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InuKag Last Day Bonus: Thank You Cynthia

I can’t believe InuKag Week is actually ending today. It’s been such an amazing fun wild seven days, and it’s felt like an avalanche I was snowboarding on from the very beginning on Monday to the last today. 

All the content has filled me with so much InuKag love, I didn’t even think I was capable of loving this ship anymore than I do, but everyone combined putting out amazing effort to post or reblog or submit, it’s almost like we were all together at a week long festival just happy to be around. I’ve discovered so many people from this event, my following list has GROWN exponentially haha. 

Last year I made a post like this thanking the fandom, and trust me when I say none of this is possible without the participation and love of a large group of people supporting us throughout the entire thing. You all are the heart and soul of this machine, and it doesn’t have a purpose without you. 

But this year I want to Thank Someone very special and dear to this fandom and myself:

@inukag aka Cynthia, has given so much to make not only this event, but our corner of the InuKag fandom an incredibly fun and interactive place. Last year when we did InuKag week together, we were both already excited and expectant for InuKag Week 2017, and before we knew it, IT WAS 2017, and she had taken care of ALL the prompts, ALL the edits, she REVAMPED the theme of this site, and from the very start on Monday at midnight, she was checking the tags, answering asks, doing it all while I was sleeping

(And “Family” day btw? I’ve already told you, but it WRECKED ME. Like a damn wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus aside, it ended my life over and over and over again.) 

She can try telling you we were a team today, but if we were a team, she was my leader and I followed a few miles behind in absolute awe. 

She needs 100% credit for this week, and WHAT BETTER PERSON to give credit to for InuKag week if not the sole owner of the canon InuKag url. (Doesn’t get better than this, folks)

Maybe you’ve known her as “towards-tomorrow” or maybe you’ve just gotten to know her these past two years as “inukag”, but I can promise you that if you’ve ever looked up anything remotely InuKag, you have probably liked or reblogged her gifs and beautiful gorgeous edits or analysis essays. Her imprint on this fandom echoes out from years and years ago to the present. 

She’s been patient and tolerant and kind, digging through canon material to explain things to us- us who have no clue what chapter is what. You could ask her “what chapters did Kagome get mad at Inuyasha?” and she’ll pull out annotated pages with highlighted quotes and footnotes. 

This girl spent days and sleepless hours making sure the promos for the InuKag Week 2017 Master Post were perfect- sometimes, sometimes I wish everyone got a behind the scenes look at how she spends meticulous time making sure every frame is perfect, making sure she has the right English verbiage, going through drafts and drafts on her tumblr until she has it just right. Still kicking herself sometimes for it not being as perfect as SHE wanted it to be, even though it’s BEYOND PERFECT to everyone else. 

She spent time thinking “How can we make this as inclusive as possible?”. She thinks of ideas on how to make it so every single person can do SOMETHING as long as they want to and have the means to access a computer or phone. 

This InuKag Week has by and large been even more fun and successful than the last, and I just want to take a moment to Thank You

This fandom doesn’t deserve you, it’s never deserved you. And even when you’re burnt out, even when you’re wondering “is it even worth it”, you pull it through and manage to host an entire week long event that ignites us. 

You are the Queen, and this week would never have functioned the way it has without you. 

(We look professional af Cynthia and it’s all because of you.)

One day you might be making events or sites for big corporate companies (maybe a small indie firm), or sit in a really nice office with a window, and I really hope you remember the impact you’ve made in this VERY LARGE corner of the fandom.

I love you, and thank you thank you thank you. 

There’s still the rest of today to enjoy our favorite Soul Mates, so take a break, enjoy your weekend (what’s left of it!) and look back at all these wonderful people celebrating with us. Bask in it. 


- Until the next sappy long post on this blog, Mod: Lali

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You went to his concert???? Tell me everything

yes! i went to see Alien Tveit in concert last month and it was An Experience™. I actually had like hella good seats like we could see the weird ass pattern on his pants. He was amazing i mean i went in with pretty high expectations and he shattered them. he was such a nerd the whole time tho like he kept telling us little stories before he would sign a song and he really made you feel like you were just chatting with a friend and not a greek god, it was really fun bc he strutted around the stage and this bitch made eye contact with everyone he could- and im talking EYE CONTACT it was fantastic bc it happened to me multiple times and at one point it was when i was taking a snapchat vid of him. HIS VOICE THO LIKE WHO ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN I DEMAND ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW. also his hair was great and when he was singing shake it off he dramatically ran this hands through it at the “and to the fella over there with the hella good hair” part like this bitch KNEW what he was doing wtf man i hate him. my fav part was when he tripped over a speaker that was on stage tho it was hilarious okay hes the worst. but yeah in conclusion, aaron kyle tveit is a menace and i want him stopped

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I bet Ryuk is having a lot of fun with how Sangwoo thinks, even if he'a not really using the death note

You can bet Ryuk’s gonna be sticking around that boy a lot longer than he had initially planned to ( ಥ‿ಥ)

Spring break is almost over and I’ll have to go back and finish the second half of my semester at uni 😴 but on the bright side, the boyfriend took me to the local zoo the other day and we had so much fun! I can’t wait to work at a zoo. Tis me sitting on a tortoise statue that was the size of my entire self.

