i really enjoyed this movie tbh :')

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Mamacita pls help me I need a new show to watch desperately preferably something that's up on Netflix

I haven’t watched all that many on Netflix, mostly movies and such.

Here’s some I reccommend that I’ve watched without being bored yet

  • Ajin (Your faves will never die it’s gr8) Just the right amount of heartbreak without making you panic about who’s gonna die next lmao
  • Cyborg 009 (Haven’t watched all of the new one but I’ve watched the old anime and the movie so it’s pretty good)
  • Blame! (It’s a movie but it’s pretty good and the main dude is cute so eh)
  • Luke Cage (I think that’s the title, maybe, I’ve only watched the show not paid attention to the title okay) Anyways strong ass black man with comebacks for days, I really enjoyed it and the characters are A+

That’s about all I’ve watched on netflix tbh, most of my stuff is just horror movies.

I can’t believe Ridley Scott gave me a movie in which Michael Fassbender has to say the words “I do the fingering”…….completely straight faced…….to himself………the pinnacle of cinematic achievement tbh

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psst have you seen spiderman: homecoming yet?

yes!! I’ve really enjoyed both superhero movies that have come out this year tbh


Best Singing Compilation - Miyano Mamoru: Vocal King (~GENERATING!~ Edition). ♡

one of the best things about lilo & stitch, imo, is how chill both the family and society at large are with stitch’s overall stichiness. i mean, stitch pretends to be a dog throughout most of the movie, and even though no one really buys that, you know. at least he was making an effort to appear normal to human eyes, by hiding his extra pair of arms and not talking. but by the end of it? stitch doesn’t give a shit. lilo and nani and everyone else don’t really give a shit either. stitch dances with lilo and the girls, performs david’s number with him in public, is taken to school by lilo and scribbles his space travel route on the chalkboard, and everyone is like, ‘yep, that’s just lilo’s little…. something…. doing his thing, nothing to see here’

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Unpopular opinion: I don't ship allura with anyone because let's be real she's too good for anyone no one is worthy and I love her independent personality and I'm scared if they pair her with someone - even one of the paladins- her independence will become a second to her relationship like almost any other book/show/movie with any romance involved bc no one gets that you can be independent and in a relationship at the same time (sorry this became a rant I had good intentions at first)

hahaha i get where you’re coming from tbh

I kind of have the same opinion as you anon, i mean while i enjoy my vld ships I want ZERO romance between any of the of the paladins in canon

one thing i really loved about the paladin backstory in season 3 was that the old paladins were described to be close friends who shared “a warrior’s bond” with no romance between any of them, and that’s GREAT!!! PLEASE KEEP IT LIKE THAT!!! It’s been pretty obvious that vld has been about family and friendship since day 1, and suddenly shifting that focus to romance would just be ??? like why dude 

(plus whenever romance does enter action/adventure shows everything becomes all fanfic-y and weird lmfao i’m not. a fan)

but yeah, even when romance was introduced in vld it was either really low key and centered around giving character growth and motivation (hunk and shay) or it was there to literally jump start the entire plot of vld (haggar and zarkon)

so yeah, there’s 0 point to any romance in vld as of now and i hope none of the paladins have a romance with each other and continue to grow close as comrades and family 

