i really dont know what genre they are

Me at family gatherings
  • Grandparents: Oh so what is this Twenty One Pilots band you speak of? What kind of music do they play
  • Me: Um well that's a good question
  • Me: *sits for a while trying to think of how to explain it*
  • Family: *looks at me in disappointment*
  • Me: I-i dont really know to be completely honest
  • Family: *is confused and thinks i need help*
  • Mum: How do you not know what genre they are
  • Me: *is silent*
Never enough time [Chanbaek Smut]

Warning:  Smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut (●´ω`●) + Angst + Fluff [i dont really know the genre here it’s just a bit of everything]

Word Count: 5013

Summary: Chanyeol wanted nothing more than for Baekhyun to accept his confession and return his feelings; when he finally gets what he’s yearned for for so long, he doesn’t realise how soon it could all be over. 

Sounds dramatic right?..


“What the hell is your problem, Baekhyun?” Chanyeol demanded as he threw the younger down on the bed. “Is this what you want?” He cried as he strode over to where the elder was getting on his hands and knees, face shoved down in the pillow. “You want this to happen? You want some stranger to do this?” He moved on, yanking Baekhyun’s jeans down around his thighs and causing him to cry out.

His ass was in the air, thankfully still covered in his boxer briefs. He’d downed more than half a bottle of vodka and was too far gone to move from his position or protest with anything other than sobs. But Chanyeol’s words were sobering, and soon he began crying into the pillow, gently begging for him to stop.

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herberts-west  asked:

hi! i read the Magicians books and now watch the show, and based on ur assessment i think youd like the books even less. theyre pretty much worse on every front (p much all white characters, eliot doesnt get much to do, the rape scene is...even more horrible and pointless, all the interesting characters are pushed to the sidelines). tbh i saw the show as a huge improvement from the beginning (worse at a few things but still). just, dont go into the books expecting anything better :T

Oh no! Im really disappointed to hear that the books wont be any better. I’ve started reading reviews on the series. I’ve always neglected this type of genre of fantasy because I know what tropes I’m going to encounter. If anyone has any recommendations please let us know!

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1. favorite anime?
Yu Yu Hakusho!! i really enjoy a lot of others but if you want to know whats truly my fave that is it forever.

2. your worst anime?
attack on titan. its so UGLY.

3. do you read the manga that goes along with the anime you watch?
most of the time!! if there is a manga (which is usually the original format) I’ll read it either simultaneously or after. It might take me a while to get to it though because I’m pretty slow.

4. most favorite genres?
I dont actually watch a lot of anime so I dont know if it’s possible for me to have a favorite genre, but sports, because theyre really easy for me to watch. Or any kind of shounen, probably (again because theyre very easy to watch). I do really enjoy anything relatively unique or supernatural though!!

5. least favorite genres?
slice of life or horror. and theres a specific type of shoujo that i dont really enjoy either. 

6. favorite character?
in an anime? right now its Urameshi Yusuke, but it tends to cycle through whatever I’m watching.

7. least favorite character?
still aph england. he’s such a fuck.

8. qualities you like in a character?
I honestly couldnt tell you

9. short or long anime?
Short. I have the attention span of a flee.

10. anime or manga?
it honestly depends!! whichever is easiest to consume. 

11. how do you choose the anime you watch?
usually through constant posts on tumblr until I get so bombarded I have to look it up.

12. skip or listen to intros/outros?
skip, always

13. how do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?
literally none of them care??? what the hell is wrong with you

14. do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?
its hard for me to complete an anime even if I like it

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What exactly do people mean when they say “The Beatles are boring?” Lyrically boring? Musically boring? Personality-wise boring? Generally boring (meaning EVERYTHING about them is boring)? I suppose I am biased here because everyone has opinions and I understand not everyone’s gonna like The Beatles but when people say that I just know, and I feel it in my gut that that person is completely ignorant. Typically they are saying they are “boring” from what they have heard which is most of the time just their hits and/or an era. But they have not explored their music in depth and if you really only know a small portion of their stuff I dont think its fair to label them anything. Its like reading the first page of a book and deciding its boring while you still have 400 pages to read, really you dont know if its boring. Im just saying, the Beatles have a large amount of variety in their music, and lyrics…they explored many genres and experimented with new instruments no one had used before…and I find it hard to see that as boring. But thats just me. – Also I am just saying this from experience. I have come across several people that tell me they hate the Beatles cause they cant find the great in them and then I either play one of their songs or mention an album (ect) and theyre like “Thats the Beatles?” or “Thats a Beatles song? I never knew” which brings me back to my point; most of them dont even have a clue about their entire discography but yet they go and judge…and not just ive an opinion they HATE. Its just annoying…