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okay so i've identified as asexual for a while now but lately i look at my boyfriend and i'm just like "wow i wanna bang" and i dunno if that like disqualifies the ace or if it's something else and frankly it's been a long time since i've been to your blog and i'm a bit rusty with all the terminology so i don't really know what i am anymore and i was just hoping you could maybe help me out a bit -😶

it’s not about having sex or not

do you experience sexual attraction?

if no, still ace

if yes, do you feel like you still don’t to a notable degree?

if yes, still ace

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“And then?” Jason prompted.
“And then he asked me if I wanted to get dinner,” Tim finished. “I guess he figures that if he can talk to us all individually, it’ll be easier to win us back. It’s what I would do.”
Jason nodded thoughtfully, surveying the scene in front of him— a half-dozen Justice Leaguers huddled around a taped-off patch of grass. “So what did you say?”
His younger brother grimaced as the batmobile pulled up beside them. “I told him to go to hell.”
“And now I’m here.” Dick slid out of the driver’s seat and waved at the crowd of superheroes. “Good morning, everybody.” He nodded in Tim and Jason’s direction. “Family.”
“Yeah, that’s not a thing just now,” Tim muttered. “On account of you being a—”
“You know, just because everybody already knows his secret identity,” said Jason, “that doesn’t mean you should keep saying his name.”
Dick shot him a look. “Thanks for the reminder.” He turned back to the batmobile, where Damian was climbing out of the backseat. “Hey, could you grab me the—” Damian marched straight past him without saying a word. “Okay, never mind.”
Jason held out his hand for Damian to high-five— he was really proud of the kid. Damian slapped it as he walked over to join them.
“Would somebody please remind Grayson that I am not talking to him?”
“That’s mature.”
“Would somebody please remind Grayson that I am eleven, and he should not expect me to act mature?”
“Fair enough.” Dick sighed and gestured to the crime scene. “What am I looking at here?”
“To be honest, we’re not entirely sure,” said Superman, stepping forward. “Some teenagers found a body in this area a few hours ago. The building across the street has a thermal camera— we know he was dead.”
“So half an hour ago, he got up and walked away.”
“Oh, that’s why I’m here,” said Jason. “Sorry, I was really starting to wonder.”
Clark stared at him for a few seconds. “Yes. Anyway— It’s your city, so we figured we would let you handle this. If you can stop fighting long enough to do an investigation, that is.”
“Mm.” Tim raised an eyebrow in Jason’s direction. “What are the chances?”
“Like 50/50? I dunno, I’m not sure I can work with him here.” Grayson was annoying enough in general, but right now? His presence was actually triggering Jason’s gag reflex.
“Do you really want to get into this in front of the grown-ups?” Dick asked. “Just calm down and let me do my job.”
“This isn’t actually your job anymore because you, you know, left us? Faked your own death? Am I ringing any bells here?”
“It was a secret mission, okay? Do I need to look up the word ‘secret’ for those of us that didn’t get through high school, or—”
“WOW okay, that was rude,” said Tim. Behind them, the Flash coughed quietly.
“Who didn’t pass high school?”
Jason and Tim both raised their hands.
“Oh. Sorry to interrupt.”
“I think we’re all over-reacting a little bit.” Dick crossed his arms. “We can finish this at home. Go look at the crime scene.”
“Is he trying to give us orders?” Tim asked. “Oh my god.” He turned to Jason. “Shoot me.”
“I’m not going to shoot you. I’m going to shoot him.”
“I’ll shoot you,” Damian muttered. “I mean, what?”
“Focus,” Jason reminded him. “Anyway, yes, we can take care of the case. You can all leave now. Including you, Grayson— Please get out of here.”
“I’m not going to—”
“Listen, I’m not in a great mood right now, so I would suggest that you back away slowly and try not to get on my nerves anymore than you already are, okay?” Jason hefted one of his pistols. “Bye.”
Dick didn’t seem particularly intimidated. “We both know you wouldn’t actually shoot me.”
“That’s funny because I have literally tried to do exactly that on multiple occasions. Remember?”
“Yeah, I’m terrified.”
“I have killed before, and I will absolutely do it again.”
“Hood!” Tim hissed at him, under his breath. “Audience?”
Oh. Jason suddenly remembered that half the Justice League was standing around him— probably not a good time to talk about his kill count. He stuck his gun back into it’s holster.
“Yeah, I’m just gonna… go look at this crime scene,” he said, turning towards the police tape. “Um, have a safe flight. Or whatever.”
“Slick,” muttered Tim.
“I’m doing my best. Get rid of them for me, okay?” Jason ducked underneath the tape and knelt next to the bloody hole in the grass. “Hello, fellow zombie, what happened to you?”
That’s it, look busy. Sixty seconds, he figured, and then they would be gone. The four of them could get back to whatever it was that they needed to be doing— which was probably going to be arguing.
Damian tapped him on the back. “You’re clear.”
“Alright, good,” Jason said, but when he turned around, Grayson was still standing there. “Alright, less good. Can you please leave?”
“I’m just here to do my job.” Dick dug the tip of his boot into the grass, kicking dirt across the ground. “If you don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine, but that entire conversation? That was embarrassing. We need to hold it together in front of the others.”
They stood in silence for a few moments, glaring at each other, trying not to blink. A battle for control, Jason thought, and he wasn’t about to lose— even if Grayson was right about the arguing.
“You can help with the investigations,” he decided, “but don’t expect us to be polite.”
“That’s fine. What do you want me to do?”

