i really fancy playing that game

I’m determined to keep my spirits up today, despite work being exhausting. So in no particular order, here’s some things I’m excited about:

  • We are going to a fancy ball in the dnd session tonight and I think stuff is gonna go down.
  • The Ren Faire is tomorrow and I’m dressing as a pirate!
  • I’m playing a mermaid with amnesia in a solo game right now and she’s gr8
  • We get our wedding pictures back next week!

another good behind the scenes story from the AVs is, shortly after they started one of them was at a doctor who convention and ran into Michael Wisher in the bar and it turned out Michael Wisher loved acting & doctor who and was up for anything so he agreed to come do dalek voices for them

and it went really well so when it came to making The Mutant Phase (thei second dalek story) they called up Michael Wisher and were like ‘hey do you fancy doing another audio visual’ and his response was, to paraphrase, ‘i am absolutely game provided i don’t have to voice the fucking daleks again’

so like they’re like haha ok… okay then & they wrote an actual character for Michael Wisher to play

but then they’re like well shit now who’s gonna do the dalek voices. I guess we’ll all pitch in and see what works??

& long story short, that’s how nicholas briggs wound up voicing the daleks and now it’s his job


earlier i was doodling some concepts for fancy pants man and cutie pants girl humanizations and i,, i’m really proud of how fpm’s overall design turned out in the end (weird expressions aside)

(also i can’t believe jack’s actually?? going to play super fancy pants adventure?? the guy behind the game series needs more recognition)

anonymous asked:

can i request a ten, taeyong, and haechan neighbour au?? hehe i really love your writing a lot < 3

ten’s birthday is next week, so here’s a kind of early gift to all you ten stans!!
and of course, taeyong and haechan stans~(´・` )♡
find mark + jaehyun (here)


  • definitely,,,,,, loud
  • he throws parties on the weekends and practices guitar on the weekdays while also getting REALLY R E A L L Y into nba 2k17,,,,,,
  • especially if johnny comes over like the two of them cannot shuttup and neighbors always have to go over and be like “quiet down” and johnny apologizes while ten just sneers and is like “YEAH JOHNNY WHY ARE YOU SO LOUD” and johnny is like “i swear once this door is closed-”
  • but he’s FUN,,,,,like there is not denying that he’s an entertaining, amusing, and great person like why else would his apartment be basically filled to the brim with people who he probably doesn’t even know all that well
  • yeah the snacks,,,,,but also like?? ten makes great jokes, he’s good at making everyone feel comfortable, and his dancing: a+
  • he’s the whole package,,,,,,,,,even though his place is a mess monday morning and he has to practically beg taeyong and jaehyun to come over and help him clean
  • and he once tried to ask hansol and hansol was like “you brought this on yourself lolololol” and the proceeded to hang up on him whenever ten tried to call him back (real friends are like this tbh)
  • speaking of which ten has ,,,,, like no idea how to keep his things organized,,,,,,,,because he has so much stuff like every time he leaves his house he’s wearing a brand new outfit 
  • and everyone is like bro you spend way too much money on clothes,,,,,why do you need so much and ten is like Firstly: it’s fashion you Wouldn’t Get It,,,,,,,,secondly someone stole some of my pants from my last party ok leave it alone
  • but his apartment itself is pretty cool, like somehow he got mark to ask renjun to come over and paint on his wall and it turned out really cool and ten’s the type to have fancy stuff for no reason like did you really need to buy a lamp that looks like a chandelier and ten is like yeah i did bye
  • cute lil secret: he keeps letters from his parents back in thailand in a shoebox in his locked closet so it’s safe because it’s the one thing he refuses to lose,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you know ten if not because you have to listen to the music he blasts at each of his parties and him yell at his friends when they play games but also,,,,,,,,,on multiple occasions
  • ten has come to you for help
  • with many,,,,,,,,,,different,,,,,,,,thing
  • one of the most common is he always ends up needing a place to crash for the night because someone else fell asleep in his bed,,,,,,and his couch,,,,,,,,and on his floor. then there was the time he woke up with his head in a bowl of uneaten ramen and the noodles had gotten stuck in his ear piercings and you had to get them out while ten cried about how gross that was,,,,,and of course the most famous: ten gets tipsy and Emotional and you,,,,,,,well
  • you listen to him
  • mind you in the morning when he’s all better ten is just like “hEY thanks for letting me cry and ,,,,,,,,, stuff let’s never talk about this again!!!!”
  • and you feel bad because ,,,,,,,lmao you’re just his neighbor who also knows his deepest insecurities and fears and it’s like????? you never have the heart to get mad at him for knocking on your door at 2 am
  • but also,,,,,,you like then ten that is open with his feelings. the ten that cuddles into your arm face first and mumbles that you’re so sweet to him, so kind
  • but when ten,,,,,,is being his loud, fun self he’s not exactly that person
  • until you end up being the one in need of help,,,,,knocking on ten’s door at some odd hour and he opens it, shocked to see you and you’re like
  • “where is your alcohol stash,,,,,,,,give it it to me” and ten slows you down by catching you around the waist and he’s like “are you o-?” and you’re like NOPE IM NOT ,,,,,,give me,,,,,,,,,the,,,,,,,,drinks 
  • but ten isn’t letting you go and he’s like “sit down, tell me whats up” and you grumble that it doesn’t matter, trying to hide behind your hair a bit so he can’t see that you had been crying 
  • but ten just shakes his head and he’s like “c’mon,,,,,i know you listen to me when i come sobbing over to you,,,,,,tell me what it is”
  • and you’re like “ten,,,,,,,,,,,do you even see me as a friend? or am i just the closest person near you when you have to complain?” 
  • and it’s quiet and ten kind of looks at you, but then he gently pokes the center of your forehead and he’s like “of course you’re my friend,,,,,,to be honest,,,,,,,ive always thought of you as more than that. to me,,,,like i want,,,,,,,want you to be more than a friend but,,,,,,,i know you don’t feel that way so i just wanted to be close to you,,,,,,,,”
  • and for the first time you’re hearing ten stutter over his words (when he’s not drunk) and you’re like “wait wait wait stop”
  • and you put your finger to his lips and he’s like ??? and you’re like
  • “you want me to be more than your friend?” and ten is like ,,,,,,,, “how,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,let me say it like this it’s hard not to fall for the person who pulled ramen out of my earrings for me.”
  • and you’re blinking a bit, completely forgetting the thing that made you upset because wait. is ten confessing??????
  • and you’re like “so you like me?” and he’s like “yes, i like you. i thought bothering you all the time made that obvious”
  • and you’re like aljfkddkskre it didnt,,,,,,and ten is like “huh, did you also not hear when johnny screamed ‘GO CONFESS TO THE PERSON NEXT DOOR THAT YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH THEM YOU IDIOT’???”
  • and you’re like holy shit no i missed that too
  • and ten is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how


