i really enjoy doing these lyric edits


I started writing my own lyrics around age 11, but I didn’t have any control over my voice, and singing in front of anyone made me sick. I’m only just now beginning to really break out of that. Doing the covers helped me find my tone and taught me how to produce vocals. It also gave me this huge boost of confidence when strangers were enjoying what I was uploading, they were the first to really hear me sing like that.

Heartbreaker / Who do you love?

10x01: Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar

Your love has set my soul on fire, burnin’ out of control
You taught me the ways of desire, now it’s takin’ its toll
You’re the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy
The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be…

You’re a heartbreaker, dream maker, a love taker
Don’t you mess around with me
You’re a heartbreaker, dream maker, a love taker
Don’t you mess around with me

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Followed by a whole plot line in which the Angel Daniel is our exposition that Cas wants to be Human, has been taught the ways of Humanity through Dean, that he probably has a soul now after being Human, after we have just been told that he is in LOVE with Humanity and now a whole season that exposes that he wants to be Human and his mission is to save Dean.

Followed by:

“Imaginary lovers never turn you down
When all the others turn you away they’re around

It’s my private pleasure, midnight fantasy
Someone to share my wildest dreams with me
Imaginary lover you’re mine anytime
Imaginary lovers, oh yeah”

While Dean had felt turned down by Cas in season 8, then forgave him, felt that he did have feelings for him but that it broke him as an Angel, then has been holding back from Cas when he became Human but can’t help hoping and flirting, getting a second bedside table, jumping at the chance to see him, but ultimately leaving and trying to protect him from pain and sadness so it remains a fantasy…

Then the beginning of the season after this talking about someone to share their wildest dreams and lives with, someone who knows the life…

Oh and season 9 opening song was ALL about Dean being in LOVE with Cas, the lyrics and editing literally said:

“Who do you Love? Castiel!”

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Sometimes I can’t quite believe that people don’t put two and two together on the subtext in this show. It’s like looking at a puzzle with 1000 pieces and 999 of them all show one thing but without the final piece they just CAN’T SEE IT EVEN THOUGH THE REST IS ALL THERE RIGHT IN YOUR FACE MAKING A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!

Nightingale (angst)

Anonymous: Can I request two scenarios? The first is a JinJin scenario based on the song ‘In Case’ by Demi, and the second is a Joshua scenario based on the song 'Nightingale’ by Demi. Could you make them really angsty please? You don’t have to do it, so please don’t feel pressured or something! Have a great day, darling!❤😊💞

Title: Nightingale (Joshua/Jisoo)
Genre: Angst
A/N: Also based from Shakespeare’s sonnet because I love symbolism and poems that much. I know, this is probably not my best :/. Anyway, enjoy!

p.s. Nightingale - Demi Lovato

p.p.s. even if i don’t have to do it i will still do it because this is one of my favorite demi lovato songs. i even used to make crappy photoshop edits with the lyrics and that raven tattoo of Tris from Divergent.

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“Our love was new, and then but in the spring,
When I was wont to greet it with my lays;
As Philomel in summer’s front doth sing,
And stops his pipe in growth of riper days:”
–Wiliiam Shakespeare, Sonnet 102

Joshua Hong, That’s what the host said when the tall light brown haired guy walked to the stage with his guitar. The first thing you noticed was his beautiful endearing smile.He smiled at the audience, eyes passing everyone until it stopped to yours. His smile grew wider.

You weren’t able to return a smile because you were frozen with surprise at the thought of making him smile even more wider. Joshua sat on the stool as you sat back and relaxed to his voice as he started singing and strumming the guitar.

You just sat there, intently listening to his soothing voice as he sang love songs. His voice sent yo off to fairytale adventures of lovers. Blank. His session had ended and its as if cold water poured down on you. The absence of his voice making you return to the harsh cold reality. Okay, maybe that was exaggerating. You stood up from your table and exited the cafe. It went on for days. You had learned that he would be performing every Wednesday and Fridays and you cherished those moments of eye contacts and smiles. You knew that you absolutely cherished Joshua Hong and his guitar.

“Hey, wait up,” a voice calls behind you as you rush outside the corridor of the cafe, ready to feel the evening breeze.

You turn to face the boy with the guitar. He was absolutely handsome up close. His soft brown eyes bore into yours as you only gawked at him.

“I-I’m Joshua. Joshua Hong,” he sticks out a hand and you stare at it, sceptical. One of the many rules to your life was to never make attachments. They were only too painful to bear. But still, you stare at his hopeful eyes then back to his hand. 

For you, Joshua. For the sake of knowing you. I’ll try to make this less painful, I promise I’ll try.