For safety-dancer (JLA + batfamily sass)

choices, choices.

seeing as i’m putting all of my naruto stuff back up in various places whether it gets rewritten or not—gotta prep them for upload, at the very least—for posterity and to kinda be like… “hey yeah, this person did this, they existed once” in case this is really it, and tbh, still no good news, only bad.

(lmao you could say i’m wondering how many of you think i’m lying about my dying?)

so what does that mean for my digimon fics…? do i also put those up on my ffn as a way to say i did them? i existed and wrote them? i’m not sure how i feel about them anymore. i still enjoy the characters and am proud of the writing i did, but at this point… is it worth it? is it worth the fucking stupid suicide comments?

i dunno man. feels wrong to put them away and then… that’s it if i die. they’re just gone. 

thing is, i feel that if i put them back up… it feels like i’d be rewarding some people that hurt me badly. as much as anyone can say they dislike me, they didn’t dislike the writing enough to respect my wishes and leave it be.

i don’t want to reward people like that, but i also don’t want my stories and these characters to disappear forever if i die. 

how many of you would still read and enjoy them?

(i know the answer; it’s either zero or one, in which case it’s no problem to leave things as they are)

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For years I thought I was a lesbian but I realized that I was in love with my male best friend and it's just really been messing with my personal identity because he is literally the only man I've ever been attracted to so I dunno what I am. And I'm afraid he's not gonna trust my feelings for him because he knows I'm only interested in women and what that'll do to our relationship. (I haven't said any of these things before and I sort of already feel better having said it, thank you)

it’s really hard when you think of yourself a certain way and then it changes and you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. i don’t really know what to tell you about your feelings for a guy, especially if he’s your friend. having feelings for friends is a difficult matter in itself and if he knows that so far you’ve only been interested in women, that’s even more difficult

whether you decide to tell him or not, i hope it’ll work out for you and you and that guy will be good

go on anon and tell me something you’re too afraid to say off anon

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Can you do a possessive!Remus where he and Sirius are out of school and maybe Sirius works as a mechanic??? *cute pleading face*

Ah yes. Here we go. Since I’m typing this on my phone, I apologise for the layout - I will fix this later!

Credit for this must also go to @mademoiselle-hipster, because this is inspired by a roleplay we did aaages ago. For this I left out Remus’ stalker abusive ex-boyfriend, Sirius the rescuer on the majestic motorcycle and cozy coffee dates - but that is the actual backstory to this tiny drabble.


“So, how are you and your wife doing, Marls?” Sirius’ voice came from under the car he was supposed to be tending to, but in fact he was drawing a cartoon dick on the bottom of the car. His and James’ joke since they were 17 and started working in the garage.

Marlene leaned against the wall. “Pretty great, I’d say. I like married life.”

“Finished!” Sirius slid from under the car with great speed. “I’m jealous,” he said honestly, energetically jumping up and looking at her.
She eyed him sceptically, raising an eyebrow. “What do you need a permanent marker for? Are you still doing that cartoon dick thing? Let me see.” She ducked, carefully not touching the dirty ground too much. “Hand me a light, will you?”

