i really hope josh stays on the show

GMWWriters Tweet Round Up #6

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  • Original Pilot: Elliot (Teo Halm) was cut because he was “too old for the direction we wanted.” (x)
  • “There will be new episodes each month and then season 2.” (x)
  • Farkle’s Choice: “Smackle is always after Farkle.” (x)
  • First Date: Maya and Riley both get kissed on the subway. “You think Riley would do anything without Maya?” (x)
    • “There is an important moment that Lucas sacrifices something pretty major for Maya.” (x)
    • “People walk toward people in slow motion. Except on purpose.” (x)
  • Lines from First Date: "You asked Lucas out??“ (x) "Hurts, doesn’t it?” (x) “Be with your friend.” (x) “May I have your blessing” (x)
  • Is Farkle involved in First Date? “Farkle is one of the four friends. Always there. Something very important happens to him this year.” (x)
  • Does Farkle kiss someone this season? “He tries.” (x)
  • Will Farkle kiss Maya? “Farkle wants Maya, Maya wants Josh, everybody wants what they can’t have and not what they do have. Welcome to life.” (x)


  • Season two will have at least 22 episodes. (x)
  • “We will mix light and heavy next season. You know what that gives you? Balance. We go for balance.” (x)

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