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klance fic rec list

i’m really lazy so this is super belated, BUT i’ve finally made a klance fic rec list.

i have a Thing about established relationship fic and WIPs, so you’ll find neither on this list. if that’s your thing, apologies! otherwise, my standards are pretty high for enjoyable fic, so i hope you enjoy!

also, i tried to avoid recommending too many of the mega-popular fics within the fandom (highest kudos/views/etc.) mostly because they are so easy to find, and i wanted to give some of the lesser viewed fics some attention. that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy some of the most viewed fics in the fandom, though!

starlight - this fic does a great job of flipping the “friends trying to get other friends together” trope on its head. on-spot characterizations with lance really trying to do the right thing, and failing.
word count: 7719
rating: T

we’ll make it, you and me - because everyone needs near-death fic in their lives.
word count: 6421
rating: Tish
(warning for violence/injury)

what are you willing to do? - there isn’t enough smut of keith and lance fucking in their lions to ever truly satisfy me but this helps to ease the hole in my heart
word count: 3859
rating: E

somewhere i have never traveled - i am a sucker for some good postmodern structuring, and this fic delivers beautifully. lots of feels between two stupid boys in love.
word count: 4257 
rating: T

and i’ll keep you a daydream away - because everyone needs some parks and rec AU in their lives. very humorous!
word count: 2952 
rating: G

bonding time - i know you’re here for explicit recs so just take this heat!keith and enjoy it and its sequel, you fucking pervert
word count: 16416
rating: E

we’ll be counting stars - college AU with keith being a pining, ridiculous mess.
word count: 2958
rating: T

sweet like honeysuckle late at night - featuring prime banter between pidge and lance, along with some humorous porn. (not between pidge and lance. that’d be weird for a klance rec list.)
word count: 4838
rating: E

to catch a thief - a cute, flirty AU with lance as an art thief and keith as a cop.
word count: 5176
rating: T

pepsicola - really endearing rivals-to-friends-to-lovers fic that runs alongside canon.
(also this is inspired by phee’s art and that’s just lovely)
word count: 10320
rating: T
(warning for violence/injury)

the little things - cute fic of klance through hunk’s pov!
word count: 1675
rating: G

rapid escalation - wherein keith is oblivious to lance’s crush. really adorable and accurate characterization!
word count: 3095
rating: M

the benefits of afternoon tea - lance and hunk in a tea shop!! and keith is their server!!!
word count: 1185
rating: G

take the easel way out - this fic had me at “keith is a nude model for lance’s figure drawing class and lance is a flustered mess because of it”
word count: 4093
rating: M

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - THEY’RE SPACE MUSEUM VOLUNTEERS and it is cute as fuck
word count: 16588 rating: T

with quiet words i’ll lead you in - beautifully well-done fic that explores the darker side of being part of voltron.
word count: 5217
rating: T

after doing this i have come to the conclusion that there is not enough porn in this fandom yet. get on it, fanfic authors

S2E8 - Ending Review

Okay, so I know after Camp Camp Season 2 Episode 8 everyone is freaking out over Max and Mr.Honeynuts, cause it’s his comfort stuffed animal and Gwen bullies him with (newsflash, he’s 10 he’s bound to have a stuffed animal, and he deserved what Gwen did) - which I feel is shitty cause nobody really is noticing how big of an episode it is for Gwen and David’s development. 

So, let me break down my favorite scene.

And that is this one. 

It is so damn important. 

Why’s that? It’s because it finally shows Gwen’s breaking point- the moment she realizes she’s never going to leave Camp Campbell and that her life has reached a rock-bottom. It’s the realization that a grown woman became a 10 year old’s bitch to get him a teddy bear to save her from losing a shitty job she doesn’t even want, which was all in vain cause David still found out.

But how does David approach it? Well, if this same situation had happened in season 1, I can give you a rough idea. He would appalled that Gwen would want to leave, not understanding her distaste for the camp and even being offended by it personally. Or, if it had been during episode 6, he probably wouldn’t even bat an eye because it’s one less counselor for competition. He was obsessed with being the best. More of this flaw was exploited masterfully by my garbage friend @ciphernetics which you can read here.

But no. What does he do? He builds her up. David sits there and floods her with compliments, explaining in great detail all she’s done for the camp, how she’s handled situations, how she’s dealt with others, etc. David does something selfless- which is putting her before him. I’ve never seen him do this before. He’s usually quite literally shoving her out of the picture, or waving her off as not important. Even in “Better Than You” he breaks out into song over how much more qualified he is than Daniel in an attempt to scare him away so he can remain the best counselor- and that’s pretty dick-ish, given that he was completely unaware of the circumstances of him being batshit insane.

(The look David is giving her is so pure)

But he values her help. David obviously looks up to her and appreciates everything she does, even if it comes off to Gwen in a threatening way that makes her afraid of quitting or letting him know that she’s searching for a different job. But he reassures her, dispels her anxiety even if it’s for a brief moment, and he focuses on making sure she’s comfortable.

And you know what Gwen does for once? She feels confident in herself for once. In her abilities as a counselor and for her qualification for another job. All this time she spent at Camp Campbell, she’s gotten shit for her degrees and wasted time attempting to help only to be called “the fucking worst”. That’s awful for anyone to endure, and I’m not surprised she lost it when she did. Being constantly underappreciated and overlooked wears down the psyche, especially when she’s shown to give a shit every once and a while. Although she’s absent-minded, she does show care where it needs to be shown. Even though it’s played as a joke that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the camp as shown when it reveals she was completely unaware of the Woodscouts invading- she was visibly concerned by it afterwards. She can’t help that she tunes things out- I would too if I was getting bombarded with insults 24/7. Gwen is the only one that tends to David when he’s hurt, and she rushes to check on the campers whenever something happens. David’s far from perfect, and if he didn’t spend most of the first season shutting her out, she could’ve easily been a better counselor than him.

(Look at this child with her newly instilled confidence in herself)

So, how does she approach things after David’s pep-talk. She get’s up and tries again. Even though her entire character was written out to be the polar opposite of David- not giving a shit and bailing if things get too hard, she actually goes out and tries again.

Even though she failed at the very end of the episode, I really hope that this scene allows Gwen to open up a bit more. In every episode she only has a few lines, most of which are quickly made fun of or shut down by other campers/David or just provided to be pessimistic.

I think Gwen will eventually learn to love Camp Campbell, not for the reasons David does, but for her own personal ones that she’d probably never admit to. I mean, let’s put it in perspective. During every single job interview she had in the episode nobody remembered her name. At least at Camp Campbell they know who she is and value her presence. Gwen would be guaranteed to be 10x more miserable at a place that treats her even worse than Camp Campbell does- plus I don’t think she has a choice in staying or not. 

I’d love to see her and David working more as a team, and both being big roles in the show, not just having the spotlight on David all the time. Hopefully now that David is becoming more self-less and Gwen is being brought up rather than down, they’ll click better. But, I do say that this was some masterfully written character development on both ends.

[Bonus things I thought were cute]

Gwen… I know Max completely deserved it… But weren’t you the one defending Jermy Fartz to try and stop the campers from bullying him?

I’m speechless… SHE LEBRON’D HIM. 

She was so focused on what David had to say she shoved Max away so he couldn’t interrupt him. This display is the most we’ve ever seen Gwen care about what David had to say- even after 20 episodes.

Gwen is also picking up some bad David tendencies (pushing, making fun of campers, etc) and it’s adorable.

