i really feel like listing all your urls

anonymous asked:

Do you know anymore stucky meta?? That's what I was looking for! I love when people take the scenes and analyze the little things :D usually I never notice them myself. Thank you!!!

No problem!

It’s actually pretty hard for me to find Stucky meta posts because I don’t have any tag for it on my primary blog, plus I never saved the urls of the original posts. There is still so much more amazing meta on Tumblr (I know, I feel like I’ve read them all!), and maybe one day I’ll make a list (if I ever find enough)

But, for now, here you go:

Thank you so much for your message :)

Christmas Follow Forever

Hi guys, I don’t normally do these things but this year I wanted to give some love out to my favorite blogs and wish them Happy Holidays! You guys have all been awesome!


@adina-astra @agentsokka @antisoras @arminsragingboner @ask-riku@avale-reves @belovedroxas @blackpaopu @blazes-of-glory @cogwaltz @dataroxas @destiny-islanders @eraqus @excusemewhileiplaykh @flurry-of-dancing-buttcheeks @grithokskulk @gummiblock @hope-estheiim 


@icrangirl @itsmemorized @jeredu @kair-i @kairiofknives @kairisheart @keybladetweiler @kh-info-block @kh-terra @khsanctuary @khvanitas @kingdomheartbreaker @kingdomheartsnyctophiliac @kingdomsanctuary @lex-haru @lightaga @lightanddarkkh @like-a-doll-kc @liverpepper 


@markiplier @marluxiaredux @merryxaqua @mickeyblades @moistcornbread @mylittlepigglewiggles @nekosandkeyblades @nijuukoo @ninomiy @notesfromkh @oathkeeper @orichalvum @oriturlux @projectdestati


@racistbeautybloggers @radicalriku @ramflega @reverseracism @riku-eosphorus @rikusbooty @rikuxxmusicxxlove @roxas-has-the-stick @roxas-heart-13 @roxas-uke @roxasthatisastick @royalxiii @rrrrroxas @sciapodus @scottyyy77 @seasaltsunset @sekai-uke-banana @seraphicat @serbias @sixpenceee @sleepyxion @softsoundingseas @soras-majestic-butt @soraspromise 


@thalassa-charms @thedawnslayer @thefateofanobody @theheartlessnobody @there-is-a-sora @therealjacksepticeye @thespellweaver @thisiseverydayracism @thisisntmycat @thundraga @today-ifuckedup @twilightown @twilightxwn @vanillavanitas @ventus-shmentus @viamadlucem @wan-nyan @whatever-lies-beyond-thismorning @whoelsewillihaveicecreamwith @wingedauthor @wolfissac @xehanortofficial @xemnas-stockings @xigbars @xioned @xxprincesskai 

If you didn’t make the list and feel like you should’ve, it is probably because your url changed and I didn’t recognize it, or it got buried under a lot of inactive blogs(I really need to clean up a bit!) But if you feel like you’ve been missed, just send me a message!

But to all my followers and mutuals, Have a very Happy Holiday!

AH MAN It’s that time of the year again. Or so I say. And uh this is technically my third follow forever but ever since I came back from Hiatus and changed my URL, tumblr has honestly been a totally different experience for me so I renewed my follow forever number to celebrate reaching 2000 followers!

THAT DIDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. But okay here’s the mushy gooey I-Love-You-Pls-Know-That stuff!!! brACE YOURSELVES.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who stuck by me through my hiatus because it honestly means a lot. I came on this site as xiumin-nimuix, and then to xiumineseok and made so many friends. Thought I lost a lot of them after coming back, the ones I have now are just as precious and I wouldn’t be where I aam without you<3

To everyone who has ANYTHING to do with my blog know I love you more than a million muffins because you are the people who make my experience on tumblr so fun ^__^ To all those who make edits, talk to me, and reblog my own edits and reblogs, read my tags, and everything in between,  thaNK YOU FOR BEING THE COOLIEST NOODLES IN THE BOWL. Or hottest. Omg yeah okay people like hot noodles. HOTTEST*.

There really just aren’t enough ways for me to combine the 26 letters that make up the alphabet to describe how much I love each and every single one of you so I’m just going to start listing URLs now!!! 



