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Hiiii!! I wanna wish u a very very happy birthday day!!! Even though I'm really shy to talk directly to people, I just wanna still say that I love love LOVE your work and your characters!!! I luv luv Blublu, Zunde, Un, Freshest and EVERYONE!! (Tell them I said hii!!!). Umm, anyway, I luv u and your work and I hope your super happy on your day!!!!

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It’s also Blublu’s birthday today! o/

All my skellies got your love. Like, I got so much love it’s overflowing and everyone is bathing in love RN ahaha. (even if some don’t like it much *points Zunde*)

I’m blessed to have so many adorable and sweet and wonderful and talented anons and followers. Just, all I wanted for my birthday was friend and food. I got both. I’m totally blessed.

Best birthday ever. Thank you.  (/u\*)。o○♡

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About the draco/snape thing: personally I dislike snape a lot because of obvious reasons (he was being an asshole and his "crush" on lily was just creepy) and I think the worst thing is that he was extremely mean and just unfair to children whilst draco acted like this with his peers.. I mean draco was on one level with the people he bullied and snape was an adult and because of that in a position of power which he abused (I really hope that made sense)

I get that but I just think Draco gets romanticised by a lot of the fandom and in 5 years I would not be surprised if everyone’s views have switched and it’s trendy to be anti-Draco. Happened with Snape y’all it can happen again

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Hey daddy, how would everyone (104th and vets) react to Jean randomly flirting with them? Hope you're having a good day😘

Mikasa: says “ok” turns away and leaves
Reiner: “woah Jean…woah!”
Bertholdt: *blushes*
Annie: …*blushes*
Eren: *punshes Jean* (but actually really liked it)
Marco: “oh Jean…I…I didn’t know you…like me…”
Sasha: *doesn’t really care*
Connie: *is shocked and tries to get out of the situation*
Historia: “sorry Jean, not interested…”
Armin: *screams*
Ymir: …”yikes”
Hanji: “cute these kids nowadways…”
Erwin: *tries to ignore it*
Nanaba: *hugs Jean and goes on*
Mike: *hugs Jean, just because he loves to hug (is also sad that Jean is so young, because Poly-Mike is a thing)

Levi: *ignore*

Have a nice day as well my Love 😋

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Ok, so I don't really know how requests go cause I never know how to ask. But I super super love your obiyuki stuff! Could i request a Obiyuki family fluff maybe something along the lines of their kids saying "Daddy's home!" or maybe even vice versa "Mommy's Home!"

You’re fine! Just send me a message with an idea or prompt and if I want to do something, I may get to it. However, I’m very sorry, but I don’t really enjoy doing family fics. But here’s this thing, so I hope it’s to your liking and is not awful. 

“I was asked to come back to the orphanage to do some checkups after the outbreak we worked through last month. We’re just making sure the medicine worked for everyone.”

Shirayuki was packing her medical bag, looking over her worktable as Obi lingered near the far window. He was watering one of her plants, stroking the broad leaves and whispering to it. Shirayuki felt her chest tighten, and something dizzying and new swarm around in her head. Her face grew warm as she watched him, unable to turn away.

[more under the cut]

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You know, I really like that scene in episode 3 season 1 when Merlin says to the entire court that he’s the sorcerer who saved Gwen’s father and Arthur steps in to save him

Because, the thing is that it’s almost impossible that Arthur’s reason to not believe Merlin is because he thinks it’s impossible that Merlin is a sorcerer or that he’s in love with Gwen; especially when he says, “there’s no /way/ he’s a sorcerer” the last word almost hissing through his teeth to Merlin as if to warn him. Arthur has no reason to believe that Merlin was lying. It is almost as if an unconscious instinct in him said /save him. Make sure he doesn’t die/ and so he steps in and does. They haven’t known each other that long or that well yet, and yet Arthur reacts as if he knows that Merlin has magic but mustn’t die

