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Can you write the RFA and minor trio reacting to MC's little brother (around 12) who is very attached to his older sister and does not like the RFA? (All men/women are wolves MC!) How would they win him over?

I’m so sorry this took so long, anon!! I hope you read it even though it’s been awhile since you asked;; It’s been in my drafts forever and I haven’t ever been able to write the minor trio for this request, and i’m so sorry for that!!! I might make a separate post for them later? I hope you like this.. -Green


-you brought up one day that you weren’t going to be really available because you were going to babysit your brother for the day

-he didn’t know you had a brother!

-he asks if he can join you, and of course you say yes.

-you two drive to your parents house and Yoosung briefly talks to them before they leave, and you two are alone.

-then suddenly you shout from the TOP OF YOUR L U NGS,


-yoosung is.

-he doesn’t even know.

-but suddenly your little brother is dashing downstairs and you guys are wrestling so???

-what does he do help him

-once you guys had your little. reunion? ??? yoosung still doesn’t know what happened but is too afraid to ask

-you tell both him and your little brother what you have in store for today so you all don’t get bored. You’ve planned a movie, arcade, and fast food for the night and Yoosung thinks it’s great!

-but he can’t help but notice your brother hasn’t said a word to him?? and won’t even look at him??

-o h  g  o d

-then he sees overall that your brother. does NOT appreciate him here

-Movie: he tried to run ahead with you in the dark theater so Yoosung couldn’t find you and had to sit alone

-I mean, it didn’t work, but what the F U Ck,

-Arcade? Your brother will not let him play any games with you and constantly hogs your attention and literally tries to get you to ditch him and go back home

-you don’t even NOTIC E?


-kind of takes it personally and is super done with this fucker by the end of the night

-when you go and tuck him in bed Yoosung just can’t wait to go home and cuddle with you, get back all the attention he lost today

-but then you come down stairs and you bring him to your old room and he’s like. what.

-”oh, did I not mention? we’re staying for another two days.”


-”I’m sorry I forgot to tell you! You can head back home if you want?”


-he’s not about to LOSE so easily.

-talking about losing, he hasn’t played LOLOL all day….

-he feels bad about asking to play but you’re chill with it so. you know.

-he plays literally all night

-and into the morning

-suddenly your coming out of the room to make breakfast ?/

-he sees your brother come down and he’s about to shut down the game before your brother D A S H ES FOR HIM

-Yoosung is ready to scream .

-before your bro stops and starts babbling nonsense about LOLOL and how



-oh y e s.

-yoosung is literally praying the Gods above as he shows your brother all his cool stuff

-after that, breakfast is super nice and now your brother won’t stop talking to Yoosung

-he thinks it’s amazing and is so happy he got your brother to like him even if he really didn’t even try


-It’s at a family reunion you practically beg Saeyoung to go to that he meets your brother

-right away Saeyoung is like


-he knows.

-he k n o w s


-all night. literally all night he is trying to trick Saeyoung and play pranks

-and he happily indulges in all of them, KNOWING that yes, a bug is in his drink

-but does he care? NO


-he knows your brother hates him and Saeyoung finds it hilarious

-and then randomly your brother takes his hand and looks him right in the eye and is like

-”you better not hurt her all right? you’re pretty stupid, but you shouldn’t be stupid enough to hurt MC!!!”

-fucker doesn’t even acknowledge him

-instead he brings out a DS and is like

-”i bet I can beat your ass in super smash bros”


-he was about to start crying from stress you have no idea


-family is important!!!! that saying is literally EMBEDDED into your brain

-so better believe your ENTIRE family is invited to the wedding

-which includes your brother

-and you have never been so nervous in your entire life

-Jaehee notices it at the wedding and thinks your having cold feet but then you just take her hands

-”you don’t understand. my brother. will r u in the wedding. he’s a little BRAT??? Jaehee please god help me

-at first she’s confused because like MC what

-but when she looks outside and sees your brother practically boiling in his seat she understands

-so instead of Jumin’s father walking you down the isle you have Jaehee

-you discussed it with Jumin’s father but not with your husband so when he sees this he is HIGH KEY STRESSED

-W H A T

-how D A RE,, his FATHEr???

-he makes a mental note to scREECH later

-now is not the time, Jumin

-you’re shaking like a leaf and holding onto Jaehee for dear life

-you almost want to make her stay with you as you exchange vows

-you almost do, she has to rip you off of her arm

-Jumin now sees how worried you are and the whole time he’s whispering to you not to worry and how happy he’ll make you


-finally the rings come out and you’re more relaxed now because your brother hasn’t been a BITCH so far

-but then you see him start to stand

-before Jumin can put the ring on you your brother yells


-are you serious



-you’re literally groaning and throwing your head back in agony, about to fall to your knees as your brother makes his speech that you are completely sure he was thinking of all day

-you can see Zen nodding his head and silently agreeing with your brother and you’re going to have to talk to him later oh my GOD

-once your bro is done you’re so humiliated like. p l ea se just put the ring on me and go

-but surprisingly Jumin is totally calm

-and gives the snarkiest and best reply ever to your brother and now you’re blushing because aww babe

-your brother never said anything bad about your marriage after that

-little brat you love him tho


-this one is a little more ,, tame

-your parents were actually coming to see the coffee shop you had made with Jaehee, and happened to bring your brother along.

-he was pretty chill the entire time, but Jaehee noticed his little glares and snarky comments

-she didn’t really pay it any mind, because 12 year olds will be 12 year olds.

-but after awhile… it was really starting to get on her nerves how rude he was to her.

-she had asked you what your brother would like to eat or drink, and you gladly told her what his favorite snack and drink was

-it was so sweet of her to get something!!

-bitch u thought

-she did make the food, but didn’t offer it to him.

-she just sat it on the counter and waited for him to come to her.

-she had to wait practically an hour

-but eventually YES he did come up thank god

-”do you want a snack? your sister told me what you like.”

-she could see him trying to make a fuss. she could SEE it.. but he didn’t

-he tried to just grab it and leave

-nnooononono not in my house

-she literally grips his hand so tight that he lets out a little squeal

-”do you have a problem with me, little man?”

-he’s shaking his head so hard oh god please Jaehee don’t kill him

-she let’s him off with the food because Jaehee figures she’s scared him enough to leave her alone

-just kidding now he won’t leave her alone

-wants to know how she got so badass and cool

-she guesses… this is better than before

-not really the outcome she was looking for?? but okay??

-recommends her judo studio to him and the next time they come over to the shop he shows her his new moves

-now they’re judo buddies


-so you invite the family over for one of Zen’s performances! yaaayyy,,,


-your brother is just flat out complaining the whole time

-he reaaalllyyy does not want to see your boyfriend

-he also reaaaalllly does not want you to see your boyfriend

-you just grab his ear and tell him to shut up so he does

-you all go over to the performance and head backstage; you want to wish him luck!

-when Zen sees you all he politely introduces himself and gives your parents handshakes

-and when he sees your brother Zen kind of like… just knows

-silent agreement. All men are wolves. Instant respect

-which kind of throws your brother off with how cool Zen is him

-you all leave for your seats and your bro is still like. wut..,

-the play is amazing!! you weren’t expecting anything else!!

-you greet him after the show and he’s flooded with compliments from your parents which of course Zen totally gobbles up into his rat tail

-the more his ego grows the longer that fucking thing gets. 100% canon

-and then Zen straight up goes for a handshake with your brother with some kind of gay admiration in his eyes so your brother takes it feeling so conflicted because his performance was really great and he was actually pretty cute?

-oh god i think Zen made your brother gay

The Waiter - six.
  • Chanyeol x Reader x Sehun
  • Angst - Mafia!AU
  • Word count: 1779
  • Warnings: Violence & Language

Description: After Chanyeol was severely hurt, you do all you can to save him, but is it enough?

A/N: OH MAN THIS IS LIKE THE THIRD ONE UPLOADED TODAY. You guys are officially spoiled and I’m officially pooped out. This is probably my favorite series, something about Mafia!AU that always gets me.

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. // six. // seven. // eight. (soon)

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Auston Matthews I don’t need a man Pt 2

Thanks to austonmatty34 for requesting a part two! This has been a great distraction from doing my actual school work for a little while

Part 1 can be found here

Word count: 1,599

“Hey (Y/N) it’s Auston, are you free tonight?”

You stared down at the message on your phone, you couldn’t believe, after all your hours crying over your ex-boyfriend. You thought you should swear off guys for a while, they had been more trouble than they’re worth lately, but this Auston guy seemed like he maybe wasn’t too bad. But maybe you were thinking more about how good he looked and not who is actually is.

You were sitting in your room with your best friend staring down at your phone deciding what to say back.

“If you don’t go out with him tonight I’m never speaking to you ever again.” she said, probably noticing the confliction on your face.

“But do I really need more guy drama in my life?”

She stared at you like you were stupid, “Um, yes” she replied, “You need ALL of the Auston FREAKIN Matthews drama in your life. It’s one date! Just think of it as a free meal with a cute guy who cares.”

