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so the teenage Dadvid AU really got to me today. and it got me thinking, what if David was a foster kid for this horrible couple who just keeps him there for the money,and  David is usually the one to clean the whole house and do the cooking if he doesn’t or steps out of line even a little they will beat him til they feel that David has learned a lesson or until a bone breaks. even through all the abuse David feels as if he he tries to run away they will hunt him down and kill him so he didn’t have the courage to leave. that is until the couple brings in another kid. a newborn that was found by the police in a trash can behind a pizzeria, Max. one day after not getting home in time to do the dishes things really get out of hand and David fleas from the home with max in his arms with as many things he could carry. and goes to the only place he could think of. his old camp master’s home for help.who takes him in (but only because he needed a house sitter)  

welp thats what i got, i do have more ideas for this AU if u wanna know u can ask or somethin’ , welp hope u like it guys 


darling, I know you’ve been feeling down lately, so I wrote this really quick for you. I’m not sure what you had in mind, but I went to a 100 % unicorns place, so I hope this makes you smile a little.

A shadow falls across Stiles’ worksheet and he looks up to see Lydia, mouth pursed, staring down at him. She says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

“About as much as the average eleven year old boy,” he says, which is: not much. Horse-like, pointy horn, something to do with virgins.

Of course, he goes home and finds out everything he can about them immediately. Both because Lydia asked, and because now he can’t stop thinking about it.

Lydia has forgotten all about their conversation by the time he’s ready to dazzle her with his knowledge, so alas, his mad unicorn skillz lie dormant for years, until all the shit with the werewolves.


Stiles is cat-napping in a spill of sun when all his warmth is blocked—he makes an irritated sound and opens his eyes to find Derek looming over him, frowning.  Stiles kicks out a foot and rolls over onto his side in the grass.

Derek says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

Stiles yawns and says, “A surprising amount for a teenage boy.”

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And Suddenly There Was Her

Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: none. maybe nightmares. but actually just pure fluff
Word Count: 3117
A/N: This will be my first and only story about Twilight. I tried, but I don’t really feel like I’m in it with my full heart. I hope you understand this, and maybe you even like this one (and I hope I got his personality right…Unfortunately I haven’t read the books/seen the movies in years!)
Request: the request about twilight would be that y/n lives in Forks and one day she goes to the beach in La Push (she’s never been there before) because she had a fight with her mom and wants to clear her head at a place nobody would expect her. and coincidentally the boys are there and Paul imprints on her. he can’t tell her roght away so he gets to know her slowly and tells her about shapeshifting and imprinting when they are already together. 

You drove past the road sign that read ‘La Push’, simply heading straight ahead. You had fled from a major argument with your mother and just needed to get away from everything for a moment. And usually you could do that best while driving.
After you had done the dishes, the laundry and cleaned both the toilet and your room, and just wanted to relax a bit she had come inside your room, telling you that you could help her with dinner. Because apparently 'she always did everything alone’.
Everything alone, my ass.
This not being the first time, that she had accused you of not helping at all in the household, you had snapped, which eventually resulted in you and your mother shouting at each other, until you finally took your coat and stormed out of the door.

The moment you left the house you knew that she would try to call you around ten minutes later, but right now you just had no patience for this.
You needed to be alone for a while.

Even though you lived in Forks for almost four years now, you had never once visited the beach in La Push. You guessed it was the typical not-visiting-anything – attitude one would get when living in a place to long. Furthermore your mother was not very fond of this reservation.
So no one would expect you there, and you could be by yourself for a few hours.

It didn’t take long for you to find the beach, given that you had seen around four different signs on your way here.You got out of your car, and made your way over towards the sea.
As your feet stepped into the soft sand, you immediately felt better. The salty smell of the sea calmed your nerves and managed to even get a small smile on your face.
You searched a nice place next to a few trees, and let yourself fall down into the sand.

You sat there like this for maybe and hour, just staring at the sea and thinking about everything and nothing.
You started to think about the argument with your mother, but quickly realised that she most likely would do the same thing tomorrow, and therefore it was definitely not worth to think about.
So you allowed your thoughts to wander. School, your friends, everything that came to your mind. 

Until you suddenly heard voices coming your way.
As you looked up you realised, that the people they belonged to were closer than you had thought. A group of around five boys, who were laughing together, shoving each other around in a playful way. From their looks you cloncluded, that they most likely belonged to the Quileute.
They probably came down here quite often.
Still, you started to feel slightly uneasy as you saw them approaching. You didn’t know these boys, and if you were honest, you seldom had good experiences with a lot of strange boys approaching you at once.
You stood up and patted your trousers to remove the sand, as you realised, that the boys seemed to have seen you. They weren’t too far away anymore, and you could make out single faces.
At least they didn’t seem to interested in you, which made you feel a little better. 

You knew that you would have to pass them, if you wanted to return to the main street. Taking a deep breath, and throwing on your jacket, you approached the group, who luckily didn’t seem to mind you at all.
Somehow this made you feel a little safer, and you even dared to let your gaze wander through the group. Two of the boys had sat down on a log, that had probably been washed up during a flood or something, and they still talked and laughed around playfully.
One boy was just standing there, grinning slightly, and suddenly he turned his head towards you. Your eyes met for a second, and you could see how his grin faded, and he just stared at you, as if suddenly startled by your presence.  
He didn’t move, he didn’t speak, he just stared at you.
And it made you feel definitely uneasy.
Quickly you turned your eyes down to the ground and stuck your hand into your pockets, leaving the beach and planning to go straight home. 

A few metres further you turned around once more, to see that three of the other boys now stood around the guy that had stared at you, and seemed to talk insistently to him. Quickly you turned around again and went back to where you had parked your car.  

But you didn’t get far. 

You had just reached the street again, as suddenly someone behind you called out for you.
„Hey! Wait a second!“

You ignored the voice and headed straight ahead, hoping to get to any place with a few people around, so he would stop bothering you.
„Hey, girl!“, he shouted again, but you just sped up your pace.
Eventually, though, he reached you, and began to walk next to you.

„Hey“, he grinned at you, and you finally looked at him.
He had black hair, like the other boys, and his eyes shimmered dark brown.
But there was something else.
The way he looked at you.
You didn’t know if you were scared, or fascinated, by the way he simply stared at you, as if you were the first girl he had ever seen in his life. But at the same time he seemed confused, as if he wondered, why he even ran after you. 

„Hello“, you greeted, and stopped reluctantly.
He grinned at you and you couldn’t help yourself but to think, that it looked almost challenging, and you didn’t know why, but somehow this made him look incredibly attractive. He stretched out his hand.
„I’m Paul“, he introduced himself. „Lahote.“

Hesitating you took his hand and shook it. „I’m (y/n).“
You had no idea why, but this boy didn’t look like he would do you any harm. 

There was absolutely no reason to, and he definitely looked like you shouldn’t, but you trusted him. Well, as much as one could trust a guy one had met thirty seconds ago.

Paul’s POV

Paul had followed the pack down to the beach. It was not as if he had anything better to do. And he didn’t know if it was because of their shared fate, or not, but he slowly grew to actually like the boys. 

They had just reached the old log, as suddenly a girl caught his eye.
She had obivously seen them approach and stood up to leave the beach.
Jared and Sam had seen her as well, but didn’t really seem to care.
Neither did he.
Or so he thought. 

He had just laughed about a stupid joke Jared had made, as he turned his head. The girl was barely ten metres away, and in the same moment he had turned his head, she had looked up, and their eyes had met.
Immediately Paul’s grin vanished, as suddenly a wave of emotion swept over him.
She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. All of a sudden he felt the strong urge to walk over to her, to speak to her, to take her in his arms. And even though he had always imagined this moment to be different, to be a lot more mundane than this what he felt right now, he knew exactly what this meant. 


He was not able to move, even though he knew he had to go after her, before she would vanish, but he was completely overtaxed with all the emotions he suddenly felt at once. Embry seemed to have realised that something was wrong with Paul, for he nudged him in the rips. 

„Paul?“, he asked, causing him to wake up out of his trance. He still stared after the girl. Now the other’s too, had become curious.
„Don’t tell me-“, Quil said, as he followed his gaze. 

Suddenly Paul felt Sam’s hand at his shoulder, who actually gave him an amused smile. „Go“, he simply said and Paul didn’t wait a second longer. He knew that Sam had understood, and the other’s probably as well. He ran as fast as he could after her. She had already reached the street. 

