i really had to make the 6th one ok


Firstly, long time lurker, first post ever. Secondly, I’m typing this from my phone, so I apologise for any formatting issue. Thirdly, English isn’t my first language, so please bear with any spelling or grammatical errors.

Now, this happened around 3 years back, when I was in my 6th semester at university. One of the lecturers from my department (who’s normally an ok guy but a douche in this story so let’s call him DL) informed my section and another that he’d be taking one of our hour long free periods to make up for a lecture that was missed for reasons I can’t recall. Fair enough. DL had course to cover, and missing one hour of freedom doesn’t really spell the end of the world.

However, the thing was, said free period was right before our lunch break, and most students were worried that DL’s lecture would cut into that, despite his assurances that it wouldn’t. You see, while some students eat at the cafeteria, a significant number head to their dorms mess, which has fixed lunch timings.

So, the hour comes and goes, and DL is droning on and on, with no end in sight. Students start to complain, but the DL says no one leaves until he’s done talking, or they’ll be marked absent (attendance held weightage in our grade).

So, as DL starts eating away at our lunch break, I decide to use the tools at hand to exact retribution on behalf of my dorm friends. From the mid row bench in the class, I begin clicking my ballpoint pen repeatedly. The guy next to me begin, and then the guy next to him, and so on, until DL’s voice was drowned out by the glorious chorus of around a 100 clicking pens. He stopped talking.

Tldr: Lecturer wouldn’t end the class on time. Buried him in pens.