You rolled your eyes and looked back down at your phone.

“Yeah I’m not doing anything tonight”

You looked at the text on your screen one last time and hit send. You let out a deep breathe and laid back down on the bed.

“It’s just one dinner it’ll be fine, just one date” you muttered under your breath.

“You said yes!?” your best friend squealed. She jumped up on your bed and started bouncing shaking you where you were laying.

“Yes yes I said yes!” you said rolling your eyes and sitting back up.

Just then your phone buzzed with a new message, you felt your heartbeat quicken.

“7oclock tonight? Nothing too fancy ;)”

You looked over at your friend and she was beaming at you. “So what should I wear, you have to help me pick it out!”


It was 6:45, you were wearing a brand new outfit, sitting nervously in your room trying to think of ways to kill time before Austin showed up. You had chatted back and forth a few time throughout the day and he seemed like a pretty cool guy. You gave him your address not too long ago and you hadn’t really been able to think or really breathe properly since. You weren’t usually so nervous on first dates but you really hadn’t been on one in a while. 7 o’clock finally came and almost right on the dot, there was a knock on your door. You took a deep breath and stood up, checked your hair again in the mirror, and walked over to the door.

You opened the door to find that same tall, fit, brown haired brown eyed boy you had spent the whole day thinking about.

“Hey” he said smiling, “Nice shirt”

You looked down and noticed it was the same shirt that had started your first (almost) conversation.

“Oh thank you!” you said blushing.

“Ready to go?”

He lead the two of you down your steps and out to his car.


The car ride was filled with pleasant conversation, laughing, and all around a great start to a first date. Auston pulled into the parking lot of a burger place you had never been to before. He got out of the car and rushed around to grab your door, a perfect gentleman. He placed his hand on the small of your back and guided you towards the restaurant. Usually you might have been a little annoyed at someone you didn’t really know touching you, but there was something about this Auston Matthews that made you happy to be touched by him. Once inside, you were lead to a table and sat down, you both ordered drinks and looked at the menu.

“It would make the most sense to order one pizza to share right?” you asked.

“I was just thinking the same thing” Auston replied smiling.

You argued over pizza toppings for a few minutes but decided before the waiter came back so Auston ordered.

“So if you’re not a Leafs fan and you like hockey who’s your favorite team?” he asked.

You couldn’t help but blush a little, embarrassed at the memory of not recognizing one the league’s top rookies of the season. “ Well um I like a couple of different teams and there’s a couple of players I like to watch.”

He nodded taking a sip of his drink. “Not the four goal in his first game rookie though?”

It seemed like he was trying to be serious but you could tell he was holding back a laugh. Your face was reddening but it was as much out of embarrassment but more so from trying to hold in your own laughter.

“Guess it really didn’t make much of an impression on me.” you said playfully, “but that song you have is something else.” It was Auston’s turn to turn red.

“Oh god I was hoping I had found the one hockey fan in the world who has not seen that video.”

The waiter brought out your pizza and your conversation died down a little while the two of you ate. But the conversation picked back up as you finished up eating. You couldn’t believe how well the date was going. He was funny and cute and your conversation was never boring. When the bill came he grabbed it up before you could even pretend to try and go for it. After the bill was paid the two of you headed out, again with Auston guiding you out the door with his hand on your back.

You weren’t ready for the night to end yet and it seemed Auston felt the same because once you were in the car he suggested to do something else.

“Ice cream maybe?” he asked. You nodded in agreement and he headed down the road. It was a quick drive, he parked in a municipal lot and the two of you walked to the nearby ice cream parlor.

“This is my favorite place.” Auston said as you walked in. “They have the best homemade ice cream, it’s one of my favorite cheat foods”

“I can’t wait to try it” you said, you looked down at the glass checking out the flavor varieties. Auston ordered his cone but it took you a little longer to decide. Auston poked your side urging you to hurry up and make a choice. You finally picked a flavor.

“Thank GOD” Auston teased.

You rolled your eyes licking the ice cream on your cone. “Do you want to stay here, or we could go for a walk it’s pretty nice out” you asked.

“That is a great idea!” he paid for the ice cream and the two of you headed for the door.

The ice cream shop was in the middle of a cute little town, most of the shops were closed but many of the lights were still on and it was a warm summer night. The two of you walked down the street, eating your ice cream and keeping up with the easy conversations you had been having all night. Throughout your walk your hands kept brushing together but you didn’t know if holding hands was something he was going to want to do yet. It seemed like he was reading your mind yet again, because he grabbed your hand and smiled at you. You couldn’t help but smile as you finished off your ice cream cone.

You and Auston walked around a little more, holding hands and getting to know each other. But it started to get late and you had work the next morning, but, you couldn’t really be bothered because you were having such a great time. But Auston had an early day too so you headed back to his car, but walking a little slower than you had been earlier. On the car ride back Auston grabbed your hand again, and when you had to let go to text back your friend, he rested it on your thigh. The heat from his hand through your pants gave you a kind of tingling sensation you had not felt in a while. You could feel your pulse quicken but you kept a cool exterior. This ride was a bit quieter than the others had been, but it was a comfortable silence, something you did not experience with very many people.

He pulled up to your apartment building and parked his car. He got out first and opened your door.

“Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?” He asked with a bit of a smirk.

“Um yeah that would be great”

He closed the car door behind you and put his arm around your shoulders. It was a short walk to your building so Auston walked you into your building all the way to your door. You got out your keys and turned and unlocked your door. But before you opened it you turned back to Auston.

“I had a really great time.” You said.

“Yeah me too, we should do it again sometime.” You couldn’t help but notice Auston kept looking down at your lips. Taking the hint, you stepped forward and kissed him. It was a soft kiss at first, the kind that usually happens after a nice first date, but Auston deepened the kiss. Grabbing your waist and pulling you close to him. The kiss was electric and made you feel things you didn’t think you’d feel for a long time. You finally pulled away, a little breathless.

“Yeah we should definitely do this again”  


Pairing: Matt Cohen x Reader


Warnings: none

A/N: Whoooo! First Matt Cohen x Reader request EVER, I feel awesome! The R2M questions you guys asked but were not included in the fic will be answered soon! ALSO, those fanfic writers I referenced (From Con to Con is by @nerdyforyourbooks, Aria being one of the most PHENOMENAL smut writer EVER, you can find her on ao3) are AMAZING so do me a favour and go check out their stuff!

(the guy who deserves more fanfiction written about him)

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samwell high school hockey

ie. the one where lardo (the art teacher) convinces jack (the history teacher) to help her and bittle (the home ec teacher) coach the junior girls hockey team at the school they all teach at, and then watches the two of them fall in love, while she deals with her feelings for shitty (the law teacher, who coaches the senior girls hockey team)

(on ao3 here)

Part of the reason why the staff at Samwell High School got along so well, was because everybody knew when to keep their mouth shut.

Nobody asked Ransom and Holster if they were dating yet, and nobody asked Shitty about his family, and nobody said anything when Dex got particularly touchy near the end of the month, when rent was due and they hadn’t been paid in a while, and nobody asked Jack Zimmermann about hockey either.

It was an unspoken rule, and it was one that Larissa Duan had spent her first few years as an art teacher aggressively enforcing, so she was more than a little bit surprised to find that, after all of that, she was the one who was breaking it.

Still, desperate times called for desperate measures, so she squared her shoulders, waited for a group of freshmen to pass her in the hall, and then she knocked on Jack’s classroom door.

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I just read that thing about tinitus and the Mandela effect and I’ve never told this to anyone cause I really didn’t even know how to explain it, but I guess it’s relevant. Idk if someone sees this and can tell me what the hell happened to me that would be much appreciated.

So I was sitting on my bed in the middle of the day on like a Wednesday or something. Because I went to a private school at the time, sometimes I would get off when no one else did. So no one was home in my house or in any of my neighbor’s houses, and I was just sitting alone enjoying the privacy.

Suddenly I start to hear this ringing in my ears, which isn’t unusual because I do have mild tinnitus probably brought on by listening to loud music too often, so I didn’t really think anything of it until it got louder. It got so loud and painful that by reflex I tightly covered my ears with my hands, even though that did nothing to stop it. I went to reach for my phone to call my mom or an ambulance when suddenly the ringing subsided and in its place I started to hear radio static. There was a voice speaking through the static, a mans voice. He sounded a little bit like he was speaking with a transatlantic accent, but I had a hard time coming up with the exact words that he was saying. At worst he sounded angry, at best he sounded very serious. This went on for about three minutes before completely fading away.

I sharply turned to look at the antique radio I keep in my room, to see if it somehow could have turned on on accident, it wasn’t even plugged in. It’s never plugged in. It’s a decoration. I was too scared to move for a little bit. I knew for a fact that the sensation that came from hearing the radio signal was not the sensation that one would feel where you can hear the direction from which the sound is originating, the sensation was that of experiencing tinnitus: it felt as if the static was coming from inside of me.

