i really hope he shows up this arc

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I really hope that Lance gets to have a few episodes (or a whole arc) about his bisexuality and coming to terms with it (alongside his feelings for a certain mullet), and the one who helps him is Shiro because i really want to see their relationship to develop to being equals.


could you imagine! how important that would be for young bisexuals!!! being so certain that you are just attracted to one gender even though it doesn’t feel quite right is something that many of us can relate to and it can be a pretty scary thing. hopefully if the show does do a bisexuality arc for Lance, it will be handled well. 

(plus if Shiro does end up being the one to support Lance first throughout this arc, i’ll be so happy. Lance’s hero, his role model, being a supportive dad and giving Lance the validation he needs is something i desperately want to see)

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Stuff

And spoilers BELOW THE CUT. Open at your own risk!

As you know by now, me and @makasxru went to see the new Dragon Cry movie.

Everything before the cut are very minor scene mentions that shouldn’t spoil the movie for you. Just little thoughts.

First of all, guys. This movie had so many fan fiction aspects to it I think someone’s been reading up 😂😂

It felt very mashed up, probably because we’re so used to the anime dragging things out for ages, so the movie felt like everything was a bit rushed.

There was a lot of action like anticipated, but the story was definitely nothing close to what I was expecting. It was good tho.

Lucy’s stardresses are da bomb, I loved seeing her show some strength. We got to see Charla transform too, both of them were very magical-girl-esque.  😂

The plot was a little all over the place, but nothing you can’t follow. We got to see a lot of nalu, some hilarious gruvia that the whole room was laughing at, a tiny bit of gajevy and new characters.

The movie takes place after grand magic games and the avatar arc, but before the current one.

For anyone who is going to see the movie soon:

DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT! LEAVE THE ROOM UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE CREDITS. Many people left (more than 3/4th of the room) and they missed out a great scene.

Wendy shows how powerful she’s become after the one year separation, Juvia has a Gray-sensor, Gray strips, Lucy gets into some bondage, Gajeel educates himself on cats and Erza doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. That’s literally the movie.  😂 😂 


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I’d like to analyze this particular scene, if you allow me.

while the queen is announcing her son Mon-El as the Prince of Daxam, it’s interesting to note what our two fav space puppies are doing.

Mon-El is clearly unhappy and perhaps appalled by the behavior of his parents? but also conflicted i’m sure. they are his parents after all. He is looking down. He doesn’t wanna face Kara with this new truth or he is embarrassed and obviously sad because he knows the consequences will be dire.

And now let’s look at Kara, even though we don’t really see her face. From this gif at least it looks like she is not even listening to the queen. She’s just looking at the man sitting right across from her. It almost looks like she is waiting for him to react or look at her or give her a sign or something. Maybe she’s in shock, and is sad and scared? And she just wants her boyfriend to reassure her that it’s not true or things are not about to turn real bad for them. 

And to add my own hypothesis, Kara will get mad that he hid his identity from her but only because he hid it. I honestly don’t think they are gonna break up over this. Kara will probably ask for time or just avoid the problem until his parents are gone/taken care of creating awkward moments between the two.

Then she gets whammied by the Music Meister and if not by the end of the crossover, then at least by the end of his parents’ arc on the show, these two will be stronger together. 

Really hope I’m right.

Gif not mine.

northernsapphic replied to your post “114”

I wouldn’t use THEY pronouns for mutsuki considering that sounds a whole lot like dysphoria. He’s trans, and he’s putting himself down because he “acted like a woman” and he is embarrassed by it because he doesn’t want to seem that way. Most trans people have those thoughts when they do something that their gender “shouldn’t” do

Look. Not so sound rude, but Mutsuki is not a trans person. They are a character in a manga whose author is familiar with LGBT themes. Anything I say about Mutsuki isn’t about transgender people, it’s about Ishida as a writer.

I’ll give you embarrassed, because that’s what Mutsuki said, but whether they want or don’t want to be seen that way we’ll find out once they notice Shinsanpei. So far it’s literally Mutsuki’s words (’I want to live as a guy’) versus… Mutsuki’s words (’I’m actually a woman’). Both hold exactly the same amount of weight. Nor you, nor I, know how Mutsuki actually identifies, since Ishida made sure to muddle that up.

I was really hoping for a transgender character, too, so I get why you may be upset, but i’m not a big fan of deluding myself into thinking there’s representation when there isn’t any. If Ishida wants Mutsuki to be a transgender character, he needs to work harder at showing it. So far the only people who think Mutsuki is transgender or literally anything other than a woman are Western readers, which should probably tell you something.

