i really have no need for a calendar tho

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i really want to start bullet journaling but i have no idea how to get started, do you have any tips for beginners? thx so much :)

hello! my bullet journal is kind of trash and i’m still experimenting with an entry style that i like, but here goes:

1. start whenever you want. a lot of people think they have to start at the beginning of the school year or the calendar year. that’s not true! it might be a bit easier to start at the beginning of a month tho, bc then you can start with a monthly setup.

2. use whatever notebook you want. you really don’t need a “brand name” notebook (like a moleskine or leuchtturm)!! personally, I use the essentials A5 grid notebook, which is rlly great. 

3. if you’re unsure, go with dot grid or grid. i have a grid notebook, which is super helpful for drawing lines and centering layouts. dot grid notebooks are also pretty popular because the dots are less obtrusive than lines and you can do detailed art and calligraphy and stuff without worrying about grid lines. personally, that doesn’t bother me at all tho. lined and blank notebooks can also work, but it takes more effort to center things and i’m lazy lol.

4. don’t stress about it! there are a ton of bullet journals that are super artsy online and tbh when I first looked at them after starting my bullet journal I felt really bad bc I can’t do that kind of handwriting or calligraphy or art. don’t fall into that trap. your bullet journal is an extension of YOUR style, not that account on tumblr or instagram. it’s okay if your calligraphy is less than perfect when you’re first starting out, or if your handwriting is a mess, or if your art isn’t polished and perfect. just stick with it, and you’ll eventually develop a style that you like!

5. it’s okay to copy layouts. honestly when I first started out, I had no idea what kind of layouts would work for me. I couldn’t come up with one I liked myself, so I tried using the layouts that worked for other people. at first I felt super guilty and bad about being so uncreative. don’t think that! you’ll have no idea what works for you if you don’t try out different layouts. and using ones that work for other people is a good way to do that!

6. don’t feel pressured to doodle or make it perfect. your bullet journal is supposed to help you be more productive. if a simple one works best for you, then do that. personally, I’m more productive when I don’t decorate, but doing calligraphy is really fun for me, so during my breaks I like to letter in my journal.

that’s about all i’ve got! if you want some high quality advice, check out @studyign‘s youtube channel; she has a lot of bujo videos on there which were super helpful for me!

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Reading your writing updates is so depressing bc you’re like “ugh I only wrote 2000 words today” and I’m like “ugh the paper I’ve been working on for two weeks only has 5000 words”. And like honestly I think 2k in a day is really freaking impressive dude good job

well, to be fair, i skipped uni today and only sat at home, so i should’ve gotten more done (dw guys it wasn’t a mandatory event and i’m going to the one tomorrow and the day after). also i just need to crunch down those 20k this weekend bc considering how much i should have written by now (even tho i started nano 7 days later, but that’s no excuse in my opinion), well, 23k don’t look that good. accordiing to my nano calendar i should be at 31k at the end of this week, but i want to work in advance so i have less stress next week ahhhhh
i am getting a lot of plot done today tho :^)

BUT!! i hear you dude. i hear you so much. it totally depends what you’re writing though, and how the motivation is coming
and honestly … this is the first time in my life i write this much, and the first time i’m pushing myself this much, and it’s not going too well for me :p so don’t feel bad you can’t write that much because that a) might be subject to change and b) you simply don’t have to. writing should be fun!

also, you say you’re writing a paper, so … no wonder honestly. papers are boring and complicated :D fic is far more fun