i really fricken loved these scene

To End Teen Wolf on this blog: a full honest review of everything!

Of course we’ll start from Season 1:


First of all I love Tyler Posey. He has developed quite a lot as an actor over the years but his acting in the first season was not good. This season was so incredibly cheesy and cliché. A good example would be the main relationship, Scallison. Though not the most cliché relationship to come out of this season. Main protagonist dating/in love with the antagonists daughter… I’m guessing Jeff watched American Dragon before writing this season. Now Stydia. Calling this cliché is beating a dead horse. Everyone knows it: popular bitch girl and loser geek boy. Yawn. Though personally I did like the guess of who the Alpha was. At first you thought it could be Derek. Then it could be the mysterious Deaton. And then it was revealed that it was Peter. That was enjoyable for me.

One of the biggest negatives of this season was how much of an asshole they wrote Stiles to be… Upon first watching the scene where he chained Scott up and wrote “Scotty” on the dog bowl I won’t lie, I giggled. But now… all over because the girl he was obsessed with kissed Scott instead of him; dehumanizing him with the dog bowl. AND then when they were training he was enjoying throwing hard as shit lacrosse balls at him and smiled when he caused Scott to get beat up. I get what Jeff was trying to go for here with the sarcastic comedic side kick. But he just came off as an asshole no one would want to be around.

One of the negative things that stuck with me was when Allison broke up with Scott for locking them in the classroom and risking his own life to protect them. It honestly seem like Jeff had wanted to create conflict between the relationship but couldn’t come up with a good enough reason so he wrote that mess. But one of things I did like about this season was the introduction to the Hale family. It brought in a lot of interesting/great lore.


Personally this was my favourite season out of all six.

It was the first season that brought in the intro - my favourite intro also.

They expanded a lot on the shows lore.

Bringing in side effects of the Bite - apart from death. Becoming a Kanima (a mutation of the Bite). Of course Teen Wolf ruined that lore. Oh we’ll get back to that!

It gave us the ultimate antagonist to the series: Gerard Argent.

Of course the only negative thing I can think of about this season is yet again coming from Stiles. Just that one scene where Lydia was going to risk her life to save Jackson - who she loved at the time - and Stiles made it all about him “if you die I’ll go out of fricken mind”. Funny… this is the least douchest he is in the entire show.

I also really liked the ending. Apart from the Alpha Pack introduction it felt like everything had wrapped up. Like the that could’ve been a series finale - just how the camera panned away from the shot while Scott and Stiles practiced lacrosse.

Other than that there’s nothing much to say about this season. I liked it, it’s my favourite, but it felt like a filler season more than anything.


This season is where the show dropped it’s… “humour”. It went for a more grounded feel. I guess that could be a way to word it. The Alpha Pack was actually, to me at least, a good storyline. They wanted Scott - who was becoming a True Alpha. It had Scott making the hard decisions. It had Derek Hale making hard decisions. Giving up his Alpha-ness? to save Cora. Which honestly…. I love Scott but that was incredibly forced just to have Scott as the Alpha of the show.

Cora Hale… I guess the writers tried to let this slit but: they gave her the same attitude, mannerisms, and personality as Derek. They were building up Stora - before Adelaide left. This was obviously a middle finger to the Sterek Fandom - who at the time they were heavily baiting for views. Anyway…

This season also gave us the most horrendous kiss in television history. And if you guessed the Stydia panic attack kiss then you’d be correct. Angela Harvey wrote this episode and she said she put in a lot of research into it. Obviously that was a lie from her part. When having a panic attack - the kind Stiles had - you don’t grab ahold of them and kiss them. You give them space and try to calm them down. Lydia is supposed to be a genius and she does something this stupid? God awful writing.

Good writing though: Motel California had some serious amazing writing and that performance from Tyler at the end!! Goddamn that was a good episode!

Scott, Stiles, and Allison sacrifice themselves in order to give like to the Nemeton. They had to have someone on the other side they have a connection to. This scene was an obvious set up for Allison and Isaac - to have Scott be “okay” with it. But if you wanna see it as a Stydia scene then whatever. Go for it bitch.

