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It’s been a while! I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long - I know that there are plenty of peoples waiting for requests. Unfortunately, I’ve been totally stressed out with university work at the moment. I can’t guarantee that this is me coming back for good but I did want to upload something. Thank you to those of you who have stuck around despite the hiatus. This fic is absolutely my worst work. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that the quality has just deteriorated. Plus, this was whipped up in about an hour. Too quick. Nonetheless, it’s something to read between revision for those of you who have deadlines rn. Thanks to @mel-in-my-head​ for the request, I’m sorry it deviated. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: can you do one where Peter Parker (CW) (if you don’t peter parker that is, if not Thor is fine) is really over protective of the reader like all the time, but the reader is 100% oblivious and one night the reader and him can’t sleep, so they go all movie marathon and they wake up to the avengers (and if you are doing peter,) aunt may finds them all cuddled up on the couch in the main room taking pics, and awing. sorry for this being long it’s my first request, I think, so yeah, thanks


“Is that…” You asked, holding up a hand. Peter looked up and around.
“Oh god, it is.”

You stared at him pointedly. “Run.”

Despite the hastiness with which you took off, you were still sopping wet by the time you reached the apartment building. Peter slammed the door shut behind you, panting. You doubled over breathlessly and laughed giddily. When you stood up straight again, you ran a hand through your hair and felt it completely drenched.
“Want to borrow a towel?” Peter laughed, holding out a hand in the direction of the stairwell.

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Just a simple, sketchy little thing I made for Valentine’s Day. I know it’s not *that* romantic at all LOL I mean, my plan was to do something REALLY cute, but I just couldn’t draw all the frames I’ve planned because people were disturbing me here where I live :/ But well, I like it :) It could be better and I could have painted it more precisely, but… Alright, next time then :)

Enjoy some young Gladnis

WIP #02 : Rough animation on paper

Sometimes, I like to animate a rough version on paper ; it’s very pleasant, and I feel it’s a great way to put energy onscreen. (of course it can be done also on tvpaint) To do it on paper, I didn’t had my Pegbar with me, or any animation paper ; so I used paper clip, as you can see bellow :

It works really well for a simple rough animation, you can flip easily and begin to see kind a movement really fast. Then I scanned the drawings, to continue the process on TVpaint (it’s a work flow I personally enjoy, but each people has it’s own way of working)

Ugh Tumblr and these gifs not working! It’s killing my flow man! Well, just pretend he’s moving and enjoy this disgustingly fluffy and cute drabble lol!!

“What?” Y/N raised her eyebrow at Sam in the mirror.

“I said you are so beautiful.” He had a weirdly dreamy look on his face as he watched Y/N go through her morning routine.

“Mmm, yeah my crazy ass bed head, sheet printed face, unbrushed teeth-super hot.”

Sam chuckled as she rolled her eyes at him. “No really, I like watching you do your morning stuff.”

Y/N snorted as she popped her toothbrush into her mouth and tried to ignore the feeling of Sam’s eyes on her. “Oh my god, you are seriously still just sitting there?!”

“Yeah and you’re still beautiful.”

“Oh my god.” She muttered as she went to grab her clothes to change into.

Reaching forward Sam grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto the bed. “Why don’t you believe me?”

“Oomf! I do believe you.” She tried to re situate under his large frame. “But, you pick really strange times to tell me that. Like can’t you wait until I’m pulled together?”

“Nope.” He laughed as she rolled her eyes one more time. “Because it’s true all of the time.”

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Ayyyeeeeeee more headcannons.
It’s like 2:30 in the morning, I’m loopy as fuck. So here’s some more crack shit.
Probably gonna do all the avengers, just getting the people I know well out of the way first.
Anyways enjoy.

Thor headcannons

-Giant teddy bear.

-Like will literally cuddle you anywhere

-Treats you with the highest amount of respect.

-He’s a giant ray of sunshine.

-You’re secretly surprised on how he doesn’t have a halo following him around.

-You really have to teach him that it’s not okay to smash cups on the ground in restaurants after getting a drink, in the end the bill is way too high from the 30 mugs he smashed.