Italics: Blogs that give me the feels and make me happy that tumblr exists because they exist and they are just beautiful and tumblr wouldn’t be the same without them<3 (YES EVERYTHING IS ITALICIZED BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL)

*: Blogs that make me have thE GREATEST OF SMILES/ I WISH I COULD BE THEM blogs ^__^


absolutehun / ace-loves-xing / adorableprince / adore-a-xing / aishbaek* / baek-me-a-cake* / baekhyunimnida / baby-baek / baekingkai* / bbaek-song / baekyhns / baekhyun-ah* / baekzone*  /  biaxian / blamejongin / blondejongin* / byunbaekhun / celestyeol / chancasso / chanyeolismysexualfantasy* / chanyoell / chenchencrazychenup / cumbaek / cumgodkai


deathcabfor92line  / deerxings* / definitelay* / derp-yeoll / doresque** / dosexsoo* / duckyhun/ eschendol / esexoeveryday* / exolutely** / exowhore / flawlesszitao / happyvirus / hexoxogon / hunscollarbones / hyfchick / hyukkeohypertone​* / iixingie​ / incrediyeol​* / innocore​* / jongin-the-devildancer / jongins​ / jonginssoo​ / jonginwho​*


kaibility / kaiffeines / kaiiyeopta*kaillusive** / kaimint* / kaiqo kaitaestrophe / kawaiikimkai kimjongsnoona / khaenine* / kristallized kyung-soo /  la-vita-in-nero / layhan-mcmslaylord / leuhanies /  luhan-s / luhcifer/ luhhaan/ lullabyun** / milkyeoll / min-seoked-my-panties / minsoek / mlnseokie / oh-la-lay / oh-seshit / ohbaekhyuns/ ohsehxual / ohxing / ooxehuns / oppardose / ohorat-exo / omgfishy​* / osehunie


park-dobii / parkingthechanyeol / popped-in-exo* / porkdo-bi / screwufan* / see-you-tomorrow-hyungsehduced* / sehlestial / sehkais / sehunassthetic* / sehunie / sekaitrist / sehunniez / sekairis* / sekaixinq / selunoids / shining-exo / skip-to-my-luhan* / snehun/ su-lay* / suhocean / suhoswag / t-aozin / teleporkaition​* / thursdae / turtlehun***


uh-oh-exo* / vitaminyeol* / wuboxian* / wuyifanxing** / x-enchenting / xehunf*  / xehunter* / xingmealullaby / xingzhang / xiuhanempire / xiuhmin / xiumin-sama /  yehetness** / yetyuna / yixingstolemyheart / yuixings​ 

cutieksoofromheretothestas​ intaengible​ kingsuhopaperhearteu roughbaeksapphiregoldsardines

AND AGAIN just thank you so much to each and everyone one of these blogs; I love you more than the moon and the stars and every fast food place put together!!!! ^__^ Until next time<3

TheJBusition’s 800+ Follow Forever

So I have to thank all of you more than words can say. It really means so much to me that so many of you deem me to be worth following. I’ve met so many wonderful people and had a huge outlet to share some of my interests that I really never had before last summer.

That’s why I feel like TRASH for this Follow Forever. As many URLs as are on this list, I still think I missed far too many people who DESERVE to be on here. So please forgive me if you don’t see your name on here, I’ve been scrambling the past few days to get this done, and know that I feel awful for forgetting you.

So without any more wallowing or gushing, here’s my 800+ Follow Forever!

Absolute Fave Status

So these people all have special places in my heart for various reasons: some of them are some of the best friends I’ve had, most of them run STELLAR blogs, all of them deserve the best, I worship the ground all of them walk on and too many of them I feel like I’ve let down (and 1 of them is my sister). If we haven’t talked in forever, know that most of it is probably that now I just feel extremely bad for not having talked to you in forever.

alisienna - arkvenorat-first-glance274 - azogthenailfiler - becausedragonage - bioware-fanatic - biowhathaveyoudone - black-rose4 - brekkr - byolaeka - dalishdelight - dovahcaine - elegantnanners - elisder - empress-of-ferelden - exploringandromeda - felicidusaria - fenmech - frayedone - freyleif - girlandherbooks - gradiebby - guidethisonekalahira - hydrogencellophane - inquisitivequnari - iron-bae - irrational-pie - knightcommanderalenko - laceandlyrium - lilvikingpug - maggie-the-red-vane-trevelyan - malikafuckingcadash - mavhenanrevas - mikaela-hyakuyass - my-hart-will-go-on - noctuaalba - noxfauna - officialvarrictethras - paragon-brosca - paragonbowie - randallascott - rayelian - realeststruggles - rougespectre - serathefistingelf - silentstephi - solas-trash - splinterstaff - sunny-sarsaparilla - supersighyan - thatbritishlass - theansweris-42 - thepenguinsaurus - thepiratequeenisabela - therussetsparrow - theswordandthequill - toyponiez - trissrnerigoldveinsofopal - walkingbomb - withaheavyhart - wondycupcake

