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#8) Indigo

Okay this is more like periwinkle but whatever. It’s my gengar gijinka, Oscar, bc I love gengar.

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what pets do you have?

a lot!! my mom runs a small art camp i help teach at outta our house and we teach some of the classes through garden/urban farming by making our own dyes and stuff, so we have 2 goats for their wool! and chickens, 2 dogs and i have a very old python. also a cat and some fish, i love my pets and so do the children

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AHHHH THIS WOULD BE SO CUTE i should be doing my chem prelab and yet

you heard a loud smack! echo throughout the gym. pausing in your spot, you scanned the room on autopilot, as did everyone else after hearing the sound. you saw peter parker standing there, rubbing his nose, and when he turned you could make out a red mark, presumably from where a dodgeball had made contact.

you couldn’t help the laugh that escaped, making eye contact with peter right as it happened. he looked shocked, his eyes wide and his nose starting to drip blood. it sobered you up a little, your smile starting to waver, but then peter smiled widely, ducking his head sheepishly.

you bit back a wider smile, looking away from him and wondering why your cheeks were suddenly feeling so hot to the touch.

  • [What BTS hadn’t said]
  • [#First Trip]
  • yoongi: It was our first time travelling together. Instead of saying it was a trip for our third anniversary, and focusing on that part of it, I want to emphasize that it was our first trip together. It was our first time, and even if we don’t film, I hope we can take more trips together. They’re my longest friends and closer than family for me.
  • jungkook: I’d always felt like I hoped we could travel together. Because I never had. Even if it wasn’t with the other members, I’ve never traveled with other friends… I don’t really have memories of just enjoying myself like that. I had always felt like I wanted us to travel and have a really fun time.
  • jin: I feel like now I know what it’ll be like when the members travel, and if we travel together again. It was great getting to see them enjoying themselves somewhere that wasn’t at practice or on the stage… I think it was great for us to be surrounded by such great scenery and being healed in a way.
  • [#Trip Memories]
  • jungkook: The last time we hung out together was when we were all trainees and went to Lotte World. For the past three years since we debuted, we’ve just been working, so it was great to travel even if was part of a program. It would have been nice if all of us were here until the end, I think that’s what I’m most sad about…
  • hoseok: I’ve actually never traveled much. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to come to northern Europe, and it was really… can I say it was an honour? It was great. When I first heard about it, I wondered if we were seriously going to go or not. Once we arrived, It was like, “Wow, this is northern Europe…” It really reminded me of the honour of getting to be here. The entire trip was great.
  • [#Clumsy #Loss Relay]
  • jimin: It started when we got here… [Lost his bag in Norway] [Leaving things around their hotels] [Another suitcase left behind in Sweden] Up until now, other people have done that for us. Everyone takes care of us, no matter what we’re doing… I realized we really can’t do anything without all the staff with us.
  • jungkook: I grew up always getting help with everything, since debuting, so I wasn’t used to doing those things for myself. I feel like now I need to know how to do things myself…
  • [#TaeTae Adventure #Review]
  • taehyung: I’m not able to do much alone. I tend to make decisions by talking with someone else, so trying to figure out everything on my own… I didn’t know where to even get started. [Away from his members, in Norway himself] [Having to do something for himself the first time] [Not used to it, but still endlessly positive!] It was fun, because I’d never done something myself like that. I’ll need to do things myself someday, so I guess I can just say I got to experience it early. I think it was great I got to do that.
  • [#First Trip #Mistakes]
  • yoongi: That wouldn’t be wrong. All we really know how to do is make music, sing, dance, and perform. I realized that there are so many small things that we can’t do well, but I don’t think it’s that much of an issue, because I’m sure other people around our age will feel the same. Nobody’s sure of what they need to do. I guess what I want to say is that we should all work hard. It was healing. We spent a lot of time on the road. Ever since I was younger, I enjoyed taking buses and organizing my thoughts while being on the move. It was nice to be able to do that again.
  • hoseok: You already know, but when we’re touring internationally, er greet the fans at the airport, get in the car, go to the hotel. Or go to the venue. It always when like that but coming Europe, we were able to walk around. I was able to feel the sort of emotions people can only get from enjoying their youth, so it was really nice. Honestly, I wan’t able to really enjoy going to school. I got into dancing really early on, so I don’t have many memories of spending time with friends. It was a lot of fun coming up to Seoul and living in the dorm. Just all of us guys hanging around at home and practicing when we needed to, having fun eating together… It was great when first came to Seoul. Now all of us had this great opportunity to have sort of a backpacking trip that a lot of people in their 20s do… It was great.
  • jimin: In college people go on MTs. (*trips to get close with each other) I used to dream of doing that, walking around drinking coffee, going to PC cafes and hanging around and travelling with friends. Now I can say I got to do that.
  • [#Travelling #Special Memories]
  • jin: In Sweden, the hamburgers… I had a seven layer hamburger, and it was delicious. There’re five beef patties, and tons of cheese. I like greasy food, but it was so greasy it upset my stomach, so I couldn’t finish it. But it was still delicious. It was really memorable.
  • [#Important #Business]
  • hoseok: It was really important. I don’t know when came up with that, but it just came out.
  • [Having to seriously turn down a picture] [Magic words whenever they were rushed]
  • It’s the magic word. Important business. It’s important. Important business.
  • [#Bag Loss #Double Hidden Camera]