-He secretly wants to have children with you, but doesn’t know how to express the idea.

-Dad goals 10/10

-The best cuddler out of anyone you’ve ever dated.

-you both have the funniest arguments that probably wouldn’t even fall in as an argument, more like a very aggressive disagreement.

-Having to explain every midguardian lifestyle, or joke, or even what they do on their free time.

-10/10 would protect you till his last breath.

-Like really, he would put himself first out of any dangerous situation.

-Best person to have put ikea items together, the last time you Tried to put a chair together it ended up looking like a mangled piece of art from a museum.


-Having trouble sleeping at night? Thor won’t mind having to wake up to help you through the insomnia.

-Best sex ever. He’s a god, so wtf do you even expect.

-Finding out he uses your shampoo because he likes how it makes your hair shine and according to him “it makes him sparkle”

-Never ending pop tarts.

-Like really, you have a cabinet designated to all of your pop tart needs.

-Did you say, 3 am ice cream breaks???
Cos if not, it’s probably going to happen.

-Be prepared, he’s childish, but don’t let it mistake you, if you’ve hurt the person he deeply cares about, shit is going down real quick.

-Will sacrifice anything to save the person he loves, even if it’s detrimental to his life. He would sacrifice himself if it means saving the person he loves.

-10/10 Probably have a few animals together, if not, it’s probably gonna happen soon.

-Welcome to the dad zone.

-Probably can rock a pair of dad jeans hella well.

-wtf, he probably can rock anything hella well.

mindlessnerd89 said:can you possibly do what it would be like dating Emmett list please? thank you! 💖💖

A/N: Yeah, of course, sweetie! I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with: Sorry! I haven’t written one of these in quite awhile, so it may really suck. :( Sorry for taking so long to get this posted; I still have WAY too many requests in my ask box and I’m working on getting most of them done as possible. Please enjoy, lovely! 💖💖

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Emmett Cullen Would Include:

- Emmett teasing you.

- Wrestling matches in which Emmett let’s you win.

- Emmett always throwing you over his shoulder.

- Emmett spanking your bottom.

- Rough sex.

- Neck biting.

- A playful relationship.

- Emmett always taking you on camping or hiking trips.

- Emmett always showing off in front of you.

- Emmett flexing his huge muscles in front of you.

- Emmett being your teddy bear.

- “What are you doing here at 2 in the morning?

- “I got bored.

- “And I need sleep.

- Emmett always trying to keep you as happy as possible.

- The two of you always being there for each other.

- Tight bear hugs.

- Emmett being so protective of you.

- The two of you getting jealous easily.

- Always clowning around.

- Emmett teaching you about sports. (If you don’t already know about them).

- Staying up late to curl up and cuddle with Emmett.

- Emmett always trying to get you to watch horror movies with him.

- Emmett loving the fact that he’s able to constantly protect you from any threat.

- “There’s nothing to worry about. I’m here.

- “But what if-

- “You think I’d let anything happen to you?

- Emmett always bringing a big grin to your face.

- “Emmett! Put me down!

- Emmett teasing you in more than one way.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Hot, long and lustful make out sessions.

- Your small hand fitting in his perfectly.

- Emmett hugging you from behind.

- Lot’s of horsing around.

- You teasing Emmett for being a giant.

- Arm wrestling matches, which Emmett let’s you win.

- Emmett treating you like a queen.

- Immediately being protected by the Cullen family.

- Being covered in hickeys. (Unless you’re a vampire, too).

- Emmett being gentle with you.

- Emmett winking at you.

- Jealous Emmett.

- Jealous you.

- When you cry, Emmett immediately tries pulling out jokes, but when that doesn’t work; protective Emmett comes out.

- “Who’s ass do I have to kick?

- The two of you loving each other so much that you don’t even have to say it: You’ve found other ways to express it…

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So I’ve been on Jim little over a month and already there’s so many of you, I’m just so blown away, especially since I was a little insecure with him initially. The Sherlock fandom has just been so damn welcoming and honestly you’re all just the sweetest bunch, I’m so glad I came back after all the years I spent away (I used to run a Sherlock blog five years ago, which seems like a lifetime ago honestly). 