NCT as the Mafia + How He Met You

||| Requested by anon |||

A/N: I decided to only do the members who had already debuted and no one under 17 (Jaemin is an exception, his bday is soon 😂) and this still turned out longer than I expected 😂

Lee Taeyong

Originally posted by dovounq

  • The leader and founder of the gang, responsible for practically everything and everyone need to report to him whatever they’re doing
  • Tends to regret his decision to even start this because more and more members join every year and he realized that he will have to take care of them even if he’s dead and can often be seen staring into nothing, thinking about this
  • Since he’s the one who came up with this ‘genius’ idea, he was caught by the police a number of times practically every time they did any petty crime when they first started out
  • But now they got so good at this, that they even have bribed officials working in their favour

You both broke into the same building, at the same time and both got arrested ten minutes later. You even ended up in the same cell for 48 hours until someone came and bailed you two out. While you were waiting, you bickered and blamed each other for being the reason the other got caught but since Taeyong already had his gang, it wasn’t long since Taeil came to get him out as opposed to you, who had no one.

“Taeyong, you’re out! But I swear if I catch you again I will put you in for good!” the police officer said. 

“Yeah yeah,” he stood up and went to the door before stopping. “Taeil, pay for her as well, we’re taking her with us.”

Moon Taeil

Originally posted by jonqins

  • Takes care of the gang’s legal stuff (like money and documents) and hides the illegal
  • Is the one who gets the others out of trouble and everyone needed his help at some point
  • Scouts for new members despite Taeyong begging him not to
  • But they have to fit his high standards
  • At first he was really against this whole gang thing
  • But now he’s like the mother of the group

He met you when he came to bail Taeyong out.

“I’m not using our money on her. How do you even know if she will be a valuable asset to the team?”

“She’s going. That’s it,” Taeyong ordered and he didn’t dare argue with him when he’s angry. He kept glaring at you every time he saw you but you exceeded all of his expectations and welp I sense a love triangle

Johnny/Seo Youngho

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

  • Finally got into the gang after 9 years of begging proving himself
  • He has yet to find out what his job really is
  • Was so happy when they trusted him with a deal, he screwed it up immediately
  • Before he even joined, he somehow got himself caught in a fight between EXO’s Sehun and Seventeen’s Jeonghan, even though he had practically nothing to do with it and it was mostly Sehun’s fault but that’s for later

While he was waiting in the dungeon to be accepted, he often went to this shooting range to practice but you always beat him and it annoyed him to no end, so one time he made a bet with you, if he gets in (he was boasting to you about the gang) or wins against you, you will have to go on a date with him.

“Well at this point I don’t think you will ever join that gang and I don’t see you ever winning against me either, so why not?” you laughed.

“Watch me,” he smirked, as he was about to tell you he’s in.

Nakamoto Yuta

Originally posted by nakamotens

  • Like Doyoung he’s an assassin/hitman, except he’s the real deal
  • He prefers silent weapons, like snipers and often stays in the shadows (something he learned from Ten)
  • Not everyone can hire him and he only takes very well paid jobs
  • Despite the things he does, he gets scared very easily by stupid things

Someone set you up and hired both of you to kill each other, hoping neither of you will survive. After chasing, fighting and avoiding you for over a month, someone leaked information to him what’s this all really about and he decided that it would be best to join up and find the one who hired you two. Now his only problem was proving to you that he’s telling the truth and stopping you from shooting him dead. That will be difficult though because once you take a job there’s no going back.

“I have to work even faster. I I just stand around doing nothing she will get to me in a blink on an eye.”

Doyoung/Kim Dongyoung

Originally posted by ceohan

  • Very skilled with a wide range of weapons
  • He mostly joined because he wanted to shoot stuff *cough* people *cough*
  • You could call him and ‘assassin’ but he likes to show off his skills, so everybody would know that it was him who took care of things
  • Doesn’t like working with Yuta, their styles are completely different

A fight broke out in a local club and he was searching around the place for any survivors to clean everything once and for all, when he noticed a leg sticking out from under the table. He lifted the tablecloth and saw you sitting there.

“What the hell are you doing here? Did you think you can hid from me?”

“Oh no. I’m not hiding. Quite the opposite! I’m just watching - I mean reading.”

“Really? Reading? In the middle of a shootout?” you just shrugged and he stared at you for a few seconds before dragging you out.

“This is not a place for someone like you, let me help you out of here,” he smirked.


Originally posted by randomnctgifs

  • He works as a spy for the gang and is so good at his job that he’s practically invisible and a lot of the members think he’s either dead or lost or smth because he’s so rarely seen, maybe once in six months or so
  • Only Taeyong knows what he’s doing at this point
  • One day Yuta saw him in the headquarters and screamed for two minutes straight because he thought he saw a ghost
  • “Oh it’s just you… I thought you were lost on that mission two months ago.”
  • Some days when he’s alone that happens a lot poor baby he wonders: ‘Why don’t we go on missions as a U unit anymore?’; ‘They missed the perfect chance to add me TEN as the tenth member of 127 smh’

He met you completely by accident, when he came back after a few months and somebody though he’s gone for good again and gave you his room. He lifted the covers up, only to see you sleeping in his bed and he was so shocked he stood there still holding the blanket when you still in your sleep took it from him and rolled to the other side.

“Wait… What?” he said, taking it from you again.

“Let me sleep,” you just mumbled.

“Ooh I will let you sleep! For eternity that is, if you don’t explain what you’re doing here!”

Jaehyun/Jung Yoonoh

Originally posted by chittawhoreten

  • That local lover boy not really, who talks his way out of and more often then not into trouble
  • Because of this reason, he strikes the best deals
  • But tends to say too much and ruin them completely, making everything worse and also starting fights in the process

You accompanied him to one of the deals instead of Johnny and immediately realized he was about to start blabbing shit and stopped him before he could do it.

“Are you sure about that?” you asked, throwing him a glare.

“Yes, I’m sure, could you please stop kicking me under the table?.. Wait, who are you anyway?” he asked you.

“Are you serious?” you stood up and dragged him out of the room to show him who you really are and to shut that pretty mouth of his.

WinWin/Dong Sicheng

Originally posted by nctaezen

  • One word. Technology.
  • Need to fix something? He can do it. You need to hack into something? He already did that. A couple of grands from a foreign account? No problem!
  • Members are lowkey scared of him because he had hacked into their accounts multiple of times and uncovered some embarrassing photos, dirty secrets and so on
  • Likes to blackmail people with their sensitive information for money

Trying to beat him at online MMO games was bad idea but it was even worse when you actually won. He threw his computer out of the window almost hitting Jaehyung in the head. He soon got another one out from under the table.

“I would rather die but I will never let somebody crush me like that,” he thought, starting to track your location.

Mark Lee

Originally posted by sekaiveol

  • One of the first members to join the gang
  • Was the youngest at one point and everyone didn’t take him too seriously despite the long ass rides
  • When he finally got better at socializing, he also got better, actually really really good at investigations/infiltrations/collecting information
  • Taeyong often sends him out of the city for a job
  • Hates Donghyuck’s guts lowkey best friends

He met you while working in one of the coffee shops as part of his mission. The moment you walked in, you immediately caught his attention and what other way to get to know you better than to approach you head on.

“A coffee for milday,” he said, putting the cup down on your table.

“I didn’t order any.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “It’s on me.”

You just rolled your eyes and decided to take it. [x]

Huang Renjun

Originally posted by verdonewithyourshit

  • So smol, so soft, protect at all costs
  • If it wasn’t for Donghyuck he wouldn’t be here
  • He was like “Hey! There’s this gang and I’m in it, Mark’s in it, you’re in it.”
  • “Wait what?” he just blinked a few times.
  • And now he’s here, still a bit lost and not sure what he’s doing exactly
  • Not yet too enthusiastic about all this

He hasn’t met you yet or rather you haven’t (officially) because he has been hiding. He is very impressed but also afraid of you at the same time. When you try to talk to him, he runs away.

“Why does he run away? Is he scared or something?” you asked Jeno.

