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Silence Speaks

Summary: Another quiet, sweet moment between these two beans during their travels. Blank period.

A/N: Clearly I have an obsession with the subtle, fleeting moments between these two. But I think it’s in these moments that their relationship progresses the most. I wrote this in like 10 min so it’s super short but I have finals coming up in the next two weeks and this scene came to me out of no where so there’s really no context just a bunch of fluff. Let me know what you guys think, hopefully my writing is starting to improve a teeny bit!!

Sakura finishes her examination of his eyes with no new prognosis. This was good news, as it meant that Sasuke’s eyesight continued to remain stable.

They had fell into a certain comfort with one another since their travels together began to stretch into long months. As was such, the nature of this specific examination meant that she had to be close to him, and he felt no discomfort at that. He sits with his back against a wall, one knee bent and the other leg laying straight at a slight angle, allowing her room between them to be close enough in front of him to conduct her examination. He notices now that she is quiet, lingering there in her spot before him.

She takes advantage of the moment, of their close proximity to one another. They didn’t have many, so she took the opportunities when they came. Intertwining her fingers with his she begins to place soft, sweet kisses on his face. His nose, his brow, his cheek, his chin, his jaw, the corner of his lips. At first she is hesitant, unsure of whether he’d push her away, whether he’d resist her innocent gestures, be overwhelmed by her presence, by her love.

He stays still, relaxed, watching her. However, when she puts her hand on his neck, she can feel that his pulse has quickened. Pausing her actions to search his eyes for signs of anxiety or discomfort, she finds that although he seems content, she is unable to read him. She presses her lips to his forehead softly, hoping that her thoughts and emotions can be conveyed to him in this small and simple way. She loves him with her whole being. She’d give, do, be anything for him. She was his and always would be, whether he decided to take her or not.

It’s like he can feel her love emanating from her body, warming the places where her skin touched his. The texture of their calloused hands pressed together, her knee accidentally brushing against his inner thigh, her fingers toying with the hair at the nape of his neck, the soft skin of her lips leaving warm traces of her over the contours and angles of his face. With each kiss, he feels as though she imparts a small piece of her own soul to him, pressing to him the feelings that cannot be manifested into words. She loves him, deeply. He can undoubtedly confirm this, and that makes his heart begin to pace faster.

What had he done to deserve a love so pure, so selfless? In all of the things he saw her do, Sakura gave a piece of herself. Feeling that intention was an entirely different, and new, experience. She had endless love, and she was willing, no, wanting to pour it into him. All he had to do was accept.

She pulls back from the forehead kiss, looking into his gaze once more, searching his mismatched eyes for her answer. He tightens his grip on her hand, deciding that he would accept her feelings, that he’d do anything to protect those feelings, that he would nurture his own feelings for her and allow them to continue to grow. He would return her intentions, because he was grateful to her for never giving up on him. He would take her as she was, because there was no other way he’d have her. He’d protect that innocence and purity in her character. He was determined to make her happy, the way she had just made him.

He makes the connection, realizing that this is the reason behind his elevated heart rate. It seems as though Sakura reaches the same conclusion moments later, as she begins to smile at him. Try as he might to suppress it, this silent affirmation between them brings a faint blush to his cheeks, and he has to resist the urge to turn away from her. He’d had moments of vulnerability in front of her, but none of this magnitude.

She pulls gently away from his hold on her hand, replacing both hands on his cheeks. His hand naturally finds its way to the small of her back, his pull on her as undeniable as gravity. Rubbing her thumb across his skin lovingly, her face is brought closer to his. Her lips hover in front of his momentarily before he closes the space between them.

She was his, that much was true. She’d learn in time that he was also unquestionably hers.

The Lucky One Pt 4

Characters: reader, Marjorie (reader’s mom), Bucky (James), OC Kevin Jenkins, OC Caleb, mention of a certain other Avenger.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: a little angst, SO MUCH FLUFF, ex being a jerk. Super light violence? Maybe? Tiny cliffhanger. 

Word Count: 3.7k (this one got away from me, but you’ll see why :D )

A/N: Eee!! So excited about this part! Originally for Stark Tower’s Movie Challenge, which has ended, but I’m continuing on my own just for fun. I chose the movie “The Lucky One” and I’m really excited about it! Please let me know your thoughts, whether you’ve see the movie or not, I appreciate your feedback!! :)

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“I don’t know much about my family. They’ve been gone for a while.”

Feeling a tug at your heart, you felt badly for bringing it up. “I’m sorry.”

He put on a brave smile, meeting your eyes. “It happens. Thanks again. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” you replied, offering a smile in return. You watched his figure retreat into the dark and then closed the door behind you. It was only after he was gone that you realized tomorrow was Sunday and his day off. Would he actually show up and refuse a day free from work again? You couldn’t allow that. There were labor laws, after all. And yet…part of you hoped to see him sooner than Monday. Knowing him only a few weeks, the man was still a mystery, but each clue given had you aching for more.  


The morning sun rose crisp and clear on Sunday, your ears tuned to any outdoor noises. Unexpected disappointment creeped into your mind to find silence. You had become accustomed to the early sounds of James sawing, hammering, or tossing bales of hay onto the ground outside the stables this early. You weren’t really surprised, given that it was Sunday, but the promised words of “See you in the morning” echoed in your mind from last night.

Shaking off this odd feeling, you climbed out of bed and pulled on a cozy sweater before descending the stairs toward the kitchen. Soon you had pancakes on the griddle and all the other breakfast fixin’s on the table. The delicious smells roused the rest of the house, soon hearing your mother’s shuffling feet along with the frantic scamper of your energetic boy approaching.

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Feels Like Home: Chapter 1 - When We Were Young

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Characters- Reader, Maisie the dog, Missouri, RodeoCowboy!Dean
Warnings- None
Word Count- 1,123
Summary- It’s a usual day until a face from your past shows up. You never thought you’d see him again, but fate seems to have other ideas.
A/N- The first in this series! I’m so excited to share this one with y’all since it’s been in the planning stages since January. I had some computer troubles, but luckily I’ve been able to get it working enough to write, so all’s well. It’s all outlined, so I’m just so excited to finally share!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Squinting against the sunlight filtering in through your windows, you sigh before glaring at the beeping alarm on your nightstand. You’d done all the chores you’d needed to the night before, just to spend an extra hour or two in bed this morning. You should have known they’d fly right on by.

Your morning is much the same as always- get up and ready to do some chores before you head out to breakfast at Missouri’s Diner. Your small horse ranch requires daily maintenance, all of which you take care of yourself. Hauling hay, feeding the horses, daily grooming, cleaning stalls- all are a part of your daily chore list.

You open your front door to a bright dawn, bright orangey-yellows melting into blue. The sight brings a small smile to your face, thinking of all the people who are too busy stuck behind a desk to ever see the beauty of a fresh new day. Running a ranch may be hard work, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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The Real Man of Steel

Pairing: Clark/Superman x Reader

Request:  Hi, Could you write a Superman smut? Like have it really fluffy at the start. Maybe that Clark is really awkward, so is reader. maybe that reader finds out that he is Superman in this? Maybe while they are having sex and his grip is too strong

Smut: Yes

Words: 2673

Requests are open!


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aight friendos so while i’m in the process of catchin up with stuff i will attempt to compensate for never writing by giving u dis- jerome fluff (requested by @sideblogsfordaysss )

i’ve had the concept of the reader being in arkham (while she isn’t criminally insane, she does have bpd and lashed out at the wrong person at the wrong time) and is trying to keep to herself and be let out on good behavior/no signs of insanity, but catches our favorite ginger’s eye ((((-;


In retrospect, maybe this was all your fault. After all, it was you who made the decision to go off of your meds during lacrosse season. It was an extremely unhealthy choice, sure, but you had figured that the aggression that came with Borderline Personality Disorder would be helpful on the field. It was, to an extent, until some pretentious high school boy made an obnoxious comment during one of your games.