“No!” Sirius pulled her up and away from the car. “I’m not that childish anymore,” he pouted. “Who do you think I am? Besides, I am dating someone and I need to be manly and grown up.”

Her jaw dropped. “You’re kidding. Oh my god.”

Sirius shook his head proudly. “Nope! And he’s a decent man. As in, really decent.”

“What is he doing with you, then- auch! Goddamnit!” She threw the permanent marker back at Sirius’ head, laughing.

Sirius dodged it and shrugged. “Dunno. My natural charm must have done the trick.”

“You don’t have even the tiniest bit of natural charm, Black. Not for, like a librarian. What even is he?”

Sirius looked offended. “Not a librarian! I would never! Oh my god. No, he’s a teacher.” He said the last words very proudly.

“A teacher.”
Marlene was silent for a moment, then burst out laughing. “You- dating a- a teacher! YOU. Sirius Black, all teachers’ worst nightmare.”

Sirius eyed her for a moment, then a smile broke onto his face and pushed her playfully. “You married a classical musician.”

She pushed him back and within seconds they were pushing each other around, laughing, and taking turns insulting each other.

There was a small cough.


A man in a brown suit without a tie and shirt not tucked into his pants stood near the entrance of the shop. He had several scars over his face.

Sirius instantly let go of Marlene. “Remus!” He stared at him.

The man looked from Sirius to Marlene and back, then to the ground.
“I gotta go.” He turned around.

Marlene, instantly understanding the situation, said loudly: “Well, Sirius, my WIFE is waiting for me. Don’t do funny things with your boyfriend!”

Sirius instantly recovered his ability to think properly after being numbed for a moment after seeing an incredibly professory - and extremely hot - Remus Lupin standing in his shop.
“You go do funny things with your wife, Marls. There’s a sex shop around the corner, you know.”

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and winked. “I know.”
The door shut behind her.

A moment of silence.

“Eh, Remus?”
Sirius felt his stomach sink as Remus didn’t look up.

He tried again, taking a few steps towards him. “Rem?”

“Who was that?”
Remus looked up and Sirius was once more startled how the man’s brown eyes were deeper than any brown he had seen before.

“Marlene. Friend.”

“Just.. a friend?”

Carefully checking Remus’ reaction, Sirius chuckled. “She’s as gay as me.” He paused. “Are you jealous?”

Remus ignored him. “I’ve been here before. Repairer guy with glasses drew a dick on the bottom of my car.”

Sirius laughed nervously. “Haha yes James is childish like that.”
Remus noticed the marker that was lying close to Sirius’ feet, and smiled. “I trust you to not be like that.”

I’m pretty freaked out right now and am shaking really badly. I have a crazy strong urge to go to school tomorrow with knives and see how many people I can kill or wound. I have no idea what to do in this situation and I don’t even know what I want to do anymore.

I dunno, maybe I won’t do it. Maybe I will. If I don’t come back after tomorrow assume I did it and I’ll probably be gone for years. Or forever. But hey, if anyone has an idea for how to prevent this, I’m listening.


Breanna Rose Long, 14, brutally attacked eight people with a knife at  Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ontario on February 24th, 2016

So this may be from sleep deprivedness from all the sewing I have been doing these last several days, but I really wondered if in maybe some other universe that Marinette would get so angry at Gabriel for how he treats Adrien.

Like they all go over to Adriens house for some reason or another Marinette, Alya, and Nino. And they are staying pretty quiet and keeping to themselves. Not doing anything wrong or out of the ordinary for kids. At some point Gabriel has made it home and discovers the four kids. He of course isn’t very pleased with this out come. Especially since he was never told about the get together. Can’t have his son getting out of line right?

So he moves to disrupt their little play time. Now the three kids in question to this creature Adrien call father are typically pretty timid and the most you get is Nino trying to object once again. But they are told they need to leave. Something in the way Adrien reacts to this makes Marinette stop and look Gabriel in the face and stand up to him.

