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They’re so cute when they’re asleep

Request:Can you do Drabble 6 & 14 combined like maybe in the avengers tower 😉😉 

Okay I know I’m requesting imagines like crazy, but could I request 11, 12, and 14 with Peter Parker? Something where the Avengers tease the reader and Peter (but especially the reader) because they have crushes on each other? Thank you so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

A/N: Okay so this is me attempting to use the prompts “I need a place to stay”, “they’re so cute when they’re alseep,” , “ this is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in,” , “ the way you flirt is shameful,” , “ it’s just rain you aren’t gonna melt,”………. lets see how this goes

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“Mr Stark, I-I was wondering if you could help me with something,”

“Is it your Spanish homework? ‘cause you’d have better luck talking to a wall than asking me for help,”

“No no, it’s not that, I asked this girl out on a date and-”

Tony dropped everything, and finally looked at Peter fully attentive, and interrupted his spiel, “Please tell me it was y/n you asked,” he appealed. Peter scrunched his eyebrows, confused at how Mr. Stark easily guessed who. He stuttered over his words, unable to reply, “Friday, tell Nat that she owes me $10″

Peter’s confusion morphed into shock, “Were you guys betting on us?” he asked in disbelief, as the computer system replied to his request,

“I was, Natasha not so much,” Tony answered nonchalantly, “she figured you’d never work up the courage. As per-usual, I was right,”

Peter was at a loss for words. Although, he did feel a little sense of reassurance that Mr. Stark had some faith in him, 

“Anyways, continue,” Tony pushed,

“Okay, so, I’m taking her out tonight, and I’m really nervous-”


“and I just don’t want to mess this up, so I was hoping you’d be willing to help me out by kind of being my, wing-man,”

“your wing-man?”


There was a pause between the two, as Tony blinked at the young boy,

“That was a little on the vague side, so right now my answer is no, I’m not chaperoning two school kids’ date,” He said turning away from Peter, and returning to his work,

“Where is it you’re taking her?” Peter heard a feminine voice ask behind him. He jumped slightly and looked to find Natasha strutting her way towards the two. He hesitated before answering her, “I don’t know, I was thinking, dinner then a movie?” he said, more as a question than a statement.

“Boring!” Tony exclaimed, not bothering to face them. 

Peter sighed and slouched, “Well y/n’s never been on a date before. If you do it right, then it’d be the perfect night,” Nat pointed out,

“Exactly, so I was hoping that, if I wore an earpiece, then Mr. Stark could kind of coach me through it,” Peter suggested warily.

Nat shook her head, “You want Tony Stark as you’re wing-man?” she asked pointing to the man. Peter nodded his head, “This is, by far, the stupidest plan you’ve ever had,” she deadpanned.

Tony swirled around in his chair, with a mischievous smirk, “And with me, being an intellectual, of course I’m in,”

You couldn’t tell what you were feeling. Some of it was happiness that Peter Parker has finally asked you out, which was followed by nervousness because of the fact that you’d be going on a date with him. A part of you felt sick, and horrible because the possibility of this date ending terribly and therefore ruining a perfectly good friendship was looming above you.

You and Peter had been friends for years, having gone to the same school together and sharing some of the same assignments that Tony gives you. You were always called in on the less extreme tasks,due to having no superpowers but mad combat skills. 

You huffed yet again as you stood in front of your mirror, and smoothed down your outfit. Screw it, you thought, and waited out in your living room for Peter.

Peter took deep breathes as he approached your door. A sweat began to break out on his forehead, “Have you reached the door yet?” Tony asked in his ear. Peter sighed, this was the fourth time he’s asked, “Yes,” Peter snapped in a hushed tone,

“About time. Now knock,”

“I figured that much out for myself actually,”

“Don’t get snippy with me, you asked for my help,”

“I’m beginning to regret it,” Peter groaned, before knocking on your door.

Your head shot to the direction of the door, before getting up and slowly opening it. 

Peter stood with a wide smile, cherry red cheeks and a bunched bouquet of pink roses. Your cheeks flushed to match his, as you gasped, “Peter,” you drew out. This made his smile beam a little more. You smiled along with him and giggled from his kind gesture, “Come in,” you welcomed him, opening your door wider.

You turned away, and buried your nose in the flower pedals.

“Did she like the flowers?” Tony asked Peter,

“I-I think,” Peter quickly whispered under his breath, making sure you wouldn’t notice. 

You place the bouquet in a vase and made your way back to Peter, “Ready to go?” he smiled at you. 

“Tell her she looks nice,” Peter’s wing-man pestered,

“You-” he began, but was cut of,

“Unless she doesn’t, then scratch that. Wait maybe you should tell her anyway,”

Looking at Peter confusingly, you cocked an eyebrow. He gave you a reassuring smile, and placed a hand on your lower back, “You look good tonight,” he complimented, “you always look good,” he emphasized more for Tony to take a hint,

“smooth, spidey,” you commented, letting him lead you out of your place,

“That compliment was more for me. I’m taking it.”

It felt unusual, to be on a date with Peter Parker. A date that didn’t involve studying with an old friend, but more so, a night with a different unusual feeling between you two with formal clothes and flattery.

Your heart pounded a little harder and breath hitched when Peter showed off his goofy smile. You weren’t sure if you had ever felt that way before, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re feeling it now with Peter. 

You had finished eating and were now relaxing at the table. 

“Have I already told you how amazing you look tonight?” Peter asked you, eyes glazed over in a daze,

“This is the third time probably,” you answered with a sweet smile and rosey cheeks, 

The way you flirt is shameful. She’s already sick of it,” Peter heard Tony.

He pursed his lips, “Who taught you? You’re just repeating the same things. Was it May?” 