“He tells everyone that you have this strong aura around you and he can’t handle the pressure very well,” he shrugged. what does that even mean I have no idea

Lee Jeno

Originally posted by haecha

  • The voice of reason in the gang
  • Often questions what the hell are they even doing
  • “How can we call ourselves a gang? We’re not even intimidating”
  • “You can’t just say we are the mafia because you think it sounds cool”
  • Helps Taeil keep everyone in check
  • Secretly enjoys stealing cars and driving around, until he crashes them which happens soon after

He saw you sneaking around, trying to steal from them and casually approached you.

“I’m sorry but who the heck might you be?”

You stood up from the door you were about to pick a lock from and started walking in the opposite direction like nothing happened. He came up to you in quick steps.

“Oh no no no, you don’t get to leave as if everything is okay. Come with me,” he said, trying to drag you inside.

Haechan/Lee Donghyuck

Originally posted by haenyan

  • Is very experienced in making explosives because he has been researching them ever since he first saw a war movie
  • Likes to make a grand entrance when a fight with other gangs break out
  • Everyone tells him no to because it just draws more attention to them that way but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Thinks almost every person in the gang is a big loser
  • Except for Mark
  • He’s the biggest loser of them all
  • Even when he’s out on a mission, he calls him just to tease him

You walked into the mine field he set up for a test but he didn’t feel like blowing you up since he was in a good mood.

“Don’t move!” he shouted to you.

“I’m just passing by, what’s your problem?”

“I think you have more problems than me,” he said, pointing at the ground. You looked down and noticed a mine below your feet. 

“Is that what I think it is?”


“And? Will you help me or will you just stand there?”

“It depends on what I can get in return…”

Na Jaemin

Originally posted by jaehyunsleatherpants

  • Despite being the youngest, he for some reason was really persistent to get into the gang
  • “I’m not taking in a bunch of children, this is not a kindergarten,” Taeyong said as he took him in how is he the leader? he’s too soft smh
  • Doesn’t talk much and doesn’t share what he’s doing (which brakes the rules btw but who cares)
  • The others have yet to find out what is the real reason the joined

You found everything that he does suspicious ever since high school, so one day you followed him and saw what he was hiding all this time. He noticed you soon after though. He grabbed you by the arm and sat you down in one of the nearby chairs.

“Now you be quiet and listen to me very carefully, if you ever as much as think about what you saw here…”

“What?” you retorted. “I’m so scared! What happens to me then?”

“You better not find out…”

All in all, NCT is not yet very well coordinated as a gang but they’re getting there 😂

Of Snowstorms and Men (Bucky AU Oneshot)

Characters: reader x Bucky, OC Tara (mentioned)

Request of sorts from this post by @whothehellisbella , summary/prompt by @novaya-model:

Hot single dad hires a broke babysitter who happens to need a date to their ex’s wedding and the two get stuck in a snow storm on the drive up there and have to cuddle in the small, tight backseat to keep warm

Warnings: mild swearing? Mentions of cheating and sexy times.

 Word Count: 3.2k (yikes. heh.)

Tags are at the bottom. Permanent list is CLOSED I’M SORRY. 

A/N: Holy crap, you guys. I haven’t written so much so fast in a really really long time. Like, 3k in 2 hours. Whoa. I’m a slow writer usually. I saw Bella’s post though and my fingers just started flying!! This is basically just a huge jumble of tropes and I really hope you like it. Any feedback and comments are appreciated! Love you guys!! 

Full Masterlist


Three Weeks Ago:

“No offense I hope, but…you seem a bit older than most of the other applicants,” said the man who sat before you.

“None taken, I promise. Trust me, I never thought I’d be applying for a nanny job in my late 20s because I can’t get a job even with a Master’s degree,” you replied, laughing nervously.

“Understood,” he nodded. “So, what makes you a good fit for this position, Ms. (Y/L/N)?” he asked, tapping a pen lazily on your resume before him.

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anonymous asked:

I have a theory about Rincewind. We all know that Esk is the female Wizard but narritive convention would dictate that she have a counterpart. What if the reason Rincewind isn't good at wizard magic is because he's more suited to witchcraft then wizardry? Has anyone talked about this before? I want fanfiction of this...

“I can’t be having with this,” Granny said, each word sharpened to points and enunciated with the accuracy of a champion knife-thrower outlining an unlucky target. Her glare was focused like a laser. It looked as though it could shatter rocks and burn cities to the ground. It was only slightly undercut by the enormous array of novelty candles that adorned Nanny Ogg’s mantelpiece.
Rincewind, the unfortunate soul in her cross-hairs, shrank a little deeper into his armchair. He rather felt he couldn’t be having with this either, and tried to say so, but the old woman’s look seemed to have fused his tongue to the roof of his mouth.

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anonymous asked:

jughead is in prison and meets betty through a penpal programme

“Jones. Mail time.”

Jughead jones looked up from his bunk, peering over his worn out edition of “Howl”. He never got mail, not anymore. People had stopped trying, friends had given up, family never cared. Nobody loves a criminal.

Rykers island was one of the worst federal state penitentiaries in all of New York and Jughead Jones was one of their most frequent inmates. The dark haired 25 year old had been in and out of prison since they day he turned eighteen, being a part of the Notorious Southside gang “The Serpents” jail was something written in the stars, he was currently finishing up a three year stint for drug distribution. Unlike his gang mates, he wasn’t proud. He didn’t want this life, didn’t even choose it, he was born into it, molded by his father from the time he was five years old.

That brought him back to the current situation, no one would write him letters, he’d told his sister he didn’t want her having any part of the jail system and his gang members were either alongside him in jail or merely didn’t care. His mother had left him when he was younger and his father had a gang to run.

“You sure it’s for me John?” Jughead entered the mail room, his hands shoved in his pockets as the older guard handed him a tiny white envelope with a floral stamp in the right hand corner, the hand writing distinctly feminine.

“Sure is Jughead, never smelt a letter so pretty, you got someone sweet on you at home?” The seventy Year old southern man grinned as Jughead blushed and shoved the letter into his grey body suit.

“Nah. Probably spam.” He threw a lazy wave and practically sprinted back to his bunk, dropping back onto the bed and removing the letter from his pocket.

“Smells good, don’t know what that old mans talking about.” Jughead mumbled, pausing a moment before looking around quickly and shoving the envelope under his nose. Well damn, it did smell good.

Peaches and vanilla, kind of like the smoothies they had at the gas stations back home. He scanned over the handwriting, his eyes landing in the name written in the corner.

Betty Cooper
134 Elm Street
Riverdale OH

Who the hell was Betty Cooper and why was she writing him a letter? He sighed deeply, nothing good could come from a letter, more bad news, maybe his father had kicked the bucket finally and this was one of his many women letting Jughead know.

Jughead tore the letter open, slicing through it like a pro.

“Dear Jughead Jones,
Hello! My name is Betty Cooper and I’m from Riverdale Ohio. I know that this is very strange, to be receiving a letter from an absolute stranger! I should start off by saying I recieved your name from a pen pal program my school is doing for the fall semester. I should also start off by saying I am 24 years old and not a student, I teach first grade. Now, I have to admit I was very hesitant to allow my students to do this penpal program, I mean first graders writing to felons? It’s a bit odd don’t you think? Never the less my boss insisted so here we are! I do not know anything about you, much as you do not know anything about me! I hope to change that though, I do hope you answer me. I should tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in Riverdale and went to community college where I got my teaching certification, I love my job but it is only part time. I also own a bakery in town, most of my efforts go to perfecting my cakes and cookies! Perhaps I can send you some? If you like sweets that is. Oh I really hope you do. I do not have any animals but I’m in the market to get a dog! I just bought my very first house! (Very exciting) well that’s all I can think of for this letter, please write back about yourself! I hope to hear from you very soon Jughead Jones. Stay safe and be loved
- Betty Cooper”

Jughead traced the words on the paper, his fingers looping over her swirly cursive, she was eccentric and quirky and he could almost feel the sunshine she put out into the world. He found himself wanting to know more about her, it was an odd feeling… to care for someone. He wouldn’t write back, he couldn’t write back. What would he say? Hi, this is Jughead, I rob banks and sell drugs. Dropping the letter over his face Jughead sighed.

