i really have no clue why but i love this movie since i was very young

Part 2: Task: 12 Days of lesser known animated show/film recommendations

Hey, guys! I’ve been a bit down lately, so in order to give myself something to do, I decided to share with you all the lesser known, underrated or entirely hidden gems of the animated world (as far as I know), be it show or film.


-The animation must be traditional (no CGI unless it’s minor and in the background; i’ll do an all CGI list later).

-The recommended work must have soothing, inspiring or otherwise admirable leads with realistic emotional connections.

-The plot of the story must be intriguing if not wholly believable and the artwork must meet certain aesthetic standards.

-The characters must have emotionally realistic interactions with one another in ratio to the time allowed for them to interact.

-The animation in question may be from anywhere in the world.

Also, feel free to clue me in on any that I don’t list, because I would really appreciate a new animated find!  

As a matter of course, a great deal of the listed shows/films will be ‘anime’, simply because japanimation has the monopoly on the most unique and varied story lines, and Japan (and sometimes France) are the only ones making mostly traditionally drawn animated features still.

Alright, here we go … …

Day Two: Fairy Tale Films :)

The Day of the Crows

I absolutely adore this film. Not only is The Day of the Crows a superbly animated feast for the eyes, but the characters, lessons and honest interactions take it a level above most children’s films. Not only that, but the dialogue is wonderfully translated from the French to the English subtitles. As a matter of course, I prefer watching films in their original language unless the dub has some inventive dialogue or more adequate voice acting, but this little known gem isn’t likely to pick up a dub any time soon anyway, so all of you who only watch dubs should make an exception for this one. 

It is the story of a young boy who has been raised by an ogre in the woods, until one day he must leave the protection of the trees for the nearby village in order to save someone precious to him. While there, he meets a young girl and begins to learn the touching history of his family. It’s a delightfully nuanced film. Really, don’t miss it!

Note: The title is mildly misleading, as any crow characters are showcased near the end of the film and don’t get much screen time. But why should that bother anyone?


Fusé: Teppō Musume no Torimonochō 

Is there any anime lover who would pass up a film with adorable characters and animal transformations? Well, I actually would pass up the ‘animal transformations’ part, but that may just be me. Fusé is a touching fairy tale centring around a young huntress who befriends a dog-like humanoid named Shino. What puts this movie a pitch above the other films out there with a similar premise is it’s refusal to give the characters more slack than any real person would get. People die…there’s a surprising amount of gore which I feel is somehow toned up despite the soft animation. It’s the sort of film that makes you laugh less because it’s funny and more because you know your window to find things humorous is rapidly disappearing. You want the characters to be happy….you think they should be because the film is so cute…but it’s the bitter-sweet trick of the story. 

It’s based on the Hakkenden, an old Japanese novel series that details the exploits of the ‘Dog Warriors’, beings reincarnated from the slaughtered spawn of a princess and her dog lover. This is part of why I can forgive the dog-creature theme, because the characters within the story on a few separate occasions refer to the story as a ‘counterfeit’ or parody of the Hakkenden


Snow Maiden

An old Russian animation about a young woman who is the child of Spring and Winter, stepping into a village for the first time and learning that she does not have the capacity to love as other humans do. It’s very touching, very whimsical, and in the end bitter-sweet. I’d recommend it for the beautiful artwork alone, but the characters are given a surprising amount of life considering how old the film is. It’s clearly a labour of love.


The Dead Princess and the Seven Knights

An old Russian film based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The most fantastic thing about this film is that from start to finish the entirety of the script is one looong poem, complete with rhymes. I believe this film, Snow Maiden and The Twelve Months are all apart of the same collection, but these three are not dubbed into English, like some of the better known in the series, such as The Snow Queen. 


The Twelve Months

If you are familiar with this film, it may be because you’ve watched the anime incarnation. I’d advise you to watch this one instead. Not only are the characters a bit more vital, but the art is a step above the anime and the humour is a bit more fluid. It is a Cinderella-like tale about a girl who wanders into the woods after being forced to preform an impossible task, and receives guidance from the Twelve Months, who are portrayed as a band of merry males of various ages having a meeting around a camp fire in the dead of winter.


Kirikou and the Sorceress

Kirikou and the Sorceress is a fascinating film about a young boy who, from the moment he is born, is able to talk and think like an adult. But he is still only a baby, and is very small because of it, which causes troubles between him and the towns people, and eventually gets the attention of a wicked sorceress that finds him a nuisance as he starts to use his size for unusual heroic feats. 

Every character is fun, the dialogue is insightful and the resolution is terribly sweet.


Tales of the Night

A series of re-worked fairy tales told through ‘shadow puppet’ visuals. Beautiful stories, really. All of the interactions between the characters are unique and admirable, and every tale has a satisfying conclusion. You may think the shadow puppet look takes away from it, but, really, it only gives you a bit more emotion to savour since every character looks pretty much the same, allowing their intentions to nakedly drive the stories, rather than their looks.


The Last Unicorn

Based on the book of the same name, and with a screen play by the author, this film is one of the better known ‘hidden gems’. The story follows the ‘last unicorn’, as she searches for others of her kind, who are being held captive in a barren land that is very far away from her gentle forest. She gathers loyal and endearing companions along the way, and eventually looses a bit of herself in the throws of a pseudo-romance with a prince. 

It’s a classic. The animation is unique and whimsical, and the pacing, characters and eventual resolution are all wonderful. It was my favourite film as a child.


The Princess and the Pilot

The Princess and the Pilot is a touching tale about the blooming tenderness and self-awareness between a pilot and the princess he is tasked with transporting across the ocean. There is political intrigue, bold decisions and the rude awakenings of reality in a war torn country. Both the leads are relatable and worth the care you inevitably develop toward them. And though the ending is a little frustrating, it is handled in a realistic and tentative manner that shows the meaning of personal feelings, even if physical circumstances can’t reflect them.


Miss Hokusai

Miss Hokusai is the fictional and slightly sensationalised biography of an actual historical figure from the Japanese artistic past. The story is told in a series of self-contained artistic episodes that explore the philosophy needed to produce vital art, by teaching the characters emotional lessons through supernatural interactions. It’s very unique and telling, and every character has a degree of believably that is pleasantly attention grabbing. Some might complain that the formatting leaves a bit to be desired, but I’m pretty sure this is all intentional. 


Princess Arete

Princess Arete is one of those rare princess films that is all about a princess and her character building, and not at all about romance. 

Little Princess Arete is kept in a tower where she grows increasingly depressed, despite her night time slips into the town bellow her window. By a bitter sort of luck, she is kidnapped by a wizard, and from here able to experience the world, albeit under a curse. The film has a very charmed and truthful grasp on the meanings in minor interactions and it never betrays the passionate heart of it’s female lead.

It’s a bit slow, but if you watch movies for the enrichment they provide and not for the face paced thrills, this one may be for you.


Magic Boy

An old Japanese feature from the ‘60′s about a young boy who must do battle with a wicked witch to protect his home and family. The characters are enjoyable, the battles are pretty neat and the animation is a proto-perfect anime film suite. Honestly, if you’ve seen Kubo and the Two Strings and then you see this, you may feel, as I have, that it is like the spiritual grandfather to Kubo


The Life of Guskou Budori

If you’ve ever seen Night on the Galactic Railroad, these two may look familiar to you. As you watch Guskou, you may develop the suspicion that the characters are an alternate incarnation or perhaps even a canon reincarnation of Giovanni and Campanella. 

The Life of Guskou Budori is about said titular character as he navigates life after the death (otherworldly kidnapping?) of his younger sister during a great famine. The animation is simply gorgeous, and if you can forgive the incredibly vague narrative, you may just find yourself walking along a very enchanted dream.

Like Galactic Railroad, all of the characters are anthropomorphised cats. I’m unsure why that is, but it’s cute and inventive. It too, is based on a book. If you haven’t seen Night on the Galactic Railroad, I would also recommend that one, as it is very touching and poetic, but it is very slow. If you happen to like both of them, the anime Spring and Chaos, another anthropomorphic cat tale, may be for you, as it is about the guy who wrote the two aforementioned stories.


Tales from Earthsea

If you are a studio Ghibli fan, you may be in for a treat. This is a loose adaptation of Ursula K. LeGuin’s seminal work the Earthsea series. It wraps into one film the characters and issues of four books, and so it doesn’t do the books much justice as it has bit off a bit more than it can chew. But if you accept it as an entirely different story that happens to have similar magical rules and the same names as the Earthsea series character’s have, the film is quite good. 

Young Arren is a disturbed young man who runs away from his posh life and is picked up by the Arch-mage Ged. After making a special friend and fighting a deranged wizard, Arren learns how to own up to his fears and find peace despite his crimes. I recommend watching the original Japanese dub, as it is a bit more insightful about the Earthsea world.

It is directed by Miyazaki’s son Goro. If you like this film, you may like his other, more well rounded film From Up On Poppy Hill (my favourite Ghibli film), and Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, which is an adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones’s book of the same name (and a far more skillfully crafted adaptation than Tales from Earthsea. The perks of being a seasoned animator, I guess).

If you like the films, or even if you don’t, I recommend reading the Earthsea series and the Howl’s Moving Castle series. I prefer the latter. 

A by itself, B-/C+ if compared to the books.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is one of those barbarian films from the early 80′s. It’s got action and romance and wild prehistoric beasts, an obvious bad guy that’s still pretty well rounded despite his minor screen time and a bit of sorcery that you can laugh at if your mind is dirty enough to catch the innuendos. In a nutshell, Fire and Ice is a great late night blast from the past that every child of the 90′s should see at least once.

With art overseen by the legendary Frank Frazetta, I think any serious artist could find this film pretty rad as well. 


The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns is a fascinating continuum of Shizuku’s story from Whisper of the Heart (another Ghibli film). It’s a fairy tale to the max, complete with a dapper cat ‘prince’ and woefully silly damsel-in-distress. It’s a lesser known Ghibli film, which is why it’s on the list, and if you do watch it, I recommend pairing it with Whisper of the Heart, a high school drama about a young girl’s blossoming romance and her attempt to write a novel, since it’s only right to see the little strings that connect the two tales. 

It’s funny, charming and the Baron has a British accent ;) Mmm-mm delish!



Whew! What a long list!

Next time: Best Comedy Supernatural animated shows/films.

Kinder surprise - Calum Hood

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Word Count: 1,8k

Rating/Warnings: General Audiences, no warnings.

Request: “Hello, can you write a cal imagine where he’s got a secret kid that you didn’t know about so when you come over to his place one day you accidentally meet the kid? And the kid ask you a bunch of questions and cal finds you two and freezes up but then fluff?”

Summary: You thought spending a casual evening on Calum’s home would be as every other. Little did you know…

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback to help me improve my writing. Aslo, don’t forget to request new stuff here!

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La La Land (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

A/N: Hey guys! So sorry there haven’t been any updates in a while but here is something!!! I have a bunch of ideas but I’m having trouble finding time to write. More stories to come soon! Leave some feedback if you’d like :) Also La La Land has become my new obsession so…. here. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2,018

Prompt: You’re at the cinema alone and so am I we might as well sit together and I swear I didn’t think there was anyone else in this universe who appreciates this movie like I do.

- Written by Brie - 

You’re lame. You’re so lame you can’t even believe yourself. Who the hell goes to the theater alone at two in the afternoon just to see a movie for the third time. You, that’s who. You didn’t even bother to stop at the concession counter for the classic popcorn and soda combo as you hurried to your theater door, by now were an expert at sneaking outside food into the theater. If only the snack counter sold chicken nuggets and fries, you wouldn’t have to feel so guilty sneaking in your salty contraband.

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Eternal: Part 1 (M)

Photo credit: YOU’RE MY ADRENALINE 95

Genre: Vampire!AU series with the whole package of eventual fluff, angst and smut!

Summary: At the age of 8, defenseless and powerless, you watched, hidden within a closet as the silver-haired woman in red drapes whose eyes glowed bright red as she stole the life of your parents. Disappearing without a trace or clue, you promised to avenge your parents and train to become the strongest vampire hunter who would make sure to protect and fight for her loved ones at all costs…even if those loved ones are vampires themselves. 