Hopefully by the end of Mutsuki’s character arc it’ll be cleared up.

A Seiten-Taisei Rant about the new Saiyuki Blast anime:
AKA: Why I’m not as excited about the new anime as I could be

For awhile now I’ve been holding back on posting on tumblr my thoughts on the new anime. I didn’t want to tie my comments to another post, so I have decided to do it’s own post.

Let me be clear, this is why /I’m/ not excited. This post isn’t meant to make anyone else less excited. I’m not here to stomp on someone else’s happiness. You may disagree with me, or you may agree. I welcome comments on the matter.

Because there may be some spoilers, I will put it behind a cut.

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Theres a account on twitter @Bellewarrior who says she works as an intern up in Vancouver and she looks pretty legit. She tweeted that CW is considering dropping mon el all together after this season because he wasn't received as well as they had hoped. Also she said he had a 3 yr contract with the CW, not the show and this year is his last year, which makes sense because he started TVD in 2014. Just because he hasn't completed his characters arc doesn't guarantee he will be back.

i dont really believe that, plus the critics love mon-el, but anyways i’d rather wait for more reliable sources

Stamina: Chapter 4

Alec had woken up many times with Magnus, and while they weren’t usually so painful, he still smiled at the sight of his beautiful warlock on his chest.

He lifted a heavy hand to brush the loops of curls from the man’s eyes, frowning at how hard it was to move. He was exhausted and he’d only just woken up, where was the logic in that?

Magnus stirred at Alec’s touch and gasped, sitting awake and taking Alec’s face in his hands.

“Alexander, you’re awake! Oh, I’ve never been so happy to see those beautiful eyes of yours. We almost lost you.”

Alec pressed his cheek to the warlock’s palm and gave him an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry. What happened?”

Magnus opened his mouth to explain when a yell came from the other room.

“What happened?! I’ll tell you what happened!”

Magnus gave Alec his own apologetic look and whispered as he crawled off the bed.

“Jace is very mad at you. I tried to calm him down but his anger has been building up for the three days you’ve been asleep and I don’t think I can stop him.”

Alec looked suddenly afraid as Magnus stood beside his bed and held his hand. Jace stormed in, face flushed with anger as he stared at his Parabatai.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake because I have a few things to say to you. Firstly, what happened was YOU’RE AN IDIOT!”

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Arrow 5x19 “Dangerous Liaisons” - After Thoughts

Main Thought

Originally posted by lalaaesthetic

During the hiatus we talked and talked about 5x19 and 5x20; we got hints from Showrunners; we knew it was Felicity Smoak centered. Promo helped with that general feel; can I just say this before anything else:

The Promo was missleading af… again.

The dialogs and scene shown were off on at least two moments and that mixed up some of my thoughts for the show.

There were a few of storylines going around so I will take one by one the ones I found more interesting:


It was a key episode, like we all suspected. Felicity was vocal, her involvement with Helix is out in the open, her drive clear to everyone. She wants to take down Prometheus no matter what.

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

Oliver is in a tight spot. I saw people, while I was livewatching and posting, against Oliver, I understand what you are saying but, maybe because I have a different background, I don’t see it exactly like you do.

Oliver is concern for Felicity’s safety and he sees it like his fault (he created Prometheus). Not only that he wants her not to make the same mistakes he did, he knows and acknowledges she’s intitle to make her own decision, her own mistakes, but he knows how bad it is, and she saw it over the years they are together, he doesn’t want her suffering the same.

I also go back and recall that Oliver went to the loft because Diggle urge him to. He was adamant at first, he didn’t thought (with a ton of reason) that he bared enough credibility. He went because it was Diggle asking and because it was Felicity and he had to try.

Originally posted by arrowsource

I also go back and recall that with others Oliver backed up Felicity decisons (on letting Helix take the key; on defending her to Diggle and Lyla “Felicity can be right”) when Felicity was argueing with Lyla pleaing for ARGUS to release Cayden James Oliver only utter some level of concern that that would be crossing the line and said no more. He didn’t stand by her openly? You are right he didn’t, but I can understand Felicity was making a risky move. I’m almost sure that Cayden James guy is trouble and will be back to haunt Team Arrow and Felicity in the future. Any argument was between the two and only between the two.

