a mastermind.

Either way, I don’t know that Eileen is alive, I wouldn’t be surprised if she really is dead, I just think it is interesting that there are a lot of consistent parts in the subtext immediately leading up to this episode that add up to… something.

All in all, I’ve got my odds on this guy being key on Thursday anyway…

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Yeah I loved how the earlier seasons revolved around Ali's disappearance. The flashbacks etc were amazing. And it created so much mystery. But when she came back it didn't feel right. The liars had changed and I don't think her character fits with them anymore. So I'm really hoping A.D. isn't another reveal which is Ali based.

Yeah you’ve explained that really well. Ali still, 2.5 seasons after her return from the dead, doesn’t fit in. I STILL see her as the outsider to the group. When I think of PLL at its roots, I think of the 4 girls lying on the dirt with Aria doing the shhhh. I just still don’t picture Ali as a natural fit to the group. And a part of this is because of how TERRIBLY they handled her return. In flashbacks she was the devil in disguise and then she comes back, instantaneously a saint? What happened? Why the change? I dunno. I just really liked the episode because Ali wasn’t in it. It felt great. I kind of feel bad saying this given my love for Sasha but this has nothing to do with her and her amazing acting abilities - it’s just about the character she plays.

And actually, I hope she IS AD! Not only will Sasha slay it but it’ll make up for the boringness of her character (amongst other things like how much it’ll make sense, the evident clues, etc)