i really hate that blog hahaha

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No offense but what is the Point of your blog? why do you get so many notes? what do you even do or make? I'm not trying to hate or anything i'm just confused

lmao why are ppl so salty this evening????? hahaha this made me laugh for like ten mins bc honestly,,, too real

here’s a protip for understanding this blog and also life: there is no Point. im just posting what i feel like, idk!!!!! there’s nothing i really “do” or “make” bc i am not an artist or a writer rly, but i like talking about the things that dnp do and make so. idk. why am i even answering this lmaoo

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Did you sent the hate to yourself? Hahaha you know to gain attention. A lot of blogs nowdays create attention to get follower. You not really famous. Dont mad just asking. I just wanna see you who is your squad so i can unfollow them all. If you mad then, tq.........

I did not send anon hate to myself, I am well aware that I am not famous, om tumblr or anywhere else and that suits me just fine :) 

I have not been mad about this at all, I just find anon hate slightly pathetic, because it’s my blog, and if you don’t like it, you are welcome to unfollow me! 

I hope you have a nice day :)

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I've seen my fair of series finales and let me tell you.. they all suck... emotionally. No matter if the ending is disappointing or what not, the emotions are very real. Especially if its a show you've watched the whole time and have some sort of connection to. Rather it be for the character or for the actors themselves, it will always be emotional on some level. I don't know about you, but I'm a crier.. haha so, I suggest having tissues nearby. It will be a roller coaster of emotions.

I will cry mainly because the show ending actually means my whole life will change hahaha. It sounds silly but this show and this blog take up a lot of my time- it’s actually like a part time job sometimes!! It’s really the end of an era and I hate change!

!!!! omg i cant do this anymore, you’re right im so stupid!!11! ill just delete this blog because you told me im stupid and i should die!! man im so threatened, my hearts beating so fast anon, im sorry!! itasaku really does make no sense at all you’re right, forgive me anon!! Oh god my mistake.

that’s what you wanted me to say so im here to please :).

but really dude. Get a life. You’re hating on someone who doesn’t fucking care. I ship a crack ship that ’doesn’t make any sense’, soooo

why do you think i care about what you say? I don’t give one tiny piece of shit about your threats or what you’re saying because really?? You think that’s gonna change my mind about what I like?? hahaha nope. and using caps and cuss words and threats is not gonna scare me soooo stop acting like a wanna-be adult and get your 9 year old ass off my blog. :)

and telling someone to kill themselves is the lowest of the low. Get a therapist.

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Have you ever had a period of not art slump, but like, burn out? Like you cannot make art for a good long while or else you'll end up hating it?


sorry but yeah i’ve been in one for months now

mostly whenever i try to do anything different or with colors i just hate it, and while i do like everything i post, i don’t completely love them either. i’m just content. 

the last two pieces i posted to my art blog (@artsycrapfromsai) are some of my absolute favorites that i’ve made in forever, and it’s been so long since i’ve actually made stuff that i loved and was really happy with

My follower forever

Alright, as previously announced, my follower forever!

Ok I´ll be honest for the longest time I had no idea how these work. I´m still no 100%. But I always thought you tag the people you follow. I that´s not the case, sorry about that.

I´ve already explained in this post what I feel towards all of you. I´d recommend reading that first, if you´re interested in my trashy teenager self. So instead of rehashing all of that, let me just quote my favorite moment in fictional history, which sums up my feelings very well:

Thank you, for being with me. Thank you, for teaching me how to life. Thank you…for wrapping this scarf…around me.  

(ok this was a bit too corny wasn´t it? :P)

Anyhow, mutuals are bolded. There is a chance I messed up here, tumblr wouldn’t properly show me who is a mutual so maybe there are few mistakes. I´m sorry about that, none of those were intended).

I´ve arranged it in Alphabetical order. Enjoy!


@a-heartablaze - something incoherent? more like something awesome!

@ackerscarf - although the real Natiwati may not be around at the moment, she will never be forgotten.

@alphaofdarkness - oh my gosh your art aaaahhhhhh its beautiful

@ao3feed-eremika - gotta stay updated right? Its kinda funny because I always a have an ao3 tab and ff net tab open but oh well.

@armin-gesumin - your crack is the best crack. no doubt.


@bertannie - thank you for fulfilling all my beruani needs on a daily basis

@blufics - your writing…just…aaaahhhhhh!!

