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Yeah, it’s pretty big. I mean, we took about seven months to film it, but I think the Duffers have been with it since 2012, when my sister was born. And then in 2015, they were like, “Netflix picked up our show. Now we’ve got to cast it.” They cast Winona and David Harbour, they cast Gaten [Matarazzo], they cast me, and it was going on from there. But really, the Duffers deserve all the recognition that we got, because they made it such an incredible show. — Millie Bobby Brown photographed by Mikael Janson for Interview Magazine 

I don’t think that Mike officially asked El to the Snowball. It was a little secret between Hop and El; Mike was really only there because Joyce told Will to tell him to go. And honestly, even if he had the guts to, I don’t think Mike would’ve asked her. He thought it was too dangerous and stuff. So when Hopper asked if El could have one night out? That was all him. Obviously she had been gushing about it all year and he knew it would make her happy and live a normal teenage life and he just couldn’t say no. And I don’t think it was like ‘hey kid do you wanna go to the snowball’ I think it was ‘kid, Nancy is waiting to take you dress shopping you’re going to the snowball’ (because of COURSE Nancy took her shopping).

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Hey I‘m the anon about the hidekane engame from earlier and you answer made me think. You said that Kaneki „chooses to live just to see his wife again“ and that made wonder (while I might have missed something in the manga) how do you think Kaneki would have acted or what his train of thought would have been if he knew that Hide was still alive? Because right now he‘s acting under the presumption that Hide is dead, no?


I think Kaneki’s going to be really freaked out by the fact that Hide is still alive.

He’s actively been trying not to think about Hide too much because the thought of loosing (or having lost) him is unbearable. 

So, I think… if Kaneki knew all along that Hide was still alive, he still would have kept him at arms-length, just like at the beginning of the manga. Even though it’s not healthy or true, sometimes it’s easier for people to talk themselves out of being deserving of love/friendship so the pain of losing someone doesn’t hurt as much. That’s why Kaneki pushed Hide away after the incident/torture.

This whole thing has been too scary and overwhelming to confront Hide about, anyway, so he just opted not to. It was just easier to know he wasn’t involved and safe, but now he thinks he’s dead(?), so he’s just trying not to think about it at all.

And Hide isn’t necessarily the only victim in this case either. While it’s not his responsibility to resolve all of Kaneki’s issues and insecurities as his friend, he can’t really go “oh woe is me” when he went into hiding and pulled tricks behind the curtain rather than confronting him about getting left behind. They’re both at fault. 

Anyway, it will be really interesting to see Kaneki’s reaction to seeing Hide again! I’m going to cry. I wonder if he’ll even believe it… ;o;

hhhh working on this comic is so difficult but not in that i have a lot to draw, just i have little motivation

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What do you think about how Vincent's dead face really resembles Sebastian's when he was pretending he was dead?

Pretty cruel! I mean, just imagine how Ciel must have felt to find Sebastian like that. He surely must have been reminded of when he found his father back then which was a traumatizing experience for him. Poor Ciel is always being reminded of what happened. Just looking in the mirror must bring painful memories… :/

Something new !

Hi guys !! First of all, I just reached 150 followers, and I am so grateful ! Thank you so much !!

So here’s the thing : As much as I love drawing and I have fun doing it, it takes a lot of time and I find it sometimes hard to recreate the reaction I want on paper. So, for a while now, I’ve have been wanting to try cosplaying !

I’ve always been really scared of putting photos or videos of me online, and I’m still very anxious to do so, but I saw many amazing cosplay ask-blogs and they looked like they were really enjoying what they were doing, and I really wanted to be able to interract better with them/you ! There was also this great tutorial that @ask-the-useless-german did a while ago that encouraged me further ((so thank you, it was really helpful !)).

Of course I’m completely new to this, so I’ll be counting on you guys to help me improve if that is something you want to see ! I don’t have a “real” nyo!France outfit (yet, because they’re a bit expensive and I don’t have neither the time nor the skill to make one myself), or a wig or anything but hey, I’ve got to start somewhere !