We got more insight into the Hale family. Talia Hale (honestly one of the best mothers in the show - she only had one scene with Derek and great mother!!). We got more werewolf society lore - the symbols meaning things (the spiral menacing revenge).

So apart from one gross disgusting kiss that would’ve put Stiles’ life in danger the season was alright.


I know this season is regarded as the best season. But honestly…. I hated it. Lol.

There is good parts to it of course. The introduction to Malia and the revelation that she’s Peter Hale’s biological daughter - the introduction to a new breed of were. Early Stalia. The parents knowing about the Supernatural. And that’s it.

Why I hated this season: it was constantly Dylan O’Brien screaming in my ears. I don’t care what your opinion of his action is. But mine: I don’t like his acting. All he does is pout and scream in everything. And 3B was the epitome of that. That’s MY opinion if you think otherwise… I don’t really care aha.

The “are you still milking that” comment from Stiles - saying to Isaac. Just….. ugh. Isaac was referring to his years of childhood abuse from his father (being locked in the freezer) and Stiles asked if he’s still milking that… I just. The fact that this scene was seen as funny as labeled as “sarcasm” is highly disgusting.

What annoyed me so much with this season is that even though they brought in Kitsunes - which is rich with so much lore these writers decided to put all that lore and effort into Stiles rather than the Kitsunes. Hell… we never even found out what Kitsune Noshiko was.

This was also the start of the emo phase for Teen Wolf. What I mean by that is that Goddamn lighting was ALWAYS dark. I swear I had to turn up my brightness up to 100% and tilt my screen backwards just to see whatever the fuck was going on.

What I never expected from Teen Wolf was a surprise death scene. And I was incredibly shocked when Allison died - because Crystal left.

The cliffhanger ending. No matter how bad the storyline turned out to be that cliffhanger with Kate Argent being alive and being turned from Peter’s throat slash was great.


Right from the get go I wanna say I loved the deadpool concept/story for this season. It was written bad but it had A LOT of promise and I genuinely found it enjoyable and exciting.

In this season we’re introduced to Mexican hunters who test Scott and what type of Alpha he is. The woman in charge tells him if he ever turns someone she’ll come for him. This was the beginning where the Teen Wolf forgot/ignored previous made canon because after Scott turns Liam nothing happens.

I wanna talk about Kate’s plan… because even after all these years I still have no idea what the fuck she was doing. So she kidnaps Derek to turn him young - back when she manipulated him - so he’ll show her where their family vault is so she could… honestly I’ve forgotten what else she wanted to do because quite frankly I don’t care.

This season had three antagonists. Now I can keep up with a lot but three antagonists in 12 episodes? That was ridiculous. It was too much for a small season. You had the assassins who were killing for the Deadpool - the Benefactor. You had Kate Argent and her Berserkers. And you had Peter Hale who wanted to get revenge on Scott.

Honestly I did like how Peter turned out to be the ultimate villain - angry that Scott ‘’usurped’’ the Hale family territory/legacy. Being responsible for the Deadpool - responsible for Meredith doing it all.

The relationships. Stalia, Scira, and the beginnings of showing Marrish. It was doing so well… but of course Teen Wolf, in usual Teen Wolf fashion, fucks that up.

Another instance of the Teen Wolf writers forgotting/ignoring previous made canon came with Liam Dunbar. We’re told in early seasons that the Bite heals everything and makes you stronger/perfect. For example: Erica. But Liam still has his IED - being labelled the Beta with anger issues? Such piss poor writing. Speaking of IED:

Stiles calling Liam a walking time bomb in front of him - referring to his mental disorder. This was glorified and labeled as a “funny” moment. But it was awful. It was very ableist and disgusting.

The ending. Something many don’t know is that Season 4 was written to be an end because Jeff didn’t know if there was going to be a fifth season.