Word Count: 3195

Warnings: Slight angst and some suggestive content!

Written By: Smuttyfairy

A/N: I hurt myself writing this…TF is wrong with me *ugly sobbing* ANYWAY. HERE’S JIMIN.

Parts: Prologue (M) | Part 1 (M) |

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Donnie Yen Autobiography  “All About Donnie  (問丹心)” Translation Ch.1(pt 1-3)

Guess what… I have translated more of the content of Donnie’s autobiography. I’m planning to translate the first two chapters of his book, which are about his childhood and his experiences when he was early into the show business. 

There are 5 parts in the first chapter “My Personal Development” and 4 parts in the second chapter “Into the Show Business”. 

The previous post I made I had translated part 2 of chapter 2. 

Once again, BIG THANK YOU to my dear beta Dream @evocating for her generosity and patience. My work looks legible because of you. Also thank my real life friend Asura for helping me to clear my mind and translating a few but important sentences for me. 

Crappy photos of the original text taken by me are attached with this post below for reference. Baby Donnie is ADORABLE OKAY!???

Reminder: This post is so damn long with words and pictures. 

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How Dead Hannah Baker keeps the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope Alive

*pictured above: Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) from 13 Reasons Why


I know that some of you may be wondering what exactly is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Well there’s no text book definition but here’s one I found online from urbandictionary.com:

“A Manic Pixie Dream Girl or MPDG, is a term coined by film critic Nathan Rabin after seeing Elizabethtown. It refers to “that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.” A pretty, outgoing, whacky female romantic lead whose sole purpose is to help broody male characters lighten up and enjoy their lives.”

Now that you have an idea of what this is I’ll start by giving you examples. Usually the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, MPDG for short, is only there so the nerdy usually white male that is obsessed with them can grow from the experience with them. Now I know you’re thinking “how exactly do I spot one of these creatures?” Well guys it’s very easy and I’ll give you some tips. Most MPDG’s are white, have a wild outlook on the world, and are deemed gorgeous by the general public. 

*pictured above: Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) and Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The first MPDG I can think of is Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. She is a wild says whatever is on her mind kind of girl and meets poor Joel on the train. This film happens through flashbacks and dreams showing how happy she made him. The relationship went sour which it usually does with a MPDG and they both have each other erased from their memories. Dramatic, I know, but losing her and getting her back helps Joel in some crazy way. It’s like without her he can’t fully live his life and that’s just sad.

*pictured above: Tom (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) in 500 Days of Summer

People love this movie and don’t even realize that Summer is problematic as fuck. Summer is this cool girl who doesn’t believe in love and basically drags poor Tom around for you fucking guessed it, 500 days. Tom thinks that Summer is the one for him and tries to date her and show her love exists. Even though they do end up dating things fall apart because cool, secure, witty as all hell Summer is still scared of love. I mean I thought that was a LA thing. It doesn’t take Tom to realize how pathetic he is until he sees Summer at a park AND REALIZES SHE FUCKING GOT MARRIED. Summer’s excuse is that she wasn’t sure about Tom but she was sure about her husband now…. LOL need I say more? 

*pictured above: Margo (Cara Delevigne) and Quentin (Nat Wolff) in Paper Towns.

Last example is John Green’s book turned film Paper Towns. Quentin has been in love with the popular girl next door Margo. One random night Margo climbs into Quentin’s window and asks him to get revenge on her now ex boyfriend. They spend the whole night at the store getting supplies, ruining the boy’s car, and looking over the city they live in. Margo feels stuck where she is and unlike feels different tan her friends. Spoiler alert: she’s not. At the end of the night they both go home and of course nerdy Quentin is blissed the fuck out. Before I go in on this, we have to acknowledge that all of John Green‘s main characters are MPDG’s. It’s basically his forte. But I digress. Quentin wakes up and, surprise, Margo has gone missing. Quentin is determined to find her and believes that she left clues for him. Quentin his two friends and Margo’s bestie go on a roadtrip from florida to upstate New York and find themselves while trying to find Margo. His friends eventually leave him because no way in teen rom com hell are they going to miss the prom. Quentin stays and eventually finds the girl of his dreams. Turns out Margo didn’t want to be found at all and just like Tom in 500 days of Summer Quentin looks like a fucking dumb ass. Quentin makes it home in time for prom and enjoys it with his friends cause in the end that’s all he really needed… but it took a cross country road trip trying to find a selfish teen girl who doesn’t care about you to figure that out. Nice!

*pictured above: Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) in 13 Reasons Why

As we all know Jay Asher’s book 13 Reasons why has been turned into a tv show on Netflix. The premise is that high schooler Hannah Baker has killed herself and left 13 tapes for certain people to listen to. If you’re on this tape, you’re one of the reasons why she’s gone. Creepy right? Well in the book, which is only 288 pages, Hannah is a sweet girl who seemed to have the worst time of her damn life. The book is short so it seems like every event that happened to Hannah happens like one day after the other. Clay listens to his friend’s tapes in one night and it really hits you in the gut. Personally I like the book better but I am here to address the show. If you want to read my full opinion on the entire show you can do so by clicking here

The problem with the Tv series is that by stretching the fuck out of this book they have to add on to the characters. Unfortunately Hannah is made into a MPDG from beyond the grave. In the show Hannah is deemed pretty by everyone around her. If the high school jocks think you’re hot, you’re golden am I right? What makes Hannah a MPDG is the way she treats poor Clay Jensen. Clay is the main character in the show and you find out what happens to Hannah by watching him listen to the tapes. SInce it takes Clay fucking weeks to listen to 13 DAMN TAPES only through flashbacks do you get to see what Hannah is truly like. Hannah on the show confused me after I watched it. I was like “Why don’t I like her?” Don’t get me wrong I felt for the girl and everything that happened was horrible but something was just off. She talked to Clay all the time in witty banter and even gave him a nickname. There were so many chances where she could have just kissed him or got alone time but she didn’t. The other problem with Hannah Is that she was so confident and cool, and filled with teen angst, it didn’t make sense for her to care about what people thought. It’s like she had two personalities. When we see her with Clay she’s this smart funny girl who seemed unattainable but when we see her with virtually anyone else she’s insecure and dying for attention from any popular boy in school. Hannah makes it seem as if Clay isn’t good enough for her when in reality he’s the only person she has. In the 12th episode while Hannah is taking a walk she ends up at a house party where all the popular kids are. Even though she thinks Clay hates her at this point she could’ve tried to talk things out with him. It just frustrates me that she would go to a rapist’s house cause she’s that desperate for attention. Why fight for these douche bags that have done nothing but hurt you instead of fighting for Clay? 

Clay shows character progression only when he’s listening to the tapes. Hearing his dream girl tell the stories before her untimely death makes Clay a better person to people around him. I mean that is the point of all this but at the same time, it shouldn’t take tapes from a girl who has committed suicide to realize that hey, high school is hard don’t be a fucking asshole to people. Clay also grows some balls while listening to the tapes. He basically yells in the middle of the school hall and even lowkey bullies this kid Tyler. I mean Tyler was a creep but bullying someone would be the last thing on my agenda while listening to a dead girl’s tapes. I wrote this for me to get my thoughts out cause everyone keeps asking me about this show. Every conversation I have I always say that I didn’t really like Hannah so if you think Hannah kind of sucks I’m here with you. Hannah is the most twisted MPDG ever and yes it’s because she’s dead. Clay only grows while listening to these tapes which is kind of in a way fucked up. Even though Clay, unlike the book, gets justice for two sexually assaulted girls and Hannah’s life it shouldn’t take Hannah’s 13 tapes to grow. Hannah killing herself should’ve made everyone change and grow on their own.

I know at this point you’re probably saying “ I read this long ass article what is the point?!” The point is that women are not objects. Being a woman is hard and having to grow up is truly a journey. You have media constantly showing you how the perfect woman acts or talks or dresses. Going through high school you have to deal with the pressure of society and unfortunately care about what your peers think. I grew up from my own damn experiences. I didn’t just find myself cause I left a boyfriend or cause I cut my hair I learned that I am what I am and I can’t change that and I’m very happy with who I turned out to be. This is especially hard to do when you’re a black girl like me raised in an all white community. Why must men in these movies need a girl for them to realize who they are? I’m not saying it’s easy to be a boy but come on dude the girl of your dreams isn’t gonna finally give you this sense of Omg I know what my purpose in life is. Your dream girl is not your mom teaching you about life. You know what’s right and what’s wrong without a girl whispering you to the right direction in your ear. You can only figure out who you are by being you and it is completely possible for films and TV shows to show this without a MPDG. I know the show 13 Reasons Why is supposed to show how small things matter and can snowball into this big thing. I get it I really do. The problem is that they could’ve shown that making Hannah solely the victim and not a jaded Manic Pixie Dream Girl. 

Melissa almost HAS to be AD...10 million clues and possibilities

This is long but I NEED you to read!!

I always thought it would be interesting Charlotte was Peter Hastings’s child and was jealous that Spencer got so much attention from Peter.. This is especially interesting if we consider the possibility that Charlotte knew that Spencer was adopted the whole time and yet got embraced by the Hastings family. Melissa and Spencer were always at odds too which is interesting since I always thought Melissa was Charlotte’s friend.. The first thing Charlotte said after Spencer introduced herself to Charlotte was “Melissa Hastings’s little sister!” And I have always believed that to be a clue.

Peter has been trying to protect his family from secrets that CHARLOTTE could potentially reveal and we never realized this. It seemed at the time that Peter and Jessica had a deal about ALISON.. But this could get a lot more interesting if their secrets revolved around the danger Charlotte presented. After all, when Jessicas initial secrets started coming out, interestingly enough the ones involving Spencer were about a girl dressed in Alis clothes, but NOT ALI. Those secrets came out of a sealed file she had with Jessica, but Charlotte had known the details of these secrets the whole time.

Back to my suspicion that Melissa and Charlotte had a friendship/ agreement situation.. Supposedly Melissa had no clue the girl she buried was not Alison, but a “stranger,” Bethany young. And Charlotte had no clue the girl she was hitting with a rock was Ali, not Bethany. Both of them swear that they did what they did to protect a relative (Charlotte claims Bethany was going to attack Jessica, Melissa claims she thought Spencer killed Alison and she buried her to protect Spencer). Melissa and Charlotte DEFINITELY at least know each other, and because of my strong suspicion that they were friends / working together, I must say it’s awfully “coincidental” that each of them ended up killing the other’s enemy. (But they said there are no coincidences in rosewood!) And if anyone doesn’t believe Melissa hated Ali on that level, don’t forget about the NAT video where she barged into Alis room the night she disappeared demanding where she was. She also had told Ian that same night that if he saw Alison again, someone would get hurt.

AND DEFINITELY don’t forget about the NAT club. Charlotte and Melissa were both linked to that club too. What was really going on with them that night? The first time Ali asked jason what the movie the club was filming was about (this was in “the first secret”), he said that if he told her, he would have to kill her. Maybe he meant it more than we knew. Don’t forget, Ian was Melissa’s boyfriend at the time and when he met up with Ali, he screamed at her about the videos, threatening that there were things about her and her family on there that could bring everybody down.

Charlotte has also claimed that EVERYONE wanted the videos back from Ali, “Spencer’s big sister the most.” Now I find myself wondering which sister of Spencer’s she meant, if not both of them. Most everyone I can think of who wanted those videos had a link to the NAT club. What exactly has the NAT club planned to do that night? Why was an emergency meeting called, by Melissa’s boyfriend, no less?

Also, considering that Melissa and Ian supposedly both wanted the videos back and Alison was the one who stole the videos, I find it intriguing that she demanded for him NOT to see her again, as I mentioned above, and even said that someone would get hurt if he did. Obviously I know she didn’t want him dating Ali anymore, but Ali was also the only chance they really had on getting the videos back. It could even be the real reason Melissa wanted to attack Ali. Maybe Charlotte’s real reason as well. This is even MORE likely when considering the fact that Ian eventually tried to kill Spencer because of these videos. He said “I’m doing this because I love your sister,” which is ANOTHER person mentioning Melissa wanting these videos back, badly… (Unless he meant Charlotte) I believe Melissa and Charlotte were in on the video motive together. I feel like Melissa and Charlotte both knew about A (Mona) and wanted to steal the game at this point.