That doesn’t mean I’d stop drawing, but I’d just choose which of the two gives me the most satisfying answer ! You can tell me if that is something you’d want to see or if you’d rather I kept doing drawings only.

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Phan: How It Should Be

Dan is asexual and Phil is okay with that, which is exactly how it should be.

Wordcount: 1.3k
Warnings: mentions of sex
A/N: Since people have been asking if I’ll write Phan again earlier this week and I really didn’t want to write a critical review for uni, I decided to write a phanfic instead. This is the counterpart to Bones. I’ve been meaning to write a positive phanfic about asexuality for a long time, so I’m glad I can cross that off my list. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. :) x

Phil takes Dan out for dinner. He does it every once in a while. Wine and dine Dan in a beautiful restaurant, until he’s pleasantly full on heavenly-good food and his cheeks are rosy from the red wine that he might have had one too many glasses of.

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Ok, so I need to speak about something that has been happening recently. I have noticed that some people have been bashing the lucky fan that got to speak to BTS, Sabrina I think her name was, and I would just kindly like to ask those doing that sort of stuff to grow the fuck up. So what if she messed up a little on the pronounciation? She was really excited and nervous at the same time, do you realise how hard it is to even say something in english when that much adrenaline is going through you? Very fucking hard. And the fact that she immediately said that she wasn’t good at Korean shows that she was aware that she messed up and that she was apologising if she messed up any other stuff. Korean is a fucking hard language anyway, especially for someone that has spoken English for most of their life. I would know because I am a student that has been taking languages as a subject since I was twelve. But honestly, the fact that she even bothered to try and speak in Korean to them, THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE, just so they wouldn’t have to stress out about speaking in english speaks a lot about her as a person. And she was such a sweetheart too, she wasn’t just fixated on Jungkook like other’s tend to be, she addressed the band as a whole and talked about how much she loved them all. Y’all that are criticising her need to take a concrete pill, harden the fuck up and stop being so salty. 

Anyway, I know she probs won’t see this, but Sabrina, congratulations on being able to speak to the boys :D I was honestly so proud of you for actually making an effort to speak to them in Korean, that was so brave of you to do, even when you knew you were a bit shaky with the language. You did such a good job anyway so I don’t know why you were too worried. Hopefully you got to see them in person! Congrats again bub ^_^

Queen Meteora?

Don’t know if somebody has talked about it already and even though I guess they had already done it I really wanted to talk about this cause I have been thinking about it since yesterday after watching Monster Bash.

So now we know that Meteora/miss Heinous is Eclipsa’s daughter.

Also Marco referred to her as a princess and no one said otherwise.

what could mean that Star has never heard of her, and that’s highly possible since her nursery was hidden in the temple Meteora could be Eclipsa’s secret daughter from who Mewmans may not know about he but Mina didn’t said anything about it either.

So basically what I’m saying is that nobody said she was a queen at some point therefore she’s probably still a princess, so if she’s a Butterfly that was never queen that would mean that she is the next in line for the throne since she is way older than Star.

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Do you honestly think as a book reader only ( i d'ont want to talk about the show because it is a mess in all levels) that jonsa has a chance of hapening, we the jonsa fondom qre being trolled everywhere , at this point i'm only shipping it out of spite :(

Let me tell you, Anon: spite can be a powerful motivator. I completely understand where you’re coming from, I often find myself experiencing the same feeling.

You’re right, we’ve been trolled for believing Jonsa has a chance of happening in canon, not only by the other ship and people who don’t really care about shipping, but also by people in the fandom itself.

We’ve been driven into a corner, bullied, ridiculed and attacked, some of us have even received rape or death threats. 

And I think that is what has brought many of us to the point of loudly and proudly declaring our opinion that Jonsa is endgame, even if we ourselves are not entirely certain of it. Perhaps some us have even lashed out or lost our patience, but can you honestly blame us for that, after everything we’ve had to endure?

But at some point it has become to sound a bit hollow, if you know what I mean. It’s become an instant response to any kind of attack and it seems to have lost some of its power.