I wasn’t sick with fever, and before that moment I had never done psychedelic drugs before. I know what an auditory hallucination sounds like and that was not it.

I never brought this up to anyone because I really didn’t know what to say about it. I’ve never had this experience again to this day. I’m hoping someone here can tell me what happened thanks.

Also idk if @sixpenceee is still collecting glitch in the matrix stories or whatever but it would be really cool if enough people could see this so that I got answers.

Will You Be My Valentine?


Words: 3582

Summary: You’ve fallen in love with a certain blue eyed angel, what better way to tell him than on Valentines Day?

Warnings: intense fluff


You were finishing up the last touch to the card when you realized what time it was. The clock on your desk made a low ring as the hands reached four. Sealing the card in the envelope, you debated waiting to give it to the specific, special person in which it was made for. No doubt, even this early in the morning, he would be here and he would certainly be awake, since angels don’t sleep.

Telling him how you felt, well… its been a long time coming. When you first met him, when you first gazed into those blue eyes you had no idea he would eventually mean so much. Especially in a short amount of time, it didn’t take long for feelings to develop and over time they only grew. Its almost been nine years since Castiel raised and brought Dean back, with that being said, you’ve kept your feelings to yourself. Except for the occasional talks with Sam and when Charlie was alive you would talk to her, but for a while you’ve kept everything on the low and to yourself. Maybe its because Amara brought Mary back and your boys were reunited with their mom or maybe its because your tired of keeping everything inside, but you’ve been wanting to tell Castiel just how much he really means to you for a while now. What better day is there than Valentines Day? Though now that you were four hours into the holiday, the swirling feeling in your stomach only made you more nauseous.

You decided to go and look for him now. Either way, had you of waited until later or now, it didn’t make much difference because you wouldn’t be getting any sleep today; not with what’s ahead of you. You weren’t sure how the angel would react, he was an angel after all but he needed to know. When you love someone, you need to tell them. No matter if its going to break you in the end because you never know, it might actually be the thing that saves you.

Slowly and quietly, your feet padded their way down the halls of the bunker. Every second that passed by, you were thinking it would be better to just turn around and go back to your room. But that would be too easy and be considered giving up which the Winchesters and Cas, himself, had taught you not to do. Focusing on deep breaths, you finally reached the library, peering in only to see the most handsome, brave, and thoughtful angel of them all; your whole world, Castiel. Gazing at him for a moment, you watched as he concentrated on the book he read; his mind lost in the script of the pages. His hair was combed and orderly, his sleeves rolled up; his trench and suit jacket laid beside him neatly on the table. Sighing, you took in the marvelous beauty that sat before you and you couldn’t stop a smile from forming on your lips, Cas was just unbelievably gorgeous. Though his looks weren’t everything, Cas undoubtedly grabbed your attention when he showed you just how much humanity meant to him and how much he had changed through the years as he learned more and more about human tradition, the angel was absolutely remarkable.

“(Y/n)?” his deep gravel voice pulled you from your thoughts as he questioned you.

“Hey Cas,” your smile dropped and you moved from the threshold towards him hesitantly.

“What are you doing awake? You should be sleeping,” he stated softly, closing the book in his hands.

“Well I…I know but I…,” you stuttered over your words like a helpless school girl. Shaking your head at yourself, you cleared your throat.

“I’ve been up for a while actually,” sounding more certain you continued, “I was making you something.” You couldn’t make yourself look at him or meet his gaze. Right now you had wished you had just gone back to your room. You felt so small and the room felt like it was caving in, your nerves were getting the best of you.

“You made something for me?” his tone was questionable but sweet. He was always gentle with you as if you were so fragile you might break if his voice raised to loud.

“Yeah, today is um…, It’s Valentines Day,” you explained as you held the card with both hands in front of you. He tilted his head as he watched you, you had yet to look at him and from what he could tell, your heart was racing within you. Squinting his eyes, he stood up gracefully and walked to you.

“(Y/n), are you alright?” he asked as he gazed down at you cautiously. You didn’t think it would be possible, but your heart fluttered faster each time he spoke your name.

“Im fine,” you attempted to hide the lie as you nodded your head. Looking up, you finally met the vibrant blues ones that were staring down at you. Attempting a smile, you held the card out for him to take. His eyes stayed glued to yours a little longer than usual before flitting down to examine his gift.
Castiel took the card from you and his fingers grazed against your own, every time you felt his touch it felt as if tiny lightning bolts jolted through you. His eyes traced the light blue envelope, taking in the design of the embedded swirls before running his index finger over them.

“This is lovely, (y/n),” he explained before opening the seal.

“Its only just an envelope Cas,” you chuckled softly, impatiently waiting for him to get to the card.

“Anything from you is lovely, whether it is ‘just an envelope’ or not,” he answered, sharing a laugh with you. Your cheeks flared, feeling like a furnace. Gosh, the most slightest things from him could make you blush. He definitely noticed, just like every other time he talked with you but he decided to ignore it and continue opening his present. He peeled the sticker that held the envelope together and pulled the card from its holster. A surprised look appeared on his face as he took in every detail of what you had drawn; there was a heart in the middle of the front cover with his name. Castiel read his name, not in english, but enochian. You researched all about enochian translations, determined to spell everything correctly. Cas lifted his head and gave you a look you weren’t sure of, a look that you weren’t used to seeing.

“I spelled it wrong…didn’t I?” you questioned in defeat. Sighing, you cursed yourself for being so careless, you should of looked it over again just to double check.

“No,… you didn’t. You wrote it perfectly,” he gave, squinting and tilting his head once more. He couldn’t comprehend why you always brought yourself down. Especially with something like this, even if you had messed up at least you tried. But you didn’t mess up, his name was written perfectly in his native angelic language. Glancing up, you knitted your brow in confusion. Taking a step closer to him, you looked at the card questionably, as if you had never seen if before even though you were the one who made it. You really hoped he wasn’t just saying that to make you feel better, you wanted everything to be perfect.

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t lie to you,” he admitted, glancing down into your (y/e/c) eyes. For some reason, a flashback of all the times he had crossed your mind. Like when he lied about the situation with the souls in Purgatory, or that time he extracted Ezekiel’s grace from Sam’s neck and he basically told on himself that he had in fact lied about a few things in the past. Cas shifted on his feet, glancing between his card and you before he caught on to what you were probably thinking.

“I have never lied to you, (Y/n). I have lied to the Winchesters, yes, but with you I’ve only ever been completely honest,” he cleared. A quick glance into his eyes and you could feel truth radiating from within them. Perhaps he hadn’t actually lied to you. You didn’t get involved in the arguments about Purgatory that one time, that was mainly between him, Sam, Dean, and Bobby. You remembered when Cas would tell the boys something that wound up being a lie, he would look at you only after he had told the lie, and the look on his face was nothing but pure sadness almost. Only now did it actually make sense and he was right, because every time he spoke lies, it hadn’t been directed towards you.

“I believe you Cas,” you remarked, a small hint of a smile forming on your lips. Before you realized, Cas’ thumb grazed your cheek, pushing a stray hair you hadn’t even noticed fell, back behind your ear. Your smile dropped at his touch, the reality of it becoming all too real. Why couldn’t he understand all the small hints you had dropped in the past? Why couldn’t he just be yours? Cas had never been even remotely intimate with you before, hell he barely even hugged you. But now, as you stood inches apart, he was being gentle and cute, romantic even. Now that you realize it, you and him and never really been alone before. You always made sure either of the brothers were around or someone, you were always too caught up in your feelings to trust yourself being alone with the angel. Not because you were going to do something to express your feelings, but you were afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of him. Embarrassment remained a constant battle you faced, especially if Cas was involved. Taking a step back, you tried to laugh it off, Cas was probably just being courteous removing the hair from your face; he probably didn’t mean anything by it. You could feel his eyes burning through you, but your cheeks were warm again and you didn’t want to bother looking up.

“There’s more on the inside,” you whispered, looking down as you fiddled with your own fingers. He watched you for a moment longer before turning his attention back to his card. Reading over his name once more, he smiled before opening it. You had sketched a picture of him sitting on a picnic blanket eating his favorite, a PB&J sandwich, the jars resting on the cloth beside him along with the knife. Though in the picture, his focus wasnt on the sandwich but on the bees that appeared to be just buzzing on by. You had used a graphite pencil, but you had used color on his eyes; everything else was monotone.
Cas’ eyes scanned over your art work, taking in the depth of your talent; it rendered him speechless. The angel didn’t know what to say, he thought it was absolutely amazing. He noticed words at the top of the page and he set his focus on reading it. All the while you stood there, unsure of everything. Should you really have done this? The letter at the top of the page read:

“No one said it would be easy; this life we live can get very difficult. But I owe it all to you,
for if it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t be here. You mean more to me than you’ll ever know
and its not just because you’ve saved me, but you’ve helped me in more ways
than you’d understand. You’re special to me, angel. You always will be. Happy Valentines Day!”
Cas looked up at you from the card but you only continued to fiddle with your thumbs.

