i really hate that blog hahaha

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Is it just me or there was a moment between Jaeha and Kouren ? BTW i loved the new chapter and love ur blog. 💜💜

Hahaha! Though I think we’d all like to see Jae-Ha charm his way to a peaceful resolution, I have a feeling his powers didn’t really work on Kouren even though I agree he did try to charm her a bit DX I must admit that I hate how he still looks amazing despite being imprisoned, bloody and exhausted. (Damn him! I want his secrets!) Man must have done a deal with the devil at some point in order to look that amazing and still be able to work it after all that’s happened :O

Pssst! To all you little chire bitches who are putting hate in my inbox...

I’m not gonna put it on my blog, lol. I’m going to delete it and blog your IP xD Like, you’re wasting your time. 

I’m not one of those littles who has every questioned whether what I’m doing is “gross” or if there’s something “wrong” with me! 

I know what I’m going is perfectly okay, and the one who is “disgusting” in this situation is the one sending literal hate mail. Like? Hahaha, you’re all really hilarious. 

And you’re not even brave enough to say it off anon x’’’D Like, this is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

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Enjoy being bitter ♥ I’ll sit over here with my crayons and my amazing cg and watch My Little Pony with my fabulous hair in cute ass pigtails ♥

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Me when people don’t realize that I (Sakura) run this blog by myself, and that I am the one who thinks of reactions, crops and resizes every GIF, writes all the dialogue in every answer, sets up every post, sets up all the links, sets up all the tags, answers all the OOC asks, sends thanks to those who compliment us/draw fan art, sets up the giveaways/guest appearances, and takes time out of every single day to queue asks so that they post while I’m still in class so people don’t have to wait ‘til I get home, and people continue to send troll/hate asks


I don’t think many people realize how hard this blog is to maintain because we get so much activity. But seriously bless those of you who support us and compliment us, it really makes all of it worth it. (Really though this GIF is how I feel about haters HAHAHA)

Also don’t worry I don’t let it get to me! I just really wanted to use this tbh LOL