Points out to him that she had admired him as a fashion designer and looked up to him. And seeing how he has treated his son she has lost that respect for the man. Of course he doesn’t take her lightly with her display of mannerisms. Even threw it back at her that she is just a child herself. And children can be seen but not be heard. Those are fighting words right there for Marinette. So she challenges him. Gabriel scoffs at first stating that he wouldn’t compete against a child that doesn’t even know how to hold their tongue. But he is still standing their arguing with her. Losing his cool the longer they go at it. He is competitive, this is why he was a top designer. A mere child shouldn’t be able to beat him at his own game. So when she calls him out as being afraid of loosing to a child, he snaps and decides to humor her.

So they make a deal, if he wins she has to withdraw herself from wanting to be a designer. To take his competition out before they even gain enough ground to stand on two feet. He knows she’s talented but doesn’t address it at the slightest. But what she says catches him off guard cause he expects her to run away or be selfish in what she could even dream to win in this competition. She says she wants him to let his son do what makes him happy. That it is unfair for him to be held to standards that even most adults can’t even live up to. And to spend actual time with him instead of sending Natalie out to take care of everything for him. He agrees.

Gabriel goes as far as saying he will set the venue up for the show off. While she proposes the age group for the show should be for the ages 15-25 to give it a decent diversity. They agree together on this. One of the last things he says is that she can’t use Adrien to aid in her side of the competition. She agrees once more.

When the two finally back off from each other it’s Gabriel who leaves the small group. Adrien the whole time seeing this mess unravel before him is being held back by a slightly smug Alya. He points out to Marinette as he speaks in hushed tones to Alya. ‘She’s out of her mind! Why didn’t you let me try and stop this mess?’ The look Alya gives him makes his whole mind go blank. He knew that look when he saw it. it was the ‘Trust me on this’. What really catches him off guard is her comment about the little fight. “If I didn’t know that you were related to that man I would have stated that was one heck of a fight between father and daughter.”

Time is set about a month ahead. And no matter what Adrien does he can’t convince Marinette to not go through with this. Both in civilian form and as Chat Noir. But she persists. She convinces the whole class to help her by being her models. Her and Chloe strike a deal together even. The blonde never liked how sad Adrien always looked because of his father in the first place.

She keeps her designs quiet as she works on them. The only time she brings it up is when she has to get sizing or fittings done. No one in class has ever seen her this hellbent on something.

When the time comes for the show Marinette and Gabriel meet before hand. To be good sports about it basically. He goes first with his professional models, and professionally made clothes. He even threw his son into the mix making him model his clothes. There is dread in Adrien’s heart when the first part of the show is over and they are taking a break. He quietly checks on Marinette expecting her to be scared or nervous. But instead he finds a calm and smiling Marinette. This makes him really curious as he pulls away. When the show comes back to the second half, he is floored when he takes in her designs. The first one out on the cat walk is Chloe. The theme she had gone with…Stars and winter. the movements of the clothing catches the lighting and makes the crowd really murmur to themselves. Adrien can see his father from where he was at. The older man not pleased in the slightest that something like this was pulled off by a child non the less. The clothing ranged from casual to formal like most shows do. Not a single student looked like they had never done this before. They had help with this.

When the show is finished it is made to be believed that Gabriel was featuring a rising fashion designer instead of determining a winner. He lets her take it but learns his lesson this time around. Never underestimate another again.

Adrien goes to congratulate Marinette on a great job done. Only to be presented with something from her collection. something that wasn’t seen being worn. She tells him that it isn’t fair that he got to miss out on all the actual fun, so she made him that to fit in. For once she isn’t stumbling over her words or sounding awkward around him. For once hes actually looking at Marinette as more then just a classmate.


Late night sewing mixed with random ideas and alcohol. That is what happened here. Just only I was able to go further into detail. There are times I wish I could write decently well to pull off actual fan fiction….then I also remember that I have a bad habit of starting certain things and not finishing them.


Request: Hey! If you’re not to busy, I would love to request something. :) I really want to write more stuff of yours, you’re so good! <3 So, can you do an imagine where the reader is captured by Mista’ J because she keep standing in his way. (What he kinda likes) Then they get closer? I dunno xD I love you! <333. - by @harlejokerx 

|Side note: I tried something new, writing on new perspective…I had to try, to see the difference. I hope you will like this, dolls! I would love to hear/read your thoughts about this one ;))|

“Some people would say that I am crazy, mad, freak and so on… But the main thing is… That I AM crazy, fucking mad… Madly in love… In love with a freak…

Being in his little cage changed me, my opinion on things, people, everything. Yeah, of course I’m not in that cage anymore. I’m in his hands now. I’m with the man I love, I trust… ‘Cause we are who we are - bad guys…

Everything started some time ago.. I think it was maybe 3 months ago. I don’t count time, I have more important stuff to do…

I was simple reporter, worked in one of the biggest news company. My main thing was crimes, GOD THEY ARE GREAT, I writed all simple shit about how many people died or got involved, where it happened, how many money washed away, basic shit.

