i really going to sleep this time

I just came back from cinema, watching Nausicaa by Miyazaki, because I was lucky to win 2 places for it (>v<)

Even though I watched it many times already, I have to say, watching it on big screen was such an amazing experience!! Nausica has really a particular pacing (comparing to the other movies, I personally think the pacing is slower) and atmosphere, so it was really immersive this way <3

But omg…..after all those years I just noticed the biggest inconsistency ever in the end of the movie xDDD like omg

(don’t read if you haven’t watched the movie, I’m gonna spoil)

Remember, at the beginning they are talking about a legend concerning someone dressed in blue and walking on a gold field. And Nausicaa appears to be this person in the end right?
WELL, before that, at one moment, she gets captured by the Pejitei people (Absel’s people), and the women helps her to escape by switching place with an other girl. So she borrows her clothes that are PINK. 
Few minutes later, she helps a baby Omu and gets injured on the shoulder, still in PINK. Just after that, she arrives at her valley suddenly in BLUE, and on her shoulder we can still see the torn clothing!!! wtf?!

How did I never notice this lol I am now wondering if it’s the same on the dvd version, I’ll have to check if they fixed it or not x’D

Not to sound like I study politics as my fucking major or anything but yall are sooooooo sleep if you really think that 1) Bernie had any chance of being the Democratic candidate WITHOUT EVEN BEING A DEMOCRAT 2) he would’ve won the presidential election for old Republican voters.

Bernie was AMAZING for young people, but didn’t do well across different age audiences and partisans. Unfortunately, the DNC has very little to do with the process of becoming the presidential nominee. Yes, the delegates vote there. But often times, candidates know beforehand who will be the likely nominee.

I’m literally about to write a paper on how Bernie contributed to the fall of the Democratic Party because I’m still having a hard time understanding why he fucking ran under the Democratic Party and how far he expected to go tbqh

Welp I’m going to sleep now (^-^)/ I made it till 3am! And it was really fun to get spooped and mystifyed!! Ya!! I hope everyone still staying up has a wonderful time!! And remember to drink water and eat food and get up stretch every once in a while ^-^ night!!

The charity stream

So, we reached 260k guys!! That’s amazing!!

I’m so proud of everyone, thank you for donating or spreading the word.

This community has done a lot of good in these amazing 2 days full of fun :)

Congrats to Jack, Ethan, Robin, Pj and Emma for doing an awesome job and also to everyone behind the scenes. You are amazing and I hope that we get to do this more times in the future 🎉🎉

Also, to my fellow #overnightwatch friends

Last night was amazing, I had very little sleep but damn, it was super fun!!

Interacting with everyone was really fun, keeping track of all the glitches and what would happen next. Screaming all together as we burnt trough the night.

Thank you everyone for letting me be a part of this amazing expirience💕💘

Now it’s time for our well earned rest. It’s 23:40 and I’m going to bed.

Goodnight everyone💞

comebackwhen  asked:

WHY WOULDN'T YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPS!? IT'S THE BEST WAY TO TALK ON THE INTERNET!!!! (I got nothing for the assumption meme, but I'm all for helping to keep you company!)


I really should just go to sleep but at the same time I can’t look away ‘cause I know something is gonna happen at some point and aaaaaaaaahhh. Stupid stream.

i’ve been so painfully lonely and depressed since i graduated like i have a handful of friends here but everyone is busy or far away and i rarely see anyone or do anything besides work and sleep. i really miss being in a place where i am surrounded by my friends every day. things could certainly be worse than living with my parents and working part time but i’m so unfulfilled and i’m so frustrated all the time with how my life is going. the overwhelming part really is the loneliness… i am very jealous of people who have any sort of love in their lives because i feel so empty and hollow and things feel very meaningless

Does anyone else have that one friend whose sleep schedule is like an ever-evolving mystery? One day they’ll appear to be asleep for the entire 16 hours that you’re awake, but the next three they won’t appear to actually sleep at all. Sometimes they appear to be on Australian time, other times their schedule has adjusted to somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean. (I call this Cthulhu time.) You go a week without seeing them and you have no idea if they’re just really busy, dead, or if their sleep has simply synced up to the exact hours you’re awake and online. The only indication that they’re still in this mortal coil is vague posts about grocery shopping that pop up on their blogs at 4:12AM. 