Then, I think about the fact that NAT club members have been attacked and killed throughout these A games. And I wonder if Charlotte and Melissa didn’t have a reason / motive for turning on the NAT club and trying to get the videos themselves, way back “before it all started.” Is this the time Melissa has been referring to? Maybe, at the very least, they thought the other members of the NAT club found out too much about them. I also think Jason was drugged for a specific reason, almost as if to distance him from the others.

Supposedly our first A, Mona, believed that she had hit Ali, then later on admitted that she was the one who killed Bethany… Although technically, MELISSA killed Bethany. Maybe she just likes to cover for all her bosses.

When Mona was revealed as A, it was clear she had revealed herself to Spencer on purpose. She wanted to recruit Spencer on to the A team and if she refused, she wanted her to disappear; she would make her disappear, just like when Alison disappeared. Mona mentioned working for someone all the way back then on the A team, someone who always had a plan. This has been revealed to be Charlotte, but I get strong vibes Melissa was involved too. Don’t forget, Melissa showed up at the masquerade ball as the black swan. She claims that Mona blackmailed her into showing up to distract Jenna.

The problem is, that doesn’t make sense; it doesn’t add up. We have never learned of any plan that Mona had that Jenna stood in the way of, except dating Noel Kahn. Mona wouldn’t need Jenna distracted. But Melissa and Charlotte might have had a reason. The intention the whole time was for Mona to go to Radley. Maybe they wanted Mona in there to get answers about their family… Noel’s other girlfriend, Jenna, claims that Charlotte wanted that from her.. When the girls suspected Charlotte as A, they quickly got distracted and moved onto other options. The same has happened with Melissa. They could’ve worried that Jenna was onto them and their plans and therefore needed her distracted.

Mona took the blame for everything she had done as A even though supposedly she had a boss.. Charlotte. Later on, when wilden was killed, Mona tried to claim she did it, landing back in Radley, which seemed deliberate once again. Then it came out that Charlotte did it.. But did she? Or was she taking the blame for something uber A did? Part of Charlotte’s story that didn’t add up to me was that she killed wilden because he was never going to let Ali come back and tell her story. Charlotte would be totally screwed if Ali came back to town and told the story of how Charlotte nearly murdered her and left her for dead..

Also, wilden hadn’t been posing an actual threat to Ali, yet the motive behind his death supposedly was “making sure he could never hurt my sister again.” This sounds like something that makes more sense if they were referring to SPENCER. Wilden terrorized Spencer, even beat her up while dressed up as the queen of hearts on the Halloween train, the same costume Melissa wore, sneakily AGAIN, allegedly “protecting Spencer.” The story also makes a lot more sense if instead of occurring with Sara Harvey, it occurred with Melissa, and Charlotte and Melissa’s roles were reversed from the way Charlotte presented in her flashback/ story. After all, Charlotte did refer to Sara as a decoy.

I found it odd that Charlotte wasn’t around the night of the Halloween train, considering she was the one calling the shots. But if MELISSA was the one who wanted wilden gone, this would make some sense. Charlotte could have worried about being seen by wilden and maybe some others on the train. So Mona and Melissa show up in disguise and we are supposed to believe only ONE of them was working with Charlotte? If wilden knew what happened with Charlotte, I have a hard time believing he did not eventually find out what Melissa had done that night as well. And Melissa had more to lose by the truth coming out. Charlotte already knew she would probably just go back to Radley for killing and torturing people as opposed to getting arrested.

The night Garrett started telling Spencer more detail about the night Ali disappeared and cast doubt on the story the girls currently believed, wilden killed Garrett. Because he worried his involvement might come out? There’s video surveillance of wilden yelling at the other queen of hearts about this, just as Spencer was trying to get Aria so Garrett could talk to her to her face.

Also interesting, in Garretts flashback, we see Melissa calling someone frantically calling someone asking “what do I need to call the police to get your attention?!” We never found out who she was calling, but we did later hear allegations that Melissa called Charlotte to get her help with the videos. (Was that them saying part of the A motive outloud?) Melissa probably knew Charlotte and Wilden had a weird connection; maybe that’s why they included the remark about calling the cops.

Wilden seemed to believe the person in the other queen of hearts costume shared the exact same concern as he did about the truth coming out. This fits the profile for CHARLOTTE, but if I am right about him knowing what Melissa did, it works for her too. Conveniently, when the other queen of hearts was about to show her face, Mona’s RV computer gets hacked. When Spencer asks who the QOH was, Mona says “your sister” and I ALWAYS wondered if this meant that Spencer had more than one… Since she didn’t use Melissa’s name. And it turns out Spencer does have more than one. The jury is still out there for me on if there was a third QOH, Charlotte.

Either way, I believe Aria was drugged so that Garretts story would stop with Spencer. Conveniently, Toby had joined the A team around this time and was being used as a tool to make Spencer crazy and eventually this landed her in Radley. We know that Charlotte was on Ezra’s payroll, I bet she also provided him with info to make Spencer seem crazy also when she suspected him. But maybe the A team needed Spencer in Radley for reasons that go beyond her seeming crazy. I mentioned before that the A team’s games could “all lead back to radley” because answers about their family were in radley. Maybe they needed Spencer there to figure out some lingering unanswered questions they had.

When Spencer first went to Radley, I ALWAYS got a weird vibe from Melissa’s reaction. I felt that she was playing dumb/ faking when she showed up at the school looking for Spencer. I think she already knew exactly where she was. I also found her word choice interesting when she visited Spencer at Radley and she said she felt like it was her fault Spencer was there because Melissa was supposed to be in charge of her. Maybe it WAS Melissa’s fault Spencer was there on a much larger scale. Melissa seems a little bit more connected to Radley than what meets the eye, don’t forget wren also said that Melissa was the one to connect Mona with Charlotte back in the early A days.. And maybe she was.

Another thing that gets to me is that Melissa and Charlotte have both downplayed and/ or lied about how well they knew wilden. ALSO, Melissa refused to answer Spencer when Spencer asked if Melissa killed Wilden. A simple NO will usually do if you haven’t murdered someone and you’re asked if you did.. I think Charlotte covered for Melissa because Melissa knew a lot of secrets about her too so she “owed her.”

Another Wilden/ Melissa / Charlotte link is the lodge fire night. At this point, Melissa and Charlotte both allegedly shared a motive again, they both wanted to find out if Ali was alive. This was the night Charlotte “used Sara as a decoy.” When asked if Sara was the other red coat, Charlotte said “when I needed her to be.” Does that mean that at other times, someone else was calling the shots?

This plan was likely contingent on Spencer’s safety, hence Toby double crossing Mona and taking Spencer outside. Charlotte wanted Spencer and the other girls to help her find Ali, and Melissa wanted to find out if Ali was alive as well, so that works.. But Charlotte and Melissa describe what happened at the fire differently. Charlotte claims she didn’t plan on the fire, Shana showed up and the plan went to hell according to her.

But Melissa blamed the fire on wilden, and had been seen telling Jenna and Shana that “those bitches would be at the lodge” that night. I think Charlotte was working with Melissa and therefore DID know the fire was going to happen; that’s why Spencer was not inside. Melissa could have been “distracting Jenna” again; Jenna finding out Ali was alive would mean trouble for Melissa and Charlotte.

Melissa would make so much sense as AD. One might question why she would work with someone who staged her husband’s suicide note.. But Melissa could have been playing Ian. Married for love or an alibi? Maybe she was the one who married for an alibi because she didn’t want all her secrets coming out. And considering how well Mona did staging a scene at the bell tower back in the day, maybe Melissa enlisted her help faking Charlotte’s death. I’m bouncing between whether Melissa would still be working with Charlotte at this point or if she turned on her and actually attacked her, but either way she’s the perfect AD.

Imagine Bumblebee Falling For You; An Amokinetic

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“Shit are you actually in love with me or did I manipulate you into liking me?”


You weren’t sure what time it was, but guessed it was well past midnight when your sleep had been interrupted by the constant sounds of honking. With much irritation and a groan, you rolled over with a pillow to cover your head in attempt to drown out the obnoxious noise. It continued for a while longer, and you were about ready to murder someone when it stopped.

“Finally…”, you mumbled, loosening your grip on the pillow sheet.




You peeked one eye open, carefully listening for the new sound. Waiting a couple seconds, you released a breath, believing it was nothing and your tired mind was just playing tricks on you.


“Oh come on!!”, you yelled, snapping up in bed.

Hastily throwing your legs over the mattress, you shuffled over to where the constant thunking came from; your window. When you had pulled open the blinds you were expecting to see two cats duking it out in the alley, not a giant yellow robot throwing pebbles at your screen. You inhaled a sharp shreak at seeing the sudden bright blue optics, and placed a hand over your panicked heart. Relaxing slightly with a grumble, you through open the window to have Bumblebee quickly stop himself from launching a pebble at your irritated face. He smiled up at you cheekily, quickly hiding something behind his back, not that you paid any mind.

“Do you have any idea what time it is?!”, you hissed out groggily.

Ignoring your the obvious sleep deprived tone, Bee nervously looked to the side.

“I-I know it’s late, but I wanted to see you.”

“You legit saw me last night, when you dropped me off from base.”

“Yeah, I know, but I just…I just had to see you!”, The mech smiled wider, causing you to quietly moan and slump your shoulders.

For the past few weeks, Bumblebee had been acting a bit strange. It was like he was still being his excited, show off self, but two times that. While aware of the bots escalated behavior, what you didn’t know was that he only acted like this when you were around. The other Autobots had noticed the spike in the young bots attitude whenever you entered the room. Upon inquiring him about it, Bumblebee quickly denied the questionable fact of possibly liking you. When he thought it over though, it became just as clear as day to him, that perhaps he did harbor something more then friendship.

The realization of the yellow bot was quite unsettling for the rest of the team, but for good reason. This situation would be troubling to anyone who fell for someone of your type. Super humans were popping up all around the world, the team having fought some themselves, but never had they met one like you; someone who possessed Amokinesis, or better known as the ability to control love and desire. So you could see where one having feelings for someone of your abilities could be a problem. There was the doubting and horrid thoughts of if Bumblebees feelings for you were truly real. While they doubted it, the team still wondered if you had used your powers on Bee in some sort of sick joke. It would have been easy, seeing as how young and naive he could be. But they also wondered if you even knew you had used your powers on him to begin with.

The Autobots brought this predicament up with their smallest member, all just very worried for his well being. Their doubting thoughts had actually angered him. Did they really think Bumblebee hadn’t thought of your powers having some sort of play in this? He had thought about, a lot actually. And as much as he worried that you could be using your powers, a bigger part of him said it wasn’t true. In fact, since that conversation with his team, Bee had opted to seeing you more, first in a way of defiance to his fellow friends, but eventually because he really did want to be around you more. A few weeks later, and here he was now, standing outside your home like a love sick teen in one of those cheesy romance movies he’d watched with Sari.

Taking in a deep breath, you leaned on the sill with tired eyes,” Okay, but why did you want to see me?“

Biting the corner of his lip, Bee scratched his helm in thought. He was so excited at the thought of seeing you, he had almost completely forgotten why he was really here in the first place. While the Autobot was certain of his feelings for you, he had wanted to be completely certain before saying anything.

"Well…I-I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your powers?!”

Furrowing your brows, you looked at him incredulously,“ This couldn’t wait till day?!”

Seeing the robot shake his helm, you groaned before getting as comfortable as possible,“Wha'da wanna know?”

Bee tapped his chin,“Hmm…I guess, I wanna know…um…how much of an influence does your power have on people?”

“Well…hmm, it typically depends on the person, or people I’m using it on. If a person already had feelings, then I don’t need to use that much to gettem goin. It’s kinda like having a little bit of coffee to help start out the day. Now if it’s for someone who hasn’t any interest to begin with, it can have the result of a first time drug. A small dose and they become hooked.”