  • the model neighbor 
  • as in he looks like an actual model, and is also super clean and quiet and ??? just very overly polite like he just wants people to like him ya know?????
  • he’s barely home because he’s always over at his friends houses doing their chores because they never want to,,,,,,like when taeyong explained that you have to change your bedsheets at least every three weeks ten dam near had a heart attack because he was like “ive been sleeping on just my mattress for the past 7 months” and taeyong was like HOW ARE YOU A PERSON
  • taeyong loves cute stationary, and cute mugs, and owns an apron with little kitten embroidered on the side and those hanging plants that he decorated his bedroom with and idk he’s got like,,,,,,a clock that looks like a sunflower
  • like taeyong,,,,,,,,is just a boy who loves things that make his apartment more adorable and clean
  • owns every cleaning product imaginable and dedicated a whole closet to them
  • the type to have labels on all his cupboards and shelves and you open his refrigerator and everything is labeled it’s like,,,,,,how does he have the damn nerve to do this
  • also: uses coasters for his drink because he gets anxious about drinks spilling onto his rug
  • but yeah other than that,,,,he’s kinda awkward around most people,,,,but he does his best to smile and come off sweet
  • and you’ve seen him,,,,,,lugging home like three different brands of detergent and a new mop every week and you’re like huh so he’s super,,,,,,like,,,,,,,into cleaning
  • which you’re like is fine but you,,,,,after only recently moving in,,,,hasn’t even unpacked half your things yet and everytime your friends from your original hometown call you’re like (—: im an adult. my apartment is nice and sparkly and im doing fine
  • (this is a lie. you’ve been living off fast-food and half your stuff is still in boxes)
  • which is why when your best friend says she’ll be visiting tomorrow you’re like HOLD UP
  • and you know just the person to go a solicit help from. taeyong
  • and when you knock on his door he’s like surprised because you two have never held a solid conversation
  • and he is like “oh hello, i know we’ve never properly-”
  • and you’re like “you have 309458 mops right. you got a duster,,,,,,thing,,,,,,,,right”
  • and he’s like “feather duster?” and you’re like YEAH THAT,,,,,,,listen i need help now
  • and when you explain that you (being the lazy person we ALL are) didn’t unpack or clean or do anything and your friend is coming tomorrow and you don’t want to look like a Failure of an Adult in front of her,,,,,,,well taeyong kind of looks at you and is like 
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fine ill get the swivel sweeper”
  • and you guys spend like 7 hours getting your things unpacked and taeyong is really good at like????? decorating and he’s like “OH i have the peRFECT thing”
  • and he runs over to his place and comes back holding this cute like paper weight in the shape of like a giraffe and he puts it on your desk and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,what is that” and he’s like “are you really an adult?”
  • but he helps you a lot and it’s kind of fun, he has like,,,,,,,,a really nice laugh you made a pun about like cleaning and he almost fell over laughing it was really,,,,,,,,,,cute
  • and once you’re done you’re like how should i thank you
  • and he’s like “it’s fine, you don’t have to!!”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,but i should but he’s like really no it’s nothing
  • but even after he leaves,,,,,,you’re like this is mean he worked so hard for me
  • and it bugs you, even after you friend comes over and is like WOW this place is so clean im impressed
  • that you end up going out and buying one of those cute little home humidifiers and you’re like “this seems taeyong-ish”
  • and you knock on his door again and he’s like “oh!!! do you need to borrow my mo-” and you’re like “here!!!!!! it’s a small gift,,,,,,but i thought you might like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down at the bag and he gets super duper red and he’s like “i,,,,,,,,i can’t accept this,,,,,,,it’s too much,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like ashofvd you spent SIX HOURS cleaning my house for me pleASE 
  • and finally you manage to get taeyong to take the gift and you’re like “anyway,,,,,,,,,,seriously thank you”
  • and taeyong kind of hesitates but he’s like
  • “do you,,,,,,,,,,,,wanna come inside,,,,,,,,,i don’t usually let people over but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like huh oh sure!!! and ok his house looks like a palace there isn’t any dirt anywhere
  • and when he makes you a cup of tea there’s like little cute bears on the mug and you’re looking at the cup and at taeyong’s beautiful face and you
  • can’t help but giggle and he’s going red again like,,,,,,,am i funny?? are you laughing at me??
  • and you’re like “no no no you’re just so,,,,,,,,,,much cuter than i expected!!”
  • and taeyong damn near falls over,,,,,,,you called him CUTE?!?!?! and you’re like “i didn’t think someone so chic would be into little cute animals” and taeyong is like im not,,,,,,chic,,,,,,,,plus animals are so,,,,,adorable right
  • and you’re like omg taeyong you i should have gotten you a big stuffed bear and he’s like aGHDSd no,,,,,,i love what you got me don’t worry about it
  • and he’s so cute getting nervous and staring at his lap,,,,,,,you can’t help but wanna lean over and like kiss his face but you don’t 
  • even though tbh taeyong is like,,,,,,,,,i wouldn’t mind being kissed by them,,,,,,,,like in his head LOL


