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"don’t think she fully understands the important place that fanfics hold in fandoms and especially LGBTQ" IA w whole post but this, Lauren actually rb'ed on feb 2015 ~talk about gay fanfics as a good thing coz there is no positive representation as u said and we should go write our stories themselves ssweet-dispositionn(.)tumblr(.)com/post/111979624991/my-mom-giving-me-realistic-life-goals She didn't mean RLS, but i feel hurt/disappointed coz Camren was obvsly real, hope C is ok w L's behavior

If she really understood she wouldn’t have chosen those words - but maybe she was being really impulsive like she can often be and didn’t think things through - I think Lauren has a really hard time handling being a public figure, and I think it’s gotten even harder because of the mgmt’s demands. 

So what do you get when you start listening to undertale orchestrated music-

Ahhh I really like @classycloudcuckoolanderclasso‘s undertale x south park au and couldn’t resist! Also I’m lazy with coloring and Undertale art is comforting ;w; But like idk, what if Tweek’s arrows are like Undyne’s spears but they’re all the opposite directions- you know those yellow spears she has-

I had to redraw Craig and- I’m never gonna be happy with him- what is a Craig Tucker-

At least your clothes are on (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Request: I know you might be very busy with lots and lots of request but I hope you can do one with 2,4,5, 23 .. Please ! Where the girl is Tony’s daughter but shes slightly older than Peter please :) that would awesome thanks in advance

Drabble 2: Don’t you trust me?

Drabble 4: Pretty good kisser

Drabble 5: We have to be quiet

Drabble 23: Stop hurting me

List of drabbles: http://imaginingspiderman.tumblr.com/drabbles

A/N: I really like how this one turned out! Hope you do as well! :) x

‘Oh, come on, Peter, don’t you trust me?’ you whisper, as you pull him through the facilities at the tower. You are holding his hand, pulling him into the rooms he has never been into, mostly because they are the old labs and nobody ever uses them.
‘It’s not that, but I want to be on your dad’s good side. I don’t want him to be mad at me’ he whispers, looking around.
‘Don’t worry. We just have to be quiet’ you say as you push him into the darkest room you can find. He is super tense, so you just pinch his arm, trying to make him laugh. You do it repeatedly, and he just ends up smacking your hand and looking harshly at you.
‘Stop hurting me, [Y/N]!’ he whispers, trying not to smile.
‘Oh, little Pete is scared mister Stark will find us, isn’t he?’ you say, laughing. He laughs and pushes you against a table. ‘How did you know the table was here? There is like, no light’ you say, suddenly nervous, feeling his body pressed against your own.
‘Spider senses’ he simply says. Even if you can’t see anything, you can feel his eyes looking at your lips. You know he likes you -one day, when you went to pick him up at school with one of your father’s expensive cars, everyone kept looking at you, and one of Peter’s friends just shouted, ‘hey, isn’t that the girl you like?’, and Peter just turning red and not saying anything was enough answer. You have not done anything, even if you like him back, because you know your father won’t like the fact that you are dating the Spiderboy, but you can’t think about that now. You can only think about how close you are, so close, you can feel his breath on your lips, and when you feel his lips on yours, everything around you fades away. His lips are chapped, but that doesn’t stop the kiss from being amazing. He puts his hands on your waist, pulling you closer and making you moan.
‘So eager, uh?’ he asks, and you can feel the smirk on his lips, still so close to yours.
‘Well, you are a pretty good kisser’ you say as you pull him closer, kissing him again. The lights suddenly turn on, and you two pull apart.
‘Well, at least your clothes are on’ your father says, rolling his eyes. ‘Next time you want to hide to make out, remember to close the doors behind you. You were practically showing me the way. I assume you will be staying for dinner, Spiderling, but, well, it looks like you both won’t be hungry, after eating each other’s faces. Who knows’ he says, before leaving and closing the door behind him. You put your head on Peter’s shoulder and blush, embarrassed that your father has just ruined the moment.
‘Do you like pasta?’ you ask, and you two can’t help but burst out laughing.

Red Velvet’s Tumblrs

Irene: aesthetic, pastel colours (mainly purple), cute cats or dogs, cute clothes. She may post ootd’s or selfies if she’s really feeling herself. Has cute anons that compliment her and she loves them so much.