Important Nerds

These are important and wonderful nerds who are all great bloggers and deserve love and followers. Some of these could be on the top list, but most of them I don’t know well enough for that.

afleainspace - afterinquisition - andrastesbuns - andromedaeffect - angels-and-scarves - antiva-is-for-lovers - apostitutesapros3xia - asketchbookthing - aszlan - babble-on-babylon - baequisition - baewall - bioticdivision - bloomingcnidarians - catfridge - charlietheunicorn711 - clicheplottwist - comeseewhatididthere - dalish-defender - dalish-enaid - disdainfulavenger - dragonagenews - dwarrows - earthly-and-ethereal - eggsquisite-dreadwolf - female-krogan - filthyknifeear - first-enchanter-surana - flockofflamingos - genericbanana - helila - hobbithase - ifuckuncles - inquisitorkira - iwettia - jessicapendragon - katoh-imekari - kittens-and-anders - kitteria - lilaface - liveinink - lumenizampel - merwild - mydadisindianajones - ninestepsofthor - nurphy - obvious-apostate - officialfuriosa - ourimmovablecentre - picnicprincess - pixiedurango - princesstsukahime - quanarihn - rightnostrilofthedivine - rivaintalismanrivigirli - rogue-idealist - saintgrey - saintlavellan - scriptrixdraconum - smalltown–belle - splendidduchess - talvashort - tevintter - thatantivanelf - thejenlife - thencametherain - thepaganjew - thosefrackingfreckles - tmanosaur - vallasliin - vitaebenefaria - wardencommander-amell - weareinfiniteinthismoment - xenianyxxneseyx - yesmassdragoneffect

So again, thank you all for being so wonderful! Pretty much all of the names on this list deserve more followers! And I apologize if I left you off and you deserve to be on here! <33

So I’ve been getting a bunch of asks about what blogs post a lot of Artemi Panarin stuff, so I decided to make a list of all the blogs that do!!

I tried finding as many of you as I can! And there really is no organization to this list, other than the the first letters being together! But enjoy, and follow away! 

If you feel like you should be on this list, just send me a message with your URL and I will add you!! (Also, if you feel like you shouldn’t be on here, message me)


@artemi-okay-player-panarin // @artemibread // @artemipanarin // @artemspanarin // @alyssaad72 // @absolute-artemi // @artemipanini72 // @artemispanarins // @blackhawks72 // @baby-crowdaddy // @breadsman // @breadandchill // @cornfieldstoriches // @coreyscrawf // @captain-furious // @chloeee-88 // @daddygaudreau // @dangerouslyaddictivethings // @donttoewsmebruh // @freedestinycreation


@hawks-girl-96 // @hansthebest // @hockeyyybabyyy // @justalilchip // @keets-blog // @keepingupwithpanarin // @littlerussianpanarin // @panarinartemi // @panarinbread // @pankazer // @panarintoews // @panarins-lips // @panarin-toews // @peachypanarin // @panarins-awesomeness // @poptartpanarin // @paperandwords // @panarin-panera // @puckingpanarin

q-z & #:

@rebeccaplomero // @rhstubachick13-17 // @sofech926 // @stepanbehindthemic // @zykzykzyk // @72panarin

MAybe we should make an Artemi Panarin fan club?!?!

hello everyone! I am currently putting together a list of studyblrs to add to my blog, so that when people come on to my page they can easily access as many other studyblrs as possible and get mega motivated! As my blog traffic and follower count increases, I feel that this would be a really good way to connect all of us studyblrs together. If you would like to be featured in my list (no limit to numbers) please reblog this post and spread the word, then inbox me with your URL and blog title! :)

okay omf so i reached my 2nd goal for this blog anDDDD I WANNA KISS EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWED ME COS I WOULDNT HAVE REACHED THISSSSS WITHOUT YOU ;;;;;; this post is really long cos i tried adding as much people as i could heh woops plus the gif looks rly bad tho i kinda threw stuff together and that happened

also if you got other mentions leading you to no post im so sorry tumblr was being an ass alskdjakls

To my followers: i wanna thank you guys so much im genuinely thankful for everyone who followed me i feel so guilty cause i dont follow everyone back and i really would love to but i dont want my dash to get too repetitive :c and i appreciate the people who still follow me even when i dont follow back im so thankful i cri youre all so nice qqqqqq

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Kurogamis' 2014 Follow Forever!