That said, I was surprised by how deep the conversation in the loft went. It reminded me of Felicity talking to Oliver in 3x23.

Originally posted by thearrowgifs

Oliver knows he’s the wrong person to be asking Felicity not to do this, he acknowledges and addresses that. And Felicity gives what to me is another version of her definition of a true relationship. Yes Prometheus is Oliver’s creation but taking him down is not just Oliver’s burden it’s hers too; she’s there to take that burden and carry it through.

GIFs credit @felicitys

He’s not alone to carry the weight, he never will be.

Still Oliver rather not have Felicity sacrificing her soul; Felicity will have none of it. 

GIFs credit @westallenolicitygifs

At first I didn’t understand why Felicity let Oliver trapped by that laser grid, Helix was long gone, Cayden James was safe with them; it took me a while to understand that, if the grid wasn’t there she would have stay with Oliver when she needed to go to Helix and collect.

The double cross didn’t come and Helix, even bad (it is bad… and the show can bring them back anytime on any Arrowverse show), keeps it’s bargains. But they are gone, they have what they wanted from Felicity and as useful she may be her involvement with Team Arrow and closeness to ARGUS is a liability.

Oliver is sorry they froze Felicity out.

GIFs credit @amanitacaplan

Felicity thinks he’s lying, he says he isn’t and I do believe him. He knows what lies can do to make that mistake again and he knows how important Helix was for Felicity, it gave her a sense of belonging she hasn’t felt in a long time. Even if she dismisses it we know it’s true. And Oliver is sorry not for Helix dropping Felicity but because what it means to Felicity.

Felicity is upset because Oliver didn’t support her, she feels he didn’t trust her.

GIFs credit @felicitys

I understand her, it really does feel like that, and if I limit myself to the Prometheus storyline Felicity is 100% right; but if you think about the bad guys in the World Felicity just helped a threath escape, a threath that, when it comes back, it will be her creation, almost as much as Prometheus is Oliver’s. Oliver never wanted Felicity to know what that feels like, for now she hasn’t but Cayden James is out there, and he’s a powerfull foe (he did that coding to get Prometheus “on the fly” I mean WOW) and he just may come back to haunt her.

As Olicity rebuild goes I saw progress in this episode. They are being honest to each other and addressing their issues; sometimes they are not on the same page but they are talking about it. Oliver knows why Felicity is upset; Felicity knows the Team will go after her and Helix in that ARGUS Black site because Oliver told her he couldn’t just let her “sell her soul” to take down a threat he created (Translation: Oliver isn’t up to trade Felicity safety for Prometheus) and he asked her not to do it. This is growth, this is progress, at least from where I’m standing.

Originally posted by oneofakindxx


While Olicity starts their way up to mending, Dyla starts to crumble. Again like every real couple their problems are delt only between the two.

Talking about stepping over the line: Lyla’s ARGUS detained a US citizen in a Black site on American soil, without proof, without proper processing. 

Originally posted by beatlenumber9

I’ve seen enough shows to know this is a big NO. Diggle is shocked. I guess Diggle lost track of all “his” women.

I loved the small phrase of Oliver to Diggle on how when Lyla and Felicity cross the line they really go all out.

I’m sad for the hinted Dyla break up but it’s “nice” to see a break up that makes sense on Arrow.

Felicity Smoak

How could our girl hack ARGUS? It’s Lyla’s ARGUS for God’s sake. She’s your friend. You trust Alena so much you don’t try to talk to Lyla first?

Originally posted by my-favoritess

Still our girl hacked ARGUS

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

She was very effective in the field and she kept her head on the game at all times. The crossing from Hacker life to Vigilante life remark was on point.

Standing up to Oliver while ensuring he was safe and Curtis would have means to release him was so Felicity.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I’m sad her arc is finished, but then we knew it would happen. I’m sad that she probably feels more alone than she ever did now that it seems like everyone is against her even Oliver.

I hope next episode changes that, I really do.

Wild Dog daughter

I was happy to watch this storyline develop until I understood why they were showing it to us.

It’s not about Wild Dog, it’s not about his daughter, it’s about Quentin and the coming into play of LL/BS.

And then I was more than upset, I was angry. They are using Rene and his daugther to get to Quentin/BS in an organic way.

Originally posted by myselfishlonelykingdom

BS doesn’t need this kind of introdution, we know she’s there, we know she exists; but they want us to know Quentin would give anything to see his daughter again (yeah, he forgot he has two for a moment) and then the camera foccus on LL and Quentin picture on the desk (yeah, he forgot Sara is his daughter even on the picture on his desk).