Wendy: PUPPIES and cute animals in general. She would also reblog political stuff, like gifsets of feminist quotes or anti-Trump stuff. Posts covers of songs once in a while that get like 3 notes at first until two years later they blow up somehow and get thousands of notes and drown her dash in notifications.

Seulgi: Bright and motivational stuff. Her theme is yellow/orange and she reblogs pretty flowers or cute gifsets of people helping the homeless or sticking up for gay rights. Built up a following slowly but when she hits her peak, she’s really liked. That’s bc she doesn’t involve herself in drama. Her blog is a happy, reassuring place and random anons message her about their troubles since she gives nice, understanding replies ~

Joy: Shitposts and memes and funny gifs. Somewhere in all this mess would be stuff about her favourite bands. Tries to make friends but ppl never reply to her. Finds pics of her fav member, screenshots a close up then posts it on tumblr, ranting about how SHE WANTS TO PUNCH THEIR BEAUTIFUL FACES HOW DARE THEY -

Her tags are a mess btw.

Yeri: Posts like mad for a week straight then disappears for six months. Pretty illusive. Doesn’t interact with others much. Mainly just reblogs pretty pictures of bands she likes or perfect makeup looks: #must try this #nvm I can’t do winged liner :/

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I need your help, tumblr. My friend wrote an as-yet-incomplete masterpiece in the deeply important “Finn starts a revolution” Star Wars sub-fandom (there are not enough stories for that yet, there can NEVER BE ENOUGH), and she may write more of it - but she’s also a full time law student who has trouble saying no to extracurriculars because she’s all about saving the world ten anti-oppressive movements at a time.

So she’s really busy always.

(Seriously, I strongly suspect her of somehow acquiring a Time Turner, but if that were true I would think she’d be better rested, you know? Just go back a few hours and sleep on the couch while your past self is sleeping in the bed. Or share the bed? Making out with yourself: optional but not really conducive to rest, probably.)

If she had a tumblr I would tell you to go send her a million asks and prompts and bribes and so on, but she does not. However, I’ll pass along whatever you want to tell her. Including bitter desperation to know what happens next and promises of your firstborn. I will be the messenger. This is a duty and a privilege I hold sacred. This story has to be told.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning (shared with permission):

Word spread.

FN-2187 lives.

At first they were cautious. Few who had been stationed on Starkiller Base had survived its destruction; even fewer of those were willing to speak of what they had seen, or not seen, or surmised. Those who had been on Jakku seemed equally close-mouthed. And yet, some of them must have spoken, at some time; for who else would the ones who later said I heard…, have heard it from?

FN-2187 lives.

Over time, the ones who heard watched out for others: for the sharpshooters from training who missed every shot in battle, for the mechanics who covered for a sick deckhand during a captain’s inspection, for the fighters who made effort to remember the designations of the fallen. These ones they would seek out later, in alcoves or on catwalks, in loading bays and airlocks, and pass on the whisper: I heard…. And so word spread, quietly, from stormtrooper to stormtrooper, from pilot to mechanic, from one hooded or helmeted face to another.

FN-2187 lives.

The story changed, never the same from one telling to the next. I heard he was the best gunner in his squad. I heard he escaped a whole wing of TIE fighters. The whispers grew and spread, less plausible each time, until hearsay became legend became something like religion. I heard he freed a dozen Resistance prisoners that General Hux had in interrogation. I heard he disabled an entire Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, and all he had was his blaster and a grappling hook. They spread until the tales themselves became so farfetched that everyone knew they weren’t offered for the truth, but for the telling. I heard he didn’t just disable it – he blew it into space dust. I heard he fought a lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren, and lived.

Always, it came back to that: FN-2187 lived.

FN-2187 lives.

He picked up other names along the way: the Deserter, the Resistor, the Survivor, titles chanted silently as mantras by stormtroopers going into battle, or murmured as talismans against an officer’s cruelty or Ren’s fits of temper. Half a dozen epithets, none traceable to any one source, so of course no one knew who started calling him the First – but that was the title that soon spread furthest, took deepest root. Part of it was the way the name drew from and yet defied the First Order. But mostly it was something else: if FN-2187 was the First, it promised there would be more.

*          *          *

There’s more where that came from.

I am not above doling this out incrementally as motivation. I will post the next snippet as soon as someone asks/bribes/threatens/pleads/bargains, needing to know the rest of the story.

You understand your mission now.