„Hey! Wait a second!“, he shouted, but she didn’t even look around. He scoffed, and clenched his jaw. Of course she didn’t. He had to seem to her like a lunatic, running after her like this. But he couldn’t stop himself. He had to talk to her.
„Hey, girl!“, he tried once more, but again no reaction. Angrily he sped up his pace, until he had finally reached her.
But she didn’t stop. She just continued walking. 

„Hey“, he said, and she looked at him.
Even though he had been frustrated and ready to punch a wall only a second earlier, as soon as she looked at him, he felt calmer, and he couldn’t help himself but grin. 

Close up, she looked even prettier he thought, as she now finally stopped. 

„Hello“, she answered, and he stretched out his hand. 

„I’m Paul. Lahote“, he said, and grinned even more as she took it. „I’m (y/n)“, she introduced herself. Even her name sounded beautiful.
„Are you new here?“, he asked letting go of her, and she shook her head.
„Not really. I live in Forks“, she answered, and smiled slightly. „I just never came here.“ Her gaze wandered over to the sea. „And now I wonder why.“
Paul smiled down at you. „Well, if you would like a little tour, I don’t have anything to do right now.“
She smiled up at him, and checked her watch, giving him an excusing smile only a second later.
„I’m sorry, I would love to, but it’s getting late, and I’m pretty sure my mum worries already.“
Slowly Paul nodded. 

He needed to see her again. He were meant for her.

But he also knew, that he couldn’t force her. He knew how the whole imprinting thing worked. And he knew that he did not have the same effect on her, as she had on him. 

He pulled out his phone. „How about we exchange numbers, and when you come down here again, I’ll show you around a little?“
She seemed to think about it, before pulling out her phone, too.
„Sounds great!“

(Y/N)’s POV

After you had given him your number, Paul had written to you on the same evening. You had answered instantly, and so you had made up for a meeting on the weekend.
He had showed you around La Push, the beach, the forest, his favourite places.
You could tell that he liked you, and you had to admit, that you had fallen for him as well.
He was always nice to you, and even though you had realised pretty soon, that he was kind of a hothead, you knew that he would never hurt you. And it hadn’t taken long for you to realise how to calm him down when he got angry. 

And around your fifth date, he had finally asked you how you felt about him. Slightly embarassed, you had stuttered around, until he had taken your hand and looked into your eyes.
„Because I cannot describe what I’m feeling for you. I want to be there for you, and I will always protect you“, he had said,and you had never seen him so serious as in this moment. And you knew that he meant every word of it. 

And this was the moment you had finally admitted to him that you had fallen in love with him.

Since that day, exactly one month ago, you had been a couple, and you were happier, than you had ever been in your entire life.

Today Paul had asked you, to meet him at the beach in La Push, exactly where you had seen him the first time. You didn’t really know what he planned, but you had a smile playing around your lips, as you sat on the log, much too early and stared at the sea, waiting for him.
It didn’t take long for him too arrive, Paul, too, slightly too early.
He hugged you from behind and you could see him grinning as you turned your head towards him.
„Hey“, you greeted him and turned around, to press a quick kiss on his lips.
„Hey“, he said, and sat down next to you.
He had taken his hand in yours, and looked at you, a somewhat weird expression in his features.
You raised your eyebrows. „What is it?“, you asked, slightly worried, and shifted a little, to get a better look at him.
Paul licked his lips and suddenly seemed grim. The only thing that stopped you from freaking out at his behaviour were his fingers, still gently stroking over the back of your hand. „I need to tell you something“, he said, and shifted, too, looking directily into your eyes. „Just… Promise you will listen until the end, okay?“

Utterly concerned you nodded, waiting for him to speak up.
„Well, I have… uhm“, he started and you saw the muscles on his jaw harden as he seemed to think about the right words. „…Special abilities“, he finally said, leaving you almost more confused than before.
„Abilities?“, you asked. „What kind of abilities?“

„Don’t think I am crazy, okay?“ You shook your head, furling your brows once more, at his slightly aggressive tone. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you, but this simply proved how difficult this was for him.
„I’m… a shape shifter.“
You didn’t move, but simply looked at him, trying to process what he just told you. „A…shape shifter?“, you asked, and he nodded.
„I transform. Into a wolf.“ He looked at you and you shook your head, laughing. He clearly made a joke. There was no thing as shape shifters in real life.
„Paul, if you try to freak me out, you definitely succeeded“, you said, but he just shook his head.
„I prove it“, he said, suddenly determined, and let go of your hand.
„Paul, what are you talking about“, you asked and looked at him. He looked around, and as he didn’t seem to see anyone, he stepped away from you. „Paul you’re scaring me“, you admitted, and he held up his hand.
„Don’t be scared“, he said, before taking a deep breath and breaking into a sprint. Confused you looked after him, as he suddenly jumped into the air… and transformed. His body stretched and as he landed not one second later, a gigantic wolf trotted your way, his fur dark-silver and his dark eyes directed at you. Your mouth stood agape, and you had opened your eyes wide as you tried to process what just had happened.
Your boyfriend had just transformed into a gigantic wolf!
He had reached you now, and stood in front of you. His eyes still looked the same, still the same dark brown you had fallen in love with. Slowly you stretched out your hand, and the wolf stepped close enough for you to touch him. This has to be a dream, you thought, as your hand touched the soft fur, and you managed to finally speak.
„P-Paul?“, you asked and the wolf seemed to nod. „But how?“

The wolf made a small noise, not really a growl, and not really a whimper, as he turned around and ran away.
Still in some sort of shock, you just looked after him, until you couldn’t see him anymore. A few minutes later Paul ran back to you from the same direction, his shirt, you noticed now, ripped on the beach and he was wearing nothing but jeans. You still hadn’t moved, as he had reached you.
„I’m sorry“, he said, sitting back next to you. „It’s always a little problem with the clothes.“
You looked at him, not really able to say anything. „Sorry“, he apologised again. „I just didn’t knew how to tell you otherwise.“

„How long?“, you asked finally, and he wet his lips. „Around a year and a half now“, he said, looking at you. He was serious.
„Sam… Jared“, you started. „Are they too…“
„Yes. All of us“, Paul answered. „We belong to Sam’s pack.“
„Wow“, you finally whispered, staring at the ground in front of you, trying to process everything you had just witnessed.
„But there’s something else“, Paul said, taking your hand back in his. You turned your gaze back up to him.
„Fire away“, you sighed. „It’s not like anything could shock me now.“
Paul smiled slightly at your commentary and nodded.
„We have something that we call 'Imprinting’.“
You raised your eyebrows, waiting for him to speak on.

„It’s hard to explain. At one point in our lives we see someone, and… something happens. We imprint. As I saw you I knew that I never want to leave your side. I want to be there for you in good and in bad, and I will be whatever you need me to be. A friend, a lover, the worst enemy of everyone that ever hurt you. Especially the worst enemy of everyone that will try to hurt you in the future. As I saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful, the most fascinating girl I have ever seen in my whole life.“
You looked into his dark eyes, as you slowly understood what he told you. „So, you’re…imprinted… on me?“

He nodded. A smile grew on your face. The whole situation was so absurd, so abnormal, but here you were with a shape shifter that had just turned into a wolf and now swore you his eternal love. And you were surprised of yourself for simply accepting everything he had just told you, so easily.
You chuckled, before smiling at him. „Does this work the other way round as well?“, you asked, cupping his cheek with your hand and slowly leaning towards him.

„Because I’ve fallen hopelessly for you, Paul. And I don’t care whether you are a wolf, or a duck, or a cockroach in your free time. I love you.“

A tiny smile spread on Paul’s face, as he leant down to you. „I love you“, he whispered, before pressing his lips hard against yours, his hand buried in your hair, while pressing you closer towards his body.

 He moved his lips against yours, wrapping his free arm around your waist, before he rested his forehead against yours, his eyes still closed.

„You are my life.“

requested by anon

Used to This - Part IV

Overview: You’ve lived with the Winchesters for years as a fellow hunter, and everyone has always stayed well in the friend zone. What happens when nightmares come haunting and Dean offers to help? Will things change, or is it all in your head?

Characters: Dean, Reader, a smidgen of Sam

Word Count: 1,638

Warnings: injury with lots of blood, mild language, some snark, some fluff, some questioning of coffee stipulations

A/N: There should only be one more part to go… But my brain sometimes scraps those plans. Thanks for all the love you guys have shown me for this :)

Beta’d by: @wheresthekillswitch - “I freaking love all of this fic but especially this part.” <– you guys should guess which section she meant

Also beta’d by: @hannahindie - “the patented ‘voice raises three octaves when a Winchester drops trou three feet away from you’.”