  • thought he was old enough to be totally fine living alone. and he is,,,,,,,except he goes over to everyones house for his meals and got mark’s netflix password so he didn’t have to pay for it himself
  • how many times has yuta lent him his nintendo ds? like 32424234
  • jaehyun is convinced haechan took his ricecooker,,,,,,,,,but he has no way to prove it except that haechan was like “nooo hyung i got this at the mall on sale i promise!!!!” and jaehyun is like “then where did mine disappear to?” and haechan is like thats your problem,,,,so,,,,,,
  • but it’s ok because everyone adores him because if he wants something all he has to do is be a cute kid and bam! he gets it
  • and although he’s a little trickster, and sometimes his hyungs fall into his traps. he shows that he cares for them too
  • and especially for his friends that are younger, like when chenle and jisung come over to hangout haechan will literally be like “if you stay past 10. you have to sleepover. im not letting you go out in the dark.”
  • and he knows how taeyong hates messes so he brought coasters just for him and he always has snacks that he knows mark likes 
  • like YES he can be a bit of ,,,,,,,,,,, a devil but he’s a sweetheart too
  • his apartment isn’t full of too many toys or anything he actually has a pretty mature taste
  • and if anything he just really likes having a space for him to write and think clearly because to me, haechan is really creative and so he’d like a big desk with post-its and books full of ideas,,,,he just comes off that way
  • but he’d have some like cute joke stuff like a really bad photo of johnny framed and on his bookshelf or something LOL
  • also idk why,,,,,,but haechan seems like he’d have a dog,,,,,like a corgi,,,,,or a beagle,,,,,,,,, 
  • anyway you’re really close with haechan because you love love love teasing doyoung and mark and jaehyun 
  • you guys kind of bonded over pulling harmless pranks together 
  • and so for ten’s upcoming birthday you and him decided to make cookies but to fill some up with hot sauce or wasabi just to see ten run around the room arms flailing 
  • but as you know,,,,,,doing anything with haechan can’t be a calm and clean process
  • halfway through you try to feed him some vanilla extract saying it’s melted white chocolate and he tries to get some icing on the side of your face
  • but it’s all fun and games like,,,,,,,you love being in each others company because you guys never get sick of being silly
  • until someone (probably haechan) ends up spilling some of the eggs on the floor and neither of you notice
  • until you slip on your way to the oven and go tumbling backwards
  • and you’re like haechan!!!!!! look out!!!!!
  • but he’s like throwing down the flour he’s holding to outstretch his arms and catch you
  • but it just ends up with both of you on the floor, covered in the eggs and sugar and flour
  • and you’re leaning against haechan whose hit his arm on the counter coming down
  • and you’re like “are you ok????” and haechan is like “no i think im bleeding”
  • and he puts his hand up and you see some red and you’re like HAECHAN oh my god im so sO SOrry let me get a bandage omg do you not have any here let me rip some off this tissue -
  • and then out of nowhere he starts to laugh and you’re like ??????? and he’s like “it’s just some red icing, im fine!!!”
  • and you sit there on the floor, and frown and you’re like “you scared me!!!!! i thought you were hurt,,,,if i had hurt you i don’t know what i-”
  • and haechan can see the sadness in your eyes and automatically his smile falls
  • and he’s like “im sorry, it was a dumb joke why are you so worried about me anyway, you know im indestructible!”
  • and you know he’s playing around but you still take his wrist and turn his arm to make sure he isn’t hiding that he might be really hurt
  • and you’re like “im glad you’re ok,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and haechan looks at you, still holding his arm and he’s like
  • “wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,did you get all worried about me like that because maybe,,,,,,,”
  • and you look up wide eyes and you’re like “UH”
  • and haechan is like snapping his fingers like “YOU LIKE ME?”
  • and you’re ike UHHHHHH WHAT SHUT UP NO WAY
  • but haechan is like mimicking your voice and he’s like “you scared me!!!” but then he reaches out and pulls you toward him into a hug
  • and he’s like “seriously, you could have just told me because i like you too!!!!!!”
  • and you’re like haECHAN don’t be playing some kind of joke on me-
  • and he’s like “this isn’t a joke, i promise, for real this time.”
  • and you can’t help but blush and be like “we’re covered in eggs let’s not hug-” but haechan just pushes you closer because like c’mon he totally would 
summer nights with seventeen

