i really hope he shows up this arc

Dragon Ball Super Episode 102

I’d say I was really impressed with this week’s installment, as I was with the last. This episode’s tone reminded me a lot of Dragon Ball with how wacky the power of Universe 2 was, kind of like the second half of 99 did with its callbacks. I did understand the references to magical girl anime, even though I’m not really into the genre. The episode has pretty comedic moments that really had me laughing (note: the screens above) I was really entertained by the episode overall, but here are some things I noticed that I was a real fan of:

I loved the idea they proposed about preference and how different people attract. It is true that personal preference is incredibly subjective, especially when it comes down to appearance. How Ribrianne’s pheromones effect the different fighters is also a good representation of this. A good thing to note is that the majority of Universe 7′s men are also married, and probably like Krillin, (whose wife is in proximity mind you) wouldn’t really find the trio attractive post-transformation.

Which brings us to Roshi. I am so proud of him. It seems like his training with Puar really payed off. I don’t think this immunity will last, but it is nice to see him calmed down for a change in character with this series’ incarnation.

18 was a highlight for me. Seeing her tiny little jab at 17 really did seem like 17 isn’t the only one to make teasing remarks toward his twin, which was pretty refreshing. Her last appearance in the episode was also pretty nice, with her watching 17′s battle satisfied. The interactions between the two have been pretty heartfelt so far, and I hope to see more between them. The duo fighting together is still being hinted at, which I really hope will be worth all the teasing and waiting. 

The real highlight of this one is 17, who really showcased both his techniques and his everlasting stamina. They really did push the idea with speed and stamina with this one, so it was really cool to hear 17 casually express his “confidence in his stamina.” Stamina was also something that was brought up by the Grand Priest last episode, which really did accentuate both 17 and 18′s use in this tournament. Bringing them along for the tournament was a really smart choice, and seeing as both of them are taking out opponents left and right (18 being the Universe 7 team member with the most seen ring-outs as of now) is a huge advantage. Another thing to mention is his tiny distraction when fighting Kakunsa, his connections with Earth starting to play a role here. Poor guy probably misses the island. 

*Just a general thought. 17 was a real wildcard in this arc, and I’m really glad that they reintroduced him properly. They answered a lot of questions revolving him and his relations with the others and I honestly hope they cover more of him after this arc, because he is such an interesting character that could open up new possibilities, specifically his home life and with his sister’s family.*

Quick little animation note: loved it. It was very quick and fluid, which really complemented the high speed fighting going on. 

One quick final thing I want to add is regarding Krillin. Even though his use in this tournament has expired, I’m still glad that we do get his input and support throughout the episode. He seemed honestly concerned about 17, which really does show us he does care for his bro-in-law. This also shows potential for comedic or informative moments between him and the deities he is sitting with, which does give a little light of hope to me in this arc involving him.

Overall, another entertaining ep in the books for the Universe Survival arc, which get’s me pretty excited to see both Gohan finally contribute to the fight, and to see more of 17′s plight with Universe 2′s lovely brigade. 

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I really hope by the end of this, Ludo goes back to his old self. Right now with Toffee seemingly possessing him, I'm not sure when the next time we will see Ludo being actual Ludo. I know Ludo is evil, but something is so innocent about him.

Ludo definitely got some “possible future redemption arc” points in this episode, showing that he shares parental issues and lack of guidance with Star (sure, Star probably hardly listened to what anyone told her, but we also know that she didn’t spend much time with her parents, growing up, and Glossaryck likely started teaching her when she got her wand only).
Even more, I think that both Star and Ludo lack “a focus”: this leads Star to be distracted, and Ludo to obsess over the search for power with no purpose. In Ludo in The Wild, before seeing the wand’s apparition, he was at peace with himself, content with what he had, a simple life focused on surviving.

In Is Mystery he apparently had plans, ambitions. possibly whispered to him by his wand -Buff Frog even points out that old Ludo would have probably been fine with having the wand, his army of monsters, power for the sake of it. Likely an evil goal, but enough to make Ludo determined to do anything.

In the same way, in The Hard Way, he (briefly) gets a positive focus, being trained in magic, feeling fulfilled by his successes

So, to keep things short in this horribly written and confusing post (sorry), I think that what Ludo needs is an objective, and activity that can give him some fulfillment, some gratification. That opens up the possibility of a redemption, in the future, should he see the mistakes in his ways, realize how much happier he was in one day of being a promising student than in years of power struggle.

…but it’s also true that he wanted to kill Buff Frog, so let’s tread lightly for now.

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Heya! Hope you're having a good day. Onwards with trenchcoat discourse, 'cos that seems to be a hot topic about now. I always thought the coat was a cute quirk. Let me explain: When Cas is ready to possess him Jimmy goes and puts on a suit. The angels all wear suits so maybe this is standard procedure. But it's cold out so Jimmy puts this trenchcoat on top, perhaps expecting Cas to take it off after. But no. Cas leaves it on. Maybe he didn't notice. Or maybe he chose to keep it. And I like that.

Hey! Thanks I hope you are too!