What your Yu-Gi-Oh DM OTP says about you
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Angstshipping:</b> as the name implies, you like to suffer<p/><b>Apprenticeshipping:</b> keeps their cards together in a Keychain or smthn<p/><b>Ardentshipping:</b> team edward<p/><b>Arrogantshipping:</b> probably likes getting stepped on<p/><b>Azureshipping:</b> likes to write 'fix kaiba-kun' stories<p/><b>Blueshipping:</b> projects self onto kisara<p/><b>Buddyshipping:</b> you're my one and bronly<p/><b>Corruptshipping:</b> likes chains<p/><b>Devotionshipping:</b> probably dislikes Mai<p/><b>Domashipping:</b> I respect you<p/><b>Euroshipping:</b> you've probably got a think for crackships<p/><b>Heartshipping:</b> noble people who protect those who are overlooked<p/><b>Peachshipping:</b> nice taste I approve<p/><b>Polarshipping:</b> is a good person who likely enjoys leather<p/><b>Prideshipping:</b> over analyzes everything and is a slave to character development<p/><b>Protectshipping:</b> someone you can watch Disney movies with<p/><b>Puppyshipping:</b> I'm honestly not sure<p/><b>Puzzleshipping:</b> has probably shipped it since their first yaoi phase and reads too much into the use of 'aibou'<p/><b>Replayshipping:</b> is secretly a girl scout<p/><b> Revolutionshipping:</b> desperately clings onto hope that yami feels the same about anzu<p/><b>Rivalshipping:</b> total sucker for traditional uke/seme dynamics let's be real<p/><b>Sparkleshipping:</b> I like the way you think<p/><b>Tendershipping:</b> really likes the SAW movies<p/><b>Thiefshipping:</b> probably has a shrine or two<p/><b>Trustshipping:</b> has two kids<p/><b>Vaseshipping:</b> a truly carefree spirit<p/><b>Wishshipping:</b> a true defender of justice but probably couldn't hurt a fly tbh<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
exo in bed


  • really really sensual sex 
  • wants to let you know that he loves every part of your body 
  • body worship 
  • he’s really rough, but somehow manages to still convey his love, even though he’s literally fucking you so hard that the headboard is shaking
  • teasing 
  • dirty talk 
  • more of a light grunter than a moaner 
  • is a dom, like you can believe you’re in control but we all know you’re not 
  • sometimes he lets you ride him but most of the time he tops you 


  • yeah everyone in the fandom jokes about daddy suho but i don’t actually think he has a daddy kink 
  • he probably finds it a bit weird to call someone something you’d usually call your father at a young age…
  • he’s a gentleman 
  • vanilla sex but it’s not really 
  • depends on the mood
  •  he’s a bit kinky but won’t exactly tell you
  •  he just wants you to be comfortable
  •  moaner, heavy breather expect a lot of body worship  he won’t do any type of bondage 
  • as long as you’re both being pleased he’s a happy camper
  •  lots of aftercare too but seriously, everyone should do aftercare, whether it’s a small wet rag, or a nice bath. 
  • you both deserve it, plus who wants to go to bed with sticky stuff all over you. 
  • no one does.
  • uhm, body worship king!
  • lots and lots of praise
  •  he’s a switch but prefers to dom 
  • he enjoys topping but doesn’t mind when you ride him
  •  vanilla sex some days, and other days it’s just straight up sex.
  •  will never degrade you, like ever. 
  • degrade probably isn’t even a word in zhang yixing’s dictionary 
  • heavy breather he’s really fast paced
  • have you seen him dance during artificial love?
  • actually have you seen any of them dance during artificial love?
  • expect a nice shower afterwards, because this is zhang yixing, the world’s sweetest dude.


  • playful switch
  • highkey kinky 
  • hands, that’s all i have to say
  • he knows what to do with those hands 
  • lots of giggling
  • sometimes though, when he’s in the mood, and dom baekhyun has taken over the only sounds coming from your bedroom will definitely not be giggling 
  • high sex drive 
  • like really high 
  • he’s a horn dog lmao 
  • really sweet and cuddly baekhyun afterwards though 


  • heavy breather, moaner
  • kim jongdae has vocals !
  • lots and lots of moaning from him
  • enjoys giving hickeys 
  • receiving? not so much 
  • switch but prefers to dom 
  • enjoys cowgirl 
  • also enjoys topping 
  • will not ever do public sex 
  • has a nice warm rag on the night stand already 
  • probably won’t fall asleep right away 
  • expect smiley jongdae after sex 
  • another horn dog in exo 