a/n: ahh, 180 followers?? I did not expect this :’) thank you guys sm! sorry we haven’t posted in a while, I’ve (lex) been preparing for wanna one’s debut (and it was amazing, I actually cried). anyways, here’s a little scenario I whipped up, Lala helped me with a few members (as always)! also, don’t forget that requests are open, just send us a message. disclaimer: all of these scenarios are purely fictional and are made up by me and lala. sorry that some are longer than others. - lex

{gif isn’t ours} 


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fluff friday (saturday) “stardust/enemies” {falling star} [gaasaku]


Sakura steps forward, taking her bundle of waivers and nondisclosures with her. She glances down at the seated attendant, nervously pressing the papers into his hands. He begins to flip through them and Sakura glances around, filled with nervous energy.

This is the first time she has been to Suna since becoming a ninja. She remembers, vaguely, that she came here with her parents on a business trip when she was quite young, maybe four or five. The memories are hazy, but the way the sun beats down upon her is as familiar as it is abrasive.

“Everything seems to be in order here,” the chunin says, stamping the packet. “Take this pass; it’ll be keyed to your chakra. You’ll be staying in the Konohagakure suite. The exams begin in three days’ time.”

“Thank you,” Sakura says, taking the card from him.

He eyes her before smirking. “You might want to purchase a cloak of some sort. You’re bound to be sunburned like this.”

Sakura flushes but nods in thanks before stepping away. She weaves her way through the crush of people, taking her time to examine the tough materials used to build the buildings around her. Most are made in curving angles, smoothed by the harsh weather. It is alien to her, the unforgiving sunlight, the earthy buildings, and the stinging sand, but it is not necessarily unwelcomed.

In some ways, it feels like a cleaning, a scourging of her soul.

(Secretly, Sakura is glad of it.)

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sportarobbie but like at the beach

so my girlfriend @saverockmroll came up w the concept of The Boys at The Beach and i would like to share some aspects to consider

-robbie being insecure about his weight so he chooses not to take off his shirt when they go in the water but after loads of positive affirmation from sporp, he lowkey slips it off and sport’s just :{)

-robbie not really knowing how to swim and having his sports man teach him

-them strolling the boardwalk and sport playing all those shitty scam arcade games because he’s crazy good at them and robbie wants every stuffed animal

-sport being Banned from those games because he wins every time

-them tryna get a fancy dinner but they spent all their money on the got damn games

-sporp taking robbie out to the beach at night because he insists that it’s magical

-robbie is a little dubious but he sees sportacus’ smile bathed in the moonlight and decides that he was right

1. How’s Your Head Game? (Season 9 Episode 7)

I love Trinity Taylor. There, I said it. After winning another challenge, I can safely say that Trinity is a triple threat - she can dance, she can act, she can tuck. Trinity is honestly the total package.

But what really tickles my fancy about Trinity is that she is the epitome of a pageant girl. She always has her eye on the crown - even if there’s a bomb in it. Pageant queens have been known to play mind games and Trinity is no different. Survivor fans are sure to get a kick out this one:

You see, on the fifth season, there was a girl named Heidi Strobel. She has it all - brains, brawn, beauty, backrolls.

Certified Genius

The only issue with Heidi is that no one had a higher view of herself than she did. She was the Shannel of Survivor - but instead of 39 character illusions, it’s 39 days of the game.

Anyway, during the Jury questioning of the finalists, Heidi gives a very…interesting question. She wants them to say she’s the best player of the season, they know she wants them to say she’s the best player of the season, but that’s not what happens. And not being appreciated really…ahem…deflates Heidi.

So now back to Trinity Taylor. During this week’s Untucked, the girls brought up the issue of competition. Trinity proudly states that she sees two girls as threats - one of whom is sitting right next to her, and Shea.

As soon as those words come out of Trinity’s mouth, Valentina’s ears perk up. Like a bloodhound with the scent of stoning tights blood, Valentina is ready to accept herself as one of the biggest threats in this competition.

Now this is where Trinity’s pageant expertise comes in. This is why there’s such an astigmatism with pageant queens - they love to play with your mind. Trinity was probably gonna say Valentina, but she knows that Valentina wants to hear her name, so she says Alexis instead.