“Oh wow look at it pour outside,” Peter spoke distracting himself from Tony,

“Nice try, I’m still here,”

“Do you want to wait in here till it stops?” Peter offered you,

“It’s just rain, you aren’t going to melt,” 


Swinging your head around from the window to Peter, you repeated, “Tony?”

Peter’s mouth bobbed, his eyes grew to saucers. You gave him a side glance, “Is he here?” you pondered suspiciously.


“Think of something quick, underoos,”

“I just- uh- just remembered that Tony, offered for us to watch a movie at the tower…..tonight,” Peter squeaked 

“No I didn’t,”

“He did?”

“Y-yeah, he figured that that would be better than us spending money at the theater, or just me spending money, and you fighting me to pay your way in,” Peter explained uncomfortably, unsure if what he said came out right.

“That’s a little uncharacteristic of him,” you pointed out, 

He searched and searched his brain to quickly produce a reasonable explanation for “Tony’s proposal”. An unusually sly smirk skipped across Peter’s lips as he thought back to how outraged he felt when discovering that the two Avengers betting on and against him and his crush,

 “Yeah well, he owes us one,”

“Be ready for ridicule,”

                                       TO BE CONTINUED


H: Sometimes I over analyze things and Yoongi really helps me calm down, he always makes sure to listen to me and he always knows what to say.

Y: Whenever I feel down on myself Hobi brings Holly and some snacks and it’s an instant mood booster <3

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Hi! I loved your indepth meta about the choke scene- can you imagine Jon worrying about Sansa when he is away bec he can't get out of his mind that LF might try it with Sansa? Also like the "touch MY sister & I'll kill you myself", putting aside the patriarchy, this is the 1st a man in a long time shown deeply protective over Sansa without any ulterior motives other than caring & protecting Sansa herself - the woman- not the "key to the north" & "my substitute goldfish Cat2". Thx

About the “partriarchy-comment”: It’s not like D&D care that much about “realistic” westerosi social rules… but as Sansas last living male relative, older brother and king he’s pretty much in charge of everything concerning her. Not that he would use this in any way or dare to actually make any decisions for her, he’s too woke and “Yaasss, emancipation! “ for that. Just stating the facts. So considering the shows setting, I thought it was worth pointing out. Not to imply that every man who stands up for his mother, sister, girlfriend, whatever is doing so for weird, oppressive reasons and not out of a geniune wish to protect someone they love. Just to be really clear about this. That’s not how I meant that.

And YES TO ALL OF THIS! Jon is restoring her faith in men, he loves her and wants to keep her save and happy without any creepy lost-love projections like a certain littlle finger. He’s probably worried sick, but he left Ghost with her (if they cut where he tells Ghost “to look after Sansa while he’s gone”, I’ll riot) and she also has Brienne to protect her. I really hope we’ll actually get some communication between them while he’s gone. If we get a letter from Jon, asking after the Littlefinger situation a la “He’s not causing any trouble, is he? Just tell me and I’ll take the next dragon and fly home”, I might just die of the feels.

…. buuuut 

…. I do have one tiny little objection

… like

Originally posted by sansastarkthequeen

My poor baby boy Theon didn’t have any ulterior motives either. He stepped up his game a little very much too late, but if you think about all the shit he’s been through …. let’s not forget about him. He was the first man in a really long time, since her fathers death actually, who simply wanted to care for and protect Sansa. He didn’t do as good a job as Jon, but considering his starting point we can’t blame him for that. He tried, he really tried. He was ready to die for her. Let’s remember that.

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Hello I was wondering if you could do the RFA + minor trio reacting to a really flexible MC. Also I love your blog and headcannon style thanks!

Thank youuu! I’m literally binge writing for my fanfic & hc requests at 2am sOOO!! This may be a bit shorter than usual, nevertheless, I hope you like it!!


  • He asked you if you exercised like him and what type.
  • So when you told him that you did yoga he was like 
  • “oh snap show me some poses girl!!”
  • getsturnedonimmediately
  • Like you’re so flexible and bendy, he finds it really attractive and cool??
  • Has to hold himself back when he wakes up in the morning and finds you in the living room going through your yoga exercises >\<
  • Sometimes tries to do it with you before cursing and giving up, deciding just to eat a breakfast burrito and watch you lmao


  • When he finds out that you both go to the same university, he asks what clubs you’re involved in, like how he was in the barista and cooking club!!
  • Was surprised when you said you did gymnastics 
  • “what the heck we have one of those??”
  • Went to one of your meetups one day and holy cow
  • Was honestly so scared that you were going to snAP IN HALF or something.
  • You were able to make your body move in all kind of ways he has never seen before and it shocked him.
  • Whenever he helps you stretch he’s always so scared that he was going to break you 
  • omg so cute but he would love how talented you were


  • It would give her the SHIVERS!! OK!!
  • Seeing you bend and flip like that
  • Thought it was so cOOL but so freaky at the same time??
  • She has never met someone so flexible before.
  • “bitch teach me how to do that shit”
  • “ok actually nvm”
  • “ill just stick to judo though”
  • “your ass looks fine when you do it though, just saying”
  • “what the heck no im not gay”
  • Loved it!