Pathetic. He was pathetic.

He placed the letter on his bedside table.
He would keep it but he wouldn’t write back.

Two hours later Jughead was covered in crumpled paper as he held up a page long letter and shoved it into an envelope.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Hey I kinda really like this. Possible multichapter?

anonymous asked:

but like imagine junkrat, zarya, and mccree, pining after somebody who is literally perfect in their eyes, like they dont think theyll ever get together cause theyre not in their leuge, they still stalk then and pine after them of course, but imagine their surprise when this god/goddess in their eyes kisses them!

(Admin A here, sorry if these suck or don’t really feel that yandere. Though they are really fluffy :3 Anyways, We have finished up what we have left and we did rush them so sorry if they’re bad. I feel I did a bad job on this one so if so I’m sorry but I hope you can enjoy it nevertheless. I do feel that this one was hard to make yandere, it took more of a stalker specifications which made it hard for me to be more creative. For future ref please make your ask as yandere as possible and don’t set to many limitations on them cause it makes it harder on us. After this is posted the box will be open so send in as many as you want.)


♡ At first site Junkrat knew he was in love. All it took was for their eyes to meet his and in that moment he felt his heart flutter. He had never laid eyes on someone so perfect before, never had anyone spark this type of kind of emotion in him before.

♡ He found his thoughts flooded with them, everything from their hair to their lips. He knew that they were far to amazing for anyone on this planet, including him. The thought made him feel wistful, knowing that he’d never be good enough for them. Despite telling himself that everyday it didn’t make it any easier. He wanted them, no. He needed them in more than anything, so he started to make friends. Becoming closer to them everyday.

♡ At first this was enough, being able to get close and talk to them everyday maybe even get a hug every now and then. But it wasn’t enough. It was never enough. He could still remember how it felt to hug them for even a moment. Having their arms wrapped around him and his around them. He felt warm and at ease, holding them close was everything.

♡ He found himself needing more though. Their touch now gone left a sensation of wanting more. So he started stalking them. He’d often follow them to the store maybe talk to them like it was pure coincidence. Going into their room in the cover of darkness just to caress their cheek.

♡ This would go on for weeks, Junkrat hanging out with them during the day, and watching them at night. Whenever he saw them talking to someone else he felt jealousy flare up inside him and the person would always be reported dead the next day. He knew that they were far too perfect for anyone, he knew that no one deserved to have them. So when someone tried to take them, they’d die. It’s as simple as that.

♡ The day’s turned to weeks and before he knew it a few months had passed. Everything being the same till this day. Feeling a soft tap on his solder he turned only to be greeted with the lips of now lover. He doesn’t hesitate to kiss back, taking in his s/o.


♡ When she first saw them she didn’t think anything special, they looked small and week as if they could be crushed like a bug. She felt the need to help them become stronger. So she volunteered to train them, helping them become stronger.

♡ As she trained them she grew to see them as much more than what she first thought. They were strong, not wanting to give up and always trying to do better. No matter how tired out they were they never gave up. She began to admire that about them.

♡ The moment she realised that she had feelings for them she felt herself melt, her mind becoming clouded with thoughts of them. When helping them work out she’d most often find herself lost in her thoughts, thinking about confessing how she feels. That is till it hits her, she goes to get a drink only to come back and see someone flirting with the one she loves. She feels angry but keeps a calm exterior acting as if nothing is bothering her.

♡ That night she kills the one who chose to flirt with her crush, she says how they deserve so much better than anyone on this planet can offer. She upset, angry with herself knowing that she’s not good enough but then thinks. If she works harder and improves herself even more than maybe she’ll be good enough.

♡ She starts training even harder knowing that one day she can be good enough for her crush. Well training one day she didn’t expect to see her crush being harassed by a man. Going over to them she’d threaten and if they chose to not listen she’d deck them before telling them to run. Once the man has fled she’d make a mental note to find them later and finish them off. She’d ask her crush if their okay, only to be greeted with a pair of lips against her own. She’d hesitated before kissing back smiling knowing that she’s the only one good enough for her s/o.


♡ McCree has always been the type to joke around but when it came to his crush he often just because a blubbering mess. Everytime he see them is like the first as he falls in love all over again. Eyes become fixated on them taking in every little detail. How their hair shines in the light to how they subconsciously tug their shirt when nervous.

♡ He knows that he’ll never have them, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want anyone else with them. Oh no no. He doesn’t want anyone to taint what’s so perfect. Good thing he knows how to hide a corpse.

♡ He loves everything about his crush, and has come to terms of not being able to have them. Though not being able to date them doesn’t stop him from crawling into his crushes bed and holding them in his arms as he watches their sleeping face.

♡ He knows everything about them, from their middle name to the toothpaste they use He can’t help but have them on his mind 24/7 and when their in the same room talking he’s completely lost in their eyes, ignoring all the words that leave their lips. It often results in him coming back to reality embarrassed that he had zoned out and then jokes about it. Only to have himself completely fixated on their laugh. It’s like music to his ears and the oxygen he needs to breath. He needs it.

♡ In a blissful moment is when it happened. A small kiss was placed upon his lips, he felt himself freeze but as his crush pulled away he reached down to grab their face, pulling them into a desperate kiss. Something he’s dreamed about since the day he met them. He held them close as if they’d disappear from existence if he let go.

Chocobros: Using Them

Noctis: After Noctis had found out that you had been using him for money due to his position as prince, he would feel disgusted. Disgusted with you for doing such a terrible thing to him, but also disgusted with himself for not seeing the obvious signs. Noctis would feel terrible, it was already incredibly difficult to get him out of his shell. He put so much trust you and it turned out that you didn’t even love him for who he actually was, as another human being, not a prince. It will take a very long time for Noctis to regain the confidence to start dating again, let alone befriend anyone outside of his small circle. 

Originally posted by iures

Prompto: Prompto’s self esteem would plummet. Though Prompto has been more comfortable opening himself up to strangers, and ultimately trusting them, this incident would cause him to close himself off again. You using him was the worst thing he’s ever felt in the entire world. In the back of his head, Prompto still would refuse to believe that you had been using him for information. He couldn’t get the good thoughts of his head, your smile, your laugh. Prompto would take months until he was finally emotionally strong enough to finally delete you from his mind. It would be a pain as he individually erased the photos from his camera, each photograph reminding him of how much he loved you…used to love you. 

Originally posted by lionheartchocobo

Ignis: Ignis was caught off guard after he found out that you had been using his position as the prince’s advisor to get information about Insomnia. As the calculated person that Ignis is, it was a surprise to you that he hadn’t caught onto your plan since your started dating. Thinking back, Ignis had realized that the moments he thought you were being clumsy or curious were all part of your plan. Ignis would be at a loss for words, truly. After all this time being with you, he had genuinely fallen in love with you. He was very close to actually telling you those words too, until he found out that you were a lie. It took some time for him to move on, but eventually he did. But, at times, Ignis finds himself hoping that at least one of the smiles you gave him was real. Though it never was. 

Originally posted by littletaro

Gladio: Anger immediately encompassed Gladio. All those nights that you had spent with him, in his arms, were all part of your plan and Gladio hated himself once he realized that. He hated himself for letting his guard down, for letting love weaken him. From that point on, Gladio had vowed to never let love weaken him again. This vow was for him to move on from your relationship, but also for his job. As Noct’s shield he couldn’t distract himself with something so meaningless as love, though deep inside he wanted to love someone again. However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he could possibly be betrayed by someone he loved again. 

