i really dont like the new tumblr update

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is it just me or does no one else cares about Steven Universe anymore?? SU used to be the Next Big Thing and for the entirety of 2015 and the first semester of 2016. it used to be, unquestionably, one of most popular shows on Tumblr, with a fandom so big it easily rivaled former contenders such as Homestuck. why do you think that happened? why has everyone jumped boat?

yeah definitely

i dont know what the shows standing is among its intended audience of 10 year olds but like on tumblr its definitely lost its following. i think it’s mostly due to the lack of any consistent scheduling or new content, its really hard to stay invested in a show that updates so sporadically

and people get mad about people nitpicking the animation but it really DID decline in quality in both animation and writing, and more importantly whether you like it or not the creators used it as a mouthpiece for some shitty things and their writing is racist. and especially since the show was hailed as like a masterpiece of representation it’s actually not just useless nitpicking that people addressed it. 

but that’s probably only a small contribution to why most people stopped caring, i think its mostly just 1) inconsistent airings and 2) it got really fucking boring

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so i wondered, since u draw with paper and stuff... you, uh, shitposting alot XD (Which is actually for my need of daily memes) can you take a photo of papers that you use for making that kind of posts? like, BUNCH of em?

sorry i really cant post any of my art for awhile

im using an internet cafe to check on my tumblr daily every 30 mins xD

i have no scanner now (so i cant update my comic)

im still planning on buying my own pocket wifi so dont worry


ill find a way to update my epictale comic 

i apologize guys

im still dealing wih my new “LIFE” for now

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hello, I'm new to IMFACT! I wonder if the admins of this wonderful blog have twitter accounts so I can link you guys if I subbed IMFACT videos, because I'm having difficulty where to share the link (so more people can watch IMFACT and get to know them). If you do have twitter, please wave your hand to my DM at @sundayborns, because I don't really use my tumblr. you don't have to follow me, just lemme know so I can updates you if I have new subbed video. Thanks and have a nice day!~

first of all….tHANK YOU????? like thank you for taking the time to sub a few of their videos omg 

and as for twitter accounts, idk if the other admin has one, but you can find me at leejians on twitter.

i also made a twitter for fyeahimfact but i dont use it how i would have liked to and the username for that is @fyeahimfact 


i hope some ppl aren’t too sad abt this, bc i’d hate to add to the hell that’s been 2016, but unfortunately… it’s time guys. saportuh is finished. i’ve had this blog for nearly three years, and so, so much has happened in those three years. i started tumblr as fcutemo, and i was thirteen years old, annoying as hell, and my only concern was patrick stump’s legs. i remember thinking 60 followers was amazing, and harassing those 60 followers about sending me asks. now i’m sixteen and have 5k followers on this blog (15k followers on all my blogs combined; that’s crazy to me) and up until pretty recently got several asks a day. so thank u guys for that. really means a lot.

anyway, the time has come for saportuh to come to an end. i was gonna make a big old sappy post (srsly, like bigger than this post lmao), but i dont really see any reason to now. this site was a big part of my life for almost three years, and a lot has changed in those three years, both in my own life & in the world. a lot of those changes arent necessarily for the best, but it’s just how it is. i’ve grown immensely as a person; it’s really kind of interesting, because i joined at an age where i was developing and growing a lot, and i still am, but in the 60k posts on this blog ive made throughout my time on tumblr, my followers have got to see me grow, and i think that’s kind of cool. bless those of you who stuck around, and those who i ever meant smth to. thats an honor. tysm for that.

i dont wanna drone on, bc honestly i could write 200 paragraphs, so i’m gonna keep things simple. my explanation for leaving is that basically, i’m tired of bandom, and the internet in general, so i’m taking a sort of detox in the form of deleting everything. it’s my resolution for 2017; to stay off social media. however, there’s a lot of stuff on my various blogs that is kind of important, so i’m not deleting anything off tumblr. just logging out and never logging in again. this goes for all my blogs, my kik, my snapchat, my skype. if you have me on any of these, know they’ll be inactive as of the 31st. i don’t rlly intend to maintain contact with anyone; nothing against anyone, i just dont think ive made any close friends who would want to stick with me outside of tumblr.

however, in case anyone does want access to me, i will keep my twitter - @shayneedsanap (link). i don’t intend to use it very often, but it’s there if you need to contact me, and i’ll probs put updates on me there. if i make a new sc, if i get a job or a car, shit like that. just so if anyone really gives a fuck about me, they know whats goin on w me.

i’ll be here for four more days to answer any questions you guys might have, and to say goodbyes, and to post some kinda resource related stuff, then i’m logging off this tumblr account forever. all blogs i run will no longer be in use as of the 31st.

i’ve had a hellish time on tumblr, but my mutuals & followers made it worth it. thank you so much to all of you. ily guys.


okay i know the tumblr staff aren’t very good at understanding what their usership wants, and keep making stupid updates

but i get really upset when i see all the hate they receive… they go to work every day and they do try, and all they get in return is posts talking about how shit they are and how everyone hates them and god it would suck to work really hard but then have to wake up to that every morning

i mean, yea they can make really annoying updates sometimes, but i LIKE the new messaging system, and the replies are gonna come back, and they’re trying to make it nicer for us and they stay positive despite all the merciless backlash

i once emailed the staff about a problem i was having and they were actually really nice and helpful with it, like guys you dont give them enough credit… and with the amount of users on tumblr, they’re not exactly gonna be able to listen to everyone

and, hey, they must be doing something right if you spend this much time on this website… don’t just sit there on your high horse and insult the website and throw hate at the people who work hard to keep it going, as if it’s not one of your most visited sites… don’t pretend you wouldn’t be really upset if you lost your blog

you have every right to point out where you want changes to be made, or talk about things you don’t like about the update, but don’t just straight up hate and degrade the tumblr staff

im sorry i just gets me down… every time i see another mean post about the staff, and then i see the little little smiley face symbol for the new messaging system that shows that they really are trying to be happy and positive and helpful despite everything, i get hit with like a giant wall of guilt and i just- guys they’re people too

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We should make up a tag because there seems to be SO much fanart of your original characters (the two boys)! Don't you think it'd be so fun to have a little area where everyone can tag their art for them in?:3 It's like a new little tumblr fandom.

ahhh thats really sweet of you anon!!!! but to be honest, i never really wanted this kind of thing!!!! i mean, its great that alot of people like them, and i really appreciate it, but the idea of people forming a fandom over it is kind of….unsettling to me?? i dont know, i may just be acting dumb, But its gotten to a point where people keep asking me nonstop for updates and its really stressing me out…..i dont want to be confined to something this early when im still learning how to draw! at this point, im trying to end it as soon as possible while still keeping it as my idea (aka not have other people draw the “end” for it)

basically; i really love that you guys love the comic, but i really want to avoid a “new little fandom” for it; im just really for that kind of stuff right now

if you want, you guys can come up with one yourself if you really REALLY want it i guess!