BTS reactions:You hitting them where the sun doesn’t shine.

A/N: This was so fun to make.I had to keep myself from laughing as I started imagining it.😆 Sorry for any mistakes made.

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: “  I came across your blog and I got excited 😏 Can I ask bangtan reaction of you accidentally hitting them where sun doesn’t shine* ( you are in relationship ) thank you so much 


  Jin will start sweating and try to not fall on the ground.”I am ok.I really am.”he will start taking deep breaths and try to keep smiling “I will need some ice though.” While you get it he will start eating and try to forget about the pain, of course the smile will turn into something different.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

 Yoongi will let out a sudden “YAH!”and start jumping all around the room.Cursing and swearing will be the main words coming out of his mouth, just saying.Yeah, he isn’t too happy about that.

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Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

  Hobi will start laughing louder and louder, trying to make it seem like nothing happened, but you all knew what was going on.He might faint, depends how hard you accidentally hit him.( you are Yoongi)

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

  I feel like he will have a poker face on and then start talking about something very deep.Trying to forget about the pain that way, but after awhile it won’t help and he will start breaking stuff around him.( Jimin and the others will be laughing)

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Park Jimin:

 This baby will act somewhat like Jin.He wouldn’t want to make you feel bad, but that wasn’t going to help his situation at all.Jimin will sit down somewhere and start taking deep breaths.He will be happy when you bring him ice.He won’t know what hit him. ( sorry this gif came out bigger than I expected

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Kim Taehyung/V:

 Tae will look at you like ‘what just happened’, before the pain kicks in and then things get funny.He will be running and jumping, trust me a sight to see.He might get hallucinations who knows.

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  He is a big boy now, so in his kookie mind, he thinks he can swear, but Jin doesn’t think so at all.When Jungkook opens his mouth ready to say something that Yoongi would, Jin will yell out from another room “DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT YOUNG MAN!”.Then he will start saying things like “Son of a panda!”, “It hurts like hell.”or “Duck this!”.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a MM headcanon that involves an MC that has epilepsy and has absence seizures often and how would the RFA + V + Saeran react. ( I deal with absence seizures....)

hi there! thanks so much for your request! this was really interesting to do. (disclaimer: i don’t have epilepsy, nor have i ever witnessed anyone having an absence seizure. i did some research and tried to make myself as knowledgable about the subject as possible, but i’m very sorry if i didn’t get it quite right!) also this was way longer than i originally intended lmao but i hope you like it


  • the first time it happened in front of him, he thought you were just daydreaming
  • he was talking to you about his latest role when you suddenly stopped responding and stared off into the distance
  • “y/n …. helloooo..”
  • “did you hear what i said?”
  • he waved his hand jokingly in front of your face in an attempt to get your attention
  • you came to within a few seconds
  • “y/n, what’s wrong?? you zoned out for a minute there”
  • you explained to him about your absence seizures, and he had a lot of questions
  • “does it hurt? are you alright? can i do anything about it?”
  • after that, he made sure he was able to recognize the signs of your seizures
  • he would know as soon as one started and made sure to hold your hand until it was over


  • the two of you were playing mario kart one evening, sitting with your legs crossed, knee-to-knee on the couch
  • it was the last lap, and you and yoosung were neck and neck for first place
  • as you both neared the finish line, your kart stopped moving and yoosung pulled ahead, winning the race
  • “AW YEAH!! y/n, did you see that?? don’t worry babe, i’ll go easy on you in the next round… hey.?”
  • you didn’t respond, instead looking at the television screen in front of you
  • “y/n…y/n, are you okay??” he asked, gently tapping your arm
  • he kept tapping you and talking to you, worried that something was seriously wrong
  • not even ten seconds had passed before you blinked slowly and looked over at yoosung, feeling confused
  • you realized what had happened, and quickly explained all about your epilepsy and the absence seizures it sometimes caused 
  • you told him that they didn’t hurt you, and that they usually only lasted for a few seconds
  • this calmed yoosung down significantly
  • since learning about your condition, he was able to keep calm during your seizures and would often put a hand on your leg or shoulder to make sure you were steady