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A/N: THAT ANGST  ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙I’m trying to get back into writing and it’s so hard I haven’t done fic writing in agesssssss- I’ve done this prompt before on one of my other sideblogs that I haven’t really used at all lately and I REALLY wanted to do this for the chocobros so I hope u enjoy!!!!!! My poor boys :((((

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Jily Muggle au! where they meet on a plane and james has a son and lily completely adores them both and in the end lily thinks she'll lose them because they're family and she's just someone they met on a plane but jily gets becomes a couple.

Thank you for the prompt, I had so much fun writing this! I took a few liberties so I hope you don’t mind – it’s definitely longer than I initially intended; over 2k, whoops…

Perhaps It’s Fate

Lily was stuffing her laptop back into her bag, when movement on the periphery of her vision caught her attention. 

Something silvery and silky-looking fluttered onto the floor. 

Lily glanced up; the man who’d gone through the security check before her was shouldering his bulging backpack again and took his son’s hand with a cheerful “Come along then, Harry!”

“Sir?” Lily called after him.

He continued walking, unable to hear her over the din of the airport.

Lily muttered a curse and hastily grabbed the rest of her items off the tray, stuffed them in her hand bag, then struggled a moment to slip on her heels. 

She scooped up the silvery cloth and hurried after the man and his son – as much as one could hurry in a pencil skirt.

“Sir?” she called again, straining to pick him out in the crowd. Noticing the unmistakable messy black hair, she pursed her lips in determination. She chased after him, her heels clicking decisively against the polished tile floor.

“Excuse me, sir, I think you dropped this.”

The man finally halted and turned, looking quizzically at Lily. The boy holding his hand – five, maybe six years old – gasped. He broke free of his father’s hold and ran over to Lily.

“My Invisibility Cloak!”

Lily’s lips twitched, a single eyebrow arched. Invisibility Cloak?

The father gave her a sheepish shrug and mussed his hair.

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Jimin is Away; Summer, Chapter One

A/N: So, this is going to be a multi-chaptered, fluff/angst/smut series featuring all the members of BTS with the main characters being O/C, Jimin, and one other member! There will be different chapters, as indicated by the different subtitles after the main title; “Jimin is Away.”. I hope that all you lovelies will support this series, since I can’t stop cranking out chapters for it and I will finish it by the end of summer! Updates will be posted every Friday and I will stick with the schedule this time! I hope you enjoy, my lovelies! -Admin Germane :3

Summary: Jimin, despite everything the two of you have been through, is slowly fading out of your life. But when you find someone to fill the void, Jimin starts to become a bit strange.

Word Count: 1,552

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Jimin, who is Jimin? My mother would say he is everyone. Every girl. Every boy. Every person that anyone has ever loved.

Before senior year of college

It was late at night, but even the moon and stars couldn’t escape the humid and sweltering heat of the summer’s day. Inside a small apartment (with the air conditioning unit running on high) the dim lighting of a small lamp illuminated the frame of a person resting on a living room couch. The small TV across the room was softly emitting the dialogue from the movie, ‘Be Cool’; John Travolta’s voice barely audible over the humming of the icy A/C. Not that it mattered anyways, since the person inside was dozing off to the mafia-esque comedy. The front door then started to shake, and behind the other side, a young man cursed softly to himself.

“Damnit Y/N, why do you always have to lock it during the days of my long shifts?” Jimin sighed and dropped his backpack with a muffled thud. He could practically hear his College Algebra book cursing him out for such the rough treatment as he fished out the spare key from underneath the doormat. He quickly unlocked the door and threw the key back under the “Carpet Diem” mat his roommate had put there when they had decided to move in together, and drug himself and his bag inside the room.

Jimin sighed and slumped against the door. He threw his keys into the stone bowl by the door and kicked his backpack into the entryway corner. He still had two days; the impending headache that would ensue from the study guide he had could wait for another day, Jimin decided. He toed off his shoes and padded into the open living space. He dug his hands into his jean pockets and eyed the person curled up on the couch, the corners of his lips turning up at the sight. He approached it; the illumination from the TV screen making the outline of his body glow with fluorescent light as he gently shook the person.

“Hey Y/N, wake up.” He whispered. Her eyes opened almost instantly, her breath catching in her throat as she stared wide-eyed at the man in front of her.

“Jimin! You gave me a fright.” Jimin chuckled and ruffled her hair, watching a small smile grow on her face.

“What’s up?” he asked softly, plopping himself down next to her on the couch. Jimin noted her worn-out Ramones t-shirt, figuring she was wearing the rest of her favorite pajama set under the blanket that was draped across her lap.

I hope she got enough rest today, Jimin thought. She had been working so hard lately, and she deserved to rest on her first free day in months. From her studies to her jobs, Jimin had it easier and couldn’t complain when he knew that Y/N had it much worse than him.

“Nothing really, I slept most of the day and vegged out. I got some of the movies on my watch list knocked off. How was work?”

“Slow since school’s coming to an end and the weather’s getting warmer. The baristas tried to keep me busy though throughout the shift, but I had to lock up tonight.” Jimin said sheepishly, leaning on his side against the back of the couch.

“Did you do anything else fun today?” Jimin asked, genuinely curious as he watched the girl stretch.

“I played video games when Jungkookie visited today.” She grinned and Jimin couldn’t help but show off his own gummy smile.

“Cool beans, I wish we could have played together. What did you play?” Jimin propped his arm up and rested his head inside the crook of his elbow as he sunk deeper into his couch crease.


“Damn, pretty solid choice. Did Kookie kick your butt?” Jimin giggled as he watched Y/N sulk.

“Terribly, but I’m a sucker for FPS’. I swear that maknae doesn’t do anything but game all day.” Jimin laughed and Y/N eventually joined in.

For a few minutes, the duo sat in a comfortable silence as the movie played in the background. Jimin’s stare turned soft the longer he looked at Y/N’s face, that is, until a beep cut off his wandering train of thought. Jimin pulled out his cellphone and groaned when he saw what was on the screen. He noticed Y/N staring out of the corner of his eyes and saw how her eyebrows creased in confusion and worry.

“Quick, I need your help coming up with a good excuse.” Jimin said, his voice still as soft as ever as he looked up at his friend.

“What for?”

“Wheein wants to hang out with her friends this weekend, but I really don’t want to.” Jimin smiled regrettably. He could see Y/N’s frown deepen at his words and she scooted closer to him.

“Don’t like her friends?” she asked, her hand reaching out to rub Jimin’s shoulder soothingly. Jimin chuckled, although Y/N could tell Jimin meant it half-heartedly.

“No, nothing like that. Hanging out with them just means sitting around and getting drunk. I don’t drink, so I don’t know, it’s just not my idea of “fun”.” Jimin confessed, his big eyes straying from Y/N’s gaze. Jimin shifted in his couch crease and let a small sigh slip past his lips. Y/N could smell peppermint in his breath and it made her heart stop; she smiled softly.

“Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.” Y/N admitted, wrapping her arms around herself. Jimin caught her action and he placed his hand on top of hers.

“Do you drink Y/N?”

“Yeah, I drink sometimes in social situations. And you know I always talk wine when our psych study group gets together.” She said, nudging his shoulder gently.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’m just tired. I guess I’m just weird.” Jimin mumbled.

“Oh, come on, you’re definitely not weird.” Y/N reassured Jimin. Jimin was one of the sweetest guys in the world. With his love for learning, coffee, and dance, Park Jimin was the epitome of the pastel best friend everyone needs and Y/N loved the boy to death. Literally and figuratively; she was in love with Park Jimin. And after everything he has done for her throughout their years and years of friendship, she vowed to be there for him like how he was for her; romantic attraction aside.

“I don’t know, it’s just hard not having someone see it from my perspective. Should I just say I already have plans?” Jimin brushed the topic aside, opening his phone and looking at Y/N with his head half buried in his arm.

“The old scheduling conflict? It’s a classic.” She nodded. Jimin smiled slightly and typed out the message, hitting send before dropping his phone into his lap.