“Y/N, nice to meet you,” you smile as you shake his warm hand. Joshua smiles back at you and you hear your heart being torn apart at the thought of being a burden to this person.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Joshua says over the line, he could hear your fucking heavy breaths. You close your eyes and inhale sharply. Exhale.

“Y-yes, I am. I just…I can’t sleep,” you say, opening your eyes. You needed someone to calm you down.

“Bad dreams?” you could hear the mix of chuckle and concern in his voice.

“Yes,” you lie. Your medicines were driving you crazy. Its contents making your whole body tremble at the intensity of it. And, how could you sleep when dark thoughts clouded your mind while you uncontrollably shuddered. It was a side effect, the doctor had said. Those thoughts about demise and loss of hope.

“I’ll be there.” was what Joshua had only said before the line goes static. You place the phone down and wrap yourself in blankets, trying to hide the fact that you were shaking. You lean the back of your head against your headboard as thoughts of being a burden drowns you.

Joshua was only your boyfriend for months already. He had a whole life out there. He shouldn’t be here, comforting a girl he didn’t know was terribly depressed and sick.

“Hey,” Joshua nudges your side and you open your eyes, the medicine making it a little painful to. You flash a smile at him in an attempt to hide away the telltale signs of your recent chemotherapy. Dull tired eyes, pale skin, and tiny spots. Your hair loss will come in after two weeks and you knew you had to act fast to cover it up. Especially when he gets back from their concert abroad.

“Hey,” you sniffle and Joshua gathers you in his arms. You lay your head on his shoulder. “This is weird but can you…can you sing? Something slow and sad.”

You needed someone’s voice to echo in the walls of your mind. Someone to bring you peace and sanity. Someone’s voice to pull you away from the reality you were facing. Someone called Joshua to sing you to sleep.

“Tell me about your dream first,” Joshua says as he pulls back to pick up the guitar beside him. You only nod and relay to him the lie you had made up to him about monsters attacking you. Joshua chuckles and scrambles beside you, leaning on the headboard. He starts strumming the guitar.

Geunyang waeinji moreuge gakkeumssik mundeuk
Geureon saenggagi jakkuman deureo yojeum
Ireokena haengbokhago areumdaun neo
Geurigo nambureopji anheun jigeumui uri

Geureon uriga jeongmal eonjenga
Bulhaenghagedo Tteoreojige doemyeon
Geuttaen eotteokhaji mullon geureol il eoptgetjiman
Ireon sangsangeun jeongmal hagido
Sireunde gakkeumssik tteoolla neon
Budi ireon saenggaknaji anhgil

Hamkkeraseo useul su itgo neoraseo ul sudo isseo
Geureohgerado mothal ge eodisseo
Eonje eodie isseodo
Hamkkehaji mothaedo urin neul geureohdeut
Useumkkot piwoyo
Geudae misoe bomi dwaejulgeyo

[ Seventeen - Smile Flower ]

Joshua looks at you and is startled to find sparkling tears staining your face. He puts down the guitar on the floor and takes you in his arms as you slump forward, breaking down into a crying mess. Joshua is startled at first but proceeds to rub your back in slow circles as he hummed in your ear.

“Hey, Y/N, it’s okay. No monster will get you,” Joshua whispers and you sob more.

That monster is freaking death, Joshua, you mentally say as slow tears roll down. Joshua hugs you tightly and you sink into his arms, wishing you could just stay there for a lifetime. Suddenly, you hear him humming songs into your ear, making you smile a little.

“Don’t cry, my little nightingale,” Joshua shushes you.

“Nightingale?” you say. “You’re the nightingale.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he shrugs. “To me, you’re my nightingale. My darling darling Y/N.”

You chuckle, “I might vomit at your words.”

“Shut up, just go to sleep,” he says and you could feel his smile. You lay your head on his chest, staring at your toes. “You’ll wake up to me beside you, don’t worry.”

I’m so sorry, Joshua. One day, I might never wake up, you think to yourself as you listened to the rhythm of his heartbeats.

“Are you Joshua?” the singer turns to the old woman’s voice as he stood in the middle of the empty apartment. “Joshua Hong?”

“Y-yes. Do you know where Y/N is? She used to live here…”

The woman sadly looked at him, confusing Joshua even more, “Mister, I’m sorry. Haven’t you heard? She passed away already. A week ago.” The woman touches her forehead. “Her chemotherapy didn’t work out. Said she was tired of it all already. It’s so tragic. I remember calling the ambulance at two in the morning because she started bleeding.”

P-passed away?

Joshua only stared at the woman. All he wanted to do was lean against something, make sure he wasn’t hearing things. He wanted to scream “Liar!” at the woman. But somehow, he knew there was no lie in her words.

“She asked me to give this to a Joshua Hong, though. To you.” the woman says as she walks out of the room, leaving Joshua to himself. Suddenly, his world seemed so small. He felt claustrophobic even with the wide spaces.