  • You were on the floor one night playing with Elizabeth, and you were lying on your stomach
  • Then suddenly you just lift up your legs and put your feet over your shoulders and use them to play with the toy for 
  • Jumin stares at the wine glass in his 
  • then back at you
  • “what the fuck”
  • Thinks it’s really weird how you move your body in such unnatural ways
  • “MC stop before you kill yourself or something”
  • “should i take you to a doctor? i dont think its normal for people to be able to do that”
  • no silly i just took gymnastics when i was younger and haven’t stopped since
  • “oh really??? that’s cool cause that is some serious movements you got there”
  • doesnt say much about it until one night he comes home and said he signed you up for the fucking olympics


  • “lololol you should join the circus MC”
  • “shut the fuck up”
  • “no seriously!! think about it, we would be making so much money i could buy so many more bAAAABIES!”
  • omg he would love it and try to do it with you
  • the most he could do was a backbend and that was enough for him tbh
  • once he made you go into a backbend then ate sushi off your stomach
  • god dammit seven whatthefuck
  • whenever he was sad or being his dumb distant “im dangerous” self again, you would just go into a weird pose for him and he would laugh
  • loved your flexibility thought it was so dope


  • was pretty unphased when he saw you show off some of your flexibility 
  • “i was in a religious cult for most of my life i’ve seen some pretty fucking weird, possessed people mc”
  • “but im not weird or possessed”
  • “…”
  • “are you sure about that”
  • i mean he thought it was cool to a pOINT 
  • loved it when you would do flips and stuff
  • and supported you 100%
  • found it kind of hot even
  • he just wasn’t that very surprised, it’s hard to impress this boi damn


  • thought it made you even more beautiful
  • loved it when you used your flexibility while dancing to songs
  • *cries in blindness*
  • “oh my god you are just so gorgeous mc i must take pictures and add it to my art wall”
  • rikaisshook
  • with the little vision he had left, he would watch you so attentively, wanting to remember every move you made
  • just loved you and your talent tbh
  • god pls just let him be happy forever and ever


  • Was sOOOO creeped out when you just started busting out these weird moves
  • “how are you able to do that um”
  • it gave him the heebie jeebies 
  • honestly vanderwood…u can look at a dead body but not your girlfriend contorting herself smh
  • when you were helping him clean up around your apartment or seven’s bunker, sometimes you would go into handstand and literally walk around on your hands and pick things up with your feet
  • vanderwood, at this point, was unphased.
  • he had gotten used to it.
  • “you’re doing amazing sweetie”
  • *continues to sweep*
  • although it would make him uncomfortable about how you can just make your body go into such unnatural positions 
  • he wouldn’t really rag on you or your flexibility

Requests are open!

imaginetho  asked:

hiiii good luck on your new blog love! if you need any help or anything at all really let me know ;D can i please request a scenario wherein todoroki's s/o does something really cute and he can't help but blush so when she asks him why hes blushing so much and he tells her she ends up blushing as well? just lots of fluff really since i'd love seeing my boy act fluffy thank you!

Thanks fam, that’s really sweet of you! <3 I’ve never known how much I needed this ask, today’s been a bad day, so fluff should help cleanse my soul! I hope you enjoy this! Also, I’m not sure if this is written wrongly, so if it is, please let me know and I’ll rewrite it!


You loved rooftops. Unlike the stuffy cafeteria, there was just something about the rooftop that calms you down immensely. Maybe it’s the open skies? Or perhaps the calming silence that surrounds you? Either way, it had cemented your love for rooftops, and you had wished to bring your lover up to this sanctuary of yours, just sitting side by side, having the lunch you made. Yes, had. Because it is no longer a wish, with Todoroki’s text message of “I’m on my way” appearing on your screen. You leaned against the wall, two bentos sitting on your lap, one blue and one purple. A slight blush rose to your cheeks as you envisioned Todoroki looking all surprised at what you’ve done for him. Sure, you were no cooking goddess, but hey, what’s better than making lunch for your lover to express your love?

  A creak and the gentle shutting of the door pulled you out of your thoughts, and you hurriedly shoved the bentos behind your back, watching as the bi colored hair boy head towards you. “H-hey Shouto,” you grin, a trace of nervousness slipping into your words. “Hey, Y/N,” he smiles, and you were momentarily blinded by that gentle smile of his. My heart, it has taken 99% damage, you think, toes curling at a simple smile. “So, what’s up?” Oh right. Scrambling to your feet, you pick up his bento and stretched it towards him, flashing a smile at him. “H-here! I, I made you some lunch,” you stammer, heart beating furiously. 

  “I, uh, you know, thought it would be a great idea to express my love,” you ramble, gluing your eyes shut. Wait. Love? “Ah, no! I didn’t mean that. Hold on, no, I mean I love you, but I-” Crap, crap, how could you even think to confess your love to him this early into the relationship? Now, he’s definitely going to- Hang on a minute.Why was it so silent? Todoroki hasn’t spoken for a while now, and fear begins to bubble within you. Peeking slightly to gauge his reaction, your eyes widened to witness the sight before you. Todoroki’s face had lit up in flames, face matching the color of his hair. Seeing him like this was a first, and mild confusion begins to swirl in you.

  “…Shouto? What’s wrong? Why are you blushing so much?” you prod. You thought it wasn’t possible, but his face turned even redder, that at this point, you were worried that he might faint. “Ah, Y/N,” he starts, scratching the back of his neck in anxiousness. “I didn’t expect you to do so much for me, I really appreciate it. You’re being really cute and I can’t handle this,” he mumbles, voice growing softer and softer. “…And I love you too.” 

  The blood rushes back to your face, this time at full force. Heat was emanating from you, and you were certain you looked like a cherry tomato. “…?! Y/N, are you alright?” Shouto questions worriedly, reaching his hand out to cup your cheek. That seemed to have an adverse effect - at this point, you were highly certain that you were going to pass out. The two of you probably looked ridiculous, standing in the middle of the rooftop with red faces. 

  “Mmhm, Uh, yeah, of course I’m alright! Let’s uh, eat our bentos?” you waver, pulling a charming smile onto your face.

  Oh god, Todoroki thinks. Why are you so cute?

macsturbating  asked:

josh/donna post administration headcannons :)))

Oh gods, I am certain that piles of people smarter than me have covered this one, lol! Isn’t there a whole twitter world that built them a sparkly future?

But since you asked…

They get married during the first Santos term, and Donna is pregnant with their first daughter before the second one ends (it’s my headcanon, so of course he wins re-election). Therefore, post-administration they’ve got an incredibly independent toddler on their hands, and a second baby girl shortly after. 

