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I was just wondering, do you have any favourite fics you could recommend? I ask because I find fic authors tend to be 'sponges', so to speak, so if their writing is good, their taste in fic is also really good. And I've kinda fallen in love with your writing.

Oh Nonny, do I ever! You’re right that we authors tend to be fic sponges :D (And thank you for your compliment of my writing, it means more than you know!!)

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I have no idea what you like so I’m just going to bombard you with fic in the hopes that something will stick. Feel free to send me another ask if you have more specific requests, or simply want to explore a certain genre further - trust me, I have plenty more where this came from!

Well, first off, basically absolutely anything @chocolatequeennk​ has ever done. Nancy is truly my queen and my writer crush, she can do no wrong. If you haven’t read her Being to Timelessness series, you absolutely need to do so immediately. Assuming you have, and series rewrites are your thing, I have quite a few more I can recommend to you if you want me to do a follow up.

While we’re on the subject, I also highly recommend the works of @lastbluetardis​ (HiddenTreasures on Ao3): she’s written a lot of incredible reunion/fixit fics which, if you like my writing, I’m sure you’ll adore as much as I do. 

In terms of individual fics, I’m going to go ahead and organise them for you by theme (the tag on my weekly fic rec post is I Read Too Much Fic™ so this shouldn’t come as a surprise). Most of these are Ten/Rose unless otherwise stated. 

But I do have to recommend  The Adventures of the Doctor and Rory the Roman here because it’s the only one on here that isn’t Doctor/Rose (sorry!) This fic chronicles the 2000 years the Centurion spent guarding the Pandorica, because Moffat hates continuity and consequences and loves throwing big numbers around (sorry, not sure if you’re a Moffat fan or not) but either way this fic fills in a lot of blanks and it’s absolutely unique and necessary.

Okay? Here goes!

Reunion/Fixit Fics

  • I recently read Desperado, which is a really interesting take on the dimension-hopping Rose trope which I love so much, mostly concerned with her time in Pete’s World.

  • On Degrees of Forever by @thebaddestwolf​ is one of my absolute favourite reunion fics. I’m trash for LDR-like stories and this one is simply wonderful.

  • A Jump of Three Lifetimes by @leftennant​ is another one that I keep coming back to because there aren’t enough Ten x Rose x Tentoo fics. It’s not really an OT3 fic though - the story is more so Rose reunion shagging her way through the other Doctors. Feel free to hard pass if that’s not your thing!

  • Congruence and Divergence by @allegoricalrose​ is what I imagine watching a galaxy be born must look like. Every word is like a musical note that makes a symphony in my heart every time I read it. VERY angsty Doomsday fixit, but more than worth it.


  • Foundations by @pipertennant​ - this is a pregnancy fic that actually made me cry from all the beauty before my eyes. Simply gorgeous prose. 

  • 5 Times People Asked Rose Tyler About the Father of Her Baby by @lauraxxtennant​ is my absolute favourite kidfic. Hands down. It’s what inspired me to write my own and strikes the perfect balance between Rose’s strength and sadness, and I’m convinced that Joshua is what the actual son of the Doctor would be like.

  • One Crowded Hour also by @allegoricalrose​ is exactly what I said above on their other fic but also a pregnancy fic. Full of raw, real emotion and twists and breathing life. This fic sat in my heart and mind for days after I finished it.

General Doctor/Rose

  • But Broken Lights has some of the best Rose/Doctor character writing I’ve ever read (pro tip: it was intended to lead into a series which never materialised; though the story itself is complete, you can stop reading when you get to the ++ near the bottom of chapter 11 if you don’t want a pointless cliffhanger.)

  • And Always - this one is… interesting. It’s one of my favourite stories ever but it is very much not for everyone. It’s the second of two fics in a series that assumes that the Doctor never left Jack behind, but that the pain of being around him after Bad Wolf changed him is too much and they must always stay thirty feet apart. This is a problem because it’s implied that they were in a three-way relationship with Rose before the Game Station. In this story, Rose comes to Jack’s hotel room dressed as the Doctor and… things go the way you’d expect.

  • Marked is the best treatment of the ‘shag or die’ trope I’ve ever read. I really like it, it treats the subject matter with respect and gravity, and I love the way it shows the relationship between Rose and the Doctor.

  • new everything by @lauraxxtennant​: here, have something that isn’t angst! Regeneration + truth serum = times, they are a-changin’!

  • Senses Only Divide Us by @tenscupcake​: OH MY GOSH THIS FIC. The Doctor is rendered blind and deaf in the course of an adventure and so Rose has to use touch [;)] to reassure him and it’s the best hurt/comfort fic I have ever read.

  • A Long History by @jessalrynn​: And finally, the doozie. The apex. The ultimate. This fic. If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favour. Rose meets a young One and they fall in love and it’s the most beautiful thing in the universe. BUT BE WARNED: it is 100% canon compliant. I won’t spoil it any more than that but I’ve written here about how I wasn’t warned and it destroyed my soul. Just know that it is absolutely worth every second. 

I hope this sates your fic requirement for a while, Nonny! If you still need more, you can always feel free to ask again, like I said before, or you can check in my fic rec and pella reads tags: I do weekly fic rec of all the fic I’ve read in the previous week. Happy reading!