Read: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

“Dean, let me carry her so you can-”

“I’ve got her, Sam.”

“Look, you should-”

“I said I’ve got her.”

“How is she?”

“Just keep driving.”

“She’s losing a lot of blood. Why aren’t we going to the hospital, Dean?”

“Because if she lives through this she’ll kill me for taking her there.”

“I care about her, too. She’s family. Don’t I get a say in this?”

“Sam, just drive.”

“Don’t you dare leave me. You hear me, Y/N? Don’t you dare. Sam would never let me hear the end of it. And you still owe me ten dollars from that bet in Wyoming. So… just keep breathing, okay? You’re still here. I’ve got you.”

I woke up screaming, my hands flying up to tear away the blinding pain and sharp jabs from the base of my skull. Strong hands grabbed my wrists, pulled them to my front and trapped them within a single hand’s grasp while the other pushed my hips down firmly to fight against my thrashing. Another set of hands were on the side of my neck, my left temple, efficiently keeping my head still. I felt trapped, felt the tears spill over as I tried to move away again.

“Y/N! It’s Dean. It’s just me and Sam. Hey, look at me.”

My eyes were swollen and heavy as I opened them, squinting in the too bright light and aimlessly flickering as they searched for something to focus on. I found a dark red stain on the fabric in front of me and stared at it until its edges lost their fuzziness. I was lying on my side, on a bed, and as more and more red spots came into focus I realized what they were. That’s my blood. That’s a lot of my blood.

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Sherlock x Reader: The Anger Issue

Originally posted by hiddlescheekbatch

Gif not mine.

Request from @wanderingwhedonite: Hello! I hope you are doing well! If you would mind, I’d like to request a Sherlock x Reader? If you are okay with this, could it involve Sherlock being confused about his feelings for her and him taking out his confusion in a moment of anger on the reader, but then he goes over to her place and he apologizes and confesses but she doesn’t believe him, so he kisses her to prove it? I know it’s long, but you don’t have to follow it word for word. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

A/N: I hope you like it! x

“Why can’t you just get out of my head?” Sherlock yelled.

“Um, I’m flattered?” John replied.

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Not you John!” He informed the other man in the room. “You’re way too boring.”

“Oh I know! You’re talking about Y/N again.”

“Sherlock, have you ever considered that you may be in love?” Mary asked. Both Mary and John were at 221B discussing their wedding. Sherlock was bored but his mind was taken over by a very special someone. That someone was you.

“Sherlock can’t love!” John exclaimed.

“John is right,” Sherlock replied. “I cannot. It is an emotion that I am not capable of having.”

“Yeah sure,” Mary said but she knew he liked Y/N.


“I’m home!” You called but Sherlock was in his mind palace.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed snapping out of his mind palace. “Get out! Your presence means that I cannot concentrate.” Sherlock cannot focus when many people are around however you make it worse. He didn’t hate you. He… He didn’t know what to think of you. Originally, he viewed you as a good friend and admired you. However, recently he had felt something more. He could not describe it however the truth was that he was too ignorant to acknowledge what he felt. Yes, Sherlock Holmes felt love.

“Sherlock,” You replied. “I have just come home!”

“I don’t care. Get out.” Thoughts of you flooded his mind. Thoughts of you and him together. Why did he feel this?

“Sherlock I refuse t-”

“I said get out!” He yelled and stood up. You gasped in fear and looked at him. Normally, you ignore Sherlock’s temper tantrums as they happen a lot but this felt too personal. You were scared. Tears were forming in you eyes. His facial expression changed as he saw what he had done. His anger was now at himself.

“Y/N, I-”

“Please, leave me alone.” You ran into your bedroom and locked the door behind you. You cried.


Later that evening, there was a knock at your door. You did not leave your room as you were scared to face the man.

“Sherlock, please leave me alone,” You said.

“Y/N, I don’t know what came over me,” He said. He sighed, “I think I love you.”

“Sherlock please don’t lie. I know I should have left the room.”

Sherlock picked the lock to your room and sat down next to you. Then he did something completely unexpected: he kissed you. You were very surprised but somehow the kiss felt right.

“Y/N, I cannot explain why I feel this way. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. You don’t have to explain right now.” He nodded and kissed you again.

Touken fanfiction

Since I have a bunch of new followers thanks to @coromoor’s recommendation, I thought I would compile a handy list of all Touken fanfics I have written. A few are lost from the internet because I deleted my old blog, but the most important ones can be found here:

A Penny For Her Thoughts
General Audiences - A drabble collection centered around Touka and her relationships. Chapter 4 is about Love and it alludes to Kaneki.

Mature - Kaneki has a fantasy.

Mature - Continuation of the bridge scene.

Teen and Up - Touka really wants to kiss Haise.

Mature - A lot of kissing.

Mature - Some more kissing.

Teen and Up - Crushes and emotions.

Mature - Touka only allows touches at night.

Safe Haven
Mature - Haise is injured and goes to the place he used to feel safe in.

Take Me, Tease Me
Explicit - Smut collection

I hope you enjoy the few bits and pieces I’ve written for this fandom!

Happy Trails | pt. 2

Pairing: Mike Faist x Reader


Prompt: After a year being the understudy for Zoe Murphy, you finally got the role of Veronica Sawyer in Heathers as it debuts in Broadway. The entire gang is happy for you (((until Mike finds about the choreography for Dead Girl Walking))).

Requested: Hell yeah.

Word Count: 1985

Note: boi. i enjoyed writing this. i really really enjoyed it. AND I HOPE U ENJOY IT TOO EVEN IF I kinda suck at writing smut bUT YES ENJOY

part 1 here |



You whimper as he tightens his grip on your hips, his foot pushing your legs apart. You pressed your center against his thigh, rutting your hips against his denim jeans. All his attention is still on your neck as he leaves hickeys, sucking and nibbling on the exposed skin.

Your breathing quickens. 

 “…You just have to tell me how it goes.” 

Mike started placing kisses on your neck in attempt to find your sweet spot. His hand continued to run up and down your sides, feeling his rough palms graze your supple skin. 

It was when he placed a kiss on the juncture connecting your neck to your shoulder that he had your hands reach up to the front of his shirt, curling your fists as you gasp in pleasure. 

You felt him smirk into your neck before taking your skin between his teeth, nibbling on it. 

You hiss at the friction. He compensates by quickly licking the love bite in order to soothe the skin. 

“Y/N…” He taunted, one of his hands moving up to your back to hold you close to him while the other moves down towards your behind. 

He continued to place kisses on your jaw. “Tell me how the choreography goes.”

Your hands move towards his hair, giving it a light tug. This caused him to hum against your neck. 

You pulled away from Mike, “How about I show you instead?” You answered back. 

Mike simply smiles at your answer. He cradles your face with his hands, pulling you into a kiss. Your hands tangle up in his hair as your lips clashes feverishly. You felt him take a hold of your bottom lip, making you gasp. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth as you moan in pleasure. 

You didn’t know this but Mike’s pleasure revolves around yours. He wants you to feel as good as he can make you feel. 

His hips grind into you yours as he sucks your bottom lip. Your breathing is heavy now, shaky even. The man you have liked for nearly a year is here in front of you and he has you pushed up a sink in a whimpering mess. 

You felt his hand on your thigh, slowly pushing it up towards your center. “Let’s go to my place?” He asks.

You nod quickly. He pulls away from you. You already missed the heat of his body on yours. He holds his hand out for you. You take his hand as the two of you walk out of the bathroom with caution, hoping no one saw or heard the shenanigans that was going on.

“There you are!” Will shouted as you went back into the room you were all in when you got the call.

“Yeah! Here we are!” You say nervously. You didn’t want them to figure out what was happening.

“Y/N isn’t feeling well so I’m just going to take her home okay?” Mike said, wrapping an arm around you as his thumb brushes against your hip.

Laura pouts. “That’s too bad. We were all suppose to have dinner to celebrate the good news.”

“Maybe tomorrow?” You said, itching to end this conversation. You can hardly even focus on the conversation with Mike’s warm hand on your skin.

“Well, I hope you feel better soo-” Laura’s eyes land on the hickey on your neck.