The woman returns, unaware of how deep the news had scarred him. She was holding a guitar. It wasn’t new, on the side was your name carved in small letters, barely standing out. There was a neon sticky note stuck at the end.

Joshua takes the guitar, running his hand across the smooth neck and the strings, and the woman says something about bed sheets to be cleaned. He didn’t need asking to know that those were the bed sheets with your blood.

You play the guitar? Joshua didn’t know that. His fingers reach the sticky note and he gazes at your handwriting.

“For my Nightingale. Thank you, Joshua Hong.”

Joshua lets out a sob, his tears smudging the ink. His sobs bounce through the walls. He had no one anymore. No little bird to comfort. No one to shield under his feathers.

A/N: Did you know that nightingale symbolizes a well-off or sweet or perfect love but death will always come? It was used in Romeo and Juliet to symbolise their relationship. Nightingale = Tragedy

Fort Minor - Where’d you go (Nate Maloley Edit)

Imagine: Your boyfriend Nate is becoming more and more successful with his music, and you’re happy everything works out for him. But when he finally leaves to go on tour you both realize how hard it is to actually keep up with each other. You feel like you’re drifting apart, remembering how much you enjoyed being with him. Even though you miss those times terribly, you start to doubt that your relationship still makes sense.

(Wanna see what happens next? CLICK HERE)

Another song I absolutely love - and another video edit. 

I saw you liked the last one, thanks so much for the great response, I read every single comment :’)💜

I might actually do those more often, I don’t know, I love making little stories to lyrics…

I also have some amazing audios of conversations I really want to make a video for. Let’s see if it works out. I’m excited :’)) 

Tryin to make my next post an AU again though, not gonna forget about that. ✌️

(If you actually give a shit and read this far, you’re a cool person and I really really appreciate you 💜)


Pink Flower (by Branch)

A single pink flower stood in a field of gray.                                                     Each day the morning wind would make the flower sway.

A Troll spied the flower and sees her happy dance.                                          The Troll is angry he will never have that chance.

He rolled a large rock near and blocked out all her sun.                                   She shook her little head and giggled at the fun.

With all her strength, she grew and reinforced her stalk.                                  She pushed into the light, and she surpassed the rock.

The Troll had hurt the girl. She did not have a chance.                                      But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced

The Troll stacked sharpened sticks around the flower’s girth,                  Shielding all the raindrops from roots beneath the earth

With relaxation and ease, she uncurled her leaves,                                   Toppling the sticks so she could drink as she pleased.

The Troll had hurt the girl. She did not have a chance.                                      But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced.

Hands ripped at her petals, fingers plucked at her leaves.                               Was left broken and still in the field on her knees.

Flower pulled herself up, inhaling the warm breeze,                                        Cast off her ripped petals and she shed the dead leaves.

The Troll had hurt the girl. She did not have a chance.                                        But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced.

“Your happiness is lost in this cold field of gray.                                               Why don’t you just whither? No one loves you anyway.”

The flower did not cry, she stood strong in her place.                                              “I forgive you” she breathed. A sweet smile on her face.

The Troll had hurt the girl, she did not have a chance.                                       But come the morning wind, the happy flower danced

The Troll stared at the flower, Still spiteful and mean.                                        Not understanding what he’d clearly just seen.

“I took your warm sunshine, still you dance in the wind.                                         I took your fresh water, still you dance in the wind.

I rip your pink petals, still you dance in the wind.                                                    I crush your sweet spirit, still you dance in the wind.”

The Troll tired and sad, no energy to lie.                                                         “Why are you still smiling, and why can’t you just die?”

The sweet, pink flower laughed, “Silly Troll, don’t you know?                              It’s simply my nature. That is all I can show.

Good and bad is in all.You can choose what to see,                                              And I don’t know how to be any way but me.

((After True Colors Recovered))

“Sad Troll,” said the flower, “Dance with me, take my hand.                                   I see you are lonely, and I’ll be your first friend.”

The gray Troll smiled. He decided to try,                                                          Then saw colored flashes lighting up the gray sky.

“How are you doing this?” The Troll’s eyes open wide.                                     She said, “Don’t be afraid, my friend, don’t run or hide.

If we let it, the gray will take over our mind,                                                Leaving us bitter and angry thoughts left behind.

When happiness fills you, it throws open those doors.                                       I’ve always seen color. Branch, that rainbow is yours.”

The world had hurt the Troll. He thought he had no chance.                              But come the morning wind, the Troll and flower danced.

Whew–got this one in just under the wire.  Trolls Week–2017. Day 5–Trolls Song. I don’t really bond much with songs or lyrics.  But Branch wrote this poem for Poppy.  Maybe he will turn it into a song some day.  Hope you enjoyed it!  (Big thank you to R3-0 who edited this mess into something readable).


