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My Little Sky

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Requested: By the lovely, lovely @winchesterandpie

Pairings: Cassian Andor x insecure!Reader

Summary: Y/N doesn’t love herself like Cassian thinks that she should, and he most certainly intends to do something about it.

Warnings: insecure reader

Word Count: 1,278

A/N: I really hope that I did this request justice. I always want people to feel fantastic about themselves, but I know that that isn’t always an option. So, I hope that something like this can help, even if it is only a little. <3

You had never seen someone look so confident in themselves. Cassian was in the middle of a meeting and the way that he carried himself made you love him even more.

The two of you had grown up together, both of your parents working for the rebellion. And you had had a crush on him since you had met. You had kept it a secret for years, until he finally told you that he felt the same way. Well, K2 may have accidentally mentioned something about it, but nevertheless, both of your secrets were out and you couldn’t have been happier.

Well, you might have been happier if he wasn’t always off on missions. Or if the other girls on base weren’t constantly flirting with him because they simply couldn’t believe that the two of you were together. Or if maybe he would actually realize that they were flirting with him and ask them to stop. It wasn’t his fault that they found him so attractive. You did. In fact, it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t realize what was going on. You just wished that he would find a way to reassure you, no matter how ridiculous that sounded.

You didn’t look like the other girls, and even though people weren’t constantly pointing it out, it was something that always stuck out in your mind. You would take one step towards loving yourself, and a badly timed comment or the sight of Cassian with one of them would send you flying three steps back.

You knew that you should just talk to him. Cassian would do anything for you, you knew because he told you exactly that all of the time. But there was some invisible force whispering in your ear, telling you that someone would find out, someone would notice something that you had been trying to hide from him for years. You aren’t good enough for him.

He was an amazing captain of the rebellion, you just worked in the kitchen. He was out saving lives and you were stuck in a kitchen trying to piece together a meal that tasted a little less like scrap metal and a little more like something that people would enjoy eating. Not out of necessity, but because it was too delicious not to. And the girls on base weren’t afraid to remind you of your lowly status, either.

The worst part was that no one would ever just come right out and say it to your face. The people on base dealt in cruel whispers and looks that cut you right to the heart. When Cassian was home, it was almost worse. You couldn’t curl up in your bed and let it all out. He dealt with enough stress in his life, always telling you that you were his oasis when he came home. You provided him with a safe place to stay, in a certain kind of way, when was back on base.

He didn’t get a break often from missions, but when he did you wanted it to be stress free for him, knowing that he would be leaving again soon enough.

Today had been worse than usual. A few girls had asked if cookies were really necessary. You had somehow managed to get ahold of extra sugar and some flower, and you were not passing up the opportunity to do something nice for the rest of the base. Several dozen batches of cookies later, you were cheerfully handing them out when a beautiful blonde girl insisted that she couldn’t possibly eat one if she wanted to fit in her flight suit.

Rationally, you knew that she hadn’t meant it to be hurtful, but it stung nonetheless. The food tasted like nothing to you for the rest of the day, and you thanked the universe that Cassian wasn’t home right now. After a hot shower and a good cry, you would definitely feel better.

You quickly cleaned off after a long day and pulled your favorite pillow into your chest, and let the tears flow. Even though a lot of people saw crying as a weakness, it gave you strength to purge the negativity from your system.

Apparently, you were crying so hard that you didn’t hear the door open and Cassian slip inside because you had thought that you were alone until a familiar pair of arms wound their way around your waist, pulling you close.

“What is wrong love?” he asked calmingly, peppering kisses on the side of your face closest to his.

“It’s nothing.” You said, quickly drying the tears from your face and willing yourself not to make any new ones. You had royally screwed up now.

“It’s something if it is causing you hurt.” He placed his hand under your chin, drawing your eyes up to meet his. “You know that you can tell me anything.”

“I can’t tell you this.” You whispered, knowing that it was the truth.

“And why is that.” He asked, a bit of laughter breaking through his serious demeanor. Cassian couldn’t comprehend why you would feel uncomfortable telling him anything, especially if it was something that he could help you with.

“I’m not good enough for you, Cassian. This whole base knows it, I know it…” you sniffled, wiping away a tear that refused to stop. “You know it, but you’re too sweet to do anything about it.”

“That’s nonsense.” You didn’t know what you were expecting him to say. Maybe inform you that you were right and asking you to leave. But you weren’t expecting him to offer you such kind words and to sound so hurt while he said them. “Why would you ever think something like that?”

“I- all of the girls… and I work in the kitchens and I’m just so big. Like I take up more room than I’m allowed in this universe.”

“Mi cielito,” he whispered, and the tenderness of those two words made your heart break. He was always calling you something affectionate, but this one broke your heart. ‘My little sky.’ He insisted that you were his whole world, and your favorite nick name did nothing but reinforce the sentiment. “I wish that you would have told me that you were hurting.” He was so calm, so gentle as he gathered you up in his arms, a calming hand stroking the length of your hair, just to remind you that he was there.

“You were too busy saving the galaxy.” You said, a halfhearted laugh following your sorry attempt at a joke.

“You are my whole world.” He said, his eyes betraying more emotions than you could possibly name. but above all, his eyes were full of love. “I would save you before the useless galaxy any day.” He insisted, nuzzling his face against your neck.

“I love you so much.” You whispered.

This one conversation wasn’t going to fix all of your problems. Your scars ran deep, and a few kisses wasn’t a cure all. But you knew that Cassian was going to be there for you. Because he loved you. And he was going to have a stern talking to with anyone that had something to say about the matter.

“I love you more,” he replied, before pulling you onto your bed and wrapping his arms around you. you couldn’t help but smile as he told you about his day and you told him about yours. Even after his data pad began pinging off the hook, he reassured you that it could most certainly wait until the morning.

“How can I be expected to save anyone else’s universe, if my own is in trouble right here?”


2017.01.19 🔥🕉 Hot Yoga

I didn’t feel like going, I struggled through the whole thing, but always glad when it’s done. Hot Yoga is a huge struggle for me with this extra weight I’ve put back on, and, add to that my back, which never seems to be 100% for long, it’s something that really challenges me, but not in a good way. 

I’m trying to hang in here and keep going semi-consistently, even though I’m not able to do what I used to do, in hopes that I’ll get this weight back off and feel awesome in class again. 