Like anyone I wanted Rene to have his daugther back but never in my wildest nightmares I would think they would make it the way to shade BS arrival.

Random thoughts

- Unpopular opinion here, I didn’t found Curtis funny

- I’m still not over the fact that when Oliver got in contact with the Lair after the elevator “accident” Felicity was right there next to the computer and it took Curtis coming from the back to answer Oliver

- Stephen is a great actor, that pause after Diggle said something along the lines “I’m not the one she was going to marry” said so much more that any words

- Snippy Felicity about Oliver using the loft front door made me laugh as much as it did Oliver

- I was totally not expecting Olicity conversation in the loft to be this deep and emotional

- I was totally not expectind Dyla to be hinting divorce by the end of the episode

- I wasn’t surprise ARGUS is still a shady organization

- Turns out Helix was after ARGUS

- Didn’t expect that Helix founder would still be a misterious faceless man by the end of the episode. We still don’t know who he is, the ARGUS file has no picture and they mantained his face convered all the time wich is a bit strange if you think that even inside the Helix van he still had his face covered. I get they probably just decided not to contract anyone else but then maybe they have plans and the actor they want was busy, nevertheless it was strange. There’s something fishy going on IMO.

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I'm starting to believe the biggest problems with the show is Rebecca Sugar is too focus on the happy ending and not at all that is put into the show what so ever. " Oh a human zoo? Whatever, happy ending!?" She screams throwing glitter everywhere. And the fact the show went from Steven Universe to Mary Sueniverse. The show where the protaganist who can do no wrong fucks stuff up, but because hes the protagonist he gets a free pass and everyone loves him.

(imma split my reply into two so i can answer you in a neater way- hope you don’t mind!)

i did notice that she’s really on track with trying to wrap everything up in a neat lil’ bow even though there’s a ton of plotholes (garnet having future vision, but never really using it when it’s necessary) or story arcs that are just never goin to get recognition again cause the crew isn’t bothering with it anymore (amethyst’s self-confidence issues). 

and what about the famethyst?! they introduced all these gems and didn’t do shit with them yet!

i’m all for child and/or kind-hearted protagonists, but having stevie here be a “perfect ball of sunshine that can do no wrong and also has like 20 powers” is fuckin’ extreme. everytime steven tries to give other characters a fuckin’ lecture i get so bothered because it’s either:

  1. bullshitty bias (trusting navy and basically saying “fuck you” to the other rubies)
  2. completely fucking wrong (bismuth)
  3. an actual decent lesson but is later dropped because characters don’t retain any semblance of development if they ever get any (peridot and lapis)

there’s a way to do the whole “sweetheart protagonist that means well” shit right (an example of that would be harvey beaks or wonder over yonder), and then there’s steven uwuverse. 

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Pyrrha X Jaune

Jaune Arc X Pyrrha Nikos

Au: Villagers and gods

Opinion of ship: this ship doesn’t really do anything for me. But that’s more of my problem then a problem with the ship itself. Pros: they have a lot of trust and a strong bond. Cons: there’s a danger of Pyrrha being too protective and coddling, which won’t help Jaune in the long run.


Ever since Jaune was very little there has been rumors that he’ll wind up being the new village idiot. That he’s good for nothing.

Of coarse Jaune didn’t want to believe it, So he just kept on doing his best. And when things got hard for him to handle he’d sneak off to his favorite place.

He wasn’t exactly sure what its called, he could never remember. But he new that it was something religious and people would sometimes come to drop off food and stuff and to pray. Those people never really stayed long and Jaune learned how to hide, so it was alright. He would come there to talk about anything that came to mind, and it would always feel like someone was listening.

Today he was running there to get away from his usual bullies, Cardin and his friends. He bent over and gasped for breath for a couple of minutes, believing he had lost them. “Hello again. Sorry again for not having much.” he placed an beat up apple at the spot others put their offerings. “It hit me right on the forehead so I figured it was lucky. I mean, it wouldn’t be lucky if it didn’t hit me in the forehead right?” he sat down at his usual spot and like usual he began talking about his day, his family, everything he’s noticed, and his usual hopes and dreams of adventure and being somebody important.

That’s when Cardin and his group showed up. “oh Jaune-y boy!~” Cardin called with a smirk. Jaune, who winded up laying on the ground, sat up with wide scared eyes.

That’s when the impossible and improbable happened.