That particular game was pretty successful; your team had won and you and a group of friends were going to go get ice cream to celebrate. On your way up from the field, you heard that absolute prick call out, “Hey babe, smile more,“ and then proceed to smack your ass. Immediately, your lacrosse stick connected to hit face you you managed to give him a black eye and a broken nose before anyone was able to pull you away from him. Unfortunately, the guy came from a highly wealthy family of lawyers, who threatened to either pressed charges on you and your family or manage to convince the judge to sentence 6 months in Arkham Asylum. You didn’t want to cause any more problems for your family and make them pay for your mistake, so you asked your family lawyer to go with the Arkham option. You would be put on a program called DBT, and you promised yourself you would do absolutely everything in your power to get out as soon as humanly possible.

You learned, very early on, that as long as you kept to yourself in the corner of the rec room, nobody would bother you. You read the same pile of magazines every day, unless you family, friends, or your lawyer (occasionally) came to visit you and fill you in on what had been happening lately. Those days were few and far between, but sometimes your lawyer would come and she’d give you music and books; she convinced the judge to grant special treatment since this was your first offense, you showed remorse, and you were a minor.

One day, the way you had envisioned your whole sentence doing was completely disintegrated when a boy, no more than 18, came to the asylum and was automatically intrigued by you. He had ginger hair, a wicked smile, and a hell of a lot of issues. You really didn’t even notice he was there until he bothered you in your corner one day.

You were kept to yourself, curled up, headphones on and reading Americanah when you felt a finger tap your knee. You stopped your music and looked up from your book.

It was the ginger, only a few inches away from your face, grinning wildly. “Hey there cutie. I’m Jerome. What’re you in for?” He had a deep voice, and when he used the particular tone he had just spoken to you with, he sounded almost… croaky. You indulged him with short, uninterested responses in the hopes that he would feel disheartened and leave you alone.

“I have BPD and got on a rich boy’s bad side.” His eyes lit up, and he questioned you further.

“Did you kill someone? I did,” he bragged, “my mom. She was a bitch, she deserved it. Did rich boy deserve it?” he questioned, chin in his hand, staring at you. He was too close and you were not a fan of it. He was cute, for sure; but the kid just bragged about killing his mother, the woman who birthed him! It was repulsive.

“I’m not answering that,” you deadpanned, and proceeded to read your book. The jerk had the nerve to take it out of your hands and hold it behind him!

“Hold on,” he said, “you can have it back when I’m done. What’s your name, beautiful?”

“(Y/n)”, you answered curtly, “give me my book back, please.”

He laughed. “Is that any way to talk to a friend?”

“You’re not my friend.”

His expression softened. “C'mon, (y/n), a girl needs a good friend in here,” he tried to reason.

“Funny, I haven’t needed one yet. And I plan to keep it that way.”

He started to stand up and walk away, shrugging. “‘Least I tried,” he said, and walked away, your book still in hand.

“Hey, wait!” you called. He turned around, grinning. “Gimme back my book!”

“Nah, I think I’ll keep this. Maybe if I read it, I’ll have something in common with my new friend (y/n)!” he exclaimed, and then went back to his table full of other inmates.

“Jerk,” you whispered incredulously. You simply picked back up a magazine and put your headphones back on, determined to move past the encounter. ‘That was a damn good book, though,’ you thought.

The next day, a different book in hand (milk and honey, this time; Rupi Kaur was a favorite of yours), Jerome came back to bother you some more. “Hi, gorgeous,” he began, “miss me?”

You scoffed. “More like I missed my book.”

He just laughed. “You’re funny! I like a girl with a sense of humor.” He tapped you on the nose. “It’s cute.”

“Don’t touch me. Please leave me alone unless you’re here to give my book back.”

“I’ll give your book back!” You got hopeful for a second, but he ended the sentence on a note that implied he wasn’t finished talking. “When I finish it.”

“Whatever. I don’t care.” All he did was scoot closer to you so that you were side-by-side. “Please leave me alone, dude.”

Jerome shook his head. “Can’t do that, gotta keep an eye on my best friend! In case someone tries to hurt ya,” he explained.

“Oh, we’re best friends now?” you questioned. “Whatever.” You did you best to ignore him and continue reading, underlining passages here and there, but after a few minutes you broke the silence. “Would you stop staring at me?”

He grinned. “Can’t. You’re just too cute!” You rolled your eyes and went back to reading.

‘You know what? Whatever,’ you thought. 'There’s no use. I just wont talk to him, he can waste his time if he wants.’ You continued reading, and underlining every few lines that caught your eye. Jerome eventually laid his head on your shoulder, never looking away from the book. “It’s boring, if you ask me,” he commented off hand.

You rolled your eyes, but beneath them was a hint of annoyance. “It’s not boring, it’s poetic. She’s a wonderful writer. You just don’t know how to analyze it properly.”

He lifted his head from your shoulder. “Where’s the action? The adventure? The surprise?”

“Are you kidding me? She’s writing about her life, she isn’t writing a dystopian Y.A. novel. It’s all there, you just have to look for it.”

He smiled, for the millionth time. “Smart, too! Just another reason I like you so much.” You raised an eyebrow. “Go on then, explain it to me. Show me what I’m missing.” You weren’t really sure, looking back on it, why you decided to go along with it. He was annoying and you wanted him to leave you alone; but when you were provoked about something that was meaningful to you, something you were passionate about, you could talk for hours. You spent the rest of the day telling him about each passage in milk and honey. You had the slightest feeling that he didn’t really care, but with all the time he had wasted trying to get you to open up, he’ better have taken what you were giving.

Listening to you talk, for him, was an experience. The way your eyes lit up and how excited you got, you looked ethereal to him. He didn’t care all that much about the book, but he loved listening to you be happy. He wanted you to always be like that- happy, carefree, excited.

The days went by, and each encounter you had with Jerome, you warmed up to him a little bit more. One day, you even let him listen to your music as you read another book. (It was a Y.A. novel that time, called 'The Supernatural Enhancements.’) “How do you read so fast?” he had asked you at some point.

“Because I like it,” you responded, and went back to your book. He casually draped an arm around your shoulders, like he was testing the waters of your relationship. To your mild surprise and his joy, you didn’t shrug him away.

Thankfully, your friendship didn’t interfere with your treatment program. You were still sane as ever and becoming more and more stable each day.

You were comfortable calling the bloodthirsty ginger your friend, for the most part. He was perfectly civil around you and never did anything to make you feel like you were in any sort of danger, whatsoever. As long as he continued to get the treatment that would help him, and bring him to sanity, you had no problem with it at all. For the most part though, you just enjoyed his company. You were on your fourth book since you had met him, 'The Coldest Girl in Coldtown’, when you were taken from your beloved corner and your only friend. “What’s going on?” you questioned.

“You’re being let out. They say your treatment is done and you’re good to go.”

“Oh. Okay,” you responded calmly. Jerome, on the other hand, was not as calm about the situation at hand.

He stood up as you were being led away. “You can’t take her,” he said to the guard escorting you out. he followed you to the gated door; you were ushered through while he was detained by someone else. “HEY! Get back here! You can’t take her away from me!” he called after you. You didn’t have time to turn around and tell him to chill, you were pushed down the hall to collect your personal belongings before being freed. When you had gotten all of your stuff together and made your way back down the hallway, Jerome was still causing a scene. “(Y/n)! (Y/n), you can’t go. You can’t leave me.” He was leaning into the metal bars separating the rec room from the hallway.

You did feel a little bad that you would be leaving him, seeing as how he wasn’t taking it very well. “Jerome, they’re letting me go because I got better. You have to get better, too, if you want us to see each other again. Okay?”