  • a growler
  • wait is that an actual word? im gonna assume it is alright let’s continue on
  • dirty talk 
  • sloppy 
  • like he’s in a rush almost
  • if you’d beg for him it’d definitely boost his ego
  • really grabby 
  • like he’s grabbing for your ass, then your boobs, etc. 
  • happy chanyeol afterwards
  • knocks out after making sure you’re happy and in nice clothes again 


  • dom, dom, dom, dom, dom, dom, dom, dom
  • like he looks cute on the outside but he’s a dom
  • wants to feel needed?
  • like he’ll definitely tease you until you’re practically begging for him 
  • he’s only vanilla on certain occasions tbh 
  • his voice oh my god 
  • we all now about r&b!kyungsoo 
  • his voice woud be so soothing 
  • he’s a dirty talker 
  • aftercare and a little movie & cuddles afterwards 


  • okay so sex with kai is actual sex with kai, not jongin 
  • like not the shy pup jongin but it’s sex with exo’s lead stripper dancer kai 
  • he’s got really precise hip movements
  • really fast 
  • he’s not big on giving oral but he’d never reject a bj 
  • i feel like he’s a secret horn dog?
  • enjoys it when you ride him because he can get lazy sometimes
  • back to jongin afterwards full of soft giggles and lots of cuddles 


  • switch 
  • really doesn’t care who tops 
  • just wants to receive and give pleasure
  • if he gives your oral he expects it back you know?
  • kind of shy 
  • but after a few times he’s not really shy 
  • heavy breather 
  • it’s not realy love making?
  • that’s only sometimes 
  • tires sehun he falls asleep immediately 
  • probably sleeps nude too 
dating bam would include:

a/n: hi, as bam is my ult bias i had to do his first. he honestly means everything to me and idk this is just me talking abt how much i love him rn but yea :( ok so enjoy!! 

warnings ;;

- mentions things of a sexual nature // mostly fluff 

- initiates skin ship 65% of the time 

- teasing 

- back hugs 

- he’d love riling you up with neck kisses and such and then running away 

- the type to label his food in your fridge 

“shut up you love me!” 

- jealous! bam

- i feel like he would get jealous very easily but attempt to hide it with jokes etc

- hand holding 24:7 [even at inconvenient times ;; going around lamp posts] 

- despite being wild af he’s a really good listener and would love taking the same to talk to you about your day or what’s currently bothering you 

- bam being the worst person to take to the movies;; constantly trying to make you laugh at serious moments or sneaking in kisses 

- memes 

- just pure memes, you’d find yourself joining in with his antics

- i think bam would enjoy pda tbh,, 

- him pouting at eVERYTHING 

- gifting you things that made him think of you

- travelling together

- i think he’d wanna introduce you to his friends straight away even prior to dating ;; this showed how much he liked you from the get go 

- telling you cheesy chat up lines 

- caring for you when your sick 

- dabbing [this kid, i stg]

- convincing you to do stupid shit like pranks etc

- lots of snapchats,, texts through out he day

- “give daddy a kiss?? ;))” 

- pushing him off the bed for thinking he’s slick most likely ^^ 

- i think he’d tell you he loved you pretty soon into the relationship

- probably during a date or something ;; it would hit him like a ton of bricks and he’d just want to confess right there and then

- shy! bam

- i see him being a switch 

- hickeys ?? that lil shit 

- attempting to cook for you e̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶u̶p̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶j̶i̶n̶y̶o̶u̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶h̶i̶m̶ ̶

- yugyeom third wheeling 

- dog sitting coco together 

- dates would consist of movies and snacks 

- consulting you hair colors 

- pinky swears 

- bams the guy to want to give you a promise ring i reckon 

“Come over here n love me :(” 

- perhaps him showing you his piano skills 

- conversations about your childhoods

- visiting him at practice

- bam hyping your ass tf up 

- high key finding his english fucking adorable [and so so good]

- getting asked by mark to “shut him the fuck up” 

- i think you’d be the person to really show bam everything he never knew he wanted out of life 

- he’d tell you he loved you constantly ;; but he always meant it 

- forehead kisses 

- talking abt the future you want together 

- i can see him trying to buy you clothes and getting the wrong sizes [he’s a cute dork]

- dragging him out of the lingerie section [”bUt THIS WOULD LOOK SO GOOD ON YO-”]

- to conclude;; bam would be the dorkiest boyfriend ever,, but no moment with him would ever be dull. :]]

a/n: hihi so i hope this is enjoyable i wanted to make it special bc hes my baby so i hope it did him justice !! requests are also open ;; 

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heeey ! 120 or 142 ? (i can't choose tbh, i just want something fun to read) i really love your hc and drabbles <3

Aww thank you so much my love 💜 It means the world to me. 