With a flash of lightning a beautiful and tall woman with red hair and golden armour appeared between Jaune and his would be attackers.

Begone!” The woman ordered. They obviously did, like chickens running from a fox.

The woman turned around and faced the thoroughly frightened young man with a smile. “Greetings Jaune Arc, I am the War goddess Pyrrha Nikos. I wish to thank you for your many offerings and prayers. I look forward to them the most.”

Jaune looked honestly confused “Random stuff I find is good enough for a war goddess?”

Pyrrha laughed, “It’s more that you offer your time. Nobody else has spent as much time at my altars then you. Others come asking for protection or for an enemy to be defeated. You however come just to speak as if I was a good friend. It’s honestly refreshing.” her smile became slightly more mischievous “Besides, I’m the goddess, shouldn’t I be the one to decide what’s a good enough offering?”

Jaune thought about that and decided she made fair points. He stood up and smiled at her. “Well thanks for helping me.”

“It’s no problem, I would never allow my favorite human to be harmed near my alter.”

Jaune looked away blushing slightly, he didn’t see the Goddess do the same.

“so Jaune, would you like to be my hero?” Pyrrha asked.

Jaune looked at her surprised and shocked, “what?”

She looked him right in the eye, “Will you fight for me, Jaune?”

Jaune figured one shouldn’t say no to a Goddess “I, uh, yeah, sure. Yes!”

Pyrrha smiled striding forwards, “Good, now let me show you a sneak peak of my many “rewards”.” she grabbed the back of his head and gave him a passionate kiss.

Jaune’s brain ceased to function, and did not start back up again until the next day. Pyrrha apparently dragged him back home after being unresponsive for over an hour.

When he came to he started to freak out, but in a good way.

He couldn’t believe that he, Jaune Arc the nobody, was kissed by Pyrrha Nikos the war Goddess.

End notes: I actually really enjoyed writing this one, I hope you liked this au!


So based on Whedon and Bell’s comments about Season 5, I wonder if they will be doing Agents of SWORD :) This would make sense since SHIELD on Earth has a huge PR problem after the finale and I can’t forsee them fixing it easily. Also, they’ve done a couple storylines with relaunching SHIELD. 

Anyways, I think Daisy would be a good iteration of the leader of SWORD! Special Agent Brand, the leader of SWORD in the comics is a bit of a smartass, Chloe can definitely pull that off lol. We have seen where AoS rearranges things from the comics, and it looked to me that they were setting up Daisy to be a leader (which she is in the comics). 

Another thing I saw from the interview was that they left Robbie’s return open (well they didn’t deny it) so while he may not be a cast regular, he may definitely make returns in episodes. Their budget is lower next season though, but I think Gabriel Luna is compelling as Robbie Reyes, so if he no longer has the Rider in him (and all the special effects), it’ll be just fine :) I mean, spaceships need mechanics right!

Finally, they mentioned doing the PODs again (like the separate arcs) and I think it’s a great idea, and I hope it helps with ratings. I love that they mentioned wanting to wrap all the storylines up if they show will be ending, and I am okay with it ending and getting a satisfying conclusion. I really want them to bring Robbie back!

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i am 99.9% convinced that in order to restore Cas, Dean is going to have to say I love you back. because i mean c'mon why else would they have had Cas say it and just about any other thing they have done about destiel this season? lol I NEED IT.

Ah, well IF they are going down the route that Cas is brainwashed then yeah I can see a crypt scene thing going on for sure, however even then I’m not sure, although it depends when it would be, that it would be this textual.

If it is this season finale it is probably more just a “I want you to stay here” thing because of the WE / I that keeps getting brought up recently and the need / want / love thing that has been going on since the original crypt scene. If it is dragged out and lasts into mid season 13, perhaps love will come into it, but it depends if it is endgame or if they are happy to move it forwards, how much longer the show is going to go on for yadda yadda…

However I am hoping against hope that this isn’t the case, that Cas isn’t or won’t be for long brainwashed and will still have been right about all this, since he wasn’t brainwashed when he first touched the baby anyway, because Cas NEEDS a hero arc at this point, he needs to be right about this…

Originally posted by weeklyspn

“I needed to come back here with a win for you… for myself”.

I’m really hoping that the break up theory sticks, that this season will end in separation after a relatively ambiguous/unambiguous scene between them, where they are forced apart and that we see more of Dean’s POV and his love for Cas next season before it does wind up canon.