He just burst out into maniacal laughter. “Get better?” he cackled. “I don’t need to get better! I’m free! I’ve broken free from the machine, don’t you see?”

You rolled your eyes. You tolerated him while you had to, and you were willing to tolerate him some more if he would cooperate, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen. So you dropped the facade. “Whatever. You need serious help. Bye, Jerome. I really hope the best for you, but I’m not gonna deal with this.” You turned around and carried your belongings away with you, out the door and to the outside world, where you family and friends eagerly awaited your arrival.

But on your way out, you couldn’t help but ignore Jerome’s yelling. “I’LL FIND YOU!” he called as you were walking away. “I’M GONNA FIND YOU WHEN I GET OUT, (Y/N)! I’LL COME FOR YOU!” You said a silent prayer that none of those things would happen, but there was still a pit in your stomach as you left all of your Arkham memories behind. And there was a cloud of anxiety and fear looming overhead as well; that what Jerome was threatening would happen. 'Yeah, sure,’ you chided yourself. 'Like he’ll ever manage to escape a freaking asylum.’ Still, you couldn’t help but fear what would happen if he ever did break out.


so that went from fluff to angst in like .8 seconds, my bad, i didn’t really plan this all through. I just kinda went with whatever popped into my head (in case you cant already tell, i do that a lot). i still hope you enjoy anyways!!/i hope it wasn’t, yanno, complete trash and i did you all -some- level of justice. feel free to send in a request if you want to!!!!!! i aim to please the people (i am a virgo after all)

milasariana  asked:

Hello talented people! Will there be a continuation of neighbouring love?

anonymous asked: Can you please continue Neighboring love? I love it and need to know what happens next!

anonymous asked: I’m offering cookies in exchange for more neighboring love!! I make really good cookies. and i’m begging. its so good, and i’ve read it and re-read it. Not to pressure, i’ll love you no matter what but i wish for more more more!

anonymous asked: I love neighboring love so so much!! Any chance of getting more installments from that story? I hate to feel pushy but Ive reread it so many time and can’t help but wish for more!!

“James Alexander, stop yer fidgetin’!” Ellen berated her youngest, slapping his hands away from the cuffs of his sleeves.

“But Mam!” Jamie protested with a groan. “It’s too stuffy and I’m hot! Canna I go play wi’ Ian in the stables?”

“No, ye can’t. Yer father is expecting us for Quarter Day and ye will be there to greet our guests, do ye hear me?”

“Yes, Mam.” Jamie dragged his feet, scuffing his newly made boots along the hallway floor leading to his father’s study.


“Jamie, my lad! Come here, son.” Jamie ran and scrambled into his father’s lap, tugging at his collar and cuffs.

“Canna please take it off, Da? It’s hot and stuffy and I dinna wanna wear it!”

Brian chuckled pulling his son’s hands away from the lace and velvet. “Ye ken ye have to wear it. I’m sure yer Mam has told ye so.”

“Aye,” Jamie mumbled.

“Weel then, I dinna ken why yer asking me if ye can take it off. Ye must look respectable and the image of the Laird. Ye are my son and ye’ll need to act that way. No one will be off playing until later.”

Jamie sighed, his small head drooped down in despondency. Putting a finger beneath his chin, Brian raised Jamie’s face so that his eyes could meet his own.

“I’ll make a deal wi’ ye son,” Brian said, pushing a curly red lock out of his son’s eyes. “Ye can change and go off and play after we’ve met with all the tenants. Ye dinna have to stay for the more business aspect of it, but ye will say hello and greet each and every one of our residents. They look up to us and count on us to take care of them. The least we can do is be there to welcome them graciously into our home. Ye never know who ye might meet, someone new or old, and form a new exciting friendship. Aye?”

“Alright, Da.” Jamie slid off of his father’s lap and trudged out of the study, Brian muffling his chuckles as he watched his son walk dejectedly away.

To Jamie, it felt like days he had been standing beside his family greeting all of the tenants in the land. He didn’t know when it would end. His mood soured as he could hear his best friend and the locals playing just on the other side of the dooryard. He longed to be over there playing with swords or chasing them into the burn. The icy chill of the burn would feel good about now, he thought to himself as a bead of sweat fell down his neck.

A quick, but quiet noise from his mother had him standing straighter and no longer tugging at his sleeves.

“Laird Fraser!” Jamie heard a distinctly English accent say with a flourish. “It is an honor to meet you on this fine day and my what a beautiful family you have!”

The accent drew Jamie’s attention over to the man, he stood in odd looking tan breeks and only his tunic. No plaid or red coat, no loyalties being shown.

“Welcome Mister?”

“Ah, Beauchamp. Lambert Beauchamp, but please just call me Lamb. This,” he pulled a girl in front of him, “is my niece, Claire. We were fortunate enough to obtain a small cabin on the edge of your properties from a Mrs. McNabb about a month ago. I do hope that is not a problem?”

“Not at all, Lamb. I’d be happy to discuss the terms of your tenantship in the study after while, if ye’d to me the honor?”

“Of course! Of course! I only want to make sure we can stay. Claire and I are the only family the other has, and we’ve been most graciously welcomed here. We find it very serene and more like home than anywhere else we’ve been thus far.”

Jamie watched as his father’s eyebrows disappeared in shock. “I would love to hear what ye could bring to the area and where all ye’ve been and how ye came to be here.”

“Claire, is it?” Ellen said, crouching down to the girl’s height.

“Yes, ma’am. Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, at your service.” She bowed low with a curtsey. Jamie was transfixed. The girl had curly brown hair that was not contained. It fell down in the ways his mother and sister’s hair did at night. She didn’t seem comfortable in her dress, but that didn’t matter, she was there and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“…my daughter will show you the way.” Jamie shook his head hearing the end of his mother’s sentence. What will Jenny show her? Where will they go?

“Thank you, Mrs. Fraser.”

“I’ll take her!” he said without thought.

“Jamie?” his mother questioned while his sister sniggered.

“I said, I’ll take her.”

“Nay, ye will not! That is my job. Ye dinna have a reason to be wi’ us. Go play wi’ Ian, Jamie,” Jenny said laughing, grabbing Claire’s hand.  

Brian looked from his wife to his son and nodded. Leaning down, he whispered to his son, “Ye like the lass then, Jamie?”

“What? No! Da, I only-”

“Wheest! I was the same way when I first saw yer Mam. Go on and get changed. Our deal is fulfilled. Go play with Ian, I’ll call for ye later and we’ll talk about Miss Beauchamp then, aye?”

“Aye,” Jamie said, running into the house. He heard Jenny’s voice and followed it to the library part of the study.

“Ye’ll find all sorts of books here!”

“Thank you so much, Jenny.”

“Aye, it’s no trouble at all. Maybe once ye find a book, ye could meet me back outside to go for a walk? I can show ye around the land.”

“I’d really like that,” Claire said. Jamie could hear the smile in her voice.

“Good. I’ll see ye shortly then!” Plastering himself to the side of the wall, he nearly was caught as his sister skipped out of the room, a smile plastered on her face.

“I’m going to have a friend,” he heard Claire murmur. Chancing a glance, he caught Claire hugging herself and spinning in a circle with a laugh.

Making his way to his friends, Jamie couldn’t stop thinking of Claire. He wanted to be her friend as well.

“Jamie! What are they like? Did they have pointed teeth and horns?”

“What are ye talking about, Ronald?”

“The Sassenachs! My Da says there were a hundred of them infiltrating yer land! What are they like?”

“Yer Da is stupid then, Ronald, because there were only two Sassenachs and yer Mam is the one that sold them a house! No, they didna have fangs or horns. They were just like us, only with a funny accent.”