See the thing with the trench coat is that it has become a symbol of Castiels ‘angel uniform’. I don’t think there is anything in canon that specifies that angels have to wear a suit, just that visually for symbolic purposes angels are made to look formal. The same way that demons generally wear suits in later seasons but their suits are much darker colours than the angels outfits. The ongoing dress code of business attire seems to run through both heaven and hell.

Clothing generally is chosen very carefully and specifically in Supernatural (you have probably heard meta writers go on about Dean’s red shirt of bad decisions, or his bisexual plaid (though that is kind of a joke as well as being sort of serious)). With Cas, his outfit also reflects his state throughout the series. 

The original trench coat did start off as Jimmy’s, and whilst we have no real way of knowing if it was Cas who encouraged Jimmy to put on a suit and trench coat, or if it was just a regular outfit for Jimmy, Cas seemed to like it enough to keep it. I always loved the original trench coat as well. Especially after Dean carried it around for so long making it a symbol of Cas’s return and proof that Dean never really let him go: “I always thought you’d come back” he said when he finally returned the coat.

The fact that Cas cleaned the coat and got himself a new suit in season 8 after purgatory proved how much he had grown attached to it. It is only in season 9 once he was human and broke that he had to get rid of it, thus symbolically shedding himself of every part of his angelic being, with nothing left but his humanity. 

When Cas does steal some grace and “angel up” again, the first thing he does is find himself another trench coat. This time one HE chose. But it also became a symbol of the broken angel, the angel with the stolen grace, the angel who went through so much pain at the hands of his brothers and sisters, the angel with the burnt and broken wings. The angel who was lost. This trench coat became the symbol of Cas’s ‘decay’ period. A period of time in the show where he drastically deteriorated in both mental and physical state to the point where, by the end of season 12, even though he was finally starting to realise that he had a home and a family who loved him, and who he loved in return, it still wasn’t enough to stop another creature coming along, and looking inside his vulnerable mind. The fact that he was so desperate for a win, to do something GOOD, that he was manipulated again. “sock puppetted” as Dean said, and whilst Jack may have meant well (just like Ephraim meant well in 9x06) Cas still ended up loosing his life.

The later trench coat therefore from a symbolic perspective, MUST go. All signs point to season 13 as Cas’s “transformation” period. I desperately hope that the later trench coat will be burned in 13x01. Because I want Cas to rise from the ashes anew. So that when he DOES return to the human world, he will find himself something NEW to wear, because then we will KNOW that his transformation arc is something the creators are really thinking about. If they take costume design so seriously, (like the previous costume choices on the show prove they do) there is no excuse to keep Cas in that awful ill fitting trench coat that is a symbol of his mental and physical decay since season 9. 

Having said that though, if Cas really is just waking up in some other realm *cough*the empty*cough*. Then chances are he will imagine himself in that bloody trench coat and for the first few episodes he is in, he will be wearing the coat anyway. 

Here’s hoping that when he does find himself back in the real world, he will wake up naked, in a hunky body rebuilt for him (because the original body burned) and have to wear something else ( preferably a black leather trench coat right out of the matrix movies.) Imagine the look on Dean’s face if he showed up dressed like that though? So because of all of those reasons, I am team ‘burn the coat. Even though I loved the original and wouldn’t mind seeing that again.

13x04 Cas meta

I am already seeing people complaining that Cas’s memories don’t have enough Dean, or happy memories of Dean. My read of this episode says that is a GOOD thing in every way possible. This Big Empty Fake-Cas wanted real-Cas broken. He wanted him to feel hopeless, unloved, to give up and go to sleep. To choose to return to Earth, Cas had to face his past: the decisions he made, the painful memories, his fears of being unworthy and unloved. He HAD to face those things, or then what was the point of this trip? Cas HAD to see past what this creature was saying/showing him for himself, and he did. This is huge progression for Cas and his character arc (and a big step in both the character finally feeling AND being written as worthy and useful just for being himself, not as a “hammer” or a “tool”). Cas physically getting up off the ground and verbalizing that he won’t give up, ASKING for his life back- this was HUGE. Cas in the empty was everything I was hoping for. His happy memories (and his love) for Dean is a given. That’s never really been in question. His self-worth, his desire to exist, his faith- all of those things were what had to be repaired and CHOSEN first, before “who he loves” can even come into the discussion. It was very clear to me that Cas was given a choice- go to sleep, be at peace, let his past dictate his present/future. I believe the entity in the Empty wished for him to choose this. But Castiel fought it. He made the harder decision; he chose himself, he chose life, he decided that he was WORTH MORE THAN HIS PAST MISTAKES.


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I really hope that Lance gets to have a few episodes (or a whole arc) about his bisexuality and coming to terms with it (alongside his feelings for a certain mullet), and the one who helps him is Shiro because i really want to see their relationship to develop to being equals.


could you imagine! how important that would be for young bisexuals!!! being so certain that you are just attracted to one gender even though it doesn’t feel quite right is something that many of us can relate to and it can be a pretty scary thing. hopefully if the show does do a bisexuality arc for Lance, it will be handled well. 