@bluinary -  same thing since, well, you know, same person etc. you rock!


@clevergirlraven - I can´t believe I didn´t start following you sooner. What a huge mistake.


@datsteeve - this is one of the two hoomans who knows me irl. IDK why I´m telling you this. I dunno. Go spam him or something.

@daydream24-7 - ok I am sooooo sorry if I kinda weirded you out the other day with that post but…your blog…your art…it´s…astonishingly beautiful.

@didanwhisperer​ - thank you for being the greatest Bertl fan on this website. I need you haha.

@drinkyourfuckingmilk - youarefuckingawesome.

@drunkeremikatexts - your kind of RP blog is what the fandom really needs.


@eremika - yeah I think we´ll all marry Mikasa Ackerman hahaha.

@eremikadefensesquad - Thank you for defending our ship with the very core of yourself, thank you for being able to put up with all that nonsensical hate. You deserve none of that and I have an incredible amount of respect for you.


- fics, fics, and even more fics! fics everywhere!

@eremikaiscanon - you´re goddamn right

@eremikashipper4life - I love your writing, I love your blog!

@eremikaweeks - so hyped for the next one! :D

@eren-and-mikasa-jaeger - your url alone is aesthetically pleasing you have no idea.

@erenmiikas - forever and ever-exactly!

@erensjaegerbombs - you are just awesome and a gift for the fandom.

@erenslips - another brave warrior in war against the haters haha. plus your friendship with ladywongs is goals

@erernika - all of the eremika!


@fady-jaeger - according to tumblr, you were my first follower. IT ALL STARTED HERE!!! But seriously you´re great and Sawano is life!

@fuckyeaherenxmikasa - fuck yeah damn right!

@fuku-shuu - in my entire life I have never seen anyone as dedicated to a fandom as you are. Seriously, you are my fav snk news source and your live translations are my most anticipated thing every month. You are absolutely amazing!


@ghostmartyr - your meta is just fabulous


@iamthewallrose - same here, love your meta and theories

@ieralia - EREMIKA 6EVER!!!!! :D


@jaegerchips - originally I followed you because eremika but your star wars content is just as awesome! may the 4th be with you!


@kodanshacomics - official news everyone!

@kuchen-ackerman - your writing and everything is just A W E S O M E


@ladywongs - you made me ship touken without me ever having read or watched a substantial amount of TG. PROPS!! (plus yeah all eremika, duh)

@leapingtitan - meta! theories! analysis! EVERYTHING!

@leviskinnyjeans - just as fukushuu, you´re an amazing news source! Thank you for all your dedication! And I love the way you love Reiner!


@lyssala - you were the first eremika writer I followed and whose fics I patiently awaited everyday haha. Seriously though, your writing played a big part in my early days in the fandom and you still never fail to deliver ahah



- I never thought I´d make a friend online whom I would speak with as much as I do with you haha. You´re too sweet, I love the way you ship eremika, your writing, your admiration for Sawano (YA FEEL ME RIGHT xD) and everything else and I look forward  to our chats everyday (damn you timezones, why must you be this way), they really are the highlight of my day :D. Ok Im gonna stop before it gets too awkward or embarrassing ahaha *runs away*

@mikasajaeger - your name is my dream

@momtaku - Another person I adore chatting with ahah. But seriously your meta and analysis (and crack) is goals, and I am indefinitely grateful for all the help you provided building up a blog and building up a following. I am a proud member of the TIB and will do my best as your newly adopted son haha. Thanks mom. Love you :D!

@motorcyclles - your comics are a heavenly gift from the Shingeki goddesses themselves, no doubt!

P -

@pizzackerman - I should´ve followed you a loong time ago haha. plus am I wrong, oder sind wir beide deutsch :P ?


@rosehips-and-cherrydips - oh my god your eremika and your stuff and your everything ahhhhh.

S -

@saitamas-hoodie - the dankest of all zeh memes and memesterzs.

@shiganshinatrio - EMA ecstasy!

@shingekinoeremika - your eremika is as dank as your memes.


@someboredloser - Im just SomeBoredFan.

@ss-eremika - I never figured out the ss in your eremika, but I´m a simple man, I see eremika, I press like.

@suits-neechan - all the reibert. all the art. everything!


@thanks-for-the-scarf - thanks-for-your-awesome-blog-and-the-lesson-about-duck-dicks-lmfao.