Hey everyone! I’ve opened a Society6 store for some of my photo edits. I really enjoy doing this kind of art and wanted to be able to share my work on physical prints and goods too! I’d love if you check it out or share it. I’m always looking for constructive criticism too <3


Don’t Let Them Win(Stenbrough fic, ft. Reddie)

Hey, so my last (first ever fic), Now and Forever, has about 48 notes right now, which is 48 more than I expected it to get and I cannot thank you all enough for tolerating my writing. In any case, I figured, like any good addict, why not do it again? I posted this yesterday as Don’t Dream It’s Over, but took it down to rework it and edit it a bit. Here it is in finality. I was inspired by the fact that it was snowing outside when I wrote this, and also (kind-of) the snow-ball scene in ST2. Really I just love winter dances and am bitter that I never got one. I also borrowed lyrics from Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over. I hope you all enjoy it and, as always, I would LOVE to hear some feedback or constructive criticism. There’s only one way to get better, right?

Summary: Stan, after some pushing from his friends, decides that he’s going to ask Bill to the Winter Dance in their freshman year of high school. Will he finally get the date he’s always wanted?

“Well, are you going to do it?” Richie asked as he, Eddie and Stan meandered down the sidewalks of Derry, snow crunching under their feet.

“I don’t know,” Stan replied, a long sigh escaping his mouth. “I know I told you guys that I would, but I just, I don’t know. He’s going to say no anyway,” he lamented.

“Well I mean you don’t know that for sure,” Eddie said from beside Richie, their gloved hands clasping one another. “I used to think Richie didn’t like me, but then I made him cry in my bedroom and now we’re dating!” He laughed.

“Aww Eds, stop telling people that you’re going to ruin my manly reputation!” Richie fake-pouted.

“If you call me Eds one more fucking time you are going to be single,” Eddie tried to sound angry, but his smile gave him away. “My point was, that you never know Stan. Besides, Bill spends every second he can around you I think he likes you back,”

“Eds I literally called you cute on a regular basis and you thought I didn’t like you,” Richie said

“You’re not helping trashmouth! And don’t fucking call me Eds!” Eddie retorted. Stan let them bicker and instead turned towards his own thoughts.

Stan had told Richie and Eddie about his crush on Bill after the two of them had come out, earlier this year, just before they started their first year of high school. And then he had slowly told the rest of the losers, except for Bill of course. Richie and Eddie, with Beverly’s help, had since been trying to convince Stan to ask Bill out, and now to ask him to the Winter Dance on the upcoming weekend. Just thinking about Bill caused colour to rise into Stan’s cheeks, and a ghost of a smile to dance across his face.

“I think you’re right,” He said at length, interrupting Richie and Eddie mid argument. “I’ll ask him tomorrow at school.” Already he could feel the nervous butterflies dancing around within him.

“Well of course I’m right,” Richie grinned, “I’m always right! It’s one of my many gifts!”

“Oh, give me a break,” Eddie said, rolling his large brown eyes.

When Stan returned home, all he could think about was what he was going to say to Bill. The nervous energy had been building up all through the night and stayed with him in the morning.

Stan pulled up to the bike rack outside of the school the next day and chained his bike to it, his fingers stinging even through his knitted gloves at the touch of the cold metal. Beverly pulled up right beside him, smiling, her red hair even redder against the snowy white backdrop. Ben stood beside her, as always.

“Richie told us. Today’s the day!” she beamed. “Are you ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Stan replied, a nervous rock forming in the bottom of his stomach.

“Stan, it’s going to be so great! Just don’t cry,” Ben joked.

“We have to go help Mike finish his math in the library, but good luck!” Beverly said.   She and Ben turned and headed into the brick school, excitedly chattering to one another. Stan took another nervous breath, which hitched in his throat as he caught sight of Bill, who pulled up beside him on his own bike.

“H-hey Stan,” Bill stuttered as he chained his own bike next to Stan’s. “How’s it g-g-going?” His emerald eyes flashed as he greeted his best friend, and Stan couldn’t help but begin to lose himself in their verdant splendour.

“What? Oh, uh, good,” Stan said nervously, a week smile trying to form on his face. He could feel a rush of panic and nervousness surge within him, and his cheeks began to redden. “I have to get to class, but I kind of need to talk to you. Can you stick around after school?” he said hurriedly.

“Oh, uh yeah of c-course,” Bill replied, his eyebrows raising quizzically.

“Great okay see you then,” Stan barely waited to finish his own sentence before hurrying off, leaving a slightly confused Bill behind, who watched the curly headed boy depart with a surge of admiration and affection.