[Intermission: this is where the organic flow between seasons stopped. What I mean by that is: at the end of S1 Derek is the Alpha and bites Jackson, which flowed perfectly into S2, which ended with the Alpha Pack, which again flowed perfectly, and the end of S3 had Kate Argent’s reveal and they flowed. Season 5 and Season 6 didn’t flow. It was obvious it was just stacked on top of the rest.]


The first part of this season was essentially a flashback in Lydia’s mind - since she was in Eichen and it was leading up to Lydia’s recuse.

This season was also the beginning of the end for Teen Wolf. Don’t get me wrong… the beginning of this season was good. Scira, Stalia, and Marrish.

It was obvious the writers wanted to develop Marrish - they spent a lot of time in it. And a nice fact: Jeff wrote the Marrish episodes so he wanted it. But… we’ll get back to that.

We’re introduced to Theo Raeken. Quite possibly the worst villain in my opinion. With such a forced - emotional manipulative redemption in the sixth season it just makes me dislike his character as a whole. But anyway… we’re also introduced to yet again another terrible villain:

The Dread Doctors. Steampunk looking fucks who do shit that negates everything that was previously made canon. Tracy being the Kanima… the Kanima is a mutation of the Bite due to your personality/feeling you don’t belong - have no one. Look if they wanted to bring in all kinds of Supernaturals for this abhorrent storyline then whatever. But the way they just ignored canon - it’s like they think the audience is stupid. But, again, we’ll get back to that.

Marrish‘s connection: I loved this. Not only for the ship but because it was unique and not seen to the show before. Two Supernatural creatures of death connected - saving each other. Of course there were those who saw the hallucinations that were triggered by the connection as “sex dreams” and labeled Parrish as a “pedo” (Lydia being 18; a relationship between the two would’ve been legal) - if you’re one of those people you’re an idiot.

Stalia‘s breakup. You know what - after what we find out in S6 and how he treated her Malia deserved better than that prick. But this breakup scene…. it was so terribly written. And it was written by Angela Harvey who wrote the panic attack kiss so it’s no surprise why it’s terribly written. The breakup made zero sense. And this was the beginning of the fan service that killer Teen Wolf.


Part 2 opened by with Marrish‘ a connection. Which was great. Jordan Parrish promising he’ll break through the walls to save Lydia. And he does :)

Stiles being a prick towards Malia after HE broke up with her. And this was never addressed. Who the fuck does he think he is to treat her like shit when he walked away when everything was bad and dark?

The Stiles and Scott fight. This was the moment the hate I had for Stiles solidified. What happened to Noah (Stiles’ dad) was not not Scott’s fault. And Stiles’ first reaction? To attack Scott. And then came the scene where Noah said Stiles should forgive Scott… it’s just… did I say that this part of the season had terrible writing? Because it does.

Malia is searching for the Desert Wolf to kill her. Honestly I did like this buildup since Season 4. And even though she was an antagonist and was a piss poor excuse for a mother I do wish we had at least one scene with powerful Malia and human Desert Wolf in Season 6. Like have Malia have the final say; say she’s stronger than the Desert Wolf ever will be and say they’ll never see each other again. To me at least it would’ve been gratifying.

The Lydia recuse… these two episodes were hyped up to be an amazing Stydia scene that the fans have been wating for. Lol. What I want to get out of the way first of all: the actual recuse episode had such awful ratings. This hyped up Stydia episode had the worst reviews of any episode of the time. If that’s not a clarification of how much the the majority of the Fandom didn’t want Stydia then I don’t know what is. The actual recuse itself: Jordan Parrish saved her. That’s fact. He burnt down the Mountain Ash. He burnt down the walls. He took in her nuclear scream that would’ve killed the entire town. He carried her out. Without him everyone would’ve died.

But let’s talk about the fan service of the episode. Them taking Stiles’ Jeep when Natalie’s car was faster. Scott driving instead of Stiles - Scott could’ve taken her pain away. And the “Stiles saved me” line. The fact that someone got payed to write this episode is a joke.

Lydia is the one that pulls Jordan from the Hellhound with “Jordan”. Remember that canon. Because the writers clearly didn’t.