Spread the word, everyone

Since I joined the Star vs. the Forces of Evil fanbase on tumblr, @aweirdlatina has become one of my favourite Starco artists. Her drawings are really nice and I love the designs of her SVTFOE nex-gen cast. Hope you keep up the good work, @aweirdlatina!

This image is suposed to represent how @aweirdlatina has draw Star and Marco as 18 years old. This was a bit of a tuff drawing since I belive she has draw Star and Marco like this only about 2 or 3 times and as such I bit proud of what I turned out. I hope you like it.

Star and Marco belong to Disney

Designs belong to @aweirdlatina


It hurts my heart to know he had someone so precious taken away from him. She was probably always so proud of him and all that he achieved. Knowing who she raised, I’d say she was a really wonderful person. Its really too bad all this happened a few days before his birthday and I know that he is a very bright kid and always has a smile on his face so thinking that he may be in pain right now really is the worst  . But, I hope that among the mourning for his loss, that there could also be a celebration for the life she lived and for who she was.
Rest In Peace Mrs. Pyo. ❤

Sitting here just scrolling through tumblr, and it pops into my head with this four episode crossover coming, Alex is going to meet Sara Lance!!! She is going to meet this badass mofo who if I read right is going to openly just flirt with her sister/supergirl. I really hope they allow Alex and Sara to interact. Where Alex can ask questions, maybe get some flirting in herself ha. Or even just watch Sara. Alex will be able to have this moment with someone other than a girl she has fallen hard for. What do you think? Just a tumblr thought 😆

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Shhh, you can’t tell her ALL our secrets

It Isn’t Okay to Dox Someone and to Threaten Their Job Over a Fandom

I just read that Julia has been doxxed and her job has been threatened. She also said that Lauren and Jess have also been threatened. I don’t know what is going on but having been doxxed four times now and threatened twice I know how horrible that is. No one on either side of this stupid fan feud should be doxxed or have their livelihood threatened. 

The NSTs that I know well on tumblr would never do that. I really hope that no NST on twitter or IG or any NST follower would do that. If you have done that and I find out I will report you. That isn’t okay behavior. 

This whole thing has gotten out of hand. Yes, those of us on both sides of the fan feud have at times been hurtful to each other, and ES have been hurtful as well to Sam’s and Cait’s SOs and others who have gotten in the way of the ship. But the kind of hurt that most of the folks on both sides have generally inflicted on each other does not entitle anyone to dox someone else and threaten their livelihood. (There have been some death threats on people who got in the way of the ship. The people who sent death threats to others should be investigated by the police–not doxed by fans.)

So whoever is doing this please stop. If you think you are some kind of hero for doing this, you aren’t. 

NO ONE in this fandom deserves to be that afraid. Please stop.


Hey there guys!

This is a comic I did for a class in which I wanted to talk about puppy mills. This is a topic that really touches my heart and pains me to see, since nowadays I know my dog came from one of these. I just hope people don’t make the same mistake I did. She is still the most loved dog ever, nothing will change that, but it hurts me I helped this industry.

Get informed today guys! There’s lots of information online on how you can help fight this. You want a dog? Go to local shelter, go to a nice breeder, know your dog first!

Dogs deserve better!

Mipha reels in a new job!

Mipha fits right in at her new position at Cuccoo-fil-a! I’m sure she’ll make manager in no time!

I really really really hope someone has not gotten to this already. Shortly after I past this part in the game I thought of this and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since.

For those that may not have one in the area, or your local spot is not as plagued: It seems Chick-fil-A fast food restaurants have a tendency to be… over polite. Like to a fault. It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that you can hear a variation of the phrase “My pleasure!” after every sentence you utter. 

And considering I suck at Breath of the Wild I hear this about once every 23 minutes and 55 seconds.

This game is awesome, by the way. Just in case no one has mentioned it yet. ;)

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Why would she come out slowly with pm?she could have done that on the Red carpet of the globes or at the bfi award... all we got were those stiff poses,do u realize that she has not once mentioned him by name or whatever?!and don' t forget that he is only rumored to be dating her through tumblr!the real world out there does not even links them together!get ur 'hopes' up... she is with schmoopie who is smuggling yoda when he is not meditating,buying flowers or bringen her to HAPPY tears!

I must say that I really love all the positiveness in my inbox right now, and you’all better be right! :D

Inktober day 7! The Queen Bee! 🐝 I wanted to add yellow but I really like the black and white feel.