I’m going to throw all the love under the cut, just because there’s likely going to be a lot of it and I don’t want to spam the dash.

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Christian bale will always be my favorite batman. No matter who becomes the next “newest” batman, he will always be the best batman out there.
Enjoy these headcannons, I enjoyed writing them lol.

Batman headcannons:

-Okay can I say that this is probably the best relationship ever??????

-10/10 treats you like a queen.

-No kidding, this man never lets you lift a finger, he practically does everything for you, and if he can’t do it, Alfred will be more than happy to.

-Speaking of Alfred, he treats you like the daughter he’s never had, he loves you to death, and loves seeing how happy you’ve made Bruce.

-Really wants to keep you out of the media, because that gives a risk he’s not willing to take.

-If the media does get a picture of you and Bruce together, he’d be so torn apart inside because he knows you’re now liable to be in danger.

-He’s probably going to try to pay the man off to delete the picture. But if worst comes to worst, he’ll break the camera.

-Be prepared to become the one who has to sew him up every night. He seems like the one to take care of himself, but deep down he knows that he can’t do everything by himself.

-Relaxing nights with him are a dream come true. It’s almost fairytale like on a night out with him. Just be sure not to look at anything nice (like jewelry) because he’s 10/10 going to buy it for you.

-Speaking of which, if he could he’d buy you the world. He loves to see you happy, so if it makes you happy, or it’s something you really want, he’s willing to buy it for you.

-Loves calling you sweetheart, love, darling.

-Everyone probably thinks you’re just in it for the money, which really hurts because no one knows what the relationship is like behind closed doors.

-If Bruce catches a whiff of these rumors be prepared for him to ask if he needs to take care of it for you.

-You’d tell him no, but he’s probably gonna do it anyways.

-He better prepare for a nice long night on the couch.

-He hardly sleeps because he’s too worried watching over Gotham, youre going to have to force him into bed, even if it means he still doesn’t get sleep.

-He totally falls asleep the moment his head hits the pillow.

-Ever since the incident with his son, he’s been too scared to even think about having another child.

-If you become pregnant, he’s feeling so hurt inside, he feels as if he’s failed you and that the child won’t have a fruitful life, tumbling down the same road as his last son.

-You have to reassure him that he’s the best soon to be father out there, that you’d never let anything happen to the child, let alone him.

-This probably helps him, but he still needs time to himself to think of what in the hell he’s going to do.

-Low key been planning to marry you for a while now but doesn’t know how to handle it.

-Alfred being Alfred tells him to grow a pair and just ask you.

-He’s probably going to give you his mothers ring as the engagement ring, so take extreme care for it.

-You guys make the cutest couple ever.

Just Lena’s silly bias follow forever

I know the gif is really silly but asdfghjkl let me live

Wowie zowie i can’t believe this!
I was going to do this when i hit 150 but a lot of stuff came up and i didn’t have the time to do this. But seeing it go up to 200 blew my mind. Thank yall so much! Me and Jyushimatsu are so very happy that we have so many people to interact with! This is just something small to thank yall for dealing with me and my idiot little JyuJyu bean! It’s bias i have to admit considering there aren’t a lot of people i talk to but sure as hell would like to talk to everyone else!!! 

here’s all the mushy stuff under the cut!

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Thank you so so much for 2K!!! I never even expected a hundred, so I decided to make a lil celebration for my followers, I really hope you enjoy this because I’m so thankful for all of you and love u very much. Every single mutual and every single follower, no matter how much we interacted, you make tumblr way more fun, u are the cutest beans alive and you deserve all the joy in the world. Truly, thank you.


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Imagine Chris teaching you how to ice-skate.

You were pretty sure you were on your way to an ice-skating rink despite how many times Chris assured you you weren’t. You knew your boyfriend, so even after he blinded folded you, you knew he was taking you ice-skating. It wouldn’t have been as obvious if he didn’t react the way he did when you told him you didn’t know how to ice-skate; the gleam in his eye did not go unnoticed. So of course you knew what he was up to when he told you he was taking you out for a secret adventure the next morning.