Darkiplier: You’ll never escape. Not now, not e-

Me: Can I pet your dog?

Darkiplier: …What?

Me: Can. I. Pet. Your. Dog.

Darkiplier: …Do you know who I am? I can destroy everything you a-

Me: Did I stutter


infodumping about the ocean

top ten most relatable fob lyrics

  • “i never really feel a thing”
  • “..waking up with pants on at four in the afternoon”
  • “good god i wish i was tall”
  • “have you ever wanted to disappear”
  • “i don’t care”
  • “i smell like alcohol”
  • “of all my miscalculations, you have got to be my all-time favourite”
  • “i fell outta bed”
  • “i’m the kinda kid that can’t let anything go”
  • “i can’t sleep”

OKAY story time so i have to audition for school next month and im singing turn it off so what better way to prepare than draw elder mckinley am i right


“ Do you think I’m poor because I want to be? Do you think I’m jobless because I hate working? I thought someone should have mercy on us after so many tries. Why is it always 100 against 1? What am I supposed to do? I did everything you told me do. What am I supposed to do when it’s not working out?”

  • Ellen: Have you ever hooked up with a fan?
  • RM: *shook* Did You just ask if we ever slept with them?
  • ELLEN: *nods*
  • JHOPE: What did she say?
  • RM: If we make our fans scream at night
  • RM: No no she said sleep sleep
  • SUGA: *English* We don't have time to sleep
  • Jin: yeah~ but we are always laying down in ARMYs' hearts *blows a kiss to Ellen*
  • Ellen: No I didn't mean innocent sleeping like did you go out together
  • V: All ARMYs are our girlfriends and boyfriends *proud*
  • Ellen: *dizzy* JUST ... what are you guys?
  • -
  • **This is just my weird imagination, they didn't really say that

🌺Jikook soulmate!au

🌺social media version-9/?

When you turn 17, a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin. The amount of colours is proportional to the love your soulmate has for you.
(Based on my post. When I’ll be done with my exams I’ll write a proper fanfic.)

GUYS guys omg!! so i started a new skin regimen not even a week ago and my skin is GLOWING like it’s soft, it’s moisturized but not oily, it’s bright, AND my acne scars are fading. i wanted to share what i’m doing with yall bc it changed my life so maybe it’ll change yours.

(DISCLAIMER: my skin isn’t naturally oily or dry, but it is prone to getting scars even though i don’t pick at pimples. that said, i don’t know if those of you with different skin types will benefit from this, but for those with acne scars it may really help. (for those with dry skin types, i would be careful, bc a lot of the stuff i use is abrasive and might really strip your skin if it’s already dry.))

FIRST OFF, get yourself a facial cleansing brush. it doesn’t have to be expensive – i literally got mine from walmart for seven bucks – but just get your paws on one. it offers a lot deeper cleaning that’ll make sure nothing’s in your pores.


  • before you do anything with your face, brush your teeth. (as a side note, i now rinse with hydrogen peroxide after brushing and my teeth are whiter after about a week and a half. just rinse with hydrogen peroxide, and then rinse with a little bit of water. (if you have sensitive teeth your teeth may get more sensitive, so be careful.))
  • lightly wet the brush head of your cleansing brush and lightly wet your face.
  • put some facial cleanser on your face (whatever cleanser you use – personally i use two different cleansers for the morning and the night, and the one i use in the morning is clean & clear morning burst skin-brightening cleanser, which you can find at walmart). spread it evenly over your skin.
  • turn your brush on (for the mornings i usually put it on the low setting) and move it around in circular motions (moving up and outwards) until the cleanser looks like it’s blended into your skin a little bit.
  • rinse your brush head off and set it on the side of the sink to drain a little bit while you rinse your face off. (USE LUKEWARM WATER. hot water is too abrasive and strips your face of ALL its oils, which is bad.)
  • pat your face dry. also pat your brush head dry. (be gentle with your brush head or all the bristles will go haywire and it won’t be good anymore.)
  • now tone. for a toner i use burt’s bees natural acne solutions clarifying toner (which i found at target), but it’s a little abrasive and drying (it has salicylic acid and witch hazel in it), so those of you with dry or more sensitive skin may want something more soothing with ingredients like rose water or aloe vera. just grab your toner, grab a cotton ball, put some toner on it and swab it all over your face and neck, always swiping upwards.
  • moisturize. (personally i use two different moisturizers for morning and night, and for morning i use spa naturals coconut oil moisturizing cream, which can be found out dollar tree for, you guessed it, a dollar.) just rub it into your face – keep in mind, a little dab’ll do ya. if you go hog wild, it’ll be too much and your skin will be gross.
  • i finish off with a facial mist – i use garnier skinactive soothing facial mist with rose water. it gives a nice soothing finish to my face, and although i don’t wear makeup, i’ve heard it makes a nice setting spray.
  • for my lips during the daytime, i use burt’s bees beeswax lip balm. i constantly chew my lips (thanks, anxiety) and this lip balm still manages to keep them soft and smooth.