The way they treated Kira/Arden. Honestly fuck Teen Wolf for this. They cut do many of her scenes. Kira was supposed to have a fighting scene with the Beast in 5x17 but they cut it. Hell, Arden didn’t even know she wasn’t coming back until a few months/weeks before S6.

The end of the season. It was basically a send off for Allison Argent and I did like that.


This fucking season… after seeing the god awful ratings for the hyped up Stydia episode the writers decided to go along with the fan service which ultimately killed Teen Wolf. Because if you didn’t know before Season 6 almost every episode raked in over a million views.

But after that trailer - the “remember I love you” trailer the show never got over a million views. Which resulted in it getting cancelled. If you don’t believe just hop onto your search engine and look it up. Also more proof: they were still writing the final episodes during the break between part 1 and part 2. They had to make a lot of changed. How sad that they killed their own show in order to pander to a Fandom that bullied cast, writers, and other fans for years.

The actual storyline itself. It can be labeled as one worst: dumb.

Stiles is taken by the Ghost Riders and he’s THAT important a Ghost Rider had to take the form of Claudia and stay with Noah… Teen Wolf I know you’re obsessed with your mayonnaise but he’s not worldly important. Speaking of Stiles:

We find out that Stiles has loved Lydia while he was with Malia. Regardless of what you ship you have to agree what Stiles did was cruel. He emotionally cheated on Malia for their entire relationship. So in order to push this fan service they turned their precious Stiles into a prick with symptoms for being a fuckboy.

They also gave Lydia extra powers for some reason. To see into the past and they gave banshees telekinesis… they just made Lydia, who was already the Teen Wolf Deus Ex Machina, too overpowered.

What I never got is the Western obsession with Nazi Germany. I know for a fact Germany has done everything they could to apolgiuse for that era in history and has sponged/banned anything involving Nazis and Hitler from their country. So the writers thought bringing up Nazi Germany for a storyline would be cool… use your own fucking horrible history for once; use your Goddamn Civil War.

Just to further push fan service they ruined Lydia’s character. Season 5 Lydia was great. She was strong. Powerful. Selfless. Season 6 Lydia? All she did was fucking cry. Whenever the rest were out there fighting to protect the town she didn’t care - not unless it had to do with Stiles. They were all fighting to rememberer him and get him back and they still fought. Lydia only remembered she had powers when Stiles was in danger - of course.

Lydia and Jordan’s connection being purposely forgotten. Even when Jordan was controlled by the Nazi Wolf and she said his name. Nothing happened. When Lydia was in danger Jordan never alerted. They purposely ignored canon.

What the fuck else… oh yeah that nose breaking Stydia kiss… these two cannot kiss well. It was also great. So many memes were born from that kiss that almost broke Dylan’s nose. Other than that I don’t know. I didn’t watch 6x10 ahahaha.


Scott and Malia… I do not ship them. Like at all. Though I’m happy they’re happy. But I do see a lot that they came outta nowhere in 6B. Which isn’t true. One look throughout 6A you could see what the writers were doing.

If you’ve seen one of my posts before you’ll know I kinda liked the idea of a war between Supernaturals and humans. But this wasn’t it. Honestly this was dumb. We’re supposed to believe that if people knew about the Supernatural kind the government wouldn’t step in? Lol whatever.

This season also tried to so hard to make Nolan/Froy a thing. There’s the quote from Mean Girls that applies here but I don’t type it out. Hopefully everyone will know it. This Nolan character. I hated him. From the moment Froy tried to act and hearing its words I hated it. And the forced redemption arc? Lol. No. He’s still a villain that tormented the school - sliced into people’s hands and had others killed. He’d really get along with Henry from IT.

Jackson being half Kanima. THAT. DOESN’T. MAKE. SENSE! Being a Kanima is a mutation of the bite - it’s a shape you take on when you don’t know who you are or if you belong. It’s not a gene…. Teen Wolf writers yet again ignoring previous made canon :D

Speaking of redemptions… Theo Raeken. I don’t care what his herd of fangirls say. After everything - after all the pain, death, and destruction he caused he belongs where Kira put him. In Hell.