“Just a little further, babe.” Chris told you as he carefully led you across the parking lot, stopping now and then for the cars. “I’m actually quite enjoying this,” he chuckled softly then explained before you could ask what he was talking about. “Having you be completely dependent on me, it’s kind of cute.” You chuckled. “I mean- I could definitely do this for the rest of my life.”

“I can be dependent on you without the blindfold, Evans.” You quipped and he chuckled. “I really don’t like this, I feel like-” You stumbled because you’d tricked your mind into thinking there was a step when there wasn’t. “Like I’m going to trip on something. Can I please take this off now?”

“Maybe just trust me?” He chuckled. “You know I’d never let anything happen to you,” he told you and you smiled. “You’re like a piece of art, once damaged the value goes down.” He added in a teasing tone and you rolled your eyes. “Even blindfolded,” he laughed, “I can still see you rolling your eyes at me.”

“Just let me take it off, you dork.” You tried to slap his arm but got his chest instead. “It’s not like I don’t know where we’re going,” you told him with another roll of your eyes. “I’ve known where we were going even before you blindfolded me.”

“No you don’t, and no you didn’t.” He countered even though he knew you did; you’d been dating for over two years now, so the two of you were extremely astute when it came to the other. “Now stop whining and let me lead you, or I’m going to have to throw you over my shoulder.”

“You know I don’t think being carried is a punishment, right?”

“I know,” he chuckled, “but I also know you get embarrassed easily. This is a fairly crowded place so…” He trailed off, smirking when you scoffed. “I think I have the upper hand here, don’t you?” He teased as he continued to lead you, this time actually into the building. The blast of cold air and the chatter in the vicinity confirmed your theory, that you were in fact at an ice-skating rink.

“I think you’re insane if you think I’m going to do any ice-skating today.” You told him and he took off the blindfold, laughing loudly. “Chris,” you chuckled and playfully slapped his arm. “I didn’t tell you I didn’t know how to ice-skate so you could take me ice-skating, the point of the story was to not take me ice-skating.”

“Surely you knew that wasn’t going to happen,” he smiled and took your hand in his. “C'mon, it’ll be fun.” He pulled you with him to the counter so the two of you could get some skates; you sighed audibly. “Captain America is offering you an ice-skating lesson, the least you can do is smile.” He teased and you chuckled softly. “Don’t worry, I’m going to catch you if you fall.”

“You bet your ass you will,” you poked his side and he chuckled. “God help you if I fall and chip a tooth or something,” you quipped and his laughter grew louder. “I may not be in the acting business like you, but my physical appearance is still something I treasure greatly.”

“No wonder you look so pretty all the time,” he booped your nose and you chuckled. “Don’t you worry, bug, that’s not going to happen. Captain America’s got your back, there’s no way he’s letting anything bad happen to his girl.” You shot him a weary look and he laughed. “Alright, don’t shoot me.” You cracked a smile. “In all seriousness,” he wrapped an arm around you, “if anything did happen to your perfect teeth- Dad’s got your back so you have nothing to worry about.”

“How about we just make sure I don’t fall and knock all my teeth out?”

“Yeah, I guess that’ll work too,” he chuckled.

The two of you got some skates and proceeded towards the rink after strapping them on. It was thankfully not as crowded as Chris had said it was, so at least if you fell and made a fool of yourself- it was only going to be seen by a few. Chris got onto the ice first before holding out his hands for you to take, you watched them hesitantly and he chuckled.

“Don’t be such a baby, baby.” He wiggled his hands, beckoning for yours. “C'mon, I promise I won’t let you fall. Think back, have I ever let anything bad happen to you?” He quizzed then added, chuckling, before you could remind him, “that doesn’t count, and I fell too so-” You rolled your eyes. “Oh come on,” he laughed. “How was I meant to know you were so hopeless in nature?”

“Maybe when I told you I’m hopeless in nature?” You countered, chuckling. “And the fact that I told you I’m hopeless at ice-skating should tell you how this story is going to end. So can we just-” you started to walk backwards, “quit while we’re ahead and go do something else?”