“Now I just need plans for tomorrow. It’s my day off.”

“You could hang out with me? Namjoon and I are studying for our Chem final at the library though, so it might not be ideal.”

“Maybe…how about when you come back we could hang out and play some games?” Jimin suggested. His eyes looked hopeful and Y/N could feel her heart melt at the sight.

“That sounds nice, Jimin.”

“Do you want to invite anyone?” Jimin asked. Y/N opened her mouth, about to say that it would be fine with just the two of them, but Wheein popped in her mind and she closed her mouth with a sigh.

“I don’t care.” She said and Jimin pinched her cheek.

“We can have Kookie come over again then. I know he’s been dying to beat my score in Mario Kart 8.” Jimin said happily, not noticing the disappointed aura radiating off her.

“No problem. That sounds good. We can talk about it tomorrow.” Y/N said, standing from her place of the couch. She made a move to walk away and hide herself in her bed in slight embarrassment and disappointment when Jimin caught her wrist. She glanced down at his tiny hand encircled around her wrist and she looked down at him.

“Stay up with me?” Jimin’s soft voice was back and it took all of Y/N’s self determination to push back the desire to stay with him on the squishy couch.

“I can’t last much longer, Jimin. It’s late, and Namjoon and I are meeting up early.” Y/N said, removing her hand from Jimin’s grip. The look of disappointment on Jimin’s face tugged at her heartstrings. She gently ran her hand across his cheek to console him, but Jimin just leaned into her touch like a cat and Y/N had to step away before she’d spend the entire night with her friend.

“Goodnight, Jimin. I’ll text you tomorrow afternoon when I leave the library.” She said, calmly, assuringly, before walking down the hall into her room.

Jimin watched her go from his place on the couch, sighing softly when the door closed behind her. He sprawled out across the couch and ran a hand over his face. His conflicted feelings roamed through his brain as his eyes traced patterns into the ceiling. The movie on the TV still played, and Jimin turned it off as he walked towards his own room with the remote still in his hand as his mind whirled into the summer’s night.

Yellow: Part 8

Previous Parts

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam and Y/N have a long overdue talk.

Tags: AU: High School, punk!sam, cuddling, oral sex, awkward teens

Trigger Warnings: past drug abuse/overdose, past drug addiction, self-harm mention, depression, bullying mention, emotional abuse, alcohol abuse mention

Words: 3992

A/N:  sorry this took so long. I’ve been going through some stuff and I’m just not in a good place. love you guys.

Originally posted by lonesomesam

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Knight in Shining Armour

Can I request a tony stark x reader? He rescues her from an attacker one night on his way out of a bar. She’s hurt pretty bad so he drives her to the tower to get cleaned up where she tells him that her attacker is her bf and she tried to leave him that night. Tony isn’t having it so he brings her home to pack her things while he stands over her in his suit to keep away her bf. He moves her to the tower, gives her a job and asks her out

Tony x Reader

Based on the prompt though I did take some liberties, I hope you still enjoy it Nonnie!

Warnings mentions of physical abuse, verbal threats and name calling, panic attack, swearing

WC 2520

AN I really hope that you enjoy this. It got away from me and it’s really long. Sorry (not sorry!)

You walked quickly, your hoodie pulled low over your head and your hands in your pockets.  Walking aimlessly, you weren’t sure where you were going to go but you refused to cry. You were done with crying; you were all cried out.

Because you weren’t watching where you were going, you bumped into what felt like a walking brick wall.

“Oof,” you let out.

Strong arms grabbed you to keep you from falling, “Oh, sorry,” came out a gruff voice.

“It’s okay,” you replied, looking up, gasping when you realized it was Tony Stark.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked, his voice laced with concern.

You nodded. “Holy shit. You’re Tony Stark.”

He laughed, “That I am. And you are…?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You thrust out your hand, awkwardly, to which he laughed again.

He looked carefully at your tear streaked face, “But seriously, are you okay?”

You sighed heavily. “Yes…no.”

He pulled you into a brightly lit coffee shop and sat you down. Here he would be able to see you clearly so you kept your head down.

“I’m going to order us coffee. Sit tight.” His tone left no room for argument.

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So I was asked to make a slime tutorial!

1) start with your lines! Remember to be fluid here, keep things organic and rounded. This will help when you start coloring!

2) Now when I color slime I choose to line in color as well as it helps create that “clear” or “jello-like” look later on.

3) I started by picking my color set! I find that having a five color set usually helps me create a smooth, goopy transition with my markers but that’s just me! Now I always start with my darkest color trying to make the centers. Ever have Gushers? Imagine you’re making that. And that’s where all your main bits are going to be. Whether they’re the biggest overlaps in body parts or where your slime’s innards are going to be.

4) Here’s where you start establishing shadows that aren’t primarily due to overlap or innards!

5) Start to round out your shadows and your centers from panel 3.

6) Continue to follow that liquid rounded feeling of your shading. Here is probably where you’ll start to reach the edges of your lines.

7) Finish with your colors and leave your established lighted areas pretty pale.

8) I feel like this could be entirely optional depending on taste but it looks really clean to me. So here I blend from darker colors to lighter colors using my colorless blender. Careful though, depending on how wet your piece is you could have some bleeding really take over your lines here.

9) Fill in any other spaces here! I.E.) clothes, facial details, markings, accessories, etc.

10) I use the Gelly Roll pens for all my high lighting but really a nice gel pen will get the job done. Again, product used is based on artist comfort in my opinion. I also usually clean up my lines in this stage as there was bleeding that occurred in the colorless blending stage!

I hope to do video tutorials in the future, but hopefully this helps out the way it needs to!

The colors I used were from the Prismacolor Premier set and were-
☆Sky Light Blue (I unfortunately could not find the number for this one)
☆PB-121 (my colorless blender)
☆PM-8 (Pink)
☆ then black

My liners were from the 20 count Triplus Fineliner set (they’re pretty well priced at Michael’s and Target but at Michael’s you can usually use a 40% coupon on them!)

Then my highlight gel pen was the wonderful Gelly Roll pen! They’re pretty cheap and you can find them at most craft stores and online for about the same price across the board!

artsy-lil-rose-deactivated20170  asked:

Hello! So what would happen if the sakamaki's s/o had to go to another country for something really important to her (ex. Family matters, job, etc.) for a month or two? (I hope this hasn't been done :P)

I love getting short one’s like these nvn they’re so much easier to write.


Shu - Depends on how attached he is to you really, chances are if you two are really attached he’s not letting you go and if you’re being stubborn he knows ways of making you stay. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Reiji - Absolutely not! He understands that you need to be apart for important matters but he should be the most important thing to you at the moment. If is no way around it though he will just as soon pack up and go with you than to see you leave by yourself.

Ayato - Why would you want to leave Yours Truly? Ayato would not be letting you go by a long shot, even asking him seemed stupid once it left your mouth, maybe with enough ass kissing you could get him to go with you but that’ll take a lot of blowing smoke up his ass.

Kanato - No. No. nO. NO! Kanato shuts the conversation down quickly as soon as you talk about leaving him, so there’s not much else to say. Just thoughts of you going and never returning eats at him to the point of lashing out… good luck.

Laito - At first Laito will wave it off like a joke; nice try Little Bitch~ But once the conversation gets serious he’ll quickly let you know that you will not be going anywhere without him, in his own way of course.

Subaru - He’s… the most understanding(?). Subaru knows that if it’s important then you should go but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s aye okay with it either. He’ll try the normal excuses before you settle your mind on it but if you do go he’s wanting communication with you constantly… be ready to teach him how to face cam on skype.