“Yer the one that’s stupid! My Mam never would have sold a Sassenach a pile of poop, let alone a cabin!” Ronald McNabb said, poking Jamie in the chest.

“I was there when the Sassenachs arrived and the man said he bought the cabin from Mrs. McNabb! Ye canna say I’m stupid for repeating the truth!”

Ronald snorted. “The truth according to a Sassenach!”

“Why would he lie? It was just him and his niece. There isna a reason for him to saying anything false!”

“He could to get into yer idiot Da’s good graces to keep them on the land! I say we should go and beat them up! Make sure they ken never to cross a Scot!”

A few of the other boys cheered at Ronald’s bold statement, but what cut through the noise was a soft gasp. Behind him, stood Jenny and Claire.

“My Uncle is not lying. We bought the cabin from a Mrs. McNabb and we’re here to offer what we can in rents due to the Laird. We have no quarrel with you or any Scotsman. We like it here!” Claire said defiantly, marching up to stand beside Jamie and in front of Ronald.

“Go away, ye filthy Sassenach! No one wants ye here!”

Before Claire could say anything further, Jamie lunged his fist connecting with Ronald’s nose, as both boys fell to the ground.

“Dinna say that to a lady! She’s no filthy! Learn manners, ye no good son of a-”

“JAMIE!” Brian yelled as he pulled his son off of the other boy who had curled up in a ball crying, bloody snot bubbles forming with each gasp of air.

“Ye dinna hit men whom ye don’t agree with. Ye talk it over. That way ye have no reason to be thought of as a criminal or scoundrel!”

“Nay, Da. He was speaking bad about Miss Claire. He called her a filthy Sassenach and wanted to beat her up!” Jamie exclaimed, wiping blood and dirt from under his nose. “I was protecting her.”

Brian sighed. “We’ll discuss this later.” He turned back to the crying form of Ronald McNabb. “Did ye learn yer lesson, lad?”

The boy didn’t answer.

“Come on then, let’s go see if Mrs. Crook can patch ye up.”

“Mister Fraser.. .erm.. Laird Fraser!” Claire called out.

“Aye?” he said, turning with Ronald in his arms to face Claire.

“Jamie really was protecting me, but if it’s alright with you please don’t go too harsh on him. His heart was in a good place.”

Brian nodded and began to walk away.

“Wait!” Claire called again. “I know how to fix what’s wrong with him. Can I help?”

“Come on, then!” Brian called and Claire followed, looking back again at Jamie for a moment, blowing him a kiss before catching up to Brian and Ronald.

The memory of the first time Jamie stood up for me rushed through my mind and I couldn’t help but see the small boy who pummeled another because he insulted me. And now, here an adult Jamie stood, not three feet from me, the same determined expression set on his face.

“Jamie!” I sighed and walked towards him, my arm being jerked back by Jonathan. “Let me go!” I said, angrily tugging on my arm.

“No! Why should I believe him! You love me! We’ll be happy together, Claire, just you see.”

“I’d rather not. I love Jamie not you, never you!” I tugged again. “Now, let. Me. Go!” I said emphasizing each word with a tug. He let go as I tugged causing me to fall right into Jamie’s arms.

“Are ye alright, mo nighean donn?” he asked, smoothing my hair back from my face.

“Yes, now that you’re home. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be home early?”

Jamie leaned down and kissed my forehead. “Because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Breathing deeply, I relaxed further into his embrace.

“You just think you’re something special, don’t you, Fraser? Always getting what you want, never thinking about consequences or what might happen to others. No, it’s always all about you. You don’t even understand or know who I am! What I can do and who trusts me!”

“I’ll be asking ye to take yer leave, sir. If ye will speak with my father before ye leave telling him ye are going, that would save me the trouble of explaining what I stumbled upon.”

“Watch your back, Fraser. I’ll not forget this and you will regret this moment. As will you!” he sneered, nodding in my direction.

With a turn of his coat, Jonathan Randall walked out of the garden and hopefully out of our lives.  

college yoongi
  • min yoongi, the college’s resident music theory major (see also: genius)
  • seriously though, almost everyone thinks he’s a genius and his professors gush over him but not when he’s around bc they think he’s indifferent
  • but he’s not indifferent bc it’s easy to notice the little smile on his face whenever he overhears someone mention that he has mad skills or something and he just shakes his head and continues to walk
  • and if anyone ever stops him to talk about something of his that they heard he just shrugs and it’s good-naturedly and replies with “ah, i was only messing around you know”
  • so he’s obviously very humble which kinda gives people whiplash bc they didn’t that at all like most people just thought he knew how amazing he is but nope he’s actually really chill
  • there’s always flyers in like every department saying that people should listen to his soundcloud and follow him
  • the number of followers and plays that his tracks have is insane but not really bc he’s a genius and his username is min genius so i mean yeah
  • he has this really nice, chill style that’s kinda a hybrid of tomppabeats and it’s great and sometimes he uploads remixes and they’re also great
  • even uploads some of his soft rapping tracks to keep like this chill theme but if you’re into like hardcore rapping, he has another account for that
  • like the baristas in the café on campus asked if it was cool to play some (all) of his tracks and he’s like yeah sure why not
  • he even has a few eps on itunes and the ratings always surprise bc “wow people actually like my stuff??” and it’s one source of income so
  • but more about his rapping tracks. like, the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and are one of the main reasons people enjoy them
  • bc he talks about a lot of relevant stuff that he felt like he wasn’t able to talk about and they really add on to the “only few will understand” idea
  • yeah twenty one pilots are one of his many inspirations amazing i know
  • another thing that confuses people is the fact that he’s best friends with the kinda hyper sophomore & kinesiology major, junghoseok
  • like they’re kinda opposites but they’ve known each other since like middle school and they’re still really close
  • hoseok was the one they helped yoongi decide what to minor in bc he knows how much his best pal loves photography so it was a pretty easy decision to make
  • he also helped yoongi with his major bc there’s always those majors that people don’t see as being stable but yoongi defied all the odds that were stacked against him bc he already has companies reaching out to him about his composing skills
  • it was mentioned on the music theroy’s major website about students having things published and having companies contact them before graduation and he didn’t really believe it until it happened to him and it’s so cool but he doesn’t brag about it bc he’s super humble
  • okay about him minoring in photography
  • he loves taking nature pics bc it’s so nice and has such a nice aesthetic that you can’t find anywhere else
  • he studied abroad the year before in florence, italy and took a thousand pictures there bc everything was so captivating
  • so when he’s not making music or playing basketball (which he also does), he’s snapping some quality pictures of forests and sunsets and etc. and those that know him are like wow he’s so multi-talented
  • sometimes you see him sitting under a tree in the park not too far from campus with his headphones on while he works on his laptop and you can see his camera peeking out of his backpack
  • he calls the camera his life bc he was saving up forever to buy it but people buying his eps on itunes helped out a lot
  • yeah so you see him a lot in the park when you’re studying or whatever and it’s nice to watch him work even though you feel kinda creepy when you do but he’s really nice to look at and his mannerisms are so gentle idk if that makes sense but yeah
  • so you make it a habit to go to the park a few times a week and sometimes yoongi’s playing basketball with his friends and that kid jungkook tries to throw the ball a bit too hard and you’re kinda close by so it almost hits you
  • and yoongi’s rushing over to make sure you’re okay an dyou’re yeah i’m fine while clutching your chest and jungkook just stands there wide-eyed before he apologizes 20 times
  • and yoongi notices that the ball knocked over your coffee and even though he’s not all that sociable, he offers to buy you another one and you’re like nah it’s fine and he’s like okay and you’re :/ ?? bc you kinda hoped he would insist but nope
  • one of his friends, hoseok, calls him back over to finish the game but he doesn’t call him yoongi but min genius and the cogs are turning in your head bc that sounds familiar and yoongi checks that you’re okay before he gets the ball and continues playing
  • and after that you grab your things and head to your class but it’s hard to concentrate bc you know that you saw min genius somewhere so when you get back to your dorm you look it up and yoongi’ssoundcloud and itunes comes up and it clicks bc you remember seeing flyers with min genius on them
  • when you see him again a few days later you tell him that you really like his stuff and he just smiles and thanks you and he shyly asks if you’d want to grab a coffee with him bc hoseok gave him a lecture the night before about him asking you out or something
  • yeah so you agree and while the two of you are waiting for your coffee, you realize that his music is playing and you’re like wow and yoongi just smiles his gummy smile and it’s cute and he finds you cute and it turns out that you’re taking intro to digital photography and he’s like i took it last semester and i can help if you ever need it
  • the two of you hang out sometimes whether that’s meeting up in the café or at the park when he’s editing some of his music and he shows you his pictures and tricks to help you with class and they’re really amazing
  • esp the ones from florence and you think it’s so cool that he studied abroad and he tells you about it and it sounded like a lot of fun
  • he even made these little short films and they’re so nice and aesthetic with some of his tracks playing in the background and it’s so chill
  • then sometimes you find yourself making playlists for him bc the way he talks about music, you know it’s important to him and when you meet up again you let him listen to them and he has a smile on his face bc it’s good music
  • before either of you can really process it, you realize how deep the feelings you have for each other run like it’s way past just friends
  • when he realized that he likes you he wasn’t !! it was just okay so like i them in that way and it took him a while to mull it over and he doesn’t tell you right away or at all
  • since he’s been helping you with photography, you take pictures of him when he’s working on music or playing basketball with the rest of bts and create this little collection that you posted on vsco and show him and he’s like wow these are nice without really noticing that it’s him then he’s oh and kinda blushes bc you titled it ‘i like you’
  • and within a few weeks, you’re officially a thing and the rest of bangtan are so happy for you guys
  • lots of really chill dates where you watch him edit his music and photos and your bf min yoongi, well, min genius is just that: a genius that has a soft heart and cares about you and his friends a lot
The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 