(plus if Shiro does end up being the one to support Lance first throughout this arc, i’ll be so happy. Lance’s hero, his role model, being a supportive dad and giving Lance the validation he needs is something i desperately want to see)

I think this episode/arc is a pretty big deal for not just like Jay’s character and the teams dynamic as a whole. But like as a show because we’ve never really had bigger arcs like this for the other characters. We had Al and Voight lose children but even that wasn’t focused on long and we didn’t get to see them really recover from it (like I hope we see Jay do). It’s always just been Erin and felt like Jay because he was always right there with her. But at the end of the day it was always just Erin going through it pushing people away. Pushing Voight away pushing Jay away pushing Antonio away etc.
When Hailey called Jay as he was walking up to Camilla’s apartment and he ignored it. I instantly thought of that scene in the season 3 premiere (?) where Erin is at the club or whatever partying and Jay calls her and she ignores it. Not in the romantic sense like “oh Hailey and Jay are gonna fall in love because of that parallel” no in the sense of Hailey is on his side and wants what’s best for him. But Jay can’t really see that right now he’s looking for this sense of being okay and someone caring about him and being on his side his team in the wrong places. He’s struggling and sometimes when you’re struggling it’s easy to forget that you have people which he does. Anyways I’m super proud and excited to see this arc continue and hopefully for Voight or Antonio to be a bit more involved in showing Jay that he’s okay and that they care.

I’d like to analyze this particular scene, if you allow me.

while the queen is announcing her son Mon-El as the Prince of Daxam, it’s interesting to note what our two fav space puppies are doing.

Mon-El is clearly unhappy and perhaps appalled by the behavior of his parents? but also conflicted i’m sure. they are his parents after all. He is looking down. He doesn’t wanna face Kara with this new truth or he is embarrassed and obviously sad because he knows the consequences will be dire.

And now let’s look at Kara, even though we don’t really see her face. From this gif at least it looks like she is not even listening to the queen. She’s just looking at the man sitting right across from her. It almost looks like she is waiting for him to react or look at her or give her a sign or something. Maybe she’s in shock, and is sad and scared? And she just wants her boyfriend to reassure her that it’s not true or things are not about to turn real bad for them. 

And to add my own hypothesis, Kara will get mad that he hid his identity from her but only because he hid it. I honestly don’t think they are gonna break up over this. Kara will probably ask for time or just avoid the problem until his parents are gone/taken care of creating awkward moments between the two.

Then she gets whammied by the Music Meister and if not by the end of the crossover, then at least by the end of his parents’ arc on the show, these two will be stronger together. 

Really hope I’m right.

Gif not mine.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Stuff

And spoilers BELOW THE CUT. Open at your own risk!

As you know by now, me and @makasxru went to see the new Dragon Cry movie.

Everything before the cut are very minor scene mentions that shouldn’t spoil the movie for you. Just little thoughts.

First of all, guys. This movie had so many fan fiction aspects to it I think someone’s been reading up 😂😂

It felt very mashed up, probably because we’re so used to the anime dragging things out for ages, so the movie felt like everything was a bit rushed.

There was a lot of action like anticipated, but the story was definitely nothing close to what I was expecting. It was good tho.

Lucy’s stardresses are da bomb, I loved seeing her show some strength. We got to see Charla transform too, both of them were very magical-girl-esque.  😂

The plot was a little all over the place, but nothing you can’t follow. We got to see a lot of nalu, some hilarious gruvia that the whole room was laughing at, a tiny bit of gajevy and new characters.

The movie takes place after grand magic games and the avatar arc, but before the current one.

For anyone who is going to see the movie soon:

DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT! LEAVE THE ROOM UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE CREDITS. Many people left (more than 3/4th of the room) and they missed out a great scene.

Wendy shows how powerful she’s become after the one year separation, Juvia has a Gray-sensor, Gray strips, Lucy gets into some bondage, Gajeel educates himself on cats and Erza doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. That’s literally the movie.  😂 😂 


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So something I noticed in rewatching the new episode is that Yang fights a lot differently than she used to. She used to fire a lot more shots while fighting, and she approaches things a lot more cautiously. There are a lot more small strikes to set up bigger combos and smarter movements. I love how that's simultaneously a reflection of her character change and her lesson from Tai. This show is so good at character arcs!

Actually that was completely intentional! They talked about it on the latest episode of RWBY Rewind. I will make a post about it later, but yes, she has learned a lot and stopped just trying to punch ahead until she has won. 

I can’t wait to see her fight Mercury to be honest. I really hope there will be a rematch. I think if he hadn’t tried to frame her he could have won the fight against her. Seeing them fight again will definitely show how much she has learned and changed. 

Tai really taught her well. 

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You probably got asked this before but who are your favorite charackters?

I don’t mind talking about my favorites any time!

My faves are every single character in TG.

Kidding. But I actually really love all of them except for Tokage and Mutsuki’s father. A rough top 10 would look like this:

1) Suzuya Juuzou.

