i really hate these colours


The ocean chose you for a reason

“So what do you say, amiga?”

Can you say ‘unnecessary sexual tension’?

Sombra’s confronting Widowmaker for some reason idk you can fill in the gaps. All you need to know is that Widowmaker is #not in the mood right now and Sombra is in way over her head. Also, don’t let their position fool you. Widowmaker’s in complete control of the situation. You don’t get as far as she has without learning some tricks.


i really wonder how long it will take until people start drama because the new yoi preview is “sexualizing a minor” or some shit like that.. i’m almost afraid to gif something for that damn fandom again *sighs*

Batting his eyelashes the slytherin laughed not noticing the slight blush in the other’s face. (x)

Not related to my au, just a little something for telidina from their fic, because I really love HP aus and I’m glad I’m not alone doing something!

So that’s my entry for the @tokyoghoulbook contest

I don’t know if combining sketchy art and line art was a good idea haha

oh and also this is my favourite part of this


sunshine bear

                        ◤ With the stars on show.. it is finally showtime !!

With all my free time I was finally able to to complete a drawing which I am very proud of !! I regretted it afterwards that I didn’t record it as I thought it would’ve made a good speedpaint, but otherwise it was nice to draw two of my favourite villains