✮ Chapter Four: Bay Window ✮

Word Count: 3719

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

After catching the bus home that afternoon Riley is ecstatic to find a large parcel on Jed’s doorstop addressed to her.

“My clothes!” Riley exclaims as she scoops up the box and carries it inside. Riley marches right past Jed and upstairs to her room where she excitedly rips open the box. Riley’s face drops when she sees it’s contents. One by one Riley pulls out each item and tosses them to the side. Overalls, a floral jumpsuit, flared denim jeans, a yellow maxi dress, a denim vest, a polka dot dress, a paisley print dress, a skirt, a dress, a dress.

“Ugh,” Riley angrily tosses the box upside down and some coloured converses and sandals fall out. The brunette kicks the pile to the side and decides to call her mother.

“Riley?” Topanga answers, “Finally we hear from you!! How was your first day at school? How are you?”

“Just fantastic.” Riley says sarcastically, “I love that in the middle of high school you’ve sent me 2000 miles away to live with a stranger. I love it here! I never want to come home!”

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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 14


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

You walked into your dorm room in a haze, still not quite sure what to think of the previous night. Diane was there, and jumped off the bed as soon as she saw you.

“Where have you been?” She demanded as you sighed and sat down on your bed. “Do you know how worried I was? You didn’t answer your phone—what happened to your face?”

You touched your cheek gingerly where you had been struck, and were suddenly more aware of your still split lip.

“Don’t worry about it, the guy who did it now has a broken arm.” You didn’t add the fact that he also had some broken ribs, or the fact that Jaebum now wanted Yoongi dead.

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The New Pack ~ Part 6

Some things will always be eternal.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

A/N: I’m both sorry and pleased to say that this is the final part of the series, for now. (Maybe I’ll write a sequel after Season 6.) Thank you all for liking it so much, I never expected it to turn out so good! I also want to dedicate this last chapter to @ligthngale​, hope you like it darling! *3*

”How is she? Will she make it?” Scott asked his mom when he met her at the hospital the same evening the guys had come with you. Melissa was standing outside the room where you laid, looking through the small window on the door, you were barely alive, your pulse was low and your healing process were slow.

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Sinners ~ Pride

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Isaac x Scott


Word Count: 2535

A/N: This is a continuation of the 8 part series with @completedylantrash and myself. The series follows the 7 Deadly Sins, and trust me it will be deliciously sinful. This collaboration is in response to an anon requesting that she and I work on something together. Enjoy, my smutties!

If you’re new to the series you can find part one by completedylandtrash here –> Envy 

Originally posted by littlewolfstilinski

She glares at me, her eyes sparking with fury as she clenches her small hands into fists. I glare back, gritting my teeth in hopes of somewhat maintaining my temper, but the way my blood is roaring in my ears makes me think I might not be too successful at that.
           "Well are you going to fucking answer or are you just going to keep trying to skewer me with your eyes?“ She snaps at me venomously, and I resist the urge to slam her against the wall again while simultaneously flinching away at her tone.
           "I could ask you the same thing,” I growl, my nostrils flaring again, “What the fuck was that spectacle back there!”
           "I don’t know what you’re talking about,“ She mumbles, crossing her arms angrily over her chest, and my eyes flicker to her chest as the breasts swell slightly. I clench my jaw before tearing my eyes away from her.
           "What did I fucking tell you about Lahey.” I say roughly and she glowers at me.
           "You’re not the boss of me, asshole. I can talk to whoever I want.“ I open my mouth to respond but she talks over me, "What’s wrong Stilinski, mad that you aren’t the one pinning me to my locker? Annoyed that his lips have been on my skin?”

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Pairing : Reader x Jaehyun

Genre : Fluff

Words : 1803 words

A/N : Okay, I’m not confident with this one too but please do give your thoughts after reading it cuz ugh I tried to make it not suck-ish but idk T_T why am I like this


She slapped both sides of her cheeks in unison just for the sake of getting ride her nervousness. It has been thirty minutes since she got in the toilet cubical and she still could not convince herself to get out from it. She breaths in, and breaths out. “Okay, okay…now is the time. You have to do this Y/N” she said to herself. “When will you get the chance to do this again? Never, no, so it has to be today” she assured herself again. She stood up, and unlock the door, walking out from the rest room confidently. It is her last day of internship in the magazine company she signed up three months ago. There are three of them doing the internship program and she is one of them.

When it comes to be in a work place, there will be a lot of interesting agenda to discover. Such as, gaining experiences in your field, meeting new people, or… or discovering that your Head of Fashion Department is a very gorgeous man of the century. As she arrived at the table which the team already booked earlier, she sat beside one of her colleagues that she is close with. She got poured a glass of beer by them to show their gratitude from working in the company. She looked over the empty seat in front of her that was supposed to be fill by him. Taking another sip of her drink, she told herself to keep on being patient and wait for him to come. Out of her concern, someone nudges her right arm. “He’ll come don’t worry. By the way, I’m rooting for you. So, just say it to him that you like him okay?” she encouraged her. She just nodded and thankful for her support. Tonight is the night, she will confess her feelings for her.

“Everyone, sorry we’re late!”

The owner of the voice that makes her heart throbs, there he is. His name is Lee Taeyong, twenty two years old, his zodiac sign is Cancer, blood type O, and the most caring person you could ever meet. “The traffic was hectic, we had a long meeting with the clients, but thank goodness it all went well” he smiled. “Yes, it all went well because you have me~” a figure appearred behind him and that is Jung Jaehyun; his annoying side kick. Since the first day she works at the company, that guy never leave her alone. He always popped up anywhere even when she did not need him.

“Do you have any question?”

“Can you really do that work?”

“Want some coffee?”