But one day, my boss asked me to get pictures from latest crime’s spot - abandoned garages. All I knew was, that there was some kind of skirmish. Joker was there too. I saw that as opportunity to get a promotion. So I grabbed my camera and rushed to the place.

I don’t actually remember anything very strange about that place. Just it was very ruined and stuff. So I started to take photos when I heard that I wasn’t alone. Someone was coming towards me. I just remember I found a place to hide… there were like 5 big guys. Secretly I took some pics of them and kept hiding. After some more time someone joined them. He was loud, always laughing, but he was the only one who was laughing. I peaked a little to see what’s going on. And then I saw him - tall, well built, green haired man. His pale skin, red lips and icy blue eyes got me weak so fastly. I HAD to take a pic of him. And I did, I was very proud of myself. I was sitting there like for good hour, but I was able to hear some new stuff, upcoming dates of upcoming crimes. 

Everything went super well, I got even more money, a promotion, and ability to continue to ‘hunt’ Joker.

There were three upcoming crimes that Joker wanted to do. Rob a bank, have an exchange deal with overseas partners, rob a bigger bank again. Easy? Very… I thought..

For the first bank robbery I had very good plan. I informed the police and stayed there as a client while holding my camera thightly. I was in my one of favourite pair of blue ripped jeans and loose lightly purple shirt, my (h/c) were tied up into a messy bun. I was waiting.

Clock showed 5pm when the doors opened widely and with guns in their hands walked 8 strong men and Joker after them. “Waddup people!” He said loudly and laughed “Tried something new… You didn’t like that?” He asked and opened his icy blue eyes to have even bigger effect. Gosh he was soooo hot. All I remember I took thousands of photos until he saw that. He walked next to me and grabbed my neck. I started to shiver as fuck, he was strong. I don’t actually remember the chit chat between us. He got hella mad at me. He was about to shoot me actually. But his cold hand never left my neck. That chit chat went off the topic so I pointed at his henchman and told the Joker that his man was stealing. And GOD I was somehow right. I totally guessed that to keep him off of me. After that accident he left quickly and I had my photos.

Pretty same went with the two other crimes. I got my pictures of Joker almost of every side of him. Everytime he saw me somehow and it made me feel sooo unsafe. The details are a little off the topic but without my big mouth I probably wouldn’t be alive.

Now people were able to see what is the baddest Joker. His face was on every newspapers in town. I was happy that my photos and my hard work was recognized. But something was very fishy about all that Joker thing…

In my last ‘photoshoot’ he held me tightly and talked into my ear how should I be scared for my future. I didn’t know what he meant so I just smiled and took super close shot of him. THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE! Don’t you ever take a super close shot of Joker face. He went CRAZY. Gosh I ran away while my heart was bumping in my chest wildly, but he wasn’t chasing me, nothing.

The next day I took some time off. I was sleeping late in my small apartment when I heard knocking on my door. I opened it and suddenly someone grabbed me. He or she put a bag on my head, quickly tied my hands and legs. Of course I tried to escape but I was too weak. Something hit my head so everything went blank. No sounds, no smells, nothing. Darkness.

I woke up in some sort of cage with the chair and a light. I was untied. I stood up and looked around. Nothing. I cleaned my jeans and checked my tight lightly green shirt. My hair was a huge mess. After I looked more like normal person I started panic a little. I was alone, standing in completly darkness with low light, I was getting hungry…

I still don’t know how many days I had spent like that… But finally one day or night, I don’t know. Two men walked into my little cell. They gave me some food and water. After a few seconds same grean haired man showed up. He was wearing his purple costiume, showing off his naked torso. What a handsome boy…