“You’re special to me too,” his tone was soft and in a whisper. You peeked up only to find him gazing back with a soft, warm smile. You smiled at him, not knowing what else to do. You could feel the knot rising in your throat and you knew you weren’t going to be able to keep this charade going. You needed to get out of there, it was getting harder to breathe.

“I think Im going to go lay down now.” you began to back away and immediately Cas wanted to protest. Just when he thought you had felt what he had hoped for, you seemed to be slipping from his grasp but he didn’t know what to say. What if you were just being kind? He didn’t want to risk what friendship he had with you, he couldn’t loose you. When you reached the door, he called out for you and hope sprang and elicited your whole being.

“(Y/n)…,” he called, turning back you could see he didn’t quite know what to say. It was then you realized that you probably put him in a difficult place. You shouldn’t of done this, now things might never be as they were. What if he didn’t want to be around you anymore? You couldn’t loose him, just the thought made you want to break in two.
“…, happy Valentines Day.” Those words slipped off his tongue as if he was unsure of what else to say. You tried your best to smile and you all but ran to your room after you had turned around. How could you be so stupid? Sure you didn’t exactly write that you loved him, but thats what he probably took it as and he surely did not feel the same. He probably thinks your crazy. Why would an angel want to be with a human anyway? Could you really blame him? Throwing yourself onto the bed, you felt empty; you were an absolute mess, wanting to cry yourself to sleep before you even realized just how tired you were.


After you had left, Cas watched the threshold from where you disappeared. Endless thoughts surrounding his head as he tried to understand your meaning. Maybe you were being friendly, and thats all you had intended. He wouldn’t be so lucky for you to love the way he did you. Taking a seat in his chair, he sat there thinking about everything that just happened. Completely forgetting the book he had been reading before, Cas couldn’t stop looking at his card. He loved it; he loved you. He took in the sight of himself eating the sandwich and watching the bees, he couldn’t help imagining having a picnic with you. Before he even realized, two hours had passes and Sam was up making coffee.

“Hey, what are you up to?” Sam questioned as he took a seat across from the angel, coffee in hand. Cas glanced up but his eyes went back to his gift.

“(Y/n)’s cards are extraordinary, don’t you think?” he questioned, looking up at the Winchester when he didn’t exactly respond.

“What are you talking about?” Sam’s eye brows knotted as he leaned in to get a closer look. “Wait, is that a valentines card?” He pressed, somehow becoming so serious in an instant. Cas tilted his head towards Sam’s disbelief and seriousness.

“Yes.” the angel responded. If Sam wasnt fully awake, he sure was now and the coffee had nothing to do with it. For years he had been telling you to just tell Cas how you felt, but you never would.

“(Y/n) gave that to you?” Sam was making sure before he said anything. If this was you trying to reach out to get Cas’ attention, then Sam was going to flat out tell him.

“Yes,” Castiel watched as Sam began to smile.

“When?” Sam realized he was probably getting too excited for the angel to understand, but this had gone on long enough. The Winchester was sure the angel had feelings for you but he was never one hundred percent sure.

“A couple hours ago,” Cas glanced back toward the door, missing you since the second you walked out of his view.

“What did she say?” the younger brother pressed.

“Not much, what did she say when she gave you yours?” Cas asked but Sam’s smile only grew.

“I didn’t get one” he answered, practically proud.

“What about Dean?” Cas didn’t want to give his hopes up.

“I don’t think he got one either.”

“Why not?”

“(Y/n) doesn’t do Valentines day. She never has. Out of all the years I’ve known her, you’re the first she’s gave a card to.” Sam explained matter of factly, smile still lining his lips.


“Seriously Cas, does it have to be written out directly on that card?” Dean entered, still half asleep but aware of what was going on.

“She’s in love with you,” Sam finished. You had never talked to Dean about your feelings and Sam respected your wishes of not saying anything to anyone else. So if Dean could see how helpless you were, why couldn’t the clueless angel that sat in front of him? Cas thought it over for a second. Could it be true? He sure as hell wanted it to be.

“You’re sure?” he searched both of them for any indications that they were joking, not that he was very good at identifying humor.

“Dude, she’s absolutely smitten with you; wearing her heart on her sleeve, a blind man could see it. Hell, mom asked the other day if you two had something going on.” Dean stated and Sam looked up interested in the new information; even their mom knew. Cas thought about everything they were saying. Now it made sense and he was sure of it this time. He hadn’t been overthinking things, you always blushed around him because of him, everything became clear.

“I have to go,” Cas explained before instantly vanishing, his trench and suit jacket remained on the table but he took his card with him.

“Go be with your Valentine,” Dean added even though the angel was gone. Sam glanced up at his brother who wore a dork of a smile.

“I thought you said no chick-flick moments?” Sam questioned, a chuckle escaping him.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean’s face drew serious as he stood and stalked off towards the kitchen.


The smell of fresh roses awoke you. Stretching before you opened your eyes, you didn’t think anything of it. Not until you saw the blue eyes that had captured your heart, sitting beside you on your mattress. On your night stand was a vase with a dozen roses and there was a card for you beside them. Looking between the roses and the angel, you opened your mouth to say something but he spoke before you could have the chance.

"I love you,” Cas admitted, his eyes peering into your own. Was this a dream?
"I realize now, I should of said that earlier. I just wasn’t sure that this is what you meant. I didn’t want to risk…,” before he could finish, you sat up and captured his lips with your own. Immediately, he returned the action and you wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer. When the kiss broke, you couldn’t help but stare into his eyes. Everything you’ve ever wanted was sitting in front of you, admitting he reciprocated feelings for you.

“I love you too, Cas,” you smiled brightly, bigger than you had in a very long time. This perhaps was the biggest smile he had ever seen from you and it made him complete knowing he was the reason for your happiness.

“I got you these,” he pointed at the roses and reached for your card. You kept smiling, leaning over to smell the essence of the flowers.

“They’re lovely,” you gave giggling, knowing that’s what he had said to you earlier.

“Not as lovely as you,” he whispered and your eyes met his. Leaning in to kiss him again, you lost yourself in him. You never wanted to let him go. When you finally pulled away this time, he gave you one quick peck on the lips before placing one on the tip of your nose and your forehead, making you giggle again. This all seemed too good to be true. He began to laugh with you before he handed you his card. Sitting up straight, you opened it wondering what it would say.

“Its not easy, this life is very difficult. But its worth it, all because of you. You’ve made me feel
welcome in times I felt I had no one else. You’ve given me purpose, without you I’d be nothing.
I don’t want to see a day without you in it. You’re special to me, my (y/n). You always will be.
Will you be mine?”

Glancing back towards the angel, tears welled in your eyes. You could only nod in that moment, for the tears unleashed down your cheeks. Cas’s thumb cupped your chin and wiped them away before they could stain your cheeks.

“There’s nothing I want more than to be yours, Castiel, and for you to be mine,” smiling, you kissed him again. This was the perfect Valentines Day, the best one you’ve ever had. You got your angel after all. The angel pulled you to him, holding you against him as if he’d never ever let you go.

“Mine,” he sighed happily, snuggling you closer.

“Forever,” you added, closing your eyes. All the worry from early was gone. You finally received your happy ending, though this was only the beginning.

If I Could Do It All Over Again

Masterpost: {x}

Part: 2/16

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: Mentions of a controlling boyfriend

Word Count: 3.356

Dedication: @newyorkyoucanbeanew bc i love them

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @cutebridge, @tellchickfilaimqueer, @hamil-fandom, @karmana-stevens-569, @pipindaae, @xfallingsnowx, @beafayette, @hell-yes-puns-and-ships

A/N: Tench (Taylor) Tilghman is Eliza’s fiance 

The blistering cold of late winter was not something a small animal such as a bunny should’ve endured, but Walker’s Bakery was also not a place for the adorable mammal to be. Eliza hadn’t any idea of how she got in. All she knew was that she walked in that morning and found the fluffy creature huddled near the heater.

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And The Score Is: Love All

Celebrity/Character: Michael Fassbender

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

Michael took a sip from the glass in his hand as James told the story about how he got injured playing a game on set. After taking the glass away from his lips, he leaned forward and placed it onto the table in front of him. As the studio erupted into laughter, so did he. He could be forgiven for not laughing as exuberantly as everyone else though, this was a story he had heard many times over the past few days, interview to interview, country to country, on the promotional tour for ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’.

“Do you know what I just love?” Graham asked, turning his seat back around after leaving some of his handheld notes on the desk behind him. The laughter died down and Michael noticed that Graham was looking directly at him, waiting for him to reply. “Aw Graham! I love you too!” He said with a little chuckle. “Almost as much as you love tennis?” Graham asked, an eyebrow raised. Michael’s eyes widened as the audience laughed, both knowing what Graham was referring to. He shrugged with a little smile on his face, hoping that would end the line of enquiry. Graham chuckled. “Or should I say tennis players?” He asked and everyone, including James, Hugh and Michael, laughed.