I loved his arc in the first TG. My sister sent me a photo of Juuzou before I started reading TG and I was basically instantly like ah yes I’m going to love this character. I adore angry murder children characters (you’ll notice a theme among my faves). For Juuzou specifically I love his relationship with Shinohara, and I love how he, the character who was observed to have no sense of right and wrong and no value in life, learns through love that lives do have value. He’s currently only halfway there though; he still hasn’t extended that empathy to ghouls at all. Much like everyone this arc he’s been clinging to the ghost of the one person who made him feel safe. Unfortunately I think the only way to wake him up to the consequences of his actions is to again take away someone he loves, since Juuzou can only learn by love and loss. Shinohara may be dead but he may also lose members of his squad. But to me Juuzou represents hope in the manga. That love really can show you the way, and it is possible to learn empathy (though it will cost Juuzou dearly and already has). That’s why I don’t think his ending will be tragic either.

2) Mutsuki Tooru.

You’re shocked, I know. I talked at length about Mucchan here, but essentially the contradiction between being capable of showing the most compassion in the entire series and also some of the most disturbing violence is just so fascinating to me, and gets to the heart of what TG is all about. There’s a lot of terrible violence, but that beauty is also present and is powerful.

3) Ui Koori.

I never meant to love him so much. I blame Ishida. And @linkspooky. With Mutsuki and Juuzou, it was love at first sight; with Ui, he slowly worked his way up from character I found interesting but wasn’t a fave to low key fave to fave and now after the most recent chapter he’s top 3. He, too, is hope in many ways (quite possibly he will be hope for the Garden kids too, much like Arima was, except he’ll help save them) and I hope that hope is able to reach Hairu when she’s revived.

4) Kirishima Ayato.

I’m a sucker for redemption and Ayato grows a hell of a lot from teenage edgelord who pretends like he don’t need to family but really wants to honor the promise he made to his father and protect his sister, to a boy who can call Kaneki out and risk everything to save the girl he loves.

5) Karren von Rosewald.

What can I say? Karen’s arc was beautiful. Her death to me was the most beautiful in the entire manga, and even though she was kind of an antagonist at first, she was always really complex. I also think she was too important to the start of the manga not to be relevant as the manga reaches its end, especially as Tsukiyama takes a more prominent role again–even if it’s just through dealing with her memory.

6) Urie Kuki.

Sour salt machine’s arc is the inverse of Mutsuki’s, and I love that. He is also capable of growth and change, and he pretty directly suffers consequences for his flaws. Despite pushing the Quinx away at first, all he really wants is that family. (Can you tell I like contradictory characters?)

7) Kirishima Touka.

I love how her arc parallels Kaneki’s, and how angry and hurt she was to start TG. Her self-loathing is tragic, but really gets to the heart of the series as well, and her growth away from using violence as a way to protect her loved ones fascinates me. Unlike Kaneki, also, she is able to make hard decisions, but she’s still battling a fatalistic (even if realistic) acceptance that she’s always going to lose her loved ones. I want to see her fight to keep ehr loved ones again, but in a more healthy fashion than she did in the original TG.

8) Kaneki Ken.

I love his arc too, and let’s just say that no fictional character has ever resonated with me as much as Kaneki has. His flaws are very, very similar to my own, and his strengths too, his internal desire both to be good and to be loved, even his love of books and habit of using them to escape from reality. Literally reading about Kaneki during the height of a personal depression made me be like aaaand time to see a therapist, so he’s positively impacted my life in that way. If I’m harsh on Kaneki, this is why. I love him.

9) Hazuki Hajime.

I know he’s a minor character, but I love him. I am holding out hope he’s still alive, because he’s got a lot of potential to impact Mutsuki’s and Amon’s arcs. He’s an angry eleven year old whom Amon thinks at the beginning represents all that’s wrong with ghouls since they killed Hajime’s parents, but now he represents all that’s wrong with the CCG, in that they’re using him as a weapon. Shio says Hajime is motivated by revenge, and that’s true, he is. That being said, he’s specifically motivated by revenge for his parents–but, in a contradictory move, we see that he worships Kaneki and basically begs Kaneki to turn him.

I know people have theorized that he’s manipulating Kaneki here, but I highly doubt it, because what does he really want? He wants to be acknowledged by his hero figure. He wants, essentially, a parental figure in his life. He is an Oggai to avenge his parents, but he’d throw that away if another potential parental figure in Kaneki because he’s an eleven-year-old who really just wants parents. (This fits with the framing of him as an orphan to Amon, which then pushes Amon to create another orphan in Hinami.) When he doesn’t get that, like Mutsuki when Kaneki left him, he goes back to the only other thing he has: revenge for his parents, and he hates Kaneki for losing, for not being the hero he wanted/needed. Hopefully it didn’t kill him and he’ll serve as a wake up call for Amon, but it may have.

10) Ihei Hairu.