“No,” he chuckled and came after you, grabbing your hands before you could make a run for it. “Give me half an hour, if you still want to go after that- we can go. We can grab some food and catch a movie, whatever you want. Have we got a deal?” He asked as you contemplated. “It’s only half an hour of your life, Y/N.” He reminded you.

“Fine,” you sighed and he smiled, leading you back towards the rink. “The things I do for you, Chris Evans.” He chuckled as he helped you onto the ice. “They say ‘never meet your heroes’, they should probably change that to ‘never date your celebrity crush’ 'cause the things they’re capable of making- Oh, fuck!” You cussed as your foot slipped.

“Relax,” Chris chuckled, stabilizing you before you fell. “I’ve got you,” he squeezed your hands tightly. “Now skate, left right left right.” You did as he instructed. “See, it’s not that- Oops,” he caught you in his arms as you fell forward. “Told you I’d catch you,” he chuckled.

“Can we skate closer to the wall?” You asked and he nodded, leading the two of you over to the wall. “How do you make it look so easy?” You chuckled softly when he shrugged. “Is there anything you’re bad at, Evans?” You teased him and he smiled. “You’re just perfect, aren’t you?”

“You know, they warned me about dating you.” He joked and you chuckled. “You’re a fan, a writer, and a hopeless romantic. Your standards are-” he chuckled, “ridiculously hard to live up to. I mean- come on, even I’m jealous of your version of Chris Evans.”

“You are my version of Chris Evans,” you pulled yourself closer to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled and kissed you, smiling wider when you kissed him back. “Though…” You began as you broke the kiss. “My Chris Evans wouldn’t force me to ice-skate.” He laughed louder at that. “But minor detail,” you giggled.

“You know what,” he pulled your arms off his neck and skated away from you, leaving you to grab hold of the side. “Why don’t you call your Chris Evans to come rescue you?” He teased and you scoffed, smiling. “If he’s so great, I’m sure he’ll come as soon as you call.”

“I’m going to kill you,” you threatened playfully.

“Come get me then,” he stopped at a distance, near enough to rush over if you fell but far enough for you to have to skate over to him. “C'mon, Black Widow. I’m right here, come kill me.” He teased, beckoning you over with his hands. “Unless…” he smirked, “you can’t 'cause you’re scared.” He pouted mockingly then laughed when you flipped him off.

“I hate you so much,” you told him and he nodded in acknowledgment, smiling. You took a deep breath then slowly loosened your grip on the wall, balancing yourself before you clumsily half-shuffled-half-skated across the ice towards him. He watched you with a huge grin, happy you were giving it a try despite how scared you obviously were of falling. “Chris!” You called as you started to lose your balance.

“Gotcha,” he caught you and pulled you into his arms before you hit the ground.

“Guess my Chris Evans didn’t need a call after all,” you teased and he laughed.

I think I just shat over everyone’s favorite character again and I’m sorry, I try to keep it as real as possible with them.
Anyways, I hope you somewhat enjoy these.

Joker (Leto) headcannons:

-I’m going to be brutally honest, he’s toxic.

-Extremely controlling.

-Like the controlling type to tell you that you can’t live without him, that you need him to survive.

-He’s manipulative.

-He knows how to twist words to get things from you.

-Imagine: you don’t want sex, but he really really wants it, he’ll do anything in his ability to make you think you need it too.

-“come on baby, I need it just as badly as you do.”
-“I know you want it, so let it happen.”

-Knows where to hit it where it hurts. Like imagine you finally get the gist that this relationship is super toxic, he’ll tell you really fucked up shit to make you stay.

-“If you leave me I’ll kill your mom/dad/friend”
-“You leave me and you’ll regret every decision.”

-If you look at the comics, he’s extremely abusive to Harley. What do you think he’s going to do to you.

-He’ll probably brainwash you into becoming one of his little slaves.

-Has zero tolerance for your opinions, but sometimes considers it if it’ll help out for his own good.

-One to shut you up if he feels like you’re talking too much.

-Tbh he might love you, somewhere deep,deep down in his shriveled heart, he loves you.

-Calls you princess, doll and sugar.

-His kisses are mesmerizing because he rarely gives them, unless it’s for show.

-Most of the time “sex” with him, is just him needing to get off.