“Now the premiere was yesterday evening.” Graham said once everyone had calmed down; “How did you find it Hugh, James?” The two men answered Graham before he then set his sights on Michael once more. “Now Michael, you obviously took a wrong turn on your way to Leicester Square and ended up in Rome at a tennis match.” Graham said; “And boy wasn’t he surprised when he noticed his mistake!” A photo of Michael, looking shocked at something that had just happened on the court, popped up onto the screens around the studio and garnered a lot of laughter. “It happens.” Michael said with a shrug. “Oh tell me about it!” Graham replied in a sarcastic tone, throwing one of his hands up in the air. “I can barely make it to the studio most Thursday’s without ending up at a tennis match that my rumoured love interest is playing in.” He laughed, setting the audience off once again. Michael picked up the glass from the table and took another sip knowing he could not escape this. The only way he was getting out of this was by telling the truth.

“Are you and Y/N L/N going out?” Graham asked him and the audience went quiet, even the two men either side of him stopped chuckling and turned to watch him carefully. You could hear a pin drop as Michael shrugged his shoulders in reply. “Go on!” Graham prompted; “You can tell us.” Everyone watched as Michael brought his half-empty glass up to his lips once more. A cheeky grin formed on his face and, just before the cool glass touched his pink lips, he gave a tiny nod. The audience erupted into cheers.

A/N: Anyone notice my tennis reference in the title? Just me, okay then.

I really hope you enjoyed this imagine! If you would like to read any of the other imagines I have written then click here: masterlist, If you would like to request an imagine/one shot or a blurb for Michael or any other celebrity/character (or to leave feedback) then click here: ask.

Kindled Flame - Kaitlyn x MC Fanfic.

Kindled Flame – Kaitlyn x MC, The Freshman Fanfic

[A little note:  I’m not the best at portraying a Kaitlyn x MC relationship  and I’ve had to put some of them on hold recently. But I kept thinking about this scene between her, Zig and MC. It was one of the most intense scenes in the book so far and honestly it was glorious angst. I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass me by but I’m not unsure if I can quite put on paper how it played out inside my head. In any case here it is! Thoughts? Criticisms? Hope you enjoyed it!]

[Summary: A fight breaks out in the mosh pit and stirs more trouble than anyone expects, revealing to Kaitlyn and MC that everyone’s a little broken on the inside].

She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in a way a forest fire was beautiful.”

Sparks. That was what I called them.

The electric impulses my brain sends. The quirky giddiness inside my stomach. The warm fuzziness inside my chest. They were all sparks.

She gave me those.

She brought the scorching heat to my world. Something I never knew I craved until I met her. And at first it scared me, really scared me. I was afraid of getting seared - burned if I stumbled too close, like Icarus did when he came too close to the sun. In a cliche way; I was her moth and she was my flame. It wasn’t instantaneous; I had to push myself. I told myself I had to be brave. 

The more time we spent together, the more I could make sense of it. For the first time in a long while, I didn’t spend time worrying about what other people thought about us. It only mattered to me what she thought. Somehow, we found our own voice together, our own courage.

We held hands in public. We spent a lot of nights bonding over zombie flicks and cliche horror movies. She made me feel fearless. She kissed my frowns away. She had the most adorable laugh. She made me feel safe.

I didn’t know how it was possible but with her I could finally show everything; even the pieces of myself I had never liked. She became the most important thing in my world. Her dreams became my dreams. Her fears were my fears. 

Months flew by with this. She knew me better than most, and it wasn’t a surprise that we often hung out by ourselves while the rest of the world passed us by. When we weren’t in each other’s rooms, collapsing on top of each other after a long day, we were spending time at the local arcade and shopping for vintage leather jackets. But each season brought its own set of troubles, and its own set of rules. 

Suddenly Spring wasn’t a season for love anymore.

Suddenly spring meant more concerts and band-mate bonding and less time with me. She cancelled our last three move nights to hang-out with Natasha, our visits at the coffee-shop became a Rachel and Kaitlyn thing instead of an us thing, and whenever we finally had time to be alone, she was too tired to go out. Suddenly, she wasn’t the same Kaitlyn I fell for at the beginning of freshman year. 

She was constantly changing, shifting like the fire I was once afraid of touching. She was never quite on the same page as everyone else. On some nights, it felt as if she was in an entirely different book, separate from myself.

The Kaitlyn I loved was still there - in bits. Little pieces that I could see whenever we were alone; whenever we were lying face to face with each other in bed, a tangle of sweaty bodies and thin sheets. I saw her every time she laughed at something silly or whenever her dark eyes sparkled after waking up and seeing me right next to her. I saw her in the little kisses I trailed along her neck, when she would arch her back and moan the moment my hands went in between her thighs. 

But that wasn’t all of her. Parts of her were new too; and with every season I learned a little more about Kaitlyn Liao. 

Some of the new pieces hurt; little arguments here and there until she was fed up enough to grab her jacket and storm out of our dorm. I flung her words back at her too; but somehow we always managed to find our way back to each other by the end of the night - sometimes no words were even necessary because our impatient hands acted on pure instinct, pure urgency. Other times, it wasn’t easy. It hurt so much, that it was beginning to feel like some kind of irreversible disaster - because that’s what the night became. An irreversible disaster.

From the moment Zig threw that first punch, the fear I thought I had gotten rid of took hold. Fresh and potent; almost as if he had punched me in the stomach, it knocked me off my feet. I tried to stop what I saw coming – his fists as they flew towards the guy that had accidentally bumped into me. But I was too late; the room erupted into chaos. 

This was wrong.

This was all wrong.

I could barely hear the rhythmic sounds of Kaitlyn’s voice over the rest of the crowd. My attention had been so focused on the mosh pit that I didn’t give it the proper attention it deserved. Eventually, I heard her screaming over everything else. My eyes flew towards her and panic rose to my chest as I saw the flash of confusion from her eyes. She was so plugged in that she hadn’t realized what was happening at first.

Confusion was replaced by shock and then anger. The crowd wasn’t just a crowd anymore, it became a battlefield as people armed with their fists came in contact with one another, blow after blow until a few stragglers crashed into me. The pain stole my breath and nearly knocked the wind right out of me. But I didn’t care. None of that mattered. All I could think about was maneuvering myself from most of the fighting while the rest of my attention was focused on her spotlight.

I watched her cheeks turned red and those pretty lips I remember so fondly had turned into a snarl as she continued yelling to get everyone’s attention back on stage. I couldn’t hear all of it as I kept trying to move out of the way; and the rest of my friends followed suit as we stumbled as far away from the mosh pit as possible.

Eventually I could see the exit and I felt Kaitlyn’s eyes trained on me before she hopped off stage and headed towards us. I felt her cool hand grab mine as we ran towards the exit. 

Usually, the simplest of gestures helped to ease whatever stress I felt. Kaitlyn could shoot an innocent smile in my direction and my shoulders felt a little less heavy, and my heart a little lighter. But when her hand touched mine, that feeling was missing. Her grip was so tight that it almost hurt. 

By the time I felt the cool air brush against my cheeks, I doubled over to catch my breath. The chilly midnight air comforted me a little from the overbearing crowd we were wedged in moments ago. However, the rest of me was a bundle of nerves as I checked behind me. 

Everyone else had made it out too. I saw relieved faces all around, except from beside me. When I glanced down at her; my girlfriend looked like she was ready to rip Zig a new one.

Her eyes were practically daggers digging into his flesh the way he winced away.  “Kaitlyn – ” I stopped short as she dropped my hand and gestured angrily for Zig and I to follow her. Glancing apologetically at the rest of our friends; I told them I’d meet them back at our dorm before I followed meekly behind her.

I watched the way her shoulders kept ramrod straight and her shaky hands turned to fists as we edged away from everyone else.When we were finally out of earshot, she whirled angrily towards us. “What the hell was that?” She hissed. “Naomi, how could you do this to me?!”

I was floored. 

What was I supposed to say? 

I felt guilty, but that wasn’t the only thing I was feeling. I admit that the night had driven us further apart instead of closely together. But surely she didn’t think I was responsible for everything that happened. “Kaitlyn - it was an accident.”. I tried to keep my voice calm. I tried not to let the panic show but I was having a hard time keeping it together when I could almost feel her pulling away. 

Her eyes were distant when they stared back at me. It’s the same distance that I deluded myself into thinking wasn’t real. But I couldn’t fool myself anymore when it was staring right at me. It was like a rain-pour of tension that had shrouded us for the past few weeks. I forced the panic back. I had to reason with her; I had to show her it wasn’t my fault - that it was no one’s fault.

Don’t shut me out. 

