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About fandom PSA, this may be frustrating for you, but as a viewer I am honestly terrified of leaving comments? I used to comment often but then on tumblr I've read that adding stuff like "I need more of that/please write more/etc" puts pressure on artists. Then I started writing casual comments like "i like it/good job/etc" cause I am neither a critic nor a writer, I don't know how to express certain things? But artists want constructive criticism so unable to provide that I stopped commenting

Ah, so you are catering your comments and reviews for the authors, not writing what YOU want to tell them, right? That will never work as it’s going against yourself and when you go against yourself (aka what you want) then you get confused and can do nothing.

SO! So, write them the reviews YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM. I don’t encourage people to be rude or flood authors with nothing but “please more, please more, please more” because that does give pressure on people. Tell us WHY YOU WANT MORE and that’s a proper comment. “I want more because I love reading this fic (because it’s setting is interesting)”. “I want more because the characters are spot on”. “I want more because I’m excited whenever I get a notification of an update”. “I want more because the world building has got be hooked”. “I want more because character X is adorable in this.” 

If you don’t find anything which needs to be corrected (criticized) in the story, there’s no need to start to make things up either. Everyone reads and experiences art differently, so what’s not broken to you and works fine, WILL BE utterly broken and not working at all for someone else - and anything in between these two options for other readers. 

Commenting/criticism is just writing for the author what went through in your head while or after you read the fic/chapter:

  • “The chapter started a bit slow but got better the longer I read it.”
  • ”Character X was so cute in this!”
  • ”Dialogue went on a bit too quickly so maybe writing more dialogue would help the scenes to flow better?”
  • “I ran to read this as fast as I could aaaah!”
  • ”This part of the fic/chapter was my fave”
  • ”I screamed when I read part X”
  • ”The world setting is interesting”
  • “This chapter was worth of waiting.”
  • “I found this by accident and while the story wasn’t exactly my cup of a tea, I enjoyed reading this.”
  • “I never thought about this pairing, so thank you for writing about it!”
  • “This is seriously my fave rarepair, I’m happy there are more fics of it!”
  • ”It was clear how deeply character X cares for character Y when they cried after the news.”
  • “I’m confused of part X, can you tell more about it?”
  • “The chapter is jarring a bit, things could happen faster if you ask me.”
  • “You have repeated a word X a lot in the fic. I recommend replacing it at times with a word A, B or C to keep the text flowing.”
  • “When thing X happened I couldn’t believe what I was reading omg!”
  • “I can’t feel the chemistry yet but maybe a few more hot scenes would heat up the chemistry!”
  • ”There is good chemistry going on here”
  • ”You are making me bite my nails with anticipation!”
  • ”For a moment I was scared that thing X would happen”
  • ”That part X was so hot…!”
  • ”I’d like to know more about thing X, will you write more about it?”
  • ”Now I’m thinking there’s thing X going on and the character X will have their hands on it. Poor character A!”
  • ”The texts was written too tightly and was a bit hard to read so I recommend using more spaces and breaks.”
  • ”There was thing X in chapter 3 but I didn’t see it anymore in this chapter - what happened?”
  • “My theory is that something like thing X will happen soon!”
  • “I have this theory about this fic character X/setting-up and it goes like this………”
  • “Will we see character X in this story?”
  • ”I loved the thing X in chapter Y!”
  • ”When character X said thing X for the villain, I was so happy!”
  • ”This fic/chapter made my day!”
  • ”I’m a fan of your writing now!”
  • ”This was a good fic/chapter to read before going to sleep.”
  • ”I enjoyed this fic/chapter, it was cute and happy.”
  • “I never thought something like this could work but you made it work.”
  • I copy-paste this part of the fic in the comment section because it was my fave!
  • ”Thank you for writing this chapter/story!”

Mix these, write more, use these as guideline ideas ect. freely.  Writing a comment is REALLY nothing more than writing your thoughts out; and since you can’t stop thinking (unless you are meditating lol) then there is ALWAYS at least a one thought related to what you have just read/seen in your head. Write it out. 

Glamour ointment. A new tag, and what it means, and why I've created it.

I’m going to try to start using a new hashtag on some of my posts, so I want to explain it so people will know what I’m talking about. So the hashtag is this:

#glamour ointment

Presumably if I ever Twitter it would be #GlamourOintment instead, but I don’t anticipate Twittering a lot on this because Twitter doesn’t lend itself too well to this topic.

So anyway. I’ve talked about glamour before, but I want to talk about it in a particular way now. So first, to explain what glamour is to people who aren’t familiar with it beyond a vague association with fame.

Glamour is an old concept from certain cultures that says that certain people, or creatures, are possessed of powers that allow them to make you see things that are not really how they seem to be. Fairies – the old-school, scary kind, not the cute kind with wings that flutter in flowers – were said to have glamour.

Fairy glamour worked somewhat like the following: You walk into a room. It looks like a room in a palace. Everything has layers of velvet, gilding, ornate woodworking, beautiful tapestries and paintings everywhere. There’s a large, stately table with embroidered lacework tablecloths and beautiful chairs with soft cushioned seats. Everything is decadent and lavish, including the spread of gourmet food that covers the table.