Surprising everybody but Toby, Josh takes over more of the childcare and becomes obsessed with exposing the girls to museums and dance lessons and every bonding activity he can think of–lots of hair braiding and nail painting and embarrassing photos that Donna holds for blackmail as needed.

Donna uses her clout as former FLOTUS COS to push for pet causes like criminal justice reform, and eventually reunites with CJ to co-found an NGO that tackles a wide range of progressive issues using the tactics CJ honed working with Franklin Hollis. Zoey Bartlet joins their staff, and becomes their daughter’s favorite babysitter–she even teaches them self-defense moves she learned post-abduction, making the Lyman-Moss daughters the safest ones on the block.

When the girls are in their teens, Donna decides to re-enter politics, this time as a Congresswoman. Josh amuses the press by running bake sales and holding photo ops and being the political spouse with much better savvy than he used to hold press conferences. 

Their eldest daughter graduates top of her class and heads straight for law school.

Their younger daughter grows up to be President.

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Mind me asking for a little scenario where Bakugo is trying not to promptly push down a female Izuku (who is doing something he finds in his fancy) and make out with her due to the only fact that All Might was in the room and he really didn't want to piss off the Teacher-dad because of Izuku being an attractive piece of dweeb. :3 please and thank you! Have a nice day/night then!

Thank you love! I hope you have a good day/night as well!

God-fucking-damn it.

Bakugou sat there with his arms crossed, trying to look anywhere but the sight in front of him. After their training exercise, he left for a few minutes to change back into his uniform, hoping that he could catch Izuku alone before classes started backup. Unfortunately, when he returned, he found that everyone had cleared out of the training room minus himself, Izuku, and All Might, the other two talking about strategies or something.

Bakugou wasn’t paying much attention to what they were actually saying. He was too busy focused on Izuku, bending over a table to look at whatever she was looking at. What made it even more intolerable was that she was still in her hero costume. Which was form fitting. And ripped in multiple places from the training exercise.

He looked back up and saw that the situation in front of him hasn’t changed. All Might still hasn’t left and it was killing him on the inside. He uncrossed his arms and stuffed his hands in his pockets, clenching his fists tightly to try to keep him grounded. His face turned red and he quickly looked away when Izuku stretched farther over the table. His self-control was wearing thin.

Fucking All Might. Just fucking leave.

Twenty torturously long minutes later and he heard All Might’s tell-tale laugh and looked up in time to see him run out of the training room. A smirk grew on Bakugou’s face as he pushed himself off of the wall he was leaning on. He quickly made his way over to where Izuku was standing. She turned around as Bakugou got close and pinned her back to the table. His hands found her hips, gripping them roughly.

“K-Kacchan?” she stuttered out, eyes wide and looking around nervously.

His smirk grew as he leaned in, whispering in her ear. “You made me wait, Deku. That’s not very nice.” He felt a shiver run through her body as he bit down on her ear, hands running up her sides. “You better be fucking ready to make it up to me.”

“B-but we have class soon.” She tried weakly to pry his wandering hands off her body with no success. She let out a quiet moan as Bakugou moved to her neck.

“Who gives a shit.” He leaned back only to surge forward, connecting their lips in a bruising kiss, both of them giving into the sensations for the time being.

I hope you like it!

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Kiribaku studying headcanons :)

HI FRIEND ah sorry it took so long to reply

Bakugou is the smart one and so he often has to help Kiri with things and tutor him a lot, and Kiri asks a lot of questions because he has a harder time understanding things (imagine them going to each other’s houses and studying *wink *wink)

Bakugou is, in fact, actually a really good tutor and I like to think Kirishima is an apologist with things like this, like “I’m so sorry you have to help me I’m sorry I have a harder time with this than I should be, thanks for taking your time to help me you’re really smart and amazing!” 

and he says this with genuine brightness and smiles with his pretty face and due to this, Bakugou’s brain short-circuits and he just gets all blushy and melts

The workers upstairs caused another leak into my bathroom this morning and my soul feels broken. It’s the 4th time and it wasn’t a crazy huge amount. I forced myself to throw on clothes and walk upstairs to tell them, texted their general contractor to make them all aware. Then I was having a smoke outside and a guy I have only seen twice was going in and I asked if he knew when this entire thing would be finished and he said by next week. I really hope so. I feel really jaded

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I'm listening to an interview and before they really introduce Louis' single Back To You (steam on apple music and Spotify (; ), he's asked about who he relies on the most when it comes to showing his music and it's 'me girlfriend and me mate oli'. Okay, thanks for that little bit of stunt promo now can we get to the actual single that you've yet to introduce?

So, so weird. It’s like he’s got these stupid talking points that literally NO ONE cares about, but he has to get through them. Sigh. Just talk about the music, man. I truly hope his US promo goes differently. 

Please help, my boyfriend and I are more politically opposed than I thought and I don't know how to feel

So after the earth-shattering news today that President trump unleashed on the American Public through twitter, I sent my boyfriend a series of seething texts expressing how enraged I was of this newest setback in the LGBT rights movement. I mentioned how the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell legislation was repealed only a few years ago and this is a massive step backwards.

I was hoping to get a response somewhere along the lines of “Oh god that’s awful, this isn’t okay,” or “This makes me so mad” or even a “Damn, that sucks.”

Instead he wrote “I understand that and it’s not alright, but I feel like we should let the generals and soldiers make the rules, because the army works different than the everyday life of a citizen and your not really an individual when you’re in an army, but part of something bigger and part of a “machine”.


“Why was Don’t ask Don’t tell that bad? It seems great to me.”

And I’m just… speechless.

