i really hope god has a sense of humor

anonymous asked:

I appreciate you so much as a person. Your sense of humor always has me smiling or laughing, you're such a positive influence on the dash, and if nothing else your love of Prompto gives me heart palpitations. You also have a pretty hefty voice within the community, and it's one I've really only seen you use to help push it to better (which it needs), and that's something I really admire and look up to you for. You're invaluable, and I hope you come across a cute animal today.

TBH MY HEART’S ABT TO BURST LIKE!!!! all i want to b here is loving n a positive influence,,, like!!!! the fact that i make u smile or laugh means more to me than i can put into words tbh im smiling too!!!!! my cheeks fucking hurt!!!!! god idek what to say tbh like youve just??? made me feel so fucking happy. all this shit is ,,, all i wanna b here. like im here to love!! n have fun!! n make others feel happy n safe. thats? the goal? n youve made me feel like ive accomplished that. or at least ive begun to!!! n thats amazing to me. my heart is fucking smiling thank u SO SO much for taking the time to send this,,, ur an angel ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