Honestly tho, maybe Arwel really doesn’t know about Johnlock.  Maybe only Moftiss and Steve Thompson and Ben and Martin know?  They said there were things they never wrote down, I mean maybe it’s like this huge secret, and they just orchestrate everything.  They tell Arwel to put elephants everywhere and they tell the costume designers generally what to clothe people in and all that.  It’s not totally inconceivable that everyone involved in the show doesn’t know about Johnlock being endgame.  I feel like Ben and Martin have to know, though, because if they don’t then they literally are just in love with each other.

sarcasticmrfox replied to your post “i will never understand why people who hate killing stalking so much…”

lol really! which not to mention, now that ive actually read it, the fact that they see a woman nude w/ a broken leg in the first half of a chapter and still think it’s romance? baffles, honestly.

like i honestly feel like some people are reading JUST so they can complain about it. which is fine. but then they put those complaints in the tag and like i don’t want to see them. like some may be hoping that bum is rescued or whatever and are reading for that. but this is horror and there’s literally no happy ending in horror. there’s not. there never is. and with all horror things get WORSE BEFORE THE ENDING. generally, you don’t have a monster who eats one person and then everything is okay. that fucking thing goes on a rampage killing as many people as it can in the most gruesome of ways before its captured/killed

sangwoo is a violent, murderous sociopath. getting his dick sucked by bum is literally never going to change that. like come on. either buckle yourself in and ride the ride or get off 

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

Detailed description of the Yuuri/Emil hug

1. Yuuri’s gonna hug me. Let’s keep the direct eye contact with him to make it even more awkward.

2. Oh shit it’s really happening! Mickey hasn’t hugged me in WEEKS oh my oh my, come here, Yuuri, yous weet precious bunbun!

3. Plz don’t let go, don’t let go, don’t let go, this feels too good to be true. Please, be my cuddle buddy, Yuuri. That Italian shit never hugs me like this.




7. Michele you little shit I hope you see this and I hope you’re jealous as fuck.

Again, I would climb into bed with my soul aching, honestly and truly believing I couldn’t battle my mind and heart through the night. Begging anyone that would listen to tell me how to make it all stop.. that my beaten and bruised brain could not face another morning. Ignorance is bliss though, I was always told it was a phase.. to sleep it off, and I would. Every night for years I held on to that last tear drop of hope I wouldn’t always feel like this . But every sun rise I would wake and see the world had just kept spinning as without me. I don’t know when I got left behind, I’ve started I believe maybe I was never really spinning with the rest at all.
I tell you, the amount of my life I lost succumbing to the misery so deeply rooted in my bones. I can remember nothing for years but putting one foot in front of the other, getting lost in the maps of my mind, not even recognising my own reflection.
God.. how often I tried to fix myself. How often I screamed at the sky, begging hulk to give me all my missing pieces. What’s broken will forever have cracks, though.. and I guess I was never whole to start with.
—  Courtney S.L

28.09.16 Two hour study session in the library! Making sure I’ve got all the books I need in a list so I can go get them later, but I’ve already picked up Marx’s theory of history. This library gives me chills and also I feel like I’m at hogwarts. I hope it never wears off. I played quidditch today for the first time too! Really fun - I scored a goal and tackled two people to the ground! Bake off tonight and then to the pub! Xxxxx emily


09/18/2016 • my preliminary writing classes start tomorrow, so i’ve been packing everything i’ll need earlier today. it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that i’m going off to university, but i’m buzzing with excitement about starting a new chapter in my life. i really hope that uni will be good to me and that i’ll make lots of wonderful memories in the next years. 

One dance (M) PT2

BACKGROUND: A Lap dance with Jungkook suddenly stirs feelings both of you never thought existed between you.

AUTHORS NOTE: I finally finished it! Like I said, I can’t write smut to save my life, so if this sucks I really do apologize for those people who got their hopes up :’( I’ll do better next time, I promise. 



“Fuck me.” Jimin groans as he slams his head against the table in front of him. You stifle a laugh before thanking the waiter for your cups of coffee.

“Who told you to drink so much last night?” You scoff before taking a sip out of your iced coffee.

 "They were free shots!“ Jimin defends, staring down at his drink in disgust, the urge to throw up still resonating in him. 

While waiting for time to tick by, you end up playing with your phone while Jimin takes a quick nap in front of you. After scrolling pass the usual memes and random selfies of your friends, a set of pictures suddenly capture your attention and you all but choke on your drink as you sit up and stare wide eyed at your phone. You click the photo to enlarge it and bite your lower lip. It was a picture of you and Jungkook on the club stage last night, his hand on your waist as you ground your hips against him. The seductive smirk on your face has you cringing but then you see Jungkook’s sharp eyes trained on your face, the look of want perfectly identical to the look he had given you in his car last night. 

How could one night with one man turn your world completely upside down? 2 days ago, all you could think about was dancing and taking the lead role, but after one silly little dance all your thoughts were suddenly about him. You shake your head and clear your thoughts. It was ridiculous, you were acting like a school girl with a crush when Jungkook was probably out there somewhere not even giving you the slightest thought. 

 "Earth to Y/N.” Jimin’s voice snaps you out of you reverie and you turn to him with wide eyes as he stares at you, eyes twinkling with curiosity. 

 "Let’s head to the studio, we might be late for practice.“ He mutters before standing up and grabbing his backpack from the seat beside you. You follow after him, taking one last sip out of your drink then skipping out of the coffee shop’s doors.

 "So, I forgot to ask.” Jimin mutters innocently, placing his palm on the small of your back as you cross the street “Where’d you and Jungkook disappear to last night?" 

You bite back a hiss. You knew what Jimin was upto. You knew he was investigating, ready to tease you once he sees a sign of weakness. 

"He got dizzy so we went out to eat and get some food in him.” You shrug casually, proud at the immediate excuse that had popped up in your mind.

 "Until 4 am? Must have been some delicious food you guys were eating.“ He smiles and you resist the urge to frown at him and call him out for his double meanings.

 "Pizza is always delicious.” You nod.

“Is that what we’re calling his dick now?” And now he strikes in full force.

Your mouth hangs open as you push the doors of your studio open and glare at him. 