I’ve always known that my boyfriend wasn’t exactly a spokesperson of LGBT or feminist issues, as I’ve had to correct and explain many things to him over the two years we’ve been together such as terminology, certain political schools of thought, and how there is still room for a lot of improvement on all of these matters in the United States. But still, I’m bisexual and he knows this, and I also told him I was very liberal early in our relationship and he didn’t mind at all even though he’s moderate, so I continuously wrote off his ignorance as him being innocently misinformed since he rarely the internet or watches the news and has to hear about current events from his friends.

But this. This feels different. Since Trump was elected and I voted for Hillary and he voted third party we’ve started arguing more and more about politics, but he’s never said anything that has made me question if our sense of morals just too different

to;dr: How do you know when you and your partners’ politics are too different to continue a relationship? I really love my boyfriend and I know he loves me. He’s very supportive and caring and he treats me well, but I don’t think I can be with someone who turns a blind eye to transphobia. Maybe that’s not what he’s doing, but it sure feels like it.

But can you imagine Draco Malfoy’s diary?

First Year

Potter rejected my offer of friendship so I’ve decided he is now my arch-nemesis. I hate him. Why doesn’t he like me?

Second Year

I made Potter think I opened the chamber of secrets so he’d pay more attention to me. It hasn’t worked but Crabbe and Goyle have been acting strange lately.

Third Year

A hippogriff attacked me. Granger punched me. And Potter hit me with a patronus. My father will hear about this. How can Potter cast a patronus anyway? He must be really good at

Fourth Year

I think Potter liked the Potter Stinks badges. He’s probably going to ask me to the Yule ball.




He asked a girl.

Fifth Year

Potter didn’t seem impressed by my prefect status so I joined the Inquisitorial Squad as well. So far, no comment.

What’s so good about Cho Chang anyway? 

Sixth Year

Ginny fucking Weasley. You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s supposed to be stalking me.

He’s supposed to have stopped me by now.

Seventh Year

I knew it was him. I knew.

I hope he wins.

On Camera

Or that one time Lance decided to live-stream when he really should’ve been resting. The (established) klance YouTuber AU that no one asked for, but you’re all getting. Domestic klance sharing an apartment is my jam, and throwing a little angst in there is a bonus.

I’m actually really happy with this, and if people like it I might do an actual long AU thing with this setting, so feedback is appreciated! For now though, just a one-shot. This is also proof that the best writing for me happens at 3 AM… oops. I hope you enjoy!!

Psst @taylor-tut this is that thing I not-so-discreetly mentioned in my tags, have a wonderful day.

Lance McClain was a rulebreaker in every way, except for one thing. He believed it was always necessary to have a routine, and never stray from it. If asked, he’d inform you that a steady routine was the foundation for a steady life.

Showering every morning, brushing his teeth every night, thinking of a cheesy one-liner for Keith each day without fail, the list went on. Little things.

One of his many routines was to live-stream, always on Sundays. Because who did anything besides sit at home, definitely not with a hangover, on Sunday?

New videos went up on Wednesdays, but the carefully edited ones on YouTube and his live-streams were very different. Many fans even preferred seeing him live, mainly because he couldn’t stop himself from making bad jokes, and was usually too lazy to straighten his bedhead.

And they would always ask him to go bother Keith in the next room, which Lance more often than not was obliged to do.

So when he woke up late one Sunday with a killer headache and a stuffy nose, Lance wasn’t about to let it get in the way of his routine.

He discovered a note from Keith on the kitchen table that said he’d be out running errands, and Lance lamented that he hadn’t been awake to tell Keith to get soup. After shooting him a quick text, the only response Lance got was “You don’t even like soup.”

Lance chuckled softly, which quickly led to a series of wet coughs. Clearing his throat, he began to set up his camera, wrapped himself up in blankets, and started the stream.

“Hey guys,” he said with a small wave, and winced at how raspy his voice sounded. He sniffled, and edged the off-screen box of tissues closer to him.

The chat was quickly flooded with “HELLO”’s and “LANCE!”’s. By now, all the fans knew when he went live. Lance was, however, surprised to see several inquiries about his health.

There were quite a few “Are you okay”’s, and even some “You seem sick”’s, with one of Lance’s personal favorites being “You look like shit.”

He read off the last comment with a short laugh. “Thanks, KeiththeKutie05.” Then, as an afterthought, he added, “Nice name.”

After a short pause of him continuing to scan the chat, he spoke again. “I’m fine though, just got a cold or something. Nothing could stop me from live-streaming!”

As the viewers seemed satisfied with this response, Lance wasn’t surprised to see the usual repetition of “Where’s Keith?” in the chat. He sighed.

“Mullet Boy is running errands,” Lance told them, rolling his eyes for effect. “Probably going out to buy a new pair of fingerless gloves.”

Keith and Lance had been sharing an apartment for some time now, and the Internet was very invested in their relationship, or so it seemed. Keith was annoyed by the whole thing at first, but Lance found it entertaining that his fans seemed to like Keith better than him. Lance could, admittedly, relate.

Eventually, the accidental publicity that came with dating a YouTuber inspired Lance to make a collab channel for them, though Keith never got his own. He insisted that he was too awkward to film anything by himself, which Lance secretly found adorable.

Numerous people began telling Lance to prank Keith when he came back, to which Lance grinned. Playing tricks on Keith during live-streams had become somewhat of a tradition in and of itself. “Maybe I will,” Lance tapped his chin thoughtfully. “You guys got any ideas?”

Lance read through some of the responses but saw nothing particularly appealing, then perked up at someone asking when he’d do a video with Hunk again.

“Actually, I got some good news for you guys,” Lance declared, sneezing into his elbow before continuing. “Hunk and I are going to be playing videogames on Pidge’s channel sometime next week, and Hunk has both of us coming over to his and Shay’s for a baking video. I haven’t decided what we should do for my part yet. Maybe a Q & A?”