The words were there but I couldn’t get them out. They refused to budge and a lump formed in my throat.  She kept staring at me, waiting for me to say something, so I tried to show her how much her words were scaring me instead. Instinctively, I moved closer until I could my hands could touch her. They were shaky as I brought my fingers to brush her soft cheeks. “Kaitlyn, please…” 

Her eyes snapped into focus, but instead of affection that I was used to seeing, they burned bright with fury. She shrugged off my touch and slid her hands inside her pockets.

My stomach dropped as my hands fell uselessly to my side.

“Is that what it was?” Her tone was mocking. “An accident?” She rolled her eyes, “You brought your friend – the one with the short fuse to ruin my concert didn’t you?”

It felt as if she had slapped me. She might as well had with the venom I heard inside her voice. “It was an accident.” I repeated weakly, “Zig got a little out of control – ” I gestured helplessly to him, hoping he’d help. 

“A little?” She scoffed, “From where I’m standing he’s the reason it all happened!”

Zig’s jaw clenched before he spoke. “Look, I’m really sorry-” He began but Kaitlyn interjected.

“Shut up!” She pointed a finger at him, “I don’t want to hear any excuses! My band might get blacklisted from this venue because of you!” She turned back to me, “Is this some kind of punishment?” She demanded. 

I blinked at her. “For what?” I croaked out hoarsely. Don’t say it. Please don’t say it.

“For me not being home as much as I used to to?” The accusation was loud and clear. “For spending more time with other people that finally get me!” She threw her hands up in frustration, “Well congrats - you sure showed me.”

I flinched. “That’s not what this is!” I glanced down at her in surprise, “How could you even think that?!” I couldn’t hide the hurt I felt - it spilled out in short bursts until I could feel tears prickling from the corner of my eyes. “Can’t you see your band is tearing us apart!” I shook my head in disbelief, “If it’s not Natasha always trying to put herself in the middle of our relationship- it’s Rachel hauling you away from the rest of us!”

“You’re really that jealous?” She laughed bitterly, “How many times have I got to tell you that Natasha’s just a friend!”

“Does she know that?!” 

She avoided answering my question. “Is it so hard for me to just have my own thing for once without anyone else butting into it!”

“I’m not just anyone else Kaitlyn! I’m your girlfriend!” I gestured angrily in between us. “I’m the one you come home to at the end of every night.” My voice was starting to shake but I couldn’t help it, I had to keep going. It was like I had been holding all of this back for weeks and it kept spilling over. “I’m the one that knows about all the secrets you had as a kid, the one you finally introduced your parents to!” I took a deep breath, “I’m the one that always wants to be there because that’s what you do when you love someone. You’re always there even when the other person doesn’t realize it or even acknowledges it.”

She shook her head sadly at me.

And for the first time in our relationship, I felt stuck. Her eyes weren’t looking at me the way they usually did, t felt like she wasn’t really seeing me -  but seeing through me the way most people did. The way I thought she never could. “You know what I don’t even know why I’m surprised. You’ve never liked the idea of me being in a band. You’ve never really supported me.” 

Her words hurt.  They feel like venom, poisoning the good that we had, all the happy memories we built over the past couple months. They felt tiny little knives without repent, sinking into my flesh.

“Kaitlyn..” I wanted to stop her as she backed away from me. I wanted to cross the distance between us and kiss her until we both could forget this night had ever happened. I really wished it never had. “I love you, but it feels like you’ve barely had time for me lately.” My breath hitched. “And sometimes when you’re here, you’re not really here. Aren’t you still interested in me?” Don’t you still love me? The expression on her face made her seem as if she wanted to protest but I wasn’t finished yet. I had to get this off my chest before it consumed me. “It feels like the more time you spend with them, the less you want to be with me. I know how important it is for you, to finally feel like you belong somewhere but you belong with me too.” I searched her eyes for the familiar Kaitlyn, the parts I intimately knew. 

She shook her head sadly at me, “But that’s the thing Noami, all the time we’ve spent over last semester - you’ve always been in it.” She sighed, “I feel like you’re always so wrapped up in my life…when I came out…when I tried to make new friends..” She trailed off as she looked away from me. “I love you but I need time to figure me out. To figure out who I am.”

Why can’t we figure it out together?

This was it. This was that funny feeling of fear I had in my stomach. It wasn’t a little feeling anymore. It was an overwhelming fear, nauseating me. It took a lot out of me not to cry, not to break down right then and there in front of her. I closed my eyes and inhaled sharply a couple of times, waiting for it to hurt a little less. When I opened them back again, I could see unshed tears in her eyes too. “We’re all a little broken Kaitlyn, a little lost. Some more than others but most of the time we’re all the same - ” I widened my arms in the air for emphasis “- just some people trying to figure out where they belong in the universe.”

I forced the tears back, blinking rapidly and told myself to be strong. I willed myself to hold it together; at least until I could make it out of here. My anger was almost forgotten as we stood in silence, knees slightly bent together and our hands in our pockets. We were so close - a few inches away from each other and yet we had never felt so far apart.

I knew the words before she said them. They were written in the way her shoulders sagged, the way her eyes wouldn’t meet mine and her unwillingness to touch me.

“Maybe it’s time we figure that on our own. Separately.”

My breath caught inside my throat. I nodded numbly even though the rest of me was screaming to run to her, to envelop her inside my arms. 

She was the flame that I had been drawn to. The only flame that had gotten close enough to sear me. It was a risk, and some part of me knew all along that I wouldn’t mind so as long as she was the one leaving scars. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! :3 I adore your stories about SS! I would like to ask if you could write something about Sasuke and Sakura go on a date because of their anniversary. Anniversary when Sarada is already at age from Boruto. I can't imagine them on a date XD so it would be nice to read something like that! 💑💘💘 (so sorry for my English - I'm from France.)

no need to be sorry, you did great ♥ and thank you for your sweet words, anon! i can’t imagine them going on a date either, so i hope this works out ;)

“Take this and stop at Ino’s on your way back.”

Sarada took the ryo from his hand, only looking to her father with shimmering onyx eyes and a smile much like Sakura’s. Her lips were parted slightly while Sasuke smiled a gentle smile to his daughter.

“What do I tell her?”

“Just stop by, she’ll take care of the rest.”

“Okay, papa,” Sarada grinned from ear to ear before dashing out the front door, accompanying Boruto and Mitsuki.

Sasuke reached for his cloak and slung it over his shoulders, attaching the buttons with one hand before exiting his house and heading towards the hospital. 

The sky was gorgeous, washed in a baby blue and extending to a deep sapphire. Few clouds spotted the morning sky, and even those that lingered, the rays of sun cut through each water particle that formed them, coating Konoha in a blanket of warmth.

He inhaled the fresh air, the aroma of flowers lingering lightly as the Uchiha made way for his wife. He ran through all the possibilities of what they could’ve done today, but only one option stood out.

“Hello, darling!” She called from the receptionist desk. 

Her emerald green eyes shimmered from the unnatural lighting, cherry blossom hair attached in a knot at the crown of her head. Sasuke noticed the tired look in her eyes, a deep violet coloring the skin below them. 

“Come on,” he greeted her with a soft smile before holding the door open. She only raised a thin eye brow before nodding back to the receptionist and leading the way out of the building.

“Where are we going?” Her tone was high pitched, noting she was confused yet excited.

“Somewhere,” Sasuke teased lightly as they walked through the streets. He grabbed her hand in his, stroking the top of her hand with the padding of his thumb.

“You’re kidding,” Sakura squeals as he lets go of her hand and she runs to the middle of the training ground. “I haven’t been here in forever!”

Sasuke smiled at her enthusiasm before removing his cloak and putting most of his weight on one leg. He had brought her to training ground three, in hopes of a small, friendly match.

“Let’s spar,” he coated his tone with a challenge and Sakura’s cheeks lit up in a shallow red.

“You really think you can beat me?” 

Sasuke scoffed at her attitude, but adored the sassy nature in his wife.

“I know I can,” he walked to her and placed a tender kiss to her cheek, amused by the way she tensed up from his touch.

“You’re in for it,” Sakura scoffed before removing the light jacket from her body. She had grown slightly in the last few years, her body still amazing as ever and toned in muscles. Sasuke could only lavish in knowing that she was his, now and forever.


Sakura bent over, her hands on her knees while sweat dripped from her brow. She was coated in dirt, small bruises painted her body, but no blood had been drawn.

Sasuke was the same, a sweaty, panting mess. The couple called it a draw, but Sakura continued to claim herself the rightful victor.

“Annoying,” Sasuke murmured lightly before swinging his arm over her shoulders and pulling her home. She giggled lightly, leaning her head against his shoulder and walked with Sasuke.

“Thank you, darling.”

Sasuke noticed how tired her voice sounded now as they made their way home. They had been at the training grounds for hours, sparring, taking a small break and remembering the first time they had been here. Recalling how Naruto had been tied up against the stump, the memory made Sakura giggle and Sasuke chuckle.

“Dobe,” he recalls lightly as he kicks the door to their house open. He could smell the lovely scent from the gate of their house, but now that the door was open, the aroma was pleasant.