-If you’re not there he’s probably cheated on you a few times to cure his cravings.

-He’s told you and given you that “you’re the only one for me” charm, and tbh you’re probably too brainwashed at this point that you just go along with it.

-You’re obviously pissed about his flings and kill every single one of them, to please him.

-He probably wants a kid or two from you to support his family business when he can’t anymore.

-Hell, if you ever have kids, they’ll probably be treated 10x better than you.

-If you get out of line with him, I’m pretty sure he’d hit you.

-The joker IS NOT a healthy relationship, he’s toxic and abusive.

* please if you’re actually in a relationship somewhat like this, I know it’s not easy, I’ve been through the same kind, but try to get out of it. It’s extremely unhealthy. It hurts you so much and makes you feel worthless. So please, please, please get some help.

PROFESSOR REN // masterlist

Request: Hi, can I request a college/professor kylo au? One where youre his student and he really likes you but cant really do anything about it so hes stuck trying to figure out what to do?

A/N: tbh I’m so glad I finally got to write this thing bc I’ve been thinking about it for a while now (all thanks to fuckin midnight special) and I’ve decided to make it a two parter bc I had a bunch of ideas for it. Also, can we talk about how fucking cute Adam was as Sevier? I’m dead……..anyways, enjoy! [requests are open!]

Warning: None…?

Word Count: 3.7K+

Throughout the few semesters you had been in college, never had you seen a professor under the age of fifty, let alone, forty. It was a rarity to see young professors in your college, almost as if the university didn’t want candidates that weren’t young because they possibly weren’t qualified enough for the spot. As much as you understood as to why they’d do such thing, you had wished they would’ve dropped it.

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I was invited by Rita (rihouston) to illustrate some cards in her ambitious Wicked Grace project, and this is the piece I finished a few months ago for the Corruption card - I did a lil more work and animated it for Tumbliebumble. Instead of “testing the chains” in pursuit of freedom as Cole says, he is leashing himself. I don’t really like the idea of Cullen suffering any more than he already has, but I decided to invoke the right of artistic license because I thought it fit the theme and because I do enjoy imagining the technical aspects of how Red Lyrium metamorphoses the body. *_* I imagine the major internal organs are the first to go - the Lyrium takes them over, bolstering the metabolism of the host and making their body more resilient to the changes that are about to occur. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are assimilated very quickly because they’re used extensively by the Red Lyrium as transport systems. The brain, too, eventually succumbs at some point, perhaps later depending on the willpower of the host, maybe in a fashion similar to how Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is able to take over the minds of ants and pilot them to propagate itself. The Red Lyrium then proceeds to cannibalize other parts of the body, replacing some of the skeleton to make room for the expanding crystals and substituting its own firm composition to maintain structural integrity and function. It uses the life essence of these cannibalized body parts to continue nourishing its growing crystals. Eventually, a threshold is reached wherein there is no spare tissue left to convert - and that’s when the Red Lyrium cannibalizes the parts of the body it was piggybacking on and crystalizes, becoming immobile and statue-like.

…Oops I wrote too much

Okay, so I enjoyed writing this way more than I should have. The kissing scene got a little out of control but what can I say, sometimes the characters take over and there’s nothing I can do. Either way, this prompt from thegirlwiththeimpala​ inspired the following one-shot.

Prompt: I would like to request a oneshot where Steve and the reader are really close friends and are always flirting a little bit. One day she teases him and he warns her that she’ll cross his line and it leads to them kissing.  ❤

“Something More”

“On your left!” You laughed as you surpassed Steve for the second time.
“Not for long.” He huffed as he began to speed up. He was used to being teased like this as was so often the case when you were together and as he ran, he remembered how similar a day it was when you first met. He had been jogging early in the morning having expected nobody else to be awake and outside. Alone with his thoughts, he had been running distractedly until he felt himself collide with another person. You had been jogging with headphones in and were exercising so furiously that you hadn’t noticed Steve coming towards you. Of all the people to run into, it had to have been Captain America.
Ever since that day, Steve had come out early on a Sunday morning in the hope of meeting you again – you, who had initially called him a ‘stone-skulled ass hat’ before realising who you were talking to. Something about the way you didn’t care who he was intrigued Steve and eventually, after ‘running into him’ a few more times, you became great friends. Upon hearing the many tales of the person who could put Steve in his place, you were invited to Stark Tower where you hit it off with all the other Avengers too. 