I’ve wanted to draw Chloe but wanted to wait until it was confirmed. Lots of spoilers! 😌 I really like the outfit with the angled lines.

Excited for some character development because something has to change with her attitude


Fairy Tail Chapter 485 Reaction

This is my 100th chapter reaction! To celebrate I made a speedpaint video how I coloredthis. I wanted to make a proper tutorial but time didn’t permit. I hope you learn something.


  • My sister and I fought over whether or not happy grew or if Natsu, and everyone grew smaller. Then we saw all the SNK references on tumblr.
    • Did anyone notice that Mest did not give a fuck when Happy grew big?
  • Cana hurt Mavis so much that instead of killing Mavis, Cana is going to make Mavis wish she was dead.
  • I felt like what Sting said about five days (depending on translation) seem really forced. Has the war been going on for five days? It’s so hard to determine when a day pass so I felt like this was a stretch.
  • I like how Gajeel is showed with his white phantom lord outfit in the same arc where he revealed he regretted his phantom lord days.

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40's and up for the questions c:

Mun/Muse Meme [x] | @jurakyuru

“S-so many!!”

“Yoshi!  Let’s do this!”

40. Dream location?

“She’s lived in Japan before and she really enjoyed it there, but it would be too difficult for her to move back.  Somewhere chill and laid back is preferable to her now.”

41. Hopes and dreams?

“Answered here!”

42. Career choice?

“She has two degrees in Psychology, but she works as a Financial Administrator.  I don’t understand why she doesn’t like it.  It would be wonderful to work with money full-time.”

43. Role model?

“Answered here!”

44. Tumblr senpai?

“Ne〜, do you know Sanji-kun?  His mun invited her to the RP community.  She never role played before that.  So he would probably be considered her senpai… although she’s older than him.”

45. Spirit animal?

“Probably a hedgehog.  They’re both cute but prickly!”

46. Cats or dogs? / 47. Pets?

“I like cats…  But this isn’t about me, right?”

“She thinks both dogs and cats are cute, but she doesn’t have any pets at the moment.”  

48. Ideal significant other?

“Sanji-kun!  I mean, um…  Tom Hiddleston!!  Or…” *looks at note passed to her*  “’Someone intelligent, respectful, kind, and with a good sense of humor.’  What is this shit?!”

49. Best traits?

“Some people see it as a weakness, but she’s really sensitive.  Even if she says she doesn’t care, she usually does, and she just wants to see people happy…  I think she should charge them for this.”

50. Do they prefer inner or outer beauty?

“Now this question is a bit tricky, because she believes that if you are comfortable in your own skin and believe in your own inner beauty, that will reflect outside.  People who only show outer beauty can appear kind of hollow?  I wonder if Pudding would fall under that category.” *laughs*

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I'm looking for new blogs to follow and I saw you followed these three blogs: @feex123, @rainbowrowell, and @thenerdherd1294. I just wanted to know the perspective of each from a followers point of view. Thanks!

Okay!~ ☆

@feex123 is my wonderful best friend. She posts all sorts of stuff, ranging from fandom posts to just really cool things she’s seen on Tumblr. She always has good quality posts, and posts a lot at one time.

That’s the same thing with the @thenerdherd1294! Though we don’t know each other away from the screen like Fee and I do, we’re still good friends.

And @rainbowrowell is the Tumblr of the author of Eleanor and Park, Fangirl and other amazing books! I would suggest checking out her novels before following her.

I hope that helps, and please feel free to ask me similar questions to this one! ☆


HYE GUYS :D , here you have the lovely and super cutie that is @lexivine !

she is amaing artist that (WARNING: she has some nsfw) i really like and it the first of my tumblrcuties !!! which i will be posting as a way to help grow all kinds of female artist that i like and respect (and ofc that i think tat are cuties ;3)

and LEXIVINE its the first ! i hope she likes it and you guys too , show her some loveto this lovely girl !


Sorry for the short hiatus. School has been keeping me busy. I have also been working on my comic. I really hope I can release the first 10 or so pages on October 31.

I drew my Oc, Andy, the lovely protagonist of said-comic, in four different points of her life. The first one is at age 5, the next two in her late high school years, and the last one when she is in her early 20s.

I actually drew this in July, but I really wanted to post some art. So, here it is.