Stan didn’t really see Bill for the rest of the day, but the boy stayed in his mind the whole time, making concentration on anything else impossible. After the final bell Stan headed to the school entrance to wait for Bill, practically thrumming with apprehension. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of Richie and Eddie bickering playfully with one another. Beverly joined them with Mike and Ben and flashed him an encouraging smile and a thumbs up. Just then Bill appeared next to Stan, smiling as always as he saw his friend

“Hey S-Stan! You wanted t-to talk to me?” he said.

“Um, uh, yeah,” Stan managed, his anxiety threatening to undermine his speech. “So, I uh, well. I was just, um, thinking and,” he paused.

“Yeah?” Bill asked. His heart began to beat a bit faster and butterflies began to flutter in his stomach. Was Stan about to ask him to the dance? Bill’s mind began to race. Of course he would love to go with Stan; he hadn’t told anyone but he had actually had a crush on the boy since middle school, but he’d always been too nervous to make a move.

“Well, you know, I uh, I was just wondering –” whatever Stan was about to say was cut off by a new voice

“Hey Bill!” Said a girl with long blond hair pulled into a scrunchied ponytail. Stan recognised her as Holly Westfield. She was in their year and shared a math class with Bill. “Hey, I heard you didn’t have a date to the dance tomorrow! How about you go with me?” Stan’s heart all but stopped as he heard those words spoken by another, and a massive pit formed in his stomach.

“Oh, Uh I-I don’t, I mean, uh s-s-ure,” Bill, shooting a glance at Stan, replied, feeling too bad to say no. Stan felt like a train had smashed into him as the words escaped Bill’s mouth. In that moment, Stan felt as if he had shattered, and already he could feel the tears gathering in his eyes.

“Great! Here’s my number! And thanks for the help in math, as always!” Holly grinned as she handed Bill a slip of paper and then walked off. Bill turned back to Stan, and his heart fell as he saw the hurt in his friend’s eyes. “St-Stan,” he began before Stan cut him off.

“Nevermind. I, I have to go,” Stan managed. He spun around and rushed to his bike, hoping Bill hadn’t seen the dampness of his eyes. He mounted his bike and rushed home, tears rolling down his cheeks and stinging his face in the cold his whole way home.

On Saturday afternoon Stan headed over to Ben’s to prepare for the dance. Richie (and by extension Eddie) and Beverly had both called him the night before to check on him before making him promise he’d still come to the dance with them.

“Hey, it’s only one dance,” Eddie tried to sound optimistic. “He could still like you,” he said as he and Stan put on their suits

“Yeah Stan! You’re a catch!” chimed in Richie. “Hell, if I wasn’t dating Eds over here I’d be all over you!” Richie laughed as Eddie slapped his arm and made a noise of disgust.

“Eddie’s right you shouldn’t give up,” Ben added.

“Thanks guys. But I’m fine. Really. I just want to get the dance done,” Stan said as he adjusted his purple tie in the mirror. The words felt hollow and paper-thin, and Stan was sure that his friends didn’t believe them. Neither did he.

“We could always see if Eds’ mom will come with you, since I’m all taken up this time around” Richie snickered.

“You’re a real asshole you know that?” Eddie said.

“You know you love me,” came Richie’s reply. One by one the rest of the losers showed up (without Bill of course, he was arriving with his date) and Stan’s spirits lifted slightly, but he could still feel the void inside of him.

Ben’s parents drove them to the dance and as he climbed out of the car, Stan couldn’t help but smile as he saw his friends around him, dressed up and grinning. A blanket of white snow lay upon the ground and fat snowflakes fell lazily to the ground, swirling slowly and carelessly to a rest. The front doors were decorated lavishly with balloons and tinsel and kids streamed inside. The losers made their way through the front doors of the school and into the main hallway, where balloons and snowflake shaped glitter and ceiling décor formed a path that led them to the gym.

Winter themed decorations hung everywhere, and groups of people danced and talked as music blared loudly over everything. Over in one corner was a snack and punch table. Stan talked and danced and joked with his friends and for a time managed to lift his spirits just a bit.  Bill and Holly found the losers just before one of the slow dances. Stan’s breath caught in his throat as he saw bills thin and lanky form in a pristine black suit and a white shirt, a silver tie that matched his date’s silver dress glinting in the decorative lighting. His brown hair was brushed to the side, for once not covering his forehead. Bill smiled and greeted all his friends talking with them as they talked with one another and introduced themselves to his date, but his smile faded when he finally made his way to Stan, who had been trying hard to avoid him.

“hi S-Stan,” he said. “Y-you look really n-n-nice.”

“Thanks, you do too,” Stan tried to smile at his closest friend, but the pain in his heart prevented any sort of convincing gesture.