  • taehyung: Honestly, I knew it was happening, When they first said we lost it, I wondered if I couldn’t go on the trip. The most important thing in there was my passport. If you’re going on a trip, you can’t go without the passport… Everything felt so stressful. “What should I do?” “I’m going to go crazy…” Those were the first things that I thought of. I’ve lived with the members for around 5 years now. I know when they’re being awkward and stuff. Namjoon hyung over-acts, Jungkook will give deep sigh. I saw Yoongi hyung laughing in the mirror. Jimin and Hoseok hyung were quiet, so that was hardest to tell, but Hoseok hyung made a face like this. When I saw that in the windows and looked at the situation, I could tell they were acting right away. They were kind of funny. I just thought it was cute.
  • [#Suga’s sight]
  • yoongi: I didn’t take pictures of people. I always take pictures of the members to post, but instead of showing that BTS was there, I wanted to show that 24 years old Min Yoongi wanted to be there.
  • crew: You were working on music even on the trip, was there anything inspiring?
  • yoongi: It was a bit different. I got more creative pieces. I think it’s weirder to not have any thoughts looking at scenery like this. I hope that everything I worked on comes out well. Once it’s all finished, I want people to say it must’ve come out nice because I got to come here. I think they’ll say that.
  • [#Best Moment]
  • jin: Norway. When we found out first hotel, and it didn’t really feel like we were actually travelling yet. When it didn’t feel like we were here to have fun. I think that was the most memorable. We made food together for the first time, and slept in an unfamiliar place all together…
  • crew: What do you think of having a trip with your members?
  • jhope: Starting in Bergen? I went around with Jungkook and we found our way around… It was like a backpacking trip. I won’t forget the sauna. It’s amazing. It was ridiculous.
  • taehyung: The cruise. When we were on the boat. We took it since we had the chance to be on this program. The first thing I thought was that I want my family and the people around me to all experience it.
  • jungkook: Where? The RV.
  • jimin: The RV!
  • yoongi: Camping just with the guys, with friends, has always been a dream of mine.
  • jimin: It was funny. Riding the RV around and cooking for ourselves felt more like a trip.
  • jungkook: Jin hyung, Hope hyung, and I slept on the upper bunk. We could hear the rain, and it was really nice.
  • [#Travelling #Who You Missed]
  • jin: I don’t know… We were always busy and performing in some way, so it felt a bit empty to not be working… It’s been a while since we performed or practiced. I missed the fans, and then I missed the managers who didn’t come, and my family. I had the people who have always been around me on my mind.
  • jimin: In the end I guess I had my family on my mind the most. We kept eating great things, seeing great places, and I wanted to share that with them.
  • crew: Did you call your family?
  • jimin: My phone broke… [Embarrassed] My phone broke. I called my family the first day, saying I’d have a safe trip. But I couldn’t contact them after that, and it was my fault.
  • taehyung: I called my grandparents the day before we left… I lived with my grandparents for around 17 years since I was born. I really felt like I need to be more filial to my grandparents. Next time, I want to bring my mom and dad, my siblings, and my grandparents on a trip like this.
  • jimin: There’s a lot of things we haven’t been able to do since we debuted. There’s limit on what we can on, and we have to be responsible. But more than that, it’s work that can make us happy, and let us enjoy ourselves, so we can make it through, and be even happier and enjoy ourselves more. That’s what makes it so we can say that it’s fine. We can’t do those things, but we’re doing all of this, so that makes it so we can do without those other things.
  • [#Travel is #Motivation]
  • jimin: I don’t really know, it was my first trip… I don’t know what sort of inspiration or what I’ll think moving back into work after doing this. I think I can go back into our normal work with a better, different state of min than I usually have. Normally in the dorm, I wonder if it’s really okay to just be there… I hate being at home. And I always sleep late… Even when we had time off, I would go spend time at our practice room. I felt like if I was there, I still might practice just that little bit more. But here I’m comfortable just not doing anything, and being excited, and in a good mood. I feel like it was really healing, so when we go back, I can go back into things with a different way of thinking.
  • crew: Have you made some really nice memories in this trip?
  • taehyung: Of course I’ll remember it. We got to experience new things, and making all of these memories with the other members has made this an amazing trip. I feel like we can truthfully tell our fans that we had a great time, and got to rest. It’s made it so i think of others before I think of myself. Now I can be better and better, and think of the people who work with us before I think of myself. I was happy.
  • crew: It was fun, right?
  • jungkook: It really was! I don’t want to leave. It was great.
  • [#What does a trip mean to Hope]
  • hoseok: The trip? It was important business. To put it in just one phrase, it was important business. It’s been important business that I will never forget. I feel like it was a very important, and precious vacation. When else could I come here and feel this? It was really great for me, and I will really remember coming on this trip.
  • yoongi: It was a lot of fun to come to such a meaningful place. I think I’ll remember it even years… months from now. When we film in the winter, I’ll say it wasn’t as cold as that water… I think it’ll end up like that.
  • jin: I’m sure I’ll forget it right away. I’ll forget what happened, all the fun, and having so much free time, and go back to my old life… But I don’t think it’s bad, I’m going back to what I’m used to. I got some healing here, and I am going back and start again.
  • [The 7 members’ first trip together]
  • [An excited beginning, unforgettable experiences, and moments filled with laughter. Having to find the way on their own sometimes made it scary and hard, the days spent just running forward are just another expression of the urgency in the members’ hearts.]
  • [Passing through the dark, long tunnel and only making it because they were together. They’ve come this far thanks to their trust in each other. At the brightest, shining part of their youth, making memories of sharing the same time and place. We will continue to support BTS in the most beautiful moments of their lives as they hold onto the precious memories this trip has given them.]

