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I’m so tempted to start a multipart Newt Scamander but here’s the thing, there’s already so many amazing and great Newt imagines out there. But I’ve got this idea for one inspired by a song that came on a Youtube playlist. I Wouldn’t Mind by He is We, yeah? It’s a cutesy song, took me a few listens to actually like it. 

It wouldn’t be from a reader’s point of view. I’ve already got an original character in the works and have an entire backstory lined up. She’s the complete opposite of our Hufflepuff creature. She’s quirky, bubbly, unpredictable, loud, forgetful, and oh, she’s american too. But also shares his love for magical creatures. 

Would anyone be interested? 

Personal rant

I can’t say Tumblr hasn’t had an effect on me over the years I’ve been on here.  I’ve noticed I adapted a completely different way of speaking to people as a result of some Tumblr users freaking out over me using even the slightest bit of demeaning language.  I’ve learned that even if someone insults me, it isn’t alright to insult them back because I will suffer backlash (refer to: the time I referred to someone as a bitch because they were being rude to me and I spent the next three days dealing with people accusing me of being a sexist).  Now I need to revise all my replies to everyone always because I have been stuck into making sure none of my words could ever be used against me and people can’t possibly take offense to what I have to say.  Honestly, I wish y’all didn’t go so hard on me all those times before cause I can’t relate to fucking anyone anymore.  I can’t even jokingly tell someone something mean because who knows, someone might take offense and then I need to deal with that shit all over again.  

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I seriously dont understand whats the big deal with eyewitness, i mean, im sure most people just watch it because of the gay couple... cuz come on, plot wise is not so great, the acting, tbh, its meh. The only thing i like about eyewitness is that the cast is lovely, other than that... just a bad show that would have been cancelled long ago if it wasnt for the gay couple.

yeah man i don’t really want to hate on eyewitness here bc i respect them for addressing internalized homophobia and PTSD and i do want more shows with gay people on them…although i see ur point and agree with u on some level, just feels better not to hate on the little representation we have?

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Just the thought of this really happening makes me laugh. Like, Louis really hates these people so much and they enjoy this stunt just as much. But Louis really hates them.

i cant imagine the level of awkward 

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why do you think link hates for rhett to touch his chest? he's willing to do anything for comedy but that seems to make him the most uncomfortable for some reason

I don’t think he hates it. He doesn’t protest every time he’s touched there, just when he’s touched in certain ways that seem to startle him. I think he’s just sensitive to touch there (although he might not admit it…) Most people have certain spots that are more sensitive and even if you love someone and are very intimate with them (in whatever sense, platonic/romantic/familial) you might not want them to touch those parts, especially in certain ways that make you physically uncomfortable. This is perfectly healthy and important to tell people and for them to respect it! For example, I really hate to have the bottom of the arches of my feet touched, even by my husband. It just doesn’t feel good! So it’s probably not like an emotional barrier or anything, it’s probably just a feeling he doesn’t wish to experience. Of course, it is possible it’s for reasons other than the physical sensation being unpleasant, per se, but it’s the most likely option, I think. I tend to notice Rhett being more hesitant about Link letting him touch his chest/sides, etc., but at least he’s told us it’s because he’s ticklish so there’s really no question as to why.

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Have I mentioned I love you? Cause I kinda love you. 

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: E2-Barry, E2-Iris, Killer Frost, Deathstorm, Black Siren…LIFE 

friendship them with: Killer Frost, Deathstorm, Black Siren, Rupture…but he doesn’t really admit he’s friends with anyone tho so. 

general opinions: HE’S NOT DEAD. Don’t care. Nope. He’s alive. Somewhere. Idk just not dead. Gone too soon. I love him. He’s a diva. Reason I watched the show. Give him back. His leather jacket is cool. Diva sinnamon roll. 

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Focus on the dream, focus on the details, picture them, feel them. The TARDIS will track on your subconscious and extract the relevant information. It should be able to home in on the moment in your timeline when you first had that dream.