“You know, I don’t think you are doing it right”

“Ah, Taeyong hyung would not like that design”

Every little thing you do, he always took notice first. Sometimes, he could be helpful but most of the time not really.

Taeyong take a seat which is the opposite of yours and Jaehyun is sitting beside him. “Long day huh?” she started a conversation with Taeyong. He nodded and took a sip of water, “Yea, but it’s all  good. How about you?”. Her heart almost dropped when he asked how was her day, it is like he really do curious about her. “I’m okay, just a bit sad that I will be leaving soon” you replied. “Oh, yea. You are good at what you do, so don’t worry. I’ll be praying for you to get a better job than here” he gave her a warm smile. “You’re right hyung, she’ll do good. I support you too!” Jaehyun interuptted. She ignored that shamless guy and still paying attention to Taeyong. The team enjoying the good time they had, talking, drinking, singing and do some silly stuff to entertain themselves. After a while, Taeyong got up from his seat and try to get everybody’s attention.

“Guys, thank you for being here today. I want to say thank you, especially to all the interns that have worked hard to help us here in Fashion Department.”

Everyone cheers to his speech.

“Okay, calm down. I’m not done yet. I want to announce something really important. I thought you guys should know about this because all of you are like my family here,”

She attentively listening to him, eager to know what will he annouce.

“I’m… getting married with my fiance; Byul” he introduced her to everyone which she is actually his assistant in the company.

Her heart broke to pieces when he put his lips on her sweetly and everybody  happily congratulate them. She could not bear her tears anymore and decided to excuse herself. Everybody were clueless when she went away but not for long they are still paying attention to the new couple.

As she strolls on the sidewalks, the rain starts to pour heavily. It is like the weather fits her gloomy heart, which makes her even more devastated. She continue to walk without direction, just following where her steps would go. She laughed at herself, thinking that she had a chance with someone like Taeyong. She always think that she is so pathetic when it comes to having a relationship. Since in high school, she never had a gut to tell her feelings with her crush and always let him slipped away. She thinks too much until she oftenly lose her chances in any possibilities she can have with any guy. “Gosh, I’m an idiot…” she talk to herself. Out of her concern, she carelessly trip down and almost kissing the cold floor. She dislocated her right ankle, groaning in pain. She wails in frustration, “Great, just damn great!!!”

The raindrops that was supposed to continously pouring on her stopped. An umbrella shield her from getting wet again, while the face of owner is still hazy. The figure kneel down to meet her level, it was Jung Jaehyun. He snickered and laugh at her, it feels like he is mocking her and it really irritates her more.

“What’s so funny?”



“You look cute when you’re clumsy”

She rolled her eyes. Well, he does find this entertaining instead of giving her a hand. As she was about to stand up, he help her by holding her arm. Afraid of falling again, she let him assist her anyway. “I can walk on my own” she fidgeted his hand away. Her ankle is still killing her but she try to stable her posture which she failed. He put the umbrella aside and bend down in front of her while showing his back. “Get on my back” he told her. “No way” she refused. He sighed, “Stop being stubborn and get on my back Y/N. Please?” he begged her. She does not have any choice but to oblige his favour. “Fine, just this once” she admitted and lend on his back carefully.



The rain that was shotting down heavily a few minutes ago has become lighter through their journey. Jaehyun was planning to drop her at the nearest bus stop which that would be the least he can do if she is not feeling uncomfortable around him. she is holding the umbrella while clinging to him tightly, worried that she might fall any soon. Then, out of curiousity, she asked him a question. “Did you follow me from behind?” she sounded a bit irked. “And if I did?” he replied. She gave him a silent treatment because she is speechless how thick skinned is this guy can be. If he is doing this only because he sympatized her, she will be more furious. She is wondering why does he even take interest in her while in the company she will avoid him the most.

He put her down on the bus stop seat carefully and gave her his jacket to covers her legs. She was surprised when he did that but accepted his kind gestures. “Wait here” then he was gone to the convinience store behind the bus stop. She is getting suspicious of his action but waited for him patiently at the bus stop. He came with a ice pack and pain relief patch in his hands. He quickly giving aid to her sprained ankle before it would get more swollen. Once he is done, he feels more relax and take a seat beside her. She is still stunned from what he just did to her, because their relationship never took a step further than being a colleague. Or, that is what she thought. The night was soundless, even the car pass by faded one after another.

“Don’t feel so insecure about yourself, Y/N” he assured her. “Taeyong hyung maybe didn’t see your charm, but someone else will” he smiled to her. She scoffed at his comment. Some will see her charm? She does not even have one maybe.

“Okay, so who is that someone? Who will see my ‘charm’?”

“Hmm…it could be me.” He admitted.

“What are you saying now?”

“I’m saying now that… I like you”

“….you’re bluffing” she laughed nervously. But what makes her more confused is her heart is beating fast after she heard him confessing to her. It feels unreal and her mind went blank and she is totally not in her right mind now.

“If I’m bluffing, I would not carry you here and gave you the aid so easily because I don’t usually do that to any other girls I knew” he explained.

“Sorry that if this so sudden. I like you since you first came in the company but I don’t want to freak you out so that’s why I’ve been keeping to myself…” He continued.

“Why woud you even like me? I mean I’m awkward and there’s nothing special about me-“

“Yes, because your awkwardness is cute and you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. That’s what special about you, I find that delightful and charming.” He said in amusement.

She stared at him, and he did the same.

Suddenly, she laughed out loud. She laughed until she shed tears in her eyes and she is not so sure that was a tear of joy or sad. She is just touched when he said those words which she never expected to hear from anybody. She put her cold hands on her heated face, she could not control her expressions anymore. She exhaled and look at him directly, “I..don’t really know how to say this.. so..” she is still searching for the right words to say. “I..just..”

“Just give me a chance to get to know you better” he looks at her with a hopeful eyes. He waited for her to respond, praying that she will accept his request. Her gazed fixed on him, about to tell her reply in a second.

“Why not? I would like to get to know you better too” she smiled.


A/N: Peaches, what do you think? Part 2? Idk what to do T_T why am I not good at this anymore? :”) @jaehyunsleatherpants sorry If this is not what you requested :”D

Make Me

A/N: it wouldn’t surprise me if the person who sent this prompt in has forgotten they’ve sent it in given it was so long ago but it was too cute to pass up alright

it’s funny cause these are pretty much my own thoughts at night lazily fashioned into a semi-romantic duologue

prompt: college au, d&p sharing a dorm room and at night dan is afraid of the dark so he talks and talks and phil is extremely annoyed until one day he tackles dan in bed “would you shut the fuck up already” “make me” and they kiss 

words: 2,440


It’s like sharing a room with an eight year old, to be honest.



“Phil…?” Dan nibbles his lip, stirring in his bed to face his roommate’s bed.

Followed by another expected silence.

“Are you awake?” Dan whispers again, his voice penetrating the heavy quietness between the two beds in the dimly-lit room, with only Dan’s laptop screen with Netflix as an effective enough nightlight, although Inception had finished hours ago.

“I am now.” Phil hisses, and Dan doesn’t need the light to sense Phil’s glaring the shit out of him.

“You went to sleep ten minutes ago.” Dan narrows his eyes. “No-one can fall asleep that quickly, surely.”

“When you’re tired as fuck, it’s surprisingly possible.” Phil replies through gritted teeth, his sleep deprivation due to having to go through this every fucking night finallygetting the better of him. In all honesty, he can’t remember the last time he’d slept solidly for longer than half an hour the nights Dan’s in the room, and he aches with the memory of how heavenly his bed had felt when Dan visited home for a weekend. “Anyway, seeing as it has only been ten minutes, you’ve barely given me any chance. ”

Dan gives him a tentative smirk, although he’s unsure if Phil’s looking at him or not. “What’s the time?”