And I really like that; I think that if Arthur would question himself about why he was so stern on getting Merlin out of that situation, he probably wouldn’t really know the answer himself. The answer is of course that he is fond of Merlin (/likes him?/loves him?) but he probably doesn’t even realise it

In any way, Arthur saves Merlin’s life in that scene, and I think it is because Arthur felt within himself he must not let Merlin do this, without noticing

It’s like, he felt he had to save his other half and immediately did it

Hey everyone ! No time no see ;A; Sorry about that but i wanted to finish this drawing before I continue my comic or post other drawings on my tumblr >.<

well, this drawing is for @warlord-zellak I’m really late for your birthday but whatever ! I promise u a drawing <3 i hope that u like it =D

Now I can focus on my comic and I’ll add some drawing I make during this break time, ok =D ?

Enjoy <3

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I completely respect your views on this song, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, that's just how music is. Unfollowing you isn't really necessary, it doesn't mean you stopped like fob or you're hating on their music, this one particular just isn't, sticking one you and that's fine!! Pete did say that Young Menace is a weird one that the rest of the album won't be the same so I hope you find a song you like on this album!!!!

I hope i do too… I keep trying to remind myself it’s like how i don’t like Immortals off AB/AP and that’s like the Only one i don’t like… I’m so willing to give the rest a chance, i just want to be upfront instead of pretending i like it for my followers

+ the lyrics are cool in young and menace like you could tell Pete wrote them, which is satisfying

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If it is carpool karaoke I really hope mike and tre sing too

the great thing about carpool karaoke is that everyone in the car sings (it’s more like belting out the songs which is even better!!!). also it’s interesting because it says that green day’s performing but it’s gonna have to be prerecorded since they’re playing in australia literally the next day…sooooooo i’m seriously hoping it’s gonna be carpool karaoke because those are ALWAYS prerecorded

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Can we take a second to talk about Episode 18? It sounds like it's going to be centered on Constanze, and I hope she actually speaks in it. I hope we get her backstory and why she's so quiet all the time (ps I hc that she's selectively mute because she was isolated by her peers for her fascination with technology since she was really little. As such, when she speaks, everyone's like, "Oh shit, this is definitely important").

Pls. Green team time.


Character backstories

Red Equinox. Pt 5.

Idols: Red velvet.

Prompt: All was well for the red velvet coven. The spring equinox was approaching and the girls were preparing. However an unexpected visitor returns and shakes their world upside down. Will they be able to protect themselves and each other? Will they make it out alive?

A/N: Well this is the finale. I love it, I’m so happy with this series. I really hope everyone liked it. I wanna do more series in the future but I guess we’ll see. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed going on this adventure with me.

Warnings: swearing, death, murder, weird magic stuff, same as usual.


Writer: Admin Kitty.

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~Whelp, I’m just about done with my second year of college(about five days left maybe), and I thought while taking a break from work, I’d draw a little antisepticeye drawing thing.

~Honestly I was watching videos of other people doing drawings of anti, and then it really made me want to draw anti, plus I was listening to new/old gorillaz music, while drawing this, so some of that art style influenced this and was mixed in a tiny bit.

~Overall I like it, and I did a side by side of before and after I added some more tiny details.
I hope everyone is doing well, enjoy
And I shall be back again soon. 🤘🏻💀🤘🏻💕
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Thoughts On 8th Ed. Thus Far

So with all the teasers coming out about 40k 8th, and the very interesting (and welcomed) feeds from the developers via the community website, I figured I’d drag my thoughts onto here real quick to test the waters rather then reading the shit storm of hyper polarized views on all the news sites and blogs.

I’ll keep this in a nut shell of Likes, Fears, and Hopes.


-I dig the fusion of 2nd ed rules and stats with AoS straight forward simplicity. (and that’s coming from some one who hates AoS. Sorry old school fantasy vet.)