The water signs listening to someone
  • Cancer: will listen intently for a while but at some point will interrupt, say they understand completely, and launch into a vaguely related story about themselves
  • Scorpio: will listen the entire time, say absolutely nothing in response, and remember it in exact detail for the rest of their lives
  • Pisces: will probably start crying or cheering before a point was even made
  • [On the way to Mint Eye Headquarters]
  • MC: Can I ask a question?
  • Seven: Only if it's important.
  • MC: Do owls have eyelashes?
  • Seven:
  • MC:
  • Seven: *pulls over to Google it*
Cullen and PTSD or: This really has to stop.

“I hate Cullen, he should have stayed a serial killer how dare Bioware retcon that because he was a pretty blond white boy”

This is a really common reaction that I see. And while I won’t begrudge anyone who dislikes the character for personal reasons, shit like this HAS to stop.

Why? Well, primarily because of one thing: It perpetuates harmful myths about PTSD.

Cullen has PTSD. While it’s not directly stated, there is no way to deny he is clearly written that way. For instance, some common symptoms he exhibits are (source):

  • Nightmares (As shown in his romance scene in Dragon Age: Inquisition)
  • Feelings of intense distress when reminded of the trauma (His entire demeanor in Early Act 1 of Dragon Age 2, where instead of receiving proper treatment, Meredith instead encourages his feelings)
  • Distorted Perceptions of the Perpetrator. (”After what happened, I assumed all mages were like the ones in Ferelden”)
  • Sense of a limited future (Continuing to serve the Templars for years after the fact)
  • Hypervigilance (Again, encouraged by Meredith)
  • Feeling jumpy and easily startled (Samson’s comment on how he was “afraid of his own shadow”)

Now that we’ve established that, we can look at some common myths perpetuated about ptsd and how they are perpetuated by Bioware’s original slide in one outcome of Origins’ epilogue:  “The young templar Cullen never quite recovered from his ordeal. After months of attempting to convince his superiors that the tower was still a danger, he finally snapped and killed three apprentices before being stopped by his fellow templars. Eventually, Cullen escaped from prison, a madman and a threat to any mage he encountered.” 

People with PTSD are crazy and/or dangerous. Several classic war movies, as well as sensationalized media coverage, have helped perpetuate the “crazy war vet” stereotype, which is an inaccurate depiction. PTSD is not characterized by psychosis or violence. Rather, symptoms of PTSD surround coping with the memory and implications of a traumatic experience (e.g., distressing memories and changes in mood). Furthermore, “crazy” is never the best word choice. “Crazy” is not a diagnosis, rather it is a damaging and stigmatizing label. - This is something we can all agree that was represented by the original Origins epilogue slide. The harmful portrayal of PTSD sufferers as serial killers or “madman” in the case of Cullen, harms actual survivors IRL, particularly combat veterans. By retconning this, Bioware was actually able to PRESENT real PTSD symptoms as shown above.

In addition to this big one, there’s also the following implications:

Nothing can be done for those with who have PTSD. By having Cullen never fully recover from his ordeal, yet another harmful stereotype is being perpetuated.

You must have done something awful to get PTSD. This is more of a fandom thing than something distinctly related to the slide, but a lot of critical posts I’ve seen imply that Cullen always hated mages and this was just an “excuse”. When, as stated above, one of the symptoms of PTSD (the Complex variation i particular, which occurs in torture victims) can be distorted perceptions of the group or perpetrator. 

Well, at least you didn’t get hurt. Another fandom reaction that I see is “well he wasn’t actually hurt and didn’t go through the same trauma someone like Fenris did”. Which again, diminishes the harmful effects of months of mental torture. (There’s a lot to talk about Fenris and PTSD as well, but that’s another post for another time)

(two sources

And these are only from a few quick searches. Further research would definitely turn up more misconceptions but I’m afraid I’m already tl’dring as it is.

Bioware’s original slide was INCREDIBLY ableist.  What we end up seeing of Cullen afterward is a far more accurate depiction of PTSD than what was originally presented, for whatever reason that they changed it. Hate the character all you want (especially if you do have personal reasons), criticize other depictions of mental illness (Anders and bipolar, for instance) but please, don’t perpetuate harmful stereotypes about PTSD while you do so, even unintentionally. And do NOT imply people who like him are somehow abuse sympathizers when (especially in Inquisition) he is a very strong example of someone coping with PTSD.