(PS - I’m assuming you wanted Doctor Who recs since that’s what my blog/writing is mostly about but I’m more than happy to recommend Dragon Age, Final Fantasy XII, or even Pirates of the Caribbean fic if you want. Lemme know!)

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Hey so I was looking through your tags page and I couldn't find one about stiles or derek being sleep deprived and stuff? I was wondering if you could make that at some point because I always feel better when I can't sleep if I read things about others not sleeping. (also if i've missed the tag somehow I'm very sorry for wasting your time). Thanks :)

we don’t have a tag like that so it’s no worry. on our page we have a search bar so if you guys ever don’t know what tag to look for, enter whatever words into the search bar and anything that has those words and/or tags from our blog will pop up!

In The Dark I Dream Of You by LunaCanisLupus_22 (1/1 | 6,972 | NC17)

It’s not like a problem, problem.

Stiles doesn’t know why it started happening. Why he of all people, Derek decided needed to be his cuddle buddy.

Sleepy Cuddles (are Good for the Soul) by artenon (1/1 | 5,174 | PG13)

Stiles jerks awake, his cheek smeared with his own drool—gross, but at least he was drooling on his jacket sleeve and not his keyboard, which his arm had been pressed against, and the Word document he has open has an impressive several new pages composed entirely of a string of lowercase “h”s.

Challenge Accepted by wangler (1/1 | 1,866 | G)

Derek sits up, stretching and being effortlessly nice to look at. “We’re having dinner?” he says, with just enough of a shitty tone to spoil the sexiness of his posture and general existence.

“In my Jeep?”

Bitten by pyrodaggers (20/20 | 33,910 | PG13)

Stiles’ life was normal. Except that his best friend was a werewolf and they were being hunted by an Alpha pack!
They tried taking them out, it didn’t work too well. They got their asses kicked and almost killed!
Later, Stiles came in contact with Deucalion unwillingly. He wanted information on Scott and if Stiles didn’t give him the info, Kali was going to kill him, which Stiles wouldn’t put past the Alpha.

“Good. Now, you’ve seen what we are and what we can do. I’m going to make you a one time offer.” Deucalion nodded.
“Oh, yeah? ‘Nd what makes you think I’ll want it?” Stiles raised his eyebrows.
“I can smell your jealousy, Stiles. Do you want the bite? It will make you just like us. Strong and useful.”

As Long as Your Window’s Open by crypticColumnist (1/1 | 1,057 | G)

Derek’s been sneaking into Stiles’ room all summer. It’s really the only place he feels safe. With school out, he hasn’t been able to, and he hasn’t had any rest in a while. Now he’s tired, and hurt, and he just can’t bring himself to care as he climbs through Stiles’ window and collapses onto the floor.

Finstock’s Wilderness Camp for Boys by rainsoakedshoes (1/1 | 12,179 | PG13)

“What happens if I don’t go?”

“You get charged with breaking and entering, and you will probably serve time in a juvenile facility,” the sheriff said matter of factly. “That’s if you’re lucky enough to be tried as a minor.”

“You’d send your own son to jail?” Stiles asked in disbelief.

“You broke into someone’s home, Stiles!” The sheriff took a breath to compose himself and ran a hand across his face. “And this isn’t the first time. I can’t keep bailing you out of trouble. I don’t have any favours left to call in. Either you agree to go to the camp and clean up your act, or you risk getting tried as an adult.”

Telling the Sheriff by kamawe_takami (1/1 | 14,638 | G)

The couple of days leading to Stiles telling his dad about supernatural are not fun.

Sleep Patterns by lyvanna (1/1 | 1,663 | PG13)

Stiles has trouble sleeping when Derek isn’t there.

All That We See or Seem (Is But a Dream Within a Dream) by IllustratedGirl (1/1 | 16,585 | R)

Stiles and Derek can’t sleep. Well. They can, but things go really, really poorly.

The Cogs in My Mind Just Won’t Stop by Reiya_Wakayama (1/1 | 1,224 | G)

Stiles wonders if they’ll ever stop.

Gravity by switchingplaces (1/1 | 2,284 | G)

“Dude, you look like crap,” he said, “When was the last time you slept?”
Derek’s nights are haunted by nightmares. Stiles notices.

to shake the devils from my mind by healingmirth (1/1 | 1,965 | PG13)

“You look tired,” Derek says. Stiles smells like pure human exhaustion, like chemical stimulants and sweat. Derek’s long past expecting him to be still, but Stiles’s fidgets seem muffled, and he’s blinking too often and rubbing at his temple with two fingers on his right hand. His left is clenched into a fist, but Derek can’t see any reason for it. It makes him want to settle Stiles, to draw the tension out of his body, to hold his hands until they remember how they used to behave.

You need to fight this by pyrodaggers (1/1 | 2,041 | PG13)

Stiles knew about the darkness in his heart. Deaton told him about it. He just didn’t pay much attention to it. He should have listened better.

Things go downhill from there.

Coming and Going by Raawr23 (1/1 | 4,252 | R)

He comes and goes as he pleases, that’s what he’s always done. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts when he goes, all that matter is that he comes back and now he can hope.