i really hope josh stays on the show

Valencia, I Love You!

I love Valencia.  I know she is mean and has a lot of issues but, seriously, who doesn’t.  Valencia has been lied to, manipulated and cheated on this season.  When she broke up with Josh I was so proud of her.  I really hope they can find a way for her to stay on the show (but I do not want her to get back together with Josh).  I want here to get her own yoga studio.  I want her to make some friends.  I want her to find a guy who will be honest with her and who wants the same things she wants.  

Also, Thank you for confirming that jean skirts are back.  I knew if I just waited long enough they would come back around.  

GMWWriters Tweet Round Up #6

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  • Original Pilot: Elliot (Teo Halm) was cut because he was “too old for the direction we wanted.” (x)
  • “There will be new episodes each month and then season 2.” (x)
  • Farkle’s Choice: “Smackle is always after Farkle.” (x)
  • First Date: Maya and Riley both get kissed on the subway. “You think Riley would do anything without Maya?” (x)
    • “There is an important moment that Lucas sacrifices something pretty major for Maya.” (x)
    • “People walk toward people in slow motion. Except on purpose.” (x)
  • Lines from First Date: "You asked Lucas out??“ (x) "Hurts, doesn’t it?” (x) “Be with your friend.” (x) “May I have your blessing” (x)
  • Is Farkle involved in First Date? “Farkle is one of the four friends. Always there. Something very important happens to him this year.” (x)
  • Does Farkle kiss someone this season? “He tries.” (x)
  • Will Farkle kiss Maya? “Farkle wants Maya, Maya wants Josh, everybody wants what they can’t have and not what they do have. Welcome to life.” (x)


  • Season two will have at least 22 episodes. (x)
  • “We will mix light and heavy next season. You know what that gives you? Balance. We go for balance.” (x)

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Let me just start off by saying, I’ve only listened to twenty one pilots for a good 4 months or so, and I have never loved any other band like I loved them. Also, it’s obviously my first time seeing them live in Houston.
Anyway, yesterday was the first time seeing t.o.p live for me and my bestfriend, and let me tell you, we were determined as fuck. We got there at 8 a.m and bought skip the line passes ! So we met a few cool and new people and heard a couple stories, there were people from Chicago there who followed them here and you’d think they’re crazy, but honestly I’d do the same if I could.

Hours passed, the show sold out, and it was time to go in, my adrenaline was rushing like never before. ( I was lowkey hyperventilating. )

Me and my friend got barricade near the center which wasn’t bad at all for us, we were super fucking happy.
Misterwives & Vinyl Theatre performed, which might I add that they were great, and soon it was twenty one pilots.

When I heard Nigel’s voice announcing t.o.p, I shit you not I started bawling my eyes off and screaming and nearly fainting.

To sum my first experience up, it was

A M A Z I N G.

I can’t even fully describe it, I’m a concert goer and this was the best concert I have ever been to, no bluff in that. I was so emotional and overwhelmed at the fact that they were real and I’m not a fan of saying bands saved my life, but twenty one pilots really helped me keep going. They gave me hope when I had none. They keep me going. They’re a big light in my dark life that makes me want to strive to be happy and peaceful.

I cried so hard during Kitchen Sink, Addict With A Pen, Truce, and Trees. I’d tell you why those songs mean the most to me, but that’d be too long. I’m pretty sure most of you understand though.

I feel everyone should experience them live at least once because you have not lived till you see twenty one pilots live.

I just want to say, to all the skeleton clique, you’re all fucking amazing. I want you to keep going, for those of you who went to their shows, I hope you had an unexplainable experience. For those who couldn’t, I really hope you go to their next tours and stuff.

Stay alive |-/