When you saw her staring at the side of your neck, your eyes widened while you subtly shake your head at her so she wouldn’t bring it up.

Laura smirks and gives you a wink. “Alright, have a safe drive home!”

Everyone else said their goodbyes as you and Mike quickly leave the room to hop into his car.

The ride home took a total of 10 unbearable minutes, which consisted of Mike running his hand up and down your thigh. At one point, he even had his finger skimming on the outside of your underwear.

As you arrive at his place, Mike threw his house keys at you. You giggle as he pushes you against the door. You felt his hands roam towards your ass, giving it a cheeky squeeze as you tried to unlock the door.

When you did, he quickly placed his hands under your thigh. He lifted you up with ease. You wrapped your legs around his waist as you kissed him.

The kiss was full of giggles as Mike tried to navigate the both of you to his room. After closing the front door, you already removed his shirt. Your hands roamed around his sculpted chest. He was lean and toned. In short, he was god-sent.

You were giving him a hickey behind his ear when his own breathing quickens, ending with a grunt.

He got too distracted that he accidentally went to the wrong room. You opened your eyes just to see a sink, a toilet, and a shower.

“Uhm, Mike. Wrong room?” You teased.

His face turns red from embarrassment as you laugh.

“Fuck, sorry.”

Still in his arms, you opened another door and gave a sigh of relief when you saw a huge bed.

“Finally.” You whispered, bringing your lips back to Mike’s.

He places you on the bed, hands roaming everywhere as the two of you made out.

Your hands go up to his hair once more, giving it a tug. He grunts in response, roughly pushes your legs apart as he places his torso between them. Your lowered your hand until it reached his jeans, palming him through the clothing as he moaned louder.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.” He growls, grabbing the hem of your shirt and removing it from your body.

He was impatient. He didn’t even take the time to remove your bra. You felt his hand creep up onto your side, towards your breast.

You moan when his fingers pushes your bra upwards to expose your nipples. The cold air hit them, making them hard.

His kisses started trailing downwards until he reached your left breast, wrapping his lips around the nub. He sucked on your nipple. You whimpered at the action as his other hand pinched your other nipple, pulling it.

You felt yourself getting wetter. Mike then continued to kiss his way downwards until his face was in between your legs.

He placed a kiss on your hip before pulling your shorts and underwear down in one motion. Mike couldn’t help but smirk when he saw you.

He ran his finger up and down your center. “This because of me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was Ben?” You respond jokingly with a giggle, which was cut short with Mike suddenly pushing two fingers into you.

You gasp, tightening your grip on his hair.

“You shouldn’t really cross me right now, Y/N.” He whispered against you. His warm breathe fanning your center. You felt him pull his fingers out slowly then pushing them back in, curling his fingers inside you.

You arch your back in pleasure and you bit your lip in order to keep yourself from moaning too loudly.

“Babe, there’s really no need in keeping quiet. It’s just us. You can be as loud as you want.” Mike mumbled against your center before licking an upward stripe on your center.

With fingers still pushing and curling inside you, he took your clit between his lips. He gently sucked on it, causing you to moan louder while tugging his hair. 

He moaned against your clit, the vibrations giving you more pleasure.

He took your clit between his teeth gently, moving his lower jaw sideways. This new sensation had you seeing white.

He continued to finger you, to assault your center with his mouth, when you started feeling the pressure build up inside you.

You quickly tap his shoulder. “M-Mike. I’m about to - oh God - I’m almost there.” You say with a shaky voice.

You expected him to slow down his actions so he can finally fuck you himself but instead, his actions speeded up.

He inserted another finger inside you, stretching you. He curled all three fingers inside you and he sucked even harder on your clit.

You felt your body spasm with pleasure. You close your eyes, about to burst.

“Mike, I’m going to-”

“Let go.”

And you did. Your body went into a shock, ripples of pleasure running through your body. You panted as you came. Mike continued to ride your orgasm, slowly pumping his fingers inside of you.

He pulled away, discarding all his clothes as he made his way to his dresser. He pulled out a condom. He opened the packaging with his teeth. Just when he was about to put the condom on, you called him.


His eyes dart towards you and he felt his mouth drop in awe. You were lying on his bed, panting, with your hair splayed out across his white sheets.


"Let me do it. I’m suppose to show you what Veronica does, right?”

Mike took a sharp breath as he handed you the condom, crawling on top of your body. You pushed him to lie down, his body hitting the soft sheets.

You straddled his hips, kissing him on the lips before placing a path of kisses down his torso just like Barrett did in her choreography.

You rolled the condom down his dick before placing yourself on top of him.

You whimpered as you rubbed his tip against your center, still slightly sensitive from your previous orgasm. Mike grunted with impatience, thrusting his hips upwards.

You placed your hands on his torso, pushing him towards the bed. “Patience, Mike.”

“Fuck you.”

"Well, you’re about to.”

You slowly lowered yourself into him, both of you letting out a moan.

You felt him stretch you, filling you up.

You stayed still for a while to adjust to his size before rolling your hips. Mike’s hands immediately found your hips, nails digging into into the skin as he helped you move.

You whimpered as you watched Mike below you. He wasn’t exactly loud but watching him was just as arousing. His mouth was open, soft moans and grunt leaving his lips. His eyes were closed, eyebrows furrowed. He’d occasionally let out swear words softly, even biting his lip when the pleasure was too much from him.

You felt yourself getting tired. Mike felt your pace slow down. Suddenly, he gave a hard thrust upwards. You gasped loudly, arms weakening beneath you. Mike continued to thrust upwards until your arms finally gave out.

Your chest was pressed against his as he thrusted into you quickly. You felt his hot breath against your hear. From this position, you heard his every moan and every grunt. So did he. He heard even your quietest whimpers and this had him pounding into you even faster.

“I’m almost there, Mike.” You panted out.

His pace quickened, moans getting louder. “I know. Almost there.” He grunted out.

Just a few thrusts later, your eyes clouded with white and you felt yourself cumming for the second time.

Seeing you spasm with pleasure on top of him, Mike gave one last thrust before he released into the condom.

Both of you were out of breath, but very much satisfied.

After a few minutes, you sat up.

“Would now be a good time to tell you that I like you?”

Mike laughed, giving you a kiss on the forehead. “I think I already showed you how much I liked you with what we just did.” He said teasingly.

You giggled at him before giving him a kiss. “Let’s agree right now that I’m always going to help you rehearse for this show.”

“Really, Mike?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Should we rehearse again?” You say with a smirk, as he stood up to throw away the condom.

Mike turned around before going back to bed. He smirked. 

“That works for me.” He said, kissing you once more.

Muscle Memory - JokerxReader Imagine.

AUTHOR’S NOTE; Thank you for the request lovely! I don’t feel like i’ve done enough Joker lately and for good reason, because I suck haha. I didn’t really know where to go with this and I really hope it doesn’t suck too bad. Hope it was what you were kind of looking for, so let’s see how this goes!

WARNING: Smut and mature language ahead. 

It had been 4 months since you lost your virginity to Mr. J and day by day you found yourself trying to forget it had ever happened in the first place. The Joker was not only your boss, but he was also one of the most infamous criminals in Gotham city, losing your virginity to him was not a bold move, it was just plain stupid

How long had you even known him, a year maybe? The only forms of interaction you guys ever had usually involved him requesting you for some form of a delivery that included merchandise, guns, drugs, etc because that’s what your job was. Pretty faces were always recruited for one of 3 things; to waitress, to strip or to deliver depending on their skill set. Considering you didn’t give a damn about customer service; you simply knew waiting tables wasn’t going to work. On top of that, you couldn’t dance to save your life so delivering was your only option at the time. 

Over the course of these past few months you’ve found yourself literally doing everything in your power to avoid Mr. J. This meant stirring clear of every place you knew he’d be, delivering all your drop off reports, files and cash to his right hand man Frost and ultimately working through a middle man to handle any business you had between the two of you. Everything seemed to run smoothly until your phone nearly fell off the night stand from its constant ringing. Without much thought, you reached over and answered. 

“Yeah.” you spoke sternly, obviously annoyed from being woken up.

“2:45. Be here. I got somethin’ I need ya t’take care of.” He reported not leaving much room for you to argue. You instantly recognized it as the voice of Mr. J, but before you could so much as sigh in response, he hung up. You couldn’t disobey him because that could just as easily get you killed or punished; which with Mr. J, one would argue that they meant the same thing. However, you had been on the other end of his torturous punishments before on account of your uncontrollable eye rolls and slight mumbling whenever he said something out of line. The last thing you wanted was to experience that pain again. 