You waited by the park fountain, leaning over and panting. It had taken all of your effort to overtake Steve. You were definitely not faster than him but you had the advantage of knowing the shortcuts along your jogging route so that you could fool him into thinking you were. Not wanting him to realise that you had the biggest crush on him, you constantly teased and annoyed him. For the most part, he was a good sport about it, presuming it to be playful banter but even you could see when it was too much. Today, thankfully, was not one of those times.

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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 3

a/n: hiii here it is, its like a lil bit fluffy, they basically only talk and such so yeah :) hope you like it

characters: joker, reader

warnings: mention of & nudity, lil bit swearing, daddy kink, kisiing, implied smut

*next morning*

I woke up from a cold breeze hitting my back and groaned. Why was it cold? Where was I? What day was it? What’s the time?

I opened my eyes slowly, feeling light shining from a small window. I flinched a little and sat up from my horizontal position, my back was pressed against a silk-like surface. This isn’t my room, was the first thing that came to mind. I then glanced around the bed I was in - there was a pale white back facing me, tattoos covering it. 

Wait a second. Was it…? Oh, God, it’s him. It’s my boss there, the Joker, laying under the covers next to me. Was he… naked? Was I? I took a look under the blanket I was covered in - I was completely naked. Did we…?

And then memories of last night came back to me. Oh, we really did do it again. Was it a mistake? Did somebody see us? Will it happen again? I needed so many answers. I needed to talk to him.

Was he awake? Wait, what day was it? If yesterday was Thursday, then today it was Friday. Ah, thankfully it’s my day off-work. I looked at the digital clock on the night stand - 10:43am. I sighed in relief. I hoped he didn’t have any plans for today, especially in the morning, because I really needed to ask him about.. well, this. I’ll just have to wait until he wakes up, by himself. God knows what would happen if I disturbed his slumber. 

I stood up from the bed and with a blanket wrapped around my naked body, I tiptoed into the bathroom. I sighed once in ‘safety’ and closed the door to the point that only a small crack was open. 

I dropped the blanket and looked at myself in the mirror. I had so many hickeys all over my neck, and some bruises around the hip region. My casual makeup was a little bit smudged and my lips were redder than usual. I didn’t put on lipstick, ever, so I guess it smeared off of him. There were also red lip marks around my collarbones. Jesus Christ, am I sinning.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and took off the makeup that was left. I sighed again and stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed. I turned on the shower and there was already hot water running down my body. God, it felt relieving. I closed my eyes at the good feeling and tilted my chin upwards. 

I still felt his touch on my body. It was like… a craving that nothing could wash away, not even water. His touches were rough, powerful, but passionate. They sent the vibe that he liked to be in control, dominant, the one in charge. 

Not really giving thought to it, I started quietly singing to myself.

Are we awake?
Am I too old to be this stoned?
Was it your breasts from the start?
They played a part, for goodness sake
I wasn’t told you’d be this cold
Now it’s my time to depart and I just had a change of heart                                I’ll quote on the road like a twat and wind my way out of the city
Finding a girl who is equally pretty won’t be hard
Oh, I just had a change of heart                                                                         You smashed a glass into pieces
That’s around the time I left
When you were coming across as clever
Then you lit the wrong end of a cigarette
You said I’m full of diseases
Your eyes were full of regret
And then you took a picture of your salad
And put it on the Internet

While singing, I finished showering and turned off the running water. I pulled open the curtain and saw what I wasn’t expecting. There he was, standing in just some sort of sweatpants, facing me, but looking at the floor with something in hand. I couldn’t help but to gasp as he startled me, all of a sudden being there. I grabbed a towel from the hanger and wrapped it around myself. He probably walked in while I was showering. How long had he been there?

J raised his eyes from the floor, along with the rest of his face and looked at me.