@the-moblit-sketchbook - The most precious RP blog of them all…..and fuck you for making me ship mobuhan now that he might no longer be around!

@the104thsquad you guys taught me how to spell Tatakae and that’s one of the greatest gifts and one could have given me.


@uncklerman - how would´ve thought that Kenny out of all people ends up with an RP blog. Who would have thought it´d turn out as incredible as it did hahaha.

@utterlypointless-snk-headcannons - it isn´t pointless if its utterly hilarious hehe.


@waytooemily I think I followed you before already but tumblr messed up? idk. I love your chapter reactions and your thoughts and translations!


@yummiecurrie - long live the queens indeed (YMIR WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU).

@yusenki - another incredibly dedicated person! thanks for the news! thanks for the translations! thanks for the eruri!

Aaaaaand that´s it! I think it goes without saying, but I highly recommend every single one of these blogs to all of my followers. Seriously you guys are absolutely incredible! Keep up all your amazing work :DDDDD


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hi 😅 sorry to bother you but i'm a new blog and i was wondering if you could maybe check out my blog and wishlist?? ( link in the bio obv lolll ) 😂😂 thank you sm i really love ur blog btw 🙈🤓💯✔️ bye hahaha xD


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also just an add on, tiddle-your-diddle's (i love that username lmao) fic idea sounds really nice and djjdkrldkbsbsjsjkd i look forward to it Kitten 💖💖💖

Hahaha I also love her name, she’s such a sweet Anon *IF YOU SEE THIS I LOVE YOU (Sends multiple hearts)💖💖💖* **(sigh) All of my anons are so sweet. Honestly, I’ve only had this blog for just over a month and I already have 350+ followers, amazing anons, tons of requests, and I’ve gotten nothing but love and no hate. I’m honestly so lucky😭😭** Anyway, I’m also excited to see how it’ll turn out when I write it.🙌🙌

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Are you ready for the finale? The spoiler blogs have said there will be a big twist at the end Im nervous

haaaaAAAA no i’m actually not ready at all, i’m feeling as nervous as i was about chasing amy lmao i really hate suspense like i 100% can’t handle it so i might have to watch the episodes on my lunch break today just so i can relax hahaha

151216 [ mokuyoubi ]
—okay for the past four years of hs I hated science and it’s always the lowest grade I get on my card (not that I’m saying it isn’t now hahaha) but now I’m really interested in bio!!! it’s so cool!!! and I keep studying for it aaahhhh

as a side note: I got 76/80 on both my precalculus and my general math exams!!! life is going great and I hope everyone’s doing great too, if not, then I hope it will go great soon!!!

happy holidays ^^

Me when people don’t realize that I (Sakura) run this blog by myself, and that I am the one who thinks of reactions, crops and resizes every GIF, writes all the dialogue in every answer, sets up every post, sets up all the links, sets up all the tags, answers all the OOC asks, sends thanks to those who compliment us/draw fan art, sets up the giveaways/guest appearances, and takes time out of every single day to queue asks so that they post while I’m still in class so people don’t have to wait ‘til I get home, and people continue to send troll/hate asks


I don’t think many people realize how hard this blog is to maintain because we get so much activity. But seriously bless those of you who support us and compliment us, it really makes all of it worth it. (Really though this GIF is how I feel about haters HAHAHA)

Also don’t worry I don’t let it get to me! I just really wanted to use this tbh LOL

Pssst! To all you little chire bitches who are putting hate in my inbox...

I’m not gonna put it on my blog, lol. I’m going to delete it and blog your IP xD Like, you’re wasting your time. 

I’m not one of those littles who has every questioned whether what I’m doing is “gross” or if there’s something “wrong” with me! 

I know what I’m going is perfectly okay, and the one who is “disgusting” in this situation is the one sending literal hate mail. Like? Hahaha, you’re all really hilarious. 

And you’re not even brave enough to say it off anon x’’’D Like, this is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

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Enjoy being bitter ♥ I’ll sit over here with my crayons and my amazing cg and watch My Little Pony with my fabulous hair in cute ass pigtails ♥

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What do you hate/like the most about each other? (And the two of you are adorable)

Bill: HAHAHA What can I say? Pine Tree is Pine Tree.


Dipper: He listens to me and is actually interested in what I have to say… It’s really nice to finally have someone to talk to.