The current time was 2:30AM. It would take you a few moments, but you were quite certain that you could get there in no time considering the roads would be nearly deserted at this time of night. As you drove, you couldn’t figure out what irritated you more; the fact that you’d been bothered at 2AM or that he’d called you personally for a job without actually telling you what it was. 

Deep scrapes of unease slid through your abdomen as you made your way up the stairs to his penthouse. A sigh erupted from your lips as you peered around the halls hoping to see Frost, but when you came up empty handed you frowned. That was disappointing. Your hand rested on the door knob for a few moments as you attempted to gather yourself while the silence on the other side set you on edge. 

Drawing in a deep breath, you push the door openly slowly and began glancing around the dimly lit room only to find Mr. J sitting comfortably next to the large window that took up most of the wall of his penthouse. He gazed out of it as if seeing something that wasn’t there and you had half a mind to wonder what was going on in his mind. Such a dangerous place it was. 

“Mr. J, Ya said ya needed me; ya got the package?” You questioned casually while standing impatiently in the doorway. 

“Close the door.” He stated not even bothering to turn around and look at you. You were uncomfortable already, and you felt yourself hesitate in the door frame at his request. He finally turned to you this time. 

“Close i-i-i-t.” He stated, lingering on the “i” as if he were cooing a child. You couldn’t stop yourself from obeying and the intimidating impulse behind his eyes forced you to look away as you closed the door behind you. You glanced into the distance on the other side of it, as if looking for an out, but you knew full well that there was none. 

“So, where’s this one headed?” You questioned turning your body full circle to close the door behind you. It was hard to look him in the face, especially after having it so close to yours in the past. Why were you thinking about this? Tonight’s call was strictly business and should remain as such.

The sound of footsteps caught your attention and you turn around to find him standing closer to you now, but still a comfortably safe distance away. How was it that even though he was still on the opposite side of the room, you didn’t feel safe?

After a few moments of him staring at you, you shift your weight slightly and roll your eyes. 

“There is no package, is there?” You assume. 

“How long did ya think ya could keep it up huh?” His voice questioned, but it hit the atmosphere with a rhetorical undertone. 

“I dunno what you’re talking about.” You try to rationalize, but you should’ve known that rational thinking and Mr. J never mixed. His facial features contorted into a look that resembled displeasure as he slipped his hands into his front pockets.

“You don’t mmmmm?” He questioned. You had done well to convince yourself that, that night never happened, not because you didn’t enjoy yourself, but because a part of you saw it as a heinous act. He was your boss and more than anything your virginity was the only precious thing about you. Now, it was gone and worse, you’d manage to give it to the last person you wanted to touch you; Mr. J. You couldn’t fully erase it; the way he touched you, the way he called you princess, the way he growled in your ear, the way he took his time, the way he kept his hands firmly on your skin; it was unforgettable, but you still tried. 

“No, Mr. J. I don’t.” You nearly pleaded hoping he could see the hidden message behind your eyes. Let it go. 

“So, it’s Mr. J, now?” He asked with a look that mocked confusion. 

“I’ve always called you Mr J, Mr. J.” You furrowed your eye brows. 

“That’s funny, it was please daddy the last time I saw ya.” He stated as his voice changed as a mockery of your own. You feel your eyebrow raise without warning and the heat from your cheeks was released in a sign. Perhaps you’d called him daddy once or twice during the entire ordeal, but it was what he’d apparently liked. To bring it up now as a joke to embarrass you was a low blow .

“You don’t remember?” he asked moving an inch closer. A hand absently finds its way to your hair, pushing a few strands behind your ear. 

“Ya got something for me t’deliver Mr. J?” You question in an attempt to avoid him all together and the annoyance in your voice was evident. He growled. He didn’t speak this time. Instead, he continued to stare at you and the more uncomfortable you got the more intense the stares felt. 

“Ya think ya can avoid me and I not notice?” He moves closer again. 

“I told you, I’m not.” You lie. He tilts his head slightly and narrows his eyes. If there was one thing he didn’t tolerate, it was lying. 

“Stupid, isn’t a good look on ya doll.” He antagonized. You narrowed your eyes at him. 

“Don’t call me that.” You never liked that nickname and no one ever called you it. it implied beauty, frailty and innocence; three things that you were indefinitely not. You were a killer if need be, a hired gun if need be, a delivery girl if need be, a doll; not even in the slightest. 

“Mmmm well which do you prefer? Sweetie, baby, pumpkin pie, princess?” He questioned and you couldn’t stop the slight glance to the side as your insides clenched at the idea of the last one. Muscle memory would never allow you to forget the way he made your body feel when he called you that the last time you two interacted. You eyes snapped back to his as you attempted that the current moment didn’t happen. 

“Ohhhhh, I like the response to that one.” He cooed taking another step in your direction. You should have known you couldn’t do anything without him noticing it considering his eyes never left your skin, but what did he expect you to do?

“I can’t….do this.” You responded using your fore finger and your thumb to softly grip the bridge of your nose. There was no right answer or response; only a never ending taunt fueled by his vulgar nature.

“Ohhh, what have I taught cha’ about that word?” His voice was low this time as if to put forth an emphasis on his stature over you. His pause was agonizingly slow as he stared at you, waiting for a reply. Your eyebrows furrow in response to his question and you find yourself taking an instinctive step back wards towards the closed door. That word was always off limits and the mere memory of what he did to you the last time you used it was enough to make you recoil from him. 

“Should I repeat the lesson?” He questioned and your instant rush of panic caused you to look away from him. Your eyes scanned the room for an emergency out just incase this got messy, but you knew currently there were only 2 ways out of this room with him. One was the closed door behind you and the other was the large window that acted as a wall for his penthouse’s living room. Considering he was the top floor, the window wasn’t an option. 

“Please don’t.” You urged allowing your eyes to shut for a brief moment as if trying to destroy the images of his previous lesson from your mind. You still had the scars, the bruises, the scraps and now every time he reminded you of it; you still managed to feel the pain as well. Muscle memory. 

“Don’t what?” He questioned placing his index finger behind his ear as if he didn’t hear your plea. 

“Please don’t punish me.” You answered and his smile widened. Such a sadist. 

“That’s a good girl.” his voice broke as he enthused and if you didn’t know him well you’d think he was overwhelmingly pleased. You rolled your eyes and he growled while taking another step toward you.

“Stop.” you demanded, but there was a slight waver in your voice and it hits the atmosphere like a plea. He smiles. 

“I’m am not going to do anything.” he stated simply before pulling his arms up on either side of him as if to show he was harmless, but you knew better. If he wasn’t up to anything then why were you here, and why did you feel anything but safe? Your confusion must have been clear on your face because he finally spoke. 

“I just need ya to do something for me….” he suggested, lingering on the last word and taking another step towards you. He was inches away from you now, and you some how felt relieved because perhaps this was a business thing. You felt yourself perk back to life believing the nonsense before was finally over until he spoke again. 

“Cum for me.” He spoke in a low tone while focusing his eyes in on your lips. 

Your eyebrows wrinkle before your facial features nearly crumble like pastries in front of him. His eyes didn’t meet yours, but they stayed intent on watching your lips as if there was something to be desired there. 

“Cum for me, Princess.” He repeated, this time adding the nickname that was now etched into your mind. You could feel yourself beginning to fall apart at the seams, but you still attempted to keep your outer form composed. You refused to be affected by him or his taunts, but you couldn’t stop the feeling of your thighs tightening in response to the growing discomfort in your lower abdomen. 

“That’s…..not gonna do anything.” You speak with uncertainty. He smiles again before closed up the rest of the space between the two of you. His left hand reached up slowly to rest firmly against the wall beside your face while his other lightly nipped at the front of your shirt. Your back against the door and his hands boxing you in made you uncomfortable, but you only shifted your weight and looked away from him. It was as if his eyes had fingers and they slowly slid from the base of your body back up to your eyes. 

“Look at me.” He demanded shifting his leg slightly so that he was comfortable close to you now. His angle was strategic for he was close enough to keep you boxed in, but far enough to see your entire body in one glance. You wouldn’t indulge him, instead, you took an unsteady breath through your lips. 