The yellow mech nodded, processing all of this while shuffling his weight to the other ped.

“Have you ever used your powers on someone to like you?”

You sat up slightly, quite taken aback by his next question. It was so straight forward, you wondered if he even considered if it’d be rude to ask such a thing before doing so.

“Well that’s kind of-”, you started when something suddenly dawned on you.

Eyeing a few stray petals sticking out from behind the mech, you took a few steps back,“ Bumblebee-”

Sensing the tension in the air, Bee panicked and quickly brought out a rather huge bouquet of flowers.

“I-I got these for you!”, he blurted out in a rush, scared that you were about shut the window on him. Scared that you were about to start laughing at his face, and prove his teams concerns to be very true.

“Shit are you actually in love with me or did I manipulate you into liking me?”, you asked, frantically combing a hand through your messy hair.

Bumblebee’s cervos trembled, but he wasn’t about to back down.

“(Y,n), I know it might sound crazy, but I do actually love you! I’m not sure how I know, but I know for a fact that what I feel for you isn’t because of some super power you possess. I love you, because you’re an amazing person, and my best friend, and so, so much more. Please, you have to believe me (Y,N)!”

You were standing a good few feet from your open window, staring back at bright optics with wide eyes of your own. The muscle in your chest know as a heart was beating rapidly, and you could feel every bit of it. It had all happened so fast. Nothing like this has ever happened before, but…for some reason you did believe him. The pure look of fear of rejection, and desperate hope for acceptance instead in Bumblebee’s optics was completely different from what you’d seen in the eyes of those under your influence. Sure, a good handful of those people had the features of love struck puppies, but for some reason, your close friend seemed quite different to theirs.

Bumblebee had looked down at the ground now, terrified beyond belief at what was running through your mind. As much as he braced himself for the laugh he’d come to love be focused on him at any given moment, the small bot knew he’d still leave broken hearted. By this point, the beautiful gift he had gotten you was practically crushed in his large metal hands, but he had no clue as his mind was else where. He felt his spark quicken when his audio sensor picked up the soft sounds of your feet making it back to the window.

“I believe you.”

Bee’s helm shot up, looking back with a gaped mouth.

“What?”, he voiced out, light and almost unheard.

Smiling down at him softly, you repeated,“ I believe you.”

It took a moment for your words to register, but when they did, the young Autobot let out a loud cheer, his engines reeving loudly. You giggled, seeing him jump about shouting multiple yes’s, glad to see him back to his boisterous self. He’d forgotten about the flowers in his hands, and you watched as the broken arrangement gently sprinkled over the alley way. Oh well, at least it’d make the area look pretty.

Coming down from the high, Bee sharply turned around and nearly knocked over a few trash cans in all the excitement, ending up just lil too close to your window. Taking a careful step back, you took note of the new twinkle to his eyes. Now filled with a warmed feeling, and the weight of his troubles being lifted from his shoulders, Bumblebbe felt as though he could do anything. With out a second thought, he gently reach forward and took both your small her hands into his.

“So this means you love me too right?!”, he asked just to confirm with a huge, bright smile.

The smile on your face quickly dropped, causing Bee to slouch in concern. Now that he thought about it, you never did say you loved him. You just said you believed he loved you.

Clearing your throat to gather his attention, you grinned at him with furrowed brows.

“I-I’m not sure about love just yet, but how about a few dates to see how things go yeah?”, you suggested.

Even though this wasn’t exactly what Bee had been hoping for, it was just as good in his opinion. He had to remember that not everything moved at his pace, and some things took time. With a new found hope, Bumblebee grinned and stepped back from your window.

“O-of course! Anything that makes you comfortable! Are you free tomorrow, er, I mean today?! If so, I know this really great restaurant a few blocks down from the base!”

You giggled, leaning on your elbow with a lopsided grin.

“Yeah, I loved that.”

“Yes!”, Bee cheered once more, bringing down his fist by his side. “I-I’ll see you then!”

You nodded, watching Been clear the alley way and transform onto the street. You could have sworn you heard him do a shout of happiness as he zoomed off. Chuckling to yourself, you turned to exhaustively return to bed. While not entirely sure on the matter of love, you weren’t opposed to seeing what this tiny feeling in your own heart for your best friend was. Either way, with Bumblebee it was certainly going to be an interesting relationship.


(A/N: Prompt’s are really great for both practice and dealing with writers block, but for some reason I feel a bit wrong using them? Like I’m cheating? Idk; anyone else feel like this?)

anonymous asked:

about maz kanata's line to rey, "they are never coming back..." you say it sort of resolves the answer of luke not being rey's father, but how would maz know that? how would she know if luke had a child or not? she's a friend of han's, but i don't think she knew luke. knew of him, obviously, but what would be your reasoning on how maz would know?

you’re coming at this from the wrong angle. here are the pertinent lines

           Don't give up. He still might show
           up. Whoever it is you're waiting
           for. Classified. I know all about
          BB-8 BEEPTALKS a question.

                          REY (CONT'D)
           For my family. They'll be back.
           One day. Come on.
          She tries to force a smile, but can't, really. She heads
          off. BB-8 BEEPS... then heads after her.

here rey says that she’s waiting for her family. we also know she was old enough to remember them when she was left so whoever left her she identifies as her family


           You're offering me a job.

           I'm thinking about it.
          Rey wants to say yes. But something stops her. A line she
          can't cross.

                          HAN (CONT'D)

           If you were, I'd be flattered. But
           I have to get home.
          Han looks at her, questioningly.

          Rey looks off, in thought. Yeah, Jakku.

           I've already been away too long.


          Finn heads off. Rey gets up to follow. Maz dials her lenses
          back to normal, and turns to Han.

           Who's the girl?


           I have to get back to Jakku.

           Han told me.
           (reaches out, hold REY'S HAND)
           Dear child. I see your eyes. You
           already know the truth. Whomever
           you're waiting for on Jakku, they're
           never coming back. But... there's
           someone who still could.


           The belonging you seek is not behind
           you. It is ahead.

so maz asks han who the girl is and han tells her [something we don’t know, damnit jj, but it involves that rey wants to go back to jakku].

then based on what han told her and her force eye powers she tells rey that REY already knows the truth, and that truth is that whoever she’s waiting for on jakku are never coming back. and we know she’s waiting for her family. ergo, rey’s family are never coming back

moving onto the next part: “but there’s someone who still could. luke”. and the stuff about belonging being ahead. the word BUT implies it’s someone DIFFERENT from rey’s family, and that someone is identified BY REY as luke. rey herself identifies luke as someone who is not her family. this is supposed to tell us that what rey wants so badly– a sense of belonging, a family– is going to come from someone who isn’t her family: luke. and finn tbh, i mean don’t forget this scene

           Finn. What are you doing here?!

           We came back for you.
          She is speechless -- this is all she's ever wanted anyone to
          do. Chewie TALKS -- and Rey's eyes nearly tear up.

finn is her family now. as was han for a short time. tfa is about found family– for her, for finn, for han and leia who lost a son, and in tlj, for luke, although we have yet to see how that plays out. (daisy also said that rey and luke’s relationship in tfa is about when you “meet your hero”).

and remember that the writers KNOW rey’s origins. so get inside the writers’ heads. why would they choose to write that maz scene? why would they put in the effort to have a major part of the movie be rey learning to let go of the past (her family) and recognize that she has found a new one?

so what IS rey’s backstory?

well, jakku is important for multiple reasons. it was part of palpatine’s contingency plan (look it up on wookieepedia) and there was a big battle there after episode 6 that resulted in ships with salvageable parts being left scattered. so a system of scavenging these parts was set up by a hutt businesswoman named niima– hence, niima outpost. which is where unkar plutt operated, exchanging food portions for parts. we see plenty of people in this system, essentially in indentured servitude being payed way less than the worth of the items they scavenge.

when rey was five she was left with unkar plutt (he’s the one holding her arm in the flashback) implying she was sold into this system of near-slavery. it doesn’t really seem like she was left there to “keep her safe”… i mean barring a harry-left-with-the-dursleys situation lmfao. but overall it seems to me more like she’s just one of many people who found themselves in this system.

what else is on jakku? the church of the force village where lor san tekka, an old friend of luke and leia’s, retired, and has a clue to luke’s location. and then both poe and kylo ren show up at the same time to get it. at no point during these proceedings does anyone seem aware of rey– ie, it doesn’t seem like lor san tekka was watching over her like obi-wan was with luke. i’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s meant to be a coincidence rey is on the same planet. well, not a coincidence, as they have given us good reason for both important and unimportant people to be there. it’s actually genius writing tbh.

SO i will entertain the idea that rey is luke’s daughter now. how does that fit in to everything we’ve established? well, since she was five years old when she was left there, i’m gonna rule out a scenario where she’s stolen from luke AT THAT AGE because everyone would know he had a five year old daughter who was stolen. then there’s the fact that there’s about 10 years between rey being left on jakku and the destruction of luke’s jedi. she would be 14 at the time this happens so i’m also ruling out her being one of his original students who was somehow saved from the purge, because the timeline is a decade off. i’m also ruling out him keeping her a secret, again this was years before anything went wrong so i don’t understand WHY or HOW he would or could keep it a secret.

so what else is possible? maybe the mother never told luke she was pregnant and left before there were any signs. maybe luke knew she was pregnant but then she left, or was kidnapped, or had to leave, or ran away.

and then what? she had the daughter of the most famous person in the galaxy. she raised her for five years without anyone knowing. said daughter had a good impression of her childhood. and then the mother left the daughter on jakku to be a slave. wait, what? k that makes no sense. backtrack. maybe the mother got in some kind of trouble– bad people found out who rey was, and she HAD to … leave her on jakku to be a slave? i guess? or maybe she went there to find lor san tekka but something happened and she had to leave rey? idk. my problem with any of these scenarios is that it’s not natural to write them. i can come up with them if forced to explain reysky being left on jakku by her mom, but i would never write that in the first place. and the writers– lucasfilm story group, and jj and michael arndt and lawrence kasdan– they weren’t writing this because they were forced to come up with an explanation to a fan theory, they were writing whatever they wanted from the beginning.

i mean the very origin of this scenario, luke having s*x with a woman who then leaves before he knows she’s pregnant, barely makes sense in the first place. was it a one night stand type situation? he doesn’t seem like the type. or did they fall in love but then she left or had to leave or something? in that case wouldn’t leia and han know that he had a significant other? if not then he kept it a secret. why would he keep it a secret 10 years before anything went wrong? you know? like it’s just so contrived.

not to mention that rey remembers a family, not just one person. i highly doubt they would have her say “my family” instead of “my mother” if it was just her mother so there were probably other people. maybe the mother found a new husband (or wife…) before rey was young enough to remember. or maybe rey was stolen from the mother and the people she thought were her family were impersonators? or the mom was killed, or died in childbirth? but i’m getting off track because that really seems too complex and i don’t think they would fridge the mom like that

and who even would the mother be?! why is literally no one even mentioning this? do you think kathleen kennedy’s ass would let a white woman go unnoticed like that? in ANY reysky scenario luke had a CHILD with SOMEONE. the mother is CRITICAL. and imo the mother is where reysky as a theory falls apart. it’s just… so impossible. lol like MAYBE at first he was trying to follow the old jedi code so he kept his significant other a secret, and then she left. MAYBE. but that still brings us back to how the mother ended up leaving rey on jakku in that horrible situation. but like this is why i’m critical of reyskys’ motivations. if she’s luke’s daughter i want to know every detail about the mother and how rey ended up where she did. but reyskys are always just like “she’s a skywalker” and leave it at that.

and that’s what’s funny. a year and a half ago EVERYONE was SO SURE rey was han and leia’s daughter. LMFAO. talking about how rey was dressed like han and her full name was kira rey solo and whatnot. like there was a reason for that: it would make no sense for luke to have a secret daughter AND baby mama. and everyone knew it. this is why it’s hard for me to take reyskys seriously. anyway

(also one last thing, before tfa came out we had no idea who kylo ren was. when, in the movie, we found out he was han and leia’s son, that was a reveal, a twist. THAT was the secret skywalker child moment. that’s the whole point, they DID reveal a secret skywalker but it was the villain!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO ANYWAY reigning it in– if the writers did intend for rey to be luke’s daughter we’re back to our original question of why they would do that maz scene. see where i was coming from now? if your intention as a writer is for her to FIND HER FAMILY at the end of the movie, why would you have a major character moment be her realizing her FAMILY IS NEVER COMING BACK, but the very person she finds at the end of the movie still could. do you see how illogical that is? the ONLY possibility is if they’re using it as a technicality, like her MOTHER is never coming back but her FATHER still could… but… it just seems so unlikely to me that that was their motivation when writing that scene. you wouldn’t in your head have this whole important backstory about her mother raising her and then being forced to leave her because something goes wrong, and then write it off like that. in my onion, that scene only makes sense if, as a writer, rey’s backstory is that she was left by random people for whatever reason, and you want to show that she needs to let go of that hope because her new family is right before her eyes.

so it’s not about whether maz would know or not, it’s that we’re never meant to assume that it’s a thing for maz TO know in the first place.

as usual, and i can’t believe i have to announce this every time i say i’m a rey random, but i’m pro finnrey, pro jedi finn, anti reylo.