Sasuke couldn’t help but notice the smile on Sakura’s face and her evergreen eyes wide with happiness.

“What is this?” She looks to him, a smile painted from ear to ear.

Sasuke feels his heart thumping against his chest and a solid lump appears in his throat. He’s never been good at sentimental stuff, but if it’s for Sakura and it makes her happy, he figured this was good enough.

Ino had created a handful of different flowers in makeshift bouquets and beautiful setups, and although she hadn’t worked in the flower shop for years, she did a phenomenal job.. From purples to reds, yellows to blues, each petal had a unique spritz of water lining it and they filled their home with an unforgettable scent.

“Happy Anniversary, Sakura,” Sasuke spoke lightly before pressing a kiss to the side of her head, his fingers playing lightly with the ends of her hair while she continued smiling that adorable smile.

Fighting for Every Breath

Originally posted by chaerining

Summary: You had never really needed to worry about it before. But now, you weren’t the only one worrying.

Rosé/Female Reader, Angst w/ equal fluff, cliffhanger

Not Requested

[Part I]

Warnings: There’s significant swearing in this, and mentions of past traumatic medical emergencies, as well as something that may be a bit disturbing to read. 

Word Count: 8,243 (17 pages)

POV: Reader, Second person

Another A/N! This particular piece was brought about by the desire to do something productive while I’ve been sick for the last week or so. Many of the things described in this are pulled from experiences that I’ve had as a sufferer of asthma(a chronic and sometimes very severe condition in which the airways swell and narrow, sometimes causing life-threatening attacks). This will be a series. As always, thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy!

(Once again, it’s very, very long and I’m sorry lol)

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Boastful Drunks - Drabble (01)

A/N: This takes place the night of Boastful Drunks and was written just because @avveh and I are desperate for more jealous Jungkook.

The obvious clink of the glass bottles in his backpack, tossed casually over one shoulder, was a death sentence for his plans that night and Jungkook knew it.  “What do you have in there,” Jimin asked, a knowing smile stretched across his face as he stalked towards his friend.  He pretended to sniff around the backpack, a comical over exaggeration that on any other night might have made Jungkook laugh, but he focused on keeping his face calm as Jimin buzzed around him, willing his annoyance to simmer below the surface.  It wasn’t Jimin’s fault the bottles had clinked.  If only Jungkook had been a bit more mindful when he slung the backpack haphazardly over his shoulder then, maybe, Jimin would have been none the wiser about his younger roommate trying to sneak out of the apartment.  “It smells to me like you have some explaining to do,” Jimin said with a laugh and leaned against the kitchen counter, his arms linked in front of his chest.  “Where are you going with bottles of alcohol at nine o’clock at night?”

Jungkook steadied himself in front of the older man.  “Out,” he replied and though he tried to control his temper the answer came out curt and blunt.

One of Jimin’s eyebrows raised in surprise but his smile never left his face.  “Out to where, kid?”  

Jungkook knew he was being watched, eyes trained on him to detect signs of his temper, any chinks in his stoic armor.  The last thing he wanted to hear that night was a reminder of his age.  He always hated to be discounted because he was younger than all of his friends but on the night he had intended to confess his crush to an older woman, the woman who had haunted his dreams mercilessly for weeks, the word ‘kid’ especially grated on him.  The silence threatened to give away his feelings regardless of how well he controlled his body and he put together the first answer he could think of.  “I’m going to the gym.”

Jimin’s laughter was immediate and chided him without words, though Jimin didn’t deny himself the opportunity to chastise him with those too.  “Kookie,” he said through laughter and Jungkook hoped he hadn’t noticed how his nickname had brought a low growl from his chest.  “I really need to teach you to lie.  Do you really think I’m going to believe you are going to the gym to drink?  I’ve seen kids younger than you lie better than that.”

Jungkook sighed and considered which was worse, not seeing you at all and staying home or telling Jimin where he intended to go and accepting that he was likely going to tag-a-long.  Before he had consciously made up his mind, your name tripped out of his mouth as a mutter, one that only caught Jimin’s attention because of the name attached to it.  “Why are you going there?  She hates you,” Jimin pondered outloud.

The last sentence was meant as a hyperbole but it stung nonetheless.  “She doesn’t hate me.  She’s my friend,” Jungkook answered and even he could hear the tenseness in his voice.

“No she’s not.  She’s my friend.  I introduced you so, therefore, she’s mine, not yours.”

She is mine.  Jungkook’s mind snarled with possessiveness of someone that he knew wasn’t really his to claim.  “She’s my friend too, Jimin,” he nearly growled and for the first time turned to face the older man.  “I’m allowed to go see her if I want.”  The bottles intended to be liquid courage clinked together as Jungkook shifted and Jimin’s eyes narrowed while he considered his younger roommate.

“Why with alcohol this late?  She lives on the other side of the city.  It’ll take you at least an hour to get there at this time.  If you drink with her you probably won’t stop until early in the morning.  What are you going to do?  Spend the night –.”  His smile faltered momentarily as his eyes widened but it grew back to twice its previous size quickly.  “I’ll come with you,” he said and Jungkook felt any remaining hope he had hidden die.  “She probably wouldn’t let you in the door anyways.  Showing up at her apartment with some alcohol and a condom isn’t going to get you into her pants, Kook.  She’s not Minji.  Hell, I haven’t even slept with her yet.”

Jungkook shoved his hands into his coat pockets, desperate to hide the fists that had formed at the thought of Jimin touching you.  Brief flashes of past moments where Jimin had slung his arm over your shoulders, held your hand with no pretense, or pressed a chaste kiss on your cheek and not even appreciated the way they flushed brilliantly under his touch before he moved on to flirt with someone else flooded Jungkook’s mind.  “You really don’t have to do that.”  His voice was edged with a threat but Jimin either didn’t care or didn’t notice.  He simply gathered his coat and passed by Jungkook with only a smug smile and a demeaning pat on his cheek, something his grandmother would have done.  Jungkook followed him and pretended to listen as Jimin spent the hour long commute boasting about his sexual conquests.  Usually Jungkook would join in, readily willing to recount his best moments in bed as well, but this time all he could picture was Jimin gloating about sleeping with you in as crude of detail as he was on the bus.  

By the time they arrived at your apartment building Jungkook had pictured Jimin’s hands, lips, and skin, on you so many times that every time he blinked he could only see the images replay for him.  His own special brand of torture.  When you opened the door, after Jimin’s incessant and eager rapping knock, your face was twisted in shock but Jungkook paid no attention.  He couldn’t focus on anything other than the way your oversized t-shirt hung over the swell of your breasts, the free and gentle dance they did as you moved, the way the collar hung over one of your shoulders to expose your collarbone to him.  He licked his lips hungrily and forced himself not to notice the way your shorts barely peeked out from underneath your long shirt, a fantastic illusion that made it seem as if the thin and baggy shirt was the only thing you wore in front of him.  

“Are you up for some drinks with a sexy man and his adorable child,” Jimin said with a smug smile and his voice pulled Jungkook out of his tunnel vision.  Suddenly he was hyper aware of Jimin and the way your breasts pressed against him as he hugged you, the way his hand naturally gravitated towards the dip in your lower back, the way your eyes fluttered closed as you were wrapped in his embrace and his mind repeated his possessive mantra.  

Mine.  Mine.  Mine.  She is mine.

and-heather  asked:

i hope i'm not being annoying or doing smth wrong as i'm new to tumblr and stupid ! could you do a fanfic where JD is incredibly upset/mad and honestly just an emotional wreck and V is trying to comfort him? you did one with V + JD comforting her, i'd be interested to see it the other way around. make it as angsty as you want. (': ty m'dude!

Of course I can! You aren’t being annoying at all! I love love LOVE getting requests! I haven’t really written too much angst for this au so far! And I checked out your blog! It’s so cute!!!!! My Heathers blog is pretty new too, so let’s keep it up together!!!! Enjoy the story!!!!!

JD grabbed a fistful of his hair and slid to the ground. Big tears were pooling down his face and he looked up out towards the window. Everything was spinning and he felt sick. JD closed his eyes and let more tears fall out. He stayed there all alone for a long while until a shadow came up over him. “What happened?” JD looked up and saw Veronica looking down at him with the most worried look he had seen on her for a long time. “JD, tell me what happened.” She told him, more stern.

“I’m fine.” He muttered, looking away. Veronica got down in front of him and grabbed his face in her hands. She looked so concerned.

“JD, talk to me!” She begged. She always worried for him, she knew how he could get, depressing thoughts and such. There was only so much help he could get for it, and healing didn;t happen overnight. “Did you hurt yourself?” She asked in fear.

“No!” JD told her.

“Then tell me!” Veronica begged. She sat down next to him and put her arms around him. He tried to keep himself more composed, but at feeling the contact he burst into tears and grabbed her, pulling her close. Veronica held him and rubbed his back. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m right here.” She soother. JD pulled away and wiped away some tears.