“Look at me.” he requested again except more stern this time. You couldn’t resist the involuntary movement of your eyes focusing in on his, and the intensity behind them made you feel as though you were a child under scrutiny. You could feel yourself losing this battle for you had a desire for him that you couldn’t control and this fact gave him power over you. The idea and thought of being under someone else’s control nearly made you ill, but you couldn’t stop the reaction you surrendered to him as he looked at you. It was as if there was a click in his head as his eyes dropped from yours and grazed over your frame once more. What was he seeing?

“How long had ya been keeping your little secret? All that killing, all that rage, but you’ve never been touched. What do they call that……irony?” He questioned glancing off to the side as if trying to think of the right word. You didn’t find his false sense of humor funny, and you attempted to push off the wall and move away from him only to have his hand push you back gently.

“Are you done? You think you know me because I make a few delivers for you? Because I answer your phone calls when you need business handled? You don’t know a thing….about me.” You could feel your rage bubbling over faster than you could catch it. You were a complicated person, this you could admit, but to have him stand before you as if you were an open book to him set your nerves on edge. 

“Careful. - I fucked you.” He answered simply while allowing a noise from the based of his throat to slip through his lips before moving slightly closer to you. His face remained relatively straight as he spoke. “The way you hesitated when I touched you. Your little looks of confusion when I made you feel things you’ve never felt before. The fear on your face when I made you cum. Had you ever cum before?” His question was taunting but there was a hint of genuine curiosity behind it all. He legitimately wanted an answer. 

“Please, stop.” You pleaded when you realized where this was going. 

“No, no, no Princess, that’s not one of the answer choices. Yes…..no?”
 He questioned lingering on the words as if attempting to answer for you. His fingers shook from left to right in front of your lips as if he didn’t want to hear anything else from you, but his eyes once again zeroed in there as if waiting expectantly for your answer. 

“No.” You answered honestly feeling yourself giving up. He found solace in your surrender and the small smile on his face assured you of this.

“No….?” He questioned. 

“No sir.” You corrected, and his smile widened as he nodded. 

“Theeeeeere she is.” he mused before moving his upper half closer to yours before making small patterns into your shirt’s fabric with his free hand. 

“Do you still wanna to leave?” He questioned poking out his bottom lip. You nodded only to have him nodded in return as if mirroring your action. 

“Then do what I asked, and you can go.” He assured. You wrinkled your eyebrows as you looked at him. What did he want?

“Be a good girl. Cum for Daddy.” He requested slipping his free hand down the front of your pants and into the delicate confines of your underwear. You moved in protest only to have his fingers slide against the folds of your private area. You weren’t prepared for the sudden invasion or the distinct feeling of pleasure resonating at the base of your abdomen. 

“Don’t you want my help? …..You want this?” He questioned pushing harder against your skin. You couldn’t answer, you could only think back to the previous time he had his fingers at the base of your sensitivity and you surrendered. He would have you again if you kept this up, but you couldn’t stop yourself. You weren’t his, but in this moment, you were. 

He Doesn’t Own Me - Jughead x Andrews!Reader

Hey Anon! I hope this is okay!

“Arch!” You call as you open the front door, “I’m heading over to Pop’s!”

“You want a lift?” Archie shouts from the living room, “We need to pick up some food for dinner tonight anyway,”

“N-No, don’t worry about it,” you falter a little, hoping to get out of the house before he insists on coming with you, “I’ll be back before late!”

“Get extra fries!” he yells as you shut the door behind you.

When you step into the diner, your eyes immediately search for the familiar, beanie-clad head. You find Jughead seated in a booth, busily typing away on his laptop, working on his novel. You stride over to him, giving your order to a passing waitress before sliding into the seat opposite him.

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One word prompt fic 

AN: If you follow me on twitter (smoakbettsqueen) you’ll know I’ve been in a writing rut lately unable to write anything, I asked some awesome friends @callistawolf and @latinasmoak for some prompts and thus begins this little mini series of fics all from their prompts that take place post 523.


“Mr. Mayor, your two o'clock is here.” Marlene’s voice echoes across Oliver’s large office, but before he can query her on what two o'clock the intercom goes dead.

He frowns in confusion his hand moving to his daily planner, his hardcopy daily planner. His forehead wrinkles in confusion as he flips through the well worn pages, trying to find out who he’s supposed to be meeting with. He really hopes it’s not the Hub City mayor, he’s almost certain they are meeting on Friday at two, the large stack of regulations and agreements that he’s suppose to go through before that meeting -that he’s already rescheduled twice- is currently staring back at him. The mayor of Hub City is  never going to want to meet with him again if he’s not even prepared for this meeting.

“Why did I buy you that fancy state of the art tablet if you’re just going to be a caveman and use that planner?”

A familiar teasing voice calls out, halting all of Oliver’s thoughts, much like she’s been doing for the past 6 weeks, or 6 years if Oliver is being honest with himself.

He looks up and can’t help but smile as Felicity glides into the office the little floral romper she’s wearing rustling as she walks. She’s holding a tray with two large cups of coffee in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other.

The cuffed sleeve of her romper has slipped off and Oliver can see the tan curve of her shoulder. He’s already tempted to press his lips to against the soft curves and pull down the V of Felicity’s flora romper and explore the rest of her tanned skin, all too familiar of just how far that tan really goes, or doesn’t go as the case may be.

“Your two o’clock at your service, Mr. Mayor.” Felicity says cheekily as she does a slight curtsy with her gifts despite the fact that she’s in a romper and not a dress.

She takes one look at Oliver’s expression though and backs away from him when he takes a step towards her. “No. No. No. Keep those thoughts in your head mister.”

“I didn’t say anything!” Oliver protests his smile widening when Felicity holds the hot coffee and what he assumes are chocolate croissants -his absolute favourite-  like a shield in front of her. 

“No, but that face and that smile. I know that smile.” Felicity accuses, “you’ve got dirty on your mind. That is not the kind of services I am bringing. We will not have a repeat of what happened last week.”


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anonymous asked:

hey tj! how you holding up? i know you're probably feeling pretty weird about the whole nick robinson scandal thing. you don't need to reply to this if it makes you uncomfortable, i just wanted to let you know that i love and support you and i hope you're doing alright <3

Hey there anon <3 I’m doing pretty alright! Just keeping busy and trying to stay afloat. 

Yeah you’re definitely right that I’m feeling weird about the whole situation, especially given how much respect and admiration I had for him, and given the fact that he’s pretty much the reason anyone knows who I am. 

I was seriously so grateful that he interviewed me and cared about my dinky lil food game, that interview did so much for me. It just sucks that, at the moment, I can’t look back at it quite the same. 

I’ve been reluctant to say anything because I didn’t feel like I had the full story (and I don’t know if I ever will), but I also don’t wanna act like nothing’s happening, especially given how he’s pretty much a part of my story now. So I guess all I can say is, I’m quite disappointed in his alleged behavior, and I wish games and games journalism was a more comfortable place for women to be. My sympathy goes to anyone who might have been hurt by his actions, and I hope he takes proper responsibility for what he’s done and grows from it. 

I’m not gonna send any ad hominem insults his way and I don’t encourage anyone to because that really doesn’t help; Instead I think a better thing to do would be encourage folks to call out when they think a person in a position of power is abusing said power. Anyways, I’m sad that he’s leaving Polygon but given the circumstances, I guess it had to happen. 

Thank you for checking up on me, anon! Your love and support means a lot 💖

i really hope the first time dean sees cas after he forgets who he is, sam introduces him as his boyfriend as a joke because of the way they’ve been arguing latley, and dean is just like, “well i scored.” in that witty dean voice and winks at him. before anyone can say anything he’s like, “wait, so i’m gay? oh, no, i’m bisexual, aren’t i? figgin’ best of both worlds!” and as dean looks cas up and down, biting his lip and all, sam doesn’t correct him. castiel is awkward at first, but goes along with it, holding his hand as they walk place to place. when dean finally gets his memories back and realizes that cas, in fact, isn’t his boyfriend, he continues to hold hands, hug, and eventually kiss cas like nothing happened because forgetting his past made him forget all the stupid reasons why he told himself he wasn’t bisexual, or deeply in love with cas. forgetting everything made him remember a part of who he actually was, and made him forget why he was hiding it.

First for Everything

Jughead x Reader

Request: Hey! Can you do a fic where the reader got drunk and got into a car accident because her and jughead got into a fight the same night.