Pretty Little Masked Clues

Masks have been prominently showcased in PLL since the very first season, which really got me thinking… A is someone we KNOW.  He/she has been hiding their face for a reason. They are hiding in plain sight.

This theory is really long, and I go down a few different avenues of clues and hints we have gotten throughout the series and make some connections. Hope you read until the end! 


In 3x13, “This is a Dark Ride,” Mona was in Radley, and she is seen painting this creepy mannequin head- which she claims is part of a Halloween art project. 

During this scene, Mona is singing the song, “Teddy Bears Picnic,” which is  VERY interesting, considering last week we learned that Mary Drake was blamed for the death of a baby named Teddy Carver. There has been a LOT of teddy bear imagery throughout the show…

The lyrics of the song Mona is singing are very creepy:

If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today, you’d better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic

Every teddy bear who’s been good is sure of a treat today
There’s lots of marvellous things to eat and wonderful games to play
Beneath the trees where nobody sees they’ll hide and seek as long as they please

That’s the way the teddy bears have their picnic

Picnic time for teddy bears
The little teddy bears are having a lovely time today
Watch them, catch them unawares and see them picnic on their holiday

See them gaily gad about
They love to play and shout
They never have any cares
At six o'clock their mummies and daddies will take them back home to bed
Because they’re tired little teddy bears.

*Very interesting…

I was remembering that episode from season 3 because in last weeks episode, “Along Came Mary,” Aria and Emily find a head in Elliot’s alleged burner apartment.

This REALLY made me think that Mona is involved in the A Game and has been working with Uber A right from the start. When the girls discovered her lair, Mona “revealed herself as A,” just like Cece revealed herself after the Dollhouse. I believe Uber A makes his/her minions take the fall anytime someone comes too close to discovering the truth.

Remember when the girls are in the Dollhouse and there are all those mannequins at the ‘prom’?  Maybe Mona knew the Dollhouse was in the plan all along, and even back then A had her working on them.

Masks have been a HUGE theme of this show, starting first with the original Ali mask.

Then there was the masked figure who was supposedly trying to kill Ali in the first Halloween episode. 

The Emily Mask….

Everyone involved with the A team are ALWAYS WEARING MASKS….

And since we know that Mona was NOT murdered, it makes me think this face looked so realistically dead because its a mask…

And now if all of that wasn’t mysterious and creepy enough, there are now super realistic masks on the show. 

The Wilden mask Elliot wore to make Ali think she was going crazy.

The Hanna mask A put on a doll that he/she hung from the Bell Tower.

And in the coming attractions for next weeks episode, “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” we see yet ANOTHER mask. 

I believe the Uber A has been the SAME person throughout the whole show, with Big A and other minions working for him/her. Over the course of the years, their mask making talent has grown leaps and bounds and become incredible. 

[And i know we saw a book titled “Mask Making” in Mary’s things, but I definitely do not think she is the one making masks or that shes A/she just has a connection to Uber A somehow that we have not found out yet]

So all of these masks really made me believe that A is someone who LOVES the arts. A few characters come to mind, but for me at least- the biggest is EZRA.

Ezra wearing this solider costume in Ravenswood always bothered me, especially because of the gas mask we have seen so often on the show…

I also always felt like Mrs. Grunwald’s comment (which was in this episode), “One of you has been touched by the one Ali fears the most,” was directed to Aria. That was a very direct statement and the word touched sounded like “someone who has touched your life.” Ezra is a HUGE part of Aria’s life, and has been since the A game started. 

Aria loves photography and writing. Lets remember what A did at Aria’s big art exhibit… 

And Ezra’s very wealthy family OWNS an art gallery, always has prominent art work on the walls of his apartment, is also a writer, PLUS his family is extremely rich, which could be funding all the things that A has done over the years.

Remember when the girls find all those close-up photos of Aria sleeping, and they ask Jason and he swears that he did not take them. Who did? A did. Interestingly enough, A is also watching a black&white movie (Aria’s FAVORITE) with a masked character…. And who would have the perfect opportunity to photograph Aria while she was asleep?…Her BOYFRIEND.

This could DEFINITELY be Ezra. I originally thought A was using these photos to make a mask of her face, but we have never seen an Aria mask the entire show. In the top right corner of the above picture, there is a photo of Wilden in his police uniform….Last weeks episode when we saw those pictures of Widens face in the closet (which we know was used to make a mask) was a huge parallel to this episode.

Specifically in the close up photos of their lips.

The girls end up hitting Elliot with their car and killing him.

In “Hit and Run Run Run,” they bury him in the forest. He is DEAD. Interestingly enough, Ezra was away in NY during that episode.

BUTTTT, this is PLL…and the police said that Elliot was spotted in Baltimore. 

In “Along Comes Mary,” Mary rips apart a picture of Ali and Elliot…

I think that it’s relevant that instead of ripping the picture in half between Ali and Elliot’s head, she splits the picture of Elliot’s head in half. This is definitely symbolizing something. Is it a clue that Elliot was “two-faced” or a hint he has a twin? Or just noting the fact that he pretended to be someone else (since hes not really Elliot Rollins)? The possibilities go on and on, but to me personally, it made me think of none other than Ezra Fitz. 

Ever since we were introduced to Elliot, I have thought that he looks soooooooooo much like Ezra.

I think it is very interesting that Ezra was conveniently not in Rosewood at the same time “Elliot” was spotted in Baltimore… I absolutely think they know each other.

And we cannot forget that Ezra has always been a bit suspicious. He had all those computers set up to film the girls everywhere they went. There is NO WAY that he was doing that for a book, I just do not believe it.

Notice the picture of Wilden in the left side of the frame?….And if he was just writing a book then why does he have A hoodies lined up in a closet?????

Lets not forget that Alison rejected him-was that enough for him to take revenge?  Is he the real ChArles or maybe Mary’s son? Mary gave birth to a child while she was in Radley. The child was given up for adoption. Or the DiLaurentis family had a baby and once they realized he was mentally unstable they gave him away? Maybe the Fitzgerald family adopted him….Later on in life he found out about his true family ties, and decided to get vengeance. 

When his surveillance lair was found out- he made up the story about writing a book to explain away all the suspicions…Just like he instructed Mona to take the blame for being A and Cece to take the blame for the Dollhouse… 

He was at Alison’s funeral, then conveniently became the 4 Liars and Mona’s teacher, and then started dating Aria. His relationship with Aria has kept him in the inner loop throughout the entire ordeal. He always knows how much the girls know. Lolita has been mentioned countless time throughout the series, which is a story about a teacher falling in love with a young girl. 

Then there are the Great Gatsby references. Aria dressed up as Daisy and Ezra’s class was reading Gatsby when A hit Hanna with a car. Interestingly enough, a huge part of the book is about a woman getting run over by a car. F Scott Fitzgerald wrote the book. There is the billboard of eyes “always watching” just like in the book.

They are ALWAYS referencing his apartment #- 3B.

Has Ezra been hiding in PLAIN SIGHT as A the entire series?

I don’t know how, but he is linked to all of this somehow, I feel it in my bones. There are just too many coincidences.

-He was on the Halloween Train-He has the money;rich family-He was working with CeCe-He has the infamous typewritter in his apartment -He drinks the same Whiskey as A-You see his anger sneak out every once and awhile, and it’s explosive-Aria found all that money in his drawer after Jason paid someone for Alisons body-He has ‘Pretty Eyes’….just to name a few more.

Back to my main point: Masks have been all over this show from the very beginning and have evolved and grown. 

Ezra is the only character on the show that has such a passion for art, and the money and resources to do everything A has done…

I would LOVE IT if Ezra was A. He has always been one of my absolute favorite characters. 

This post was kind of all over the place and included a million thoughts I have been having lately, but I hope you guys liked it! Wrote it in honor of PLL not being on tonight. Cant wait for next week.


Jealousy consumes you

Hi everyone! Here is the jealous jungkook’s scenario requested by anon! 

Jungkook angst-philosophical- fluff scenario (2 458 words).



“Someone’s going to pick me up in a few minutes.” You announced to Jungkook after reading your new text.

“With whom are you going out?” He followed you as you were quickly gathering your wallet and some other personal effects into your handbag.

“With a friend.” You answered without lifting up your eyes.

“What are you going to do?” 

“I don’t know yet, maybe we’ll go to the cinema.” You put your shoes on.

“Oh okay, have fun!” He cheerfully said.

 You heard an engine noise becoming louder before stopping; you looked at the window and saw your friend just arrived.

“Oh, he’s here! Have a nice afternoon babe!” You kissed him on the lips.

“He?” You opened the door and your old friend was already standing in front of you. He took you by the hand before greeting you.

“Hello I’m Matt, who are you?” He stretched out his hand.

“I’m Jungkook, her boyfriend.” He didn’t take the friendly extended hand to shake it.  

“See you tonight!” You waved at him before stepping into the car.

“That’s nice to see you again!” Your childhood friend pulled out of your drive way.

“I know right! I’ve been missing you so much! Why didn’t you texted me, that’s been so long!” You widely grinned at him.

“Listen, I need your help.”

“It’s always when they need help that our false friends came back.”

“Oh come on!”

You both burst out of laughter.

“Just kidding! So why do you need me?”

“I’m going to propose to my girlfriend tonight and I need you to choose the ring.”

“You must be killing me.”


“Wait; you really have a girlfriend? And you’re really about to propose to her and I didn’t had a clue?”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, since when didn’t we talk seriously?” You sighed.

“Way too long.” He parked the car next to jewelry and you both went in.

“So what are you looking for?” You asked him after the employees greeted you.

~Jungkook’s POV~

 Is she serious right now? Is she really leaving me alone all the afternoon to see a movie with a guy, I haven’t even heard about? We haven’t even finished our movie and she went to the cinema with him.  Is he more important than I am to her?
 And this Matt is pissing me off. How can he hold her hand like this, in front of me, and then only asking me who the hell am I? Why is she even with him? I mean, I’m her boyfriend, she isn’t supposed to hang out with any other male but me; right?

 I paced back and forth in the entrance. I wanted to break everything I could grab but I felt like collapsing on the ground at the same time; I felt devastated by my anger but also by my weakness.

“Why am I freaking out like this?”
I growled.

 Jealousy is surely the worst emotion, at least; the bitterest one. Jealousy devours me. I over think and over think until I can’t think anymore. The more I try to be less jealous, the more I became. It’s like I’m trying to stop a fire by spilling on alcohol. It doesn’t devour me anymore, it brutally consumes me. And in this pitiful situation, (Y/N) is the barmaid, giving me the alcohol to spill with a bright smile; rubbing the salt in the wound. So I just have to sit here alone while my inside is ripping itself apart. I’m waiting for my headache to disappear, watching my self esteem and my relationship both burning down to being reduced to ashes. All of this because I can’t stand the thought of her being with over guys.