“What the hell, Chim." 

He lets out a hearty laugh before poking you on the stomach "Oh come on, Y/N. Quit denying it, Jungkook looked so fucking annoyed at me when he had to come pick me up and you sounded so damn breathy over the phone! Did you guys even finish?" 

"Park Jimin, if you dont cut this out, I’m killing you.” You growl, tossing your bag down on the floor as your eyes glanced around the theater room, scanning around for a specific dark haired boy.

“Fine.” Jimin rolls his eyes but suddenly steps in front of you, stopping you from avoiding him like you had originally planned to do.

“But you made out didn’t you?” He smirks and the sudden blush the covers your cheeks gives Jimin his answer as he howls out in laughter. You grit your teeth before slamming your foot down against his own. 

“Like hell I’d kiss him!” You scream in defense before turning on your heels, cheeks flaming in embarrassment as Jimin laughs even louder. You blow your hair out of your face, only to stop in your tracks when you see Jungkook standing a few feet away from you. Your heart stops a beat and just as when you were about to force your self to smile or let out a simple greeting, Jungkook walks pass you as if you hadn’t been standing there at all. Your face falls and you immediately snap your head back to watch him as he lightly pats Jimin on the shoulder as a greeting then makes his way towards the main stage.

 Had he just ignored you? You were standing in plain sight, it’d be impossible if hadn’t seen you at all. You watch as he starts stretching, eyes trained on the wall in front of him as he droned out the world around him.

So in the end, this was how you basically spent your day. Trying and failing multiple times to get Jungkook’s attention. 

It started out during the warm ups when you had intentionally stood a few feet away from him, basically staring at him every now and then, hoping he’d turn to look at you and give you at least one glance. He didn’t.
Next was during your break when you had “accidentally” dropped your bottle in front of him. Yet for some reason, Jungkook who usually never spoke to anyone during practice, called for Yugyeom to check out a dance video he saw online. You frown at his figure before plopping down on the ground and sighing. 

 "Alright, everybody pair up for the cool down.“ You hear your director announce while everyone scrambled around the room to look for their partners. You search for Jimin and immediately frown when you see him standing beside Jihyun, his arms crossed and his face displeased. 

"I have to.” He mouths at you before hissing at Jihyun when she had asked him a question. You end up smiling at him before glancing around the room once more. You hadn’t expected to lock eyes with Jungkook, hadn’t even expected him to take a step towards you, as if ready to ask you if you wanted to pair up. You had probably looked like a lost puppy in the middle of the room without Jimin being by your side. You suck in a breath as he takes another step towards you, your heartbeat speeding up erratically. But then, an arm suddenly hooks around your shoulders and you hear Hoseok sighing beside you.

 "Guess its you and me today, huh?“ He mutters and as much as you loved Hoseok, you were about ready to slam your foot against his face when you saw Jungkook retreat back to Yugyeom’s side, his eyes never making their way back to look at you again. 

 "Hoseok…” You bat your eyelashes at him and he immediately beams, smiling his blinding smile. 


 "As your friend, I love you, but I seriously want to kill you right now.” You hiss to which he squeals before ducking out of your grip.

When the day was coming to an end, you had given up all hope. If he was going to ignore you, then you weren’t going to care. 

 Well…At least, that’s what you wanted him to think. 

 You were furious, fuming to be exact. Jungkook was acting so different. Last night, he acted like he wanted nothing else but to be around you, and you alone. He had even gone as far enough as saying that if you stayed longer around him that he would have ravaged you. Well fucking hell, now he was acting like he didn’t even want to be anywhere near you. 

 You let out a scoff as you watch him laugh with Yugyeom while they follow the dance they had watched earlier. You had had enough and you could feel your blood boiling the longer you looked at him. You were even disgusted at yourself for feeling some sort of interest for him when he clearly thought you were disposable. You grab your bag off of the floor and tell Jimin you’d be in one of the empty dance rooms, practicing one routine on your own. He offers to join you but you shake your head, telling him you needed time to clear your mind. Before he could answer, you step out the theater and make your way down the hall, heading to your usual practice room. You switch the lights on, drop your bag and sigh once you’re greeted by your reflection. Maybe that’s why Jungkook hadn’t talked to you all day, you looked like hell on earth. 

You connect your phone to the speaker, scrolling pass songs you usually danced to. After 5 minutes of scanning through songs, you finally pick one, something faster than usual in hopes of burning out all of your negative thinking. The first beat drops against the speakers and you take one glance at yourself through the mirror before shutting your eyes and snapping your body to the beat. You erase all thoughts from your mind while following the flow of the song, feeling the adrenaline run through you. Dancing was always your form of therapy but as much as you wanted him out of your mind, all you could think about was the way Jungkook’s body had molded perfectly against yours and how you wanted nothing more than to have him pressed against you while you swayed to the beat. 

The song ends faster than you had wanted it to and you let out a groan as you run your hands through your hair, feeling the sweat drip down your body from one song alone.

 "Fuck!“ You hiss, annoyed at yourself for letting your thoughts consume you.

You hear yourself panting and just as you were about to snap your head back and grab your water bottle, a figure catches your attention from the mirror. Jungkook was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest with his eyes trained on you and his face completely unreadable. The sight alone knocks the breath out of you but you do your best to seem unfazed. After ignoring you for the whole day, you had not expected him to be standing in front of you.

 "May I help you?” You ask, proud that you had kept your voice steady.

 Jungkook simply shrugs as he picks up your water bottle and tosses it to you. You frown as you catch it in your hands. What was Jungkook upto? 

 You down the drink immediately, just realizing how thirsty you were. Jungkook’s eyes leave yours for a few seconds, watching the movement of your throat and the rise and fall of your chest. 

 "I’m busy, Jungkook. If you’ve got nothing important to tell me then I should get ba-“ 

 "Like hell I’d leave.” He mocks a high pitched voice and you furrow your eyebrows. What the hell had gotten into him?

 Then it hits you, he was mocking your voice. Like hell I’d kiss him! That was the exact phrase you had screamed to Jimin earlier and he had heard it.

“Jungkook, I didn’t mean for it to come out that way.” You sigh before tying your hair up in a pony tail, annoyed that it was now sticking to your face. Jungkook watches you, his sharp eyes not telling you anything, not even if he was mad at you.