Okay so I have chosen 142 because ahhh I got a cute idea. I hope you enjoy this <3

142. “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

Even was lying on Isak’s bed with his feet crossed as he scrolled through netflix on Isak’s laptop, trying to choose the next movie he was going to open Isak’s eyes to. 

Isak was in the kitchen getting food when a notification popped up on the laptop

JulianDahl liked your photo

and then another

JulianDahl commented on your photo “lol Isak your so funny. 😂”

Even squinted his eyes at the little window before it floated away. Who the hell was this fool? and why had Isak never mentioned him? 

he was going to just let it go when another one popped up 

JulianDahl liked your post

Even’s thumb accidentally bumped the keyboard and clicked on the window which magically took him to Isak’s Instagram page. 

he scrolled through the notifications and saw a million of the same thing 

JulianDahl liked your photo

JulianDahl liked your photo 

JulianDahl commented on your photo “You look nice here Isak 😋” 

Even slammed the laptop shut and shoved it to the side. Okay who the hell did that dude think he was and what was he doing commenting on how nice his boyfriend looked wearing a scarf. 

That was Even’s job.

Not yours Julian. 

Even felt an odd feeling creep up into his veins. it was uncomfortable and slimy in his chest and the only time he remembered feeling like this was at the Kosegruppa meeting when Emma tried to partner up with Isak and during the Kosegruppa party when she had her face on the man of Even’s life’s face! 

ugh. Even ran his hands through his hair and jumped up just to pace the room like an idiot. I mean it shouldn’t upset him at all but-

no! He had every right to be upset. some kind of…some Julian Dahl was clearly obsessed with his golden haired angel and he obviosuly didn’t get the memo that Isak already had someone to tell him he looks nice. Not just nice Julian. Isak was so fucking hot. 

“Hey baby we literally had no food but I managed to throw together some cheese toasties, did you pick a - what’s wrong?” 

Isak looked at Even in confusion as he watched the older boy pout and puff his chest out. He was being so exaggeratedly annoyed that Isak couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. He looked like a cartoon character. 

Even tried to play it cool but it didn’t last long. 

“Who’s Julian Dahl and why does he like all your photos?” 

Isak blinked at him for two beats before doubling over in laughter. 

“Oh my god I can’t believe this is happening!” he shouted in between giggles as Even lifted his eyebrows in question. 

“Oh so he’s funny huh?” He pulled Isak towards him and kissed his neck 

“am I funnier?” 

“Yes Even. You’re hilarious.” 

Even grinned before remembering what this was about “Then who the hell is Julian?” 

Isak smiled and waved his had dismissing every single thought that came with Julian Dahl’s name. “He is just some guy who has been liking all my photos and sending me messages since first year. I don’t even know him!” 

Even pulled back and smiled brightly “So you have a secret admirer? Aww Isak that is so cute.”

Isak rolled his eyes. “Well you’ve certainly changed your tune. And it’s not a secret if we know his name.” 

Even grabbed his phone and pointed it at them “I think we should take a selfie to send a little message to your admirer. Let’s see if he still looks nice in my arms Julian” 

Isak shook his head and laughed “You’re unbelievable. You know that right?” 

“Quick! hold my hand so he gets jealous.” Even said, grabbing for his hand and winking at him cheekily. 

“Wow you are literally a 12 year old girl. This explains so much.” 

“Hush baby smile for the camera.” 