But we are made up of such intelligent, wonderful and resilient people. Whenever we’re attacked, we use our creativity to give it a postive twist. The most recent example of that is probably the dramatic rice tag.

Now back to your actual question. Am I absolutely certain that Jonsa is endgame? In previous posts I might have said yes, because I felt compelled to defend our validity as a ship. But now I’ll give you the honest answer: I’m not sure.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s what leaves us the chance to write more meta and fanfic, to come up with headcanons and speculate about how it might happen and look for more evidence in the books.

Do I think Jonsa has a good chance of actually happening in the books? Yes, I do. I understand you don’t want to talk about the show, the longer I think about season 7, the more depressing it becomes. But I’ll have to point out that in my case it was season 6 which made me start shipping Jonsa.

After that I started reading meta and fanfic and I haven’t been able to come out of my Jonsa trashcan ever since :’) And at first, I didn’t really care that much about canon, I just enjoyed fanfic and fanart, edits, gifs and pretty pictures and if they were to happen in canon, that would only be a nice extra.

But I’ve read so many metas providing evidence for Jonsa that I now firmly believe in them happening in canon. There’s enough foreshadowing in the books. 

That doesn’t mean they are definitely going to be canon/endgame, but there is enough proof to theorize that it is a very strong possibility.

I know a lot of metas have been written in the last year, especially since season 7, so there’s a lot of show-based content and it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for. 

I actually think that after 4,5 years, this is still the meta to end all metas on Jon and Sansa. A Time for Wolves: The Case for Jon and Sansa.

Thank you for the question!

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Hey Emmett, don't worry about what that anon said. You do a great job answering asks! And I know that everyone really appreciates your contribution! You're a great guy and I think that you're doing an awesome job! So keep up the good work!

Aw thank you 💜 I chose to answer it because it has been asked before and honestly it does have to be irritating for you guys. It is BEYOND irritating for me. So I get why someone could be frustrated by it. But thank you all for your kind messages!!


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idk if you've answered this and i'm sorry if you have but wwnd if you were in the mood but he wasn't

He probably feels really bad, probably a little embarrassed because what guy isn’t in the mood?  The kisses get slower and gentler and he has to pull your hands up from where they’re trying to tuck into the back of his boxers.

“M’so tired babe.  I just don’t think I can do it right now.  I’m sorry please don’t be upset.”

“I want you so badly though, you’re killing me, you looked amazing and I’ve been thinking about it all day.”

“Quoting my own lyrics isn’t gonna help ya love.”

You smack his chest lightly and nuzzle into the warm space under his chin.  

“It was worth a shot.”

“Promise I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.  Lemme rest up for ya.”

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wait wait i just realized that as much as lucrecia's talk with merle and her "grape juice" joke was funny in that one lunar interlude, how much of her drinking might have been a small coping mechanism to see her family and have to pretend they were total strangers and oh, gosh, i'm finding pain in small things what is this what's happening

I think a lot about Lucretia having her family there but not really there. I think it was still probably better than when she was truly ALONE, but… Well. She had Davenport by her side, but he was always running at, like, 3% capacity. She didn’t REALLY have Davenport, just a sweet little man who looked like him and helped her out.

So then she gets Tres Horny Boys back and she probably though it would be so much better, that even if she couldn’t tell them everything she’d be with some of her family again, and while that’s true to an extent, they’re still different than what she remembered.

Magnus is no longer the overenthusiastic collective little brother, he’s a man in his 30s who’s Seen Some Shit and lost his wife and his mentor and his town and become an adventurer because he lost his entire family. And until she tells them about Wonderland, he doesn’t even understand how close they are in age. Merle became a damn father and then ran out on his kids because of marital issues and a fear of responsibility. Merle, the same guy who died fifty-seven times trying to carry the weight of their mission to stop the Hunger on his back. And Taako… do I even need to say anything about Taako?

You know how sometimes you accidentally make a joke in the wrong company? Like you have an inside joke with your friends and then you say it in front of a different friend and they just kind of stare at you blankly because they have no idea what you’re on about? How many times must Lucretia have said something or almost said something and then realized wait, they won’t understand this? This is a reference to something Lup used to do, this is a joke about Cycle 33, this is something Magnus used to do but I don’t know if he does it anymore. How many times did she have to bite her tongue or walk away or take a drink because she couldn’t say what she was thinking?