“Yeah? Well how we’re you planning it to come out then?” He bobs his head to the side.

“I didn’t plan for it to come out at all. Jimin’s a little shit at times and he’d never let me live it down if he knew what we did. He practically assumes I fucked you! I dont want to deal with his constant teasing and I dont want you to deal with it too. I dont us to get awkward or anything.” Well, that planned back fired didn’t it? Cause here you two are now and all you feel is nothing but awkward at how things had turned out. 

“Let him assume then.” He shrugs, suddenly taking a step towards you “Unless you don’t want him to know at all? Cause you like him or something." 

 "What?” You scoff “Didn’t I just tell you last night that Jimin wasn’t my type?”

 "Would you kiss him?“ 

 You frown at the out of blue question that slips out of his mouth and suddenly feel the need to tug your hair in frustration. Where in the world was Jungkook going with this?

 "No! I swear to god, do you not hear anything I’m sa-” The words die down on your lips as Jungkook suddenly pushes himself off of the wall he was leaning on, grabbing your phone connected to the speaker and playing the song Jimin and Jihyun were going to perform during the showcase. He starts taking large strides towards you before he wraps his arms around your waist and pushes you back against the mirror, trapping you against it and his body. You let out a gasp as he leans closer to you, face inches away from yours while every other part of you was flushed against him. 

 "Dance with me.“ He breaths out and you shut your eyes, trying to hide your excitement at having him so close to you again. You craved him, no matter how irritated you were, your body couldn’t deny the effect he had on you. 

He pulls away from you, only to tug onto your hand and pull you with him. He twirls your body and presses your back against his chest, the position all too familiar as he places his hands on your waist. 

"Why wouldn’t you kiss Jimin then?” He hums against your ear, swaying your body from side to side, placing his thigh right in between yours making you stifle a gasp as Jungkook smirks at your reflection, glad at his effect on you.

 "I-I dont want to.“ You choke out before shaking your head, in hopes to clear your mind which was now clouded with raw desire. 

"Hmmm.” He nods, as if considering it before standing up straight and backing away from you. You blink up at him in confusion, almost whimpering at the loss of contact while he circles past you only to lean against the mirror, a small smile on his lips.

“What about me?” He breaths out, eyes fluttering as he blinks down at your lips before looking back into your eyes. “What about you?” You squeak out, dodging the question but Jungkook just smirks before licking his lower lip and bobbing his head to the side. 

“Don’t play dumb, sweetheart.” He mumbles before meeting your gaze yet again “Cause I’m not doing anything unless I know you actually want it." 

You mentally groan at him, just realizing that the frustration you were feeling earlier was actually sexual frustration and the root cause of it was standing right before you, running his tongue against his lips and breaking your last hope at control. 

 "Kiss me before I slam your head against the mirror, Jeon.” Your words release a chuckle from his lips and you were sure you’ve never heard a more beautiful sound. Before you could even smile back at him, Jungkook’s lips slam against yours and your hands fly out to hold the sleeves of his shirt as both your mouths moved against each other. Jungkook’s tongue traces a line against your lips and you immediately give him access, battling against him for dominance as your hands find their way into his hair, trying to bring him even closer to you. You bite down gently on his lower lip and the groan that leaves Jungkook’s lips are music to your ears. You stand corrected, this was the most beautiful sound you had heard. Jungkook pulls away from you and you were about to let out a whine when his lips suddenly latch onto your neck. Instead, you let out a purr of satisfaction, angling your head to the side and giving him more access as his kisses turn from light pecks to slow biting and sucking. How you were going to leave the studio without anyone noticing the marks on your neck, you didn’t know. But hell you didn’t even care anymore. You didn’t even know just how far you two would have gone until you hear the loud call from outside the door. Your eyes snap open as Jungkook stills against you.

“Hey, you two. The studio’s closing early, everyone’s being asked to leave tonight.” You hear Jimin’s teasing voice and you let out a groan before leaning your head back against the mirror “I’m going to kill him, I swear.”

“Not if I beat you to it.” Jungkook growls but places another kiss against your lips 

“You busy tonight?” You let out a smile before shaking your head and wrapping your hands around his neck "Nope, parents aren’t home tonight so I’m a free bird.“

"Perfect.” He groans, leaning against your body “Cause I’m starving and I heard your an amazing cook." 

"Inviting yourself over now?” You tease and Jungkook’s answering blush leaves you in bliss as you chuckle and nudge him off of you so that you could grab your bag. 

“I am cause I can’t handle another night of Jimin cock blocking me too.” He breaths out. You blink at him in surprise, feeling a familiar heat pulse through your core at the 14 words that almost had your knees bucking. 

 Jeon Jungkook was going to be the death of you. 

 "I make a mean lasagna.“ You smile and the grin that crosses his face has your heart fluttering against your chest in excitement. Oh, the things you could do to him. 

If someone had told you 3 days ago that you’d be laughing your ass off in your own home with Jeon Jungkook, you would have called them crazy. Yet here you are, covering your mouth as you watch Jungkook frown at the set of ingredients laid out in front of him, trying to decide what went where.

"I swear if you make me do this, we’re going to end up ordering take out.”

“It’s not that hard, lasagna’s pretty basic!” You giggle before slapping his hands away and bumping your hips against his, telling him to move. Jungkook arches an eyebrow, taking a side step to move out of your way but still trying to linger close to you. You tie your still damp hair up in a ponytail, fresh from the shower you had taken. Jungkook glances at your neck, a wide smile forming on his lips at the sight of the purple mark flowering against your skin. He watches in silent fascination as you roll up the sleeves of your sweater before you start placing all the ingredients together. You work in concentration, unaware of the plan blossoming in the young boy’s mind as he steps behind you, gently placing his hands on your hips. You freeze for a few seconds, your eyebrows arching in surprise, but you immediately shake it off, deciding to feign ignorance as you continue working. Jungkook lets out a smirk before dipping his head down to place his lips against the back of your neck. The sensation has you shutting your eyes for a few seconds before you clear your throat and lean back against him, trying to push him off of you. 

“I have to finish this and put it in the oven Jungkook." 

