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Can You See It?

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Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst, Soulmate!AU
Summary: Jungkook’s marking is leaked and out in the open for everyone to see. Everyone, including you.
Characters: Jungkook, Reader
Words: 6,363
Warnings: Swearing

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Underestimating Lance is not the smartest of moves- he may be a goofball on the surface, but in reality he’s one of the most crucial and powerful members of Voltron. No, not because he’s the Sharp-Shooter or anything, he’s even greater than that.

In the end, I firmly believe he’s the team’s Bard. And all of his failed flirting and everything up to this point in the series has just been him getting the worst roles. But when things get close, at some point, I am positive that he’s gonna get that one role that gets the main villain on their side, and pretty much save the campaign for the team.

…Ok I don’t know if that’ll actually happen, but I’m really really hopeful. And, again like in one of my previous posts, I just really want Lotor to be the one person out of everyone they’ve met to find Lance attractive and think his jokes are funny. xD

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Thankie everyone i really enjoy with you all in server so much ^^

sorry if this pic not looking great i hurry about it. and I feel stressful from yesterday. I just want to feed back for you drawing to me. I hope you guys will like this pic bud  ><

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And finally Dear my speicial friend @georgetheblob 

@gigagoku30 you is my best friend too. I really like you stuff so much. It’s looking like my stuff a little. Thankie so much goat bro ^^

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YES reynalypsobeth please ashley save us all

your wish is my command

  • they’re fit girlfriends… they are and everyone else is so mad about it; like they post snaps at 6am of them jogging, and calypso makes the best smoothies and reyna owns like four fitbits so she can color code them and annabeth’s entire wardrobe is made up of mostly just athletic wear and everyone’s just all, “how…how do they do it i’ve been on this couch all day”
  • um calypso and reyna aren’t complaining about the yoga pants tho
  • reyna blushes whenever calypso pecks her on the nose real quick before she has to leave for work
  • reyna and annabeth flirting—while sparring? every single time they spar? wow…oh wow
  • ok so reyna worked on circe’s island and it’s never stated but she clearly is a master at braiding and whenever she gets nervous she just starts braiding calypso or annabeth’s hair; just runs her fingers gently through their hair and doesn’t realize until she’s over and goes “sorry babe”
  • but neither of them care bc one, their beautiful gf is running her fingers through their hair, and two, it’s relaxing, and so they’re just like, “huh? are you feeling better?” and give her a kiss
  • who wants to talk about moonlight dances in their beautiful home in the garden that calypso grew for them where they just twirl each other around and listen to jazz and slow dance while the moonlace glows around them 
  • wow can you imagine them going to a club and some guy tries to flirt with reyna or annabeth and calypso is secure in their commitment to each other but she’s also an impulsive daughter of atlas (strong af) so she just swoops in, removes the guy’s hand from her gf’s shoulder and just, breaks his fucking hand? iconic
  • not to be basic but i feel like this needs to be said: they’re all the sword gf
  • calypso kissing reyna and annabeth’s scars !!!!!! calypso tracing their scars with her hands !!!!!!!!! annabeth and reyna kissing calypso’s invisible scars !!!!!! whispering to her a thousand times they’ll never leave her !!!!!!!!!!!! i’m gonna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • calypso demands herbal baths together so much that when they move to a new house they make sure it has a big bathtub so they can all fit in it together
  • girlfriends who camp together, dare each other to skinny dip in the lake and steal each other’s close together; this has happened to each of them, by the other two, all at different times. you think one of them would have caught on
  • annabeth was laying awake at night one time and she caught a whiff of lemon and she realized they were both using her shampoo; it was a little thing but it made her breath catch bc yeah, they were here, in her arms, using her shampoo, and they weren’t going anywhere; they were home

that’s all i got for now i hope you like them xxx

Art student Jungkook

Heeey~~ Guess who’s back? Lol me
I did another Jungkook one (sorry not sorry) but saw a fanart of Jungkook and i was like i need to get this down, and i thought i’d share with you guys ^^ i hope you like them ^^

  • Best of the school
  • I mean it
  • Everyone is talking about him
  • How talented he is
  • His arts
  • And he’s handsome 
  • (so expect everyone dying around him)

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Im really sorry if this is annoying.. the only reason im doing this on anon is because I have a hard time talking about my feelings "face to face". At the moment i feel really useless and unimportant, like im looking around at everyones RPs and it so much better than mine. I really love you guys but sometimes it just makes me feel a bit crappy and like theres no point in continuing. Im sorry

(OOC: First of all, you are not being annoying. I’m always here to listen.