There were only two deaths in TG that I had an OH HELL NO reaction to, and they were Hairu’s and Shio’s.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

(Ishida you took one Ihei and now the other give me Hairu back please?) She was such an interesting character in regards to her ties to the Garden and being loved by Ui, and desperately loving Arima just because he smiled at her when no one else did. I still expect her to come back, and I cannot wait for it.

Special shout-outs to Yasuhisa Kurona (as an identical twin myself I’m drawn to well-written twin characters, and while her arc does somewhat center on being a twin at first–le sigh–there’s more to her than that, so I appreciate that), and Shirazu Ginshi and Yonebayashi Saiko (I’m a sucker for the whole “create your own family” trope, and the Quinx are just perfect in that).

Thank you for asking me this!!

Background Lance. Hope yet?

Here I go, reaching for things yet again. 

I’m still holding onto the hope that, after Lance feeling quite background until like the last five minutes, the show is alluding to his issues and future arc. 

His whole issue is that he feels background compared to everyone else. He spent A LOT of this season just supporting other characters. Pidge, Allura, Keith even. Just stepping back and telling others how great they are. His self-bravado almost seems like he’s trying to keep up with his comrades by talking himself up. It’s like “wait, also, look at me! I can be cool, too! Just like you guys!” Because no one else really says it to him, so he feels the need to promote himself. The amount of comments he makes supporting his teammates over the seasons increases every time. All the way from calling Hunk a genius in the first episode to calling Allura the heart of Voltron. I think him saying that automatically makes him the heart tbh. He spurs people on. We saw that with Keith in season 3. So I found those words to Allura ironic. 

I could list countless moments from the seasons but that would make a very LONG post. 

Ready for more crazy analysis? 

They really went into depth about Allura’s connection to Blue and Keith’s struggles with Black (arguably), but they have yet to explore anything substantial regarding Lance and Red apart from the initial moment he was chosen. And as of yet, he’s contributed no ‘special powers’ to Voltron itself. People have also mentioned the way Allura overshadowed a lot of the significant things he achieved in season 3, though he was always supporting her. Even though he’s an arm now, he’s continually supporting the team like a leg. 

There were also a lot of brief scenes showing stills of the team working on seperate Coalition tasks, however, Lance didn’t appear in some of them. 

He definitely faded into the background a lot this season, and as much as that annoys me, I am hopeful that it could be for reason. Hopefully it’s something they’ll delve into properly in upcoming seasons. He has yet to have a defining moment. Hunk, also, is in dire need of a ‘moment’. Though Hunk still has a major asset that contributes to Voltron that Lance does not, and now Allura can do a special glowy thing, too. Hence, all the Paladin’s apart from Lance have contributed to Voltron’s assets. Thus, I still think that talk between Keith and Lance in the bedroom will be significant later on. I do think Lance will get his arc. In time. (I know, the patience is wearing thin) 

Which means there will be more to come (obviously). Season 3 gave his development a boost but season 4 definitely solidified this ‘backgroundness’ he still has compared to the others. Even in episode 3 where Pidge, Matt and Hunk are spending a lot of time together, he’s in the background just chilling by himself in his pj’s. I was surprised he wasn’t hanging out with them, but then not, because they were doing nerdy things that he’d feel left out of. I like to think it’s for a purpose. That it will all lead to something.

Voltron has always been a bit jolty with the way the story/arcs progress. I noticed this from the very start. But it’s also a very plot driven, fast paced story. It’s also a kids show technically, so the general Galra vs Voltron plot takes preference to any character plots. Thus things might not get so deep. Which consequently makes my post IRRELEVANT. But here I go anyway, too invested in my analysis to stop. More so, other jolty aspects include, the fact that Keith’s interest in the BOM didn’t resurface at all in season 3, but suddenly in season 4 he’s having another identity crisis. This is unintentionally spurred on by Shiro coming back and undermining his leadership in season 3, despite him actually being decent in the role. It still felt rushed. Squeezed into one episode. Honestly, he’s bound to have another crisis if the Shiro/Kuron issue resurfaces. He may even end up in Black again, or Red, which could threaten Lance’s confidence once more. Voltron just tends to skip over things for an entire season before revisiting them. Eg. Allura’s abilities suddenly resurfacing now. Eg. Kuron not revisited at all yet. Eg. Not much Pidge obsessed with Matt in season 3. 

I like to think of season 3 and 4 more as one season. When you do it like that, it makes a little more sense. It feels more balanced that way. What I am trying to say is Lance fading a bit this season could have a point behind it. It also could be lazy story telling on the writers’ behalf. Feel free to ignore everything I said here because I’m just trying to look out for Lance using any means necessary. The most dire issue I still think is Hunk’s character though. He hasn’t had an important self-discovery moment since season 1.  

A Seiten-Taisei Rant about the new Saiyuki Blast anime:
AKA: Why I’m not as excited about the new anime as I could be

For awhile now I’ve been holding back on posting on tumblr my thoughts on the new anime. I didn’t want to tie my comments to another post, so I have decided to do it’s own post.

Let me be clear, this is why /I’m/ not excited. This post isn’t meant to make anyone else less excited. I’m not here to stomp on someone else’s happiness. You may disagree with me, or you may agree. I welcome comments on the matter.