Isak spoke through his teeth “The Gabrielle obsession, your love for Leonardo Dicaprio and the fact that we always have to watch a god damn romance before falling asleep.” 

Even snapped the photo. 

“You look nice here Isak.” Even said looking at the photo. 

Isak smiled and shoved his arm “shut uuuupp” 

“You shut up” Even retaliated smiling as he pressed his lips against Isak’s. 

Isak gave Even his open hand “okay gimme.” 

He looked at the photo and smiled before posting it. 

He threw his phone on the bed just before Even lunged and wrapped his arms around him, kissing Isak’s throat. they were all lips and and limbs before they finally fell onto the bed in a bunch of giggles. Suddenly Isak’s phone dinged. 

Even picked it up and howled in laughter. 

“What? What is it?” 

Even passed the phone to Isak 

JulianDahl liked your photo

Isak groaned. 

There was another ding and before Isak could look, Even was taking it from him. 

he smiled before typing quickly. 

“Even what are you-”

“Done.” Even said, giving Isak his phone back. 

Isak looked at what he just did and choked on his own breath. 

JulianDahl: nice

IsakYaki: Thanks Julian. Don’t you think my BOYFRIEND looks nice? He is very nice. I have a very nice BOYFRIEND. Your approval is appreciated.

Isak whacked a laughing Even on the chest “You are the biggest dork in the entire world! I can’t believe you!” 

Even grinned and pulled Isak towards him “Believe it. I’m just soooo nice.” 

“Ugh I hate you” Isak mumbled in his chest, feeling Even tremble against him in laughter.

“You love me.” Even replied. 

and Isak responded by biting his neck, because yes he really really did. 

Ahhhh What did this even become? I hope you liked this 

Send me one of these prompts and I’ll try to write it. <3
An In-Universe look at Troyson

In Universe Meta Meta Continued! 

Based on this post

Ok I was looking through the tags and I’m gonna do some posts for the diff Check Please RPF ships (and shipping wars). But I wanted to do it in semi-chronological order which means first we gotta discuss the Kent/Troy aka Kent/Swoops discourse. And if any one has topic requests/questions feel free to send them to my inbox. 

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.*  

The year is 2009 (and goes as far as 2011). This blog is mostly inhabited by Aces content at this point.

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BTS: being best friends with J-Hope

•  so you’d meet hobi while kookie was trying to set you up on a blind date with him
•  "it’s okay, y/n…I know you’ve been lonely and to be quite honest…I’m sick of you calling me every night when it’s cold asking for me to get you a boyfriend"
•  hoseok wouldn’t even know what was going on tbh, he’d just roll with it bc jungkook promised food
•  he’d arrive at your place with the maknae in toe and you’re like??? Hi??? He’s like wow !!! Noodles!! Food!!! You like that movie too???? Your place is really nice!!!
•  so then you’d end up kicking kookie out and enjoying your time with hoseok, completely forgetting that this was supposed to be a setup date
•  you’d look at him and you aren’t really sure if he knows that bc he’s stuffing those noodles down his throat like it’s nobody’s business…unless he knew and really wasn’t trying to impress you
•  when you questioned him about it, he’s like dude yeah ofc I know!! Jungkook’s been trying to get me to meet you for like months now and tbh I never said yes or no bc I thought you were just as weird as him
•  without really taking offense to it, you’d agree and laugh along with him bc he’s so similar to you and you’re wondering why you haven’t met earlier
•  to this day, kook still ships you two together, but always ends up getting hoseok’s foot down his throat bc he’s had enough
•  needless to say, yall would always be the loudest people when you’re together
•  everyone would stare and wonder what kind of drugs yall must be taking to be this weird
•  but you don’t even notice bc you’d have the time of your life with this fool
•  but despite him always being cheerful, it breaks your heart when you see that he’s sad or hurting
•  he tries to hide it so often that you need to just pull him into a tight hug sometimes
•  "it’s okay to talk to me and tell me stuff, you know I’m not going anywhere. Why else do you thing I’ve stayed by your side for this long, you idiot :)“
•  he’d be really sad when he couldn’t take you on a long trip abroad
•  like he misses the inside jokes and you checking up on him every so often
•  so he’d call you and send videos as much as he can
•  eating so much together
•  then deciding to go on diets but failing like a day after
•  it’s always lit when yall go out
•  he insists on getting ready at your place so you could both slay, and you’d be late to almost everything bc his phone would be blasting big bang’s songs on spotify and you’d lose track of time while turning up
•  him always knowing how to make you smile
•  bc he knows without you his life would be a mess 💚