  • you’d both had a grueling week at work, and decided to start off the weekend by taking a relaxing bath together in his penthouse (lbr, the man probably has a tub the size of my entire bathroom)
  • the two of you had just gotten settled in the bathtub, letting the hot water wash away the stress of the week before
  • jumin was going on and on about one of his employees who had rubbed him the wrong way
  • “honestly, y/n, you would think he’d be able to understand a concept as simple as…y/n? darling, are you feeling alright?”
  • by the time he’d noticed that anything was off, your seizure was already coming to an end
  • you slowly sat up and put a hand to your throbbing head
  • “y/n, honey, what happened? are you okay? you don’t look so good.”
  • still holding your head, you explained to jumin that you experienced absence seizures and while they only lasted a few seconds, they often left you with terrible headaches
  • although jumin was upset that you hadn’t told him sooner, he was glad to know how to recognize your seizures and did everything he could to ease the pain of your headaches afterwards
  • he’d hold you close and stroke your hair, neither of you speaking, just enjoying the comfort of each other’s presence


  • you two were sitting at a table in a local coffee shop, going over some budget estimates for the café you planned to open together
  • jaehee was rambling on about the cost effectiveness of aribica versus robusta coffee (more to herself than to you tbh) when she looked up and noticed you were sitting oddly still, with your eyelids fluttering slightly
  • “oh my gosh, y/n, are you okay?”
  • after the lack of response, she tapped lightly on your hand, becoming even more worried when you still didn’t answer
  • after a few more moments, your seizure was over
  • you saw the anxious look on jaehee’s face, and realized what must have happened
  • wanting to ease jaehee’s worry, you rushed to explain all about your epilepsy and the absence seizures it caused
  • “oh, y/n, thank you for telling me. i was quite worried when you didn’t respond to me, but now i know that you’re alright”
  • from then on, every time jaehee was with you during a seizure, she would just wait patiently for it to end, sometimes holding your hand and rubbing circles with her thumb to comfort you when it was over


  • you and saeyoung were watching a movie, some disney film that happened to be on tv that night
  • one of the main characters punched the villain of the move in the face, prompting saeyoung to turn away from the screen and look at you, laughing
  • “haha, y/n, that was hilarious! she really showed him, yeah? KAPOW!!”
  • “saeyoung, what are you talking about?”
  • “huh? you didn’t see her totally take out that asshole, hans? she totally ripped him a new one!” (ofc y’all would be watching frozen,,, don’t even argue with me. seven likes the songs.)
  • it was then that you realized you must have had a short seizure in the last few minutes
  • you decided now was a good time to tell saeyoung about your absence seizures
  • you explained that you didn’t always notice when they happened, and sometimes it might look like you were just zoning out
  • saeyoung was really understanding
  • “hey, y/n, i’m really glad you told me. it’s not a big deal, i’m just glad you aren’t in any pain. and babe? if you’re ever feeling confused or need me to repeat something for you, just lemme know”
  • saeyoung rewinded the movie so you could watch the part that you’d missed


  • you and v were spending a quiet evening at his apartment, drinking wine and binge-watching a series you’d started on netflix
  • v stood up from his place on the couch and turned to you
  • “i think i’m going to have some more wine. would you like another glass?”
  • you didn’t respond, instead keeping your gaze fixed on the television in front of you
  • “….”y/n, sweetheart? did you hear me?”
  • his brow furrowed when you still didn’t answer him
  • he was about to speak again when you snapped out of it
  • seeing the worry on his face, you realized that you must have just had an absence seizure
  • you apologized and explained that the reason you hadn’t heard him was due to your having epilepsy that caused short absence seizures
  • v was very sympathetic, assuring you that it was alright and thanking you for telling him about your condition
  • he made sure that you would never feel embarrassed to tell him when you’ve just had a seizure, and that you felt comfortable asking him to repeat things for you


  • saeran had come over to your apartment for dinner 
  • he’d brought thai food, knowing it was your favorite (i like to think he does little things like this to let you know he cares ok)
  • when the two of you had finished eating, you hunched over the sink, rinsing the plates from your meal
  • all of a sudden, you felt a pair of hands snake their way around your waist, a mouth sucking at your neck
  • in the blink of an eye, you were on the couch, saeran underneath you, hands roaming your upper body
  • in what seemed like the blink of an eye, saeran had somehow propped you up on your knees, and he was looking up at you anxiously
  • “y/n, what happened? fuck, are you okay?”
  • you were sure that you’d just had an absence seizure
  • embarrassed, you rushed to explain what had happened, telling saeran about your epilepsy and apologizing profusely
  • “really, saeran, i’m so sorry, i didn’t mean to ruin the moment – “
  • “hey. y/n. listen to me. i swear to god there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed about this. i was just worried that i was moving too fast for you. but if you’re alright now….”
  • he put his hands back on your waist
  • “….where were we……..”