One of the great things: Lydia seemed to not give a fuck about Stiles. Which is honestly hilarious. Some glorious relationship you have there. But from what Holland has said: that Stydia was left ambiguous on purpose. So basically Teen Wolf killed itself for nothing. GG Teen Wolf writers.

Again there were three villains for 10 episodes. I’d say this was just like Season 4 and have too much antagonists in one season but this part of the season was soooooo slow. But anyway the villains: Gerard coming back as the ultimate viliain. Monroe and her crew of cunts. And the discount Red-Skull that prays on fears. Oh speaking of:

How the discount Red-Skull was defeated was just so bad. Mountain Ash… it was just so out of nowhere. It honestly felt cheap. And of course it had to be thrown by Stiles. Because Stiles has gotta be the hero…

Sterek: for years this fucking show has baited Sterek and toyed with the Fandom. Do you wanna know how bad TW/Jeff treated the Sterek Fandom? Well: the Facebook TW account used Sterek shipper to get their page to a million likes after promising to release Sterel bloopers. They had Tyler and a Dylan cuddle up on a literal ship/boat in order to rake in votes. That shit with Cora. Sterek fan art I banned from being signed at conventions - Sterek questions are also banned. And to further treat the Sterek Fandom like trash: they drag back Tyler Hoechiln into it - only to further bait Sterek for views.

The ending: a hero walk off cliffhanger. WHAT. A. CHEESY. LET. PILE. OF. SHIT! First of all leaving it off a cliff hanger? 6 years of buildup for what? For the fucking reboot in 2019 - which has unfortunately been announced. I’m guessing it’s about Alec. Whatever…. second, the hero walk off is just… ugh. Of all the TV endings this show could’ve dipped into it just had to be that? So basically a terrible ending for a terrible show.

That’s it. Teen Wolf is done on this blog. No more. Malia and Scott had their happy endings - Parrish survived in the end. Stydia was left off ambiguous - not confirmed to be endgame. I’ll never have to see Stiles Stilinski on TV ever again. Seasons 1 - 5a gave me enjoyment. The fan service cesspool known as 5b - 6B can burn in Hell. Soooooo…. fuck you Teen Wolf. Byeeeeeeeeeee!

I’ll most likely just blog about things I like and don’t like from now on… for example: Star Wars and my immense hate for Reylo. My problems with Riverfail, I mean Riverdale, Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead and my immense hatred for Daryl Dixon. Shit, I may even catch up on the 100 :)

So im gonna give scene analysis a go because i havent loved an episode this much all season.

So here it goes.

