i really hate them

is it weird I sort of ship bits and whiskey? like, calling him by his first name, all the animosity between them (mostly on whiskey’s end) at the beginning of this year, whiskey supposedly being pretty hockey-focused and bits cheering him up after the season – it’s all kind of reminiscent of zimbits, honestly.

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what's in your pocketses, precious?

every third day i practice magic of a dubious nature and transform one (1) small frog into a red skittle. I keep these in my pockets at all times and offer them to people i hate. They really are just red skittles, but i have the satisfaction of knowing that those people are eating what was, at one point, a frog.


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I need a hug

“But I-”

“Maybe you don’t, but I need one.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Y'all realize you can dislike something/someone just cause it doesn’t vibe with you, right? Like doing 726382847282377 hours of research to make things look problematic and telling other people that they’re bad for liking it isn’t necessary at all

  • [On the way to Mint Eye Headquarters]
  • MC: Can I ask a question?
  • Seven: Only if it's important.
  • MC: Do owls have eyelashes?
  • Seven:
  • MC:
  • Seven: *pulls over to Google it*

Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?