Once again, Lance’s eyes scanned through the suggestions until his eyes snagged on one he liked. “Cards Against Humanity, huh? With YouTube’s shitty new rules it could get demonetized, but I do love that game, so why not? I’m positive Pidge owns it, and I can tell them to bring it over. Maybe I can even convince Keith to play with us.”

Lance couldn’t help but smile at the enthusiastic response that got.

“I think I’m going to get myself some more coffee,” Lance decided, looking down at the empty mug resting on a coaster. “Last night Keith made me watch this really scary movie, so I naturally had trouble falling asleep. Gotta have coffee to keep myself functioning. Do you guys prefer coffee or tea? Keith and I are both coffee people, but he likes his black. No sugar or anything, disgusting if you ask me.”

Lance almost regretted this comment as a war of opinions on black coffee slowly took over his computer screen.

“Well, anyway, I’m gonna go to the kitchen real quick. I’d bring my laptop but… I’d probably spill coffee on it, and we can’t have that.”

Lance stood, and was about to start towards the next room when his vision abruptly blurred and refocused. He knew immediately something was wrong.

His legs felt like jelly, and the room seemed to spin as he took a single step forward. Had he only been fine when he was sitting? Lance had half the mind to sit right back down, but his brain was growing muddled, and direction simply didn’t make sense.

Lance’s migraine flared abruptly in intensity, and then suddenly the wood floor was rushing up to meet him. Everything went dark.

Keith glanced at his phone as he moved around to the back of the car, where he’d stored the groceries, and had to repress a fond smile at the Twitter notification on the screen. Lance was, apparently, live-streaming. Keith thought he might actually miss his time-slot for once, but he figured by now he should be used to the Cuban boy’s dedication to routine.

Lance’s channel got some negative feedback from more ‘sophisticated’ YouTubers for being… all over the place. A dedicated beauty guru, or PrinceLotor as his channel was called, had dragged Lance on Twitter on more than one occasion.

Lance was anything but consistent when it came to videos. He did whatever he felt like doing that week, and the fans loved it. Sometimes he played songs on his guitar, sometimes he did prank-calls. He would film Q&A’s, or tell stories about all the interesting stuff that happened in his life— Lance’s bad luck was rather famous. He recommended TV shows, did hauls of what he got for holidays, vlogged on occasion when he went to stores, you name it.

But Lance’s favorite thing to do were collabs.

Hunk, an incredibly smart engineer, had a baking channel as a hobby, and Lance was his favorite assistant.

Pidge was a newer gaming channel, but their obsession with theorizing about the game’s lore while playing and busting other fan theories made them grow in popularity quickly. For two player games, Lance was ideal.

Allura was an extremely popular beauty channel, and Lance let her give him makeovers whenever she wanted to. Shiro could use extra actors in his short films.

And Keith… well, the two of them had a channel together that had no pattern whatsoever, much to Lance’s dislike. Absolutely spontaneous and random, usually doing things by popular fan request, like dancing or karaoke. And uploads were by no means regular.

Keith was surprised at how much he had started to enjoy it. Lance had been telling him he should start an art channel, with animations and speedpaints and the like, and Keith wasn’t… that opposed to the idea. It could be a useful source of income, to help with all the debt he would come into after graduating college. But he’d never tell Lance.

Without thinking too much of it, Keith swiped right across his screen, taking him to Lance’s tweet about the live-stream in order to like it. He was about to close his phone again and begin taking groceries up to their apartment when his eyes snagged on something odd.

Lots of the replies to Lance’s tweet mentioned him, particularly the recent ones, even tagging him in it. Keith couldn’t fathom why they would be talking about him if he wasn’t on the stream, unless Lance was complaining about him live again.

Keith bristled. Lance better not be still annoyed at him for the movie the last night. Signs wasn’t scary at all, and not even a real horror movie! Lance simply stated that ‘he didn’t mess with aliens.’

But when he looked at all the mentions, Keith felt his irritation give way to confusion, and then panic.


Keith slammed the trunk, all groceries forgotten as he sprinted into the apartment building and ran for the stairs. They only lived on the third floor, and he was not about to wait for the slow, crowded elevator.

He fumbled to fit his key in the lock and opened the door to the living room, only to spot the live-streaming set up, with no Lance. Keith rushed forward, but drew up short when he realized that Lance was in fact passed out on the floor in front of the couch.

“Oh my god— Lance!” Keith sank down beside him, turning his boyfriend over. “Lance, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Lance’s eyes opened slowly, and Keith felt relief flood his system, despite the uncharacteristically pale skin. “K-Keith? Wha… I thought you were shopping?”

“I’m back,” Keith answered shortly, wincing as he pressed a hand onto Lance’s forehead. “Jeez, you’re on fire. Why didn’t you tell me you were this sick?!”

“Are you a fire?” Lance mumbled under his breath, and Keith furrowed his brows in confusion.

“What? No, Lance, I was saying you have a fever.”

“Because you’re hot and I want s'more,” Lance continued, as if he hadn’t heard him at all. Keith was suddenly painfully aware that the live-stream was still going, and that his face was even more flushed than Lance’s, and not because of a fever.

Keith glanced at the computer sitting on the coffee table briefly, noting that most of the chat was full of random keyboard smashing. He smiled apologetically. “At least he’s conscious,” he shrugged, hoisting Lance up off the floor and propping one of his arm’s around Keith’s shoulder. “I’m going to take this idiot to the hospital, he’s way too hot.”

“So you finally admitted it,” Lance’s voice was barely audible, and Keith glanced back down to see him grinning up at Keith tiredly.

“I meant your temperature, dumbass. Next time, tell me when you’re not feeling well.”

And with that, he shut off the stream.