And then Valentina Strobel deflates. Because she thinks that she’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she’s a model. So when Trinity doesn’t acknowledge it…Valentina is shook.This is how you do it, ladies; this is how you detonate a (blonde) bombshell - take notes Sasha Belle!

-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7

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i used to get this glitch in the first game (ps4 definitive version) where corvo would just pull out the heart randomly. i began to think maybe it was just because it's a comfort item of his but sometimes he would do it at really inconvenient times (in the middle of battle for example) like... corvo, i know you love and miss jessamine but now is not the time... i think it's been patched now idk i haven't played in a while

game: Rune or Bonecharm nearby. Equip the Heart

Corvo: [equips the Heart]

the Heart: and so I was like, “the Princess of Morley wouldn’t wear that to a fancy dress ball, unless it was free!” which abosolutely made her gasp and I kid you not, next season there was not a full-length gown in sight - apart from mine of course, which was the point - and Waverly Boyle could barely believe her eyes, she almost dropped her glass of champagne when I entered the west ballroom, and I think old Admiral Ramsey winked at Lydia across the floor, which was not entirely unexpected, too, but-

Corvo: [slowly eating a rotten apple he found earlier] sometimes I miss you so much my dear

but a plot between two best friends in their twenties who met at uni when one of them was throwing up or something so they never saw each other romantically because ew i’ve seen you throw up pink vodka. and one of them lives in a shitty flat while the other lives somewhere really nice but the shitty flat is closer to where both of them work so muse b always ends up at muse a’s place and they just sit around and watch tv and play video games. there’s always this kind of ‘what if we fucked?’ attitude there but one of them is always like 'nah i don’t fancy it’ and it becomes this ongoing joke where they’ll discuss their sex lives and it’ll always be 'but i’m probably better’ and they play at being grossed out while all the time being slightly curious. it’s only when muse b comes over unannounced as per usual and finds muse a with someone on their sofa getting it on that the realisation moment appears that maybe it wasn’t all just a joke after all. 

connorwing  asked:

First kiss story?

oh this is a fun one

okay so I was in 7th grade, about 13 years old, and I was “dating” this total PC gamer jabrony. He told me he wanted to kiss, so I said sure and he brought me up to his room and we played the first F.E.A.R. game for a few hours as he showed off his fancy PC to me. He then pussied out the entire time, it took him 30 solid minutes of me standing there while his PC had a really stereotypical flaming background until he finally worked up the courage. 

Needless to say I was very disappointed, but he seemed to love it and asked if we could kiss again. I said no, and politely asked to leave. 

I also once dated a guy in highschool who cheated on me with a friend and got poison ivy on his crotch. 

#I have good luck with men dont I  (also please send me awkward first kiss stories this sounds fun)

Seth Clearwater Request

Hi! I love your blog so much! Your such a good writer! Can I request a Twilight Seth Clearwater imagine where he comes to watch you at one of your volleyball games and this particular one is at St. David, and its a school where they are just really mean people in general and all the football players always make sexual and like just in general really rude comments to the other team and Seth gets all protective? (This is an actually I play XD) Thanks so much! :)

“St. David,” Jacob said as he pulled up to the school. “Sounds fancy.”

“I think anything can be considered fancy when you compare it to our school,” Seth joked. “But from what I hear from Y/N the people from our small are a lot nicer than the people here.”

“Are you excited to see her play? Have you ever been to one of her games?”

“I saw her play with some friends on the beach once. Never saw her in an actual school game though.” Seth and Jacob walked into the school and found their way to the gym. They got plenty of looks from the students that were there as they made their way into the stands.

The two teams took the court to start warmup. As soon as you took the court you looked around the stands for Seth. When your eyes landed on him you gave him a big smiled and waved. “Aw what a cute couple,” Jacob poked fun at him as Seth waved back to you, “Shut up.”

The game started and even Jacob was getting into it. “Come on, Y/N,” the two of them cheered.

“Look at that dime in the back row,” Seth’s ears perked up when he heard the comments coming from the jocks in the front row. “Clear to see which one’s the short one.” Each guy commented about everyone on the team leaving no player from your team alone.

“Take it easy, man. They’re just jerks. Don’t listen to them,” Jacob told him. He made it through almost the whole game until you were in front and the comments were heavily towards you.

“Turn back around,” they screamed at you. “You look like a good hitter, babe.” You blocked out their comments, Seth, however did not. The game ended and you saw Jacob running after Seth who was booking it out the doors and down the hallway. You grabbed your bags and ran to find them.

“Seth,” you jogged up to the two guys who were secluded in an empty part of the hallway. “Hey Jacob,” you greeted him and turned your attention to Seth, who was clearly breathing heavy and had sweat starting to bead on his forehead. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

“Those douche bags in there in the front row. Did you not hear what they were saying to your guys; to you!”

“I did.”

“That’s ridiculous; you aren’t a piece of meat,” he started paced.

“Seth, you need to calm down,” Jacob said calmly.

“Seth,” you stepped in front of him, “look at me babe,” you grabbed his arms and held him still. “I need you to take a breath, ok. Take a breath,” reluctantly he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m fine. Those guys are just jerks. You don’t have to worry about them anymore. We can go.”

“Ok,” he gave you a little smile. “Want to ride back with us?”

