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A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

Fleur Delacour

you’re on your way home from work when you get a text from your wife. you pull over to check it, the corners of your mouth dropping as you look.

“rough day. i know you had to work late but i really need a hug. i planned to surprise you with supper made but the elementary school’s baseball team was collecting change and came to the door. i gave them a fiver but forgot to keep an eye on the stove and it scorched right to the pot. i’m sorry… we have leftover pasta in the fridge, at least. it’ll be good enough.”

the drive was short, but you arrive home forty five minutes later than already expected. you ring the doorbell, and when she opens up, your wife’s exasperation softens to a weak smile when she sees the sundaes sitting on top of the piping hot pizza boxes in your hands.

“what do i owe you?” she asks.
“a hug.”


“ You have stars in the walls of your lungs, and sometimes it will hurt for you just to breathe. ”

— Happy Birthday, Kevin Day!

ocean-eyes-lester  asked:

are you going to continue to virus!phan storyline? Sorry for brother if you I just really love the storyline! Also happy new year!

Yes I am going to continue virus!phan soon~
And I have a lot of upcoming projects for this AU which will take a lot of time.
So I hope you guys can wait a little longer for what I have in mind :)

carpe omnia

pairing: reader x min yoongi

genre/components: very light angst & fluff // yoongi has photographs of everyone and everything he loved, except you weren’t in any of them

count: 3360 words

a/n: because i love photographer!yoongi and cheesy yoongi in general; carpe omnia means to seize it all // © image

Min Yoongi, everyone knew, could find the beauty in all the ordinary.

His hands produced magic within every photograph, with every click and shutter of his lens. He could be found standing in the glow of the afternoon sun, scarf wrapped around his neck, beanie on his head, his camera raised to his face as he attempted to seize the little moments. The short, flitting moments in time that went by unnoticed to most but Yoongi saw otherwise.

“There’s always something in all the nothing.”

That was his philosophy. Photography was the reason you managed to find him. When you saw his photographs displayed in an exhibit, your breath had been knocked straight out of your lungs. There was the depth to his compositions, shadows positioned perfectly to highlight his subjects. They were unedited, you had been reminded by the brochure. All of these photos were untouched. Pure. There was beauty in that fact. Too often you’d find photographs altered to enhance the tiny potential. But Yoongi, instead of relying on human-produced tools, had drawn out the potential of ethereal reality through his lens. This was the reason why you’ve been trailing after his work for so long, trying to pick up the puzzles of every piece he made.

“Do you like it?” A man had stood by your side, headphones hanging loosely around his neck. He looked a little young, fresh-faced.

“I love it,” you smiled honestly.

“Why?” He asked, curiosity in his tone.

You had laughed, biting down on your lip, “I honestly can’t say much about technique since my strength isn’t in photography. But there’s something raw in all of these that just gets to you. Something so incredibly normal about it that makes it a little abnormal. In a good way. Does that make sense?” Turning to face him, you had been taken aback by the look of sheer surprise in his face.

“Good to know someone understands,” he murmured under his breath. Before you could respond, he was already walking away, headphones over his ears. You hadn’t known then that the mysterious, enigma of a man, Min Yoongi had been standing right next to you.

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They’re saps

Pledis: We’ve decided, Minghao, that your hair’s gonna be red!

Pledis: No wait, scratch that. It’s gonna be dark pink!

Pledis: Actually, no, your hair’ll be bluey silver!

Pledis: Nah, nah, blondeish silver works better.

Pledis: Although, come to think of it, we’ve kinda been missing your brown hair…


* that’s toby.
* our lord and savior.

i wanted to recreate the toby worship “scene” from this monstrosity which i still think is funny i know im horrible

anonymous asked:

Hiiii ! I really really love your art, you are truly an amazing artist :) I was wondering if you were going to post the rest of the doujinshi you posted about the war from a year ago or so ? The one with Natsu and Zeref I really liked it and would love to see where it is going.

…….      (◡‿  ◡✿)

Never. (◉ ‿  ◉✿)