I really hope Marvel has the good grace and common sense to keep Seb and Anthony together for the infinity war press tour because otherwise all of Seb’s interviews will just be:

“I really miss Anthony Mackie”

“Sebastian I asked if it was intimidating working with such a large cast”

“I sent everyone a good morning text yesterday and he was the only one who answered”

“Mr Stan..”

“Have you interviewed him yet? Did he say anything about me?” 

the stars are bound to change


Both paladins turned to their new, small alien companion. She lifted her head to look at each of them in turn, her eyes round. Keith laid a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“How about you, Zola?” he said. “Are you ready to go?”

She didn’t answer right away. Then she hesitantly asked, “Where are we going?”

As he made eye contact with Lance over her head, Keith could have sworn he felt something electric in the air: a simultaneous resurgence of determination.

“We’re going to take you home.”

Keith and Lance rescue a little alien girl from a hostage situation and bring her home … and learn a few things about themselves and each other along the way.

Rating: T
Relationship: Klance
Words: 50,828
Status: Chapters 9/9 (Complete)

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Come Back to Me (Part Seven)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Neutral
Warnings: Mention of Claustrophobia, Lockdown and Assault Mentioned
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

Originally posted by mrs-tomholland

The field trip was boring, to say the least. It was an art museum, and although you loved looking at art, you had been to this museum more times than you could count. Peter had, too.

But still, you feigned interest in the same pieces you had seen before. They used to amaze you, but now they simply bored you. The class had been organized into groups of ten when you got off the bus, and somehow, you had ended up in the same group as Peter and Ned. You weren’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. At least you had Michelle with you, but she was never much of a talker.

As your group made their way through the museum, occasionally bumping into other groups along the way, you began to zone out. You thought of a world where you and Peter could end up together, where he felt the same way about you that you felt about him.

You thought about holding his hand while walking down the halls at school, about going to the next homecoming dance together. You thought about him kissing you goodbye at the end of the night before he webbed across buildings to get back to his apartment.

You wished it were real, so badly. And maybe it could be, one day, but you knew it was unrealistic. You were sure that Peter was still hung up on Liz, even after all these months. But maybe after he got over her, there was that chance, that he would see what he was missing. Maybe he would see that he was missing you.

A siren went off, breaking you out of your thoughts. You frantically looked around with wide eyes, and you noticed the rest of your group was doing the same. The speakers of the museum crackled overhead, signaling someone was about to speak.

“The museum is on lockdown. I repeat, the museum is on lockdown. There is an active assault outside of the museum. Please stay calm and stay where you are.”

A few gasps sounded from your classmates, but you simply stood there with wide eyes, finding it hard to breathe. You had been in too many dangerous situations in the past month for your liking. You began to think of being trapped under the shelves, not being able to move and screaming for help.

Your shoulders hunched, almost as if you were caving in on yourself. You looked down at the ground, trying to control your breathing before it got out of hand. You wanted to go home. You should’ve stayed home.

“Alright, kids,” you heard the slightly panicked voice of your chaperone say, “let’s all move into the corner.”

“But the person said to stay where you are!” A random kid shouted out. 

“They meant stay in the room. Just move into the corner,” the chaperone said, motioning to you guys to move. 

The ten of you cluttered into the corner, five leaning against each wall with the chaperone standing in front of you, his back to you guys. You ended up squished between Peter and Michelle, and although you desperately wanted to lean into your best friend for comfort, you found yourself leaning towards Michelle instead. 

“Stay quiet,” your chaperone added, his back still facing the ten of you.

You glanced around at your classmates quickly, noticing they were just as afraid as you were. They were shaking, and some were darting their eyes around the room frantically while others clenched their eyes shut. Even Michelle looked unsettled. 

You took a quick look at Peter from the corner of your eye to see him not looking scared nor fine, but antsy. You knew it was because he wanted to pull his suit on and run out of the museum to apprehend the attacker, but he couldn’t, not while trapped in this room. He couldn’t leave. You were thankful for it, not wanting one more thing to freak out about in this moment.

You faced your head back down, closing your eyes and leaning your forehead against your knees. You breathed deeply, evening your breaths to stay calm. You wouldn’t think of all the possible things that could go wrong. You wouldn’t.

(You were thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong.) 

“Hey,” you heard a whisper from next to you. You looked up, opening your eyes again and looking at Peter. His eyebrows were furrowed—a frequent look on him—and he was staring at you intently.

“What?” You whispered, staring at him back. 

“Are you okay?” He asked.

So he had noticed something was wrong.

“Yeah,” you gave him a tight smile and looked down at your lap. You knew that if he could analyze your face, he would see that something is wrong.

Apparently he could tell anyways, because he leaned closer to your ear, saying, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, Pete, I’m fine,” you stayed looking at your lap, knowing that if you turned your head, his face would be right in front of you. That was a dangerous position to be in.

“I don’t believe you,” he said, still speaking into your ear. “I know you, (Y/N). Something is wrong.”

You sighed deeply. You hated him in that moment, as he told you how well he knew you and how he could so easily tell something was wrong. But no, you didn’t, because you loved him, you loved him, you loved him.

You wouldn’t lie to yourself. You loved how well he knew you.

“Just nervous. Something bad could happen,” you said. You turned your head to look at him, and sucked in a quick breath of air when you noticed the very small amount of space between your faces.

“You don’t have to be nervous,” Peter said, not moving back. His eyes stared into yours. You almost didn’t hear his words, the thoughts in your mind screaming too loudly. You love him, you love him, you love him.

His nose nearly touched yours, and you could see every detail on his face being this close to him. You wanted to lean closer, lean that smallest bit forward, but you wouldn’t. You couldn’t.

“I’ll protect you,” he finished, and your heart leapt in your chest at the words. 

It was moments like this when you would think about if that world that existed somewhere, where you and Peter ended up together, could be this world.

“Yeah,” was the only thing you could manage as you found yourself admiring his eyes, his nose, his face. 

