i really hope he shows up this arc

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So get this! For some reason my phone doesn’t let me take screenshots of netflix but you can check later for confirmation:

During Keith’s trials when hologram shiro shows up one of the things he says to Keith is “you’re just thinking of yourself as usual!” According to the galra dude (sorry forgot his name) the suit Keith wears during the trial shows the person’s “greatest hopes and fears” and based on Keith’s reaction to shiro’s words this is one of his fears/insecurities.

Go back to season 1 episode 11 when the team is deciding whether or not to get allura. Keith tells them they should should leave her and the others get uncomfortable. He defends himself by saying he’s “thinking like a paladin” but LANCE says: “no, You’re just thinking of yourself because you’re too scared to do what’s right!”

Soooooooo coincidence? I think not. Take this connection as you will (maybe Keith is very hurt by lance’s statement and this becomes a fear or it could already be a fear of his to which Lance’s words would have triggered it) but I just thought I’d let you all know.

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I really hope that Lance gets to have a few episodes (or a whole arc) about his bisexuality and coming to terms with it (alongside his feelings for a certain mullet), and the one who helps him is Shiro because i really want to see their relationship to develop to being equals.


could you imagine! how important that would be for young bisexuals!!! being so certain that you are just attracted to one gender even though it doesn’t feel quite right is something that many of us can relate to and it can be a pretty scary thing. hopefully if the show does do a bisexuality arc for Lance, it will be handled well. 

(plus if Shiro does end up being the one to support Lance first throughout this arc, i’ll be so happy. Lance’s hero, his role model, being a supportive dad and giving Lance the validation he needs is something i desperately want to see)


Just some thoughts about him

I’m so in love with Natsu’s voice and the way he calls Lucy’s name, or even talk to her! It gets me every time! The way he looks at her now since the new arc started, it is just so different now! Natsu is really growing up and shows more of his feelings for Lucy! I really hope that he will confess to her! But for now, I  enjoy those little and special moments between them!

Great Gozu - Ultimate Wrestler

That moment when they make an intimidating character thats actually a really nice person. Gozu’s chest is so big because he has a great heart! I really wished he had more of a background story in despair arc, but he didn’t even show up!

The new theories about who the mastermind is are wild! But I hope I wont have to lay another fave to rest.