He walked next to me and held my hand “so.. little photographer… say your name” he whispered I gulped “(y/n)” he smiled “what a beautiful baby girl. You have ruined my image baby doll.” He said before slapping me. He walked back a little “My last 3 crimes went completly off the line!” He shouted “And those photos of me in newspapers! Why!?” He kept shouting, he came closer to me and rubbed my cheek “shit. It is all your foult little (y/n)!” He slapped me once again. It was harsh at the moment. He pushed me next to the wall and started to gently choke me “I would love to kill you baby girl!” He whispered to my ear “But something is telling me to leave you alive. And shit it is right.! What a beautiful creature you are, little (y/n)” he let my neck free, but he kept his hands on my waist. All I remember he kissed me passionately, like no one ever did. His cold red lips touched mine and at that moment I didn’t know that his kisses will get me addicted.

I was right.

He started to visit me once in a time. Everytime he was different. Sad. Angry. Weird. Happy. Sadistic. Shit, I fell in love with every side of his personality. He was so fucked up.

Those dark days in that little cage were so boring, tiring, I can tell, depressing too. Yeah, they fed me, gave me new clothes. But all I wanted was his attention. When he visited me we were talking about everything. Me, as a reporter/photographer told him stories about other places of the World. And while he was listening to me I found him cute and innocent like a child. I knew he was just playing with my minds.

Sometimes he walked in my cage super mad. Then I turned into a boxing pear. While hitting me he was laughing loudly. At first I was scared but later on, I got used to it.. I was his little toy, a bird in a cage…

Everytime when I asked him about MY future he just laughed and started to flirt with me in his own ways… But after my question about me leaving this place, something changed in his icy blue eyes. He grinned and hit the wall while smiling. It was clear that I won’t get out of here alive…

I gave up on trying to see the sunlight, to feel the wind, to ability to take pictures…

But then one day 3 men walked to me and told me to follow them. With widly opened eyes I quickly followed them. We were walking long hallways until we reached big doors. They opened them and let me walk first. Then I inhaled the fresh air and smiled. It was dark night of Gotham. They told me to sit in the dark car and don’t ask anything. I obeyed. After couple of minutes I was standing in front of big house. Big windows and doors, shabby garden. We walked in. The Joker was there, smiling, looking good as hell.

“Welcome home, doll!” He said loudly and smiled while reaching my hand. I was still very confused, I looked around. Everything was in the highest level, shining, luxurious. Joker pulled me by my hand and moved his other hand on my waist “Why me?” I asked and he only smiled and whispered “I liked your photos, and how much you paid to get them, sweetie” he winked at me.

At that moment I understood more than before, actually. I was sure there was something between us when we met at those banks… He didn’t talk a lot about it but he showed everything around the house and lead me to the bathroom. Just after he closed the doors he pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately “Litlle (y/n) you don’t know how long I have been waiting for this..” He said to me, as a response, I kissed him back with even bigger passion, running my fingers through his green hair. I didn’t stop myself. I won’t lie, I liked to be in that situation…

And right now..

I don’t call us a perfect couple. Oh noo… We are the worst couple in the universe. He hit me ‘cause I love him… I hit him ‘cause he can’t live without me… You want to deal with us? Pay.. Cash or life, doesn’t matter… That cage had even more secrets than Area 51.. Same as us, we have even more secrets in our life than other human being…

But King and Queen don’t like to brag about their awesomeness…

Museum AU

Museum AU where Levi works at an art museum and Eren’s the stray that walks in to take shelter from the rain, tracking grime all over Levi’s pristine floor. He’s not cruel enough to kick Eren back out in the rain, so he grudgingly finds a towel from somewhere and dumps it on the kid’s head. Except, once the grime is washed off Eren’s face and that deceptively slim body stops shivering, the boy stands tall, his eyes a startling green. 

After that, the kid comes back, sometimes even when it’s sunny. Levi knows next to nothing about him except his name, and that Eren likes to spend most of his time in the museum in front of the Rothko pieces. 

The museum is quiet enough that it doesn’t really matter how much time Levi spends with Eren, and despite himself Levi ends up spending a lot of time with Eren, discussing impressionism and Dalí over the over-bitter coffee Levi brings Eren from the staff pantry. Levi knows he’s doomed the day he sees Eren against a Van Gogh seascape, blue in his eyes and behind him.

Okay I dunno anymore but basically sort of homeless!Eren with Levi against the backdrop of museums because I really like museums.