"Who said I was stopping you? By all means, finish.” He smiles at you and you have to roll your eyes at him before turning back to what you were doing. Jungkook was more confident now, pleased to know he was affecting you. He runs his hands against the hem of your shirt, slightly lifting it up and placing his fingers against your abdomen, his cold hands pressing on your warm skin. You suck in a breath before taking the last pieces of ingredients, silently thanking the heavens that you were almost done. Jungkook attacks again by planting soft kisses against your neck, gently nibbling on your skin every now and then. You bite your tongue in hopes to stop the moan that was threatening to leave your lips. Jungkook’s thumb rubs small circles against your skin, his hips edging closer and closer to your behind. You let out a small smirk as you lift the tray off the kitchen island, backing up against Jungkook and lightly grinding your hips against him. Jungkook immediately groans in surprise, not expecting the action. When his hands drop from your stomach you immediately shimmy away from him and walk towards the oven. You place the tray inside and smile happily as you adjust the timer. Now all you had to do was wait. 

Or better yet, play

 You angle your head back and smirk at Jungkook who was now glaring at you, annoyed that the small act had affected him so much. He had craved you for two days and he despised the fact that every chance he got with you was blocked once you two had gotten close to doing anything at all. Jungkook wanted you and if he wasn’t going to get you tonight, there would be hell to pay. His own. 

 "You look like you want to kill me, Jeon.“ You hum as you wash your hands, eyes still trained on Jungkook. 

"Do I?” His voice is low and the way it wraps around you has you shivering in anticipation. 

 You lean against the counter beside you and bob your head to the side. You cross your arms over your chest and shrug. “What do you want to do?” You ask, voice dancing against Jungkook’s ears and causing him to shiver with excitement. 

“Are you really asking me that?” His voice almost comes out as a plea, sounding so delicious that you have to press your thighs together.

“I’m waiting." 

Those words were all Jungkook needed as he basically flew towards you, arms wrapping around you as he backed you against the kitchen wall, lips immediately slamming against yours. He wastes no time, running his tongue against your lips and capturing your gasp into his own mouth. Jungkook grabs both your thighs and you immediately circle your arms around his neck as he lifts your legs up and wrap them around him. You let out a moan when his arousal rubs right against you, shocking you at how hard he already was.

"Bedroom?” He mumbles against your lips but you shake your head, running your fingers through his hair. 

“Too far. Living room.” You inform him and Jungkook is quick to move as he navigates you both out of the kitchen and into the living room, lips never leaving yours. Once you reach the couch, Jungkook lowers himself to sit down while you straddle him, your hips immediately grinding down in slow circles that has Jungkook choking in pleasure. 

Fuck” he hisses and you smile in satisfaction as you trail kisses down his jawline, his neck, then on a spot right below his earlobe that has him mewling in pleasure. So this was his weak spot. You take note of your discovery while grabbing the hem of his shirt and lifting it off of him, eyes widening when you see the toned upper body that greeted you. Jungkook was definitely a greek god, you were sure of it now. You lick your lips in appreciation before running your nails against his perfectly sculptured abdomen. Jungkook throws his head back, a string of curses leaving his mouth once you attached your lips back onto his weak spot, biting down hard only to swipe your tongue against the bitten are as an apology.

 “Y/N, holy shit.” The way your name had rolled off of his tongue sends another wave of heat pulsing through you and you start grinding harder against him, hoping to relieve yourself from the intense amount of need from your own arousal. 

Jungkook’s runs his hands up your waist then towards your hair, grabbing your ponytail and undoing it, letting your hair fall around you. He grabs a hand full before leading your lips back against his. He grabs the end of your sweater and all but tears it off of you. Jungkook palms your chest over your bra and the whimper that leaves your lips has him smiling as he takes your bottom lip between his own teeth.

“You have no idea how fucking sexy you are.” He mutters as he pushes your bra straps down one by one, revealing your bare chest to him as he sits back and admires you. You reach behind to unhook your bra, letting it fall down against the couch. Before you can place your hands back on Jungkook’s chest, he wraps his arms around you, imprisoning you from moving as he latches onto one of your nipples. You let out a loud moan and throw your head back in pleasure as Jungkook’s tongue darts around you, his free hand pinching the other neglected bud. You arch your back against him while Jungkook reaches for your thighs, suddenly flipping you over till your back lies against the cool leather of the couch. You were about to call him out but Jungkook claims your lips yet again, his chest pressing against yours as he grinds his erection right onto your clothed core. He swallows your moans and smiles against your lips at the feel of your hard nipples rubbing against his chest as you dug your nails onto his back. Jungkook trails kisses down your jawline, chest, stomach and right above the waistband of your shorts. You suck in a breath as you watch him slide your shorts and underwear down your legs, his eyes locked on yours the entire time. Once he’d taken everything off, he spares one glance at your core and tips his head back and groans.

Fuck, Y/N.” He all but hisses through his teeth “You’re so fucking wet." 

You blush at the comment, hoping to press your legs together and hide from him but Jungkook shakes his head and places his hands against your thighs, separating them. 

"Kook what are y-FUCK!” You arch your back as he swipes his tongue flat against where you had needed him the most. You twine your fingers through his hair while he laps his tongue against your core, tasting every bit of you that he could. 

“Shit baby, have you always tasted this good?” He hums against you and you bite your lower lip, biting back the moan that wanted to escape you from his words alone. Unexpectedly, Jungkook inserts a finger into you and your back all but flies off of the couch. Jungkook starts pumping into you at a slow pace, making you hiss and urge him to speed up. He chuckles lightly at your aggression before planting a kiss against your naval, adding another finger and pulling in and out of you faster. You place your hands over your mouth, hoping to silence your mewls but Jungkook immediately grabs your hand, growling. 

“Let me hear you.” He hisses before circling his tongue over your clit. You lose it. You scream out his name and Jungkook starts moving his fingers faster. You feel your stomach tightening just as your legs shake, the first tell tale signs of your oncoming orgasm. The lewd sounds that leave your mouth urges Jungkook on as he laps his tongue around you before taking your clit between both his lips and lightly sucking. A broken cry escapes you as you press your thighs against his head. 

“Jungkook, I’m clos-FUCK!” He doesnt even let you finish as he scissors his fingers inside you, finally breaking your wall of pleasure. You moan out his name, a haze of white cover your eyes as you shiver, feeling Jungkook still pumping his fingers in you, helping you ride out your high. 