If I opened my ask for Father’s Day stuff… Would anyone be interested?
All those wander what a character would be like as a dad or having a family. Sparkling or human child giving them cute cards and stuff… Idk it sounds like fun and cute?

Here’s to all the mentally ill people that are seen as scary or wrong and therefore don’t get the support, comfort or help they need…

You aren’t a bad person because of your violent intrusive thoughts. 

You aren’t unlovable because you lack empathy or sympathy. 

You aren’t dirty because of your hypersexuality. 

You aren’t heartless because of your apathy.

You aren’t inherently dangerous because you have hallucinations or psychosis. 

You ARE deserving of unconditional love, support and help and it’s going to be okay one day and I’m going to keep saying it until it is <3

I set the timer for an hour and this happened.  My heart could not handle all the Shangela emotions.

103 days, guys.


my favorites of 2013 - 9 male characters | (4/9)

Roman Godfrey (Hemlock Grove)

You must make your heart steel.

Not to like, start anything, but why is Bodhi Rook so small in all the Rogue One promo material?? Like I’d consider him a focal part of the show and yet:

Like…. the droid is bigger than him in 3 out of 4 of these???? Why is he so far removed from everyone else??? He NAMES the TEAM guys



"...because it's Nice. The genius who is the top graduate of Facultas Academy. Whose very existence is classified..."