Thank you for being you ♥

Hey, guys! I’m sorry I’m not very talkative these days, after everything that happened I feel deadly tired and kind of unable to take in everything that happens here, if you know what I mean. But I wanted to tell you that you’re awesome, your blogs are awesome and I’m enjoying them immensely! Also, thank you so much for supporting me, for your words and prayers, for everyone who liked my personal posts, or commented on them, or sent me messages. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to everyone, but it truly meant the world to me, to know that you care. So thank you so much! I don’t really know how to express my gratitude to you rather than with a lot of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and HUGS!

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Everything is getting better. Granny’s tests are pretty good so far *knocks on wood*, and the company I work for gave me a raise so now I’m able to support my family without changing my job. We’re slowly returning to our routine after that earthquake of a month. It’s still hard to breathe sometimes though. Anyway, thank you for sticking with me! I will return to posting Argyles when I feel okay with drama writing, meanwhile I really hope you don’t mind Simming Books.

Wild World (Chapter One)

Banner by the lovely @tiostyles!

Harry Styles Fanfic

Brooklyn placed bartender, Cora Philips, meets Harry Styles one stormy night. Both of them had no idea they would change each others lives forever.

Warnings: None, eventual smut in upcoming parts.

@whoopsharrystyles @mizpahes @papercrownskidd @hardliquorhaz @harrywavycurly 

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conchobarbarian  asked:

(either is fine) I'm graduating college in the spring and it's really overwhelming!!! there are a million things I'm supposed to be doing or have already done, but when I try to start looking at jobs or grad school I feel like I'm drowning & can't get anything done. is there any way to not get so paralyzingly stressed out about the future?

this was so long ago. you’re already in your new POST-GRADUATE life. i hope that you already know what i would have told you, which is: the future is going to come. it comes every day! and even though it’s scary and you can’t know what’s going to happen, like for example maybe you’ll just up and move to chicago even though you’ve literally never even been there, but that’s what life is. 

“the future” doesn’t come all at once. it comes slowly, day by day. there isn’t any arbitrary deadline where suddenly The Future Is Here And You Have To Make All Your Decisions At Once. so i think the thing that i do when i’m stressed is i just remind myself: make one decision. just one. the one that’s going to matter right now. decide what to eat for breakfast, and then decide what to eat for lunch, and then decide whether you want to go for a run in the afternoon, and then decide whether or not you’re going to send in an application for grad school when you get home. 

listen: you’re going to be fine. i know that school is safe and warm and familiar but the real world can be safe and warm and familiar, too. you’re going to do a great job at being a grown up. you already are. <3

Another short installment of jealous Zayn. Thanks goes to @unoriginalloner​ and the rest of the group chat for help on the idea. (Part 1 here)

“He really used a fucking kissy emoji, Liam,” Zayn says, voice oddly deadpan.

Liam knows that voice well–well enough that he can almost see the squint of his eyes that always accompanies it. 

“Well, hello to you, too,” Liam chuckles, rolling his eyes at the endearing man on the other end of the line. He pauses a moment. ”And yeah, he did.” Liam nods, even though he knows Zayn can’t see it. “But it didn’t mean anything, I promise. Besides, I send you kissy emojis all the time, babe,” Liam answers calmly, though his mouth gives himself away, twinging up just slightly at the corners. “There’s at least an 100 to 1 ratio on my kissy emojis to his.”

“Well, I would hope you would, Liam James Payne. That’s a boyfriend’s job,” he states matter-of-factly. 

“I’m sorry, I don’t really remember that in the job description?” Liam lets out a laugh, not too concerned by Zayn’s words, given that’s just how he’s been acting about Zedd recently. And how he’s been about–well, anyone that gets too close to Liam since forever. “Besides, don’t really remembering signing a contract or anything.”

“Well, maybe that’s because that would have killed the whole mood, hmm?” He says, jokingly defensive. “‘Would you please be my boyfriend? Also, here, please sign this legally binding contract while you’re at it.’“

“Fair enough,” Liam replies with a small shake of his head and a smile. “What would be on this contract of yours then?” 

Zayn hums, suddenly turning mock serious. “Well, of course, I’d ask for 1,000 kissy emojis a day.” Liam snorts at this–which Zayn promptly ignores. “A goodnight text at least a few times a week…” He pauses, obviously thinking. “And, well, it would be ace to be on stage with you again.” 

Liam picks up on a slight shift in tone with these words, as his joke becomes a twitch more serious. “I’m sure we could arrange that,” Liam responds honestly. “I bet we could do a collab or something. Whatever you want, babe.”

“And I’d want you to come up behind me and tickle my sides in front of nationwide television and practically all of fucking America.” Liam can almost hear the pout behind Zayn’s voice, and he should’ve known that the conversation would inevitably turn back to Zedd–after that lack of greeting at the beginning of the call, anyway.

“We could arrange that, love,” Liam concedes. He thinks for a moment. “I’ll do all that and more when we get something put together. I’ll sing to you, like old times. Change words for you.” He grins. “Maybe even give you a quick peck if I’m feeling quite cheeky.”

Zayn laughs happily at this, seemingly amused by the idea. 

“But, no matter what,” Liam finishes quietly. “if I did any of those things or not, you’re always my number one, okay? Doesn’t matter who knows it or how often I’m able to be seen with you.” 

“You’re my number one, too, Li,” Zayn says wetly, his words sounding a bit choked.

“Two more days,” Liam promises.

“Two more days,” Zayn repeats gently. “Don’t forget about me by then.”

“Zed, I can’t. You know I can’t.” He sighs. “I’ll send you all the kissy emojis that I can to prove it.” 

“Okay,” Zayn whispers with a sniffle. “1,000 a day?” He teases, a smile pulling at his lips.

“Mmm hmm. And I’ll even throw in a few hearts as well, just to spice it up a bit.”

Kai is a sociopath. Not a psychopath Disclaimer: Yes I do research before I post, but as always when dealing with uncle google take things with a grain of salt. But I’ve read enough to be confident that this post is either true, or close to the truth.

I’ve written a meta like this before, but here I am writing a different one, but on the same topic because it’s a real pet peeve when someone calls him a psychopath.

A psychopath

Born with an abnormal brain, that you can see in a MRI.


Born with a brain that looks exactly like us normal people.

A psychopath

Is callous because the parts of their brain that deal with empathy and stuff are physically damaged.

A sociopath

Are callous because of extreme abuse/trauma/neglect. They formed the condition of sociopathy to deal with that abuse. This does not mean that they deliberately chose to become a sociopath. Nobody can choose the way their brain develops. All it means is that Kai’s brain felt the best way to protect him was to develop sociopathy. 

Wait if their brains are physically normal, then how can they not be normal?

Well as we go through life we develop neural connections and lose neural connections all the time. Developing the ability to empathize with other people, and feel emotions are neural connections we form as we grow up.

A child going through severe abuse, in order to avoid feeling emotional pain, their brain may stop those neural connections regarding emotions from forming properly.

Kai’s abuse

They downplay the abuse Kai went through as a child. But he would have had to go through some real serious shit, to have developed sociopathy.

That’s what I hate about it. At least Klaus’ abuse was portrayed as a very serious matter. Kai’s abuse was portrayed as a joke, and that disgusts me. In fact they took Klaus’ abuse so seriously, they gave him a therapist! 

They even had Chris acting as Kai to joke about his abuse in season 8 episode 14. Sure the words themselves weren’t joking matters, but the way he said it, you could tell that the show was trying to make it out to be a joke.

Sure it could be because he only likes to show vulnerability to Bonnie. But the thing is he could have said all that to Caroline in a cool and calm way. Instead he said it as if it was funny. And it’s disgusting that Plec hates a character that much, that she’d resort to making jokes of a serious issues, just because they she didn’t want anyone to have any sympathy for that character.


They deleted the scene where Kai shows how hurt he was over the way his family treated him, to Jo, again because they didn’t want anybody to sympathize with him. No what they want is for people to view his abuse as something that’s not serious. 


Some people might have thought that bit was funny, I am not one of them. I frowned during that scene. I did not think it was funny, or charming.