Man, I can’t believe I’ve been on tumblr for almost 3 years. Time really does fly by! I don’t do these often, but I made this follow forever because 1) I hit 3k followers a few weeks ago and 2) this is dedicated to the lovely people I’m following! I’m so blessed to have met so many awesome people and made such amazing friends! I don’t know what I would do without you guys! Thank you everyone for making my dash amazing and inspiring me with your beautiful graphics! I wish you all a great new year! ♥ ; u ;

Please don’t be upset if you don’t see your url on here. I’ve spent hours going through the list of blogs I’m following and I worked really hard on this edit. I wish I could include everyone, but I’m following 201 blogs and there is limited space. Feel free to check out my blogroll if you’d like to!~

akahshi | akashis | altairis | amaterasuh | anjizu | aoumine | bakamura | bakashiseijuro | carrotcakebandit | crossroad–demon | daikiaominecchi | dead-one | escarletes | eucliffie | fukukaicho | fullmental | furihata | gardevoirs | garekis | gintokiis | godslaying

hakurens | hanae-ichihara | hanamimiya | hanamiyah | heartslayers | hikui | houtarouh | hyoketsu | hyouriinmaru | imayoshishouichi | judaimes | kaasamatsu | kachimatsu | kadrena | kagamigerms | kagiris | kaizokuh | karaasu | kazuunari | keiko-chan | kibas-dick | kigeky | kiiyoshi | kisedilla | kotaro–hayama | kuro-chin | kuroko-no-buttsecks | kurocchii | kurokosmilkythighs | kurokowalker | kuurikaras

larascroft | leona-dracontis | lordzuuko | lzukii | manatsuu | matourou | md0rma | midorimas | midotakass | miikasaas | minayuurei | mochichou | mrpikachew | mukizu | myriotworld | namikazes | nanodayoh | narutouzumakis | niijimura | nosev | ohbirds | onigiriisan | orihimes | perfvert | prince-alibaba

rainnieday | rakuzan | red-hana | ren-hakuryuu | seijuros | seikis | senj0ugahara | sexpai | shannaros | sharinganal | shizous | shuutokuu | shuzos | shuzous | sugawaara | superdere | switch-girl | tachibabe | taikos | taitetsu | takahohoho | te-tsu-ya | t0gamikun | theakatsuki | trrafalgarlaw | ukecchi | yoiichi | yoruiichi | zetsueen


I never did one of these. How do they work? People usually put another picy down with a HUGE list of names but that’s a pain in the butt! Too much work! Or maybe I’m just lazy. Well the doodle above is like half an hour my hand isn’t co-operating

Does anyone even read what’s written on the image where theres a shit ton of names? I’m sure people just read what’s bellow in this text message box thing button clicker maker happener or they don’t read at all.

There I go off again rambling,eh?

Anyway serious mode time. Thank you everyone so much for following me! This blog has been growing pretty fast! I abandoned it for the longest time since I lost interest. But then I decided to come back and join the FT fandom here. Thank you everyone for letting me in! Thank you everyone for your continued support and help! I forgot how fun tumblr was but thanks to you that fun is back! Thank you so much giving me a warm place to come to. I had more on my mind but I totally forgot! I should start writting things down *laughs*

Now for the list. You might be thinking ‘What does it mean that my name is here?’ well theres tons of possible reasons for each person it’s different!

It’s mostly things like I like your blog! Your posts make my day, I reblog a lot from you, you reblog a lot for me, I appreciate your support for always supporting my work, I like to talk to you, you’re a friend, you’re my senpai, I look up to your work, I love your art, music, writting and etc, I see you as a fun and nice person, you deserve all of the love in the world, you inspire me, make me feel better, brighten up my day and all other mushy crap.

