i really hope i got all your urls right


Many kind and generous people have messaged the blog in recent days offering to help me out with modding. Right now I’ve got a second mod in mind and will hopefully be implementing their help soon, which is great! 

Thanks to everyone who offered, I’ve made a list of your URLs for if we might ever require more than two. Its really been amazing to see so many people who like the blog and who wish to help out– you’re awesome and great and I’m hoping you all get good mount/weapon/appearance drops for months to come! 

queenofchaosandfandoms  asked:

(Blog Compliment+ Name Aesthetics) Im having such a busy week but i have a oneweek holiday in a few days so looking rly forward to that plus im going to watch loooadds of movies in the holiday How was your week?💕 P.S. i hope im not too late

Hey Kirsten (@studyblr2019)!! i am so so sorry this has took me so long to get round to but I’ve been really busy.. hope your movie holiday went well, and are you enjoying the new series of GoT? 😊

simple yet effective.. nice 💖

i associate succulents and stuff like that with studyblr immediately, so i’m loving the vibe it’s giving!

genuinely gorgeous.. hands down one of the best themes i’ve seen. the colours are so pretty and it’s all so easy to navigate  💕

original posts:
so cute!! your posts are so consistently pretty.. and those rainbow pens and stuff look so cool

not right now but i still love you ~ i just did!! ~ well duh ~ forever and always

my fave part:
you honestly come across as such a lovely person.. and i love the birthday page, it’s such a sweet idea!!

blog aesthetic:
candyfloss, lip gloss, gladiator sandals, flowers on a cactus, bubblegum

name aesthetic:
a renaissance painting, a locket, the sound of a waterfall, tulips, a pond in a stately manor

☆ Want one? ☆

Hello everyone~  I’ve been wanting to make another follow forever for a while now sooo here it is~  (I swear I’ve been talking about making one for like 6 months now, just ask Mia// )  Anyways, I was planning on this as a “thank you for 3k followers” sort of thing but I procrastinated and now the significance of that is gone;;  So now it’s a “thank you for 3k+ followers and Happy Holidays” sort of thing, eheh//  I had intended to keep this under 100blogs but then it got a little out of hand and is closer to 150, aha.  Oh and I’m sorry if your url is mispelled or something; aaaaand if you’re not on here I’m sorry and I still love you all, it was just really hard to choose okay? ; u ; //   I was going to link all the urls but I am far to lazy for that right now so, yeah.  Aaaand this graphic is sort of boring but it’s my precious children hehe~ So yes, thank you also for keeping my dash lovely, thank you to everyone that follows me and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday~! ♥ 


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