But you somehow – how, depends on the story – end up with ointment in your left eye. When you close your right eye for a second, you’re shocked. You’re actually standing in a shack or even an old musty cave. The table is a rickety old thing that barely supports its own weight. The food is a crumbling, half-eaten loaf of stale bread. There are no decorations at all. The chairs are hard and painful. You close your left eye and open your right, and all the lavish decorations come back, hell sometimes even the smells come back. This utterly confuses you.

So in the stories, that’s basically what glamour does. And in the stories, there is often something you can do – an ointment, in some of them – that will let you see the real world underneath the glamour. (But if you ever get fairy ointment in your eye, watch out – they’ll try to work out which eye it is and blind it, if they know you know.)

There is glamour in the real world, not just in stories. It’s actually a much easier thing to happen than you’d expect. We see the world, not as it is, but filtered through the stories we tell ourselves about what the world is. If a person manipulates your stories well enough, they can manipulate what you think you see around you. Some people have a natural talent for this, and many of them deceive themselves just as much as they deceive others. And we all deceive ourselves in this manner – it’s inevitable. We see what we expect to see, or we see what we want to see, we rarely see what is actually there.

Some people will tell you that this means that the entire world is an illusion. There’s a level on which that’s true – we filter the entire world through illusion. But it’s a filter. There is an actual real world behind it. And it is possible to see parts of that real world, even if we can never see all of the real world all the time.

Anyway, I use glamour to mean a few different things. Sometimes I specifically mean, illusions that are deliberately or sometimes semi-deliberately or unconsciously, set up by one person to deceive another person about what they are seeing. Other times, I use it in a more general sense, as a shorthand to describe the layer of unreality that we all are perceiving most of the time instead of reality, the world as filtered through the stories that we are always telling ourselves and each other.

Seeing through and dismantling glamour is one of my specialties in life, it seems like. I’ve found that one of the most potent weapons against actual, real-world glamour is to name the illusion and describe it and say what is happening and why it is an illusion. And when and if I use the tag #glamour ointment, it will be because I’m making posts that do exactly that.

Now hopefully I don’t just forget the tag exists, because I want it to actually be useful. I also hope I manage to make even a tenth of the posts I keep thinking of making under it, because they’re very important to me.

Lately I have been doing a lot of glamour-dismantling behind the scenes, and I’d like to be able to spread some of the resulting ointment beyond myself and my immediate circle of close friends. This goes especially for bits of glamour that I’ve had an inadvertent hand in spreading. Which everyone does, just by the nature of human beings and interaction and communication, but given that I’ve had a wide audience at times, anything I accidentally spread that way I feel a responsibility to do something about when I can. Generally, when I’ve spread a piece of glamour it’s because I’ve been taken in by it myself – but spreading it still does harm, so I’m trying to spread the antidote as well.

Our Secret Meetings (Boom!Sonamy Episode)

I wrote this in January, so if it seems a little less revised than the others, I was too lazy to fix anything.

I just wanted to try something a little different. Come outta mah comfort zone for a sec, ya know? (This will probably have a episode cover soon…probably)

Amy pressed her lips against Sonic’s softly, pressing her body close to his as her hands clutched his scarf. Sonic had his hands placed on both sides of her head against the wall.

This was another one of their secret kissing sessions after Sonic confessed his feelings for Amy during a steamy argument. It had been accidental, but they both knew what the other was thinking and went in for the inevitable, not resisting the heat of the moment.

Amy parted from Sonic’s lips softly and stared dreamily into his eyes. “You know. The others might find out eventually. Sticks is always spying on me even though she thinks I never notice.”

“Yeah? Is she spying now?” Sonic asked, his eyes half-lidded as he looked to the side, gesturing behind him. Amy leaned her head down to see the window and shook her head.

“Nope. No sign of her.”

“Well then..” he dashed toward all the windows and closed the blinds before dashing back into the same position in front of Amy, startling her a bit. “I don’t think we have anything to worry about. ‘Sides..” he gently took her hands in his and raised them to his chest. “I don’t regret that little blunder of mine one bit. I meant every word of it, Amy. I’ve always had this gut feeling that I should say something, but I was never sure if you felt the same. After the "U-T” incident though, I kinda had a feeling.“ he said as he began to caress her face with his right hand and she moving her head toward it.

"Sonic, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to tell you. I didn’t know if you felt the same either and, well…” she looked down bashfully before continuing, “I was hoping that if I kept it hidden, it’d protect our friendship. I didn’t want you losing track of what’s important. You’re needed way too much to be tied down to me.”

Sonic tilted her chin up to face him. “I’d rather be tied down to you than anything else. Amy…don’t you ever think you’re not important enough to me. That’s one thing I’d never like to hear from you…or any of my friends for that matter. And what’s this about protecting our friendship? Haha, Amy, you’re so adorable.” he said, cupping her face and nuzzling her nose tenderly. She giggled, placing her hands on his wrists and nuzzling his nose as well.

“Oh, Sonic, you’re so-”

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