He was beautiful, and in that moment, you were so sure that you were in love with him. 

You weren’t doubting that you did before, but now, in such a close proximity to him as he whispered words to you that meant so much more than he could ever know, you loved him. 

You thought you would always love him.

Peter finally looked away, leaning back and directing his eyes to look down at his lap. You looked away, too, down at your lap as well, biting your lip to keep a smile from breaking out on your face.

But then you looked up, remembering where you were, in lockdown at a museum, hoping for an assaulter to not make it through the front doors. You stiffened immediately, your sudden movement brushing your shoulder against Peter’s.

You felt a hand clasp around yours, and you looked down to your side to see Peter gently linking his hand with your hand, placing his fingers in between yours. He didn’t look at you, nor you at him, but as he squeezed your hand lightly, you tightened your grip on his hand.

He’ll protect you. He’ll protect you. He’ll protect you.

And with an ounce of hope in your heart, you let yourself think, Maybe that was his way of saying ‘I love you.’

I really like this part so I hope you guys think the same! Let me know what you think about it!! Tell me if you want another part as well!  Requests are open :) Also, I see some people asking if they can be tagged in every update I do, and instead of tagging people I just wanted to let you guys know that I individually message people the link to the new part because I would rather do that than tag. So feel free to message me and tell me you’d want me to do that!


Uptown Girl

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: hi i’ve come back from the dead lol (this is also gonna be in peter’s POV)

Peter Parker x Reader 

[Part 2] [Part 3][Part 4]

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Originally posted by spiderholland

“Are you coming over tonight?” My friend, Ned Leeds, said.

“I can’t. I have the Stark internship.” I opened my locker to avoid looking at him. He would see right through my lies.

“Again? Didn’t you go there yesterday too?” Ned leaned against the locker beside me.

“Well, Mr. Stark expects me to work hard. I don’t wanna let him down.”

“Don’t you think you’re working a little too hard?” Ned crossed his arms.

“No! I just want to-”

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Professional Behavior, Please

Request: @hmltntrsh51  Prompt 18 with Bucky? Maybe smut? (That parts up to you) But congrats on 2,000 followers!!!!!!!

@widowsfics   And also a smut one with 13 and 18 with Bucky pleasee

Prompts:   13)  “You can hurt yourself with that- *uses weapon skillfully*
You were saying?”

18)  ‘Let’s talk dirty to each other.’ ‘Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.’

Words: 1327

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Today is my birthday but you are the ones who win this gift.


Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

Credit to the gif owners

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Visiting Bucky at work was one of your favorite things to do, you love how he kisses your cheek when he sees you, how he introduces you as his best girl to every single person that you to meet in the halls and how he always has his arm protectively around you.

But for sure your favorite part is watching him train, seeing his muscles move and how much he gets into what he is doing makes you feel things that you shouldn’t feel at your work place “Come on, babe kick his ass. Finish him and I will kiss you all over that beautiful face.” You said cheerfully, making him pin Steve down in seconds on the floor.

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Love Inversion Theory

A Peter Parker/Tom Holland Fic


A/n: I came up with the idea while eating dinner last night and I seemed super original and awesome for some reason. I tried to make it not confusing soooo hopefully we’re good! Maybe a part two if people want it? I’ll probably do another anyways, though. 

Originally posted by koenigreus



“Inversion can be defined as the reversal of something or as an inverted state of an object.”

Peter watched while you sat with a young boy surrounded by text books and papers. The date you had been on abruptly took halt when you suddenly remembered that you had a tutoring session with your friend Betty Brandt’s little brother.

It was a rare moment for Peter; for once the date had to be paused because of something normal. Something not Spider-Man related. Admittedly, that was better than him exclaiming “Jump into this alley!” for purposes that were not for making out and more for super changes. Those super changes somehow managed to worm their way into the regular routine of a date. Before, when being Spider-Man and being a boyfriend was too hard to balance, you and Peter talked about breaking up. “We both love one another,” you said solemnly, “but we never have time to be together.”

The both of you tried it out; not actually breaking up, but doing a “break up trial.”

You spent a day not talking to each other-no texting or snapchats either-and no hugs between class. Nothing.

And both of you cried by the end of the day.

So that was totally out of the question.

Eventually you guys got the hang of it. Assigning roof tops to meet on during Spider-Man breaks, Skype calls during “Stark Interning” hours courtesy of the teched-up suit, whom Peter for some reason called Karen. You thought that was kind of weird but you rolled with it, choosing to not ask questions you didn’t really want the answers too.

So seriously, neither of you could survive a break up. Hell, you didn’t even like when Peter went to the Academic Decathlon last year, leaving you in New York. “I’m just,” you had said between kisses, “too in love-with you- to break up.”

“I know-” he agreed between kisses, “I feel-the same-way.”

From awkwardly asking you to the homecoming dance freshmen year, to finding out his secret, the connection between you two just grew stronger every day.

“So,” he heard you wrapping up, “does that make more sense?”

The fourth grader nodded his head. Together, you and Peter both walked the boy out where his sister, Betty, was waiting with a car to drive him home. “Still can’t believe she chopped all her hair off,” you said through your teeth while smiling and waving at the pair drive off, hoping she couldn’t tell you were talking about her. “She looked so much better with it long.” You massaged your mouth when the Brandt siblings were out of sight.

“I’m really sorry, Tiger Lily. I can’t believe I forgot about him!” you suddenly exclaimed. Peter held your hands. “Don’t worry about it,” he said assuringly, “it’s not like the day is over. We spent about thirty minutes with tutoring, that’s hardly anything compared to ‘us.’“

You laughed. “‘Us’? How long is ‘us’?” you asked, using light air quotes for emphasis.

“Forever,” Peter smiled. You blushed. “Parker…you have me wrapped around your finger,” you grinned before pulling him in for a chaste kiss.

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