I also feel like an I love you would feel rushed to the general audience if it was this season because after so many years of really sub-subtext, this season has been gold but it is still not so obvious to some casual viewers yet and this needs to be upped in my opinion before it is canon.

Let’s see :)

i dont think i’ve commented before on how fucking glad i am that babs’ storyline on s3 had 0 to do with jim, like, yeah he showed up here and there when he needed help and stuff but (1) she was the one who had the upper-hand in like 90% of their interactions and (2) she had an entire, well developed arc that was about Her, and her relationship with tabs and it was super well done ((even if heartbreaking)) and it’s hella refreshing. i mean, sure, he’ll likely always be a presence in her life, and maybe they’ll end up married, but that’s all secondary now. she’s her own character with her own goals and flaws and i love her so damn much.

I was talking to my girlfriend about the current status of The Loud House, and I think I figured out part of the reason why they split up Ronniecoln. 

In the episode, we saw how Lori felt about Bobby moving away, but we didn’t see how Lincoln felt. He seemed pretty chill around her family, but how did he feel about her moving?

I feel like it’s part of the growing development between the two. Her moving away is gonna show how much he cares about her. And I really hope in Back Out There, they show how much Lincoln misses her.

It may not be the main reason they moved away, but I feel like it’s part of the Ronniecoln developing arc.

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Im really hoping Solomon will show up in the final battle, I know people have problems with his character but I like him :)

It would be a little disappointing if he doesn’t, I would say, especially after all that talk about connecting the dimensions and etc. Something similar happened at the end of the Balbadd arc, with everyone’s rukh showing up, but I wonder how that works vs what Ugo said of rukh losing it’s sense of ego once it returns to the Great Flow…?

i miss marco?

Like, loving the current arc but I just keep hoping that Marco will show up in the next one. It’s been two years! I miss my favorite fire chicken and want to see how he’s changed.

Was talking to @justm3h about some unlikely possibilities, including:

  • Maybe he grew out his hair?
  • Maybe he’s just constantly visibly tired.
  • Maybe he stands tall and proud and really stepped up to the leader position and never ever smiles anymore.
  • Maybe he’s got scars from that battle.
    • Maybe Teach’s powers interfered with his healing and he had to heal like a normal human and he scarred.
    • Maybe Teach’s power drained his healing first, and his own flames burned him.
  • Maybe he wears Pops’ coat these days

… Guys, I think I need to take a little breaking from watching Ex-Aid regularly before my brain explodes. I’ll be back, I’ll be trying to keep up with what’s happening, but my delicate sensibilities can’t handle this arc, at the moment. I’ll start up watching again when I’ve gotten over myself.

Things that are currently giving me life:

Graphite stealing cake from CR (I really love my murder dragon dad; he’s probably gonna die for Pallad or something)

Haima being Haima

Poppy and Nico doing just about anything.

Taiga and Nico interacting

Hope that Hiiro will find a way out of the mess he’s currently in

Emu’s adorable little smile

Notice: I am not going to stop posting. Where else would I get to talk to people about Toku shows?

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Hi, where do you think Kaneki is in the fool's journey? judgement? Also, I'd like to add Uta to the top 5 most mysterious chaacters :o

Hi! The Tsukiyama Extermination Arc was the Tower Phase [x] so going on from that should be the Star which mentions this:

The Fool is suffused with a serene calm. Radiant stars shine in a cloudless sky serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration.The Fool is blessed with a trust that completely replaces the negative energies of the Devil. His faith in himself and the future is restored. He is filled with joy and his one wish is to share it generously with the rest of the world. His heart is open, and his love pours out freely. This peace after the storm is a magical moment for the Fool.

After the Tsukiyama Extermination finished, I really can’t say that any of this fits Black Reaper. But in Cochlea, we now have a much more serene Kaneki with these scenes:

Radiant stars shine in a cloudless sky serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

He is filled with joy and his one wish is to share it generously with the rest of the world.

There was also Kaneki coming to accept himself when Hide appeared in his mind and Touka’s wish to see him later, both of which showed him he had something to live on for and hope for the future. 

I might be wrong but I really do think that Kaneki has just moved through the Star phase of the Journey. If that’s right, then next arc will be the Moon. I think Furuta’s build up over this arc is getting ready for his involvement in the Moon phase, as he was shown with the Sun and Crayfish from the Moon card on his birthday calendar page:

I hope Mr. Moon Moon Shuu himself will show up too :’)