  • brush your teeth, then wash your face just like you did in the morning. i mentioned that i use two different cleansers, and i do – at night i use st. ives fresh skin apricot scrub.
  • tone.
  • moisturize. as a night moisturizer, i use cosmetic lad from lush.
  • finish off with your facial mist.
  • i also put vaseline on my eyelashes – it takes a while for results, but they do get thicker and a LOT longer.
  • before i go to sleep, i put on carmex lip balm. it keeps your lips moisturized while you sleep and you wake up with them soft. careful, though – carmex lip balm is really thick, so don’t apply a lot of pressure when you put it on.


  • i do masks twice a week: wednesday nights and sunday nights.
  • on wednesday, i wash my face with let the good times roll face and body cleanser from lush, then use the mask of magnaminty from lush. let it sit for ten minutes, then wash it off, tone, moisturize and mist.
  • on sunday nights, i apply birth of venus jelly mask from lush, let it sit for ten minutes, then apply let the good times roll on top of it and wash my face off. then i tone, moisturize and mist.
  • on the nights i do face masks, i also use bubblegum lip scrub from lush on my lips to get all the dead skin off, and then apply carmex lip balm. sometimes, if i’ve been biting my lips a lot recently, i’ll do it more often than twice a week, but i never do it two days in a row, bc that’s a good way to get your lips really dry and cracked.
  • on nights i use masks, i also use apple cider vinegar with the mother (find it at just about any grocery store) – i put it on a cotton ball and use it almost like a toner, but after i’ve toned, moisturized and misted. it evens out the ph of your skin and helps clear up acne scars – it smells horrible, but it’s worth it. (don’t use too much, bc vinegar is acidic and if you use too much it’ll throw off your ph instead of evening it out. if you have dry skin, you may want to skip this step entirely.)

here’s a pic of all the products i use (except the lip scrub, bc 1. you can go to lush and find like thirty different flavors, so it doesn’t really matter what it looks like anyways – just look for the lip scrub section at lush and pick your flavor, and 2. i forgot to put it in the pic and i’m too lazy to retake it. i also neglected to include the apple cider vinegar bc it comes in a big ass glass bottle and i’m always nervous that i’m gonna drop it and break it):


  • my facial cleansing brush
  • clean & clear morning burst skin brightening facial cleanser (my morning face wash)
  • st. ives fresh skin apricot scrub (my night face wash)
  • burt’s bees natural acne solutions clarifying toner
  • spa naturals coconut oil moisturizing cream (my morning moisturizer)
  • cosmetic lad facial moisturizer (my night moisturizer)
  • garnier skinactive soothing facial mist with rose water
  • burt’s bees beeswax lip balm
  • carmex lip balm
  • vaseline (for my eyelashes at night)
  • birth of venus jelly mask
  • mask of magnaminty face mask
  • let the good times roll facial cleanser


  • bubblegum lip scrub
  • apple cider vinegar with the mother

above all, drink water (some people say it doesn’t help your skin BUT even if it doesn’t at least you stay hydrated and healthy!), and drink a cup of green tea nightly or bi-nightly.

i hope this changes some of yall’s lives bc it sure as heck changed mine!!