i really hate society

People really need to be more fucking careful of what they say. Especially online. The internet is not the place to express your “opinions”, there are so many impressionable kids out there. Your Snapchat story is not the place to share your thoughts on bi people, your instagram is not the place to comment about how there’s “only two genders!!1!” And don’t even get me started on fucking tumblr. It can be a great place to meet people who share your experiences, but no newly questioning 13 year old should have to come across “aces aren’t valid” when all they want is a label to hold onto.

INFJ in a Nutshell #13
  • “Sleep is overrated”
  • Paradoxes are everyday things because they are one
  • Teracontakaihenagon trying to fit into a triangular hole
  • “No, I really do like you all, but I need some time to myself.”
  • *forgets to put sweetener in coffee * *wonders why coffee tastes weird *
  • Loves people, hates society
  • “I really do not give a damn.” *proceeds to give all the damns *

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

On fat men being represented more than fat women...

Fat men experience fatphobia, they’re not given immunity from experiencing discrimination for their size. All fat people experience fatphobia in some way.

But patriarchy, sexism and misogyny, allows fatness to be seen as a dominant/masculine characteristic on men. So though fat men experience fatphobia parts of society that prioritizes misogyny and sexism don’t see them as offensive as they see fat women. In the minds of much people, fatness is a masculine characteristic, because fat=big and size is seen as dominant/over powering. Men are either to be big in height or weight.

In their eyes, women aren’t suppose to be fat, we’re suppose to be thin, fragile, and small, because they associate that with femininity which is wrong. They see smallness as compliment to men, who are suppose to be big. Typical hetero-normative belief system.

Which is why you see the fat husband thin hot wife concept in television even in cartoon land (and commercials). Or the bigger husband smaller wife pairing.

That’s why I say often that fatphobia is gendered. We all know society really hates fat women, because of the idea of women are only suppose to exist for people’s consumption.

But both fat men and fat women experience fatphobia and unfair stereotypes because of our size. But because of patriarchal, misogynistic and sexist society women experience an extra layer.

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What is so wrong about accepting them into our community if they're mostly not accepted by society? I really don't see any reason to hate or push them out of our community...

because cishet aces benefit from lgbt+ oppression. just because they don’t feel sexual or romantic attraction doesn’t erase the fact that they’re cis and straight. they’re trying to get into a community where they don’t even belong or benefit from in the first place.

I’m gonna feel so dysphoric during this showcase. It’s Broadway backwards, so you have to sing opposite gender songs. On the bright side, I get to sing songs from Les mis. Unfortunately, it just reinforces how everyone sees me as a girl. Maybe if was brave enough to come out to these people it would be easier but it’s not. I hate this.

i get that it’s society’s fault that i hate my body, and i get that it’s really society i should be hating for normalising these impossible body standards, and trust me i do. but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to cut open my skin and tear the fat out of my body and that just makes me so sad

I really hate when some tweakers are just as shitty as society says they are. stop giving a bad name to all of us please and thank you

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Zeta Society Headcanon; when they get together, they stop fighting about major things, and have to come up with pointless things to fight about so that everyone else won't suspect how grossly in love they are.

oh god the thing with them is that they bicker about e v e r y t h i n g even when they get together like that’s how they are??? but they definitely have less to bicker about once they get together because they realized that they actually agree on more things than they first realized

but when they first get together i’m sure they fake it a bit because they are Mortal Enemies™ and they try to keep up appearances so it’s like every time they show affection they feel like they’ve gotta make up for it by insulting each other in front of the group

[kirsch puts his arm around danny]

danny: it smells like you haven’t showered in days

kirsch: i showered this morning

danny: try using soap next time

kirsch: i did

danny: keep telling yourself that

kirsch: but i used the one that you said smelled nice since it’s your favourite







danny: whatever i hate you

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Hi I just wondering why not many guys stand up for themselves against their abusive girlfriends? commonly guys are stronger so if his girlfriend trying to hit him he can either dodge, block or punch her? I hate how society is really cruel to men and boys

I think its less about them not being able to defend themselves and more them being afraid that if they do defend themselves they will be seen as the aggressor and the abuser. You can find countless videos online of women attacking men and no body doing anything about it until the guy as enough and decides to fight back. Then all of a sudden everyone makes him out to be the abuser and the girl to be the victim despite the fact that she was attacking him first. 

Anyone who wants to give their money to a Manhattan narcissist whose interests begin and end with the plight of white people, keep in mind that Woody Allen’s ‘Café Society’ is getting decent reviews right now. Not great, but decent. It’s one of the ‘fine’ ones.

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, August 14th, 2016

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Can I get a matchup please? I’m 5’1, green-blue eyes, curvy, tattoos, piercings, shoulder length bright red hair. INFJ. Capricorn. I’m really quiet and keep to myself a lot and I hate crowds because of really bad anxiety which society doesn’t help with... I’m sarcastic and impulsive and can be hotheaded at times. I like animals, walking through the woods and stormy weather. My favorite season is fall and holiday is Halloween.

Yes you can :) 

I match you with…………………

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Dear society,
I think you’re sadly corrupt.
Run by sick hypocrisy,
Falling so abrupt.

You used to be so innocent,
What happened?
You were magnificent!

But now with you dictating all I hear and see,
You are everything, anything,
you excluded me.

You used to be forgiving,
Holding everyone in your arms
But you changed the way of living,
You’ve lost all of your great charms.

Dear society,
I really don’t mean to hate.
But really when it comes to you,
I simply can’t relate.

—  L.A

I’m really tired of seeing WOMEN say that Ciara should’ve seen all the signs because he had three kids and now she’s just another baby mama and shouldn’t have expected to be treated any different than any of the other mother of his children. For one thing, nobody knows why his relationships with the mother of his children didn’t work out and if the ages of his kids are any indication, it’s clear he was in long-term relationships with these women. More importantly these statements totally excuse his immature behavior, his inability to be faithful, do right by the woman he asked to marry, and makes it okay to keep doing this to other women. Instead of calling out Future on his shit and making him take responsibility for his actions people would rather blame Ciara for giving someone (she normally wouldn’t) a chance and believing that he changed. Like, I really hate living in a misogynist society.