Because there may be some spoilers, I will put it behind a cut.

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northernsapphic replied to your post “114”

I wouldn’t use THEY pronouns for mutsuki considering that sounds a whole lot like dysphoria. He’s trans, and he’s putting himself down because he “acted like a woman” and he is embarrassed by it because he doesn’t want to seem that way. Most trans people have those thoughts when they do something that their gender “shouldn’t” do

Look. Not so sound rude, but Mutsuki is not a trans person. They are a character in a manga whose author is familiar with LGBT themes. Anything I say about Mutsuki isn’t about transgender people, it’s about Ishida as a writer.

I’ll give you embarrassed, because that’s what Mutsuki said, but whether they want or don’t want to be seen that way we’ll find out once they notice Shinsanpei. So far it’s literally Mutsuki’s words (’I want to live as a guy’) versus… Mutsuki’s words (’I’m actually a woman’). Both hold exactly the same amount of weight. Nor you, nor I, know how Mutsuki actually identifies, since Ishida made sure to muddle that up.

I was really hoping for a transgender character, too, so I get why you may be upset, but i’m not a big fan of deluding myself into thinking there’s representation when there isn’t any. If Ishida wants Mutsuki to be a transgender character, he needs to work harder at showing it. So far the only people who think Mutsuki is transgender or literally anything other than a woman are Western readers, which should probably tell you something.

Hopefully by the end of Mutsuki’s character arc it’ll be cleared up.

Stamina: Chapter 4

Alec had woken up many times with Magnus, and while they weren’t usually so painful, he still smiled at the sight of his beautiful warlock on his chest.

He lifted a heavy hand to brush the loops of curls from the man’s eyes, frowning at how hard it was to move. He was exhausted and he’d only just woken up, where was the logic in that?

Magnus stirred at Alec’s touch and gasped, sitting awake and taking Alec’s face in his hands.

“Alexander, you’re awake! Oh, I’ve never been so happy to see those beautiful eyes of yours. We almost lost you.”

Alec pressed his cheek to the warlock’s palm and gave him an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry. What happened?”

Magnus opened his mouth to explain when a yell came from the other room.

“What happened?! I’ll tell you what happened!”

Magnus gave Alec his own apologetic look and whispered as he crawled off the bed.

“Jace is very mad at you. I tried to calm him down but his anger has been building up for the three days you’ve been asleep and I don’t think I can stop him.”

Alec looked suddenly afraid as Magnus stood beside his bed and held his hand. Jace stormed in, face flushed with anger as he stared at his Parabatai.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake because I have a few things to say to you. Firstly, what happened was YOU’RE AN IDIOT!”

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Theres a account on twitter @Bellewarrior who says she works as an intern up in Vancouver and she looks pretty legit. She tweeted that CW is considering dropping mon el all together after this season because he wasn't received as well as they had hoped. Also she said he had a 3 yr contract with the CW, not the show and this year is his last year, which makes sense because he started TVD in 2014. Just because he hasn't completed his characters arc doesn't guarantee he will be back.

i dont really believe that, plus the critics love mon-el, but anyways i’d rather wait for more reliable sources

Arrow 5x19 “Dangerous Liaisons” - After Thoughts

Main Thought

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During the hiatus we talked and talked about 5x19 and 5x20; we got hints from Showrunners; we knew it was Felicity Smoak centered. Promo helped with that general feel; can I just say this before anything else:

The Promo was missleading af… again.

The dialogs and scene shown were off on at least two moments and that mixed up some of my thoughts for the show.

There were a few of storylines going around so I will take one by one the ones I found more interesting:


It was a key episode, like we all suspected. Felicity was vocal, her involvement with Helix is out in the open, her drive clear to everyone. She wants to take down Prometheus no matter what.

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Oliver is in a tight spot. I saw people, while I was livewatching and posting, against Oliver, I understand what you are saying but, maybe because I have a different background, I don’t see it exactly like you do.

Oliver is concern for Felicity’s safety and he sees it like his fault (he created Prometheus). Not only that he wants her not to make the same mistakes he did, he knows and acknowledges she’s intitle to make her own decision, her own mistakes, but he knows how bad it is, and she saw it over the years they are together, he doesn’t want her suffering the same.

I also go back and recall that Oliver went to the loft because Diggle urge him to. He was adamant at first, he didn’t thought (with a ton of reason) that he bared enough credibility. He went because it was Diggle asking and because it was Felicity and he had to try.

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I also go back and recall that with others Oliver backed up Felicity decisons (on letting Helix take the key; on defending her to Diggle and Lyla “Felicity can be right”) when Felicity was argueing with Lyla pleaing for ARGUS to release Cayden James Oliver only utter some level of concern that that would be crossing the line and said no more. He didn’t stand by her openly? You are right he didn’t, but I can understand Felicity was making a risky move. I’m almost sure that Cayden James guy is trouble and will be back to haunt Team Arrow and Felicity in the future. Any argument was between the two and only between the two.