“Late enough for you to go the fuck to sleep.” Phil mutters, followed by a brief, obedient pause, and a quiet shuffling and moment of a glowing phone screen. “Two forty-five.” He sighs, horror flooding his voice as he remembers it’s only four hours until his lecture and the only attempts at sleeping he’s made are undeniably very pathetic ones.

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Group/Member: ASTRO/Rocky


Word Count: 1221

Summary: Besties who dance together, fall in love together. <3

Requested: yeppers!! This was requested by @justbeing-kpoptrash (ayyeee I did another request for you before!!!! Glad to see some regulars on this blog! ^-^ )

Author’s Note: I feel like this is absolute shit compared to my other works lol. Idek where I was going with this, but hopefully it won’t turn out too terrible!! Nevertheless, I hope this is what you were aiming for! :)

- Admin Bekah

Originally posted by jinwoosoup

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I Will Catch You - Joshua Angst

This is a one shot I wrote a long time ago! I won’t be able to post for a while so please enjoy this.

Originally posted by amillionwon

You wanted to be happy for him, and you had tried your hardest. 

Jisoo always told you, “Please hold on.” When you were at your weakest. The thought was sweet, but he never understood how hard it is to hold on sometimes. With the pressures of grades, your parents, and being at a new school, you couldn’t be as strong as he was. Jisoo didn’t realize how lucky he was. He had so many friends and people that adored him. That too, why was he with you, when he could have dated any of his fans or even fellow idols? That thought crossed your mind often, but he always kissed your forehead and reminded you that you were “the only one.“

Even though Seoul was huge, you often felt completely alone in it. You missed your friends from home, your parents, even the way the town smelled horrible after the corn had been sprayed. Ever since your grades started to drop, you started to get panic attacks again. You were still waiting to get a job. The only time you felt stable was when you were with Jisoo. You didn’t tell anyone this though, you would just smile instead and make sure you were the “independent woman” you wanted to be. But really you were broken, maybe that’s why Jisoo stayed with you. Maybe he just wanted to fix you, and you were just a project to him. But he was the only stable thing in your life, he was everything to you, and what if you were nothing to him? You dropped your head as these thoughts invaded your mind. You didn’t want to think these thoughts yet you did all the time. “Please hold on,” You thought, pretending it was Jisoo saying it to you. It usually motivated you to keep going and live each day, but now when you sat in your apartment alone again you couldn’t help letting go and falling.

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anonymous asked:

so. tell me your thoughts on chelldos.

Originally posted by seenonascreen

First thing’s first: I know it’s not a healthy relationship in reality, let alone stable. But I am very into the idea of smol, mute, human beauty being good 

°*: ~ gal pals ~ :*・°☆ 

with deadly, sassy, semi-cyborg beauty.

Let me paint you my headcanon: Chell decides to stay in Aperture after all the drama with Wheatley because the world outside is barren and there’s nothing left for her there, and she’s already made some friends here anyway, so why leave that? (I know you’re thinking ‘who in their right mind would willingly stay there’, but there’s no way Chell doesn’t have a smidgen of brain damage so give me some credit here lol.)

GLaDOS didn’t delete Caroline and continued to learn what it means to be kinda sorta human again, but her sass and Negative Nancy attitude don’t entirely dissolve, because that’s why we love her. She simply doesn’t want to kill Chell anymore.

Over time, their bond grows. Chell gets to know Atlus and P-body and the other cores, and she’ll continue exploring parts of Aperture until she finds an area that’s sustainable for adequate human living (maybe a block of offices, or some apartments built for test subjects, or maybe she stays in GLaDOS’ chambers?) GLaDOS can provide food and water easily (SCIENCE), and she may even bring a pet deer down from the surface to go with her baby birds lol.

Now, take note that I don’t ship these two sexually at all. I feel like after a hundred-thousand years, Chell’s body wouldn’t be capable of certain functions anymore, one of them being reproduction, and any sex drive she might’ve had before this has been shorted out. And then there’s GLaDOS, who is 100% robot in body. I feel like their relationship would be of a respectable, quiet, and comfortably awkward nature; a friendship that would evolve into something more heedy and awe-inspiring over time.

Picture this:

  • Chell not even hesitating as she walks toward an acid pool because she knows GLaDOS will put up a walkway for her to cross.
  • GLaDOS asking how she’s doing every now and then because she knows Chell is a “frail human rag doll” and is so much more organic to everything else around her and 10x more susceptible to harm.
  • GLaDOS being extra careful with Chell because the Caroline within her knows that in a facility full of adaptable, long-lasting technology, Chell could never be replaced if something were to happen to her.
  • Chell teaching GLaDOS human things, like games she remembers (charades being the easiest obviously), or dancing, or viewing and appreciating art that’s NOT the painting of a mountain scene in the test subject cubicles. Bonus if GLaDOS doesn’t really GET any of it, but likes to see how much Chell enjoys sharing it with her.
  • Maybe further in their relationship when Chell visits GLaDOS’ chambers, and when trust between the two of them has reached 99.9%, she’ll sleep in the white, curved part of GLaDOS’ machinery, like a big metal sling, and although GLaDOS doesn’t need to sleep, she’ll play classical music and rock her until she wakes up again.
  • GLaDOS learning pickups lines from Adventure core in order to “woo” Chell and having no idea what they mean, but at least Chell smiles when she says them. *robot blush*
  • Chell getting a bad cold and GLaDOS is freaking out slightly, so in a haze of controlled panic, she dumps a shit load of potatoes out of the neurotoxin gas pumps and into their chambers just in case Chell needs some extra nutrients.

You see what kind of ship I’m gunning for here? I could go on, but man this would be a longer post than it already is lol. Hope my thoughts on Chelldos were explained well enough. <3

A Lone Wolf Part 15

Summary: After finding you, everyone tries to save you.

Length: 1735

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

The screams echoed in his ears, and his blood turned to lava. He was supposed to be there for you, to protect you, to love you, to make sure this kind of thing didn’t happen. Instead, he pushed you away, and it was his fault you had been alone. His body moved like lightning, even though his mind was frozen in the moment. Who had done this to you and why? What had you ever to anyone?

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Shy Guy || Rap Monster


Summary: Variety Shows with your group were always fun and exciting. You never thought, however, that one of your many appearances would leave not only you but one of your seniors incredibly embarrassed.

Word Count: 1,774

A/N: Hey there Anon! Thank you very much for your request, it really made me smile like a complete idiot.I hope you like it! xx

You smiled at the maknae line of your group as they chased each other around as you all waited to enter the main set; silently laughing at a joke you had obviously missed. You looked over to your group’s leader, Subin, who looked at the younger members fondly.

You were the lead vocalist and face of the 5 member girl group called Memo that had newly debuted in March of this year. Unlike the other rookies of 2015, you hadn’t had your own reality survival debut show. Instead, your company and management team had opted for a guerrilla style debut - no warning, no hype - which meant you had to rely on your talent and charisma to gain a stable following.

The strategy proved somewhat effective and resulted in the five of you having a full schedule of variety shows appearances, music show performances and interviews.

And now you and your group were completing your last variety show appearance before the New Year.

You had been on Weekly Idol a few weeks after you first debuted and you couldn’t wait to return to the show, even if Doni wouldn’t be there to make fun of the group’s main dancer, Semmi.

“Now we must introduce a girl group who have already begun to make a name for themselves.” Coni began, with the special guest host Heechul nodding along. “Returning to the 3rd Floor Basement with their second single ‘Chase Me’, here are our new favourite guests, Memo!”

You and your members walked out from behind the cameras, clapping as the two hosts did their own version of your single’s choreography. As you stood on your mark, Subin led you in your usual greeting of “Did you get us? Hello, we are Memo!” before the running of the show continued.

