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i read in ur tags once that you said u liked the idea of yaoyorozu/kaminari/jirou as a ship and i didnt pay much mind at first but i kinda unwittingly got into it so i'm actually really curious as to how u think they'd work out? mostly because i want to write smth for them in attempt to break this writer's block.

It’s a ship that sneaks up on you isn’t it? haha well, I sort of ship Kaminari with nearly everyone he’s ever properly interacted with so I should have seen it coming, but still! Anyway, I can’t say I have any specific way I prefer it happening, actually, but the way I’ve been thinking about it lately is like this:

  • It starts with a tight friendship between the three of them no one had seen coming but there it is anyway
  • Kami and Jirou have the relationship they have, Momo and Jirou are best friends, Momo and Kami end up spending enough time together between that and studying and training that suddenly there’s a friendship and they’re more than okay with it
  • The first to notice they developed romantic feelings is Jirou, about Momo first (natural and good and obvious) and then Kami (weird and fucked up and unexpected, it takes a while to accept)
  • The second is Momo, first about Kaminari (because he flirts and compliments her on her skills and mind and personality and good looks, and jokingly asks her out with that sort of tone that means he expects a no but he’s gonna try anyway, so when her reactions to these behaviours shift she realizes right away) and then a while later Jirou (for a long time she mixes up her feelings for her for just a really close friendship, because the idea of liking both boys and girls at the same time isn’t something she was familiar with at all, she didn’t even think it was possible)
  • Kaminari last, cause he’s an idiot and, well, it’s not like he didn’t know he liked Momo and Jirou, but he shallowly likes a whole damn lot of people??? He’s got sort of a crush on Kirishima too, doesn’t mean he’d want to act on it and start fighting Bakugou for him psh
  • So it takes him forever to realize that what he’s feeling for Jirou and Momo isn’t shallow at all (he realizes when they tell him they started dating and it hurts)
  • Jirou and Momo talked about their feelings for Kaminari before they got together because miscommunication isn’t a friend and they would like to not have that sort of secrets around if they mean to make the relationship work
  • Kaminari is the least subtle person alive so when he starts moping and pining it’s obvious and the girls realize right away (Momo is happy and flattered and feels a million butterflies in her ribcage and she’s like “how many were the chances” and Jirou - feeling more or less exactly the same - tells her “…I mean, is there even anyone in this universe who wouldn’t fall for you”) (Momo sort of dies)
  • Jirou is also feeling 100% exasperated with Kaminari tho, so she drags Momo with herself, corners him and forces him into admitting what’s up, and then she kisses him, and then she turns bright red and Kaminari does the same, and then Momo smiles and tells him they both like him and would he like to be their boyfriend, maybe? And Kaminari straight out dies how did this happen how is he this lucky the world might just never know