Psychopaths can’t feel emotions.  No fear, anxiety, love, care, sadness. However they may feel anger. I’m not sure why anger is an emotion they can still feel. All I know is their brains aren’t physically wired to feel “empathetic” emotions. 

Sociopaths can feel emotions.

They tend to feel emotions that are muted. Or emotions that are exaggerated. Their exaggerated emotions are usually triggered by something that reminds them of the traumatic things they’ve gone through.

For example the gif below is Kai’s exaggerated emotion over not getting to be the coven leader. Because it reminds him of the trauma of the abuse he went through over not being good enough, over being an abomination.

Because he knows the reason they didn’t want him to be the coven leader is because they see him as an abomination, because of his siphoning abilities. The defective twin that nobody wanted. It reminds him of the neglect they gave him, of the fact that he was so disgusting to them, he wasn’t allowed to touch or be touched by anybody else.

Honestly guys this is the first time I’ve made my own gif lol. I’m proud of myself. 

Sociopath’s snap over anything that triggers their post traumatic stress disorder. 

Didn’t he snap because he wasn’t going to get power and control?

A lot of people think he snapped because he wasn’t going to have power or some shit like that. But if power was so important to him, why did he want to kill his coven? Killing his coven would mean he’d be powerless, because he would have nobody to rule, or have power over.

He said he wanted to give the “Gemini coven an excruciating death.” What he did NOT say was “I want to rule them and make them suffer under my reign. If he said that, then I would believe that he was aiming for power as well as the other thing I mentioned. 

No. What he wanted was to become the coven leader to prove to everyone else, that he wasn’t a worthless piece of trash.

Kai was told his entire life that he was only valuable for one thing. Killing his twin sister, or dying for his coven. Apart from that one thing, he was an abomination, trash. Because he was led to believe that about himself.

So he held onto the one thing that he could do to prove that he was valuable enough. Kai wasn’t sure if he would die in the merge or not, he just wanted to prove himself. Because you know Kai didn’t have the ability to see the future or anything.

Then he finds out that it was all a lie. 

He was taught to believe his own TWIN’S life wasn’t valuable. Because he’d kill her in the merge when he turns 22. So how could someone with a mental illness come to the conclusion that the lives of his other siblings were valuable?

His twin’s life meant nothing, because that’s what he was taught to believe. His own life meant nothing, because that’s what he was taught to believe. Therefore why on earth would the lives of his other siblings mean anything to him?

I am not justifying Kai’s actions. I’m saying that his home life was the perfect environment to bring him to the point where he committed a monstrous deed.

Like if I punch you in the face, and you punch me back. You are still at FAULT for punching me back. I did not make you punch me back. But you have to admit that I created such a perfect environment for you to punch me, that it was almost impossible for you not to punch me.

In fact if you decided to glare at me instead, you’re a great person. But 75% of people would have punched me back. 

Well the above 2 paragraphs is an example, but something like that is what happened with Kai. 

Now this gif below is Kai’s exaggerated emotion over his failure to get out of the prison world. The place that had psychologically tortured and tormented him for 18 years. Of course as much as I love this scene for my meta, it’s also confusing, since if all Kai needed was magic and Bennett blood, why didn’t he just siphon from Bonnie then and there? I think I know the answer:

The dinner party was him giving Bonnie one last chance to change her mind. But instead she made it clear that she would rather be in ISOLATION, than be in his company. She said she wanted to be in her own separate part of the world.

Obviously Bonnie found out she was wrong, and Kai’s company would have been better than isolation, but that doesn’t change the fact that she said “let’s just divide the world in half and go our separate ways”

What about sociopaths and good emotions?

Sociopaths generally feel muted versions of love, and other kinds of empathetic emotions, because they are trying to protect themselves from being hurt.

For example they feel muted versions of sadness. Love is also an emotion that can make someone vulnerable, so they feel muted versions of that.

I don’t think Kai loved Bonnie in 1994, because he had only just met her. But he felt something for her. I guess a fondness for her.

I’m getting too lazy with the gif nows lol. But Kai showed moments of sadness and vulnerability before the merge for Bonnie Bennett only. 

Bonnie was the only one he would have given all of these second chances too. Had it been Damon that was the witch, or even Elena, Kai would have just drained their magic and left. In fact Elena or even Caroline would not have even had the opportunity to send their magic away in a bear, because Kai would have already killed them before that moment. 

Not that Elena would have been smart enough to think of that to be honest.

All Kai would have needed was to overhear the spell and have their blood. So if Elena or Caroline were the witches in question, they would have been dead shortly after Kai shot one of them with an arrow. 

Because he over heard the spell before he shot Bonnie with the arrow. He knew all he would need was her blood.

Now unfortunately Kai also has muted empathy as a sociopath, which explains why he hurt Bonnie as badly as he did.

But in this odd kind of way his empathy for Bonnie was also very strong. Kai was willing to give Bonnie more than once chance, despite having to face his own hell of 18 years of trauma and psychological torture, while giving Bonnie those chances.

I would be desperate af to escape that place, and I haven’t even been there for eighteen years in isolation!

So it’s like his empathy was muted and strong at the same time. Which is one of the reasons why Kai is complex as a character.

Whoever created the episodes with Bonnie and Kai in 1994 really need to pat themselves on the back, for portraying Kai’s complexity so beautifully.

Whoever removed Kai’s complexity and turned him into this dumb villain, well I hope you never get a job as a tv producer, or writer ever again.

Hey people as you may not know, I do value accuracy in my posts, or at the very least theories that are well reasoned. Thanks to @fuckitimfangirling there are a few improvements I can make, and I will make those improvements when I have time.

For now though here is the copy pasted version of what she said. Try your best to fit it in with my post and the wrong bits of it, until I’m able to edit.

I like the meta aspect of this, but I gotta address some things (lol not ragging, the meta is good!) bc the neuroscientist in me just has to. DSM-5 for diagnosis is different now. Sociopathy is no longer a term used, it’s antisocial personality disorder. Psychopathy is a symptom of ASPD and it exists on a spectrum. You can have psychopathic traits without being diagnosed a psychopath if you don’t meet enough of the reqs for diagnosis. Emotionally, psychopaths are depressed, not non-existent - the problem is with empathy bc they have underactive amygdalas (regulates fear expression and recognition) and mirror neurons (help with emotional recognition in others bc ppl tend to imitate facial expression as part of recognition in social interactions) due to a decrease of serotonergic axons (the physical brain differences). However, non-psychopathic ASPDers have decreased serotonin levels in a different way, so there’s actual physiological differences there as well, just not as extreme. Kai, having ASPD, probably exhibited traits as a child of ASPD (called conduct disorder) bc of those differences, but didn’t actually get diagnosed until late teens bc his environment exacerbated them. He also likely didn’t have muted emotions, but increased impulsivity, anger, aggression, and disregard for safety of self and others due to low serotonin levels (all of this is depicted in the show) and this overshadows other emotional expression. ASPD individuals can foster genuine relationships (unlike psychopaths), but they’re usually dysfunctional/abusive. ASPD heritability is really high and fostered in abusive/traumatic environments bc in those aspects, it is evolutionarily beneficial to survival to be aggressive and violent. In our social constructs now, not so much. Medication and therapy is helpful in non-psychopathic ASPDers but not so much with the psychopathic ones due to distinct physiological changes. Overall though, media is terrible about demonizing the disorder without doing proper research. I can provide you with names of more detailed texts if you’re interested.

William Nylander - The Publicity Stunt Part Four

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This is my favorite part so far!

Word Count: 1712

Warnings: Drinking/Cursing

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I was currently four wine glasses deep sitting in one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever been to. When I first arrived I thought I was underdressed however, that concern, along with every other worry I had, was slowly fading away with each sip. Not that the date wasn’t going bad. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I was enjoying it.

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