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Please take all the time you need to rest and relax. Writing should be a fun activity or something you want to do, not an obligation. Btw just throwing this out there, I know that all everyone has been talking about white suit Dazai since Dead Apple but has anyone thought about a white suit Chuuya?

Thank you! I do really love writing and the stories I have are lots of fun but real life is kind of kicking my ass atm.


I think what we learned here is that the cut of this suit really does not work for me: regardless of the color scheme.

Black & Blue - starboyshiro - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Relationships: Lance/Shiro (Voltron)
Characters: Shiro (Voltron), Lance (Voltron)
Additional Tags: this is just really fluffy my dudes, Shiro is a big sweetie, they’re in love, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting

“Something wrong, babe? Did you have a bad day or something?” Shiro asks, plopping down on the couch next to Lance.

“Nothing happened, I’m just looking at all of these cute cats thinking about how much I want one, but can’t have one.” Lance frowns, resting his head on Shiro’s shoulder as he continues to scroll through Instagram.

Shiro can’t stand to see his boyfriend upset. That’s been a proven fact since Day One of their relationship. It’s only natural that when Lance mentions his disappointment at never owning a cat, Shiro goes above and beyond to cheer him up…

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Dealing with my depression is really getting to me. Like, most people think I’m fine and not really depressed because I don’t think about suicide or self-harm and I can get through a day semi-functioning. My depression is REAL. And I feel so alone in getting through it.

that is the problem with stereotypes about mental illness–if  you don’t look like what people have been told the thing is, they can’t see it. but you’re not alone. there are many folks around who are dealing with the same things and can give you advice. and many more who care about you.

it’s okay to anonymously confess something

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i have a question for mod james, did you meet your boyfriend online? i'm a trans mlm dude and i have a massive crush on a cute boy but he lives about nine hours away and i've only ever spoken to him online. would it be worth it seeking a relationship with him if it'll be a long time before we could possibly meet?

Oh yeah, dude! I met my boyfriend online, we didn’t actually meet up in real life until 10 months and 27 days later… I think if you really click with someone online you can do it. This has been by far my most comfortable, close, and trusted relationship I have ever had, and it’s also my first serious long distance relationship. I visit him maybe twice a year, keep in mind that he doesn’t have a lot of money and I have to pay with my work salary… anyway I went on a tangent. Yes! You can definitely do it! I think the internet is an incredible tool to find people you really connect with. 

Helena and Evan had been walking for about fifteen minutes now, and Evan kept talking about his childhood memories in that town. Helena wasn’t really listening though, something was off with her. “Did I do anything wrong?” he thought. He didn’t think so. Evan actually thought Helena wanted this, but she wasn’t showing any signs of happiness.

It was driving him insane, not knowing what was going on. Was she having any doubts? Second thoughts about all of this? It was true that it was all happening really fast. The marriage, the unplanned - yet very much wanted - kid, moving to a new house,…

His palms were sweating already, going through his head, again and again, thinking about every possible scenario, trying to find an explanation… but he couldn’t find any.

He just dropped it and kept walking. “When she’s ready, she will tell me.

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I recently realized that I'm genderfluid. It's been pretty confusing and stressful since I'm not out to really anyone I know. Do you have any advice? What was it like for you or did you really always know?

I think I was pretty relaxed about the whole situation. I struggled with gender issues for a long time, being confused and not knowing what to do. I liked to crossdress but I had much stronger feelings and wanted to be a girl so badly. But then other days I was fine with being a boy. I heard about “gender fluid” and although there’s alot of negativity with that word, it felt like it described me best. I don’t use Gender fluid to describe my gender at all, I’m male, but like the word describes I’m fluid about it and I have my girl side. My advice to you is to not care specifically about these labels and do what you feel is right. Do what makes you happy and know it’s okay to be confused. With time you feel more comfortable and the confusion and stress goes away. Good luck!