“I’d like that,” he wrapped an arm around you and turned to leave. As the three of you turned to leave you heard a loud whistle come from behind you.

It was three of the jerks from the front of the stands. “Good job man. Getting a looker like this one,” the leader of the group said.

“Watch how you talk about my girlfriend,” Seth warned him as he got nearer to your group.

“What. I’m just saying that you landed a fine piece of a-” the guy was cut off by Seth slamming him into the wall.

“I said watch you mouth. If I’m ever back here and hear you say anything like that again, you’ll be sorry.” Seth stared down the one he had pinned against the wall and flicked a glance to the two that came with him. “Got it?” The scared man against the wall nodded shaken up. He dropped the person he had pinned and grabbed your heavy bag for you. “Ready to go home,” he smiled at you and pulled you into him.

“More than ready,” you said and looked back a final time to see the fear that remained on the boys faces.

100 Days of Trump Day 64: Fallout New Vegas

Edit: Of all the 100 Days of Trump i’ve done, this one has gotten the most response, I suspect because most Alt Rightists haven’t heard of anything I reference except Fallout New Vegas.  Also they keep saying its bullshit but can’t actually point to any specific fact to dispute because you know…morons 

Welcome Back to 100 Days of Trump, where I try to explain WTF happened in 2016 through 100 works of fiction, and I think we haven’t had quite enough video games in the last three days, lets talk fallout.  Now the Fallout series has a lot of depth, good characters, fun gameplay and interesting ideas so generally I recommend all of it….except Fallout 3….and Fallout 4….and Brotherhood of Steel…..Ok really just the first two games and this one, but the point is only New Vegas is really relevant to Trump, but play the first two if you like classic RPGs.

     So everybody knows that Fallout is a post nuclear world, but the premise of the…good games is that society collapsed…..nothing really changed.  People are exactly the same just with less fancy houses and and the sins of the Old World continue on to the future.  So ok, sounds like post Great Recession America, how is this about Trump?  Well FallOut New Vegas is about the player being trapped between three factions

 Caesar’s Legion, a violent reactionary sexist, racist, right wing militant extremist group who advocate racial supremacy, and a return to an idealized past that never existed.

The New Californian Republic, A bunch of corrupt moderates who couch their language in the ideals of democracy and progressive ideals but are duplicitous, warmongering, and have become increasingly sexist, racist, classist, and undemocratic but look good compared to the first group.

Mr. House, a completely amoral rich plutocrat whose utter selfishness and open hostility to submitting to any form of control are mixed with surprisingly progressive social policies and honest look at the problems.

    So New Vegas is an alternate universe if Bloomberg actually ran third party, and Trump wasn’t a complete idiot. 

Today though, I want to focus on Caesar’s Legion.  One of the themes of New Vegas is even though the US has been wiped out, everybody is clinging to symbols of the past, clinging to them out of context and justifying their actions by claiming continuity with the past.  The NCR claims to literally be the US goverment despite a century long gap between the fall of the US and the NCR’s founding, or the fact that it doesn’t use our constitution, or the fact that it is only located in California.  And its desire to seize control of all the American land means it prioritizes war over its citizen’s well being (stop me if this sounds familiar).  Mr. House is determined to preserve the culture of Las Vegas, or rather the way we imagine Las Vegas, with all of the actual realities of Vegas culture removed, its the city center without the city around it, forcibly preserved by an immortal dictator.  All the factions try to link themselves to a mystical past (a past we know is utterly whitewashed cause its our present), but the worst of them all, is Caesar’s Legion

    See, Edward Sallow was a history nut of the old world when he read about the Roman Empire, and sought to recreate it anew in post apocalyptic Nevada, arguing that since Rome is the foundation of Western Civilization, a return to true Western Greatness.  Wherever they go, they bring cultural purity, slavery, Roman era gender relations, and require absolute conformity to their way of life.  According to Caesar

“Pax Romana=It means a nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, homo genius culture that obliterates the identity of every group it conquers.  Long term stability at all costs.  The individual has no value beyond his utility to the state, whether as an instrument of war or production”

But here is the thing, speaking as a big roman history nut…..THAT ISN’T TRUE.  Pax Romonus means “Roman Peace” and means just that, peace.  Rome was an Imperialistic, slave owning, genocidal empire that could be extraordinarily brutal, but guess what?  It wasn’t nationalistic, the Roman Empire was always borrowing ideas from other cultured cultures in order to improve their empire, it was extremely multicultural and interventionist.   I mean

   The Roman Navy was Carthaginian 

   The Roman Gods were Greek 

    Later they converted to a monotheistic Sect from Judea

    For a while they worshiped a Syrian god named Sol Invictus 

   Most of the Elites Spoke Greek

   The Roman Legionary Structure was influenced by the neighboring Samnites

   The roman Calvary was almost always Gallic, North Africa, German or Syria

    Trajan and Hadrien were Spanish

   The Severun dynasty was North African/Syrian (and btw the dynasty that most resembled New Vegas)

    The Ilyrian Emperors who saved rome from the Crisis of the Third Century AD, like Aurelian, Diocletion, Claudius Gothicus) were from the Balkans

  Constantine was Balkan/British

   Flavius Aetius (who defeated Atilla the Hun) was Scythian 

   Justinian and Belisarius weren’t Latin Roman

   Hell after a certain point, almost none of the Emperors are Roman any more, instead they are German, or Hunnic, Syrian or Raba, Spanish or African, Gaulic or Balkan, non Roman Italian, 

  In fact, one of the main reasons why Western Roman Empire fell is that it didn’t allow the various Gothic/Germanic strongmen to become Emperor in their own RIght.