“No need to cover, doll. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” He spoke lowly, barely above a whisper. I just stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do. “Come on out, don’t be afraid.” He urged and I stepped out of the shower, following his orders. I didn’t know if he was in a bad mood, but I definitely did not want to make sure he was, so I did as told. He reached out his pale hand to me. “Come to Daddy, doll. I’ve got something for you. Take my hand.” He spoke. With one hand holding my towel, I reached the other and placed it in his and he pulled me closer to him in a second. Our faces just a few inches from each other, he was looking me right in the eyes. Oh, his eyes…

Joker suddenly took me by my sides with a bit force, making me yelp and then put me on the bathroom counter. I was watching him with curiosity as he spread my legs and stood in between them, then looking up at me.

“Let Daddy take care of you, baby girl.” He said. I nodded, waiting for his next action. I could talk to him now, when he’s… calm. Yeah, I’ll do that.

J slowly unwraps my towel from around me and lets it pool at my butt, almost admiring the sight before him. I was completely exposed to him again. 

“Daddy would love to fuck you right now, but he needs to take care of you first.” He says, running his hands up and down my sides and making me shiver slightly at his cold fingers. ”Don’t you love how Daddy’s marked you?” He then took the thing he was holding in his hand and unfolded it. A white, closed button-up shirt. “I’m sure this will suit you.” He said, undoing the buttons. When that was done, J put it behind me and carefully slid my arms into the sleeves of it. Once it was on me, - it felt so big on me -, he did only the bottom ones, leaving my chest partly exposed to him.

“Daddy?” I spoke.

“Yes, baby doll?” He replies, placing his hand on my waist.

“I have a question. Or a few.” I spoke, putting my hands lazily on his shoulders, letting them hang off of his shoulders. 

“Go ahead.”

“What are we?” I asked. “What do we classify as?”

“Well… I don’t think we classify as anything, at least we don’t need to.” He spoke. Oh. 

“But what is this between us, Daddy? You’re supposed to be my boss.”  I stated. “Are you?”

“Must be so.”

“Then what am I to you, Daddy?” I pushed, leaning a bit closer to him.

“What do you want yourself to be to me, angel?” 

“I don’t know, Daddy. I just… don’t want this to be anything un-special, meaningless to each other.”

“Why would you think this could be meaningless to me? Or you?” Anger appeared in his voice. “Everything has a meaning. Including this.”

“And what is this?” I said, feeling tears well up behind my eyes. Joker looked away from me, only a huff escaping his lips. “C'mon, Daddy, don’t you want me closer to you? Always by your side?” I pouted, the tears almost coming out. I leaned very close to his face, looking in his blue eyes. I saw anger in them which made me feel afraid and tears roll down my cheeks.

“Please, don’t cry, baby doll. Daddy doesn’t like to see you upset.” He said, stroking my cheek, which only made more tears fall from my eyes. “Is this what was upsetting you last night?” He asked and I nodded, pursing my lips together, but then letting a sob out. “Don’t cry, doll. Please. Am I upsetting you?” I looked down. It wasn’t his fault I had accidentally caught feelings for him. But it did involve him. “Baby girl, Daddy can make you feel better.” J said, bringing his lips to my neck and sliding his hands further down my body, but I weakly pushed him away. I looked him in the eyes, there was hurt visible. “Don’t you want Daddy to make you feel better?” I shook my head.

“Not in that way.” I said. 

“Then tell me what you want, baby. I’ll do it. Do you wanna go home or stay here or…”

“No, I want you. Here, always, every day, all day.” I confessed. “I want to stay here with you for whatever-how-long. Don’t you want that?”

“Listen, baby girl. Daddy likes you very, very, very much. I enjoy your company and the things you do for me.” He said. “So, if being… with me, mine, whatever, makes you happy, I will do everything to make you pleased. I would do anything for you.”

“Really?” I smiled.

“Yes, my angel.” Joker replied. I wanted to hug him, but knew he wasn’t the 'hug person’, so I kissed him instead. He grunted, but i could feel him smirk. “So what would you want?”

“I… want to live here. With you.” I confessed once again.

“Anything for my princess.” He said and kissed me again. “By the way,” he dragged out the last word, “I love how you sing, angel face.”


DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

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