I promise that you are neither useless nor unimportant. Whatever you are creating, is important and worth something. Whether you’re using a shitty built into the computer webcam (raises hand), a better quality bought webcam, or an actual video camera. Whether you can masterly use video effects, create amazing looks with makeup, or just make gifs (raises hand). Whether you play one character or twenty. You’re content matters. About feeling not as good, I can relate. I often see rpers who’s gifs aren’t fuzzy like mine, and who have wigs instead of greasepaint, and who know how to had special effects, and I feel like my stuff isn’t all that great. But at some point, you have to stop comparing yourself to others. I know that’s easier said than done, but it’ll really help. Your content stands alone, apart from what everyone else is doing. It stands on it’s own, and it is beautiful.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says that talent comes with a threshold. Pretend you can quantify talent. Say my talent number is a twenty, Miller’s is a 25, Maddy’s is a 30. Gladwell explains that after a certain point, numbers stop mattering. In this case, the threshold would be about 15. Yes, in this scenario both Miller and Maddy have ‘more’ talent than I do, but it doesn’t really matter. The difference between any number over fifteen is negligible. We are all over 15 so we are all, as Gladwell puts it,  “talented enough”.

When we compare ourselves to the people around us, we don’t take this threshold into comparison. We only see how we are less than, where we lack. But we should be admiring the talent of others, even if it might be more talent than us, while also admiring our own. 

I’m not sure how much sense this makes, but the point is: You are talented, you’re content matters, and you should never, never, feel unimportant.)

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I really hope there is indeed a plan in place to make it all "worth the while". I think of that tweet all the time and tbh I don't think at this point it has been worth the while. He's still stuck in so much bullshit. He has been for 2 years. I don't think anyone thought it would reach this point. Like not only us but he and Harry and everyone really. Even Briana tbh. And yet he's still buried in shit and I honestly can't see where this is headed... Again, I hope there's a plan.

Me too, Anon, me too.

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what's some good like starter songs for brand new? i want to get into them but don't know where to start

this is really hard!!! i love every brand new song but everyone likes jesus christ so i’d listen to that (but it’s overrated there are much better bn songs)

also listen to: seventy times 7, sic transit gloria….glory fades, the boy who blocked his own shot, guernica, limousine, archers, daisy & out of mana

uhhhh…that should give you a good feel of their different stuff….i hope u like it

The Numbers on the Clock

Hey everyone! This is just a little idea I thought I’d write out some head cannons for. Hope everyone is doing well!

  • Clocks and anything else that ticked were not allowed on the Jolly Roger under any circumstances
  • Harry doesn’t bring clocks onto his dad’s ship but that doesn’t stop him from being very interested in them. He thinks they are cool.
  • When he stole himself a small pocket watch he was really excited, but there wasn’t anyone who could teach him how to read it. So he figured it out himself.
  • He got it wrong but he figured out the basics like the number at the very top was noon and that was when the sun was at its highest. Everything he couldn’t figure out he just made up.
  • Uma knew roughly how to read a clock, but by the time she was in a position to teach Harry he already thought he had it all figured out. Not to mention he would always mix up the numbers when she tried.
  • She made sure he knew four numbers, 3, 6, 9 and 12, along with their places on the clock. 
  • When Gil found himself a pocket watch as well, he also wanted to learn. Only he had always seen Harry using one and so he thought Harry was really good at reading a clock. Harry thought he was really good as well.
  • Gil learned everything about telling time from Harry.
  • Uma tries to limit making either of her boys show up at any times other than 3, 6, 9 or 12 because she knows there is a good possibility they will mess up any other times. If she needs them at an hour other then those four she will point her finger in the rough direction the hour hand will be pointing at that time in a hope they will put her signal and the hour hand together.
  • After a while this actually becomes fairly effective and Uma just starts doing it whenever she is ordering someone to show up at a certain time.
  • Uma always has meeting time be on the hour, never on a half hour or something that would require them to know where the minute hand is. 
  • Harry knows there are a bunch of minutes between hours, more than 30 so he doesn’t pay much attention to them. Usually he just says 20 minutes if the minute hand isn’t on one of the numbers. 

So, I was drawing random sketches of The Dancer with the lil’ baby nomes and The Servant, a OC made by @the-ladys-servant! Hope The Servant wasn’t OOC! Sorry for any mistake!

About the drawings:

The first was all about The Dancer singing for the baby nomes! They’re 12 and she was singing “The Call”, by Regina Spektor!

The second one was an observation for the drawing in the right on the first photo! The Dancer is really tall compared to everyone, so she normally doesn’t strech her legs

The last one is when The Dancer takes The Servant for a “makeover”. The Dancer normally do this with literally everyone in The Maw, including The Twin Chefs and The Janitor! She only do that when she likes the person a lot. In The Servant case, The Dancer just couldn’t look to her dress os her hair without thinking “I need to help her”.

Hope you enjoyed it! And, yes, more sketches will appear! <3!

‘Homesick’ A Vld Fanfiction

Prompt: Poison

Wordcount: 1216

Characters: Pidge Gunderson mostly. Everyone else pops up.

Ship: N/A

Title: Homesick

Ngl I lowkey don’t like this. I finished it all in one day, and I wasn’t feeling very inspired. That and I finished it at 1am. So apologies, I hope you like it nonetheless.  

I chose food poisoning for this? It’s also an AU, up to you really what kind, because I don’t go into the specifics. 

10:00 am:

“Breakfast.” Keith announces, striding straight into Pidge’s room - without knocking, which of course irks her. “Bacon and eggs. Greasy and unhealthy, just the way you like it.”