    Rome was never a homogeneous unchanging culture, from Romulus to Constantine XI Roman is defined by its capacity to change and adapt, and its multi cultural empire gave it a lot of ideas to draw upon.  And when you look at White Nationalists today who fetishist Rome, it is a rome they don’t understand.    By the Way, that Hegelian view of history, that is believed by Steave Bannon. 

   Also…the transformation to dictatorship doesn’t go as Caesar claims, cause guess what?  Julius Caesar didn’t invade a foreign nation to become Emperor, he had a civil war with his own country.  And Augustus Caesar took pains to ensure that his Empire was a soft and nonthreatening as possible, the more authoritarian emperors like Septimius Severus were terrible rulers whose regimes fell into civil war and chaos.  

Also The Julians didn’t claim to be “Son of Mars” they claimed to be descended from Venus Goddess of Love, hence her role in the Aeneid.  

This is the foundation of the Roman Imperium, the Goddess of Love     

     Also Rome didn’t emerge out of a harsh brutal land to fight against the weak fat settled people, Rome emerged in Central Italy, a lush fertile climate.  Hell according to legend, Rome was founded by the refuse and exiles from all the surrounding societies, who came to Rome for a second chance and married Sabine women.  Honestly Caesar (the in game Caesar no real life, Julius Caesar) seems to be confusing Rome with Sparta, and which of those two civilizations conquered the known world?  I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the one with the eugenics model.  It was the one with the independent aristocracy, and a Republic who did most of the conquest of Rome.  This is a map of Rome at its height 

and this is how much of that was taken by the Republic, not the empire

That is more than half, and a great deal of the remaining was conquered by Emperor Claudius, you know, this guy?

the one with the limp and the stammer and the twitch.  The Empire mostly fought Romans, it was the Republic that did the real conquering.  To say nothing of the road building.    

    And when the Legion tries to Cosplay as Real Rome, it never quite matches the true stories. 

   This stories resembles Roman propaganda, except…Rome rarely wiped out the entire population, in fact their empire was supported by a network of client kingdoms who betrayed their former rulers to side with Rome.  One of the most important pieces of Roman rule that if you surrendered, you were treated fairly, if you fought a bit and then surrendered, you were treated well.  If you fought to the death, stuck to your principles as Vulpes implies, then you were wiped out.  Just ask the Jews at Masada how Rome respects those who fight to the last.  

    So we have a violent, militant, reactionary culture fetishistic a past that never truly existed and they don’t seem to understand to justify extreme racism, violence, and horrifying sexism in order to fight against a corrupt hypocritical but far less awful democratic regime.  Sound Familiar

oh…..well that too but also this 

   Those who idealize history are always those who understand it the least, and New Vegas for all its buggy often frustrating gameplay glory, understands what happens when history is co-opted by those who don’t understand it but wish to use the symbols of nostalgia to justify their own atrocities.  Isn’t that Right Ulysses, so named after the man who traveled the ocean for 10 year trying to find home and then freed all the Slave?

Edit: I also want to talk about this real quick

Yeah that whole “War is great for its own sake” macho bullshit?  The Romans weren’t so into that, they were much more into “Hey, work for us, and you can keep all your stuff”  There is a reason why all of the ancient rome spoke of Roman Treachery.  

    The Pax was about law and order, not about conquest and survival of the fittest, I mean the entire point of the Aenied is rejecting the Illiad’s macho warrior culture mentality

anonymous asked:

How would you rank the members of Organization XIII in terms of power?

Well first off I think Nomura confirmed somewhere that Xemnas was the strongest which given he’s the leader I am totally willing to believe. However beyond that it’s comparing apples to oranges. I almost feel like I did this before where I pulled out the stats from 358/2 to try and put some sort of logic to it and there was some mild debate.

However going off of gut feeling and taking into account that pretty much all of them are powerful in their own way with their own individual strengths and weaknesses and realizing this list is debatable as frick.

Note: Not including Roxas and Xion cause I honestly wouldn’t know where to put them cause in a way they’re underdogs. They’re not stronger than the Org but they would beat them in battle with enough training. So in a way they’re both at the bottom of the list and at the top of the list.

1. Xemnas

2. Zexion: Almost killed Riku without even having to fight him and can mess with people’s minds. So pretty dangerous if you tick him off. However that being said he’s made of paper and if you punched him he would go down pretty quickly. However being a tactician he probably wouldn’t let you get close enough to try (I mean Axel only got him by being underhanded as frick). Basically powerful magic plus tactical mind equals deadly.