“Hey are y-you okay?” Bill began, concern etched on his face. Just then the music shifted as Kenny Loggins’ Footloose ended and Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over began, signalling a slow dance.

Stan almost burst into tears right there. That song had played once earlier in the year, through a radio that Stan kept in his room. That day, Stan had failed an exam in his English class, and it had been Bill who came to his house to comfort him, finding him crying in his room. Bill had walked in, and, without speaking, wrapped Stan in an embrace until he had stopped crying.

Bill’s face fell as he recognised the song as well. That day, Bill had thought nothing would ever feel better than being able to feel his friend’s warmth as they hugged, and he wanted nothing more than to wrap Stan in another embrace.

There’s a battle ahead/ many battles are lost

“Bill! Come on its time for us to dance!” Holly said as she appeared by Bill’s side. her hand took Bill’s and she led him to the floor as he turned to look back at Stan. Stan turned to look at his friends. Ben and Beverly were heading out to dance and Richie and Eddie were already on the floor, Eddie yelping and telling Richie to stop stepping on his feet as he swore and apologised

“Hey Mike, I’m going to get some fresh air,” Stan said, his friend looked forlornly at Stan, but nodded his head. “You go find someone to dance with.” Stan continued, mustering a smile. Mike apologised and patted Stan on the shoulder as he passed, and then turned to a nearby girl who was sheepishly smiling at him.

Bill was barely even aware of the girl in front of him, barely even aware of the hands resting around his neck. All he could think about, all he could see, was Stan.

Hey now heyyy now/don’t dream its over

The song continued, and Bill flashed back to the day in Stan’s room. He could feel the warmth of the boy as he had just rested in Bill’s arms, choked sobs escaping now and again. He was brought back to reality just in time to see Stan, face downcast, heading out of the gym and towards the outside, his sorrow evident in every step.

They come, they come/to build a wall between us

“Bill, Bill are you okay?” Holly said. “You haven’t said a word. And I have been trying so hard to make an effort all night but it’s like you don’t even want to be here!” Bill looked at the girl in front of him and seemed to register her for the first time.

We know they won’t win

“Y-yeah I just,” Bill sighed and pulled away from Holly, breaking out of her arms. “I n-n-need to go. I’m sorry,” Bill whirled away and headed off after Stan, leaving an objecting Holly fading behind him. Only one thing, one person mattered right now.

As soon as Stan was outside the tears began flowing freely. He was dimly aware of the night time chill biting through the fabric of his suit, but he didn’t care. He gazed at the snow floating lazily to the ground, each flake spinning and turning as if they were holding a waltz of their own. He heard the crunch of snow behind him, and instinctively knew who it was behind him.

“You should be inside,” Stan said, without turning to face Bill. “You shouldn’t leave Holly in the middle of a dance.”

Don’t let them win

“Stan, w-we need to talk” Bill said, moving closer to his friend, to the love of his life. “What’s g-g-going on why did you l-leave the dance?” Bill reached out and touched his shoulder, and both their hearts fluttered at the physical contact. He turned Stan gently around and his heart fell as he saw the tears streaking down his friend’s face.

“I was going to ask you Bill, okay? Yesterday, I was going to ask you to be my date!” Stan all but shouted, unable to contain his feelings any longer. “Because, because I’m in love with you! Alright? There, that’s the truth! And obviously you don’t feel the same way but it hurts Bill! It hurts and I just can’t take it a –” Stan’s words became incoherent, replaced by heaves and sobs as more tears rolled down his cheeks. Bill looked at the friend he had been in love with for so long, stunned by his admission, and heartbroken at his pain. He rushed forward and wrapped his arms around his love. Stan didn’t fight it. Bill squeezed tighter and let him sob, just like that night in Stan’s room

“Stan l-l-listen to me,” Bill said after a few seconds, Stan still crying into his shoulder. “Stan listen,” he repeated. “I love you. I h-have since the m-moment we met. I’m so so s-s-sorry I didn’t tell you. I was af-f-fraid you didn’t like m-me. I wanted to come here with yu-you, but Holly asked and I just felt t-too bad to say no. But I should h-have I’m so s-sorry,”

Stan could barely comprehend what he was hearing. In the background he could faintly here the song.

Hey now heyyy now/ don’t dream its over

Stan delicately pulled away to look at Bill, tears still running down his face, and sniffled. It was as if he was seeing Bill for the first time. His soft green eyes were pools of emerald that Stan could have lost himself in for eternity. A few rogue snowflakes had lighted on his head and shoulders, glittering in the moonlight.