  • Killian quite literally running down hill. Such a good representation of his arc. We got so much angst and this episode is going to be the come down to all of it. The settling. 
  • And just like his past created the the beginning of the climb to this story/arc, it’s interesting that in the scene where he is going downhill it is literally because he’s being chased by what could be seen as symbols of his past. Who he was in the past. (Referring to the lost boys).
  • Lol I love the whole buried Rum line. Very Captain Jack Sparrow-esque
  • I got someone waiting for me at home. The show IS NOT ACCIDENTALLY THROWING OUT THIS TERM A LOT. It’s done with absolute intention. 
  • I don’t know if we will ever get real backstory on Killian and Tiger Lily but his little smirk he has upon saying her name and the era of confidence has me thinking it isn’t anywhere near as bad as everyone speculated.
  • Ah and there’s Captain Floor again. I gotta say they really do love messing with this man’s neck.
  • Nice reference to the fact that Hook is family.
  • I also dig Charming saying that this is REGINA’S curse. He didn’t differentiate in this moment.
  • Ugh the Snowing theme song always chokes me up. I love that there Love is enough to snap her out of this. Always a sucker for TL moments.
  • IT still makes me so giddy that these are real life husband and wife being all romantic on my screen.
  • Okay BF is stunning. Like damn.
  • I laugh at the idea that had Charming not said Emma’s name Rumple could still be living mindlessly in the 21st century Storybrooke Regina made. 
  • Ahh Charms saying “I know Hook is out there doing the same for you,” is so important because she needed to hear it and I think Charms knew that. You can see the instant relief in her face as she embraces him. I think it both calmed her and it also solidified that he wasn’t as mad anymore as maybe she was worried he was.
  • “Skull Rock” nice throw back to the animated version!
  • Killian’s anger and desperate need at having to get back to Emma, the woman he loves, will always get me in the feels.
  • I love that fate comes into play when it means creating the chance to save someone you love. There is so many great moments around this idea, this episode. We have Snowing later sacrificing themselves so Emma can get Killian. Which by fates hands will connect her with the weapon she needs to stop the BF. We also see this same fate come into play when Killian ends up in Neverland with the woman (tiger lily) who has the needed weapon. It’s all connected my friends. 
  • 20:1, “well I feel sorry for those lads, they don’t stand a chance.” Ah that pirate swag. 
  • I love that the FB all share some significance to season 1. I mean the scene where Regina sends Archie and Pongo to the mines is very reminiscent of season 1. It makes you wonder how much of these moments influenced those moments.
  • The field of flowers. Hmm well if Regina’s curse and season 1 evilness = 1 found pink flower. And now we’re seeing hundreds. She must really be a big big bad huh?
  • “NO mother should have to watch their child die,” hmm me thinks someone with a mom on the show might experience just that. SPOILER: my thoughts are Emma but I think she’ll be brought back. 
  • Killian Jones the host of all current hope speeches.
  • And there he goes again, risking himself to ensure his TL get’s what she needs to live. 
  • A single flower. A symbol that there is always hope. There is always something there that will get you through.
  • Okay so the scene with Snowing and young emma is really heart breaking. To me it’s not just a conversation of right vs. wrong. But a moment of just decision making. A hard one. And that’s why it was so important to have both sides of it. One side represented by Charms the other by Snow. It was the same conversation the audience would be having. So it fit well. But this scene was also meant to contrast what is coming next. It was also really nice to see that second chances run in romances. Ayyyee. That rhymed. But seriously Snowing and Captain Swan really do parallel the crap out of each other. The second good byes, the second reunions. Sometimes things happen more than once before they stick. 
  • And his fricken shadow caressed her face and im dead on the floor. I love that it kind of parallels the scene where Charms touched Snows hand and it was enough to just catapult a shift in emotion. 
  • And here we have the scene the FB’s were built for. One of them at least. Snow giving Emma the potion to bring back her love. TO have that happiness. To not have to wait. To do something for herself. EVERYTHING in contrast to what was done when they saw her through that door earlier, comes down to this moment. Snow is making the other choice. And it will pay off.
  • My understanding of that potion by the way, is that the one seeking their true love has to use it. So Im under the impression that everyone who will be mad at Emma for using it cant really be mad anyways? Because Snow has already passed out before she has a chance to use it. 
  • Also can we talk about how Snow knows that to win this battle. To fight this big fight, Killian has to be there. He’s part of what matters most to her and without that she wont be at her strongest. In a way Snow is once again doing what’s right by the people. She’s not only giving her daughter a chance but by letting her get Killian back and allowing her to have that person by her side for that fight, she is also potentially saving the town. 
  • Everything was just so perfect in that second that he saw her face. He was both scared and surprised and relieved at the same time that he saw her. And then not a second later he is warning Tiger Lily to run and again thinking about those other than himself. Here comes the full circle arc guys. I can feel it. 
  • Tiger Lily’s little happy smirk makes me happy. 
  • ALSO can we talk about how the last time they were in Neverland together everything was different. He felt like an orphan and had no family. Emma felt like an orphan. She was running away from him. He was declaring that he would one day win her heart because she’d WANT HIM. And now we have them both, with their families and each other, no where near alone and he has won her heart and she is running towards him and not only does she WANT HIM SHE AGREES TO SPEND ETERNITY WITH HIM BECAUSE SHE NEEDS HIM. THEY NEED EACH OTHER!! *loud screaching*