3. Xaldin: Six Lances, plus tons of muscle, plus wind which probably allows you to move pretty darn fast.

4. Lexaeus: Wanna say in the same interview Nomura said that Lexaeus was one of the few members that could take on Xemnas and given that if you’re up close you’re going against a wall of pure muscle and from far away you’re getting boulders thrown at you I believe it. Plus playing Re:Chain that tomahawk sounded like it would freaking hurt.

Note: Lexaeus and Xaldin are super close together on the list but Xaldin wins out cause of the wind speed thing. I imagine that Lexaeus doesn’t move very fast given he’s lugging the tomahawk around.

5. Saix: He’s not right hand man for nothing

6. Marluxia: He’s not lord of Castle Oblivion for nothing

Note: Saix and Marluxia are super close on the list but Saix wins cause berserk mode gives him a bit of an edge that Marluxia’s plants don’t have.

7. Xigbar: He has no up close combat ability but he doesn’t really need it seeing as he can warp space. However the lack of up close combat still puts him below Saix and Marluxia. Cause while
both favor up close combat Saix has berserk mode which allows him to close distances pretty fast and Marluxia has plants which allow him some reach. I mean even if you get close to Xigbar and he shoots you point blank he’s still within arms length and lacking some of the bulk Saix has. So he has the same problem Zexion has but where Zexion has super versatile magic, Xigbar has a gun.

8. Axel: While he’s restricted to a pretty simple element (the first element you usually learn in fact) he’s got both distance and up close combat potential. Plus despite the element not having the versatility of say plants or illusions being set on fire still doesn’t make for a good time. So simple but effective.

9. Luxord: Luxord’s kind of weird in that he can stop time but prefers to play games instead of say beat the crud out of someone while frozen. And I don’t know for how long he can stop time. Also can he reverse time, can he make it move forward? I don’t know enough about his powers to really say how powerful he is despite having power over time which is debatably a broken ability. Also his weapon is playing cards which while cool and fairly effective in a fantasy setting (especially if they’re basically fancy throwing knifes) are still playing cards. In short he’s in this spot cause I’m not sure the extent of his powers but he still has time powers.

10. Larxene: She’s a freaking speed demon but likely doesn’t hit very hard and I imagine doesn’t have a ton of bulk either. I mean yeah she kicked Sora pretty hard but he was a young teenager. She probably couldn’t do the same to most of the other Org members. So if you can catch her a few good hits will probably do it. Just watch out for the lightning and the kunai.

11. Demyx: He can hit you with a pillar of water but…just look at him. Does this really seem like the most powerful guy in the Org. He’s not weak, no one in the Org is, but I don’t think he’s gonna win a fight against the others any time soon. Especially since his main method is to use water clones which break easily and don’t have much offensive presence.

12. Vexen: He’s weak against the first element you usually learn, fire. Plus he’s the other guy who screams “can fight but not built for it”.

So anyway that’s my take. Once again debatable as frick and comparing apples to oranges.

It’s Chun Li from Street Fighter. She’s attending some fancy party in her fancy dress from Street Fighter V. Street Fighter is still I game that I can’t really play well, but those guys at capcom really know how to design a character.

I think this turned out pretty all right, so I went ahead and added it to the ole print shop. Check it out if you are so interested: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Mekabrain

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Which dads do u think the gang (or just henry/ronan) would try and romance? (i havent stopped thinking about the game since it was introduced either lmao :0)

SO ronan would probably like immediately be drawn to craig (i’m not projecting) like. he has a baby strapped to him how could? ronan not be? and so i think ronan would just be like. he’s it. i’m not picking anyone else. robert is like a big no for ronan

henry loves cartoon gansey joseph obvs but also lowkey romances damien on the side a bit

adam i think would be drawn to hugo like. look at his suit he’s so fancy but i feel like craig might appeal to him? and there’s just something about mat that screams stability that i think adam would really like. but also brian? he looks so kind and adam likes that. but overall i think adam would probably go for mat

gansey is a mess and does not know how to play this game. he romances damien because? he’s a vampire? why wouldn’t he?

blue refuses to romance joseph because that’s president gansey. she might go for robert because that’s just..cartoon jeffrey dean morgan’s characters combined into one and i feel like she’d be weirdly into that

eta: here’s who’s who if u don’t know already


It was supposed to be a relaxing day with a couple of friends, but instead you may have lost your heart in a bet.

[Arsene x Reader]

Akira is everything I love aesthetically and Arsene is becoming everything I want in a personality I’m not going to be able to stop combining these two someone save me.  There’s a lot of dialogue in this and it bugs me but that’s how it is I guess.

“Two pair!”

“Full house!”

“You’re effin’ kidding me!” Ryuji wailed as he collapsed back into his seat after his standing reveal.

A smirk curled your lips as you plucked the chocolate bar from Ryuji’s end of the table.  LeBlanc was empty at this hour of the day, not that it was much busier at any other time as Akira had informed you.  Across from you, your blond friend was slouched over in his seat as Ryuji lamented his fourth consecutive loss to you.

“How are you so good at this?” he questioned with a pout, staring longingly at his lost candy bar.

“It’s all about cultivating a sense for the game.  I’ve simply been playing for as long as I can remember, my dear,” you teased the blond as you reassembled your trusty playing cards and began shuffling.

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