That said, I was surprised by how deep the conversation in the loft went. It reminded me of Felicity talking to Oliver in 3x23.

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Oliver knows he’s the wrong person to be asking Felicity not to do this, he acknowledges and addresses that. And Felicity gives what to me is another version of her definition of a true relationship. Yes Prometheus is Oliver’s creation but taking him down is not just Oliver’s burden it’s hers too; she’s there to take that burden and carry it through.

GIFs credit @felicitys

He’s not alone to carry the weight, he never will be.

Still Oliver rather not have Felicity sacrificing her soul; Felicity will have none of it. 

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At first I didn’t understand why Felicity let Oliver trapped by that laser grid, Helix was long gone, Cayden James was safe with them; it took me a while to understand that, if the grid wasn’t there she would have stay with Oliver when she needed to go to Helix and collect.

The double cross didn’t come and Helix, even bad (it is bad… and the show can bring them back anytime on any Arrowverse show), keeps it’s bargains. But they are gone, they have what they wanted from Felicity and as useful she may be her involvement with Team Arrow and closeness to ARGUS is a liability.

Oliver is sorry they froze Felicity out.

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Felicity thinks he’s lying, he says he isn’t and I do believe him. He knows what lies can do to make that mistake again and he knows how important Helix was for Felicity, it gave her a sense of belonging she hasn’t felt in a long time. Even if she dismisses it we know it’s true. And Oliver is sorry not for Helix dropping Felicity but because what it means to Felicity.

Felicity is upset because Oliver didn’t support her, she feels he didn’t trust her.

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I understand her, it really does feel like that, and if I limit myself to the Prometheus storyline Felicity is 100% right; but if you think about the bad guys in the World Felicity just helped a threath escape, a threath that, when it comes back, it will be her creation, almost as much as Prometheus is Oliver’s. Oliver never wanted Felicity to know what that feels like, for now she hasn’t but Cayden James is out there, and he’s a powerfull foe (he did that coding to get Prometheus “on the fly” I mean WOW) and he just may come back to haunt her.

As Olicity rebuild goes I saw progress in this episode. They are being honest to each other and addressing their issues; sometimes they are not on the same page but they are talking about it. Oliver knows why Felicity is upset; Felicity knows the Team will go after her and Helix in that ARGUS Black site because Oliver told her he couldn’t just let her “sell her soul” to take down a threat he created (Translation: Oliver isn’t up to trade Felicity safety for Prometheus) and he asked her not to do it. This is growth, this is progress, at least from where I’m standing.

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While Olicity starts their way up to mending, Dyla starts to crumble. Again like every real couple their problems are delt only between the two.

Talking about stepping over the line: Lyla’s ARGUS detained a US citizen in a Black site on American soil, without proof, without proper processing. 

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I’ve seen enough shows to know this is a big NO. Diggle is shocked. I guess Diggle lost track of all “his” women.

I loved the small phrase of Oliver to Diggle on how when Lyla and Felicity cross the line they really go all out.

I’m sad for the hinted Dyla break up but it’s “nice” to see a break up that makes sense on Arrow.

Felicity Smoak

How could our girl hack ARGUS? It’s Lyla’s ARGUS for God’s sake. She’s your friend. You trust Alena so much you don’t try to talk to Lyla first?

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Still our girl hacked ARGUS

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She was very effective in the field and she kept her head on the game at all times. The crossing from Hacker life to Vigilante life remark was on point.

Standing up to Oliver while ensuring he was safe and Curtis would have means to release him was so Felicity.

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I’m sad her arc is finished, but then we knew it would happen. I’m sad that she probably feels more alone than she ever did now that it seems like everyone is against her even Oliver.

I hope next episode changes that, I really do.

Wild Dog daughter

I was happy to watch this storyline develop until I understood why they were showing it to us.

It’s not about Wild Dog, it’s not about his daughter, it’s about Quentin and the coming into play of LL/BS.

And then I was more than upset, I was angry. They are using Rene and his daugther to get to Quentin/BS in an organic way.

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BS doesn’t need this kind of introdution, we know she’s there, we know she exists; but they want us to know Quentin would give anything to see his daughter again (yeah, he forgot he has two for a moment) and then the camera foccus on LL and Quentin picture on the desk (yeah, he forgot Sara is his daughter even on the picture on his desk).

Like anyone I wanted Rene to have his daugther back but never in my wildest nightmares I would think they would make it the way to shade BS arrival.

Random thoughts

- Unpopular opinion here, I didn’t found Curtis funny

- I’m still not over the fact that when Oliver got in contact with the Lair after the elevator “accident” Felicity was right there next to the computer and it took Curtis coming from the back to answer Oliver

- Stephen is a great actor, that pause after Diggle said something along the lines “I’m not the one she was going to marry” said so much more that any words

- Snippy Felicity about Oliver using the loft front door made me laugh as much as it did Oliver

- I was totally not expecting Olicity conversation in the loft to be this deep and emotional

- I was totally not expectind Dyla to be hinting divorce by the end of the episode

- I wasn’t surprise ARGUS is still a shady organization

- Turns out Helix was after ARGUS

- Didn’t expect that Helix founder would still be a misterious faceless man by the end of the episode. We still don’t know who he is, the ARGUS file has no picture and they mantained his face convered all the time wich is a bit strange if you think that even inside the Helix van he still had his face covered. I get they probably just decided not to contract anyone else but then maybe they have plans and the actor they want was busy, nevertheless it was strange. There’s something fishy going on IMO.