What does it mean if you’re not on this list? It doesn’t really mean anything. Either I don’t follow you, you don’t post enough for me to notice or simply that I forgot to mention you here oops. Or you changed your url then double oops to you.

Should you look at these people’s blogs and/or follow them?

The hell you do!! I didn’t make this list just for show! All these people are great and deserve a follow or two! Give them all of your love!

afairystail | afairytailblog | alexworkshop | aniheartneelia | anotherfairytailblogwhoops | apinkhairedpyromaniac | arbokkk | berryjewel | blamedorange | blanania | bludy-chu | bonneyq |

cherrytreetea | chinchiboo | crystallyna | dayonma | dovedapple | duekko |

effyeahnalu | elloisevonguard | estella-may | exceed-tales | fairy-mage | fairytailflame | fairytailguild17 | fairytailsnowfairy | fairytailwitch | fandomtail | fatedsong | feariteiru | feelytail | fttalk |

harada-sensei | hipster-week | hybridshadowz | iam-unbreakable | ice-jsuirya | iluvfairytail | imstilllookingafterringsuzune | inumistyyasha | ir-dr is-that-aph-iceland | isaiah-senpai isimonito |

jhayni-in-the-rain | jhgvjhgvj  | jirochan | just-absolutely-super | juviarain | karokitten-chan | karyuu-no-natsu | kawaiimelodies | kittyarts |

la-petite-ecureuil | ladygt | levysbookshelf | little-miss-boxie | lucysenpaii | lulujweston | mack4ever | mage-with-a-burning-spirit | majistarishlove | melllllly | mimi-okaasan miras-shipping-wall | momo-mikoshibaa | mrseucliffex mystsaphyr | 

n-a-d-h-i-e | nachokuma | nalufan101 | nalutbh | namface nickolascat | oaceis | personal-bentobox | phantombones | project-auricom | puppykise | r4hefk | rboz | rosahoshi-chan |

seiikas | shazams | shingeki-no-way-out | snogfairy | soulkillur | sradragneel | sshingekinofairytaill | stereolimit | strawberrydraws | superterabite | tachibanafever | teatime-plasmid | tellmeafairytail | thathilomgirl | the-salamander-natsu | the-scarlett-sky | thefairystales | thefatedmeeting | theonlycandlelight|tsunderefairy |

unisonraidd | y-a-n-d-e-r-e | yamatomatoes | yaushie | yoriru | yumesenpaii | yuuba | zelka94 | zippi44 |

Thank you once again everyone for making my dash a warm place to come to! Thank you for the laughs, for all tears and for everything that’s yet to come! 

This has been Captain Shadoo! See you all next time! AYE SIR!

so I decided to make a follow forever because it’s summer so it’s a good time to celebrate, and also i am VERY close to 3k and i honestly can’t believe it but i am so so thankful for every single one of you. listed here are the mutual blogs that I really love. i love you all so much, thanks for making my experience on here a good one :) feel free to message me whenever you want, or ask for my snapchat/instagram/etc if you want to connect more!!

my very best friends that i’ve known and loved for over TWO YEARS (pls hover over ur url):

shamaila // lamedesi ❤❤  elly // flusteredgansey ❤❤ helen // natashavevo ❤❤ nat // isabelleliqhtwoods

very cool people: (italics = your blog is super peachy, bold = friends (pls hover) (even if we’ve only talked like twice i consider u a friend ok):

a - c: abegationadamparrush, aegtargaryenahrenschraeve, allisonsahrgentsashara-dayne, azkavanbellcrkes, belleefrenchbluescargent, calcallore,  carstairescealenasardothien, celaenasarodthien, chaoleschaolwestfall, chiefbellamy, chrisargantclarkegriffihs, clarkegriffnesclarkesgriffan, clacelightwoodclaryherondhale, cressidahscrestaes

d - h: darkershadeofmagicdarlingargents, dearlarajean, dracomalfoyieadrik, emaacarstairsezekestielfaeyre, feistylexa, finnckstridentfinnicksstrident, galehawthernegansyeblue, ghostydiagrumpypliers, haemanthvs, heirondale, heiroslytherinhavilliardes, her0ngraystairshrmione 