 I punched the wall with my fist before being sort of paralyzed because of all the emotions mixing up inside me.

~ Your POV~

“I hope I will be invited at your wedding ceremony with all the efforts I put in order to help you!” You teased as the cashier wrapped up the ring.

“You didn’t change at all!” He giggled as he poked your cheek.

“Oh, I thought you were his fiancée.” The cashier spoke up.

“No no, I’m just a close friend.” You embarrassedly replied.

“Fortunately.” He murmured under his breath.

“Really now?” You went out of the jewelry; heading back to the car.

“Should we drive to our childhood’s favorite place?”

“Oh my god yes!”  

 You asked him to tell you more about his life, what studies he took, what job he was planning to do, or was already doing. You stayed silent when he told you how he met his fiancée and how he fell in love with her. She sounds to be a very nice and adorable woman.
 He returned you your initial question which you were pleased to answer. You told him everything about your perfect boyfriend; Jeon Jungkook.

“Sounds like he his taking care of you. He looked really protective when I picked you up, is he easily jealous?”

“Hm yes he kinda is.” You replied as he parked his car just in front of your favorite place.

 You haven’t been there for so long, your heart nearly exploded with all the weight of the memories that just hit you.
 It wasn’t anything exceptional though; it was just a vast expanse of grass where you used to spend your childhood afternoons here with Matt.

 You stepped out of the car, breathing in deeply with both eyes closed.

“Do you remember when we were younger? We used to play with butterflies and do some tumble here?” You both walked away from the car.

“Yes. Though we were getting along pretty well most of the time, we also fought a lot.” You giggled.

“And we used to hurt each other a lot too.” He chuckled with you.

“Those were the good old days.” He melancholically said.

“I know right… Time flies by so fast.”

“We should keep in touch from now on. I really mean it, friends for life remember?” He showed you his tattooed forearm.

“No way! You tattooed our heart?”

 You couldn’t believe he tattooed the heart you used to draw together whether it was on the pavement with some piece of chalk or on your copybooks when you were bored in class. Your initials were written in it followed by the infinite symbol.

“Yes. Oh hold on…” He ran to his car and went back next to you, hiding something in his back.

“You remember when we used to lie on the grass and we were telling each other what we wanted to achieve in our life? How many kids we wanted to have, at which age we thought we would get married and lots of other similar stuffs?”

“Of course I do!”

“I never thought I’d be marrying myself this young but here you just helped me out with the ring choice. That’s why I’m offering you this pink rose.” He handed you the flower he has been hiding in his back.

“I think you’ve been helping me so much since we were young. You also used to hit me hard when we fought but still.” He giggled before continuing “I’m beginning to return you the favor.” He smiled; his hands in his pockets as you were smelling the light yet calming scent.

“My pleasure…”

“We should go back home and take care of our beloved ones, right?”

“Yes.” You replied as you turned around, starting to walk to the car.

 On your way back, the car was filled by nothing else but the songs that were randomly playing on the radio.

“It was nice to see you again (Y/N). I shouldn’t get out of the car uh? Your boyfriend seemed already fed up when I showed up earlier.”

“Yes, thanks for understanding. Let’s keep in touch! Good luck for tonight!” You grinned at him before shutting the car’s door.

 Matt was right and you knew it. You’ve probably left Jungkook boiling up all the afternoon and he must be pretty mad at you right now. You inhaled deeply the appeasing scent of the rose before stepping into your house.

“Hey babe, I’m back!” You hummed as you took of your shoes.

“Hi.” He coldly said as he walked in the room.

“What’s in your hand?” He stared at the flower.

“He offered me a rose.” You smiled to soothe his angriness.

“Good for you.”

Here we got into an argument again.

“How was the cinema? I bet he took you to see some horror movie so he could snuggle with you on the pretext to protect you or some shit.”

“We didn’t go to the cinema.”

~Jungkook’s POV~

 The way she said my name still made my heart flutters but with a sad melody.

“So what? Did you go ice skating holding hands?”

“We didn’t! He is just a friend, ok?

“That’s why he held your hand when he picked you up.”

“Why are you so jealous, he is just my childhood friend.”

“Since when childhood friends buy roses to their female friend? I should be the one to offer it to you! And yes I’m jealous; want to know why? Because when we started dating secretly, we used to say to our close friends we were just friends, nothing more. And here you are saying to me he is just a childhood friend.” I said with a lump in my throat.

“I know but I’m not lying to you right now. I swear I’m not.”

I turned away, wanting her to run after me. Wanting her to tell me not to worry because I’m the man she loves the most in the world.

Tears were nearly rolling down my cheeks.

~Your POV~

“I only have eyes for you and you save your hands for him?” His voice was shaking.

“Are you crying?” You caught his wrist as he stepped away from you but he harshly removed it.

“Don’t touch me!” He shouted and got you shocked.

“Jungkook!” You ran after him.

“Please calm down; he isn’t anything but my childhood friend.”

“So once again, why did he buy you a flower? I can’t believe you had the nerve not to hide it from my sight.”

“He bought me a flower because I helped him today, and lots of time when we were younger.” You came in front of him. “You don’t have to cry for this.”

“I’m crying because I don’t feel good enough for you and I’m afraid you’ll leave me for some other guys. I’m crying because you have no idea of how much it hurts.“

You laced your fingers through his.

“You don’t ever have to doubt, I’m madly in love with you.” You came closer to him but he stayed silent.

“My childhood friend asked me to hang out with him for advices. He’s going to propose to her girlfriend tonight and he was really stressed out so we went to buy her a ring end then we went to our childhood’s favorite place where we had a talk about what we became. We hadn’t seen each other for years and I didn’t have a clue he was already thinking about marriage and he didn’t know who you were. So we talked about you, I told him everything and he said he was glad I have you as a boyfriend.”

“So what’s with the rose? Shouldn’t he give it to his fiancée?” He sniffed.

“I’m supposing he bought something way more expensive than a single flower. He actually offered it to me for all the good actions I did.” You looked straight at him, terribly wanting to wipe his tears.

~Jungkook’s POV~

 I feel so dumb right now. I was mad all this afternoon, over thinking everything, imagining her lips on his. Why am I such a fool? I should trust (Y/N), she’s my girlfriend after all and she proved me so many times she was deeply in love with me but I forgot about it as soon as I saw Matt standing in front of the door, grabbing her hand.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N).” I cried.

“Sometimes I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I ever could; even if I know I shouldn’t be, I can’t help but always end up jealous. I guess it’s just my insecurities acting up.” Through my blurred vision I could see tears in her eyes but I continued, with the biggest lump in the throat I’ve ever had.

~Your POV~

“I know I’m not the most handsome, smartest, funniest and the most exciting man but I do know that no matter how hard and long you’ll look; you’ll never find somebody that loves you as much as I do. I really mean it.” He burst into tears, making you cry.

He tried to swallow his tears, biting on his lower lips, making the mole on his chin visible.

“I’m not a good lover. I mess up, I start arguments for nothing, I easily get jealous but I do love you so deeply I almost forget myself. I can’t show you how much I do love you because that means I should buy you the Earth planet, and all of the other planets with all of the stars present in the Milky Way, including the Sun and I’m feeling so guilty and sorry because I can’t. But I still want to keep you with me, I know it’s selfish but I can’t help it.” You wiped the tears that were streaming down his cheeks.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N) for not being good enough.”

“What the hell are you saying?” You hugged him tight, your forehead pressed on his chest.

“You are way too good for me. You’re taking care of me like no one ever did. And you do more than that; you are giving me your love. You don’t have to buy me things to prove me how much you love me; you just have to kiss and hug me.” You sniffed. “You make me so happy. My love for you is so strong I can’t even find the words to try to define it, so please stop doubting my feelings and stop lowering you this down. You’re the boyfriend I’ve been dreaming of since I was little; you’re my prince.”

“I love you so much (Y/N) please don’t leave me.” He hugged you tight as he buried his face into the crook of your neck.

“I love you too Jungkook. Please don’t leave me either.” You cried, your arms wrapping around his shoulders, your fingers going through his hair.

“Let’s trust each other to make the flame of our relationship shine and burn our enemies.” You said before dearly kissing him.


Here it is! I’m sorry it took me a week to upload your request lovely anon, I hope it’s still okay! But above all I hope this scenario was worth the wait! Please inbox me to say me what you think about it! :)


-An essay by a disgruntled Naruto fan. Feel free to skip anything not in bold. Reblog if you agree. Also, I don’t mean to bash Sakura here, which I do a few times, but it’s all in context. I like her character but only when her love life isn’t being discussed.

1.) Sasuke does not love Sakura.

Lets keep in mind that this manga lasted for 700 chapters, 15 years. In pre-shippuden, Sasuke showed that he loved/cared about Sakura. He showed that he cared about her by protecting her on numerous missions and even put himself in front of the enemy to save her life. He was equally as protective of Naruto. It was shown that Sasuke never wanted to see another important person die in front of him ever again. That was why he protected them both with his life. Despite Sakura being important to him, he never seemed to love her romantically. Some people took the fact that Sasuke loved her literally as him being IN love with her, but he never showed romantic interest in her. In fact he rejected her every time she requested a date. There were rare moments when there were obvious suggestions on Kishimoto’s part of Sasusaku. For example, when Sasuke was bitten by Orochimaru during the Chunnin exams and he grabbed Sakura’s hand. The hand holding was emphasized by Kishimoto in a panel. Also, after Sasuke woke up after passing out he protected Sakura by breaking the arm of the enemy and also withheld himself from killing him because Sakura hugged him. Moments like this supported Sasusaku. Sadly, those moments were blips, literally a few panels out of 700 chapters of Naruto and they were sodded out by the many anti - Sasusaku moments that came before and afterwards. 

In Shippuden, their interactions occurred as follows : he never spoke to her much whenever they met, tried to kill her, ignored her in preference of talking to Naruto, insulted her usefulness, told Naruto to let her die in hot lava, saved her from falling after she rescued him, called her annoying, put her in a harsh genjutsu, said he doesn’t have interest in her and doesn’t see why she loves him, and then apologized for everything. So an apology nullified every anti - Sasusaku event that has ever happened?  I think no.

Lastly, he poked her forehead. I’m hoping you guys see how fair and logical I’m being in this post so far because I’m about to say something most people won’t agree with. The poke at first seemed romantically significant and it made me think he liked her. That’s how I saw it from my own perspective. Then someone pointed out that it makes more sense that it was meant in a sisterly kind of way. And I agreed. Itachi, Sasuke’s brother, poked Sasuke in the forehead saying “Sorry, next time little brother.” Sasuke now pokes Sakura in the forehead saying “Thank you.” She is always wanting to spend time with him and he’s never available, just like Itachi was with him. Because of the similarities in their relationships in this respect, the poke can be interpreted as a “kin” thing. When I was younger, my dad would kiss me on the forehead, both cheeks, the chin, then nose. Before he would kiss my nose, he’d sneak and kiss my lips. He did this because I didn’t like kissing him on the lips. It was funny and cute. Imagine my boyfriend doing that to me to continue the tradition. Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to do that to my future kid instead? Just a thought.

2.) Sakura never gave a reason for loving Sasuke

I don’t think anyone disagrees with this. If you do, please show me when she ever gave a non-shallow reason for loving Sasuke. Even Karin had a reason (he saved her during the chunin exams). Hinata has a reason to love Naruto as well. Now, I understand that Karin’s reason was kind of “written in” and presented as a memory. This means that Kishimoto could’ve just pulled a reason out of his butt and inserted it in the chapter where Karin was almost killed by Sasuke. But Kishimoto never even considered writing in a memory for Sakura to explain why she loved Sasuke. Never in 700 chapters, 15 years, and countless movies. (Can anyone tell me if it was in a filler, etc? I doubt it because I’ve seen 95% of anything produced for Naruto but it’s possible). So can we assume that she doesn’t have a reason? Maybe a reason will be written in another movie titled “The very last Naruto the movie, this time we mean it. We think.”