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Pyrrha X Jaune

Jaune Arc X Pyrrha Nikos

Au: Villagers and gods

Opinion of ship: this ship doesn’t really do anything for me. But that’s more of my problem then a problem with the ship itself. Pros: they have a lot of trust and a strong bond. Cons: there’s a danger of Pyrrha being too protective and coddling, which won’t help Jaune in the long run.


Ever since Jaune was very little there has been rumors that he’ll wind up being the new village idiot. That he’s good for nothing.

Of coarse Jaune didn’t want to believe it, So he just kept on doing his best. And when things got hard for him to handle he’d sneak off to his favorite place.

He wasn’t exactly sure what its called, he could never remember. But he new that it was something religious and people would sometimes come to drop off food and stuff and to pray. Those people never really stayed long and Jaune learned how to hide, so it was alright. He would come there to talk about anything that came to mind, and it would always feel like someone was listening.

Today he was running there to get away from his usual bullies, Cardin and his friends. He bent over and gasped for breath for a couple of minutes, believing he had lost them. “Hello again. Sorry again for not having much.” he placed an beat up apple at the spot others put their offerings. “It hit me right on the forehead so I figured it was lucky. I mean, it wouldn’t be lucky if it didn’t hit me in the forehead right?” he sat down at his usual spot and like usual he began talking about his day, his family, everything he’s noticed, and his usual hopes and dreams of adventure and being somebody important.

That’s when Cardin and his group showed up. “oh Jaune-y boy!~” Cardin called with a smirk. Jaune, who winded up laying on the ground, sat up with wide scared eyes.

That’s when the impossible and improbable happened.

With a flash of lightning a beautiful and tall woman with red hair and golden armour appeared between Jaune and his would be attackers.

Begone!” The woman ordered. They obviously did, like chickens running from a fox.

The woman turned around and faced the thoroughly frightened young man with a smile. “Greetings Jaune Arc, I am the War goddess Pyrrha Nikos. I wish to thank you for your many offerings and prayers. I look forward to them the most.”

Jaune looked honestly confused “Random stuff I find is good enough for a war goddess?”

Pyrrha laughed, “It’s more that you offer your time. Nobody else has spent as much time at my altars then you. Others come asking for protection or for an enemy to be defeated. You however come just to speak as if I was a good friend. It’s honestly refreshing.” her smile became slightly more mischievous “Besides, I’m the goddess, shouldn’t I be the one to decide what’s a good enough offering?”

Jaune thought about that and decided she made fair points. He stood up and smiled at her. “Well thanks for helping me.”

“It’s no problem, I would never allow my favorite human to be harmed near my alter.”

Jaune looked away blushing slightly, he didn’t see the Goddess do the same.

“so Jaune, would you like to be my hero?” Pyrrha asked.

Jaune looked at her surprised and shocked, “what?”

She looked him right in the eye, “Will you fight for me, Jaune?”

Jaune figured one shouldn’t say no to a Goddess “I, uh, yeah, sure. Yes!”

Pyrrha smiled striding forwards, “Good, now let me show you a sneak peak of my many “rewards”.” she grabbed the back of his head and gave him a passionate kiss.

Jaune’s brain ceased to function, and did not start back up again until the next day. Pyrrha apparently dragged him back home after being unresponsive for over an hour.

When he came to he started to freak out, but in a good way.

He couldn’t believe that he, Jaune Arc the nobody, was kissed by Pyrrha Nikos the war Goddess.

End notes: I actually really enjoyed writing this one, I hope you liked this au!


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Dude I read your tags about the filler episode and I totally agree! There's no need to make a filler especially since they still have one more arc to animate, I was already feeling skeptical about the end of term arc being in the anime since it may he rushed, but now that they're going to use an episode for a filler I can't help but feel like the last arc will mess up. And I'm with with you for the characterization in the ova too, it seemed a little ish to me and Bakugou was too extra.

Yeah, mostly echoing these thoughts - since if I’m correct, after this filler we’re left with about 9 episodes.  So they either need to cut the Arc up to after the Practical Test to end on the time Class 1-A is about to prepare for the school trip along with the fated meeting on the mall with Izuku and Shigaraki.

And yeah, I do hope the filler doesn’t do something little off enough to give more reasons for peeps to say Baku is the “Neo-Sasuke” and jazz, when the series has kept on proving he is anything but, and in a very serious fashion. 

I really do hope Bones doesn’t mess this up indeed, since so far the run with this show has been full-blown astounding. It’s tad irritating being this iffy/confused on are they just really good at animating things instead of doing original content for these shows (but again, OVA 1 was pretty decent)