“Shit” You breath out and watch as Jungkook smiles down at you, licking his fingers clean. The sight alone has another wave of heat pulsing through you and this time you had no doubts that Jeon Jungkook was going to be the absolute death of you. 

Jungkook watches as you sit up, eyes twinkling with mischief as you press him back against the couch. His eyes follow you as you press a chaste kiss against his lips before sinking down on the floor on your knees. Your hands trail down his body before stopping against his belt to tease him. You gingerly run your nails against his bulge making Jungkook groan and throw his head back on the couch. His self control was on the verge of snapping as he fought back the urge to rip his own pants off of him and just ram himself into your pretty little mouth. 

“Needy, aren’t we?” You smile, unbuckling his belt as slowly as you could, teasing him. 

“You have no fucking idea.” He growls before he pushes down his own pants, leaving him in nothing but his boxer briefs. You glance down at him in silent appreciation when you see the tip of his length peaking out of the waistband. You palm him through his clothed member and Jungkook’s choked moan has you smiling as you place a kiss against his thigh. You push his boxers down and wrap your nibble fingers around him causing Jungkook to buck against your hand in need. 

“Cockblocked for one day and your already this hard for me?” You tease, biting down your own desire to ravage him, to milk out every moan and scream of pleasure out of him, to have him sexually fucked up that he’d forget his own name. 

Jungkook sees the fiery look in your eyes and a wide smirk plasters across his lips as he shakes his head 

“Oh I’ve wanted you for longer than that, sweetheart. Ever since I laid my eyes on you, I’ve been cockblocked.” His confession stuns you. You blink up at him, your mind just processing the depth of his words. Jungkook had wanted you before the lap dance. Jungkook had noticed you before you even entertained the idea of him. Something sets ablaze inside of you and the poor little boy had not prepared himself when you had suddenly wrapped your lips around his length, taking in as much of him as you could. Jungkook’s arms attach a death like grip against the couch’s arm rest, his thigh’s muscles tightening as he screws his eyes shut and throws his head back, moaning out your name followed by a string of curses. The reaction is so addicting that you pull him out of your mouth with a pop only to gently swipe your tongue against the tip of his length.

 "Y/N, please.“ Oh how you loved begging. Lived for it to be exact. But Jungkook looked too much in pain for you to tease him any further. You take him back into your mouth, your head bobbing up and down, taking him deeper and deeper each time. Jungkook’s hand now threads through your hair, trying to push your head onto him as far as you could go. When he had pulled far too stronger than you had liked, you stop bobbing your head, his tip hitting the back of your throat. 

Then you swallow. 

Fucking hell, Y/N!!“ He moans, his grip disappearing as he tugs onto his own hair this time. You pull him out of your mouth and smile ecstatically at the sight of him. Jeon Jungkook was borderline fucked up. With his body sweating, his veins protruding against his skin and his eyes completely livid as they stare down at you, wondering if you were real or just a figment of his sexual fantasies. 

He didn’t even notice when you had put the condom on him or where you even got it in the first place. Jungkook only snaps back into reality when he sees you slowly crawl up against his lap, lining your entrance against him then slowly sinking down and taking in his length inch by delicious inch. 

Yup, You were addictively real. 

Before you could make it half way through him, Jungkook places his hands on your hips, stopping you. "You sure about this?” He all but croaks out, trying to control himself when all he wanted to do was to slam into you with every ounce of strength in him. 

“Jungkook.” You hiss, nails digging onto his back. Off all the moments he had chosen to be chivalrous, he chose this one. 

“Fuck me. NOW.

“With pleasure!” He answers back before he’s deep inside of you. The lewd sounds that exit both your mouths vibrate against the walls. Your hands fly onto his shoulders, gripping onto him for dear life. Jungkook gives you time to adjust, his hands flat against the couch as he lets out a steadying breath. You were about to rise up and ride him but Jungkook suddenly grabs your hips and twists both of you so that you were now lying on your back against the couch with him on top of you. This was the second time he had done this and you weren’t pleased at all. 

“What are you doing?” You growl, annoyed at the loss of dominance. 

“Taking control, sweetheart. You don’t play fair.” Jungkook smiles down at you, his arms flexing at the amount of control he was forcing himself to use. You had teased him almost past his breaking point and this was his method of retribution. 

It doesn’t take long till your whining and grinding your hips against him, begging him to move.

 “Jungkook, move. Please.”

“I dont know, I kind of like it like this.” He runs his nose against your neck, a devil like smirk on his face.

Jungkook! I need you to move. I fucking need you.”

Jungkook slam his lips against yours just so he wouldn’t spit out more curses that could send him straight to hell. It turns out that Jungkook himself had just discovered one of his sexual weaknesses today: your begging

He slowly starts to rock his hips against you, his speed aggravating you as you suddenly bite down onto his lip. Jungkook’s groan is almost beast like as you smile and pull away from his kiss, your mouth hovering close to his ear. 

“You’re not going to break me, Jeon. Do your worst." 

Jungkook had lost it, his vision had blurred and the only thought he had in his mind was to give everything you had asked for. He thrusts out of you only to slam back in in full force. Both of you let out moans of each others name, the pleasure too much to handle. 

Why hadn’t you fucked Jungkook earlier? You should’ve definitely fucked him sooner. 

"Its crazy.” Jungkook groans, his arms flexing as he stares down at you “You’re so fucking tight." 

"Mmm Thanks?” You still found it in you to tease him and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile at you, his eyes twinkling in adoration that has your breath knocked out of you. It only lasts a second until the feeling is immediately replaced by the moan that escapes your lips as you arch your back. Jungkook had started hitting a certain spot in you that had turned your vision hazy. Craving more of your beautiful reaction, he decides to slam into that spot over and over again. Jungkook takes his lower lip between his teeth, the sight of you loosing yourself was almost enough to push him over the edge. He was close and he knew it. 

“Jungkook, I’m not gonna last any longer.” You almost scream out when he slams into you even harder now. Jungkook grabs both your hands, intertwining his fingers through yours as traps them over your head, his speed picking up even faster now. You throw your head from side to side, lost in a world of intense pleasure, your climax building up even stronger.