“Don’t tell anybody.” He mumbled, but it still had a bit of a joking tone through his ears. Veronica smiled sadly and held his hands. “I didn’t hurt myself I promise.” JD assured. “I wanted to, but I didn’t.” He promised her. Veronica nodded.

“What’s the matter?” She asked. JD looked down at his hands and closed his eyes for a long while.

“I’ve… I’ve just been having a hard time today.” He mumbled. Veronica didn’t speak, she just let him talk. “I thought because I have you now, and I have stability and I have a home it wouldn’t be as bad this year. But it was just as bad, and for some reason that made me feel worse and I started thinking about never getting better and never moving on and then that same voice telling me I’m better off dead kept going and I-”

“JD.” Veronica interrupted finally. “You’re rambling, you’ll just get more worked up. Take a breath.” She told him. JD nodded and wiped his tears away. “What is it that’s bothering you so much about today?” She asked. JD just looked out at nothing, like he didn’t want to say it. “You don’t have to talk about it now if you don’t want to.”

“No.” JD sighed. “I worried you, you have a right to know.” Veronica shook her head.

“I don’t need to know anything you don’t want me to.” She promised. “Anything you want to tell me, if it’s important, I trust you’ll tell me on your own time. I don’t want to rush you or make you uncomfortable.” She explained.

“You’re too good, you know that?” JD asked. He had a little grin and his tears were slowing to a stop. Veronica smiled warmly at him and JD was quiet for a while, before taking a deep breath and looking up at her. “Ten years ago today I saw my mother kill herself.” He started. Veronica bit her lip. “I thought after all this time, and meeting you, I’d be less of a wreck today but there’s always something.” He explained.

“Hey, you don’t need to be sorry about that.” Veronica assured. JD looked over at her. “I know a lot of people lose loved ones, but even then it’s not something you just get over. It takes time and it’s really hard. And in your case, somebody was ripped away from you in a traumatic way.” She explained. “You have a right to feel sad, there’s nothing wrong with that.” Veronica assured, she reached over to hold his hand.

“Thank you, Ronnie.” JD whispered. He then shook his head and wiped away some stray tears. “Ah, I hate emotion.” He muttered. Veronica laughed. “Thanks for cutting my heart open, stupid girlfriend, making me feel. Which is something I never wanted to have to do.” He blabbered on, pretending to be annoyed with her.

Veronica stayed with him for a while, going back and forth. They talked about how hard it was to accept things, they would make a ill fitting joke, and then shed another tear or two. But the tears grew less and less, and the jokes grew more and more. “Are you okay?” Veronica asked. “Are you feeling better?” She asked.

“You always make me feel better.” JD told her, cupping her face in his hands. Veronica smiled and stole a kiss from him. “Thank you for being here for me… I really don’t know what to say but… you know you mean the world to me?” JD asked, his eyes were big and he was holding his bangs out of his face with one hand, so she could really see his eyes.

“You know, I may not of known her, but from what you’ve told me I think she’d be really proud of you.” Veronica told him. JD looked down, and then peered up again with a little smile.

“You think?” He asked. Veronica nodded. JD quickly wiped away another tear before it fell and then looked up at his girlfriend. “That… that means so much more to me than you’d think.” He admitted. He kissed her and then pulled away, wiping away more tears. “Oh man, I was fine until that dumb therapist you made me see brought it up. And now I’m a mess.” He laughed a bit at himself and Veronica smiled.

“Come on, let’s go get some slushies.” veronica offered. JD smiled at her and held her hand.

“I’d like that a lot.” He told her. JD stared at his girlfriend for a long while before smiling. “She would have loved you. So much. I know that and… I hope one day I’m able to talk about her without getting so emotional because… I’d really like to tell you more about her, and some of stories I have.” He smiled warmly.

“I would love that.” Veronica kissed JD again. “But you just remember to take all the time you need. But if you decide you need a push, just let me know and I’ll be here. For whatever you need.”

pearly--bird  asked:

dude at the end of i am my mom he said "i love you" and i know he was probably saying it to all of them but to me it sounded like it was mostly to connie,,, im just sayin

oooh! i was thinking through this earlier.

Remember towards the end of the episode where steven and connie were fighting together, and steven was struggling to tell her that he’s sorry, and he kept going on and crying next to her about everything. i was dead certain he was gonna confess his feelings for her right then but he became too frozen to speak. he’s still afraid to admit he loves her.

Then when he did leave everyone, we saw each of the gem’s reactions but not connie’s. and it was heavily implying that steven was going to say something to her next, and then he turned around and it was pretty obvious that he was looking at connie in particular, he said “i love you” in such a quiet dramatic tone, it was very sweet and i think steven needed to confess that he loves connie before he left. though im pretty sure no one heard him. but connie kept screaming for him, as if she wanted to say that she loved him too. it was a pretty touching moment, i just hope he says it to her face to face when he sees her again.  i loved the nice connverse moments in this bomb that lead up to that point, it really brought me back to my happier connverse memories in the first 2 seasons.

Pickup - Avengers x Reader x Natasha Romanoff

Words: 917
Pairing: Avengers x Reader x Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: pickup linesssss
Requested by @dark-angel-deluna
Hey! Can you do an imagine where the reader is super blushy and the Avengers flirt with her (like kiss her cheek or compliment her) just to see her blush alot. But one of them is sincerely flirting and crushing on her! (Much fluff and kisses) -DeL
Authors Note: plot twist this was originally gonna be a bucky fic but then it went nat

Masterlist. Request List.

Comebacks were not your thing.

Especially when the things being said to you was fake flirting.

Pick up lines, a million ways to be called beautiful, always being asked out, you were used to it by now. The Avengers were your closest friend, and after playing a prank on the entire team by using your powers, they wanted to get you back.

They knew you were one to blush, a lot, and this was the perfect thing to do. Flirt.

“I don’t understand why this is the route to get back at me,” You complained to Tony, the only one not participating in the payback.

“Maybe because you covered everything in the base in cheese?” Tony raised an eyebrow, “Everything.”

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Just A Little Bit Longer Part 3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF, some angst (but I promise it is recovered quickly), and a small teeny tiny paragraph of smut which I have marked the beginning and end with **

Word Count: 2840

A/N: A huge thank you to @avasmommy224 for being my forever beta and talking this series through with me!!! Read part 1 and part 2. There are a few more parts planned, keep an eye out if you like what I have written so far ;) Feedback is appreciated, and this is a work of fiction, don’t get all uppity about it lol

He flung his body down on his empty bed, the song still burning in his mind, your memory taking over him once again. Your scent filled his senses like you were still right there with him. Your smile was what he missed the most, the memory of your laughter could make his worst day better. He pulled his extra pillow to his body, wishing it was you, wishing he could kiss you goodnight just one last time. Closing his eyes your face filled the darkness, your hair was blowing in the salty Bora Bora air. The waves were washing over your feet and his, both sets of footprints trailing behind you, fading away with every wave that graced the shore, walking hand in hand; you were complete.

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Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: FINAL PART! Later than I wanted tonight, but I was held after again. It’s been a long journey, and thank you all for sticking with me! It means the world. I hope that this does everything else justice! Enjoy!

Previously: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty One | Twenty Two | Twenty Three | Twenty Four | Twenty Five | Twenty Six | Twenty Seven | Twenty Eight | Twenty Nine | Thirty

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Originally posted by youwerethereforme

Warnings: Some mild smut. Pregnant/Mommy Reader. Birth Scene. Flashback/Memories. Some death. Time Skip. Daddy!Sam. Some fluff mixed in. Real light editing. I believe that is all, and apologize if I missed anything!

Word Count: Roughly 3900

“Daddy?” The soft feminine voice called, making Sam stop at the door. His hand clenched around the frame, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, the question mirrored what she asked every night the past week before bed. “Can you tell me more about mommy?”

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Surprise || Zelo


Summary:  Your boyfriend’s been acting strange for the past few weeks and you’d like to know why. It’d also help if his friends weren’t so distracting.

Word Count: 1,458

A/N: Thank you very much for the request Anon dear and I’m so sorry that it took so long for my to get this to you so I hope you enjoy it! Also; requests will be opening soon so keep an eye out! because I’m gonna pull an all nighter to get through all of these requests before the weekend cones


“Please, let me sleep Daehyun… It’s too early…” You grumbled, pulling your blanket over your head in an attempt to block out the early morning disturbance. Your barricade only lasted a brief second and your bleary vision was filled with the cheerful smile of Jung Daehyun.

“It’s midday and you said we could get lunch today.” He whined, continuing to pull your blanket down and try to drag you out of your bed. You groaned as Daehyun successfully sat you up and angled you so your legs dangled over the edge of the bed. “Let’s go, birthday girl - hey, I’ll even pay this time around~”

You slowly pried your eyes open to see the ever grinning Daehyun, stilling tugging your arm with an increasing force. His words swam around in your head until they clicked in your mind.


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