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im highkey really petty and jealous abt kcon LA

im not petty or mad cause honestly, i just hope everyone has fun and starlights there get to see vixx and no one gets hurt. it would be cool to go but im happy just yelling my support like five states away

hello hello!!! sorry for lack of updates! the past few days have been quite draining so I’m sorry for not posting as much!

I hope everyone has been well! I hope you’ve all been taking care of yourselves! please make sure you’re taking your meds and eating and doing all of that! and if you’re in school, make sure you’re doing your homework!! I know it’s hard, but you can do it!!

what’s everyone’s favourite anime? a lame question! mines haikyuu atm! I’d really like other suggestions though,,

I’m The New Guy

Hey everyone! 
I’m Syd! I’m here to provide you with helpful information!

I’m 24 and I started HRT in April of this year.

I’m constantly seeking out and taking in new information related to ftm transition, so I hope to share my findings with you. I plan on bringing information that is varied in subject matter, as every transition is different.
I’m really big into education and safety, so you can likely expect guides and materials that are easy to take in, yet rich in information.

I won’t be handling asks, so if you need anything from me, feel free to comment on my posts so I can see it and respond!

Okay, thank you!

find something that you love, that you really really love, like that makes you geek out the way Lin Manuel-Miranda does when he sees his friends perform, and like 9 times out of 10 it will change you. Like, I have horrible anxiety and I hate talking to adults and sending emails or making phone calls but my love of my master’s project outweighs the fear i have of making a call and it’s pushed me through and made me stronger. I hope everyone gets to find something like that at least once in their lives. It hasn’t cured my anxiety, but it made me want to me push on anyway.

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Raphilian, sup! What have you been up? Had fun these last few days? I hope so. Speaking of having fun, I am a big fan of costume parties. Duh, like most people, yeah, but anyways. What do u think the vmpires would dress up as for a costume party? Pick 3 and tell me. Also, most importantly, what would YOU dress up as for one? I once saw a veeeery old post of yours about a costume party you attended as a big bad wolf. As always, hope u r fine. Always nice seeing you on my dash <3

Hi Anon,

I am such a grump and I kind of don’t really like costume parties that much. Well, I do like seeing other people dress up and I’m always super impressed by everyone, but I don’t really like wearing costumes myself. Idk why, even as a kid I kind of hated fastelavn (our Halloween). I did wear a wolf costume for New Year’s Eve lol, well remembered XD Even then I was kind of grumpy because I was wearing a very nice suit if I have to say so myself so I kind of lost the wolf costume pretty quickly - I did however wear a headband with ears until I got drunk and lost it somewhere XD I do have a clown-fish costume that is pretty fab, so if I’m going to a costume party that is usually what I will wear lol, it’s my default costume. 

Well obviously Lestat would wear some sort of outrageous outfit, but I personally think he would look good in green tights (and I think he’d probably agree) so Robin Hood would be a great Lestat costume. Then he could sing songs and play the lute too and be obnoxious and adorable.

Louis would just be Lurch. 

And then I think Armand would make a really good Gene Simmons, so I think he should go for that KISS look for sure. If not that, then I think he’d probably dress as some obscure Star Trek character and no one would get who he was trying to be and he’d be furious and pleased at the same time 

Daniel is Thomas the Tank engine thank you and goodnight, I’m here all week…

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Hey Haley! I hope you're day is going well. I just need someone to vent to. I have gained a decent bit of weight eating less than my maintenance meal plan & exercising these past two months (going from an underweight bmi to a bmi of nearly 20). I'm just so frustrated & jealous because I feel like everyone else in recovery struggles to gain weight and can eat more and more food. I feel like my body will never be able to eat a normal amount of food without being really heavy.

This is literally so similar to my situation right now. I get it. It’s so frustrating, especially with the comparison piece. This is what I try to remind myself

• a BMI of 20 is honestly the minimum. My BMI is almost 20 and I’ve been getting feedback online and in person that I do not look well and need to gain weight. And honestly BMI is such a poor measure of health. I know for me personally my body probably functions best at BMI 21-22 or maybe even higher! 

• also, in recovery your body is confused. You may gain weight not eating as much and exercising, because your body is trying to hold onto everything. Maybe, just maybe, if you ate the full meal plan and let go of exercising, your body would find a weight that works for it best, and settle down. Maybe, just maybe, you would finally be stable!

• Not everyone in recovery struggles to gain weight and can eat exorbitant amounts of food. It may seem that way based on the stereotypes we see online, but I promise you there are more people in your boat than you think.

• Lastly, your body has a mind of its own. It wants to be at a weight that works for it — even if you may not be happy with that weight at first. It may seem scary, but honestly, do you want to be trapped by ED for ever??? NO! I’d rather be a bit heavier and happier/healthier than be stuck in this semi-recovery state. 

I really do feel you, though. It’s so hard and honestly writing out this answer was really helpful for me because it helped me realize I need to let go of this obsession with staying just below BMI 20. IT’S TIME TO LET GO!


I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous 
Because there’s always the calm before the storm
Because I don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love