“Come on baby, cum for me.” Jungkook coaxes you and another slam of his hips does the trick as you scream out his name, the strongest orgasm you’ve ever experienced rocking through your body. The image of your state was enough to have Jungkook coming after you but once your heat clenches around him, tightening around his member, Jungkook all but collapses on top of you finally riding out his own orgasm.

Both of you are wrecked and panting as you lay there motionless, the aftershocks of sex vibrating off of both of you.

“Holy shit.” Jungkook mumbles as he nuzzles your neck and pulls out of you.

 "That was-“ You swallow, unsure how to explain what had just happened ”-wow.“ 

Jungkook chuckles before nodding and lifting his head up to look you in the eye "Wow.”

You study Jungkook’s face, just coming to notice certain features you weren’t able to pick up on before. The mole right below his lip, his habit of pursing his lips every now and then, his eyes that could shift from innocence to sinfulness in the matter of a few seconds. You had noticed them now, and as much as it scared you to say it, you realized you adored them. 

“What?” Jungkook says after a while, embarrassed of being under the scrutiny of your gaze. 

“Nothing.” You hum and shift your gaze to the ceiling, your fingers tracing small circles against his back. Jungkook smiles at the small gesture, his eyes trying to get you to look at him again. You notice his efforts and bite back a smile as you shut your eyes, depriving him of what he had wanted.

Jungkook clicks his tongue at you but smiles before dipping his head down to place his lips on yours. You had not expected the kiss and when you slowly open your eyes to stare at him, Jungkook immediately smiles against your lips.

“There they are.” He hums and just as you were about to blush, a sudden buzzing has your eyes widening and shoving him off of you, remembering your lasagna. 

“Our dinner!” You squeal, running butt naked into the kitchen, scared that you would’ve ruined your creation before Jungkook even got to taste it. 

The left behind boy watches in silent awe as you throw on an apron, scrambling around the kitchen for oven mitts. He lets out a wide smile as he collapses back on the couch, heart hammering against his chest. 

“She really is something.”

Leather and Lace

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader and Dean have have been together for three years, but have never established any kind of relationship. They both have feelings for each other but are afraid to voice them, not wanting the other to run away.

Word Count: 3.5k-ish

Warnings: AU, Fluff, Implied Smut, Doubt, Mention of character deaths (just a few)

Author’s Note: Hey my beauties. This is my entry for @atc74 115 Celebration Challenge. I got the song “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. I really hope you guys like it. I loved writing it!

Also, special thanks to my beautiful Ree for reading over it! Love you, boo!!

It was those green eyes of his that did me in. I knew, from the moment he stepped into that diner, that he was the one for me.

Silly, right?

What kind of girl thinks like that nowadays? Those are fairytale fantasies. Something a mother tells their daughter before bedtime. “Love at first sight,” she would say, “is the best kind of love there is.”

If I had known how true those words would be, I would have steered clear of all men in general. And I was doing so good. Until he walked through that door.

Tall and masculine, Dean stood out from everyone else there. That leather jacket clinging loosely to his broad shoulders, making him look tough and dangerous, and downright irresistible. Jeans hugged his lower body, his bow legs adorable and I hid a smile as my eyes roamed back up his body to meet his eyes.

“Hey, Sweetheart,” he greeted, a knowing smile on his lips. His green eyes glowed brightly with the afternoon sun flitting through the large windows, mesmerizing me.

“Hey,” I murmured back, my smile mimicking his.

He looked around before leaning over the counter, catching my my surprise by pecking me quickly on the lips. “What time you off today?”

I inhaled deeply, taking in his scent; the familiar hint of leather, whiskey, and something that was just Dean. “Mm, my shift’s almost done, actually,” I breathed, feeling a bit lightheaded.

Dean grinned. “Awesome. See you out there in, say, fifteen minutes?”

I arched an eyebrow and crossed my arms over my chest. “Who said I was free tonight? For all you know, I could have a date tonight with Malcolm Grady.”

Dean made a face. “Malcolm Grady? Who in the hell-?

“You haven’t exactly set any terms for tonight, Sweetheart,” I said, teasing him slightly. “Comin’ in here and automatically assuming I’m free. Who do you think you are?”

Dean stared at me for a moment before flashing me that Dean smirk that I loved so much. “I’m Dean fucking Winchester.”

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“Talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. Talk to a man in the language of his home - that goes to his heart.” As for the context, I imagine Genji would have been feeling pretty down post-operation/getting murdered by his own brother. For those that can’t speak japanese, Genji says “Never mind, It’s nothing.” Angela replies with “Really?”

I hope your first relationship is full of laughter and happiness. I hope your partner really loves you and never hurts you on purpose. I hope you guys stay up all night discussing mythical creatures or something just as abstract. I hope you never have to doubt your partner’s faithfulness. I hope you never let your partner go to bed angry, that you experience that indescribable feeling of being wanted and needed. 

I hope your first relationship is nothing like mine.

It feels like everyone’s giving the boy a big loving welcome and it’s really good and sweet… I hope he’s as bashful as I’m making him out to be hahaha


Hey there, humans of Tumblr and dear followers !
As it seems this will be MY LAST POST HERE ! But, before I officially move to my new blog @k-eis, I had to make an appreciation post because ever since I created this blog I never did such thing even though I reached few milestones; and so leaving like that didn’t really feel right!
Actually when I created this blog back on 2013, I was just curious about Tumblr. I had no intention of being active or to interact with the fandom, but that slightly changed now, even so the overall time I was actually active here amounts to max 5 or 6 months over 3 years of history! x’D So, this blog is full of holes (like its owner honestly :’)) and is terribly inconsistent !
However recently, I have met some amazing people that encouraged me to start new! ThereforeI want to make a new blog when I am steadily active and where I share my terrible (and shitty) edits with you!
Nevertheless, I enjoyed being here most of the time and I had many good memories, so I had to thank everyone who supported me along with all the blogs that inspired me and will continue to inspire me daily !O(≧▽≦)O

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anonymous asked:

I really like your analysis of Yuuri & Victor's relationship. You make a lot of valid points. I would admit that I'm one of those people that isn't certain that their relationship isnt platonic. Simply because Victor & Yuuri never spoke about their romantic feelings for one another & every time there is a “romantic” atmosphere between them it’s always in reference to their “student – coach” relationship. I'm really hoping to be proven wrong.