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ravus isn’t horrible, here is why. an essay by me.

you think i’m joking, but this is going to be in
actual essay format. y’all best be ready. this
is dedicated to the people who shit on ravus 
in my one chat post. i love you, i’m sure you
are great people outside of your distaste for 
ravus; but??? you’re wrong….. he’s actually
the best and i will meet you in the pit.

i recommend you read this on mobile, cause
my roleplay aesthetic theme will not treat
you well if you try reading it there. it’ll be

trigger warnings for spoilers, child abuse,
murder, gross gushing of me loving my
son, and that’s about it.

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Misunderstanding ( Minghao X Reader)

Admin: Candi
Could I have a scenario with The8 from SEVENTEEN where he thinks you like Mingyu because you’ve been spending a lot of time with him lately, but it turns out that it was actually The8 that you like? Hopefully that makes sense… Thanks! (:
Fandom: Seventeen
Member/reader: Minghao x female, Mingyu
Genre/warning(s): Fluff, angst, strong language
Words: 1.3k 
Authors note: BOI did I enjoy writing that, this fluff flew out of me tbh. I’m so proud of this lmao I hope you enjoy it!

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What do you think makes the WonderTrev story line so different than the rest of the unnecessary/forgettable love stories in other action movies? I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

oh this is gonna be long so im sorry fhsjhjs

first, who the characters are. in action movies you usually have the densel in distress (who is usually too pretty and smart and just way better then the ‘’hero’’) and the guy that you know will get the girl. wonder woman not only flipped the script, but made it in a way that the pair worked bc they saw each other as equals. no one was better than the other, no one was trying to be. patty jenkins steve trevor was a guy that you rooted for, and that made you buy the romance bc you could see why diana would be interested in him. he was flawed yes, but he was a good, kind hearted man who never tried to belittle her or anyone else for that matter. he was a hero in his way. but most importantly, what sets them apart in my humble opinion is how their relationship actually contributed to the story. he was her guide to mans world. in action movies in general its like the romance is thrown in bc the guy must!!!! have the hot girl (and the audience must see how the men gotta win the ‘’prize’’’) and its just shallow. they lack depth. thats not what happened in wonder woman.

in wonder woman the relationship between steve and diana resonated with me and a lot of people is bc it paid off in the end you know? they did it in such a way that it showed how important he was to her but at the same time didnt fall in the cliche of ‘it was the love of a man that gave her strength and made her save everyone’. like that scene in the end, steve tells her that people shouldn’t be saved because they deserved it but because that was what they should do, she didn’t get it then. when she sees steve die her grief makes her lose any understanding as of why she is fighting if those left around her where people he was fighting against and whose plans he had tried to prevent all the time she had known him and whose actions ultimately led to his death. then ares uses this by bringing to her dr. maru as the personification of all that was wrong with humanity.

when diana goes back to the memory of steve and remembers his faith in her, in how he thought she was supposed to save the world while he saved the day she understood what he meant before, that you save people because it is the right thing to do. because he could have said “screw it” and ask her to leave together to be happy and get the life he had dreamed of. instead he jumped into a plane and sacrificed himself so many could still have that life. and that’s when diana remembered that while people can be awful, they can also love, and choose to honor that love by having an honorable life and care for each other. 

so, in the end, diana finally understood. you don’t save people because they are good but because they have the capability of choosing to be good. and because the existance of love ensures that many will make the right choices. 