3.) Incompatible: Sakura does not understand Sasuke

We see that Sakura doesn’t understand Sasuke in at least 3 examples. I’ll start with the most insane one in my opinion.

Number 1 was when Sasuke was leaving the village. She told him that she understood his loneliness. That even though she had friends and family, him leaving would make her feel as lonely as he felt having his whole family taken away from him. A guy who she spent a year getting to know, a few years obsessing about, and who never showed romantic feelings for her leaves and she compares that loneliness to Sasuke losing his whole clan, lets say about 1000 of his people? Sakura is delusional if she believes that. If Sasuke didn’t think Naruto could understand him, how could Sakura possibly understand his loneliness?

Number 2 was in chapter 3 when she said that Naruto was lucky to not have parents and that the fact that he didn’t have parents was why he was always causing problems. Sasuke promptly shut her up telling her that what Naruto felt was nothing like having a parent yell at you. Then he called her annoying. (How do people associate him calling her annoying as a romantic thing again? He obviously means it in the negative). We found out towards the end of the manga that Sasuke understood all along that Naruto acted like an idiot at a young age to get attention. He understood that Naruto was lonely and longed for attention, even if it was negative attention. He was the same as Naruto, being alone with no parents. By insulting Naruto, Sakura insulted Sasuke too. She obviously couldn’t understand nor was sensitive to the tragedy of growing up orphaned. No big deal, she was just a kid and can be forgiven. But still, she did not understand Sasuke’s pain. In Shippuden she didn’t even know about Itachi’s truth, the uchiha history, nothing. She barely knows Sasuke. And even when he tries to clue her in, she still can’t seem to understand. This brings me to the third example.

Number 3, the curse mark issue. Sakura couldn’t see Sasuke’s POV and disrespected his wishes. She doesn’t understand what is important to Sasuke or she ignores it for her own self interest (this highly feeds into my other point of her being selfish, point #5). Sakura knew about the curse mark and Sasuke asked her to not tell Naruto since he didn’t want Naruto worrying. But she mentioned it in front of Naruto anyways. She also wanted him to quit the chunin exam despite him obviously wanting to continue. Then threatened him to expose his secret if he didn’t follow her wishes. He told her over and over that his purpose in life was to kill a certain person. He told her that he wanted to continue the chunnin exams to test his skills.Testing his skills for him was worth possibly dying from the curse mark’s effects. He explained this to her  but her self interest of not wanting to see him suffer (while noble and good is still selfish) made her ignore his wishes. She brought it to another level by threatening him. Sasuke in his own right was being selfish and inconsiderate of her feelings, however it’s his body, his life, technically he is considered an adult and she isn’t in charge of his life in any way shape or form. The nerve of her to try to control him with threats like he’s a child and she’s his mother! That’s not how relationships/marriages work where i’m from. (Threats is a theme in their “relationship” as Sakura also threatened him when he was leaving the village).

4.) Incompatible: Sasuke does not understand Sakura

This one also supports Sakura not understanding Sasuke as well. In the Road to Ninja movie, which was Shippuden time, Sakura was having issues with her parents again. She sat on a swing complaining to Naruto about her parents to which Naruto replied that she was being too harsh. She then said that if Sasuke was there that he would understand her. Now refer back to chapter 3 of the manga and read my point #3. Would Sasuke really understand her and her complaints about her parents knowing that his whole clan is dead? The fact that Sakura thinks he would understand her and be on her side is simply hilarious. Honestly, Sasuke is able to logically understand where other people are coming from, including Sakura, but in the above case, he wouldn’t respect her complaints. In a relationship, understanding and respecting each others pain/goals/dreams is something that is invaluable. They only person that understands Sasuke completely is Naruto while Sakura doesn’t get him at all. It would’ve been acceptable if Sakura was able to at least make up for not understanding Sasuke by giving advice, listening, etc, and if Sasuke could respect her pov. But they can’t. Their characters are too different when it comes to the important things. Point # 5 I’ll talk about Naruto being their go between and Sakura not being a good support system for Sasuke (and no, her offering to go off with Sasue isn’t support. It is her feeding her own self interest).

5.) Sakura can’t be a supportive girlfriend and Naruto is their go between / therapist. (I went off tangent at the end, sorry)

I believe that a good spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend should be able to influence each other and support each other. Sakura has never been able to do anything for Sasuke (Edit: I’m wrong, she is supportive as in she sticks by him, but I’m talking about real support. Like Hinata slapping Naruto in the face and telling him to buck up, Neji would want you to continue fighting, we have a war to win. A power couple. Sasuke needs a strong person to keep him in check and sadly, Naruto is the only person who could ever do that. That’s one reason I also ship Narusasu). I’ll give one example. When Sasuke got the curse mark and grabbed Sakura’s hand, that was a perfect time for her to support Sasuke. All she had to do was hold him. Instead she was freaking out and actually called on Naruto. She said she didn’t know what to do and needed Naruto. I’m sorry, Sakura, but Naruto was passed out hanging from a tree after saving Sasuke’s and your ass. Do you always need Naruto to take care of Sasuke? Can’t you use your own strength to take care of Sasuke? Dumb question, since Shippuden occurred solely because she asked Naruto to bring Sasuke back. I would’ve like her to train for 3 years to bring Sasuke back on her own. Why does Naruto always have to secure her opportunity to get some Uchiha D***? Sarada exists solely because of Naruto saving Sasuke. Point made. There really is nothing else to say…but I will say them anyway.

Naruto was the one to save Sakura from being killed by Sasuke.

Naruto was the one who saved Sakura from lava, despite Sasuke telling him to ignore her.

Naruto was the one who makes sure Sasuke is nice to Sakura.

Naruto reminds Sasuke to thank Sakura.

Naruto is the one yelling at Sasuke to not put Sakura in a genjutsu. 

The list goes on. But SasuNaruSaku didn’t become canon, Sasusaku did. Yet they have proven that Naruto is the link holding them together so how will they get along without their therapist, Naruto? EARLY in pre - Shippuden, Sasuke and Sakura did get along better and at times Naruto seemed like the third wheel. But again let me remind you that that was 15 years ago and 600+ chapters ago. What chapter did Sakura almost get eaten by hot lava again on Sasuke’s request? Oh…ok…well…that was like yesterday. Lol. But…then…Sasusaku became canon like today. That’s…..HILARIOUS!!!!! How did it work out like that? Oh, the lava thing was just Sasuke’s cover up for loving Sakura, we just didn’t realize it. Every look he ever gave Sakura was filled with lust and passion, we just didn’t realize it. Every insult of “You’re annoying” held romantic undertones, we just didn’t realize it. But the joke is on me, because they are effin canon! Maybe pre - Shippuden they could’ve been together if Sasuke had stayed. But it didn’t turn into that story did it? No, Sasuke did leave and the story turned into what we have been reading for 15 years. In this story, in Shippuden, Sasusaku was obliterated. Kishimoto had up til 693 to turn Sasusaku around realistically and save this pairing. He could’ve made Sasuke confess to Sakura. Instead he told her that “You’re such an annoyance.” “What, was she having fun daydreaming about love? I don’t see what she likes about me and honestly, I’m not interested in her at all.” Why crush this pairing further just to make it canon 7 chapters later? Sasuke confirms that Sakura doesn’t have a real reason to love him and he isn’t romantically interested in her at all. But I guess that was all a lie and I just didn’t realize it. Yeah. This is a great story. Told by a great author. Sorrynotsorry. Still love and respect you though Kishimoto sama! We all make mistakes sometimes, we just don’t wait till the end of the story to make them and end up discrediting 15 years of hard facts.

6.) Sakura selfishly loves Sasuke

I am going to have to make comparisons here and it’s not gonna be pretty. But Hinata put her life on the line to save Naruto’s life during the Pein arc. She put her money where her mouth was. Even though she was useless in the situation she tried to save Naruto. People call it selfish on her part (because Naruto didn’t want her there) and in a way it was selfish but I’m sorry, losing your life to save another’s is completely a selfless act of love. When Sasuke was leaving, yes Sakura offered to go. But it was for her own SELF INTEREST, as it always is when it comes to Sakura.

Sakura wants him to quit the chunin exams because SHE doesn’t want to see him suffer.

SHE can’t live w/o Sasuke so she wants to go with him even though Sasuke didn’t want her to go with him.

He goes to leave anyway and she threatens to scream so that he would get  caught and stay with HER.

Unlike Naruto who would’ve died shouldering Sasuke’s hatred, and Kakashi who had a valid reason to kill Sasuke (he was a menace to society which he (Kakashi) helped train), Sakura’s reason for wanting to take Sasuke’s life was so that SHE didn’t have to see him plunge deeper into darkness.

She wanted him to not go if he even had an ounce of care left for HER. She loves him so much, please stay Sasuke, she wants to go back to how things were before you left to try and get closure! Who cares if you were mentally abused by your brother and need closure (even if that means killing Naruto), Sakura wants team 7 back together..so she could have another chance to ride you.

Please Sasuke let her go with you on your redemption tour because SHE can’t stand not being without you. Yes, we know it has nothing to do with her, but who cares? Make her happy.

Geez Sakura, it isn’t always about you. In fact, it was never about you but you keep inserting yourself into Sasuke’s life in ways that were either  inappropriate of your position in his heart or in ways that were against his wishes. You’d think they were lover’s/had a deep bond with the way she acted all 699 chapters. Is she important to him, yes. But obviously she crosses the line. When Sasuke was leaving the village pre - Shippuden, Sakura thought he despised her, yet she still felt like she had a position in his heart to force him to stay? Does that seem logical?

Naruto, Itachi, Kakashi = the only people who have any rights to even suggest something to Sasuke. Period. Why? Because they understand him. Especially Naruto who, though he can’t accept Sasuke’s choices, chooses to die with him instead of selfishly taking his life because he can’t stand to see Sasuke plunge deeper into darkness.

7.(8,9,infinity) The only reason Sasuke would have dated her if he had stayed is because they were both on team 7. The only reason he married her was because she was the closest female to him and was riding him hard. The only reason Sasusaku happened was because of fan service. If Naruto was a girl, I would’ve had the last 3 hours of my life back writing this essay because there would be no shipping wars or fans of Sasusaku. This is proven by the fact that after 1 chapter (700) BoruSara or Saladbowl almost completely solos  and they are almost carbon copies of Sasuke and Naruto. 

#Facts. The end. 

“Don’t fucking call this article Murphy’s Law!” joked Cillian Murphy in a 2004 interview in Complex magazine, referring to the fact that more stories on him than he cared to mention had said title.

Twelve years later, he’s a lot more relaxed about it. Cillian on the cover of 7 Days Magazine. Interview + 7 must watch Cillian films below the cut.

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More on Kristoff’s Past

Since I made this analysis about Kristoff’s past, I have done some research that could provide some further details about his backstory, particularly how Sven came into his life and why he grows up to be so cynical and bitter.

Sami Origins

First of all, the script itself says that Kristoff is a Sami boy, and that he and the ice harvesters are wearing traditional Sami clothing. These Sami (sometimes spelled “Sámi”) people, traditionally known as Lapps in English, are the indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi. This area, also known as Lapland in English, is located in Northern Europe and stretches over the far northern parts of Scandinavia, including Norway, which is the country setting of Arendelle. Other moments that provide clues to Kristoff’s Sami heritage include the following examples:

  • Part of Kristoff’s clothing consists of a gákti, which is worn over his shirt and appears similar to a tunic. Being a male, Kristoff wears a gákti with a shorter “skirt” than that of a woman’s, and around it, he wears a woven belt (although some might call it a sash). The rounded appearance of Kristoff’s hat is similar to that a Four Winds hat, but it lacks the four-cornered star on the top and just has a ball of fur. His boots have curled/pointed toes like the boots worn by the Sami, and he wears large mittens like them, too
  • When Kristoff cuts Sven from his reins and Anna cuts her and Kristoff free of the rope from the cliff, they use what is presumably a Sami knife. This knife has a long and wide blade with a length that ranges between 200 and 450 mm, and a handle usually made from birch.
  • The best known means of livelihood in Sami culture is reindeer herding, which offers a large potential explanation on how Kristoff acquired Sven.