-We need an complete washout and overhaul. Just like what happened with 2nd going into 3rd, its about time we put the breaks on the codex/supplement power creeping and equalized everyone.

-So far, SO FAR, it doesn’t seem like a lot is actually changing in terms of game structure. They are just washing out a bunch of grey areas we didn’t really need (Seriously, do we need flow charts when 90% of the time its always the same fucking number you need to roll?) 


-Please for the love of the dark gods don’t get rid of the expanded force armories. WHF 8th cut a whole shit ton of customizing out of the game and AoS took it even further. I’m so tired of GW erasing the RPG elements of its “Characterful” hobby game. If i wanted vanilla leaders with vanilla units I’d play Warmahodres.

-Three ways too play sounds great. I hope I get to play the ones I like. Unfortunately I’m cautious about this. I live in Colorado, right near the Denver area, which is considered by many to be the wargaming capitol of the US. This means lots and lots of hyper competitive meta gamers, who, will mostly demand tournament style gaming only. EVER. 

-No over simplification please. Look some times you need to clear out some rules noise and cut some shit back a bit. But seriously, do not take this game down another ‘We have to appeal to new and more people out there by making this game so easy a 5 year old can play it!” Fuck off. So fucking tired of the games I love being baby seal clubbed just so bratty Mc-shit pants can play with his daddy, and because Jimmy Shit-for-brains doesn’t like adding numbers together or remembering a couple of extra rules. Its a fucking HOBBY WARGAME. Not a $60 COD video game.


In all, I want 8th to succeed. And, to be honest, i am starting to think it will. Just keep the armies in line with each other this time, don’t kick out the customizing and item equipping. Bring us back to the Grimdark, don’t PC-ify the fucking story. Help Me GW-Kanobie….your my only hope. Sorta… I can still play older editions.

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omg that last asks remembers me of when italy won against germany in football and everyone in my class had taken bets before (i'm from germany). i was the only one who said italy would win and everyone was like what???why???and my answer was "i like their food so i want them to win" and all the boys were super pissed because "THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT OMG"

XDDDD if it consoles you I was hoping for germany to win bc I value my sleep. and then it didn’t and I didn’t sleep for the entire consecutive month THANK YOU VERY MUCH WORLD CUP

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I have been on tumblr for about a year now and I see the word mutual a lot but I still don't really know what it means could you please explain? (if you want to that is)

Well, I have not been that long on tumblr, either, but from what I understand it, mutuals are people who follow you and you follow them back - mutual following. You also stay in contact with each other, communicate with each other, like the same things or different things but you support the other even if you have some different opinions.

For me, mutuals are also considered friends, but I don’t know if that’s just me or if everyone considers their mutuals as friends.

Hope I described it correctly. =D


Mood Board - Kenzie Connors

I was tagged by @john-sims to do a personal mood board, but as the Harvey’s are officially on hiatus (sorry guys, I’ll return eventually but right now I want to try something new out) I decided to do it on my new protagonist for a new post-apocalyptic story I’m working on 100% inspired by @noonicorn.

It’ll start soon, I’m just working on script at the moment and waiting for @asterllum to send a sim in! I’ll be accepting sims for this story if anyone wants to take up the opportunity, but it’ll only be based on their looks. Everyone’s personality’s are already all sorted out :)

I’m really hyped for this new story, I finally feel like myself again. I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed making it.

Each picture represents a story arc for Kenzie, except from the combat boots which are just there because she wears them with everything. Have fun guessing everything else though!

Hi everyone! I’m in the maternity ward with my mother, my sister is going to give birth soon! If everything goes like planned, I’ll be uncle to my little niece Lilly. I’m really happy, because at first i was freaking out real bad since it’s the first child in the family since I was born, and i was very worried for my sister. But she’s well for now, the labor hasn’t started yet but will probably start soon. I hope it’ll go smoothly for her and I’ll have a healthy niece. 💓


Chanyeol + Instruments ♬     ♪  (requested by @queenhyo)