you see how impactful they made him and his action? while at the same time they managed to never make diana be defined by her relationship with him or make her victory at the end about him. steve was like the personification of mankind and most importantly, the good of it. you know what im saying?  that makes me like the pairing. i have no problem with romance per se, the problem is how these movies execute it. idk i just thought it worked really well and i really enjoyed them which is hard af lmao

(also notice this is about wonder woman (2017)’s steve trevor which is the only steve trevor i support most of the other versions of him can choke tbh)

Miles strikes me as the kind of guy to enjoy bad movies

Like really bad ones with awful special effects and writing

Takes Waylon home with him to marathon a few sometimes and loves to laugh w/ him the whole while and have a popcorn fight throughout and wrap themselves in blankets

Waylon isn’t as into them but he sits through them anyways bc dang does he love Miles’s laugh, and the cuddles, oh boy. Don’t even get him started on how he loves the closeness

Gets so comfy he falls asleep on Miles sometimes tbh

Idk I just want some fluffy camera boy snuggles please and thank u

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Hello!! I was wondering if you could give me some shounen ai manga recommendations if you can?? Its fine if you're unable too though :DD Love your blog <333

Hello <33333 of course I can :D I will give you my personal favourites, in hoping you don’t know them yet >////<

  • Doukyuusei, it’s my favourite one, the artstyle is original but pretty <33 and the relationship is written so beautifully imo *cry again*
  • Konbini-kun, it’s short but so much fluffy >/////< and Junko style is so much cute <3
  • Vassalord, if you enjoy dark stuffs ;)) It’s also one of my favourite, because the art is just so pretty and the story is really good!!! 
  • Seven Days, the story is simple but the couple is really touching. 
    I rec even more the live action movie tbh, I think it was even better!!
  • Yuki no shita no Qualia, it’s pretty bittersweet :)) and I just love so much the style of this mangaka, I would even rec her other works tbh ^^
  • Hoppe ni Himawari, this one is like killing you with fluff, it has a chubby MC and omg so much precious///////////////

Otherwise, I could rec you to check in Clamp works too since it’s always pretty shounen-ai, like Legal Drugs or Tokyo Babylon ^^ 
Also thank you <33

anonymous asked:

why do some people might hate the 2005 p&p movie? I mean, i believe jennifer ehle and colin firth were the best darcy/lizzie (although i loved matthew macfayden's portrayal a lot actually), but tbh i think keira/matthew had better chemistry and the movie was gorgeous. i know the movie has a lot of book inaccuracies (although i personally hate the regency dresses lmao so i was completely okay w them changing the waistlines in 2005) but i really enjoyed the movie (1/2)

(2/2) and i didn’t really understand why ppl would hate it SO much? my only problem w the movie was that they made lizzie and jane drift apart as the movie progressed. but i think it was an incredibly fun adaption that i can watch all the time.            

I recently answered a similar question here, and I think it boils down to: the shorter running time of a feature film will always always come across as having a choppier narrative where they’ve had to trim down the storylines and characters in comparison to a six-hour miniseries; the unprecedented response of Austen-mania that surrounded the 1995 adaptation and the subsequent hangover where nostalgia means people really don’t want to admit it has any flaws or entertain the notion of another adaptation at all; and the early 2000s backlash against Keira Knightley’s popularity in what I think was a case of general tall poppy syndrome as we often see with Hollywood starlets when they have bursts of popularity across several major blockbusters or film franchises over the course of a few years.

As to Jane and Lizzy’s drifting apart, I was actually a little surprised and delighted to see that brought in, because for the first time I really felt sorry for Elizabeth where she’s in that place of uncertainty after Lydia’s been saved and Jane has reconciled with Bingley, and now she’s questioning where her place is in her own home, even though everyone in her family is safe and happy. When Jane begins to move forward to begin a new phase of her life with Bingley, and with Charlotte already long gone, Lizzy feeling lost and uncomfortable where she has finally realized she’s outgrown her life at Longbourn I found rather poignant and touching.