i - m: ifweburnyouburnwithus, jamiedorknanjemsdrug, joredanparrish, juliancarstairskatiemstevens, kestraltrajanladykestrel, laughysaffy, lilyjcollinnsopalbxifong, magnusbanemaraadyer, margoes, master-of-fatemathewsdaddario, misslilycollinssmoroselyjocose, mntygreen​, mvvrphyslaw​, mythologv

n - r: neitherheavenorhellnephlium, noahfoshaw, noahshawe, ofinick, ofmontyoretsev, parcbataipctrocluspipergreenmantle, pynch, pyraemus, quiddltch, radiantasthesun, raffaelelaurentreilyblue, romanholliday, ronanslynchs

s - z: sassticus, scxttmccallseaquellshadowhuntersunite, shadowhuntingotaku, sizzyherondale, starlurd, stiles-allisontatesmalia, unseelieprince, vesmesr, willstraynors, wolfgangesyouarethefirstdreamofmysoul


also shoutout to the darinetwork, i love how our group chat has become a minion hate group, and loershq, my semi-famous, card game playing, skyping, shrek loving, typo making internet squad. ily.

happy 2016 everyone! i’ve been meaning to do one of these for like,, a year? 2 years? lmao anyway in all honesty this is more a huge thank you to all my absolutely wonderful mutuals who i rly don’t deserve for being wonderful <3<3

(i tried to split them up a bit but it didn’t really work sorry)

it’s quite late and i’m kinda tired so if you feel i’ve missed you and your url should be on this list, i’m really sorry and please just send me a message!! likewise if you’d like your url removed from this list, please tell me.

a - c

@aaziraphales​ / @abyssofsunshine / @aki-sae / @amonkoutarou / @aobasjosai / @aominae / @aominedaigay / @arakitaa / @arrivedaichi / @attackonsword-art-online / @aukieno / @bakayatou / @bemoar / @blookie-boo / @blrrydan / @bpdtachibanamakoto / @brosewald / @cats-and-curry-cupcakes / @ceesarzeppeli / @clatekou / @crystallico

d - j

@danielle-phantom / @eternallyjadedx / @gaylunalovegood / @genderqueerfuri / @glasses-tooru / @haikyuroo / @halseen / @harsh-plants / @heenata / @hidecanes / @hinata-shouyouu / @hinatas-fluffy-hair / @hipster-hinata / @hipster-noya / @hipster-tendou / @hisocunt / @hootdamn / @httpiwa / @hygarden​ / @july-daze

k - n

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Hey guys! So I’ve just hit my first 1000 followers! I’m so freaking happy and this is just asdfghjkl. 

 So first of all, I’d like to thank ALL of my fellow CS shipmates for making tumblr such a great place. It’s such a warm fandom full of feels, so even if you don’t see your name on the list of URLs, know that I appreciate you 100 percent but I’m really bad at these. Also, I’m hoping to make some new friends so hit me up if you want to chat!

 Onwards with the follow forever!

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ten little roosters episode 1

hey guys !! so i thought i should make a post where we could all reblog (and add!) things we noticed (no, not who we think is the killer or anything like that, just things we saw!) to help out with guessing !!
i don’t really care if it might be a red herring or whatever !! so feel free to reblog and add what you saw as well (or just add into my list and put your url beside it!)
and lastly, you can add little theories as to what you think, but please don’t argue over other people’s thoughts 

  • gavin’s clone somehow left even though they’re locked in
  • burnie had a michael coke while everybody else had champagne
  • miles had that fork that toched adam’s beard
  • ryan is wearing a kilt isn’t that great
  • gavin was the only one who ran to help michael
  • gus said chris may trip on his feet and the next clue is about tripping over themselves
  • gavin has a clone of himself that he could literally trip over
  • miles is the only one who didn’t get a killer picture
  • barbara’s name wasn’t underlined like everybody else’s who got a photo of who they killed

anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your blog! Do you have any recommendations for any other awesome 5sos blogs? Thanks xx

Hello! Okay I really am terrible for remembering where I’ve read good smuts. I mean literally terrible. So I’ve just picked out some blogs from the ones I follow because I think they’re pretty cool. 

For the people I forget that have awesome blogs please feel free to add yourself to this list because like I said I am the world’s worst and I know how much effort we all put into our blogs and you should definitely get credit for that! 

Okay here goes….














Like I said, this is a really rough list so if I’ve left your blog off I’m really sorry. Feel free to reblog/reply to this with your url so this anon can follow you!