“Yes, Midnight Entertainment’s first group is back with their new single ‘Chase Me’ from their new EP of the same title.” Heechul recited as he slyly read off the cards. “Can you please explain the new concept you are going for?”

“Ah, yes. ‘Chase Me’ is a song that essentially states that we aren’t the type of girls who can be won over quite easily. That’s why the chorus starts with ‘You can chase me all you want, but I won’t be swayed’.” You explained, watching the maknae of the group slightly mimic your mannerisms while the second youngest attempted not to laugh.

Coni and Heechul “Ahh”ed in unison and, from their side comments, it quickly led to the famous Random Dance Play. You succeeded on your third and final attempt after yourself, Subin and your maknae, Ashley, continued to crash into each other when the choreography switched to one of your first songs.

After your slim success with the Random Dance Play section, your interview transitioned into the DoniConi Idol Call Centre segment, one of your personal favourites since you loved talking to your fans.

The questions you had received from the fans ranged from the usual dancing to other idol group’s choreography to an aegyo battle; all of which left you with sore sides from laughing.

“Because we’ve had hundreds of messages left by your fans, shall we take one more question?” Coni inquired, making the group nod.

There came a beep followed by the erratic breathing of an excited fan. “I got through? Memo unnies, I think you are amazing! I love your new song and EP! I was wondering which senior boy groups would you want to get close to over the next year? Memo, fighting!”

The call ended and you smiled at the girl’s message, showing a heart to the camera to show your appreciation for her. You had done that to all of the callers who had left messages, not caring as to whether or not your fan service would make it into the final cut of the program.

“That’s a very good question; especially since you girls debuted in a time where you have a lot of senior groups to look up to. Are there any groups you’d like to get close to?” Heechul asked, looking directly at your leader for an answer.

“I haven’t really thought about it.” She admitted with a laugh. “We’re very good friends with the other rookies that have debuted this year-”

“I’ve always been a big fan of Big Bang seniors! It’d be cool if we became closer with them.” Your group’s main rapper, Jiyeon, chirped happily.

“What about you, [Y/N]-ssi?” Coni asked. You tilted your head in thought before coming to your conclusion.

“I’d like to get closer to BTS seniors. I’ve MC’ed with V senior and he’s really nice, and we’ve met the other boys in passing…Yeah.” You answered with a nod.

“I agree with [Y/N] unnie! BTS are really amazing and we have a lot to learn from them so it’d be nice to get closer to them.” Ashley agreed, hands on your shoulder as she shook you to display her approval.

After each of you admitted which idol groups you would like to get close to, your variety filming ended with the 99 Seconds Challenge which you had beat easily. You felt ridiculously apologetic for the idol group who would be subjected to your absurd punishment.

“Sadly our time with Memo has ended. Please share your closing thoughts with us Subin-ssi.” Coni said apologetically, gesturing to the eldest in order to close the filming.

“We’ve had a lot of fun today while filming for Weekly Idol and are thankful for Heechul senior being able to fill in for Doni while he recovers. We hope to come on to the show once again when we release other songs and make more memories in the 3rd Floor Basement. We’ve been-”

“Memo! Thank you!” You finished, bowing happily as you clapped and waved goodbye to the camera, signalling the end of your filming session with the crew.

You rolled over in your bunk, smiling to yourself at the fact that you finally had a break in your jam packed schedule. Semmi and Ashley had opted to get food for everyone while your poor leader Subin needed to go into the company for a meeting.

“[Y/N] unnie!”

‘Well, good things can’t last forever…’ You thought to yourself as you heard Jen’s heavy footsteps trundle from somewhere else in the door towards your shared bedroom.

No less than a minute later, you were being dragged out from your bunk with tangled hair and a tired stare, attempting to decipher the garbled words she has rambling out.

“Jen, calm down and repeat everything you said in a slower manner.” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes with your free hands.

“You need to watch this! You won’t believe it!” She exclaimed eagerly, pulling you down on to the couch to watch what you now understood was the newest episode of Weekly Idol featuring-

“BTS seniors are on?”

“Shh! You’ll see!” Jen hushed, momentarily distracted by the sight on the screen.

The BTS boys were completing the Grill Idol section and they had been asked a similar question to what you had been asked in your own interview; which idol group would you like to get closer to.

Unsurprisingly, your group’s name wasn’t listed. That you expected, considering the fact you were a rookie group and you were the only idol group from your newly established company.

“It gets better here, hold on,” Jen commented, pulling you forward to lean closer.

“In addition to SNSD, Rap Monster listed another girl group as one he would like to get closer to.” Heechul read, making the focus of the topic freeze slightly. “Our Rap Monnie listed the new girl group Memo as another group he would like to get close to.”

As if on cue, the other members turned to their leader and immediately began loudly commenting on his choice in a flurry of voices that you couldn’t understand.

“Calm down, calm down. What’s going on- we need to be in on this teasing to.” Coni stated, standing up and trying to calm down the guests who were practically huddled around their poor leader.

“Rap Mon hyung is a big fan of Memo,” J-Hope explained and you watched as the leader turned around in his chair to avoid being filmed, “and because we are promoting at the same time as Memo he always watches their performances.”

“Ah, our Rap Monnie is a big fan! Do you have a favourite member?” Heechul probed as Jin made the younger male spin back around in his chair.

“I mean, you always have a favourite in a group…” He answered, attempting to avoid the question.

“The girls won’t mind you choosing, trust us, we know them well.” Coni continued, waving off his excuse.

“His favourite is [Y/N]-ssi!” Jungkook called, making Rap Mon yell out at him.

“He always talks about her singing when he watches their performances-yah!” Jimin started before Rap Mon immediately covered his mouth, face turned red out of embarrassment.

Coni and Heechul made excited sounds of approval. “Did you watch last week’s episode?” The group shook their heads. “The girls were asked the same question and [Y/N] said that she would like to get closer with your group.”

At the revelation of this new information, the other members continued to yell at him, pushing the leader who was still a bright red.

“Rap Mon; say something to your junior who’s watching this.” Heechul started, waiting for a moment for the leader to free himself from the bullying of his members.

“Uhm… [Y/N]-ssi, thank you for saying you’d for our groups to get closer…Fighting.” He said quickly before he was, once again, overwhelmed with the teasing of his members.

“It was weak, but it will do. I’m sure the girls are watching and are flattered.” Heechul said, flipping over to the next card in his set.

“How do you know they’re watching, huh?” Coni asked, nudging his co-host’s shoulder.

“Things like this always go around the web. Jen-ssi,” Heechul stated as he looked down the barrel of the camera, “you make sure that your unnie watches this!”

Your cheeks felt hot as you looked away from the TV at a smiling Jen. “See! Your favourite in BTS says you’re his favourite! I told you you wouldn’t believe it! You should have seen your face while you watched that!”

You groaned and flopped back into the couch, your mind clouded with several thoughts. On the one hand, you were happy that you were considered to be someone’s favourite. On the other, you had no idea how you would face them if you ran into the BTS boys backstage at an award show.

Too Sexy for This Song (Chapter 1)

Written because @ladyserendipitous suggested this idea, and I had to write it. An AU where every time you have a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it.

AO3 link

“Fighting evil by the moonlight…”

Marinette grimaced as she found herself singing along to the song in her head. Her soulmate was singing it again. After the fifteenth time, she finally looked it up and learned her first fact about her soulmate. He was a Sailor Moon fan.

Well, the second thing. She’d known since she the first day she heard him that her soulmate couldn’t sing.

Still, she couldn’t complain, because she’d grown used to the sound of it popping up in her mind at the most random times. She didn’t often reciprocate, but sometimes when he got stuck on a song, she’d retaliate with her showstopper.

“Every night in my dreams… I see you… I feel you…”

The song in her head abruptly stopped, and Marinette snickered.

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