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I really love Beauty and the Beast meihem au! I've seen some people already do it (my self included) but I want to see your take on it!

The library scene will always be my favourite <3 Please full view for all the details!

Thank you so much for your ask, I had a lot of fun with it! :D 

If someone of you has a SFW Meihem drawing OR writing prompt as well, you all are more than welcome to leave it in the Meihem Mailbox! There are more I am dedicating myself to in the next few days, but I am always happy to see more of them coming in! :) 

Things about the Arc V ending that makes me sad.

(1) It actually ended and I really liked Arc V and I didn’t want it to end pls no

(2) Yugo and Rin never got to have an actual non-brainwashed, uninterrupted reunion and that makes me really, really sad, because the two of them only had each other.

(3) Shun will never seen his best friend and beloved little sister again, and as an older sister than makes me feel really empty inside ;==; 

Other than that, the duel was excellent and I’m so glad Yuzu is back :’D Yuya and Yuzu have gone through so much and I’m so glad they can finally live in peace one more. 

But the last two issues give the ending a sort of bittersweet feeling, and I think that intentionally done. Regardless, I’ll still remember Arc V fondly, it was a fun ride! Thanks for everything! Can’t wait for VRains! :’)

I just saw beauty and the beast so for those asking for my review of le fou it was…. not bad??? Not great I mean he wasn’t really explicitly gay. He was quite camp tho so I guess that’s what made him “obviously” gay, the “gay moment” was nice but very short and not necessarily explicitly gay either. Tbh if le fou is obviously gay then so is cogsworth imo. Overall I had fun. Nice cinnamon tography. 100% Furry propaganda. My friend turned to me in the middle and told me the beast is handsome and I cried.

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I see people assuming Lena has never been to the movies, or eaten at McDonalds, or that she doesn't understand the cost of groceries all because she was raised rich and sheltered, but...I have a friend who is very well off, and went to a serious boarding school from ages 9 - 17, and if Lena's experience was anything like hers, I can guarantee she was sneaking out to go to movies, lie her way into clubs, eat fast food, and hang around shopping centres, trying to pretend she was a regular kid.

I can totally see both tbh.. if she had friends at that boarding school, going out together and having fun makes sense.. 

but also, Lena isn’t really a regular kid, she’s kinda a genius..  it’s basically canon that she skipped some years which would make her way younger than her school mates during boarding school (maybe she started at 6) and do they really want to spend their free time with some younger girl, kids can be really mean.. (Lena ‘never liked’ roulette, maybe because she and her friends bullied her?) so instead she could have spend her free time studying to skip even more years to get away from them..  Lena seems like the kind of person who really likes science so studying in her free time could have been her definition of fun.. 

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Honestly this can cause u to ask what did Tobias actually do. we've had the small shade throwing from Martin and priest that was very minimal. But I mean for the ENTIRE band to leave, to have Martin (who is the absolute sweetest and cares for his music) to do what he did and for a former member from almost 3 years ago go off on him. I mean it does sorta show he really isn't that innocent (Of course we'll never know, but it does leave u asking what did he do for the former members to do this)

He’s not an innocent butterfly, I get that, I never said he was.
There was an old blog Tobias posted after So Far So Noir was recorded where he said he was happy it was finished, it wasn’t easy or fun to record. I have it on this blog somewhere…
So, they’ve always had creative differences. Why else would they call it quits with Subvision just to form MCC with the same people? And then the brainstorm of Ghost came up and exploded. They weren’t expecting it to, but it did. And they have a very loyal fan base that has continued to grow.
They aren’t spring chickens, they aren’t old either but being in your mid-late 30s and touring as much as they do is strenuous. It isn’t for everybody.
Honestly, I think that was the issue…the schedule is too much and Tobias put it on the table; either you’re in and deal with it, or you’re not.
And also, people are putting way to much of the responsibility on Tobias alone. They have a record label and management that make the final calls. And right now, yeah Ghost is making a killing by touring and merch sales…they are incredibly marketable…of course they don’t want them to slow down just yet, they’re making everyone a pretty nice paycheck.