Slowly, without even stopping to realise what he was doing, he leaned in towards Bill, and Bill followed suit. Softly and tenderly their lips touched. Bill’s mind exploded with colour as his lips met Stan’s, catching the salty taste of Stan’s tears; he didn’t care. They stayed this way for several seconds, neither boy willing to pull away, not wanting to risk breaking the magic of the moment. Finally, Bill pulled back, and Stan looked deeply again into Bill’s eyes. Despite the tears that still streaked his face Stan formed a soft, genuine smile, the first one to be there in days. Bill’s heart fluttered at the beautiful sight, his mind at a loss for words. Silently, they gazed at one another, a tender silence hanging for a few seconds before Stan finally broke it.

“Bill, will you be my date to the Winter Dance?” he asked delicately and quietly, as if the words were made of glass, and speaking to loud would shatter them. Bill smiled, and a tear rolled down his cheek.

“I w-would love nothing m-more,” He said.

The two boys’ lips met again, and Bill wrapped Stan up in another embrace. Stan broke off the kiss and nuzzled his head into Bill’s shoulder, and Bill rested his cheek on top of Stan’s head. The air was cold as it ebbed and flowed around them, seeping through their clothing. But they did not feel it. All they felt, all they needed was each other’s warmth. From the school the song, their song, could be heard, faint and muffled, as soft and delicate as the snow that fell around them

Get to know the feeling of liberation and release

The two boys swayed in time with muffled music, eyes closed, wrapped in each other’s bliss. Around them the fat snowflakes drifted and floated, swirling slowly around them before finally coming to a rest on the ground around them. A few found their way onto their heads and shoulders, but the boys felt only each other.

Hey now heyyy now/ don’t dream its over

“I love you,” Bill whispered suddenly and tenderly, no trace of a stutter. Stan said nothing; he only smiled and nuzzled further into Bill. That was the only answer he needed.

Yuri!!! on Ice Opening Lyrics (FULL)
History Maker by Dean Fujioka

I own nothing but the making of this video.

I have never, once in my life, bought a song so quick just by listening to the first few seconds of it until I heard History Maker. Just wow. It’s too aesthetic that I actually cried.

Edit: I can’t post it on YouTube due to copyrighted music (and they muted it so I took it down.)

Also, I highly suggest you guys to support Dean Fujioka by buying the song. I know that some of you guys may not be able to afford it but when you are, and you actually love this song, please support by buying the song. Thank you.

UPDATE!! UPDATE!!!: the video has officially, and finally, been able to be posted up on YouTube! —> https://youtu.be/bKfTXRT0OeM (Sadly I don’t know how long it will be up until YouTube themselves take it down.) I just want to say thank you all for supporting me and the making of this lyric video, it really means a lot! I didn’t think anyone was actually going to enjoy it but when I looked at every reblog for the tags (honestly, truly, I love reblogs because the tags really make my day) I felt proud of myself and I aPPRECiATE YOU FOR SUPPORTING IT HONESTLY MEANS A LOT LIKE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I HOPE I CAN DO MORE OF THESE FOR YOU GUYS IN THE FUTURE IF REQUESTED.
Chained the Monster (Mika ver.)
Chained the Monster (Mika ver.)

(Alright, so! I’m not that great of a singer and I know it’s been done before, buuuut! I really like the song, okay? I wanted to try and edit the lyrics to be from Mika’s POV myself and I covered it! Enjoy! I’ll post the edited lyrics below.)

When I’m lost in your eyes again,
I am falling for you again.
How are you the one that’s enslaved by me now?
I wanna hear you whisper to me,
That together is what we’ll be,
I can feel my body calling out to you now.

Do you know what you do to me?
Is this all a dream? Promise you’ll never leave!
Isn’t it a little funny? You think that you’re controlled by me?

(Don’t ever let me go.)

You’ve turned my whole world upside down,
I’m caught in love with you and now,
I never want to escape from you, and baby that’s alright!
I’ve chained the monster deep inside,
Now come closer to this body of mine.
I’m more than ready; won’t you lay with me tonight?
I want to scream your name, tonight~

Head Over Shoes
Head Over Shoes

Hello again friends!! I’m back with another original song. This is just something I threw together really quick last night after getting inspired. It’s kind of lame, but I wanted to do this is for Em ( @narootos ) because she’s the squad queen and she loves YD. Also, this is her AU and I’m in love with it like I’m literally so invested in this plot line. 

That being said, this song is written in the plot line of our human Steven Universe AU from the perspective of Basimah (or Blue Diamond) about Yvonne (or Yellow Diamond.) BD x YD, friends. That’s what this song is. A ship song. A really adorable ship song. Anyway! Please enjoy and share and ship. That is all.

Album art by @narootos.  

EDIT: Lyrics under the cut!! 

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Show You
the one and only shen mendez
Show You

So I was bored so I’m just like lets post lyrics on tumblr! So that’s what I’m gonna do :-)

Lyrics to Show You by Shawn Mendes

You can’t walk the streets at night , you’re way too short to get on this ride. No I’m not , no I’m not.