Can you do an imagine where Jughead and reader are dating and she was in a car accident and now has coma. Maybe nobody knows if she will wake up and Jughead is just so distraught but eventually everything turns out good. Angsty and first but then fluffy at the end

Warnings: Drunk driving (don’t do it, kids), Swearing, Alcohol consumption

Wordcount: 2,280

A/N: More combined prompts! I hope that’s okay! (I do this because I don’t want to make too many stories with the same type of plot, and I don’t want to run out of things to post for you guys!) Hopefully my stories can fill the void between episodes.  I also have some song fics in the works and B&B coming out soon! (Y/D/N) = your dad’s name Ps. my friend just finished 13 Reasons Why and we started talking about heavy stuff so my hands started shaking when I was typing the last bit so that was my cue that the story needed to be posted and also that’s why its v emotional ok i love you all. 

Riverdale turned upside down Sophomore year, the murder of Jason Blossom, new girl Veronica, the closing of the Drive-In. A year later, Riverdale is starting to get back to normal. The murder is solved, Veronica isn’t new, and the Drive-In construction is almost complete. People begin to relax and enjoy the rest of high school, finding new relationships in the process, the most noticeable being (Y/N) and Jughead’s.

Two years later and suddenly it’s Senior Year.

Senior year of high school is always portrayed as one of the best years of a person’s life. People always say that it will be remembered forever, and that it’s something people will always want to go back to.

(Y/N) is trying to make it count for that reason, trying to have as much fun as she can. She has the perfect boyfriend, the perfect set of friends, and a full ride to her top pick college. All she needs are the memories.

It’s a Friday night, and there’s a party at Cheryl’s house. Betty and Veronica are going, and she’s pretty sure they’ve convinced Archie and Kevin to go.

“Come on, babe, please?” she asks, putting on a promise ring he gave her for their one year anniversary.

“Me? At a party? You can’t be serious.” Jughead responds, leaning against his elbows on the bed.

“I’ll be fun, just this once.” she says, walking over and straddling his waist on the bed. She leans down and presses her lips to his gently, holding the collar of his shirt in her hands. His hands go to hold her waist.

“No, (Y/N), you know how I feel about these things.” he whispers against her lips, pulling back ever so slightly.

“You don’t have to do anything.” she pleads, trying anything to get some company at the party. She doesn’t want to be alone, as she for sure knows that Betty and Ronnie will probably be flirting, Archie and Val will be there together, and who knows how drunk Kevin will be to be an actual human to hang out with. She just wants him to be there, for once. She wants him to be there with her.

“I don’t want to be around that atmosphere.” he says, lifting her up and setting her down to the bed before standing up and going over to his backpack that is by the door.

“I’ll be there.” she says, looking at him from the bed.

“And I’ve told you about ten times that we should just stay in and watch a movie.” he shrugs his shoulders, pulling out his laptop and sitting in the bay window. He opens it the screen lights up his face. He is beautiful, she thinks.

“That’s no fun.” she says before she can stop herself. She loves spending time with him, just the two of them, but she yearned to show her boyfriend off, and how amazing he is.

“It used to be.” he shoots back. They used to spend every friday watching a movie, and he doesn’t know where those times went. All he wants is to have her all to himself, and partying isn’t really his thing in the first place. He spends most of his time around the stench of alcohol thanks to his dad, he doesn’t need to do that with (Y/N).

She stands up with a huff and goes to her closet, pulling out a few different pairs of shoes to see which one will go the best with her outfit. “Well sorry if I actually want to be social for a change.” she says under her breath, hoping he can’t hear.

He does, and she can tell because he closes his laptop, creating a sudden loud noise that makes her jump, “And I’m glad you are, but does it have to be at her house?” he questions, “The one who’s made fun of you for what? All of grade school?”

She rolls her eyes at the words. Sure, Cheryl had bullied her most of middle school, and sure Jughead and Archie were the ones who were always there, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t change. Cheryl has been doing good things for the school since her brother died, and (Y/N) believes that this party invite is the final step in getting over their long feud.

“She’s changed.” is all she says, in a monotone voice.

It’s his turn to whisper something under his breath, “Doubt it.”

“Since when am I not allowed to parties?” she turns on him, staring him down.
“I never said you couldn’t go.” he gets defensive.

“Well it sure sounds like you don’t want me to.” she raises her eyebrows and puts her hands on her hips.

“I don’t want you to, but I’m not going to control your every move.” that’s something he promised himself he would never do. He never wants to be controlling, or tell anyone else what to do. No one deserves to be treated like that, especially (Y/N). He loves her too much to ever do that to her, the way her hair gently falls over her shoulders, and her eyes sparkle, even in the dim light of her room. In the heat of this moment, she was still gorgeous to him.

“Yeah sure.” she scoffs, now folding her arms over her chest. She knows she’s blowing this out of proportion, but this is the third time he hasn’t want to go out with her to try to have fun.

“I don’t, (Y/N).” He snaps back. This is the first time he’s even remotely raised his voice. Normally, when they have a disagreement they talk it out like normal adults, but tonight there’s an energy in the air that’s making him tired, he doesn’t want to argue any more, “Just leave and go hang out with that godforsaken redhead and her gang if you want to so badly.”

“Fine. I will.” she grabs her purse and storms out of her room, leaving Jughead to sit in the bay window until she returns. He opens his laptop, ready to right the next chapter in his book.

‘There’s a first for everything.’ he titles the chapter, looking at the door. He hears a slam from downstairs and knows that she’s left the house.

She gets into her car and blasts the radio.

It hits her that that was their first fight, the first time that they’ve been short with each other. Maybe it’s the impending graduation, as they’ve never really discussed the future. She’s more of a live in the now type of person anyway, so she hasn’t put much thought into it. She knows where she’s going, her school is all picked out, but Jughead? She isn’t sure.

She has to resist to go back into her house and apologize. Of course Jug would want to spend a lot of time with her, he doesn’t want to lose her. Maybe he thinks he already has.

She clears her mind of it though, and promises herself she will apologize tomorrow.

She pulls out of the driveway and heads to Cheryl’s.

Two shots in, her vision begins to blur, she starts to forget why she’s mad.

Four shots in, she’s dancing on the living room floor with Ronnie and Kevin, doesn’t even remember why her and Jughead had a fight.

Six shots and a solo cup of Jungle juice in and she can barely walk straight, memory sure to be gone in the morning.

It’s past 4am, and (Y/N)’s decided it’s time to turn in for the night. In her own bed.

“(Y/N) don’t goooooo.” Ronnie says, pulling her arm while she begins to get on her jacket and head for the door, “The night is young and so are we. Defy authority.”

“I’ve defied enough tonight.” she giggles and pulls her keys out from her pocket.

No one stops her.

Everyone is too drunk to care if she leaves.

She doesn’t call an Uber.

She thinks she’s sober enough.

She gets behind the wheel, starts the car and blasts the radio.

She pulls out, trying too hard to concentrate on the way home from Cheryl’s.

A wrong turn, she’s not paying attention.

Headlights coming in from the passenger side on an intersection.

A tail spin, a pole smashed.

Her head hit the steering wheel, then the window, breaking skin.

Her leg, crushed against the bottom of the dashboard.

A siren in the distance.


Jughead wakes up in her bed to a phone ringing.

Her parents are away on business, and he didn’t realize he had fallen asleep there.

He stretches his arms and walks to the house phone, answering it as if he’s supposed to be there.

“Hello?” he asks, trying to seem as old as possible.

“Is this (Y/D/N)?” the voice on the other end asks. It’s unfamiliar. Jughead tenses, he was expecting a call from (Y/N).

“Yes.” he lies.

“I’m sorry, sir, but your daughter was in a car crash-” the world fades in and out of focus. He stops hearing the voice for a minute, grabbing a hold of the nearest possible surface to steady himself.

He hangs up the phone right after the voice tells him what hospital they’re at. He isn’t sure what the voice said about her condition, his memory blurring as the words ‘car crash’ play over and over in his brain, becoming imprinted in his mind’s eye.

He barely remembers driving to the hospital, he’s in the door so quick.

“(Y/N).” he says, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N). Where is she?”

The front desk woman doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t stop him. She points him down the hall, “Room 208.” is all she says.

He dashes down the hall, only to see something that doesn’t look like his girlfriend.

Her leg is in a cast, suspended in the air. There’s bandages surrounding her forehead and upper arms, her face swollen in odd places from the impacts.

“How is she?” he asks, slowly walking into the quiet room. The only one in there is the nurse, tending to her wounds.