  • .2 seconds. Count with me. .2 seconds until Killian apologizes and gets right back to where he left off. This is so vital. So important. He’s tired of waiting. He wants to be different and he knows he is. He doesn’t want to waste time thinking about himself. He wants to get that truth of his and that apology out there because that’s what he’s been dying to say to her this entire time. Redemption arc! Redemption arc! You can even see Emma in my mind, taken a bit by surprise. He’s hurting and he doesn’t care. He needs to talk to her and clear the air. This is a clear showcasing of what he’s learned and what he finds important and Emma sees that.
  • He also owns up to the fact that he considered running away. He owns it. He didn’t have to but he did.
  •  The change off is so so good here. Emma’s line of “lets go get you cleaned off” showing where her concern in this moment lies. On his wellbeing. On his feeling whole. And his reluctance because he needs her to know that he loves her. That he wants to marry her. That she will never ever ever be alone and need to worry about him leaving ever again because he will always be with her by her side. (His concerns lying on her wellbeing, and her feeling whole).
  • Second proposal. SECOND FRICKING PROPOSAL. AND IM UGLY CRYING. DEAD AND ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME. My god. The single tear. The fact that they both had a chance to now ask each other. 
  • They’re both so vulnerable and delicate and AWARE of the stakes of life here. And it just guts me in the best kind of way. 
  • And again .2 seconds later he wants to know where her parents are because homeboy is not playing. He’s not messing things up this time. He knows who is important to him and how keeping them means being honest with them and he needs to talk to his bro before anything else. And make sure that the full truth is out there and that he is 100 percent the man he needs and wants and knows he can be and REDEMPTION ARC! REDEMPTION ARC!
  • Ah holding hands while walking to Emma’s parents. 
  • .2 seconds my friends. This is what i’m talking about the closing of a redemption arc. He is wasting no time owning up to everything, making amends for everything. Not only is Killian a vital part in breaking the curse. But he is the first step in making it happen. He is using his ACTIONS in CURRENT TIME to make amends for his ACTIONS of the PAST. All this is on purpose and it’s what makes this such a good redemption arc. I mean seriously who does a redemption arc better than Killian mother f’n Jones. 
  • I loved Killian and Emma’s little smile at Leroy. Especially sense they have a spotted past with him haha.
  • Idk why that little look on Emma and Killian’s face gets me. The one right after Granny takes a sip. It’s like Emma is seeing what he waiting until she was 28 to find her parents really did. It brought these people together. It made this group. These friendships. It was worth something. And Killian is just looking like he is desperately waiting for his bro to resurface. He needs the chance to Look David in the face and own what he did and make sure he knows that he is sorry. 
  • ^^ Point: Colin and Jen are fantastic fricken actors. I will follow their careers until i’m probs dead.
  • I love the whole Season 1 feeling of Snow waking up, only now they are next to each other. Im a sucka for some parallels. 
  • And here’s another contrast point to the FB. This moment. Where they wake up and see what everyone has done for them is to show Snowing and the audience that when you help others they will return the favor. It won’t go unnoticed. 
  • Emma and Killian look so regal laying there haha.
  • Also David rushing to his daughter has my eyes rushing with tears ya feel.
  • Anyone else get a little father daughter feeling when Emma woke up at Charms touch. I could imagine him waking her up for school in the morning as a little girl when I watched this.
  • And CHARMS HAND REACHES TO HELP KILLIAN UP AND IM DEAD. IM ABSOLUTELY DEAD. Like the symbolism. Killian is still down because Charming needs to know how he feels. How he’s sorry. And now Charming is lifting him up and they are eye to eye and here it comes. The man who he inadvertently hurt is the man helping him to his feet. Coming to his hand and his rescue. And Killian is given the chance to finally say what needs to be said and HE TAKES IT. OF COURSE HE DOES. 
  • Can I also holla at the parallel shot (like literally parallel) of Emma and Snow looking at each other right next to Killian and David looking at each other. The newly engaged and the parents. In an actual parallel. I mean can you scream symbolism because I can “SYMBOLISMMM!”
  • Can I also point out that Killian is still scared. It’s not going to hinder him from being the good man we know he is. But he is scared. He tells David that he guesses “Emma didn’t tell [him his] secret.” And this line doesn’t have anything to do with Emma it has to do with Killian thinking there is no way Charms would help him to his feet and ensure his safety if he knew. Because how could he be forgiven so fast. How could something he was so ashamed of and so terrified of acknowledging and scared of knowing yet alone saying be forgiven. This is the bow on the top of a very important package. 
  • I love everything about this scene. Charming saying that Hook is a changed man. Ensuring not only him but the audience. Charming had a lesson this episode about the past. He knows that once was is far away from what now is. And the way he looks at Emma as he says Hook has changed. Ensuring his daughter that all is well. That he is still supporting their marriage and love and happiness and Emma’s knowing look. That look that says “these are my parents and I love them. I love who they are.” Is the best. And i’m in tears again.
  • “No matter what she does you will not face her alone.” This is so important. Because let’s be honest. Of course Emma is scared of the battle. But what has always scared her more than some big bad has been who will be there by her side when this darkness comes (Whether its the darkness of being an orphan or a literal dark one). Emma has her family. She has come full circle too. She isn’t alone and never will be again. 
  • AH Gideon kept a flower alive. You go my dude.
  • Can we also talk about the contrast in family dynamics. Rumples whole family is a mixture of people chosing to love each other and being forced to obey each other in some weird representation of false love. Meanwhile the charms-mills-swan-jones/town is having one big huge family moment. In which people are actively choosing, with their hearts, to be a part of this family that was built out of love and respect and forgiveness and sacrifice. They contrasts are on purpose. And it’s glorious.