Is that greedy? Sure…but it isn’t all on T’s shoulders, there’s a whole kingdom above him. There are individual contracts for each member…with Henke being a long time friend to fill in and MH being hired in, i bet they had temporary contracts. Mauro probably elected not to resign, he has a family…
Megan was hired on for the tour, she’s got another band…
And then Simon, according to that interview…Priest has been talked about for years before being put on the back burner while they allowed another band to take over…

Regardless though, no grown adult should be that petty when it’s all said and done. If you’re trying to make a name for your band, try to show some dignity and respect. For yourself and fellow musicians.


6 mile Sunday

My youngest son Jack and I road tripped to KC to hang with Tiff and her son. The boys had a lot of fun at Dave and Busters and then took them to the local bar to play some pool, air hockey, and darts. We’re good parents like that :)

Got home, laundry, lifted, and ran 6 miles. Was really surprised at my pace, and I’ll take it :)

My oldest son Max is heading to Mexico with my neighbors and his son…he’s totally stoked. . I am taking them to the airport at 4:30 AM….so that’ll be a blast 😐 (I am not stoked).

so - the usual post mortem of my performance - truthfully idk - 1st song had a bad chord and i felt stiff - after that … fuck if i know - slow cooked deep might have actually been cool - i added a verse from soul kitchen and a line (en francais si vous plait) from lady marmalade  - also played something borrowed - which has sucked (really) every time i have played it live b4 - it didnt suck im pretty sure - last song did kinda suck tho - i played for about 30 min then played johnny b good w the next performer - that wuz fun if nothing else - so no whine paring w dinner later

thatrandomfandomperson  asked:

I'm drawing like almost every homestuck character. i only have six done. Art is hard. how do you art so well

making art is hard. its hard and nobody understands.

well i’ve been drawing for like 18 years, and taking that into consideration, my improvement isn’t really anything to marvel at. But its still fun, even if I might be stuck in Mediocre Town for the rest of my life.

all the luck with your project, though. i’m sure you’ll finish it eventually.
i’ve been drawing that one beta-trolls picture for at least 4 weeks and i’m still not happy. worst thing is, by the time i lined everyone, i realized that my style changed and I had to start over again. i might even have shed a tear, but nobody saw it so it totally didn’t happen. plausible deniability.

Yup.. I’ll stick with maxis match, thank you very much.

I was tagged (not really, she just said for anyone who wants to do it xD) by @rosecoffeesims to do the alphaVSmm tag!

They’re both very different yet very similar, if that makes sense.

I had fun doing this–especially since the sim on the left originally had alpha hair until I changed it. It was cool to see how she would look completely in alpha everything!

Thank you @rosecoffeesims for making this tag, though the sim you did it on came out WAY better than mine xD

(WOW. Just realized i never tagged anyone >.> I tag @butterfly-tattoo, @simseternity @smubuh @tea-sims @citrontart and anyone else who wants to do it!! Have fun!)


SO @gentlelewis made this alternate universe for Mystery Skulls Animated where it’s basically the Mystery Skulls crew as the characters of Stranger things. Lewis takes the role of Eleven, and remains human but has his ghost powers or something.

I really wanted to draw this scene. I loved the idea of his ghost fire literally boiling the water around him as he wigs out.

I had fun with the monster.

I am so distraught and torn by this person I unfortunately met off tinder in November

We talked everyday literally almost every hour of the day for two months and we got to know each other pretty well. It was one of those situations where u think he’s not just another guy from tinder he wants to actually get to know me

We met at the casino and had fun and he wanted to go back to my place and we had fun watching movies !

A few weeks went by and he let off texting me all the time. And then just never texted back one day in feb.

I don’t get how ppl can do that.
He obviously didn’t feel the same way about me.
It really hurt me.

Hirose Tomoki 270317 Ameblo

Quite handsome

Is it too early for otsukare-summer?

I’ve lived today.
I wonder what kind of tomorrow is waiting for me.
I honestly don’t really have such thoughts in life.
But I admire those people who live life having fun holding onto hope that something will happen the next day.

I had pasta for lunch today.
I think it has been a long time.
I wanted to challenge a chili tomato cream base and it was very delicious. Thumbs up.

I got the JACKROSE catalogue.

It may be a little (proud) of me to say this myself but I’m quite handso- ah! it’s a little (shy) for me to say this so I want everyone to have a copy and look at it.
This hair colour kind of matches the outfits.

Ahhhhhh I’ve done it!
For me to forget to wish all you wonderful people who were born in February (a happy birthday)…
I noticed it in the replies! I forgot about it having been wished myself…. that’s not right!
Please swear at this bastard…. (T/N: he actually called himself a pig bastard)
I will keep in mind not to forget again.
I won’t use the excuse of “it’s because I’m human”.

I’m sorry,
All of you honey lemons that are born in February (´-`)

I will text again ♡