i really hate them

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I have really big nipples and I hate them so much and they are like abnormally big :( (cis girl here btw)

((OOC: Love, there is no such thing as an abnormally sized nipple. Nips are nips. All nips are good nips whether they are the size of a quarter, a dime, a half dollar, or even cover the whole curve of your breast. Nips are great, and as long as you don’t have anything that feels like a hard knot in your breast tissue, you are golden))

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What do you think of "ship and let ship"? I usually like every ship, and if there are some pairings i really hate i only talk about them with my friends, but when i see people shipping a character with someone older than them or /1

/2 or a abusive/not healthy relationship then feel like i have to say something to the shippers.

I’m one hundred percent here for ship and let ship. I understand why some people dislike certain ships, and i’m a firm supporter of proper warning, tagging and blacklisting, but i don’t think anyone has the right to dictate what someone else enjoys on their own time.
Fiction is an incredible method for coping, for helping people explore their sexuality, psychology, traumas, struggles, emotions and imaginations. We can not put hard limits around it. We don’t know every single person who ships controversial pairings, we don’t know why they like them, why that pairing makes them happy or how it helps them. We can’t ask for everyone to disclose that information with us and we can’t police what people can or can’t read.

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Dom im crying why do U hate capricorns.. .what have we done to U

I DON’T HATE THEM WHAT R Ū SAYING 👀 I don’t hate them at all but since we’re on the topic I probably don’t hate them bc I don’t really think of them much I’ve never been BFFs w a Capricorn or been obsessed with one or been in love w their way of thinking which is so weird bc I’m almost Earth dominant so you’d think we’d really vibe but Idk.. I don’t fuckin know.. I don’t vibe too good with the ones I’ve met but it’s so based on the individual like I always thought I’d never get along easy w a Virgo but I met one recently who’s THE BEST💓 💓  She’s Leo rising… I guess I just haven’t met my Capricorn yet… Where are U my Capricorn…. Love you.. 

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for the ask meme :) 👀 💤 😑 ✌

👀. A ship I’m curious about? Hm. Alex/Maggie from the upcoming season of SG. I really want to know if/when that might happen. I don’t want it to be too soon, but I’m interested in a back and forth.

💤. Ship that is canon that I don’t ship: Wayhaught. It’s a repeat of other relationships we’ve seen, and yeah I get everyone’s happy to have representation, but just once I’d like a slow-burn pairing that slowly grows together over a couple of seasons and becomes more. Kinda like Korrasami, but with a little more obviousness for the heteronormative people.  

😑.  Ship that I’m indifferent to: Generally, any of the het pairings with Kara on SG. I don’t really hate her options, but I find them just…there. I’ll be cool with whatever makes her happy, but I won’t be waving any flags.

✌. Ship that I find cute, but don’t ship? Mulan/Ruby from OuaT. I loooove Mulan, but Red Queen is my OTP. I don’t have problems with either character having history with other pairs, but I always want RQ together. Alwaaaaays.

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Can you draw lapis and peridot fusion zone like in mindfull education?

Professional meep morpists like them would use those thoughts for inspiration