See, here’s the thing. I can understand explaining things away as platonic to a certain point. Especially when we’re dealing with an unreliable narrator.

But Victor literally says it.

Victor uses the words “engagement” and “married.”

I don’t know how that can be explained away as platonic, and I’m kinda curious if people are trying? Do people think he’s just joking around?

First spread of the new year!

 I never know what to say in the captions of these things, so I guess I’ll just tell you how this first week of the year went. 

I can’t exactly say it’s been great. I’m still struggling with some mental health issues at the moment and I often find myself severely lacking in motivation, which can be frustrating if I have plenty I need to get done. 

But I still have hope. I still feel like things are going to get better soon. That this really is going to be my year. 

I Have Something To Tell You

Hey guys! So this is a request i got from an anon not too long ago:

“Can you write a oneshot where reader is pregnant with Mr. J’s baby, he’s not thrilled about the pregnancy but then he feels the baby move for the first time and then feels better about it? Thank you 💖💖”

I really hope this is what you were looking for and I really hope everyone likes it! As always, feed back is greatly appreciated and requests are open! I’ve got a few on the way and I’m a little backed up because of school and such but if there’s something you want then I will absolutely get to that!


You never thought this day would come and you prayed it never would but here you are, sitting on your bathroom floor, that damn tiny stick in your hand. You were pregnant. It hadn’t quite sunken in yet. Thoughts were running through your brain a million miles a minute. How were you gonna tell J? What were you going to do with it? Well you wanted to keep of course, you may be a stone cold killer any other day but even though this isn’t even a human by any means yet it was something you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You figured that you may as well just get it over with an tell him and face the consequences. He was off at work for the next couple hours, giving you time to plan your speech on how to tell him you were pregnant and that you were going to keep it no matter what he said.

“Alright J I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant. No that sounds dumb. J we’re having a baby! No no that’s ridiculous. J we have created life. What the fuck who says that?” you argued with yourself in the mirror. You decided to lay down and have a quick nap to clear your head a little bit. You laid in bed, eyes wide open, unable to sleep. You heard the front doors slam and you shot up, scared about what was about to come.

“Y/N I’m home,” he yelled throughout the house. You made your way downstairs to greet the green haired man. “How was your day baby? Did you get wild and crazy?” He winked at you. You smiled and shook your head. Now or never I guess? You thought to yourself.

“J there’s something I gotta tell you and I don’t think you’re going to like it very much…” your voice trailed off. His smile dropped and he looked at with with a deathly serious look. He nodded for you to proceed. “I’m pregnant.”

As soon as the words left your mouth he had you pinned against the wall behind you.

“You’re lying Y/N. Don’t fucking lie to me like that,” he muttered in a dangerously low voice. Your closed your eyes to prevent your from crying.

“I’m not lying J…” You muttered.

“Then why the fuck are we here? I’m driving you to the clinic right now. Get in the car,” he said quickly, turning away to walk out to the car. You grabbed his wrist lightly so he would turn around and face you.

“No J. I’m keeping it. I don’t care what you do. I’m keeping it. Kick me out, do whatever your please, but I’m keeping it.” You were impressed that your voice had remained relatively strong and that you hadn’t let him get to you too much. You ran your hand over your flat tummy. You weren’t stupid, you knew that there wasn’t really anything in there but it gave you an idea of where you would be in 9 months time. You were terrified of what he would do to you but you hoped he wouldn’t be too hard on you.

You felt cold metal press against your forehead and knew immediately what he was going to do. You closed your eyes and waited for the loud bang but it never came. He growled and lowered his weapon.

“I want nothing to do with it. If you’re keeping it I don’t want any part of it. It’s yours, not mine,” he said angrily. You fell to the floor, the rush of being that close to the end of your life made you crash. You were alive, so was your future baby. You breathed a loud sigh of relief and leaned against the wall behind you. It broke your heart to hear those words but you took it for what it was worth and reminded yourself that it was going to be okay eventually.


It had been 5 months since you had told J that you were pregnant. He spent so long refusing to acknowledge what was happening. Each day it seemed that your belly grew more and more and you were finally showing.

The most significant change though was J’s attitude towards the whole thing. He was slowly becoming more and more accepting of the baby. He was starting to compliment you again, his anger seemed to start dissipating with every passing day.

“J?” You called.

“Yes beautiful?” He replied. You smiled at the compliment and he followed your voice, coming towards you. You smiled down at your belly and lifted your head to smile at him. He didn’t seem especially pleased that you had called him over for something that he found so insignificant.

“J can you please touch my belly at least once? It would mean a lot to me. I know you don’t want anything to do with this and I accepted that a long time ago but could you please do this for me? She’s my little baby girl and I want you to briefly be apart of this,” you begged. He stared at you showing no emotion on your face whatsoever. Your face lit up as he reached for your stomach. You grabbed his hand lightly and put it against your belly. At that moment you felt her kick against the inside of your body. He looked up at you in momentary shock.

“She kicked,” he stated simply, looking up into your eyes.

“Yea that’s the first time! It’s so weird-”

“She did it when I touched your stomach,” he interrupted. His eyes lit up as he realized that your little baby had recognized her father’s touch. “Shh baby, daddy’s here. Daddy’s here princess,” he muttered to your stomach. Your heart exploded as you saw the man you love whisper sweet nothings to your unborn child. “Baby, I’m sorry. This is our child, I shouldn’t let you do this alone. She’ll be beautiful. She’ll have your eyes, or maybe my eyes and your hair. I don’t know but regardless she’s going to be the most beautiful girl I’ll ever lay my eyes on.” You faked being offended and he smiled. “Besides you of course my love.”

Ever since that day he had been nothing but supportive. He was the same crude, violent, insane man that you loved but he was sure to never do anything to harm you or the child. He was the love of your life and he had devoted himself to your and your child.

“I can’t wait to meet you my little nugget,” he said as he kneeled down in front of my belly. I smiled at the whole interaction, admiring his caring side. He was a scary guy, no doubt, but contrary to what most believe he does in fact have a sweet side to him. “We’re in this together baby, now let’s go start you a nice hot bath baby,” he said with his wild silver grin adorning his face.