“Doctor suspects a Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury. She’s in a sort of coma like state. She may wake up in minutes or hours, we don’t know. If nothing goes wrong she should be fine. She’s a lucky one, she is.” the nurse says, before patting him on the shoulder and walking out of the room.

“I’m the lucky one.” he says into the air, to no one.

He pulls up a chair and sits by her bed. He laces his fingers through her hand and rests his head on them. He doesn’t know if this is when he should pray, as he has never really done anything like this before. He decides to just write out in his mind what he’s going to say to her when she wakes up. There’s no ‘ifs’ in this scenario. She has to wake up, she has to know that he’s so sorry.

He beats himself up, he should’ve been there with her, he shouldn’t have practically pushed her out the door. He should’ve tried harder to make her stay.

There are so many things he could’ve done to prevent this, and he didn’t do any of them, and (Y/N) suffered the consequences. He will never forgive himself if something happens to her, if she doesn’t come back from this.

He let his stupid thoughts and feelings get in the way of spending time with the woman he loves. Sure, he was jealous of her college acceptance, but he feels now, in his soul, that if they can make it through this, they can make it through anything.

He just hopes, with all of his being, that they can make it through this.

Her breath stirs, she shifts underneath the sheet.

Jug-” a breathless name from her lips.

He tightens his grip on her hands, making his presence known.

“I’m here, my love, i’m here.” he says, a sense of urgency in his voice. He needs her to be okay.

“I’m sorry.” are the next words that escape her lips. Her eyes slowly flutter open, looking at her boyfriend who’s sitting there holding her hands. She can’t move, so all she can do is talk to him, make eye contact with him. She wants to do so much more. She wants to kiss him and hold him.

“No, no… shhhh. It’s not your fault.” what he’s written in his head goes out the window.

“I was drunk. I ran a light. I made you upset. I’m sorry.” a tear falls from her eyes, barely escaping to trail down her cheek.

“I’m sorry.” he says, not able to look in her eyes any longer.

“Why are you apologizing?” she asks softly, squeezing his hand back now, able to regain some feeling in the rest of her limbs. She’s still feeling dazed, the antibiotics and drugs only beginning to fade as her mind comes back to what happened.

“For not being there when you needed me.” he says his voice cracking, trying not to get emotional. He doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her, if something worse happened.

“You’re here now.” she offers, trying to smile as best she can. He looks up at her. Seeing her there, seeing her alive, brought a wave of joy over him that he didn’t realize would come. He smiles at her, gently standing up.

He cups her face softly, placing a small kiss on her lips. They’re still her lips, still her face. It’s all still her.

“I am. And I’m never leaving.”

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As You Wish : Archie Andrews

request: okay so reader is archie’s neighbor (wasn’t raised in riverdale like most but had been there for about 6 months) anyway she has an emotionally abusive step mother and a physically abusive father. basically home life sucks lol. anyway her and arch have become really close and most nights she ends up slipping into his window to sleep with him cause he’s her safe place. she’s never told him what really goes on in her house but he definitely has his suspicions (especially when she shows up with a black eye, etc) and one night he realizes that maybe his feelings are something more than just wanting to keep a friend safe.

requested by: @superradshitt (turd-head)

A/N: So my best friend requested this, so obviously I am writing it. obligations and whatnot. (jk) I adore this imagine. I hope you guys do too. love ya, xx aubree

warnings: abusive parents

word count: 489

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deep breath in; count to ten


a quick alternate BF curse ficlet…? idk what’s up with me today.

blee is so mean how could she :[

“And how are you feeling today, Emma?”

She shrugs one shoulder and sinks back further into the seat. “Fine, I guess.”

“Any more dreams? Nightmares? Visions, voices?”

“Nope,” she says, popping the ‘p’ and raising her brows, her smile fake and almost mocking in its sweetness.

Her doctor doesn’t seem to think it’s a cute gesture at all.

“You know I’m here to help you,” he says calmly, but Emma can hear the frustration beneath it. “But I can’t do that if you’re not honest with me.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t ask questions you already know the answer to.”

She watches as he raises his hand to his brow, pinching the bridge of his nose momentarily before he takes a deep breath and composes himself.

“If you aren’t interested in talking now, I can always come back on a day when you decide to be more cooperative.”

It’s kind of funny, she thinks. He makes such a terrible therapist. But maybe that’s not his fault; it’s just by design. Someday, they might look back on this all and laugh about it. That’s probably too much to hope for.

He sighs.

“Look, we want the same thing – for you to leave this place and get back out into the real world. To be able to see your son again, perhaps even be granted unsupervised visitation at some point. You want that, don’t you?”

She nods solemnly and he goes on.

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Sweetest Rewards [Julian Devorak/Reader]

Title: Sweetest Rewards 
Pairing: Julian Devorak/Reader [you]
Summary: Julian wasn’t one to say no to a drinking competition, especially when you were his opponent. 

A/N: SLIDES IN AND DABS. Ay, so, I’m totally in love with the Arcana even tho none of the routes have been released and we literally don’t know much of anything but whatever.

Idk when this takes place. Sometime after The Emperor - Night, I guess. My HC is that MC goes to that tavern sometimes just to see if Julian is around. 

as always, my MC is gender-neutral. Ain’t limiting here. And if the creators of the game see this, I really hope I didn’t absolute wreck Julian’s character.

Feedback would be hella! What do you want me to write next?

He kept count.

One… two… three…

His ears rang with the boisterous cheers and slurred chanting from the tavern’s other patrons. The snug little booth in the back which he had whisked you away to, usually veiled by shadows with only the dim glow from nearby lanterns, was suddenly ablaze with light and life.

He couldn’t say he disliked it.


The rosy-cheeked bartender elbowed his way through the crowd to slam down the fourth tray filled with shot glasses and steins, struggling to keep himself from teetering to the ground.

“My bet is on Julian!”

“No way! The Magician is gonna put him to shame!”

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Love Actually - Nightcrawler x Reader fluff

I see you write for X-Men, may I please request a fluffy Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner imagine? I haven’t read any new ones in a while. ☺️- sgarrett49

A/N: bolded words are sent messages, italics and bold are sent from ‘you’

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The Melodies of Manipulation: a study of Jonerys cues in the s7 soundtrack.

I replayed the GoT s7 soundtrack today, and discovered some interesting cues regarding Jon and Dany. The first track I listened to was ‘A Game I Like to Play’ - the music that plays when Baelish tries to convince Sansa that Arya wants to kill her. Imagine my surprise when I hear the end of that track; a slow, dark, haunting snippet from ‘Truth’, Jon and Dany’s theme.

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I Don’t Say No To This (Philip x Reader)

Request:Could I requested a Philip x reader where the reader is Marias daughter, but Philip still loves her. James is very abusive (physical,emotional) and Alexander and Eliza find out and they’re not happy. Thomas may/may not use this against him but if your uncomfortable writing this than I understand but id love it if you did thanks love ❤❤

TW: Abusive parent, mentions of infidelity

A/N: If I am in anyway insensitive, please let me know. It is not my intention.


You walk through the crowded hallway, holding your books close to your chest. You make it to class fairly early and sit in your usual seat in the back. Philip, your boyfriend, sits beside you and kisses your forehead.

“Hey,” you whisper.

His face falls. “Did he…?” He doesn’t finish the sentence, knowing you don’t like to talk about your dad.

“I deserved it. I was-”

He gently grabs your hand. “(Y/N), listen to me. You did nothing to deserve it. No one deserves it. You’re welcome to stay with us anytime you need to. My parents would love to help you. And my dad would do-”

You shake your head. “Really, Philip. I’m fine. Like I said, ‘I deserved it.’”

“But-” The bell rings and Mr. Miranda walks in, cutting Philip off. This was your last class, and it went by too quickly for your liking. As soon as you went home, you would have to go straight to your room, pretending you didn’t see your boyfriend’s dad walking out of your mother’s room or the large wad of cash he handed your father, and stay there until you had to help your mother with dinner. Sometimes Mr. Miranda would let you help organize his room or grade papers, letting you avoid your family for a little while longer, but today, you were on your own.

You sit for a few minutes after the bell rings. Philip doesn’t notice. He’s in such a hurry to leave, that he gets caught in the crowd. Once everyone has left, you pack your bag and walk down the stairs to your locker, where Philip is waiting for you.

“I mean it. You could-”

You shake your head and put a few textbooks up. “I’ll be fine. I promise.”

“But what if-” You kiss him, cutting off his protests.

“I’ll be fine.”

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