They try to tell me that I gotta be home when the streetlights glow

You can’t watch your TV show, I will watch what I wanna watch

No , won’t listen to you, do what I wanna do

and I will walk this road ahead one hundred miles on my hands

Do I need to show you, guess I gotta show you

and if you don’t believe me now , I’ll flip the whole world upside down

Do I need to show you, guess I gotta show you

*whistling for a bit*

Watch me swim across this lake

Fly through the sky in my superman cape

Watch me walk across the fire ,tip-toe through the coals of a blazing fire

Watch me fly this kite in the rain, I’ll jump rope with my ball and chain

Come by and know on my house of cards, If it falls I’ll rebuild it from the start

I won’t listen to you

Do what I wanna do

and I will walk this road ahead one hundred miles on my hands

Do need to show you, guess I gotta show you

and If you don’t believe me now

I’ll flip the whole world upside down

Do I need to show you, guess I gotta show you

*faster* Do I really gotta show you now 

really really really gotta show you now

do I really gotta spell it out, I-T I spelled it out

if you really wanna see me now, watch me walk across the clouds

I don’t know what you heard about, listen to me yell it loud

Do I really gotta show you now, really really really gotta show you now

Do I really gotta spell it out I-T I spelled it out

If you really wanna see me now, watch me walk across the clouds

I don’t know what you heard about ,See that door I’ll knock it down

*normal pace*

And I will walk this road ahead

One hundred miles on my hands, Do I need to show you

Guess I gotta show you

and if you don’t believe me now, I’ll flip the whole world upside down

and do I need to show you, guess I gotta show you

Do I really gotta show you now

Really really really gotta show you now

Do I really gotta spell It out

I-T I spelled it out, If you really wanna see me now watch me walk across 

Do I need to show you

Guess I gotta show you


Hope you enjoyed !

Michaela Laws

This is what happens when I get REALLY REALLY fucking bored and have a headache. I do a thing, add my own flavor, and make it mine. Had to channel my inner Jonah Scott (askjeanvoice) for this. I tried =w=

Vocals by Michaela Laws
Beat: GD CD Intro
Lyrics by an Anon and Michaela Laws (Edit and Add-on)



YO! Out with my squad and we killin’ them titans
Everyone’s fighting, but also we kinda frightened
That’s what goes on. Who’s on? It’s Jean
With the dream that Mikasa just won’t ignore me for long

She too good for that douchebag Eren
She should leave him, and I call'em as I see'em and
Obviously, uh, he sucks so, uh… you should come to me, babe

Hah! Whaaaat? There’s a titan, better kill it
Me and my home skillet biscuit Marco
He gone now, pretty sad now
Can only ask how since
Your death didn’t really make any sense, bro

Awww man.
I fight for you, bro.
Rest in Peace.

Put your hands to your hearts for the battle now
We’re gunna fight for humanity anyhow
Me and Mikasa are gunna lead the way
We’ll beat titans in the end anyway

Put your hands to your hearts for the battle now
We’re gunna fight for humanity anyhow
Me and Mikasa are gunna lead the way
I promise you and I will save the day, yeah~ ehehehe~


♩【Female Cover】Friends on the Other Side - Princess and the Frog【KanekoDubs】♩ 


I really wanted to do another villain song, and Dr. Facilier is SO fun to voice! I enjoyed singing this cover so much! Being so evil and charismatic is so fun ;DDDD

I hope you enjoy my cover~!

Any comments and constructive criticism is appreciated!!!

Mixing and Editing by Me

Originally sung by Keith David

Music and Lyrics by Randy Newman

I feel useless as a EXOTIC..

When a MV is out (sample: Miracles in December) boom! 5 minutes later, gifs are out, subbed videos, uploaded music shows, fanart, fantaken pictures, lyrics, ect. We all now that EXOTICS are really fast in these things. but I am not like that.. all I can do is to watch and enjoy the stuff other fans made.. I can’t draw very well, I don’t have any experience how to edit pictures. life keeps me busy, and i have to wait till I’m back from college. I live in germany, here are not so many K-pop fans, or EXOTICS at all! and because i live here, I can’t take fanpics, or sub all the vids in German, i don’t live in Korea or china (and i can’t speak the languages, just some pharases in korean) that why it is really hard for me.. I feel useless! And to be honest i am jealous of all the fans that can meet them :( I don’t even know why i call myself a “fan” when i can’t do nothing, i can’t buy their albums (like i said K-pop is not that popular here) i can just support them from far away, and thank them because they make me happy! It’s hard to be a international K-pop fan i think most of you know that! especially when you are busy with real life and stuff. And of course because of the fucking time zone. I hope I can meet them one day!