Honestly this episode was so good. This is long because I had many feelings. Sorry not sorry. haha. 

Im ded.

lasmickey  asked:

I fricken cried through most of this episode TBH and dangit I KNEW grams was making an appearance on the show when Kat uploaded that pic of her and Jasmine, I almost screamed when I saw her name during the beginning credits. So far, best episode this season

anon said:
I just watched the recent ep (skipped through scenes) and Bonnie and Grams are so great! I love them, I never realized how much I missed them together until I started bawling. I REALLY HOPE BONNIE GETS HER BACK. ill be okay with no b*nenzo or bamon (maybe, not really. bamon af) for Bonnie to have her grams back. In terms of love interests excluding the ones I mentioned I would really like Tyler/Bonnie too; Stefan/Bonnie would’ve been bomb af too *sigh* all these wasted potentials.


I love that. I love how for once, even while she was on a mission to help someone else, she had the opportunity to do something for herself. She was there for help with the locator spell, but she also wanted to see Grams again, and you can really feel the surprise and relief and gratitude that she’s feeling. 

Also, look at the way she approached the porch, walking at first and then breaking into a run because she’s so excited:

Even at the end of the episode when she’s sitting outside the boardinghouse and looking sort of wistful, but smiles as she tells Damon she was reflecting on the good things, you just know that she was remembering how it felt to be in her Grams’ arms again, how good it felt to be able to turn to her for help, and talk to her, and do magic with her.

I wish she could get her back, but I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m glad she got this though, and that Damon’s subconscious made that solace for her and that he was able to make it feel real enough (”Wow, he even got the sweater right.”) that she could look back on it fondly.

I know we’ll likely see a lot more cameos of this nature, but Jasmine Guy is always gonna be my favorite.

If Dean and Cas ever kiss

I will print out screenshots and put them everywhere

on t shirts

as wallpaper in my room

as bedspread

I’d have it put on a fricken poster

I’d run out into the streets laughing and crying manically while playing the scene on repeat

nothing will faze me

I’ll be almost in a state of Nirvana

I’ll sing cheesy love songs to myself for the rest of my life

I’ll flap my hands and jump up and down and giggle

I’ll do weird stuff, man