So since Kristoff is a Sami person, knowledge of their culture could offer opinion on his backstory. For example, I think it’s possible that he used to live in a Sami village with his parents not so far from Arendelle. I’m willing to believe that his father was an ice harvester before him, and maybe worked with other ice harvesters in collecting ice from frozen lakes in the mountains, then selling it down in Arendelle. The fact that young Kristoff wears gear that fits him perfectly, not to mention he has tools all the perfect size for him, makes me believe that if his father was an ice harvester, he was going to show Kristoff how to become one, so maybe the clothes and tools were a gift. Because Kristoff does grow up to be a good man, it is suggested that his parents raised him with love and care for the first eight years of his life.

But after Kristoff lost his parents, that’s when everything began to change for him.

After Kristoff was orphaned, he realized he needed to do something to take care of himself. This is why he starts harvesting ice at a young age; he knows he can sell ice he collects and he needs the money in order to survive. It is possible that Kristoff was orphaned fairly recently, since a boy his age could not survive too long without being cared for by adults. Additionally, if Kristoff came from a Sami tribe prior to living in the mountains, and given how young Sven is, they probably found each other around the same time that Kristoff lost his parents.

People Are No Good

Now I said it before and I’ll say it again: Kristoff’s negative opinion about people could have started as early as what we see in the beginning of the movie. When Kristoff decides try harvesting for the first time, he hopes that someone will take him in and show him their ways. But unfortunately, he ends up having to learn it on his own. None of the men acknowledge or help him in anyway; they just mind their own business and ignore Kristoff entirely.

After this, while it wasn’t shown onscreen, Kristoff possibly faced neglect from the ice harvesters in different ways over the years. They would be rude to him and tell him to go away if he went to them for guidance, they would tease him for being too small to be a real harvester like them, and/or they would ignore him with the hopes that he would eventually go away entirely (which he didn’t, of course) if they didn’t give him guidance. Because he was experiencing this kind of treatment as a child, with him being so young and inexperienced, it probably didn’t take too long for him to give up on people all together. Part of his gruff and tough personality might have even come from them, because he was trying to be a lot like them, so he just adopted the same kind of attitude.

So if Kristoff grew up being ignored or teased by the people around him, especially those who did the same work as him, then it’s no wonder he eventually came to distrust other people. It’s hard to say if he really interacted with many other people for them to harm him in any way. But by the time he became an adult, Kristoff did not take trust in people very lightly. Maybe he initially didn’t like being alone as a child, but since he was shut out by people for many years, he grew to enjoy it because he learned how to survive it and cope with it. Since people did not ever appear to really need Kristoff, he felt that he didn’t need anyone in his life, either. He gave up on people after they gave up on him first, and he refused to take any more chances on people because he fears being ruined or emotionally hurt. When he meets new people, Kristoff acts cold and hostile instead of friendly because he believes that showing his true kind self will make him look weak. He thinks that people will walk all over him or take advantage of him, so he wants to protect himself from getting hurt.

Reindeer (and Anna) Are Better

But through any and all past bad experiences, when people ignored him, were unkind to him, or gave up on him, Sven was the only one who never did. Even in the prologue, while none of the men help Kristoff, Sven never once leaves his side. Sven licks Kristoff’s face when Kristoff gets splashed, and helps him regain his balance after Kristoff manages to snag the ice block, then nearly falls over.

A major difference between him and Anna having little human contact growing up was that, completely unlike Anna, Kristoff was never truly alone. Sven has literally been by his side for years and stuck by him through thick and thin. Anna did not have a companion like that for herself, not even from the adults in her castle. And since there are so many trolls that make up his family, I think it’s safe to say that Kristoff was never alone in the way that Anna was as they grew up.

Sven proved his loyalty and love for Kristoff many times, hence why he created “Reindeers Are Better than People.” Even though he would act grumpy and cranky towards other people, the fact that Kristoff was shown love by Sven and the trolls and he loved them in return, this proved that he is just as capable of loving and caring for a human being.

And because of Anna, Kristoff begins to let down his mental walls of hostility and opens up to her, probably far more than he ever has to a human, let alone a human girl. Her optimism is just what he needs to balance his realistic nature, and while he may still believe that not all people are good, Kristoff possibly believes that Anna is the best person he has ever known.

Hello everyone! Today, instead of doing my history homework like I’m supposed to, I’m going to explain why I think my aromantic asexual John headcanon is a fair reading of the text, even though it will probably not be upheld in canon.

I’m sure that’s enough to put most people off, but if anyone’s interested or is looking for some kind of representation to be carved out for themselves, read on.

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dominicknapper-blog  asked:

Do you think Jurassic World looks dumb?

You’ve unleashed the kraken, my friend.

I am excited for JP4, as I am excited for any movie that has dinosaurs in it, and that theme music gets me every time because I remember how beautiful it was to see that first film. The first film showed us dinosaurs as they’d never been seen, dinosaurs based on thorough research (though not without their faults— those raptors and dilophosaurus for instance) and it changed the way dinos were portrayed in media forever.

And this is why I am so, so upset with JP4. It’s showing us the same old green-skinned scaly monsters and totally ignoring DECADES of new developments. It’s ignoring the reason why the first film worked so well— it was something new, based on actual scientific research. People love innovation, and many love learning really neat science facts, and JP4 is in no way going to do either of those.

Now I have heard the arguments FOR the scaly green-skinned boring designs:

1. “But Abby, there’s an in-universe explanation, they have frog DNA! They’re just trying to stay consistent.” Never, never never say “but there’s a canonical reason” for something that’s problematic. . Someone at some point made a conscious decision to make it so, it’s not some unchangeable law that must be adhered to. It’s been at least 20 years in-universe since the first movie, are we really supposed to believe they didn’t keep making developments in their cloning process? Remember how frog DNA fricked everything up by making the dinos able to reproduce? What if they changed it to bird DNA once it became apparent that birds and dinos were so closely related, and to stop them from changing sex? And beyond all that the important thing to remember here is that it doesn’t MATTER if they aren’t exactly supposed to be dinosaurs in-universe, people who watch this movie are going to see them as dinosaurs. They are going to come away from this film thinking the “feathers theory” is still some weird fringe science and REAL dinosaurs are still green and scaly and naked. Also calling “consistency” when the dinosaurs’ appearances were changed between films is hardly a steady argument.

2. “There’s no way we could know what they look like so why even bother, we can make them look however we want!!1!” This is you choosing to ignore the vast wealth of knowledge we DO have. Paleontologists aren’t just making wild guesses, sitting around thinking “whooa duuude what if they had feathers, wouldn’t that just be wild” we KNOW. We have FOSSIL EVIDENCE. Technology has progressed to a point that we can look at the same fossil we had 30 years ago and find countless more details we didn’t know were there, didn’t think to look for. We even know what COLOR some feathers were, we know there were feather mites that preyed on those feathers. Trackways tell us how they walked, how many walked, where they walked. Fossilized nesting sites give us clues on how they cared for their young. We know so much, there is no reason to ignore the incredible amount of research people have done just because we haven’t seen living, breathing non-avian dinosaurs with our own eyes, especially considering the fact that so many people don’t know about all the stuff we know, because public outreach movies like JP4 keep blatantly ignoring it.

3. “But feathered dinosaurs look stupid, like big chickens. They could never sell that to an audience!” Okay look. People are going to see JP4. If you make it look good, and you have Chris Pratt, and you have Chris Pratt on a motorcycle riding with some velociraptors, people will see this movie. And is a chicken the only bird anyone knows? Have you never heard of the bearded vulture? Or eagles, and the fact that they attack BEARS? Even small birds are a formidable opponent to a person. And their feathers make them look magnificent, not stupid. In order to design crowd-pleasing dinosaurs, we don’t need to strip them of their feathers, we need designers who know what they’re doing. The blog paleoillustration reblogs excellent paleo art from capable artists, a game called Saurian is being developed that is using incredible artists such as grimchild to create the most accurate and beautiful dinosaurs possible, Emily Willoughby is excellent at using bird influences to make realistic feathered dinosaurs (including one of my favorite depictions of Microraptor!)— feathered dinosaurs do not look stupid. Even if they look stupid to you, that doesn’t stop them from existing, and perhaps you should immerse yourself in the world of feathered dinosaurs some more and get used to it, because they are here to stay. You aren’t getting Pluto back, and you aren’t getting your naked monsters back, either. When good scientists are presented with theories that disprove old theories, they don’t wallow in nostalgia, they accept it and move forward.

4. “Why do you even care so much, geez, it’s just a movie” Nothing is ever “just a movie”. Even if you think you aren’t, you are affected by what you see in movies. We tend to believe what we see in movies, even some of the ridiculous stuff. Movies can be an excellent way to present science to people in an easy to digest format, as we saw with JP1. Sure, the science was ridiculous, but it got people interested in actual dinosaurs. JP4 will be the only exposure most people have to dinosaurs— and it is decades behind. People will keep chuckling to themselves when I draw them a dinosaur with feathers, asking “haha so you buy into the feather theory?” as if it’s something a scientist posited in a fit of insanity, totally unsupported by evidence. When people keep seeing naked dinosaurs in pop culture, they assume that must be the accepted idea of what they looked like, or else it would be changed. So I have to make a stink, so I can get the word out that Paleontologists and even Junior Paleontologists absolutely do not support the current portrayal of dinosaurs in the media. This way, we can get more movies such as Dinosaur Island which I very much look forward to seeing, and Saurian which I very much look forward to playing.

And why does learning about accurate dinosaurs matter? Why should we want to learn about these weird bird/reptiles that died millions of years ago? Because learning about the world we live in is important. Just as we want to figure out how we fit into the universe, we want to figure out how we fit on our own planet, where we came from, our life history. This isn’t just a bunch of sheltered nerds sitting around saying “Well actually…” in a nasally voice, it’s an entire branch of science whose accomplishments are being ignored because a bunch of nostalgic 20-somethings are afraid of change and think “feathers look stupid, like a chicken”

All this being said, I am still going to see it the day it comes out, in the best seats in the house. 

Creepypasta #750: Extra Ketchup

Length: Super long

Peter had this obnoxious way of withholding important information.

He’d tell you half a story, give you some sliver of knowledge, then flash his wide-eyed, square-toothed grin and you knew what was coming next.

“It’s no fun if I just TELL you!”


He had been doing this for as long as I’d known him. We met through a mutual friend who had actually warned me of this annoying personality trait. Don’t ask Peter anything, because “That’s how he gets you.”

We grew close based on a mutual interest in horrible Sci-Fi B-Movies and a general inability to grow up and join everyone else in the great maze of cubicles they’d disappeared into.

Basically, we were nerdy bums.

Aside from his obsessive need to control conversations by leaving out important points, you’d never take him for a weirdo. Short, kind of husky, he’d barrel into the room with a warm “Hello” and a strong handshake. Nobody who met him didn’t like him - at least until they actually got to know him. After a few separate conversations with Peter, folks would magically become too busy to hang out.

At one point, he actually seemed to have a chance with this young hairdresser. She was nuts. Short, crazy-colored hair, equally short fuse, and the need to tell everyone within earshot about her recent bathroom habits. The two of them seemed to be just damaged enough to work.

Then he told her about this new bar he had gone to, how he hung out there every night for a week and loved the place. When she asked why he stopped going… he grew that stupid grin… “It’s no fun if I just TELL you!”

She checked the place out, essentially based on what seemed to be his recommendation. It turned out the management wasn’t very on-the-ball when it came to health standards and she spent a good chunk of the following month with some gut-wracking supervirus.

Peter had gotten the same thing there. That’s why he’d stopped going.

As you’d no doubt imagine, the relationship ended soon after.

By virtue of being the only person who could stand Pete, and only because I knew how to talk to him without being duped, he eventually seemed to calm down around me. I could hold entire conversations with him and, much to the surprise of anyone who had met him, he’d actually behave like a normal person.

That is, until the one time I slipped up.

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