((FOR what they dislike about the other check out this post –Admins))

This is way waaaaay overdue and I promised myself I wouldn’t make another one but like I said this was way overdue and I wanted to do something nice so…

So first off, thanks for the 5.3k followers! I never thought someone like me would get that many since I’m a lame blog that just reblogs anime gifs like seriously why. Second, I guess this is sort of a milestone since I had this blog for like two years and I’m still here on tumblr i have a love hate relationship with this website hahaha. So here it is! And featuring Zankyou no Terror as you all already know I’m totally obsessed with, are my attempts to do graphics. Yay. 

I wanted to make this before I leave tomorrow for LA (if you’re in Disneyland on Monday or Tuesday hit me up!) and also when I go back to college I won’t have this freedom to talk to you all on a regular basis because I’ll be really really busy. So if you want, add me on line and we can chat more since I’ll always be on the go then! It’s kissa67.

Anyway here are the blogs! I’m sorry if I didn’t include anyone I can only put so many since I follow SO MANY OF YOU JFC I’M ALMOST AT 400 BLOGS. Anyway for those who are looking for new blogs to follow here you are! Please follow them! (not in particular order because yeah fuck it follow them all)

akahito aisuro akashis amerabu aratass9 arumis ayan0-tateyama akahshi autorita altonen aichirou atenaku akihitou atsurokihara 0kaerii 0takugirl 27kb bisshamon baelum basedminyoongi byakuuran bakamura bentous bowl-0f-rice bear-sonas binayo chissaki chitouse chizuyus chigiris cynical-rookie caydia crookedexpectations damnastja darkerthanblack daikiaomines ellodin fujoshibabe frac-t-ures frac-t-ures faicchi fuyukoi fuyu-no-gymnopedie frozensekai flourites fuckyeaharuchan gurrenlagging gurrenlaganns gyouseki glaciaca hoeism hanamaiya hhiyorin hikaruyo hiyocchi harudatta heichuus hentaiis himitsuri hayasakas houtarouh hiyoris hyakurai hakuryus iromeki jakrar judalz japanlust kitsuiii kazuunari kagune kuurikaras kirisshima kagari-kisechikirishimma kageyamastinyshorts kurummi kurehas katochu kagiris kurokucchi kigeky kamikyoku koutone kyoncchi kokonoseharuka karumeya kiritopls kirokito kakurei kinkydere lelouuch lovelysickness lesbianfang mikasayeager miyamuuras mammura milkhunnie mikoshibamomotardo maruw mangastories mawaruu makotosharuka mokacheer my-kokoro-just-brokoro myuun myukun maguilty mamotte mazusu m0chizou mirukiikissu maiyru mangastories midorimas nazois n0rio nannase nadehikos nisekoi nami-mori orusama oniisann pixelgardens phamtonhive phantonhives prince-alibaba pohtaytohs pandora-tears phontes pkmn-master-red rinedee raiidens rovaille ribrhyme rikiokamamotos shuuya shotapls shizayukis shidanohana shizuuku salujas shvtoku seicchan seiruns sekai-ichi shokugekis sebby-kun shinkanos starkana starukos shokuchi sexpai satsukikiryuin sakimorimi teriyakis taikos taeshimuras tsukishimaz tsumidere tsuihe tetsurouz toujouh tsumikis tsunemoori teppeiis tinybakaa toudouji ulquioras utachi usuis ukiiyo utsu-tsu watashi-akuma whippcreame worldofglass yashiros youkas yukious yoshiiwara yamakens yamaken-chi yamaguchi-kenji yutoakama yuujinchouu yukariis yumiikyo yatogami-kur0h zetsuuen zetsueen zoehanjiis ziga-experientia

 Edit: I didn’t have enough time to message everyone before I left so I’m going to do that now. Anyway it’s not 5.3k anymore. I gained 200 followers in a week. Thank you so much guys ;;

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Do you know why I follow your blog? So all the disgusting pictures of you and other obese slobs motivate me everyday to lose weight hahaha

You know what, if I said anything like this to you, I would have half of the users on tumblr whooping my ass accusing me of “thin shaming." 

I didn’t send you to this blog, hon. You came across it by yourself. 

Do you really think we’re all slobs? Or, are you just at war with yourself because fat girls are trying to love themselves, and you can’t? You sit behind a computer screen spending your spare time sending hateful messages to body positive communities. 

Maybe once you stop hating on body positive blogs, you could start to love yourself too, babe.